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Long Beach, California
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Friday, March 19, 1976
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0-2-- INDEPENDENT (AM) * PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) ., PH., March i»,i»i Dodgers need 'one more bat'--Smith's V E R O BEACH-Wlth spring training under way at long last, Dodger vice president Al Campanis needed less than one day to return tn the more sensible matters of baseball--trading. "We need one m o r e bat," Campanis said Thursday as the · Dodgers planed to Florida aboard their four-engine jet, "and then lookout!" The bat, it appears, is in the hands of the St. Louis Cardinals' Reggie Smith. "We're still talking with a National League club," is all that Campanis would say, "but we'd sure love to have him." Asked flatly if it was the New York Mets, who h a v e dangled superstar Tom Seaver before the populace, Campanis replied, "I don't think they're going to do a thing with Seaver." But the Cardinals have expressed interest in a number of Dodgers, while Campanis has expressed interest in one Cardinal--namely, Smith. St. Louis, despite its winter trade with the Cubs for Don Kessinger, Is in need of a shortstop. The aging Kessinger will find the slick artificial turf of St. Louis' iiiiseh Stadium a trifle too fast for him. THUS, the Dodgers' BUI Russell is high on the Cardinals' list of candidates, whether C a m p a n i s admits it'or not. What he does admit IE that he'd love to have a Reggie Smith (.302 average, 19 homers, 76 RBI). He'd love to have Andy Messersmith, too, but the Dodger veep insists he's not fretting over the loss of 1975's 19-game winner via arbitration. "I look at the loss of Mcsser- By GORDON VERRELI, SlaK Writer smith this way," he said. "It's like the star of a Broadway play who gets sick and the understudy steps in and not only surprises but surpasses with his performance." Fine, but a lot of plays don't make Broadway and many that do go bust in one night. Still, Campanis is not one to panic. "Even without Messersmith, we still have a first-place caliber pitching s t a f f , " he maintains. "There's Don Sutton, Burt Hooton, Doug Rau and Rick Rhoden. "Messersmith is a helluva pitcher, no doubt, but don't forget, last year he was only five games over .600 (19-14)." THE DODGER vice president contends, too, that even with the late spring start -- normally, training starts March 1 -- the Dodgers will not be at a disadvantage. "It's not going to do a thing to us," he said. "All our players have been working out for the last two weeks. Bill Buckner has been hitting an hour a day and even throwing batting practice. Everyone's been running and is in pretty good shape. All we've got to do now is put it together as a team." DODGER DOPE: It Is rumored that Mikr Marshall, currently cmhroilwl In n silly feiirl willi Michigan Slate University officials, w i l l not report to I h c LVxIucrs until next month. A-slter] if Ihc D o d f j e r s , obviously emharrnsscd by Marshall's problems at MSU, would consider trading the one-timo Cy Voting Award winner, Campanis said, "You don't trade n nian of his caliber." . . . Joe Feruuson is llw only member nl (he [lodgers .19 man rosier still unsigned. II is believed he will come [o terms soon with Cnmpanis And lias no designs on playing out his option. . . . The Dodgers takl uielr first workout Thursday, with Don Button, Ron C*y, Steve Garvey, Ferguson, Bill RUSSPM, Teti SI?.* 1 more, Dave Ixpes and Dusty Raker participating. The full squad works out (inlay. SCOR,E! BOA.RJD NBA standings NHL standings New York Wasrirvjlon Oevpatl HOW-MI New or:«ns Atlartl Atlantic DtYrifcn W I Pd. 04 O 23 -«2 - « X J7i svi 38 31 -iSl 7 3 37 ."1 34 CmHI DNiliort J » i2J - « 27 ·!" ' M U Si 7V ft K .01 iv, 28 40 .11! ' I'- 1 Detroit CWCMO Western Mkhnt Kvhion » » M y !' « SI » 74 43 J82 4 !1 47 -309 1 »-GokJen State in Awele* PxMc 50 » Jl 15 IS -500 IS is is joo is 33 3* M VtH 30 « J» 20 Serious sailing Spinnakers billowing, Tony Parker of Annapolis, skippering Pantcra at left, has lead over Dick Denver of L.A. Yacht Club, at helm of Holiday Ton, on downwind inn in Friday's opening Congressional Cup competition off Long Beach. Parker won this match race and each boat posted two wins and one loss on first day Of three-day Classic. _ Long Beach News Bureau photo by Andy Wilherspoon. VEGAS LOSES-- (Continued From C-l) "We were terrible in Ihc first half," said Tarka- nian, pointing out that the Rebels had trailed by 11 points with 5:38 remaining in the half. "I figured when we went off the floor down by only four (M-4T), we were going to win the game." The Rebels had been betrayed by their full-court . p.ress in the f i r s t 20 minutes as the Wildcats broke through repeatedly for easy baskets. '-.Nevada-Las Vegas scored the first six points Of the second half to go in front, 53-51, then inexplicably went into a tailspln as Arizona twice barreled to e i g h t - p o i n t advantages. ·But the Rebels' S m i t h 'boys, Robert and S a m , sent Nevada-Las Vegas 1 ahead, 71-69, with 11:42 regaining. ·1 But in a game in which . everybody was packing a : Saturday N i g h t Special YACHTS- (Continued From C-l) and the action o f t e n resembled playground activity, this was nothing. When the Rebels' slick forward, Eddie Owens, went to the bench with five fouls at 11:16, Arizona took off on a tear. Rappis and Harris led the Wildcats to an 84-77 lead before Nevada-Las Vegas could get untrackcd. The Rebels outscored the Wildcats, 10-2, to take an 87-86 lead, and the teams traded counterpunches until the clock ran down to three minutes. Aklcd hy 10 consecutive successful free throws by Robert Smith during a late spell, the Rebels lield a 101-98 advantage with 1:05 remaining. Arizona's Phil Taylor scored with 57 seconds to go and Nevada-Las Vegas' Jackie Robinson missed a onc-and-one free throw opportunity with 50 second remaining. But Tavlor NCAA CAGE-- (Continued From C-l) 7:IS remaining, bill Ihc Warriors went ahead for good on baskets by Butch Lee, Jerome Whitehead and Bo Ellis, then froze the ball over Uie final two minutes to clinch t h e i r 23rd consecutive victory. Lee led the balanced Marquctlc attack with 16 poinls ami Tom Culler had 21 for 10th ranked Western Michigan, 25-3. · Saturday's Indiana-Mar- nuetle clash shapes up as the best of the regional finals and, perhaps, Ihc best game of the enlirc tournament. Rutgers, 30-0 and ranked No. -1. ran past Connecticut behind freshman ! : reserve Abdel Anderson, } ·. who scored 19 points and f pulled down 11 rebounds. t · -The Scarlet Knights ran | f off n i n e straight points ' 7"early in the second half k j and coasted home. }-.;-. All-American Phil Sell' ^ ers was held to just eight \ - poinls. but Anderson and * \ regulars Ed Jordan and ;"; Mike Dabncy, who scored * ·» 18 points each, picked up ; '. Ihe slack. Al Weston had t '. 24 poinls and Tony Hanson f ^ 23 (or Connecticut, 18-10. ; .· Rutgers will (ace unher- ·i '; aided VMI. 20-9, in t h e : East finals. The Kcydets ; ' blew an 11-point lead in ·; y reg-jlation, then rallied in ? I; (he overtime for the victo- j - ry against DcPaul. Will : ' Bymim netted 22 points (or J - - - V M I and Curt Reppart '- c o n t r i b u t e d f o u r key ; poinls in the extra period. ALABAMA III) D'0*«l 3 1 1 7 . tC-¥l 2 0« 4. 24 13, Murray 1 1 2 IS, (Xmi 7 ) 2 1 * . WtCort S 1-2 11, iloxh 1 60 2. .UcLlven 1 00 2 T«ah 31 Mt. Ha'ftimc: InOiana Jf, A'atvw 79 fogkd ou: Xioo, Dum lolal louls: In- ^·«u 13, Alatxinvi 2X A: I4.ISO. MARWETTE (41! Elll 3 3-3 I, Talvm 5 M M WNVr*J S 00 19, Lv 8 Ofi U, Walton 00 12. PatTV 0 00 t TOOK 1 0 2. feary 0 00 I, Rowcxrger 1 7-2 4. To'a) 39 4-4 WESTTSH MICMIOAN (n) Gfrrfin I M 3. Tnoo I 24 II, Cu*r « ii 21. Kuran I a 1, Narwv 4 2 4 1C. *Wray 1 M 4, »Bo,« o H 0. TofeU 21 KiHllme: Manjuette M, W. W'Otoyi 25. FouVxi (Wt: Tvwa Total tojl: Mjr- ouMIe 15. W. Mkh^n 13. A: II. IB. COHHECTICUT (Ttl Kan«n W J-) 31 farr 1 3 3 * . Truman 2 2-4 t, Wfitor, ! II 24. »MW » 3-3 14, IMrrH 1 27 4, L.iVp9ne 0 00 0. KelEr 0 00 0. AlWTViift 2 8 0 4 . To-ah 30 l-73. SI/TOED! |t3l Serrrs 4 03 8. Ccw'and I 00 U. W r» 6 5 2 0 . Joribn 4 j II. Datney 8 24 IS. N,ive J 00 i Comin 0 00 0. ICeMan 0 00 0. AnJerson i 7-» 19. Httflc 7 M 14. lows X isn. H^KrTf Iru'eers S3. Co*v«tku* 47. Ws Oynvxticul K. Ru*9en 23. fwXM ojl CowtanrJ. Fetfwi'cjll. Con- *v\Kjl be.xn. SeHerj. A: Unava-'atVe DC PAUL (441 WjIWs 4 1 4 10. FwseHj J 14 ». Cor- I'M I 4 14. Hamad f S-7 IX Samsiv I OS ». Panoati 0 M 0. McGovem I 00 7. Kxi i l 7. Gafiartl 1 M 3, CoeMo 0 00 «, w,-rj o 00 0 Tola's 21 1022. VIPGIHIA MILITAIV ml C/iVi i HO 21, Bynu-i 7 411 22, Vert- yy^fii I 17 17. Reccarl 1 3-»0 5- Krovc 4 »7 I. Lon-Nvd 0 M 0. BorslevVti 1 10 3 trxUi 2S3!3. Haitikv Cepjyi n. VMI Jl. Resu- la'w Ojpaj ij, VMI 4}. FouW (Wl: WxwccO. Warvins. Cerrf. Wr'a^r]. Pa-cratl. '* 'oJl: Dff»J li VUI 2!. TKIVlital. Corii-* A: l.Osl. TEXAS TECH in) FifA'cwl 3 00 4. RysW'l S 74 14, fkHkvk 1 7 1 3 II. Xi'rfvns I 00 0 Own J 0-2 4. liwts 0 00 9. Huston I 1 7 I!. Ovi I Q4 S. f.t**lh 4 25 10. Lre a 00 0. tiiirt 0 M a Tola's II 1175 MISSOURI (14) KrJVWMv I 1-3 IS. A,-wrs.Yt 7 1 ; IS. ClatO"4 M ! Crr ) 21 t. Sn-Ma 4a 30, Rav I 40 I. S^H 0 4 4 4 . Van Riven a 00 0. Ore, 0 00 0 S'.H-vm i) 00 0- To4J's yi 121! Hjlt'"V ViWi IS Tens letr. it. Fr^ifd out: BJ'-xk reerrcat: .M-swiri blew a similar free-throw chance al 0:47 and the Rebels appeared lo have sewed up the victory when Robert Smith sank two free throws wilh 40 seconds lo go. But the Wildcats' Bob Elliott shaved Ihe Rebels' lead to one with 2!! seconds to go, and Nevada-Las Vegas' Boyd Batts missed a onc-and-one free throw try (our seconds laler. Harris was fouled wilh M seconds remaining, converted Ihe first free throw to tie the score, but missed the second to give the Rebels a scoring opportunity. B u t Robert S m i t h , apparently unaware of the need for haste, stood beyond the top of the key for five seconds, then missed an off-balance 17-fooler as the buzzer sounded. In overtime, A r i z o n a shot to a five-point lead in the (irst two and one-half minutes, then used a zone to baffle the Rebels. Tarkanian didn't alibi. "Give all the credit to Arizona," he said. "They hung in there. We had our chances and didn't do it, They had their chances and m a d e the best of them." The Wildcats' Elliott, a bruising 6-8 cenler, evalu- i ated the shoot- r cm-up. "I t h o u g h t execution was the difference," he said. "There's a big difference between organized basketball and playground basketball. The difference is Ihe guys in Ihe striped shirts. "That's why we won. We executed better than Las Vegas." He also pointed menacingly to Saturday night, when the Wildcats face L'CLA for Ihe Western title and a berth in the NCAA round-of-four. "This is our opportunity," he said. "We come from an area where we don't get much press. Nobody k n o w s a n y t h i n g about us." They do now. INDIANA 1141 Aberrvtiy 2 45 I. «*« t 79 2i B*Mon 1 1-2 t! Wi*«rw 4 -2 14, EkKtner S 2 5 12, Ra«fyd 0 W 0. Wl«flvr o 54 C. Va'a- aiJ 2f lfr-21- WTRE DAME I7|) f».«s 3 00 4 CMi-ivv !3 H f Km^4 I 00 7, UarT4i I M J. A rijrro i J 4 IS. Batlon 2 2 2 *. PaWno S 0 10. Renchar I 2-3 4. Car«r*er 0 00 0 Tc'a^ 31 Ull MICHIGAN (Ml BiJI 4 00 II, R*mtn i S« li. KO- oanl S 1-7 II, Grr«n I 44 JO. frz't 4 aa 14, Slaw J 01 4. B.W 1 M 1. Hj-c» J M 0, Bergen 4 0 0 1 . iNJ'i 12 it-It. Hj-*rw: »Wre Oarv 41. Nh'*vl «. FouW ewl ?*VMn. "Aylii. B-:-t. OraV. lo'al Fou'i. Kjire DJ.-X 3.*n 3 A. 11751 UXLV 0«x'^ RoM.-.w Bj-tl R.Snvr. C-c^-ecck Brj.,-1 FOS n ·ck ro 7-15 17 7.11 1014 11-13 3 5 3 2 00 00 44 It Team 4 FT R A T 4 * IS 11 M II i) 12 44 1 1 510 » 1 1 i 23 1 3 4 a 0-0 0 0-0 0 1 2 i a 44 41 3 J7»FTS JU f O 1 3 4-13 1 1} 4-4 1H9 1 5 »0 FT « 31 1 0-1 4 »] 9 1MJ 1 4 20 74 Jl 5 4 1 0 0 1 114 T 31 1 1 II 0-1 5 1 1 15 14 0 14 113 5 3 2 4 (VI 1 3 2 M O O S 2543 ta 159 FN 43JFTS 7» Tearr 1:^li A',t:nj J», USLV 34. Fouler out Fiemn? Raccii. Gy3v. O^ijni. lot- -.wyi. Gond/tllU, Sj^i S.-nitn All ; 11441. Three skippers--Tony Parker (Annapolis YC), Dick Deaver (Los Angeles YC) and Pierre Belfour (Yachl Club d'Hycres of France)--won two races each and lost one. Four skippers had one victory and two defeats. They were Ken Young (Yacht [lacing Union of the Great Lakes) Graham Hall, Barney Flam (Long Ueach YC) and Hollerbach. The real hard-luck skipper of the first day was H u g h Treharne ( A u s t r a - lian Yachting Federation), who lost the first race to Flam by 5!) seconds, lost a man overboard in the second race with Delfour and finally was involved in a collision with Deaver in the third series. In the second series one of his crewmen was on Ihc forcdeck a n d f e l l overboard as the spinnaker was being raised for the downwind run. Treharne had lo drop the chute and turn around to pick up his man. It only took a couple of minutes, hut he lost the race by 5 minutes, 2 seconds. The collision occurred while attempting lo round the leeward mark. Heaver had an inside overlap on Treharne, who attempted lo cut inside and hit the stern of Holiday H, the C a l - 4 0 t h a t D e a v e r is using. There was no damage, but Treharne started · to q u i t the r a c e . The judges ordered t h e m to continue and Deaver won easily. There was no lime listed. T h e r e were s e v e r a l close races wilh such finishing limes as 53 seconds, 58,59.12,34, 22 and 35, but tho hottest race of the three series was between Ken Y o u n g , skippering Flying Cloud, and Tony Parker, in Pantera. Parker took (he lead at Ihe slart by 11 seconds, continued to lead at the windward mark by 13 seconds, but then Young took it away and on Ihe next legs led :02, :24, :C8 and finally won by two seconds. Young and Parker had 37 lacks between the start and the first windward leg, a fantastic hit of racing. Y o u n g also had a tremendous r a c e w i l h Graham Hall, losing by only 12 seconds. Malt N4 I -- Cpa.ier .Wealed Y.-^r;. : IS. Fjrk,v irt IVavrr. 5». Turo^r Art Hail M '.i.vj!e pr\!eil', Han M Trehanv. i aod IKIef- tarri M IVt'oor. ; f. Start 3--Parkor .M Hjm. 1 ^*. Ha.:l .Itl \.jj 2 II Mfour ,ief ijrne k»t a rr.aa omtiojrji. Deader J,! IM.-rtujti, I 5i a-»t Torner Jel ° r Slarl J-S-i'.w^?,'" Flirv 1 ». Turner itl. Hollerla,-h IS iilo-jWe rril,-jt\ YoiirK Jr( Pa-ken. Oi uea^er ttf Trerane, tn coUh!e-l aM wll^Jre* . lVn:wr o?l Hail, -i PtorJx Portlani x-dindttd rjlvfclon Hie Tlwidavl Oamt* Washioqtjn no, Karas Oty IK CJe*a:«i IHl PrUladelp'lta 104 Ptw.lK 106. Detroit 130 Golden siak 111 Buttib 109 Gmn Tanifkl Detroit « Ulcers, roriuri. KaruaiCity at Bostra. Allinla Jl riiiraeo. , Cleveland Jl New Orleans. Houston at PorllaM. NBA highlights Bullets 110, Kings 102 IANDOVER, Mil.-- Elvln Hayes and Daw Bing com- hined for 11 potats during a 90-so eond span in the fourth quarter to lead Bullet win. flayes scored 32 points, grabbed 13 rebounds and blocked eight shots, a career high. KANSAS CITY (l«l RoKnjfw i H IS. We4iu.n tS II, Uccv ! 3-1 13, Arehfaild I l 71. WaV « ? ) ! X. Robyvxi 0 90 ft Johnvxi 3 00 t. W/Hd S 11 1!, GojMs 9 0! 0, Wrfttd 0 M 1 Tdals « 2J-O. WASHINGTON (l»l Ilira 13 H a Xkrtlfn 111 1. Rn- Wl 1 Ml », Blig ! 5-5 1», Chenif 4 1-2 «, Jores I-! ». KoiHlo 0 !? !. Wrath- eruon 3 H 1. Haskins ! 1-7 S, Grevey 0 W 0. Crap « M (. ToUK II n-lt. Kami air U S B B-ltl Wastfmka 77 IS If 31-110 FouW out: Robiniint. Ow*f. Tola! fed!: Karsas City 7), Was*ng*on 31 TefhokaK: Lacey, Wig, J. Jones. A: H5X. Suns 106, Pistons 100 PHOENIX- Gar H«ard scored a season-high 27 points to pace narrow Sun victory, Rookie center Alvan Adams, held to three points in the first half, s«r«l 18 Ihe final U muiutcs for the winners. oereoiT i mi Prr*r I SO !. Stme ( 9-13 !l. Llnlw II « !J, Fwd ) M », Haw 1 !·! 10, Eter- hard i 3 IS, Broun 3 00 1. C\v* \ -4 I'. Mei-sdl I M ?, Tiaw I DO I ro'aS PHOENIX (IH) Heart 10 -l V, Perry i HO H, Adjro » II T\, Sttm t J-J le, Westohal « k» H. Awtry I 1-1 3, Erlduoo 0 M 1 Rilty 3 1-1 S. L*npkln 0 »· 0. Kawtorw 0 M 0. To'all « 24-13. Campfcetl Pa4rkt OnMen W L T Pts.GF GA PKIaJeWa 47 M 14 108 114 Itl N.Y. Islander! Jl II 15 41 26! 16! Allarta 31 32 10 72 240 21) H.Y. Sfjers ^ ^ 5 3! . v a ni m Chxago 2? 25 17 75 222 221 Vancouver 79 30 13 71 211 247 U. Locis 25 34 11 41 221 241 WlWiora II 49 4 442 171 173 Karsai Ci'ty 12 48 10 34 14S XI Wales Cemereftc* Harris Division S3 VO III W 1U 33 31 7 73 237 2J7 11 29 II 73 XI m 22 40 « S3 IK 271 t 52 V 27 m JJ» Mams Division Boslol 45 14 12 102 27! M Bcifato 40 20 12 91 303 220 Torwi'o H 27 14 76 2S8 147 California 25 » t 59 229 251 Klincned division tille Tttursdar 1 * Games Detroil 6. $1. LTXKS 3 Boilon S. ICansii City ! GIKN TaiJ^il Piltsbcrgh al Washington. Vancouver al AUanU. \lonlrral atCalilormi. NHL highlights Red Wings 6, Blues 3 DETROIT -- Rookie Michel Bergeron srored four goals, three on power plays, as nosIs snapped seven-game winless streak with victory over St. LOUJ'J. Blues have five-game winlcss streak. Wings' Bryan Watson d r e w severt-minuto penalty in first period lor NHL record of 1.180 penally minutes in 13 seasons. Flyers 3, Canucks 2 PHILADELPHIA -- Reggie Leach scored his MLh goal of year and Flyers tied 35-year- old N!£L record by extending unbeaten string lo 23 games. Flyers' last loss was Jan. 27 in Atlanta. Since than they've won IT games and tied six la equal streak of 1!MO-11 Boston Bruins. Vancouver led 3-0 in first period before Jack McD- hargey, Leach and D a v e Schultz scored lor winners in second. Bruins 5, Scouts 2 KANSAS CITY -- Jean RateUe scored two goals and added an assist to lead visting Boston to victory, extending Scouls' winless streak to 17 games a club record. KC led 20 before tlatclle and Hank Nnwak scored for second-period tie and Gregg Shtppard tall led In (bird for 3-2 lead WHA standings ON THE SU3PES: World Cup ski rxmipctitirtn at Mont Ste. Anne, Quebec, continued Thursday, dcspiie Wednesday's bomb threat at the hotel serving as residence and headquarters. Police confirmed they had been called to investigate the threat, which was received via telephone early Wednesday morninn. A spokesman said the call was believed to be the work of a prankster. . . Jlcin! Hemml o( Switzerland, 3 surprise t;rtld medal winner in Ihe men's giant slalom at the Olympics, duplicated his feal Thursday, winning both runs of (he giant slalom In the World Cup ski competition. Hemmi conquered the two-run, 3,!ti9-foot course in a total time of two minutes, 55.38 seconds, more than three seconds faster lhan his closes! rival, Italy's Piero Ores. Michigan's Greg Jones was fourth. a 3i 8 B-lof Fookd oul: Oelnyi, Lsiter. Toldl lays Delroil D, fnxrti O. A: SW. Cavs IlO.TSers 101 C L E V E I , A N D - G u a r d Austin Carr scored 11 clutch points in the final period to lead Cavs to 13th win in last H home games. Cleveland trailed by as m a n y as 11 points in the first half. He* Enjlanl Clnc'r Enl Division W L T FH.OF GA XX 4 « m W U 38 1 45 2M !W 30 07 I ti 216 2» n is S 43 137 1« WBI DIVfclM U !4 9 M 2«2 23) 35 29 H 2*0 341 33 31 S 71 KS 341 CanMQan Dwhton H 22 1 100 El 728 11 25 1 U K, 111 31 31 4 ; 24 141 24 44 i S3 743 30S M 44 S 4S 2(7 340 RINGSIDE: The World Boxing Council laid down two condiuons Thursday which it said must be met before it will recognize the ^tnhammad AM-llkhard Dunn fight as a heavy- weifiht title hoiit. "The council will approve the bout only if Dunn wins the European title April 5 from Bern August and if Dunn has the permission o( the European Boxing Commission." the WBC said. . . .The lightweight title match between WBC champion Guta Isbirnatsu ol Japan and Puerto Ricnn challenger Estrhan de Jesus will t a k e p l a c e in San Juan on May R. it was annminceri Thursday. . . .The hail hearing for former middle- wciiihl cnnlemlDr Rubin (llurriranc) Carter and John Artls was rcwhcdiJed for today by a Superior Court judge in Patcrson, N . I. .Thursday. Carter and Artas won a new IrinI when Ihe state Supreme Court overturned Iheir 1967 convictions on a triple- murder ch.iryc Wednesday. BEDSIDE: Hill Horton. 30. a defenseman with the Mohawk 12 *7 29, Coll^l 7 W H, Uee 0 06 0, Bryant ) 00 4, Jones o 00 o, Ca'cWrw I 2-3 3, Norman 3 00 S- Totals 41 23-34. CLEVELAND 1115] Sm'.m S M ». Brewer ] ;.10 13. Otmx II 4 5 26. SiTr*r- ) H J, CKamxn 1 2-3 a. RusiM i 4 4 IS. Carr 7 7-7 11,, Walker ? 2-3 4, Thurmond 3 07 6. Totals 42 75-14 Philadelphia 11 13 2S ls-164 cn«4am mi ISDMU Total Foul: PWadeWla a, CleveiinJ 20- Foutod oul: Mi. Technkalv Cleveland AisHtant Coach Rodgerl, Ckarrons. ~ Coatfi Mn« A: I347(. Quebec Calgary Ednwxi Toronto San Dfe? 4, Indiarwolis 4, OT, tfe GanetToilibt Q-jebec at Toroilo. San Diego al Houalon. Clerflaotl at Pbocobi. Winsipog al Edntontoa. ABA standings . . Valley Comets o[ the North American Hockey League, remained Imsnilalized in fair condition Thursday after icing shot in the K with what jyilic-e described as a "strange projectile." . Horton and a teammate hnd just arrived late Wednesday night nl a popular )«st-eame walerini; spot when Horton was knocke down by a pellet the size of a woman's lipstick case. . .Distance runner Sieve lleldenrclch of Indiana University re- mainM in critical coorlilinn Tliursday after suffering a skull Ir.nMuro in .1 hit-and-run incident Tuesday night. Police said an driver Is being riueslioned. . . .Kansas Cily Royals' coach Charley was rcporled "hungry" and in good condition after he spen( more lhan 15 hours adrift in a 16-(oo4 fishing boal before the Coast guard rescued him off Ihe Florida Keys Wednesday. UCLA WINS-- (Continued From C-l) Barfow went to a f«ll- eourl press w i t h 14 minutes remaining and the score tied, 10-10. Washington Intercepted in (he backcourt and fed Johnson under the basket for 12-10, and Raymond Townsend stole another pass, whipped the ball to Andre M c C a r l e r , w h o f o u n d Washington in the corner. The a l l - A m e r i c a forward found his favorite shooting spot and pumped in one of his familiar high- arching jumpers. Peppordine sliced that four-point deficit to two, hut a Bruin mini-burst of 8-2 found UCLA leading, 28-18, with 7:H to play. The entrance of Drollingcr produced a pair of goal- ANDY- (Continued From C-l) Ask if, since the Rraves' offer is the only concrete one so far, Messersmith probably will end up in Atlanta, Osmond replied, "1 will say that the Braves have marte an interesting offer which we're considering." He indicated that Messe r s m i l h . considered a fierce compclitnr. is get- t i n g itchy to play somewhere. "He's anxious to get to spring training, especially now that c a m p s h a v e opened," Osmond said. "He wants to play ball." College basketball uH tending calls but also gave the Bruins fresh opposition for the never-tiring Leite. The B r u i n s ' partisan crowd kept waiting for the defending national c h a m - pions to put away the upstart Waves, but instead, UCLA, which committed only f o u r first-half turnovers, chose the f i n a l three minutes to commit three of Ihosc mlscucs as Pcppcrdine crept to within four markers at 38-34. Greenwood and Washington got UCLA off and running seconds Into the final half, but even then the Bruins f o u n d it d i f - ficult to maintain t h e i r nine-point advantage. Barlow t r i e d a 2-1-2 zone, but the Waves merely went inside lo Leile and whittled Ihe margin to 4343. In the process Leile picked up his third foul and Drollinger was ushered into the fray again, prim a r i l y to e n t i c e (he Brazilian Olympian into further (oul difficulties. Peppcrdine l i t e r a l l y came al Drollinger in waves and in Ihe flick of an eyelash UCLA's lead had shrunk lo 52-51, Dennis Johnson picking the Brains' pocket in Ihe back- court and driving in for an unconlcsled layup as the coup de grace. vcu nv V M u w i ' J M K 735 It Gmr.vonj 5 0-014, McCart/r 24- · x l. T"T.*:1 I 0 *. Pr.^.itf r 4 W S T o U l ! 3 I H 3 Warriors 110, Braves 109 OAKLAND-- J a m a a l Willies blocked a shot by Ken Charles with three second lo go (o preserve win for N'BA champs. Bob McAdoo, who scored 52 points in his last game, had 42 In losing effort. BUFFALO ni»! Mouailan 4 u I), Shumate 4 l- 9. McAdno li 1111 43, Charles 1 J-4 9, R. SnMn I 4-S 20, DiCresorlo i 3-2 II, SdHueW 1 M 4, Gfcte i 1-2 1. Totals 42 25-12. OO4.0SN 5T4TI ||1|) Barry ? 4-4 22, WHIces 2-4 14. Rav 4 45 17, C Jornscn I M 14. P. Vnitl 1 Ml 27. Williams 4 00 S. Dktei l M 2, 0. Johnson I M 2. DuJay I 00 2. Oavb 2 II 5 Tolall 4J 20-24. ·"Halt 31 17 B H-lH (MM Slak n DBH-II4 To4al Irjuls: Buffalo 21. Golden State 2s ftrfti oul: Nors. A: I7.7O. w L Pa. at Denver S3 30 .721 MM Vert O 'it JM 5"i Sao Anfcflo 42 30 JO 10 Xenrodrr 40 H 44) llv, SI. UuK 33 II Ml, 20 VSrs^Ia 13 £0 .147 43 TfcurKfart Oajaes Hew YorV 110, Denver 98 Sal Arton4o 115. St. Louis 105 FrHarl flames Denver vs. Virginia al Norfolk Hew Yort al K«-rjcW San Anrorfo vs. SI. Loufe al Salt Lake Cir* NIT highlights 0, N. Car. St. 7V- Md Witll.l bll !0 ... crvls 10 9f to move into Sunday after- oonn'i final. ffoKpari Stan Keuy Carr and .Al Greeaj fouled«i:t late In fcyrt chances. Cbatvptle cealer CHrfc Malsey led way wiut 22 points, ru DhrlfUi n QiarterfruH t T r i u i l a i m c a *! F.. 1,1. S4. P-Ke! ,*0424 51. 0,'d Dwntaioa ij. ..._ ; ( »·!. Xison 4 3-1 I la* 4 Mil 13. WJIiaini 4 2 3 '.f 0 -luaoa I n K. tl'.u 4 1 1 1 T3ta:l 21 lla'Jn.'ne icore: COLA 40, Pepper- Wilson's title in jeopardy Wilson High and Lakewood, both unbeaten in lour Moore League dual swim meets, vie today at Wilson (3:15 p.m.) to decide the 1976 championship. Bob Gruncisen's Bruins haven't lost to another Moore League school in four years and should be bolstered by the return of backstroker J o d y Campbell who has been out with a broken hand. Two sophomores, Scott Campbell and John Banner, have been swimming extremely well of l a t e says their coach. Lakewood, p a c e d by brothers by M i k e and Jerry Caldwell and Mike Kelchum, defeated Millikan 84-72 last week, whom Wilson beat 32-7-1 earlier in what has been the closest dual meet in league for either school. League finals are next Wednesday and Friday at Belmonl P l a z a Olympic Pool. Prep gymnastics Mil.I IK l\ 111 », WTUOV ill M It C STATl (71) Carr I 45 3D, Walto- 4 2-2 1 . 45 22. Da^l I 00 !. Cree* i I I 11, Sgd- roo 4 00 I, Jacutf 0 3-3 3. Adell 2 M 4. Ev*9 o 00 0. Tota:i D 13-15. W4CHASU3TTE IHl Kino 1-7 II, Wasuy II 17 22, Wj- »f I 7 1314 27, Ban 0 3-2 7, WaTVns S M II. STfcxnan 0 00 Q. Ptarc*. I M 0. Cr ter I 00 9 Total; 24 21-34. HaJIrimt: UW-CTiano-f 39, N C. Stale 33. Tclal Foul: NC. StaN 25. UNC-CNy- tett 17. foi*M oul. Carr, Green. A: 11.444 Keilidr TI. PraTUexv T!- riuarrl [jrrj JaliftiM raced Ihe kfl f/Jl of 1 !hf rwjrt w liat a laytipat dree rai o-t lo sejJ WiHcats finals TV w-j.wn b*l M by ai ciany aj H »ir.l» 13 the game. Fon*aro Jaeile r,lte«i jeoced 3 polcu to lead aU . . e«i jeoced 3 polcu t irorrrj PIOVIDENCE (711 CanKte'l 4 1-1 U. Cocoer 2 W I, V.iv evxM l 04 I. Kasv!tt S i I II. Slrj»w I »* I. WcAndre, i 21 13. EavK II 1-4 21 lo«a) V l»ll . . - , F L O O R EX -Un-iegitta * ' P O M M E L nORSE-ihrppani 1«: R I C H B t n - B e a r d !*' r \ S \ L I F.L BARS-Oiurei i RrXGS-LnrgslovH', I ». . ( «, illi. , II: , i 1 13 33 21. LM 4 3-4 19. W4\K I M 19. Clnttr I M 2, SOrvn S H 12, Caw I 3 3 12, Fowler I 04 ]. Warlord 0 00 J. Hasiioi 0 2-3 ! Toij.s 13 1%21 rUH-^ne m«ux» ]t, Prcrrilrw 57 Tsral Farii- Prosi-Ser« It Kernjcly II Teirr.ulv Vw Lakewood bids for 4th win in row Stan Williams is expected to be the starting pitcher (or Lakewood High t4xlay when the Lancers go after tht-ir fourth Moore League baseball win in a row at M i l l i k a n (2-1). Game time is 3:15. Williams c a m e within two strikes of a no-hitter in his only league start to d a t e . A win t o d a y by Lakewood a n d W i l s o n would set up the league's first big showdown Tuesday. The Bruins, also 3-0, are at h o m e today at 3-. 15 against C o m p t o n (1-2) while Poly (0-3) and Jordan (0-3) look for their first win at Houghton Part

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