Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
Page 2
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P«g« A-2-tNDEPENDENT tlldk CUL, Tferv. ttrt . H» --L.A.C. SAYS: · School Election PEOPLE IN THE NEWS V- John L. Lewis Quits Goal-Policy Post r£ The biggest tax rate paid ty California communi- ', jties is the school tax More individuals are attending I« our schools than there are working in all our factories. I»The future of our state and nation is dependent upon I'jKtal is taught and the atmosphere that prevails in lioar schools. But the biggest group of delinquents we tjhave is the parents and other so-called good citizens t* who do not vote at school elections. :». * * * I; The Long Beach School District election wfll be I; held Friday. Three of the five seats on the Board of ·; Education are to be filled. The people elected will ·I direct policies for the local school system. It is therefore important for the parents and other voters to |: decide as to whether or not they approve of the way ·Jour local system has operated. ';· This writer will endorse and vote for the three J'incumbents. Namely: Sigworth, Jacobs and Sullivan. ;~He does so because he believes them to be sound and Z dedicated individuals who give untiringly of their time. I If we do not reward such efforts and dedication by a 1 vote of confidence, we do not encourage the kind of I people we like to have hold such offices. It has long T been our policy to endorse incumbents--unless there I is some good reason for not doing so. ; a * ', The other seven candidates deserve the apprecia- J'tion of all our citizens. They may be as qualified in I every way as are the incumbents. Their willingness to I jtand for office in an election is evidence that we have tjnany good citizens ready to accept responsibility. It · Is one of the most refreshing examples of good citizen-Ship we experience. But only three seats on the board -'are to be filled, so there must be seven candidates -disappointed. But it is hoped they will be available at ""some future date when a vacancy occurs. :-t ; It is depressing to hear estimates that not over. iIO percent of the registered voters wfll cast their votes ^"tomorrow. Those who fail to do so will have no reason to be critical of our school board or its members. Our *; schools are our greatest examples of democracy in *; action. But a doubt is cast on its working when 90 -" percent of the people eligible to vote refuse to do so. !; * * * Once again the point is raised as to why we do not '; combine this April 5 school election with the May 14 -* city primary election. There would be problems, since ** some areas of the district would not be holding pri- ·1 mary elections on that date. But since Long Beach !· represents over three-fourths of all the district popula- I* tion--this saving could be accomplished to a large «· degree. And above an, it would insure a much larger i; voter turnout '·'. During the past year the Rafferty-Richardson ·; election campaign stirred considerable controversy. -: The local board took no part in the campaign or in -: any of the partisan fights that ensued. It has conducted *; itself as a local school board should in looking out for *; the interests of the local district It was a strong sup*: porter of Superintendent Douglas Newcomb and ap- ·1 pointed a capable successor on the retirement of -: Newcomb. It is for these reasons this writer wfll sup- ·Iport the three incumbents: Sigworth, Jacobs and ;t Sullivan.--LA.C -* IlA.C'l calumn. ly U A. CoTCni Sr. tit efter calumix a en t«- ;· prenTon ef terminal cplnjen inj d=e« rc» MCeaariJy rtflec* ft* ess- ." ritrtd epTnloa cf ik"« re«eeper.) JOHN L. LEWIS £ Juniters Quit Italy ,, J N ?, E ? ENDD ' I T .*. " » x * PubPihel d»Il/ except tot X PARIS tff -- Technicians 133, % clui -'"" are lowering the towering 60- fj" 4m £ t cl t i 1 ·* ft. U S. Jupiter missiles from' perter CcinX Lc« "Angtly County, :-firing positions in Italy. Po-l 0 ^ *· wl Dtcr " N °" Wirt Smrlen' The nation got a grim warning Wednesday from retired labor union leader John L. Lewis that unless jobs are forthcoming for the nation's unemployed they will rise up eventually in a violent explosion. Lewis. 83. speaking at a luncheon given by leading industrialists in his honor in Washington. D.C, noted that Britain, which has a less severe idleness problem, already has experienced protest marches ca Parliament. The occasion was Lewis's resignation as chairman of the National Coal Policy Conference, Inc, an organization made up of the Independent M i n e Workers Union, coal producers, railroads and other coal-associated enterprises. Lewis founded the association. In a voice strong and clear despite his years, Lewis said, "I ara astonished at the patience" of this country's five million idle workers. He added that the longer jobs are denied thera "the more violent will be their explosion when they reach the limit of their endurance." Lewis is former president of the United Mine Workers. Many considered it a farewell occasion for Lewis. President Kennedy cent a telegram saying it was a sad occasion when "a beloved leader of American labor" steps down. Kennedy said Lewis owed it to the nation to get busy writing his memoirs. RESIGNS Charles W. Frick, project manager of the space program designed to p l a c e astronauts on the moon within the decade, resigned Wednesday in Houston. Dr. Robert R. Gilruth, director of the Manned Spacecraft Center, said he accepted t h e resignation with regrets. Frick said personal reasons compelled him to leave. CANCELS I n f o r m e d s o u r c e s Wednesday in Moscow said poet Yerjenl Yevtushckno, who had beea scheduled to fly to the United States this month as a guest of the American literary Association, kas canceled his trip. Yevtushekno has b e e n under strong fire from Communist Party Ideologists for his unorthodox views and particularly for bis personal and political behavior abroad. IMPROVED , Bandleader Ted Weems, 62, is now listed in good condition, a doctor said Wednesday, but it win be several weeks before he can be released from a Tulsa, Okla, h o s p i t a l . Weems was hospitalized last month suffering from a rung condition which was starving his brain of oxygen. ELECTED ' Mrs. Leonard 51ms of Detroit was elected national president of B'nal B'rith Women W e d n e s d a y in Washington, D.C. NOMINEES Candidates were nominated Wednesday in New York for the Tony awards g i v e n annually by · the American Theater Wing for t h e season's accomplishments oa Broadway. Dramatic stars on the . n o m i n a t i o n list were Charles Beyer, Pan! Ford, Arthur inn, Bert Lahr, He'r- mione Baddeley,Uta Hajen, M a r g a r e t Leighton and Claudia McNeO. Musical stars named were Sid Caesar, Zero Mostel, Anthony, Niwley, C11 v · Rtvffl, Georgia Brown, N f an-' ett« Fabray, S a l l y Ann Howes and Vivien Leigh. Nominees must have appeared on Broadway between April 1. 1962 and March 31, 196X Winners vrQJ be announced April 23. ROSARY Rosary will be recited tonight in Hollywood for veteran film e x e c u t i v e Howard J. Sheehan Sr. who died Ms=dsy »t the aje of 78. Rosary win be rtdted at 8 j"n at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. Requiem Mass Trill be cele- braud at ths church at 9 ' Friday. NEW LOW RATES 15'£ 25 e S£ E 75 AIL DAY FREE PARK SHOP trtih Validation -,v COTIUO rAUUKG * MOTCCT YOUK CAI . ' FAU IT · IOCK IT * NO ONE HIE TOUCHES 11 ·LINCOLN PARK GARAGE ;,' JUST NOtTH OF IONS IEACH U1U1Y BtTUMCIS: TtatiC Avt. M Id St. tniihin kitvm ndtlc «nJ Ctiir NEED HELP V/ITH TAX PROBLEMS? t on lax rut iKsuviti of UNaaJtura -ai IT «;sir m untrs WHO CCHE ii TOOI ia« ci sn v TOVOUIT omca-ug JBWPUI wru trmsn. INSIST'UPON'SEEING ESTATE IICENSE~IO/ERACT1CE'- PUBUC A C C O U N T I N G - D O N ' T BE SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING LESS! Our CopyngM Wortl1»lt» flat ]·?·!·! TripU Ckicfc FrDgram. HT V S r i I P A l I T O U l H T U I N $ - . . r f fc!t-COMnEIE MICI DIVORCE "It seems the call of the wild was stronger than the call of the home," actress S h e i l a Connolly testified Wednesday before getting a divorce from actor Guy Madison in Los Angeles. "The children seemed to make my husband quite nervous." Miss Connolly, 33, told a judge. Madison, 41, is an archery expert and his wife said he would sometimes leave when they h»rt company «"^ "He would go outsUe and shoot his bow and arrows. That seemed to be his only love." SHOf UON, THUIS AND FtL 1239 to 1J9 Folks Travel Hundreds of Miles for Our Scnicc- T R Y U S A N D F I N D O U T W H Y S U A f E B A U I / E I II D triN°*sii TAX uirici rot ITIHW r i \ M n i « C l f L L « D on« « TIIII -- IIKCI isu OJictt Cont'emtztlj Located... To Serre Greaitt Lot Angdtt erJL Orange Co tint j * B E L L F L O W E R ^GARDEN GROVE 9027 E. ALONDRA BLVD. 1 2393 CHAPMAN AYE. (Jorf fa* cUcl!.»to J IVVJ (lot W.oNniorU.I«i.S.efeiB)t]rO WAbcuh 5-22 1 S JEfftnon 7-2002 · S££ US {bt cocpeeat profealcmx] (Eidumw \Tt oa ICTT ytm in H ' Springtime's freshest fashion. 3-pIeca suit of washable ereass resistant RaxbTccm. A luxury fabric of imported flax end rayon. Keeps you crisp, cool and lovely in tha warm monShs eheai DeaiHit Jacket and sSra tklrt wfflj short sleeva paisley print she!! and its own matching escot In Natural and Verde Green. A luxury look--a modest prfcel 6-16 ^25 95 814" Outrgtltl tmmmtmJ OftSoudpojiKtatftaH. L.VKEWOOD CENTER Claris submarines in tie M e d i - f ^ -.terranean T721 replace the B» uaii lntermediate-range land mis-l sr " a1 * * t»iile bases in Italy and Turkey.! Aid for Deserted WASHINGTON WV-President Kennedy signed into law SHOP MON., THURS. AND FRL, 12:30 TO 9:30 Wednesday a measure permit- UJO.ting women deserted by their to take income-tax deductions for child care. OF YOU .YOUR CHILD ·OR FAMILY GROUP I I pen tiitl it nek lirtiij 550 PINE AVE (at 6!h) Downtown Long Beach Good 4 Days Only! TODAT · niOAT · SATUROU · SUI01T DAIIT riUOAT SUIOAT U A H - S P M I I A M S r U I I A M - S F U · no r*9on -- OKLT rmnxf o ro*Tun TO cxoosi · II rOUtl TH£» OH tUM UTTIHO · riCTUlIS rOUtl TH£» OH tUM UTTIHO · riCTUlIS cr.t wttn · no MAiuina et uvct HO) *S« LIMIT. UMIT OKI Hit fUlIVT 550 PINE AVE ° DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH A Top Value nith One Pair of Pants-A Great Value, with Ttco! Featherweave, Dacron/ Worsted ROUi Coou looks* Ti'^ ! t i ^' T fcM comfort! Flos uid extra wear of an extra pair tf trousers. Thaf*t *ial JOB g-t is tlsse M4S tropical ttnls. Fabric? A new "featheTrart 1 * blend of 55 % Dacron polyester and 45fe worsted--amulujji EgLtyetlopg-yeanng* Suy» crisp and cool ena in the wannest veatLer. Fashion? Up-to-the-mnnrtei Isteroatjooal 3-bntton luuuge modi wall pleated or plotless trousers. Season's rarest cokes. See this peat summer «mt al joor nearest MiB-- where taslooa 4-vahe ti a tradition. Gorge hi ti^mm^mf OfOen payment fin LAKEWOOD CENTER

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