The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 14, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1957
Page 1
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Friday—High 1:40'p.m. — tow tyt p.m. 6»t'4Vday — High S:SS a.m. and 2:10 p.m.—Low il:25 a.m. and 10:08 p.m. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Weather Forecast Partly cloudy ,ind through Saturday, yrflsh VOL. 4ft HO. 77 The Voice of a* Industrial Empire-Brwosport and Brazoria County HI——HUT PRIDA Y, JUNE 14, 1957 ~~~ »rly wind 78 and h s. Low tonight »ro\mij \ ligh Saturday near 91. \ PRICE 5 CE! ^^^^ ~~~ . . _ —r : -^ •*• JLvJLWJCfl U VJUJL1 JJ 2 BP Pools Draw Recoid Crowds JSflrl V Afl O n H 3 u nti-i*-**!**** T>:_1. i. __i "»_. 9 Early Monday morning, swimming pools in T.ake Jack- Son and Freeport opened their gates for the annual summer rush of youthful Brszosporters seeking lessons in aquatic maneuver*, i The avalanche has been so great that both Lake Jackson and Freeport officials announced that they have enrolled a record number for these lessons. Totals for Lake Jackson's morning session of lessons swelled to around 400 while Freeport'* small pool, which id the one at BMZosport Senior ! ^^~« SW^K jjsss—a $**&-x*s ^H€HSS^ - ^«»K-£ •iK&w^^iH^^ n,^ d^^ !$££? S?4 »- n Kv£lr?t?^Sl ^.b^mming is held in port's poo L since itAune mh | recorTa^rornTu e",/^ r^ £' £ ™™*S a * U1 ^ ^.^Sn^tilVsO n m° However, two sessions are also Si«=£»ss tes^as-lsi "s^sSm • •* • ••»*k.a.» an 'j'f*ii j tetLnjuri me -M sum mi* towns are expected to grow as establish a new record ihe summer moves on. _ .. — H. K. Hopper, Brazosport's director of summer recreation, reported that some 250 people n . T ,' Both Tennis and golf Bob Hackney, director of the Ijake Jackson swimming pool. which announced that the first ses- were in the Freeport pool at I crease'from , nunce a e rs ses- take place at the Freeport iinU sion of lessons for LJ youths course courts, and had the Senior High would end around the first of 6 remarkable in- July 1956. Session number two will start , held in the afternoon hiurs. The LJ pool is cleared at vims from 1:30 to 4:30, whift .he second phase lasts from '4:30 to closing time. Aiding Hackney in giving lessons are Shirley Pruitt, Nancy Myers, Pat Baggett, Sue! Singleton, and Virgel Perry. These intructors handle youth* of all ages in courses from se-» nior life-saving to nothing more than getting used to the water. MCK TO BUSINESS . Several special events have ..toicu <ii been added to the LJ swimming 4:30 p.m., thus giving other P ro Kr a m, with the latest being S'oJSiri^lgiS^* 58 *- 8 Council Bans Personalities 1« .km 1 ft w I i»d ™ vr / k p *" 8<t to fl«d. The p.,t f. ur d . T . »-«* '« tt« hand ., « hi . .„„.,. A city council meeting in Gluts that threatened to become a verbal clash of personalities ended instead with S council agreement to leave personalities out of city business. Despite the stated good in- entlons and admission that the :lash was largely due to mi«- indergtanding, the atmoa- iriere was «tlll strained as the meeting closed. The short special meeting 'as devoted mainly 1o a dls- ,-ussion with Chief of Police '[Robert Glaoney, who had been j called up on the camel by the council for hiring as a dot- catcher a man they had recently fired from the same po'i- tion. If h» is not vaccinated, the dog must go immediately to the veterinarian office shots. for -o— TRUCK, TRAIN CRASH FATAL lw , mm , _ f Meter Area Is Extended A new ordinance governing v.-uh the city during the sum th« boundary of the parking rner. meter wjne in Angleton pasted I An « 1 * l °n Fir* Chief it ««t reading at . recent'' Mi*Hh5S5T* i0 ? ed , to city council meetrt,. We l*Vh M Wl> ' one he thought could the job. Midway m the meeting, visitor, Cordon Palm . ,»he> councilmen that th- jouri Pacific railroad, between ' devoting til their Hrrue Velasco and Front Street.." <?onalitle«. and not mi-ch BP Summer School Open On Monday ' n Beach Mishap ' Child Is Injured Houston/cm Is Tenth County Traffic Victim - mary School, Velasco Elemen-jThe girl Mayor J. R. Sims appeared wounded rrost by Glaonpv'c *- ~ r\ A '«.. ~;~ ~~ choice H« ,,;* «, • .." aonevs tary, O. A. Fleming Elemen ^°! ce l" e Mld tnat ' l «PP*ar-1tary, and Stephen F. Austin ed to b« poor cooperation with I Elementary at Jones Cre=k will the council despite th* cotm-j begin summer school on Mon-•il s instructions to hire anv. iday mornin? at 8 a.m. ami they A young Houston construction v,-, who had taken a job in Brazosport three days ago, became Brazoria County's 10th traffic fatality of the year early The Slimmer school prdgram S A '"'e-iear-oW Frecport girl, S/Sgt. Thoma? !vT. Marable of I to " a y- for Brazosport begins Monday,j* a ' *^" ck rii °"-'" and knocked:th» r. s. Air Force, who was! Tne man is Neal Bryant Flanagan. 31, of 2308 """ """ L " lOtonet onjsta/ing with his wife's parents Hector in Houston. He was, '- L_ ! mid-afier-iin Angieton during a period ofipronounced dead on arrival pound Flanagan could be rt what eye-; transfer from Guam to Kelly [at Dow Hospital. ! moved an un-.field in S?n .\ntonio. AI . L I Alone, at the wheel of hisj Justice of the Peace June 17 and will extend over, a six weeks period ending oni July 28. noon Elementary and primary slu-! witnesses sairl dents from West Freeport Pri-iavoidable unconscious by Surfside Beach Thtir.vla,- lda L laughter of Moore of af by,' ,, at th pickup Si,rf.= icie Plan« for Improvements in iAlsw discussed wpr« the city water system in the j the eity to improve $^^^ n *^\™~*™* '<«« oMhY^: ed by the council. The Angleton Police Department was complimented for iti fine work, and councilmen voted raises for Acting Chief of Police Harvey L. Cotton and . . handle I will be dismisseo at \ The studies for the : and Velasco junior high The child \sa«; trpated i" Moorr. Oo-.v Ho.« then taken „. Mr». R a Frcr-port Funeral Home am"- m Bros-1 in balance In Hermann Hospital!Port on Farm in Houston for ' ' s for a truck, headed,Brock ruled that the death, was toward Free- due lo ' broken neck and he crushed chest . ^Idiy 991OO15 ?i classes will meet in j Floating Elementary. Sun DAU ^ Set* t«4iay at 7:J» p.m. ,. in. £l»«* StturUay at S:JO am "L"^: Set* Saturday at 7;M p.m. Fiesta' Committees Named At Board Hutting i I'.fl DOarH At riirmfit*^* A 11 _ .,'.-. "L *** f. . ----- ! B. Franklin 01 -._- Robert F. PotU' Cor-; chairman of tl por.tton Court report for the teen membera month at May showed total I for the wefe precent ind a net to the of $1,329.2,',. Mr«. Steve Smith waj gra... , - ,.„ M » salary raise of $25 per wa « «L at $2,831.03. month, providing she «tay» ..., school year was reed and ao- Proved. E«tlmated requirement* int-j'or the school year of 1«T-W it at $2,831.03. Schwartz, general chalr- Around Brazo-gport Clute Councilman ARTHUR BIGGS and family wore to li-ave Thursday for a two weeks \ IMI in Hot Spring* and Jones- I">io. Ark., with relatives. While thfie they'll he attending the wedding of MRS. BIGGS' niera. Just hack from a vacation trip to I'nlaskl. Tt>nn., are the JOB R1NEHARTS who were Muling with MARY T OlIISE's tnnthcr ant sister. . . . Today U 01.1VKR ' ami t'KR . . Tli« left ..-.ii I v t.iili Irtp to San filentt* an.! it HKEHS hiui \s cfk. MKS. to be 14, named, the several comniit- m » of [held Sept. chairmen of The chairmen and their committees are HA foili>w»: BUI Ol»on. staging Ughtlng and pub- Ue •JMretf D. V. Collin., dttee; Mrs. Agnea - s ~ ---* booth arrangement*; K*maeUv Oooialw, tick- f!.^iii t ! t > rt '!'«".p"»>ud- tion; Dr. Jerry "At far M I am slops right here.' He aaked the rest . =R t« pledge their .„ *H other membere of KOvcrttment. "And at, in.- th« buck," Johntoil .„„, A« to the problem (rf citfien Mtting their anlnutlx ovt o the dog pound — one; of A. 300 feiK i Cushion's . --~~mf,f "A (tantfrtrtll re te ^ in charge. "fiegktraiion fot junior high WlU ^ in the offi - e north of drive-in. , ---- „ ,- the 1*!.i'r,n}ol5;ie L at the O. A.:~ " " ™ - -*• — With John ]Double Taxation PARK onni-'.n „ on* » he «wuicllmeo' st "r y of ' _ meor *«r*«d that Jt vtun'i their ob ; * n *'«w«Tiar; Ilgatioa to "bend «nr4-.-4»f-th« ovw back- : of or soc ' al and junior high is $18 for the six weeks ~iich will include a irts, reading arithmetic, »nd day of shool the Joees Creek and ff I-ake are in\ol\e-J in a bonier rli-putc and Glei's property k land boiii awmriun- itiss claim. He has b^im ed hv !)'">ih. Road '523, ... , _ . chnrkip by|crashed broadside info a tanklp > ipelni r " Fstrolm * n possible head, car stopped on the Missouri (that" ih" '.-•»!„ ^1 *'" ^ : Pacif,c tracks that cross the r ? h , . a . 1 ",. In . V . olved ,"\ fhe jroad just north of the rily!^ ' ',, ' teh , m K ? l that il.mits. The time was v 12:301,7 '»ri Th PP ^ d aC '' OS5 .a.m. today. ' - ',L""?'f'. Th ° se "rtving early 1 _.. ' ' ald tnat 'he red -wsminn ; This was the third fatality, lights were S UU flavin- on at that intersection in the past | and off when they j>ot there 'two years. During the same; Assisting m the investigation T*o fij-e.c, both minor, \veiei perlo " > lwo otne r major car- wa» Deputy Sheriff Jack reported tiy' Hra?.oKport,.rlTireH r * in t* 1 " 5 "*-" 1 have occurred at:Tyler. Departments over th* 'part 24-; thilt B POt. j A^>t*ristji wiio pa's that spat ?ur pe-iad. i The cab or Flanagan's pick-' Sre.iuently at night have ob Tn<> first, which rame at,np was dri\>en under the tank served 10 reporters that thr K p.m. Thursday, tonk place iear by the impact. probable reason for • the Shed on Higbv. av 288) When thc truck t» 2 Small Fires In Brazosport T**o fjre.=, both minor, \verei**^—*""• 1>V •ported tiy' Hra?.oKport,.rlTireH r * in c *' as ' ! >eparfm>ms over t.h» past 24-1 tnilt B P"t. from ; iro d*partn-*,i made P"" Fla , nawn ' a body from tracks are elevated so that a« "niftcer, r,.p«r "edMr n""^^ . h „ I 5 ° u ' h - bo ""d drivers, the lighte ...'icr th- initiai call i , ,^ .u , - P u "ed;of Freeport show just a'Mvu l "" i apart with the wrecker's winchjthe track level.. When a train before the hRfty, 210- ] is passing slowly, or is stopped Urn the tracks, the lights are Kenneth , «rry Morrow and Kenneth Gonzale*, co-chairman for Mexican Food eommlttet; aed Rudolph Koti- rjquei and Homtr Beakley. cochairmen for the entertainment committee. Other co0imitU«« and their chairmen will be appointed at * later date by Schwartz. Advance ticket sales will be and at the JudgVn otttw, telling the Oublie ti>*t the houra (or ed with a ride home. Thereafter, provisions will be clalmina; dog* would be from" of t a.m. to 5 through Friday, , made for the bus transportation the — ( — — students to and from p.m. Mondavjithool. Should the need be from 8iJ. r ' 5 t enough for transporta- a.m., to I» noon .Saturdays. \ tion f °r the Oyster Creek siu- To retrieve a dog, an owner i dents . lne " it will be provided , must pay the pound fee to tht secretary pound nerrmt. sents this to his dog will in progress Fiest very soon for ..... released, if it has La i vaccination (the owner Uhow a certificate! BARBECUE SATURDAY The Wild Peach Community do^cttchrr I ?,°hT "|' adin * Association and Immediatrlv.^f 1 ^° m < Demonstration » . r.,r™.,, f-" lb *'" hold >n all day bar- aud receive a Whei he or«the h, i eCUe " om « *''»• W Ihec | miini , y Holise Barbecue be^sold^by the plate or pound Grand Jury Report: Constable Cut Is Asked In its report to dl«iri<-i Mn r > < i-.j _ , . . . ^^ ^^* at coiiKlsbles end asked to to condemned the cost .- Coun- Commiscioners ulariei. . „! H ! Thi ' " me "commendation was foreman 1 «'««««• w" included In the report! Thi . . . . , But yesterday J«ck Garrett m * de by tn * Previous sess'"" • ln ". re P°rt had of Danbury. foreman of the buthday thii FP Drivtr Joiltd After Wild Turn ; Judge . . with a copy to Com- j miaalonera Court earlier in tha DOHK nvtsriM J w ** k - but w »« "<» released to Freest "n^^urg^y «I ^- PUb1 "- - b ««"» «"e vuut Hermann Ho.ipitM in Houston vefcttfrctav. The opi'iauon [.roved succeMful snd she s renort- ed as resting well . . . HAY SMITH is hoping lo t week of vacation ru-xt from uia wurk at W. T llmm Co. Kriends of Little Mu» .IKAN CHRISTINE SIMl'SON, 6. v.ill b« ulid to h.r.r bhi- is in,ikiil^ a gooit ruco.'ci'y after i.uiKetj .lime 11 in John Sc«lv llo |.iUl CHRISTY is tin: daughter of MKS. JEANNE SIMPSON and Hie girti.dchild of MR. AND MHS. C. J. KKA71SR o' Clut^ , . . It't farewell day ii Thu K»n« fur tnrt-e emploveoi. . . . funnel «liop fureman ME1.VIN MAKTIN uatd hit gu«aby,-» an did two women's newawritera.. - J1MM1K HAMILTON and PAT »g« tu lh< puinpti was around MUCKUCROY. JIMMJE »nd|t")0. her family will move this weekend to Alvin and PAT will march down the tisle come Gtipton. in iti report, the grand jury iUted that: 'It ha* coina tu the attention of thc April-September grand jury that ihe eight constablej of Brazoria County hive turned in $194.80 in fees to the county for the year of , 1958. During the same year the ' salaries oald to these constable* I was $9,600. "The grand jury would i«c- jommend tu the honorable Com New Storms » _ Are Forecast ,. men u te onorae Com- atura Morris N c 1 s a n , m isf ioners Court that the con- d««torma », l( j jii, owe , t s h oli . i-'" COUaly i* 1 ' i "Holes' Mlarita be leduced to;>>e .sc.tteied over most of Uie a fraepurt service sl*-'the niiiiimuin salary which l>Ule. tion nearly ult u( a car 'icni '1'luiibday ou ' __ _ i'»n be paid to thV~constabTe«; • N ; kno Setutday night I.UC1K GAS TON it taking ovii loi tin tummer the vacant d-J»k in iht thin difference etlaiiea be - .t»»ed to secure additional pa• reepoi t police r*|M)rie* that | trolrnen and two cars for patrol IMJU attempted to m»ke ajuniu for uM-bjr the SherlW's „ ...._., x.._. . ,. jj, partmenlj "We recoounend thji beceua* Brazoria County haa une at the highest per cjwiU cMuolty r*c- ordi in tbe tUte of Text*. "Die grand juror• would alto ncojAmtM to the Comgtti (uoueri Court thc i *-"" and prtctictblUty Dt * aoundproal room in , m ™ no one outaj4« Uw door of the .- lelt hand turn in the : SCIA ice station on Second Hickory but failed and down two gaa No injunes resulted but dam- as being held la the County Jail after be with ilWI m the JP court of imiidl Frueniaii. Lake Jackson mid CluUj unit* ihau no acuiteivu to tepoi |ti»« ua»t 'it-hour period. could be«r •rand jury ree<n cot Ow dtiiUrettam and t, •"-"-vwsert t* K| «r*n4 jury .Gray ol Uke Jackson '^ nt "« ^.S^"^ i mg that the s.,rnt money i would be belter spent oil train- led, full-time deputies, | No action on this recommendation has been .aken by Commissioners Court, uifher on Ithis report or the- previous I one. thiindw-j Earlier in tite veek the to maitjcourts luij refused to divulge the contents of the report because the gr.'-.nd jury :hail ne- Ulfcied to iuthoriie its release, When this omission was iv.. ed to the foreman's attention lie wrote .1 letter to Judge _..,. ton Mitmg that "it-lative tu ihe :poil of the grand jury daltd ti, 1957, and signed T. Gai-rettl as furen round of expected A new •itorms it rumbling aar<M« lh« north western pan o< Texas late ( 0 day, according to forecasters. Tonight and Saturday, thun Coo]t( . §i( . movjng j( . l() lh(1 Panhandle i, siaicd U, cover!"**. . ' lh(1 . about a third of the itate Satuitday. on* to three dtfraet *bove normal, ruach- ins ntavimums of around 100 were 1 pi-»dicttd lor Uie eastern half ol th« sUie, while normal foi reading* «me la (tore other part* of the state. Wind* i aimed down vvh»(; In the Br«ioi,pjat but jritiej were tUU partly cloudy. A few acattered shower* have been forecast for the Gulf Coast this weekend, while should jemaia in the of the gr.nd as a body aud while in sessiun to release the ix-port to the public. You are hereby authorised to lease the report to the pulil This letter may be consider 1 counterpart o£ the report. Perfect Timing 1 CHICAGO —ilft— Mr. and I Ur«. James K. Fieldiruj now' h»»« iattjfied both ihtn (a ; ITS. Their first son v,at born j Mr. Fielding's father's birth- their second ou his ma.te.i- R«lali»«i of lh« traHie Tielim >i* trying to locate lh» room h. wii r.nlin» lomtwher* In th* Fieeport ar»«, in order lo r»co»er b«. longingi. H* Minted ihe room Monday, but notifiMt no on* whtre h* was «l«f. Ing. H* it d.icrib.J at measuring lix foot and two lnch«, weighing J25 paundi. wilh black, wary hair, and • r*01au*i. H* wax driring a 1950 Ford pickup truck. Tho»* with information ar* a>k«d lo call Ih. Freipotr Polic* D«parlni-i', 3-S?4B. i-'ib'e between the cars and tracks, giving the impression that the tracks are clear. Flanagan was a veteran of the 1'. S. Navy, serving dur World Wai- II, an d had been a member of the Houston Police Force for five years lie was employed as a car- nc'.itr. He is siifi-i-.vd bv his «ifc, Y'evun: two sons, Miciiael David and Johnny Bryant; fath- «i, \V. H. F'anagan; brother, ha W. Fl.inagsn; two sisUTi, Mrs &iui c olni Funk and Mrs. fie Julian. Fnncial arrangements are to ue arnounceii later by the F'ie«-porc Funeral Home. —o Laxtou On Air mes Troy I.axton. ion of and Mrs. T. S. I.axton of port and a member of tUe i ; S Navv Houston Buff Company MOW training and repre- it Texas in the Navy hmecominji irelebraitoii al the Lakes Training Center a) Crest Lakey. 111., will be heard on a Uutd interview over Bra/uipgn stit, O i, KBflZ at 11:30 Sundav. BRAZ.OHIA COUNTY'S TENTH ttejiiic »i| lim oi Jh« ,«ar. »nd Ih. thud ial»Uty in two yuars at ihi« paiticular inUt»eelion, w at Nee! Bryaol Fluiagaa. 31, who htgia earn- •uuclien work thr«« days 490 in Br»»Mj>oit. H» wet roluinmg le Fiupori .arly today oa F.rm Road 523 wh«n h« crashed into the side rl a tank car on th* HoPac iraclu. Abo»« Jack Tutn«r. of th* Fie.port Fun«r «1 Hom«, Jri.s to tie* tht dxi»«r from ih« ilitUfaiiftd cab. If il is savings you are after, you will find the biggest bargains in town in the Want Adi! IF YOU WANT TO BUY HIRE SE1-1. RENT SWAP Thiue u no faiier -.v«.» u> d*> it than through Ctasai- fled. Find Out today Dial 3 3571 or 3-3il2

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