Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 37
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 37

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 37
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tgrfioi, Mutlcol, Etc. 55J LIVESTOCK HAMMOND ORGAN with tone cabinet. 2V years old. Price re- dur«d Jer quick tale. WINTERS MUSIC. 3t*» E. Broadway. PIANO Accordion lesson*. Your home. EA. 8-9906. MA. 3-7423. iTO^"3 I ~T'~Cfirand. t500. MA. ' J SEW~JrulSED~GRAN£rPlANdS~ Choice of CHICKERING. WEBER. B3SH * LANE. KIMBALL. STEINWAY. Price reductions up to 50i Terou as needed. WINTERS MUSIC. . Broadway. UgED Paint Geid 601 APARTMENTS FURN, MA. *-MM-. Gentle. wHwridlni mare. _ Phone MA. 2-3073 patio 7_?' * p A R M E N T .L F .y*A. 79!^PARTMENTS FURN. 791APARTMENTS FURN. 79!APARTM'TS, UNFURN. 80!HOUSES, FURNISHED 81'HOUSES' UNFURN. 82j Tucson GOOD LOCATION Attractive-- «uiet. LaundO': Close u\. Call 829 S. Sth Avr 'UNIVERSITY: 1 3414 E. aBd.stpjf.tj. ___ ~ EL RANCHO" ~~~' ' "" ....... J '~~ two manual plus chord buttons blonde lust like new at BROADWAY ORGAN CENTER 4SSO E. Broadway TfNE~USE5~PfA5iO'S tc Hamlln Grand. S ft. ~ WENTZ BROS. Livestock Auction Bonded UvcstocSi Market NOW AT 502 W. 29th Saturday, June 4th 10 A.M. $60 'Newly decorated, Near Univetaity. All utilities, apartment. 3116 E, j paid. Furnished apartment. XA. ii-4iM. le-0312, !I""AND fTsKDROOff i rr D A M r H f t A P ^ A ! Nt!lt ' shoppms c«iv i i-L, K.rA*sonv niv»-.r. , , rhoo i. Blu Un ,. KA. i Efficiency, wall-to-wall carpet-i 5-S544 ing. Nice patio, 1 or 2 people, ISO. ;3i3«_B«llevue. ~ ' "Vi'al't tn TT nf A I 1 - *· 3 "x 11 TM furnished .apts. from w miv LU u ui n j 10( | m niortth, Swlmtnf pool, ahuf- and town. Newly decorated. 1-bed-iflcboard. laundry, air cooled prl- jroom duplex. SM E. 3rd. vato carport. Maid service avail- SUMMER RATES 2 Cone onr to KO. Nicrly one Iwdrtwm apnrtnient I'te atil» itot, KA. *-SlH, 4311 E. Bel. **?3F8i a SS?* r eoJCatalina Foothills Lodges....,, Feeder steers. Feeder heifers.! J2SO Oracle Rd. Dust free. B«au*Jul:.,. s bulls, hogs, horses and also 1 \view. Completely furnished. TV opt. 'ZlLjl: able. Across from Goli cours*. CACTUS CLUB APTS. A A A Priv«tf pttiio Stmnmis ttouhd Kicctnc kitchen .j.oi't nnd i IHM pnvllcK«», C u l r t !i»- : cation. 5.VK1 K Linden St. EA. l-Att! ITWO ftEl)lit)OM.s I V n l i A l \c-;itln(. NOltVilfiAST, 6nr"l'eliclim" Ptvoil flu*, »hini'ln*. "» U M»'l*r« Or N'EAKLY new 2 teIHHin dliflli.*, Heuullful rumtftiilnKB. wmhcr. Summrr r»t*» or lui on IIAM. EA. «-l».l». Why Pay Rent? u n f i l t r i l i t h M l H i l t l l - t n r a n g ' »n! (iv pn $* ;*H nx A. 1 MHOWN co I'd KA .*·«« : urv'nit;.' " ' . » 1M » 3 IIOK.M srovr rtrrmo «nn · 1 IttWM A I T . STOVK A. . 3 Hr.nHOOMS R-TturWi-. Near shw? plntf rvnti-r. Rent flexible to ouafl« flrrt LVERNON GARDENS Jvernon EA. 9-M3I . . . y. Stainway itudio upr. »bony. ht studio trpr.. blond maple. le ctudio upr., mahoi. All in ex- tKUcnt cond. Guaranteed. Terrm. MOLLTR PIANO CO. · IMP E. Broadway at Park "CASH 1POH YOUH PIANO" 10-ton pit scale. MA. 2-0696 'IEves. MA. 2-2144 MA. 3-5213, CALL FOR TRUCKING PICKUP 1-2 Bdrm. and Studio apti. AAA Pool. Reasonable rates. Ideal vaca- tion_spot._SEE_Tp_APPREClATE. " FOOTHILLS GootTSidfijg Horse igj^/affife. m uum '"' Gentle but peppy. For girl. Beau- j ONE-BEDROOM, bachelor. .Close ti tiful blade caddie and Bridle in-1 shopping center, bui._l*13 N. Swan.\3 bedroom, newly decorated, one eluded. $150. EA, noon - after 6. pall Johnson's MA. 4-8531 P I A N O S KEW * USED - SALES - RENTALS MA. 4-iSn JOHNSON'S 419 N 4TH Red" THOMAS ORGAN with Hi ' Fidelity Phonograph. Special price. HARMONY HOUSE, INC. 4349 E. Broadway. EA.7-491. t-u.-vu-i-t-i*. xuuu station. Halllcraft- ·r HT-» tranamlttex. Collins 75-S-l lecetver, 40' crank up tower. Mostly trl-band beam. Farts for J52P ^!? $100* talw alL IA, Juliu» Str»v«im«. AX. g-1297. MS USED GRAND PIANO Busfe * Laoa 5-ft. size, reeondi- 5o«d and ntlnltfwd in warm Tlruttwood. Jfftoes* u««d Grand in many months mod yours for 'the ark* of * «ood Spinet Piano. Oome £ and- .eti«dc for yourself. Term* . . «C *ritinal cost, low »jo«n pasytneit. _ Hammond Organ Studios ·M t Broadway EA. »-123« PIANO TUNING 55A ~ SUvertao*. Le»vte« Ktatt. MarBn. - . . Bjnt«a». Gyn. Castor. MA. i-4415 Tucson Musical Htp«ir Center J»rniria«. stor. MA. asg * innxEH p ll« ». Broadw [212 co. UA-_ t-05.a ELEVISION 55B Used TVs from $29.95 Mitchell's 119 W. Congress portable TV. J-or sale: used XL" Mtf- Lowest rates. Oritrt- nal TV H«ntiJl fc Salt». EA._«.-.T7JS! TV RENTALS-- Sales, service. S * K S fV. *46 WhMltT's 2635 E. Broadway. up. OFFICE EQUIPMENT 56 ·ILL'S T.V. Tubes checked your hom*. fcrvle* calli ».SO. IA, rnCTE LIQUB3IA.TO(R« " parfc MA. 4-U14 TV SERVICE 56A (OB Swank's TT Service. Day- N$«-Weelctnds. fi.sO «all. MA. TV. C«U» «.«. Small In nt «txp. a» W. Speedway. call*. Lew prices. MA. CASH REGISTERS 57 MW l*H-Also addinc nwonine JtCB CO. Fham MA. »-»»»· WANTED TO BUY 58 ·-11 VOLT CHARQER fpy car. MA. 3-M.Tl other misc. a-4 AWAY Ty-n*'i^nn\i» IAA S. 9th l**ys ar tarn, -n *to«. MA. i-8T7l .. . «. _ irniture--Appliances DOKT HULL » thing until you ' bid *om GRANTWAY diamonds, coins, stampa. -mnta. KA. 4-4«7». lefrigerators, Ranges, -. tor 4-8TO yan. Call WAYS CALL EA. C-3612 . -- ^^ Knest Grade Furniture Ap- Jtnte.. «r wDl tell or Tucson's Bia- Reliable QeaMraa Auction. Inc. utu every Friday from 1:10 am. Continuous 'til all sold. 4Mi I. »pe«dway Blvd. EA. 6-3812 W A N T E D : Fumiture, appUance cooler. TV. Miscellaneous. EA 7-7953. WA*rna- flhallow well pump, oe- ment mbcer, ·vaporatlve cooler. EA. $-0505. Reasonable. 8-agg. ITS3EX) airoompi horse. ]D«ctric, usedNavaje rug. condition. AX. veanr·. Mlnlmuin g-33«l or AX. 8-»7(!. Spot cash. AX. DOGS, CATS, PETS 59 BEAGLE steglatered female. 1 year eld. (U, AX. «-0487, BEAGLE Genuine Summer Rates LA POSADA DEL SOL 1743 E. Adelaide _ ftom ^ inrlunen lliwn. «lver A i": r W n t r i WllV PiW KCnl? licniiu » HO A J^L S^^K^''""^X*^ a«»,7'i 1l ,'fS5V.;» u · M ° CXR * * « K TM"' 1 AIT ' STOVr ' * . « . A"* ROVf.n ^ i r *~" T*\ n A rf"*Tl1\fl A Vt '"Mil' F W t h Si \1A 1-11*1 MOnli.r. HOME fot f* r *u »t t i t«*ij/"iti^\t IT A « r.^ d l 1 D-i, S i?o bd D f !u;. r r 5'^ 415 C " DRACHMAN : L^cr. -i^,H,m-A,,,l,x '?.!* As Low As $25 ^KAITY ·'co r TA. M SV t oV T EA N ;?· d. w siu a ?Hf5l.?"A'ii!s; Wp , u , ltu ,? u «S!S! -1 L ATIB 'v lnrtrnrv »»"..'-"'*«""r. n« t'A 7- M H r u ,,,. wnl '»·»» . iGreen. MM E 3rd St Cor. Diirl«t UraulKulh furnished. EHIPlrnfx i i o w a n l lh r ciutrhm* LILT l l f u : I·'·"' I Wnt., 3 l.rdwrrn red l.rlrk iBivd _. -,,. " ""« ?' ;,^' 1 TM"^5 rt " 1 '" t - l r '-. K i c v A / i v n c r / ^ D A T c n ;.»... v , u U mv^.i,.!. t,,,i.v i ·»'.-'" ./-":..'"^ " in """ 8 · , . . . . . . _ 3 Br., li/ 2 Baths--S100 EA. «-W« MONTH, all utilille paid, vale jwtlo And cnrvwt NEWLY DECORATED NEWLY DECORATED ! 0wlri 7-2M«, before GYMKHANA DONLEE APARTMENTS B * N SUbles. SIM E. Greenlee. j NEAR GRANT. 1 BEDROOM. 1VELL! block from new Campbell Plaza Shopping Center. See Mrs. Zellmer,' Apt. S1J. SWANGO REALTY 44flS E. Bdwy. EA. 1-6M1 Hrdrwim, Crntrnl hefitlnir nnd Uiis ,»en-lcr, MA Z-IXXKI ... .VlSfA AlP'AHTMT'WS' 2 Iw-di'ooini". N r a r Cainplrll-(.;innl SUM N. Norrlt F.A. 7-J«nn DESERT T R A I L E R S Olrtclr IM MA ,1-01 ft? J BEDROOM--$GO ! VV»II-to-Wall rar»»tln* Central rool- UIK »r.d heailns. 3000 N. y1j», i EA fl- I7*V4 I A: 2 fipn." a l f r l e r t r l r ' 5JM vf , Munlana St. 8 miles W, o( Minion : lit on AJo Way to Runji-t Acres. iji't^j fio'TtM".. iitovfi' *T ri'ffijj' inTa I M Cntnpbell, MA. 2-M4I or FA. J iHltii.*. J 1.J.VH.. »75 : »·"»?-.,, ,. _ . _ 1 liilrm, stnvc, ri-irleernlor. «»r. ll.'U S I R V I N G . « roomi. IS baths, w n l fctf i SI 15 on y r a r ' a lefts*. M o l h n r n r Huitliri, »"KY Jir.ALTY.: «!"! CAMINO DE LA COLINA (East Hwy. MA .V4|;M. : f r o m S, Alv*rnon nrtir Msval Ar- n.virv--2 f l H and dm. 1 hflth. S U M M E R RATES Saturda\^June 4th, 6:30 P.M. BEAUTIFUL SUCiSSiaN"~G«ldinj;, S ears old. Broken but spirited. 1 trade Jor milk cow or sell Call MA. 2-89S5 after LANDSCAPED. $65 AND UP. 2701, 2 %V reasonable. 5 jpjm BLACK SHETLAND "stallion." 3r~in size. MA. 3-7807. /KL SACHtBTCE jood alT around 6 year old geldinr. Also near new saddle. CY. 7-10J3. N. AL\TERNON. EA. 5-0011. LOW-SUMMER-RATES 2 3 ROOMS. HEATED POOL. TV, LINENS. DISHES, UTILITIES FURNISHED. SHUFFLE BOARD. PING PONG. BARBECUE. *2S PER WEEK UP. JOY APT. 1340 N. COUNTRY CLUB. EA. «-5200. COMPLETE line of new and used horse trailers on display. Johnson Auto Sales. 835 S. 6th. ~~A!FALFA""HAY For Sale $35 per Ton No_ Delivery--Call AX. S-3S)« i'/i-YEAH-OLD quarter hone' stallion- Not registered. Beautiful conformation. MA. 3-9838. C"L B A N kitchenette apartments. Hardwood floors Central cooling. Summer rates. 1521 E._7th. 2 BEDROOM, roomy. Utilities furnished. Convenient bu*. shopping, churches. Use swimmtn* pool. Fine recreational facilities. Adults. 590. EA. 6-3461. a.m. to * p.tn *43S E. Z2nd. SALE EVERY SAT. TOR BETTER SERVICB MORE BUYERS MORE DOLLARS CONSIGN TO TUCSON'S ONLY NATIONALLY CERTIFim LIVESTOCK AUCTION PAYNE'S LIVESTOCK AUCTION 4 Milts Northwest of City on Casa Grande Hhvay ;M CY. 7-1187 CALL US COLLECT FOR PICKUP SERVICE 3805 E. Sth St. low aununcr rates on 1 2 bdrm. Apts. Carpeted. Comp. fum. Indlv; Coolers. Carport. Laundry. Swim- minf. Dust free. Beau. view. On ACCEPT HORSES Iwimmlnjr pool. Oro Valley, 1 and _ bedroom. L MA. JI-27M. EXTRA larce, one-bedroom furnished apartment. Redecorated. Nice, aulet neighborhood. 4137 E. JFalnnqunt.,._AX. 8-3344. L BEDROC-M . duplex^ furnUned or unfurnished. »16 E. Beverly St. 3SA. 5-5936. . EL RANCHO area. 2 bedroom with | utilities. 185 month. Also 1. $70' month. EA._7-«W7.. Poultry, Eggs, Etc. 61 monui. j^^. i-ogji. NEAR town. Nicely furnWhed apartment. Ideal for two. MA. J-*»81. EA. «-5891 Red chicks 18.99 per 100 JUnjz neck pheasajits. alfalfa hay. baby iruiucas. turkeys. PURINA CHOWS. Randy's Feed Supply 27M Ruthrautt Rd. CY. 7-1163 WE PAY top prices tor live poultry. Call MA. 2-4542 or EA. g-M«7. TRAILER COURTS 73 SPACE for 10x45. Adults. Cuuxtree Trailer Court, 1413 N. Colufcbus Blvd. DESERT BREEZE. SWIMMING POOL. Lawns, patio*, recreation. Children welcome. MA. 1-8036. 5344 S. Park. BIG SHADE TREES Private toilets, showers, and storage. Natural gas. rontana Trailer Park, 5755 S. Fontana, Phone MA. 3-5101. ROOM BOARD 74 PLENTY FCODI Clean and oooll MS month. Call Melba, MA. 4-12S5. ATTRACTIVZ r o o m . KKcallent board. Convenient location. Gantlc- man. «25 week. EA. 6-M7H. PALO VERDE APARTMENTS »i BIDROOMS » ^ » COMPLETELY FURNISHED · · SWIMMING POOL · 2152 N Country Club near Grant SUMMER RATES 6TH COUNTRY CLUB APARTMENTS · COMPLETELY FURNISHED · » SWIMMG POOL. TELEPHONE · » COFFEE SHOP - DINING BM. · E. 6th at Country Club EA. 7-3461 COUNTRY CLUB MANOR 2927 E. 17TH ST. 1 and 3 bedroom furnished and unfurnished ajwrtmenU. «30 per month ana up. Carport and individual storage. Call MA. 1-9441 or £*~ ·-3S57. ARIZONA TRUST CO. 10 MINUTES downtown. TV lounge. Pool, sis we*k. Meals optional cervid family style. Corrals available Sllverbell Ranch. MA. 2-97J3, ROOMS, or room and board. Family styl* cooking. 170 month. MA. 4-3411.' ROOM AND BOARD FOR TWO". C O N G E N I A L HOME. HOME COOKED MEALS. MA. 3-7473. VICTORIA APTS. ami K.« eth St I1M TOO. BA, 7-4U4. SEE THIS! Charmin* bachelor fueit stout*. 1 room and bath. Utilities. Trlgid- aire. Cooler. Lovely yard, trees. »42 I. Hayne, EA. 7-8284. Room Without Board 75 FOR LADY, well furnished, quicl home. Convenient location. EA. 6-4*77. BlAUTWllLLV turnlshad master bedroom. Private bath and patio. Exclusive neighborhood. Kcflncd adult. M8. IA. 7-31M, SWIMMING POOL Et£ldeilc-, located In beautiful Tucson Mountain*, overlooking Tucson. $ao monthly. Including utilities. MA. 3 r 2736. TWO HOOMS and bath. «H per month. (Utilities Included) MA. J-B846, JOt W. Ohio. SUMMER rooms. In University Fra- ternlty house. (21 per month. MA. 3-tS04. , doubles, private entrance, town. 441 S. Sth. MA. 2-9573. REASONABLE, attractive. Central cooling. Private entrance. Bus line. »29_E._«th. FOR A MAN. Largt room. Heater cooler. Hot and cold water. Hot plate. Shower. Refrigerator. Telephone and parking. $30 a month. B3'/ ; N. Highland. MA. 4-43M. PLEASANT ROOM. ',i biock bus line. Private entrance. Gentleman preferred. Inquire at J415 E. Mabel Street. Alvernon Speedway Light, airy room. Private home. Good transportation, tlo. EA. 5-2237. Rlncon Lodge Hotel $50 nio. Poor 1600 N..lst. MA._Jlr3*4 PRIVATE "ENTRANCE. 1 " b'ithT 'Carport. Bus. Nicely furnished. Nice location. Gentleman only. Call EA. B-IOH. JEJ\. n-BPAP. _^_ I HOOM guest" houM with bath. Completely private. 3444 E. Drachman. EA. 8-305C. iMMACULATi:, Ideal for student or employed gentleman. $30. MS N. Sth Aye. Near Mt. Seneca For -working lady, kitchen privl- legci. $10. MA. 4-34S7. Private Entr. Bath Broadway-Wllmot yea. AX. 8-8254. LAHG"E ROOM. Fflvate entrance! bath phone. Suitable convalescent, couple or etudents. Near bu*. Meals option.]. AX. «-Ott2fl. COOL, quiet room. Quiet neighborhood. Near campus. Private entrance. MA. 2-0740. FOR EMPOYED MAN Good single room. Private entrance. coolinK, shower, lavatory, bus. Ex ccllcnt address. EA. 5-9491. AKC registered, 1 male, I months. I female. 3 years. Moving, need ell, tot X. Laguna. UAHUA stud service. AKC-- fawn. AX. 8-5*73. K.C. Loves children. 3 MA. 8-»5«. aftgJl 3-year-old recijtered Reasonable. EA. SINGLES^ couples. Day. -week, or month. Central cooling. 41» S. 5th. Hotels, Gu«»t Houiet 77 . i A. t- 1 feaniri. AKC JSft33 and letnale i. Lovely retflst'a, toy poodle*. Colon. Must bo aeen. Terms. MA. 3-5217. GLENWOOD HOTEL Modem, refrigerated rooms with privileges, fc buUt-uis. S oiks, to Congress. Rent day, week, or as low as $80 a month. 341 8. Scott. MA. 2-7263. ___^___ BEAGLES .K.C. n«iiUra4. Reaaonabl*. CY. -- -^-~- -. weekends. u. Vaccinated. Scal- point. Silver-Blues. MA. 3-«9iW. FRIENDLY horn* for elderly lady. Nice, clean, private room. Very reasonable. 1187 X. Linden. MA, 4-3«39. TREAT YOUR DOG Arizona Star complete dor cubes ·r meal finest quality 25 Ibs. $2.50 --SO IDS. $4.50. Free delivery 100 Ibs. na nour Mill*. MA. 2-4655. Arizona fan c fY CHIHUAHUA Puppies. Champion bloodlines. Reasonable. 3052 EA, 5-4739. N. Alvernon. Chihuahua. etjga. ilrlass and nixed SHOT l-7i34 __ Monkeys. Trop. * Gold iah Mynah Birds. Myers Pet -- arag^neug matrons. Charnpion "stud _ltlS g. Prachman, EA. S-: 1C refilstered blonde Cocker pies, l month old, $25. $10 X. · 2-44TJ. JEKtltaVffsTERED. Chihuahua puppies. Champion bloodline. Ajc.1-7957, Calle Herculo. T6V POODLE*. 'White". _month». EA, black.' : Poodlac, 1 months old. rxeellwt padlgree. AKC resistered. aiot^. vx. fmm. CHIHUJU5Hii. Toy poodles. Toy fcobermana. Pups. «tud aervlea. 33SS Jj. Cardl. BOXER PUPPIES males. Ho papers. KA. SACRIFICE .WSKAltANXX. t months «id. ·aaotihd Silver my male. Haa all lho% and papers, rind $ie* Jakes fan. IA. Dachshund Puppies EA. t-mte ««gt , E Cooper. t-mte ««gt , E HAMB CHEERFUL front room. Private entrance and b«th. 4*43 E. Holmes, Hous«lt«tping goemi 76 REST HOMES 77A ELDERLY LADIES or couples. Care Best meals. Beautiful homes. Lawn. Trees. Reasonable. EA. 8-1411. 2 LARGE ROOMS for TB. Private, 809 E. «th.. MA. 3-1118. RESORTS 78 Mt. Lemmon Now renting, cozy all-electric cabin Near Lodtfc. Sleep* four. $50 per week. AX. 8-0405. AX. 8-9S13. MODERN apt. Mt. Lemmon. Close ~^1^EEKLY J ~UP ~ Kitchentttes, one and two bed rooms: also sleepine roomii. Com- Desert Club Apts. EA. 1-3M3 LRG. « ROOM upper Cat. IS21 E. _A d am5_|75_EA ^-JMl ,_E A._7-BS75. "1: BEDROOM "DUPLEX" _ Carport. Central cooling. Waihinc i f facilities axnallabl*. 175 year around. · 3135 N. Fontan». CONVENIENT to bate, i-room du- plcx. $83.50. S735 E. First. EA. 6-0909 EFFICIENCY Apartment. Southside. $3S. All utilities Included. able, reasonable. Adults. »12 E, Grant Rd. i A v r i ±1 .$95--SWIM --$95 Good topping, EA. S-5082. transportation. 3 ROOM duplex. Utilities fur^ nlshed. WO. 143 W. Mlchlcan, MA. .2-2231. CLEAN 3 rooms. Tub and thower. Nicely furnished. »11 N. Baxter Boulevard. CATALTNA V I S T A Ap«rtnwnts ·Utility apartment. Near Campbell- 1 BEDROOM fumlshtd. Good N K location, m per mo. No Iraw re-| 431 5. Aivernoi nulrctl. A . I', Brown C o . EA. «-»«» " ' ' ' ' 1 BDRM.. HEATED POOL. HARDWOOD FLOORS. BEAUTIFUL. PATIO. 38M N- TUCSON BLVD.,! Live on Guest Ranch Furnished adult aparunenu. 2 Bit. X bath or 1 BR. 1100 to »150 monthly. Excellent location. EA. 6-2233. Why Pay Rent? We win rent you MODERN AIR-CONDITIONED Studio apartment. Permanent adults. 1202 E. Srnoot Drive.. Moviog to Tucson? Use »ur fully furnished apta for your temporary home. Vi block shopping, low summer rates. 1 or 2 Bdrms, 1 a c r · a landscaped grounds. Relax if vacation in our king-size pool while house hunting In Tucson's best residential location. CATALINA V I L L A G E APT*.. 5334'E. 1st St. EA. . ---" Italy furnished 1 bedroom. 313 "N"."Hlghland"Aye. i "BDRM.. good for 2. near bu« and shopping. $55. 2329 N. Elaine Blvd. Cor 3812 f!^Grant _Rd._lEA^8-5M7. CRESTVllrvrTtPAHTMENTS One bedroom, dean. Convenient. Carport. 1«1» K. Camilla Blvd. Enjoy Living at American Homes All essentials Included In our FURNISHED APARTMENTS. Convcn. lent to swimming pool, park, schools shopping centers, city bus. J BR ...... .-. ......... $104.50 3 BP- .............. 119.50 3 BR. with Patio ...... 124.50 OPEN DAILY UNTIL 9 P.M. SAT TILL 1 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 4330 E. Broadway EA.__6-?464 _ L__ PEACOCK INN Apts~!n guest ranch setting bdrm. and studio. $65 up. Daily, weekly rates. Ft. Low- LUXURY LIVING Completely FURNISHED APTS. Low Summer Rates DAY-WEEK-MONTH · Modern Furnishing* · · Switchboard Service · · Refrigerated Cooling · · Maid Service · · Laundry Facilities · · Carports--Shuffleboard + · Outdoor Bar-B-Q · · Convenient Location · · Near Shopping--Golf Cours* · MONTCLAIR APTS. 811 N. ALVERNON EA. 7-8378 per n)0. :owaro the . .._ . can you lose? Investigate today. Choice selection. DESERT TRAILERS 212S Oracla Rd. ^ 2"ROOM"deslrable aparunent. Wnlic to town. Reasonable. 63_N J Eucjid, 930 E. 7TH DUPLEX. Three lar»« room*. Well furnished. Good Etor- ag« apaoe. Garage. EA. 7-3*07. Oro Va ley Apts. SUMMER RATES PER MONTH r, Week, Mo. 3727 E Sth St. $100 Day, if Golf Privileges is Heated Pool »* if Private balconies *· i* Refrigerated cooUne n* V Luxury l t J bdrro. apts. \f v Quiet, cool, dust free, v Taking Whiter reservations now. CY. 7-0411 I miles beyond Casas Adobes Shopping NEWLY DECORATED 1. 2 and 3 bedrooms. »0l N. Fairvlew. EA. «-iag4, MA. 4-99«8. 3 ROOMS, utllitle* furnished. Carport. Patio, shada and lawn. 142S N. Dodge. SAN~CLEMETfflt ' A*fS. «30 .. BRYANT AVE. CLOSE TO GOL» COURSE.LNS., DISHES. TV. UTILITIES. STDO fS5 1 BR *7*. 3 BR 195. CY. 7-M38. IA. t-lM8. 3 ROOMS acroM from west jrate, BEST city location. $40-$50. Adults. No pets. 4225 E. Bellevne. _____ Nice clean 2 bedroom. Near Frontier Village Shopping Center. Carport and storage room. «115. CAPRI COURT. J832 Louis Lane, EA. 6-pl72 J 1 BEDftOOM apartment. pobC carport, etc. Broadway Gardens Apt.. AX. 8-B282. Davls-Monthan. Alvernon, EA. i-9914. , month. 3«n S. BUNGALOW APT. l',v Mocks to New Campbell Plaza, i rooms. Shede, lawn. Carport. Porch. $10. utilities paid. U,03_:_AdelaJde. REFRIGEKATEb Studio Apartment. $70; utilities paid. IMS 6. 7th. AX!. «-Ma2, CHILDREN WELCOME Lflirge rooma, reasonaible. elesn, U-mitigf_je.!d._.$:l« JB._aeth _8t. ONn and two bedrooms. Nearly new furniture In apartments. On N. Beverly Blvd. near I. Plma. Avenue. EA. 8-4122. POOL~-$85 One bedroom. Danish modern furniture. Near Grant * Alvernon. EA. $-0502. Pool, Big Lawn, Trees Apts., $78 up. RINCON LODGE, 1500 N. llt...._MA,-2-13l)4--EA. 5-8002. DESERT WINDS APTS Swimming pool, near f pcedway Country Club. Luxury Apts. New additions. We Invite you to make comparison bcloic you decide. 1 2 bedroom available. 3124 X. Falr- moiint. EFFICIENCY. Sinela adult. «ts. Utilities paid. «60. «030 I BEDHOOM DUPLEX. Northeast. Utilities nd washing machine furnished. $00. XA. £-9429. evenings CY. 7-0437. $12.50 WEEKLY KETWEEN STONE AND ORACLE Neat, attractive apartment. Ideal for 1 or 2. Also nice 2 bedroom house, furnished $18.50 weekly, Lurm Court, 24Q W. Grant. CENTR7CL~cooling. Carport. Larec rooms. Sleeps 2. 158. 21M E. Spring jeo. Nenr Country Club and Grant Nice, small. 4-room house. Couple or wnile person. No pets. 2431 N Edith. ___ _ VISTA SIERRA" LODGE APARTMENTS · On 10 beautiful landscaped acres Mountain views. · Usual low summer rentals. For adults. Good cooling. 2 BR (5 rmsl. 1 BR (4 rms) tc bachelor apts. Also next door fine S BR. 1 bath, hous«. Deluxe fum. Large filtered pool. Bus service. Phones In all apts. . $30. $95. $4i and $55 monthly. As Low As $25 »ppiy j th» purchase price. re-nt How 2 Large Rms. $50 UtlUtlej paid, aoa W. Ventura ~--=:-----r,_^_*- rtn-LTzrw^Lj.-jrs-- --·--- ....--.·------ SUMMER RATES FURNISHED * UNFURNISHED 1. 2 3 BEDROOM SUITES · Central Refrigeration Cooling · Spacious Swimming Pool · Priv. Balconies palien ~ All Utilities included Ph. EA. 5-4422 1 bedroom apt. t bedroom apt. AX. 8-2111 EA. SrlSI; nr«r 1'irn.i. no. Oixxl h»|iplnii.! .t L. O f? E I N. Xtnlvprjsliy, phopVi 11 ^.' tr;uiM]Mrtnt(on EA fi-VMl'J ; IIIIWB. .1 Inrue roraii.'. 5B2 M). 132 S . l j " HEUHOOMS Hni-dwooil ' fliwrn Olst-n. Apftrlmrnt -2, MA. 4 - f 2 l , | tTlilltle* pflld. Con bn i*rn n f l r r .1 KA. 1;14"4. _ . . _ . . i p.m. Mm' F. Spoedwav. MA. 4-lHL'f. |"il"ElTHO6M iiOMfi. Modern, l l k f ; 3-DEDHOOM *nrt rtrn. l i b«th» new. Gi-eon nhntlrd arrn. _ Ilonr: Artulu; no prlv 3841 S. L o r e t t a : ' 2729 E. 19TH 2-b*dnMirn. W«I*T {urnl»h*d. JtOOM «f'fieJenry houjit. fitnvi;; rpfri#**rator ( air conriilion*r, w«t«r ftimuthecl. MA. KA, 6-ST3I, 23S2 N. Alv^rnon. OR FOR SALE Finest City Location Z340 E. ith. choice 1 bdrm. * studio apt., fum. or unfurn, Lovely grounds, reasonable wk or mo. rates. MA. 4-2S40. WORKING "GinUsftb ^ share nous* . . pnlio. Ilnndy to everj'thlng. Haniii-l |),. lv . r jr. 7-jiin ovti«»»l- Reasonable to ooiuili- uri---' ·_ -_*--- _ ^ -- · 3 \v«t of AH-emon off Plma. lrt» N. Wlnstcl. _. _.. Enjoy Living at American Homes ITNFUHN1SHED APARTMENTS . . . . . . . _w1lh same. MA. 3-9517 Rftcr 5:3(1. i Hannr:. Venetian bllndi. NEAR "Unlvei-sity" - Payed, Bhoppl n ;-, small bus. cottngc ! 155 MONTH. Very nice. Onc'"b«i-l room. Central cooling. Close to! ehttyptos. 3333 N. riowine Well»l Road v AX. 8-P4C. | NICE location, AjMUtment for _ coup.le. EA._«-9495. f 7fl SO . _ _ 2 'BEDROOM. ' NWly fumi»hed. N. Columbuii near Spcedwny. EA. 7-J364 or EA. S-4091. aT.'«:iSr«' · ters. city uua^ 2 nn, 3 HD 3 HR. with Polio . »M).M OPEN DAILY UNTIL t. P.M. SAT. TIL I P.M. CLOSED SUNDAYS AMERICAN HOMES ASSN. 4530 E. Urondway ENCANTO PARK AX. (l-WIB. COUNTRY HOME i n n r h i v l r w . .1 h.-ilnK'»tn5 '7 months REDECORATED 3-bedroom duplex. U of A are». Utilities paid. Summer rates. Bll E. Drachman. After 6. EA. 8-4633. KITCHENETTE-- $50~ Exceptionally well furnUhpd 3 bedroom honw. nil elM s trlr klu-hf-n nmillonoek 1'. liath. l o v r l v nnllo Adults prrforred. Coll LIU Schwab MA. 3-»44l. 3 niiDUOOMhrtcic."Adults. No pttJ jW« E. 13th St. EA. 7-5WU Convenient to swlmmtnulLOVlilLY 1 bedroom. Kn»t«ld». Cen-.rxVi*r school »nd \IM* l^ra« »torn«» ehopptnir c c n - j trnl hontlnK. cooHng. 1125 monthly.j ut't n ^ n n t h l \ ' i^-^^jl _. . -- - N I C K 3-bednom Nror srlioolji. bus. FOR RENT BY OWNER ,"Hl'"v J°°l"' -"T"' T' 1-I1K1)1I(X1M. M a j o r npnlliinrrs In- JULY AND AUGUST 2 HDHMf. ^ 7 - l I « f l . . S . 78M . houji*, central f.*- ·ffif" yjird. Phon« CY. STOP! LA PLAYA APTS. JlufriKcration, pool, cnrprt- inK, 2 bdrms, new. renson- uhl. rent. J047 E, Ind St. EA. 7-fl73q,EA. «-1405. Pets Ac Children Welcome ~ " ' " PAID CLEAN 1 a ^^ Improvement*. 2 bcdroftrrui. J*8I PERSONS. BLOCK FROM* VK^'h i N^»^-_ M Aj^:JM* .,, HQSPnAL. _EA. 8-64,18. i JIESIDKNCK A/or BUSINESS room, 2 bnlli «p«rLrncnt. UUUtici . BA.7-0.1BS: Kv«. 3 ROOMS. Close in. Clean. Nlwly furnished. 721 E. Sth St. ATTRACTIVE, new apartments. Suitable for dnnl« or couple. Refrigerated coolinK. Full till bath. Private patios. EA. 6-9516. 2-BEDROOM duplex, furnished. VH cinity. Puna and Swan. Plionc AX. 7-0745. CLOSE IN 2 bdrms-, carport, central heating cooling, laundry, beautiful landscaping. NT. $82.50 per mo, 2114-32 N Forgeus. Ph. EA, _5-7229. ~ ~ 2 APARTMENTS One bedroom, tiled bath and kitchen. MO. Also 2 twlroom, *70. 3S36 E. Blncklldac. EA. 7-4577. CHEN AND BATH. P R I V A T E P A T I O . COMPLETELY rURN- ISHED. BTILITIES PAID. MA. 3-7473. _ dMstrictil-1 square d Rcfriiteratlon. Private MEDICAL bedroom. jjgtio. Carport. 3B17 E. Near El Rancho ; Bus 1 bedroom apartment, Prlvat* yard Outdoor grill. EA. 7-0418, NiCETROOM"DlJrPL«Sc;. Near" Vets Hospital. Coupje. 125_B._Dlstrlct $52 MO. tmme ·anta One bedroom apartment*, dlate occupancj-. 1417 N. Ro«a_ Bouleyard. $50 1 BEDROOM Duplex. Speedway-Craycroft area UNIVERSITY Cute 1 bedroom, Uvlnc room, en bath. 155. AX. S-436J, 5-24M. Swimming Pool Nice clean 1 bedroom. Near Frontier Villas* Shopping Center. Carport and ctorue room. CAPRI COURT. 18JJ Louis Lang, EA, 6-0172. RENT FREE Cottajre in fxiuntry In exchance for caretakin* and yard watering Adult, rcsponsilbl* cjounle, with ref- ercnces^qOl.AX. 8-2B75._ Near "U" - Downtown 4-room apartment. AdulU. Reasonable MA. 4-3638. "" NICE l-bedroom apartment. Block to bus m ~" HILL'S "APTS; 414 S. XRD AVE, One-bedroom duplex. Tiled bnth. Central coolln; port. Sumrnei- rate. 3S50 E. Lee. Apartment "B". __ duplex. Cer. il coolinic. 25S W. Blacklldge. _ 81 NEAR MASK. Larue 2 beHrooiiu. Carixirt. TJUI it·. AX. £-51 It. CLEAN, Cool. QiiTcl".""(5in- bpdroom. All convenlrncos InchKtlnu \vaHlu-r Bus. markets. Adults, No net* :1!2 \V. lrylni(ton. SlNfiLE""IVOUSE,""r'beaniom" u r - nlihed. tvlih uUlltleii jw ar.no N Or:irl-. WBE1C OR $50 month. 1 bedroom. UUUtlM furnUhed. Closed in mrci, shade._ Close __ln._MA,_4-1077. BEL AJR Apartmcnt». El Rnncho district Large modem 1 bedroom. Swimming pool 3414 E. Bellevue, Ant. A. Also 2-BEDROOM furnished apartment. JWOl N. Porgcus. EA. __ ON BUSLINE. One or t\vo lcd- rooms. clean. Hoof cooler. Near shopping centem. IB W. Kolso. __ 4319 E. irLOW-iSTiiA. e-saBi. dom- plotely furnished, to) month, Sult. «l)le tor .?: __ _____ __ COTT*AGE. 1 Mock from damp- bell Shopping Center, utilities _furn.li(hed, 1815 E^Adclajde. 1VEEK "OR" t-lfl month , "utIUtlefl fumlshcfi. Telephone, C e n t r a ; cooling, jClpsp In. MA._« : 1077. T~i31Sbnob(M too' Water, g»s" pnlrt N i c e l y furnishwl. Convetilrnt Northwest locution: 2 BEDTIOOM «5. Water paid. Newly furnished Ne«r Dnvis-Montrum. EA. e-ioae AX. g-6420. _ 1 BEDROOM--$75 Nice lawn, fruit trees. WnU-r pnld 5828 E. 22pd AX._« r !tmO ""SAN LOU ARTS. N«ar shopping fc bus. 3457 E . 1 nt TRAJLERSJOR RENT 79A PLENTY OF SHADE For car and trailer. Modern trallrr. Adults. Close shopping centers, bus. CLEAN-$35 20 foot EA. $-»!«, 1061 X. Montr Vixtn Drlvr. Io\iblfl rarporl.i l u l u . A K , B-2IMB y o u , r , looklnit In th« wrons S711 F I FF I P l a r e l With smid! down It" 0 '' *"' ^'-^'- -cheaper to bu.vl P.yments !ilii ren' Just Call . 7-6671. ClUllcd. t l t l l U l M . for S, »35 ntnvc nnd refrigerator N«r ba»« AX. B-J11 1.1 " 4 BEDRQOMS Lovely fiimlsheil home. No pool.JAM. t-wa MOO. plus utilities except water, j .1 'mMjriOOM!?." "4 ivj!T"i.nth« "aiirf'ileii' " ' fiimlxhrd. _ l_lorpld__»ell| N ,.,, r m! hooln. shommiR. Fcncevi-ln ytini. A v n l l n t j l r around Juno I 7 l h . M'A, J-5OTJ. _ _ __ GLENN NEAIl" Alwmpn 1 TtH C H I L D R E N W E L C O M E S ? Atl Ti w J. rfrlirr " tnr * tov '' """· Nr«r »nd-Alvrrnon.!isAt.E"oH "RENT:' S'bedr'oom." lii RanKC. oven, refrigerator. Wright E»1ate», Call AX. n-ffilM. ATTRACTIVE Ml. Lenimon Cnbln, modrni plumb- Inff, AccommodBte eluht, Intiulre 3121 N. 1st AVI-., MA. 2-4.1W. MIO~ErnK'Li;EViJfl!:. Lame 2 bdrm house children welcome, r?». KA. 7-nati. EA._7_-einii. _ 1 BEDROOM- -NEW--EI.ECTmC KITCIIF.N--PATIO W A L l r - V1KW S100 PEH MONTH IKI5H E. SPEEDWAY MA. 4-CTti MA a-UflDUOOH brick, i-1. bath*, f u r - nlidied. Full Price »IO.IWW W i l l «'" i-ppt lulu model trallrr (or m u l t v i'liln Verde HelRht". mm MatllKir 4l,h. - . . . »nri water. Occupancy Jnn* Colle Nnptuno. AX! 8-G 3t~,^'r.wic*w(fc;^Ti5j»TM-w^».^!3«oEi-^ i u i r i c A K - x i n ^ : : ; : BUSINESS RENTALS 83 - . larwe. 2-bedrfKrn duplex. ..-..^rr^..;/ \ - -- -- - - · Quiet, fenced vard Cnrporl Slor- UltOAOWAY. near Alvernon. Modern building. 75' fronting. Ren«on- Bblr TOOFESSIONAI. USE. LANDMARK. EA. 7-OIM. jyjr. Pool. AdulU. MA._ 4-1 KM. 3 Bedroom $90 | OFFICE "FOR" RENT S.«.5r. b F. C n«d'-S.«i h '-0«r :iir .r=K : ! · » . . « · .«""«« Jncluded. ,.« .., ' EA. - r n m o l e i m - n t f t r v nchool, 40M F. r J H I I i . N r n r 2J.ml »nrt Swan. EA. ·'·'* M "-SIKH. STOIIAGE bulldlni! or warrhntue" . L A I U i l C 1 Iwlnxmi. P, bntlr,. ilru : " v r r n . fK ° ««· ".. *»» m o r t h . . .,., Exrellenl eairt uliln lornlliMi Avail- ' s " iri »-''' b u i l d i n g 1,0(10 ,rj. ft. Could '·"" J nlilc- Juntl nth 705(1 Calif Ilell'li.; '"' U1 "" tl f n r eurlo shop, e t r , A j l» I r l v . s ~' »"nlh; 13-««f lake, ran b» 2-3 I1D1I i u r n - l i n t u r n . 'n-K»onalile : """.'} £'. r *;**"* °J s .''ears. *300 uilt-K FA fl-n*IRU Slcfft'n 4NW K i n i h . r."XlltrK ^1 bedroom. Tntlu. Shn HIM. shopping n«-«r by. wai -«»onalile ; r i M l l y . i . ' . - ' 1 I'liriorr ' ' ~ ' IN FOOTlIILLti. a I ltd room balhs. Mald'rt quartern. llcfrU tton. S\vlminUii{ pool. View of CntallMM. N r n r ahopplnc cenler. Short or lonu tfrm U'aw. EA. evenings BJlJ mornlnji 11-11). 5oWi5'. Cio»e"K\i»r«iio'priTnk! No p«U. AdulU. 11M E. Broadway, EA. B-M.KI. "HK"l)tl6(iM"sr Nvif'shoiiplnu. 'bun". sl-XUTOUS" 3 btdroom, PatTiPiynir 3011 E. Alturan. Granl-Monf HOO per month. MA. ;i-:(S:i1i Uedroom. '(furnished «xcpj)tlni University. Reasonable. " . , . 1WO E. Speedway. MA. S-3S14. " (J425 S. Morris,_MA. »tMlS T^B'2D"RooTvi" housiT" *oi» " E. Barbara, EA, t~MS clean, comfortj»bTVl 1-bedroom. 12(1 W. Klne ]U»ri. 2-H:»o. f-UlOJISrilS) 3-l«-droom. 7th. Block from bus. Also fumbhrd apartment MB. Inquire 2024 8. 7th, MA._4-.12_!!L burnished fl bed. Patio. Adults. *130 month Must vt to appl-oclntr. 5420 X. Burns. EA. 7-5174 or ~ Large vncloned patio. Barhrcur pit, »nd nhartr triyg. .TOiiO N, CnrnjibcJ^. 1 HEDHOOM. Near AmriKi. Shiidy yard. AX. (I-B2R2, or EA. 7-134.1 i HEnilOOM'apartmelU. "Convenient location. £33 E. Hrlrn. MA. _ _ _ . ____ ___ _ T11HEE ri/om houiw. complelply fumUhAd. Ljtrfo Int. South. R«a- iionahlr. MA. 4-J77JT _ ^ - ' t) 6P A l-b*droom 10211 . furnished. SWIMMING POOL Lovely houne. Complelnlv furnished. Itrdrcoraied. On Al v . llvini: mom. Near HUBhr« Pla Plilkl w i l l ) i Wnii-r. AX. Al.N' new K i i r l n k l i - r cyal'-rn AX n-a:4H :i 11DHM n-d lirli-k Frni-pd pntlo Kti _drnpi-s, I n r p r l . d i a p r s . l l H l l t , lt , t . n)(M ith sj'ii i- . II-OM7 or K A , 'j'limili " i l.cdi Djiii" hi i.-w ill II v i n o n I 2302 N n " l " v i Air 11;l l£i.) «torr locution, fid E. Speedway. Approximately 3S' front, approxlmntely HO' dei-p. Corner building. CuxVimirr pftrttina" 7--IH4I. A n HIII ortupiirirj - OLD SPANISH TRAIL l,:ilh lu A X H - i 3-lM?lrodin, 2- Mi. L»-nHr. tltl.'i TV1A, - .,---., ^ . . . . NORTH Bid*. 3 houd.l». l-J-3 beil- nxim R-iU or lenne. Cheaper. MA. 2-r.«;i, 414 E. Llmb«rlo»t. Near Blenman School dean J bedroom. Inquire 3437 E 2nd . KA (V-31W. D11»J 3-HKDHOOM. C«riort. Kvei-y- t h l n K furnbshnl. $100 monthly. _-M-?_£-,-i!l- f ." n !"^JiJ'' Ai --^5^v lj --- Ilillroe'^ISO « month. 4fllS E. H«lm«i. . .,- . ,, ,-. EA. 7-is». . _.. . NEAR D-M MSTNCLUDITJO utilities. Olto '-I- INl_/~M\ \J I V l fiolencj- 3048 CMle d« fUmri'. AX. .1 Iwdrooms, reTrliffriilor, Ktove 8-07ID1. ' _ iiiilc.ni.illc wn-iher »H1 BX'I UNlVEimlTV. Two bedro«iin«. «» ! S v l v n i i i ' , A3C H-(i:ifl. Soutlnlde. Three room. CJn.i.: 1.EASK or rrnl lovely. 3 bwlro wnter fftd. MA, .1-104(1, _ I. Ijl,JlntJ}s._S»a_rJ.to.-iew,wl^_ --JN1CE STOHRS Fantastic ' SWIMMING POOL flniii-h-irtyle 3-lwlrm hinine. Enrlovrd yurd, Cl»»«n, $1B* nm. 4SW K. Fnlntiourit K " . . , . . HEDillrtoMS. G«rag». back j-art. n r n K f , Near UnrveTsltv. W _ _ _ . _ NEAR 0 OF A 1 iM-drooma with »fflclmcy ·i"rt- Mit or 1 bedroom*. J baths. KA. S-1IWII. bath · ere. A d u l t s . ; 2 netiroomi 3 Bedroom home COMPLKrKLY FURNlSlfED »I60 PTW MONTH. Mangels Realty 1»1J E. Broadway MA. $-08*1 or Eve«._MA. 2-0817. ~ " ' . »H.1 month. 40 W. Wetmore, shown I l - Z . EA. 6-11200, CABINS-- Hoom«, $18 moT up Acreage for sale. S40 N. Tucson Blvd. 2 BEDROOM. Carport. Ntoragi". Pnvnl. Adults. No iwise, M5. t'M N. po JEJfy. rt. $85. M . 'n{coly 3.W N. Tucson . . _ Car- Blvd. Catallna. NEAR"AMPIII. Smill 2 brdroom house. Large yard. »h»de. Water. .... . _ _ fl.1 month. MA. 3-9M5. ALMOST NEW 30' fuliy" modem 12 BEDROOM. Lnfge llvini room, trailer. Utilities and wnsher f u r - 1 jj| ct I, BC K yur a. Graiui, shade. Bus. "wTtK"cooler" for r«mt" per month. 3*10 E. Presidio Dr., _ BKST dty lociiUon. From _ ONK brdroom houwe furnished. Car- 'port. Neor U. of A. 14.1 N. Vine, Phone owner. MA. 4-8H45 or see 140. i at 1.127 E. Bth. ___ ____ ____________ - . . . . _ _. _______ Children under 1. No pets. 4125 2 " filBIliOO(M. Wood floors Al«o E. Belleyue. _ _ _ FOR KETIf OR SAI^E. T,' trailer hounes. Vacation trailers- MA. 3-nsin. modeern apartment. Co-aplo. II Me 5uUurban 4 Bdrm,, activity nnni. (IrlliKr kltrhtm. i«rv» Mt re/rlgftrator, plus burn A- cni-raln-flnn. Tn »·-, f a l l Mliw Snu-lkcr Bt M.A. J-7471 .^IAMT: C. Gil A NT REALTY «. INSUTIANCK CO 23 X. IMwy. Wi-ntprncr Hotel. IftV. CJ/^V"2 lKxlloc«n». tllt-d floors^ iljinifr Amplr clofwrts. 414 K. Futr- jfniunrt. MA 2-IIWU. ' ~ t A I . " W"at?i-"pald!" »« ^ . __ _ _ living' llf "minutes to town Hllverbell-(JrBnt. 2 In'droom. Fiirnlshrd $w or unfurnlnhi-d $110. swank new motor hotel l ii'iily of PnrkhiB innulr* at 10JO ~. Oraclr. MAIn 4-SM1 Pima Plaza Bldg. """ TUMOD'S lop i n r a i i u n New ofdcen avallnble lixai ft larcer All utilities Janitor nervlce r«- (rtgrralod nlr rond. A telephone an«werln« tervlce. MM E. Bmsd- wn.v. Ph. MA, 2-1443. F I 1 I I N . I)e«k spare. Ans.'Se'rv $30* ,7!)!. MA. 4-H4I KtS 1TY. 1043 K. mh St Jitor» with 3 rm . for offlrrs or ininliifFd. Hputcr: Cooler, llghl flx- ture« Initnllitd. Parking. CY. 7-07.1.1. OFFICES--Fnrn." or unTtlfn." Nritt mo»t rornplrttt «Jopplnjf center. 17in Alvrrnon. P n r k l n f . CY. 7-075.1. OKFICK Unit-unity Ares"."'$fi3'mnntH Inc.-udu all lervlcwi. utilities. EA. 2 HOOM OFFICE." il37 E. B'rnariwavt »!i« IMT nimith I n r l u d l n c nil utlll- tlc», Avnllabl* July 13, leflo. Cull K A . 7-(ai.*ll SMATJL Ciff^SKT aaniri warnhmin* jtpuoe, oiitxldr stnrnirr. railroad »irt- _lTii;. ll»l w. CU; K t r r r l . IN DUST RIAI~RENTAl"r"8«f Dry or rc/rlgpratrd. Jin Spurs 1WIO-II.OOO (Q . ft.-So, P»tk Av«. Courttmy to hrokuri EA. (I-JM1 OR FURNISHED |WANTEDJOJIENT 85 COUNTRY HOME IB minutes from town. Beautifully decorated J-beilroorn ranch homr Ijindficnplnit. Pool. *1IO. USB W. U/MT. MA, 4-74-HI, Share Home Employed lafly. Clowi In. Central coollnjl TV piano._MA. 4-4nz(l NIC* J bedroom. TTliHty roorn^ yard. Swimming. »80 monthly. *78 on leawr. 3914 E. Monte Vista Drive, EA. o-mfi7. ._ NEWLY painted home for rent -furnished. 17» a month--one bcd- 2 bedroom* and dlnlna" room wn-f'ned ii*m-\i. Stove, r'-frlirrrntoi ( I r n n t - K w n n KfCallon AX. ll-IMi NEAIl l"-M.~Lnrire 1 he'd room. Cnr- Porte. .Sw/lmmlntf prlvilrKP". W » !Nf)lVrirslde. 3 homes. 1-2-3 brd- room. Rent or Ii-nw. Chraprr. MA, 2-f003, 414 E. Llmheflost. ItMICli ·JL "bedrooms, tiled" floors. !_!3«;.G nl»hed or ^ i«irtlv furnished in CvANT"Kl!: 1/n/urniflhrfi hoiuu- by June If.th Ronl or Inuc. Must have 3 liedroonwi. 1', lmth«. central heat- Inn und roollnK. Patio with en- rlosurr -- - · School Must !«· In Ilincon High rone. Star - Cltlrm P.ox vrnntlan blinds. Slwv* and r r f r l u - rrntor. 27 K Alturnit Ktrrirt. off N. Stone. MA. 4-IOMl RENTAL OWNT5HS If yru hln'r vncftnclcB. cnll us. 2 HBl.rUX)MS. centnil ooolliiK. ; BUTEIlA TRUST INC ' EA 7.«i«l _St/M-ni;e. _r;irj»nt,..fllJ, TA. 7-IBKI ' - . . .. ... . . _ r-\ Prince. MA. 2-43(13. cooliru;. Downtown, near Park and I Llbrary^^ Ingulre No, ' SUMMER "RATES Vista del Monte Apts. 25SS E. Water (near Tuoion Blvd.) lol*. Clndrich Trailer Park. No-|'room"hoViieT"with patio. Hu». shop- K«lc« l!I(!hway, 415 E. Corona Ho»d.' plp£ nr.nrl)y_J'l31. j£._n.eMevue; Phone MA. 2-4572. _ a jjKDlHOOM houw. nenr S. Am- BACirpXOR trailer" ISO monthly. ~ ' ·--··-·-·- " »· All utilities «v«lliible. Full bath. . . bro*e Church. AvBilnhlf through 7 lid? ' SeptMnlxT 7«52fi^2 . 30th. $B! month. room--w»U'r un.uihed. Idcul f"r couple Vicinity of Grant Ornclr. Jvl Call EA. 7-nBWl _for_ap£o|nlmenl E ; Cl.F,XN"i beiifoom,"northe»«t. Ileni- ' i qnable,_EA._8-.B05.1 . "~ Children Pets Welcome I bedroom house; 1 bedroom 1 louse 1 LM-rlrtMjrn dtjpl'-x, I 7 ] f » f. EA. 7-»tir,2 ii(K-r « I $115 MONTH H BriJrooms, Pi Tliithv Ml S Sijftinry St KJA fl-H2NJ_ ALMOST NEW Ijtritv 3 b«dr»»om brlrk lions J i n n a c , ro-frltrrriitor. Nfttr ich'K.l t»u« iiiwl Hhoppiiiif c»-ni,:r. I*jn-t Btrr-clH. »ftf., 222H N. Mnrlon. K/ cilltics.' Trailer 'spaces available Grand Court, 2S36 S. 9th Avenue. 2318 N. Tucson Blvd. Beautifully and completely furnished. Wall to wall wool carpeting. Lovely grounds with patio furniture. Barbecue em flagstone terrace, yn. Adults. · Carport. Shopping. yr., mo., day. 480? E. Broadway Rentals by EA. 7-3481 LARGE 1 bedroom, newly decorated. P»ved streets. Nice neighborhood. Convenient to bus and shopping. Apartment B. Rear, 4252 E. Plrna. MA. 2-M78, NEWLY decorated 3 room furnished apartment. H a r d w o o d floors. Near University. 648 E. Sth St. Inquire 1214 _E. Sth St, S40-$5J. Clean. Cooler. Lawn furniture. Utilities. Adults. 360 W. Laguna. MA. 3-07M. ATTRACTIVE 1-2 bedroom. Patio Laundry facilities. 316$ E. raeindalc,_EA.__J-171!7. ~~ TUCSON'S CHATEAU BY DAY-WK-MO · LOW SUMMER RATES · 1 Ic 2 BDRM. DELUXE APTS. · SWIMMING POOL ', · REFRIGERATION !! · SHUFTLEBOARD. CARPORTS:: 3«6B E. 3nd St.--E. on Speedway j 1 $65 NORTHEAST --$51 j Three l*rjE« roomi. N«wlj' decor-; rrwx3orn Haven, 54. ated. Sec to «pprcriatc. '2514 N. REASON ABLY Geronimq, ^ ~ NEAR UNIVERSITY Furnished 2 bedroom apartment, Inoludlne utilities. 747 E. Speedway. tlOO per month. MA. 3-7159, or EA. 7-5S96. '33.12 N. Romero Rd.. Space' ^lh_5.t_. _ priced onr- COUNTRY HOME B^Jiutiful new ranch homr w i t h F U I I N I S U K D . 3 BDItM A HATHS, LANDSCAl'KD. KLING SYSTEM. J H A V K 3 r UItNlTUIUC. WIUj MOVE1 |l*ermanent r r l l u h l c couple ront ap- l.ro* $/15 ltc.-ir yard rnrlosrd. Writ* Box 7136, Tu-»on. J«:k Bul- U-r | 3 HKimOOM house. M u s t ' b e with- i In 4 Works of C o u n t r y C l u b and ( i m r i t . A p p r o x t m a t e l v J u n e 13th. EA «-!ir.!il. ur EA. 7-IB74. IX";ES A N Y O N E have furniihed i l l y of four can rare for whils J you are nway for summer Rent l f)-ii!:oniille. Clill AM. B-43BO -xw : w.rit" Mr;i. C 11 Fnlger. 1S19 E. H«7j-lw«Kl. PHOENIX. 1-2 HOOM jiirni.-thed 'apartment Ey K f - n t l f - m a n . Quiet place. Mock-rate I J K N 2 M f n r n n m l ,v. K a m ! f?" 1 ,. '' l "l ulr «l. star-citizen Box SI'IUN'-, Blir|U . d(lbl . i built-in ov«n «nd WANTED" UNnjHNlSHEt)' r ~2-"n«i~ " room home close In. Must be on REDECORATED Immediate occujwincv 3 bedroonic iSI'.vr drwl refi Itf'-rjilor. 1417 N | Beverly lilvd. 'or »ppolntm-nt MA :t-Mrji 3 Bedroom, 1% Bath SOLANA Y SOMBRA 1-ot rlO. Juni- 11 to October 15. Adults. No nets Beautiful park pool. Pntlo. 4P,2» R. Grant Road. EA. 6-B02.1. New one bedroom duplex, utili- , NEWLY DECORATED 1 bedroom apartment. Paved street. Campbell Plaza area. 3628 N. Cherry, _ ,,__ $15 -$17 WEEKLY or monthly rates. Television, linen. dishes, utilities. Laundrv facilities. |_tcl. MA. 3-IH11. TvfODERN^ Attractively furnished. One bed room duplex. Quiet, convenient neighborhood. Utilities paid. EA. 5-8885. Near Swan-Broadway. Summer rate EA. 5-8082. APARTSJENrS or sleeping rooms for adults, two or three persons. By -week, month or year--pool, refrigeration, TV telephone, and everything furnished. Mobil "· 'OlJRT -- NEAR DOWNTOWN^ 2 Adults No pet«. Utilities furnished. ' Pa, 11 " AX 8 S577 " eluded. $fl.SO weekly So. 6th Ave. - rear IWrdaln. AX._»-a»;:i. ..._ i C |7i L hREN~WEI,COM'E'" i l M ' P E R ! . *«·»·. SfiO MONTH MO CALL MTI. JOHNSON. E A . j 2 St 3 BDRM. 175 - »»5. }OU 1V1U1JJ1 .! TM^,j ," E A S : S22 2 MRTnOPOI.I-i EA. 7-»fit» nr_EA. B-fr701 ;W»itinij to rent furn. and unfurn. I 3 bedroom. Inejulr. at 4710 C. »lh TAN jur/v^TY CO. EVK.S. AX. i 3~BEOKOOM Red Brick. S302 E.. nousTM and upts. having 1. 2 and 3 j Andrew Ktove reirluerator. lirnpcs gedroom« In Amphi. North. N.E.. I .-md wnti-r furnished. $105 a E«»t. s.E. nnd other good locations. I month. Se! o\VNETt «t 411B E. Los, from $M to 1300 per mo., priced Rohlm (Vicinity _prantAlvernoni..right. Complote rental and property M7. 2 jiliDROOMS. yard, 'i'oki- c h l i - · mar j a s«n«nt services. M u r p h e v j dr-n ssw E. Monte Vj«tii Drive, Realty MortuaKe Co.. SIM N. b BEDROOMS, central "heatfii'irir"eoo'l'- fJ o S.« 1 :_» lho n$...MA_4,-4W4 I Ine. Convrnient shopping, school. 1 RKI^IABLt. iHmllv of jour wishes j Ejiwufllde EA 5-5WK. ' * ; rnalJ furniahcd sfwrlm*nt or house f'Aft'TEY'~FDRKr""2 hdrrh" "fintVi.! nvar University lor summer. Most Good lx-»-l verv clean nicely landncapen. iftri 1 tK- reasonable. Cell AM. s-4390 or - W,,, be ,v.n.l,.r J n n r . ».!,''*^rs. ^^FoUcr. an E. CLOSE IN -««-TTnT- APARTM'TS, U N F U R N . SQ^om. 'or eouple only tIK~- ·""''. ,, _. TM_ _,, , _-----.----.,.-,..Tl-JT, I J -i__.*_.i hmtiHrtit and f 2^2 3 "BTR. - Eastside | or UP 3J W Schools, shopping. EA._ -BRM ]Two-bedrwmn house -jr.jT^uiii S D r o t t w I" 1 " I 5 " month Adults EA, 7-1S27. on !»«»·. Comfortable ^ e "L!"~$65~2 BEDROOM" "' -" W. Nt-vudn . rHteHrae»^5^^ N1 ;,,; funiivhN , 4W w , versity district. No pets. 1136 E.jrHfe6ROOM DUPLfcS^Stove and' "!i l l", hrouJhS ut 5 elox-ts Car- -^ y --T~*e"rc-iT\r' IJOm. I r.-friircrator. 2 blocks from Rod« ^? wm, oSlrtoor av,r»m- Heauti- EASTSIDE - _,_. _,,.,,_,, 1 Sft^!?rt rA'^bwf^ * * ul P" tl0 " na vlew ' EA ' ·''"""· -- i I bedroom 1% bath. E . raWT TENANTS Missouri. tA. b-U.iAI. / V T , _.,,,,.-. _» UWUJ _' '« - _ El Encanto Apts. GOOD TENANTS We have homo* for you. No charge for Information. Ph. us today. BUTERA TRUST. INC. EA. 7-4S61 M MODERN ..__ Restricted area. b7d : ro^rnr~Air'eTe«fk: 2 Bdrms. (Northeast) BRAND NEW ·FUftN7SirED or unfurnished. Quiet Well EA 6-»(lM NEW HOUSE furnished. »110 monthly. No swimming pool] Just a quiet, comfortable place to Jive. withi$« mo.--1-BR. Aj)t. in Tucson's spacious lawns and flowers. ! best downtown neighborhood-i Most convenient location. 1 Summer Rates as low -Snob Hollow." Very. beautiful---and spacious. Very . UNTVERSIT Choice of refrigeration or evapo-'»» mo.--Tastefully furnished * BR. ratlva coolmit. i Apt. In smart residential Court One *nrt two - bedroom aoart- ' near Catallna. m^tsrampStely and b«mi?S«y:»WTM-This la a cut* little l.WL .....JoVprivate home. «th Street nenr 2 bedroom duplex. Built-in rsnue I Country Club. EA. 5-94M. Come «nil and oven. Carport and stor«(;r. i «*·«· and_m.-ike o f f e r _ Paved street. 2860 N. Walnut. KA. ' jr.-j so,~V ROOMST Central coollnit. 7-8319. . . · _Npsr_Uwn.__A_dulW._7M E- ,10th- ', 2 KEOROOM. duplex apartment. I A/Ir T (·rrtmnn Refrigerator and stove furnished., 1 V1L - ^ci"""« Close to shopping «nd transporta- j Modern conveniences. M A g u *" rt "J, i n SWIMMING. POOL p^r Trio. At up. I-*ir. furn. J IxJrm, L.H Patio, nicely lftndjtc»p«rt. ~'"~ LOW" RENT " GARAGE For SUMMER _ Wonted 86 Homes Wanted * -ou have «n Fl-fA or GI financed ic nnd It would make n good I r r n t a l we will buy vour equity for r;i-:n. No closing costs Call GHUVER lltKAI.Ty. 3502 E. Speedway, EA. 7150 Flamenco Drive -- 3 bed-'7-(iSlB_an.ytlme. rooms--2 bnth.r--burnt ndob«--huiit- " [ I n kitchen--ovrn-r»n«(--refrlger.-i- w;.iilcd to leape, nmflll or medium i lor--auttmatic washor--central cool- S13;c hoiel. Call EA. 0-MM Intf--central hrntlriK--p«tlo-nl] this ifor onlv ti:o monthly »nd pnrt of -- -- ii-z-,v VT ~r\c-r~~ -ri.'f~~* exchnnee for carr of patio, line rent applies tn the downpay- JJUrL.C.A LLUot/ IIN STUDIO wUh dinette. Kitchen Swimming prvtrDeire. 3KI E. 3rd EA. 5-7118. -ll^Bermud? ^^_-^__ -^.g..-_ SA 1 TM £ ^»,,,,£,. . ^---^ ·; Bell Weather Lodge *-'« or can ,t m N. srd Ave.j 17 th.str«t. ii» T VATRTutmrNrr =SSi^?--BOTr-»»?*-^i.--.-«--i«*-'"CE.. one .^bedroom. «».."' 41% E. ultimate 4 SEDHbOMT and 'family 1 acre Commiinlty pool CY.^T-OV "LBo1ElNcT~s ! SS~ARE'TAl .1 « E. jmmsff^»-j*sxr^fiijr-.^^"«i^TM I fflJ^rcv^J^|^«aM s?'---^ Nit --''-' '" m " hMl $50. FREE utilities, i rooms, bath.!The _ . Near Plma-Columbua. AdulU. EA. Completely furnished 1 bedroom and i 5-400*. I studio. Low summer rates. Spadous EFFICIENCY -- «M: 1 bdrm. -- s75.! lawns. Pool. Carports. \J2»rVt:w"E:wiU) i js5A^iiifo I __l -- '^^-^-'fS^fTm^^Tr^ I N?ar I v vl J'^ D 'r tl1 *' 1 ' 10! ° S in aradou, livin, §**° W "^Esf^T^ " A ^- ' "JwtoFttfK '^^·S^ES* ^^rTS^T?"^ ««»« d W"iJS,? ^ ta ^S"!A i fmtoOHffi 3- beil-roorn-fiome m gracious nvmg.. rNVEITIGATE as 1^42«7T i hree"rooms--ahowe: I^rce l-bedroom duplex. Car-! ^ n - 1 ' TRADE 8 room and bati near Alvntion Others available. and EL CORTEZ APTS. ilXnui* 1 TM- LAS5E, 2-bedroom duplex.; PlcturB n» p i,y plus full 1 tMMi! Quiet. Fenced yard. Carport. Stor-;J,''- lur ' u ',f ,,,,,,), No «?'· i Jaa^g- AdUlU. MA. jd^,,,__' SS 1 ,^ T'oWKWS, HEAK REA1 ,TY M1 43W ' 'Mi»iii'ori"Manor, "Call 'MA."3-Jlia r- porte" Central coolinif. 2419 Cochlse house ' n :vis1a, MA. 4-BBW trailer bTM^TM 1 * J bdrm. completely Speedway, j -.. /-\cr IKJ ! furnished. Swimmlne pool REALTY'*"TRUST'CO XNC^MJsiNic* three-room duplex. »7 Be-an.lQLlLJsaiL IA -:* 12:i , ^TM,. ... _. ?TES2*5L £? jj-mi JAwnw. EA. S-»*0 :CLEAN, attractive, J rooms and NTCE eSlcl«n"ey7"«« includes util- '·,-. . -T-1 TT-'n^^^ 1 "!"^^ i ,", " ^T~ 7 ; bath. Beautiful lawn. Near Amphi iti«s. Carport.' 3»«',4-A E. * * Frontier village Apts. j University Area : p;^ «b?iptgt^»» r" 0 " 0 *^- utn - S w »y- ]BA - g-* 0 ** Shop, ' Pool. Shuffle. 3m E. TOM. Shade Yard Sh ' de - ^ CAT. MAS PHODUCEP UrrrERS Dust Fr««--Seclusion--Pool OF BEAUTTfULLY MARKED ACT MA. 4-loM ~ TJNUSUAL COLOWTO KITTENS · \ orrt* bhie ribbon -winner at Cat i Show). WfU five fr« to kind home, i Tucson Mts. SWIMMING POOL I ities pjid, I Near _Delano. 3 Rooms. HsTXJy to bum. aid. MA. uare shop- BusT showir.*. school.. $80. EA. i ^ BDRM TRIPLEX : gTspeedway'_PH EA^TrlZie ONE !Kdroorr^"upSx.'Tars«~llving; Bienman addition. Near school.! (~~ (~\T~[ A (--i P room. Dmpertes. Carport. Well- m,,. stove, refri iterator. Carporte. · V^V-' I ' / \ v «-'l-- - fit E. Tim Street. EA.: ^ ^g. ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^^ ^ aulet. Clo«e to everythlnir. Utilities Thin spaciou l".il^ '?t'i^, 'Y -^u.-V""-r"'sp^"d-: - P / u * ou paid. 3114 E Glenn. ft. tlvin*-room I Two-bedroom unfurnished apart- 2 BEDROOM furnished home for port, storage im«nt EA fl-WSi after 1 afternoons rent from June 15th to SMtcm- lannscapen ' " ptfpLftK. F^c^i b*r 1st, _M5_ per. mc-trth. utilities pets « -- CI.KAN 2-lwdroom, NVar hu;. Khop- plne center. SOb E. Ft. Lowell. EA. 6-ft«SJ. HORSES Foothills deluxe 4 bedroom. Re- furnished for vacation or trailer hou.«e or car or anything? valuable on equity. Lot size 150 x M Hooro for i rental 1n rear. Payments ·«,'TM'ir;^T' TMnyi""r/rrii"«'"rv"'! ir»o' '"of'th. $7.500. s blocks school; _ ,'TM*TMvx...TM r **' Corr»i»- CY-.iJTM 8 JJnivorsitv....property. M7 - » -YOU MUST SEE ! Davis-Monthan, Hughes Toy Fox Terriers 2495 N. Richey Blvd. r Nie* 1-Ddrm. apt., completely for- nished Utilities Included. Choice location. Near new shopping cen- 1 * 2 bdrm.--«Ttclusiv»ly furn.jTer. Month or lease. Air eondftkmed--Heated Pool.] Just Completed 2 BDRM nicely fum. Reas. 2325 N. Elaine. CORKER Mil E Aram R«._EA. 6-5S47. LA PLAYA Refriteration. pool. NTW J K E A S O l f A B r i _!j- V -^t;- c ~ ' ri . .... EA' 'e-riw P«t» At CMloTeri Welcome FURNISHED EFFICIENCY APT. Sunlanrt Gardens _2a.lI 1 _j«2(i_-E 1 _Gl«nn. ,7-11 M, room. Beautifully Yard care. Adults. No w. 431S E. Glfr.n. EA $18.50 WEEKLY Out of Town Rentals 81*1 3W1 t. 3* t for Convb. St. linens, dishes, and re, for 0*1* MR.OO p*r Built-in oven, range Private paiio. Court, 24t W. Crarrt. Storage. Carport. $100 month. MA 3-S316. _ .. ALVERNON NEAR lJUST rieht. a bedroom. S235 E Attractive one bedroom noire; Blacklidee Dr. __ _ wood floors, nicely famished; *B5 COUNTRY Tivfne In'ceTi'ter'oY town. m,. Mt^^ j- 7 y,__eveS; .MA.._a : »M : ,_. :"«»5 ««. Vilim Re*ltv Co. L. A, 8OM1NE REAL ESTATE, INC. LAS VILLAS APTS. Tt. JfSfft ST. _,.__,. DfWlllI.I 1 rySTfYi... wrflp , TMtlJEJ^- *^g"-.- -, 5»f?ySi8(!raSnc:^Sn'tfB~TSii ; ffi*, ..'COMP. FtTRN,".!. 2 BDRM. COMP. FURN. . BACHELOR APT. '.'.".'.'.'.'.'.". AH are nice «nd clean. Call * ' CATALINA VISTA REFRIGERATED UNFURNISHED 4 BEDROOMS 3 BATHS ON YEAR S LEASE. CAli. STEVE LEARY. STF.VF, LEARY co, SELL OR TRADE"~* Paso for . i* trailer; fcA. S-360S. 4«00 E. 24th, 3 BEDROOM red brick. Will tradi «mity m clear 3 bedroom trailer. *···· Have clowe in Oracle Re£ · ··· fron:ase will trade' for home or acreace in · DoYciN^REALTY _ ' i 2 " REALTORS MA. 4-415S Casa Grar*de H RT «4 '$' Desert 17« N l»h.: EA. *4S; nice ma clean, t-aii Mr u.^.,.-- r iiunrstu , WETKOyOLTTAN REALTY: HOUSEk, Jiff FWRN. " ·itariSfaea TWi»T«! taee. nw. AI» i twaroxnr, iwaewraTea i norm,. »MP. 7: TOTBCT. s Jtfrtt Towns. »w.s». i» s. WOOHWTSTTC. ognwn nwrnfw, i NEARLY W Tlwr*- tr, T»n*!h Wft*m. »Tfl "Wr?n. IT*. Oft JtOOf. tvtfftfniftVt] ««·«. ApwtmCTit *. WA. d-SWl.l eirMnt. Stemtff. Bnrttfftrfiv l»Kfl- : Tw. ttOOt ; ZA. lAVnT 1 ««r»«- »«t j57 ih " FENCED PATIO MGDWOOW WOWDC. 7?WT^ dWfr- CM «A. f t far Lot. Wit«. or 7? _* Tac,.,MtSj._jCp._MA. $200 DOWN'FOR? CLEAN 2 bedrooms, ^eneed barck : Nyorthieem oower bKDtftiw "tot, yard, nice shtdy front. Water p«W. i c^Jlent locatton. AX. IMMX. «ao tnoTti. AX. - ' ' LOOK |W *eare«fn. Scww · «n

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