Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 55
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 55

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 55
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Comics Sport* Market* ,- FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1973 · * PAGE 55 Wildcats give -. ' v .^ McKale proper initiation ByP.J.ERICKSON AHbtint Jwrti Editor Now everybody at the Uni-. versity of Arizona can relax. ; McKale Memorial Center opened last night and (1) the Wildcats defeated Wyoming, 87-69; and (2) the seats did not collapse. ^ . . And, by the way, Coniel Norman likes the rims on those baskets after all. Perhaps the only question that reinains is just when UA coach Fred '"The Fox" Snow- den will run out of encores. Each act of Snowden's basketball show this season has topped the old, and with a state record indoor crowd of 13,652 on hand last night, the McKale debut was no exception. The Wildcats meet Colorado State, a 77-50 loser to Arizona State last night, in a 7:35 contest tomorrow night in McKale. By beating Wyoming, the Wildcats grabbed a share of the Western Athletic Conference lead with a 4-2 record, a fitting inaugural for the new facility; "I think I'm gonna like this place," Snowden said in an understatement after his Cats ran a lagging Wyoming club into.'the ground in the late stages. Suddenly, everybody is a fan. There were some neophytes in the standing-room crowd, like the lady who wondered why a field goal was worth only two points in basketball instead of three points, as in football. But if there was anybody there who didn't know how to shout, it didn't show. When Lynard Harris broke a 53-53 tie with 14:25 left to play and started the Cats off to their widest victory margin^of the season, bedlam was the best description of what went on. "It looks like we brought that Bear Down enthusiasm over here with us," said UA athletic director .Dave Strack, who was delighted with the packed house. "I think the fans really helped pick the team up after'those first few minutes of the second half. "We looked pretty lethargic at that point, but we tiaie alive-when the cheering started." Much of the cheering was for the Wildcat defense, often maligned this season and last in the conference in points allowed. At about the same time 'that Harris scored, the Cats began a scrambling man- to-man defense that, shut Wyoming off with just 16 points in the last 15 minutes. "We played a. wee bit better defense tonight," Snowden said,- "although we did not contain Ken Morgan Clark. He is one heck of a basketball player." ·Morgan: Clark led Wyoming with 22 points but he led both clubs in personal fouls and left the game with 8:11 to play on five infractions. . With the beefy, 6-8 forward on the sidelines, Wyoming couldn't begin to match the UA firepower.- It was those two teammates from Kettering High in Detroit -- Coniel Norman and Eric Money -- who launched most of that firepower. Norman broke the school record for most games scoring over 30 points in one season with his fourth such effort. The smooth, 6-5 forward com- P.J. Erickson ASSISTANT SPORTS EDITOR Prep powers clash tonight in doublebill A day at the office , v By noon, yesterday, University of Arizona basketball assistant Jerry Holmes was already punching his desk. '-' Bam!- "We gotta get after those rebounds, gotta hit thosejibards!."~ ,. Bam! -"Sold out. Sold out! 13,500 people. Gotta win it tonight." -~ Bam! "This is the big one. Opening McKale, WAC lead at stake. We hafta get it done." · And with a few more punches and a kick or two, Holmes goes to 'the McKale Center to run off some of his energy. ;He takes great exception to accusations that he is nervous. He says^he's just "ready." Uhhuh.^ -?' V Fred Snowden sits at his desk in the basketball office at Bear Down Gym and chuckles softly at his young assistant. .;: The Fox, of course, is staying cool, warning Holmes of potential ulcers, and all that. !. An hour later,; Snowden is at a table in the Student Union, sipping grapefruit juice and mumbling "man, my stomach is not gonna last until tonight!" * When you're involved, the waiting always gets to yojl. ^ ···;: -.- . ; · ; ; ' .·; . - · · . · - ' ;. ; . . · ;· . "I've always been against playing athletic congests at night," Snowden says, only half facetiously. ;fV(hat we have to do is figure a way to play these Cthings at 9:30 in the morning. This waiting all day is just too tough." What you have to do, of course, is figure a way to get people to show up at 9:30 a.m. as spectators. Getting athletes together at that hour is easy: Making the cash register ring is something else again. Science and superstition The phone rings constantly. - . · '-; "No, I'm sorry, I don't have any tickets," Snowden says time and time again, while Holmes and UA's other aide, Bob Hansen, are repeating the litany on other phones. Knocks on the door bring the same request and the same answer. Holmes, a fiercely competitive type, is winding tighter and tighter, and you move your chair back a bit in case he decides to substitute people for his ' desk. -..' " - . ' ' . ' - . · · · · ' · ' But for the moment, staff and visitors are both safe because he is involved in those little items of superstition that every athletic team indulges in. , "I'm gonna wear what I wore at Utah," he says. "We haven't been beaten when I've worn that," and he points to a suit hanging in the corner. · Snowden chuckles again, but admits he'll be wearing "thei^same old outfit, too." Amid the jumble of phone calls --.. incoming requests, outgoing calls to recruiting contacts -Holmes wonders about the ball for the game. "Should we use the one we used for the first game in Bear Down? We got our first win with that ball." But Snowden wants a new ball for the new gym, and Holmes has to settle for the outside seat at the end of the bench, another bit of "magic" for the Wildcats. { It happens every iveek The newspaper arrives and the sports pages reveal a picture of Snowden in front of the McKale Center. With a gleam in his eye, Holmes claims there's a picture of the head coach on the front page, too. He holds up the page, and there's a picture of a wild burro in the corner. On the other side of the room, Hansen breaks up at the joke. But The Fox has a needle of his own and gently reminds Holmes that perhaps he is needed back at Bethel, which he left for the UA job, and that such a change could certainly be managed should this insubordinate humor continue. There's a thread that runs through all this, tying it together. All the details, the superstitions, the jokes, the wired nerves and fidgety stomachs. They call it "Game day." From late November to early March, it happens every week. Sometimes twice. There are easier ways to make a living. , ··*·· By BILL HAYES Citizen Soortswrller Redemption -- and perhaps a smattering of revenge -should be the driving forces in tonight's high school basketball doubleheader rematch at the Tucson Community Center Arena. The doubleheader, featuring Sahuaro against Rincon in a 7:30 game followed by Tucson at Pueblo at 9, will pit the same teams that met in the Arena Jan. 12. That night, Tucson dumped Pueblo, '57-40, and Rincon toppled Sahuaro, 82-72. Since the toss to Tucson (96), Pueblo (8-7) hasn't played well, posting a 2-3 mark. However, Warrior coach Roland LaVetter saw signs that his team might be snapping out of its slump in a 71-53 loss to Rincon Tuesday. . "At least we went down Lineups TDCSOI (M) 6-2 Sladek 0.1} 4-3 Hrnndci (6.5) Lopei (5.8) Havrwi (5.7) Pueblo (8-7) F Talavera (0.9) 5-10 -- .--, F Peters (6.0) 5-10 «-l Lopei (5.8) C Holmes (9.9) 5 - 1 5-9 H«ynti(J.7) 5 Gomez 07.9) 54 J-» Jhnin (10.4) G Moore (17.4) 5-10 Sahnan (13-3) Rtocon (12-3) 4-2 Markl* (15.2) f Farmer (9.1) 6-0 4-2 Ccran I12JJI F Henson (15.5) 44 4-2 Schwnk (11.1) C Taoley (9.7) £? 4-1 'Newlon (11.1) G Grata (12.5 5-8 i-1 McCnnll (13.9) G Wolter.(9.2) £2 Amphl (1-7) Catallna (C-7) 4-2 WYenm.6) F Saumler; 05.9) 4-4 6-2 pvson (12.3) F-Evani (5.8) 4-3 « Won (10.0) C Camplllo (14.5) 6-3 5-10 Huflhes (3.5) G Weddlnq (5.3) 6-1 5-8 Hrnbak tl3.$) G Mllltr (4,5) 4-1 Buena (11-5) Salpolnte (12-2) 4-4 Flick (15.7) F Darling (10.1) 4-2 6-5 Johnson (7.1) F Hughes (13.2) 6-1 W Wlnborn J13.«)C HarrlJ (15.9) 44 5-9 Arnwlne (14.4)G Allen (12.6) 6-1 ' £?. Y a ""« »:*) G Provost (3.?) 5-« Globe (4-11) FW (84) 4-3 MWndo (15.0) F Goodyke (16.6) 4-3 6-2 Derra (13.2) F Jefferies (10.6) 6-4 4-3 Cmobell (11.31C Jacobs (5,8) 6-0 M Stratton (12.01G Galvei(12.1) 5^10 Sunnyside (1-15) Donglas (7-8) 4-2 Salcldo (22.1) F Davlla (9.4) 6-0 M Sotelp 7.1) F Ochoa (7.8) 6-0 6-3 Alyrdo (2.4) C Rbertson (10.3) 6-3 5-9 Plmarez (2.1) G F. Gnzalez (4.3)5-9 5-6 Cortex (6.2) G Haymore (13.2) M CDO (S-6) Nogales (fi-7) 4-3 Edwrds (1S.8) F Hodwrs (11.0) 6-3 6-1 Buffum (7.6) F Padllla (9.0) fr3 4-9 Jung (20.3) C Garcia (9.0) 4-5 6-3 Olxon (13.3) G Estrella (17.0) 5-10 5-8 Jones (2.0) G Hernandez (6.0)5-7 CnoUa (1-12) Palo Verde (4-19) S-11 Hooklns (9.5 IF Valenzuela (8.2)4-1 5-10 Turnage (10.8JF Fowler (4.9) 6-1 4-0 Mrshll (7.2) C Cox (9.6) 6-2 S-10 Rlesoo (3.7) G V/llllarns (10.6) 5-8 5-10 Burton (4.0) G Hmmons (12.5) 4-0 'Oldtimers' surprise Cats' JV The "oldtimers" turned out to be not very old and certainly not very rusty. Veterans from past University of Arizona basketball teams defeated the UA junior varisty, 83-81, in a special preliminary game at the McKale Memorial Cener. Warren Rustand, a product of the mid-Sixties and considered by many as the best guard ever to play for the Cats, fired in 25 points to lead the alumni team, making nine of 16 shots from the floor.. Dave Bums led the JV club with 33 points and 13 rebounds, but the Alumni out- shot the Wildkittens from the floor, 50.7 per cent to 40.2 and had a 34-28 edge in field goals. . Alumni 83, Cats JV 81 AUimni f*-i tt-a reb »f tn Alumni fs-» " Johnson .......... 3-5 Causen ........... 0-2 Nymeyer ........ 5-14 hustling," LaVetter said. "Actually, we haven't looked that good in a while. Even though we lost, we hustled. You can't , feel bad about that." Guards Ernie Moore (17.4) and Frank Gomez (17.9) lead Pueblo while James Johnson (20.6), the No. 2 city and division leading scorer, tops Tucson. Sahuaro (13-3) blew Rincon (12-3) off the court in the opening quarter of their first meeting, but the Rangers scored 31 points in the second period to put the game away. "We're looking to play better than last time," said Sahuaro coach Dick McConnell. "We want to be a little tougher and play better defense. We made so many stupid mistakes last game. I feel we're a better team. now. The last two weeks we've been playing our, best. I'm much more satisfied than I was." · The games will be Southern Division AAA interleague contests. In other games starting at 8: Ampkl (9-7) at Catallna (77): An interleague game. Am- phi will try to beat Catalina's strength of Charlie Saunders ·and Terry Campillo inside with Mike Mott and Tony Wyers. Buena (11-5) at Salpolnte (12-2): An interleague .game. Salpointe's Kim Harris (15.9) will battle Buena's Waldo Winborn (13.8) and Loren Flick (15.7) inside while the Lancers' Mike Allen (12.6) will match shots with the Colts' Mike Arnwine (14.4) Cholla (1-12 at Palo Verde (4-10): An interleague game. Cholla hasn't had much success, .but Leonard Hopkins (9.5) and . Larry Turnage (10.8) offer some scoring. Palo Verde has also struggled, getting some support from Chris Hammons (12.5) and Mike Williams (10.6) ^ Sunnyside (145) at Douglas (7-8): In Douglas, the Bulldogs are hard to.beat, especially when the team playing there has won one game. . Ralph Salcido (22.1) will once again lead the Blue Devils, AVhile Gary Haymore (13.2) leads Douglas. An interleague game. Canyon del Oro (9-6, 6-1) at Nogales (6-7, 4-3): Canyon.wiU attempt to stay on top of the Class AA-2 with a win at the border. Brian Jung (20.3) and Marshall Edwards (15.8) lead the Dorados. Flowing Wens (8-6, 4-3) at Globe (4-11, 2-5): Flowing Wells will try to stay in second place with a win. The Cabs are tied with Safford and Bisbee for the runner-up spot in the AA-2. George Arino .(15.1) leads Flowing Wells' outside while Al Goodyke (16.6) is strong inside. Also tonight at 8, Marana is at Miami in an A-South game while Tombstone travels to Sahuarita for a B-East game. Breck ............ 2-5 K«mmerles ...... 1-4 Smltheran ....... 1-2 Aboud .......... . 1-2 Anderson ........ 4-5 Rustand ......... ?-!« Hansen .......... 3-6 Reeves ........... t- Totali ......... M-a ft-* reb 0-3 5 M 4-4 1-2 M M 2-2 0-2 7-» 1-3 Klnkaid ...... .... i-13 Kamwr .......... 2-6 Burns ............ H-24 DescbampS; ...... 6-U Sylvester ........ 1-5 Klalmarson ..... * M Bradley .... ..... , (M 15-15 1-3 5-8 6-6 2-2 2-2 4-S ^ Insi 3 6 3 0 2 14 3 5 Hawaii Three tie for tourney lead Skyline Defending chomp Jock Moos, advances Outdoors 61 llilliio 03 bined some classy drives through the key with his patented bombs from the outside to score 37 points, including 17 field goals in" 22 attempts. " ·· Money, who slumped in mid; season after a great start, put · together his third superb -per- '. formance, in a row witlf 20 . points, 8-oM3 from the field and a solid floor game. As a team, the Cats shot 63.1 per cent, the third time this season they have been over 60 per cent. Norman's performance was his best of the season, both percentagewise and in total points, topping two previous '. efforts of 34 points., The Cowboys seem plagued with a critical combination of problems -- no depth and poor conditioning. ·- ' Center Rod' Penner,\ who dominated the .boards in the first" half, was dragging so badly that coach'-'Bfll Stran- nigan was forced to rest him. Morgan Clark, who exhibited some pro-type moves around the basket, also seemed to run' out of steam and 'committed two rather pointless fouls that - limited his play in the second half drastically. When the Cowboys went to the bench, they came up short. Willie Brown substituted for Morgan Clark and turned the -ball, over the first two times he touched it, once on a traveling call and once on a double dribble. In the late going, the Cats ran their fast break -at will when the Cowboys were slow to react on defense snI the score steadily -mounted until Snowden cleared -his bench with less than two minutes remaining. Harris shared the center duties with starter John Irving after the latter caught an elbow that broke off one of his teeth with 10:59 left in the first half. Irving started the second half, but wasn't quite himself, and Harris finished as the Cats' No. 3 scorer with nine points, And about those seats. It seems that a metal brace was needed under the molded plastic folding 'seats. The braces were flown in yesterday morning and a crew worked niost of the day fitting them to, the 8,553 theater-type seats. Without the brace, you see, body heat tends to soften the plastic to the point where it sags. Almost collapses, you might say. And wouldn't that have been a nice surprise to those 8,553 people? Where is everybody? Citizen Photo by Lew Eliiolt University of Arizona's Ron Allen finds himself surrounded by a pair of Wyoming players, Larry Crowe, left, and Ken Handle. In background are UA's John Irving and Wyoming's Ken Morgan Clark. The Wildcats, playing their first game in McKale Memorial Center, defeated the Cowboys, 8769, to move into a three-way tie for the Western Athletic Conference lead. More pictures, page 57. Bitter Wampfler quits CSU hunting new coach FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) -- Citing a lack of "total commitment" on the part of the administration toward a win- Tiing football program, Jerry , Wampfler resigned yesterday 'as head coacn at Colorado ; State University. Wampfler, whose Ram teams posted a three-year record of 8-25 including a disappointing 1-10 mark last sea- 1 , son, said he had become convinced that he did not have the unqualified confidence and support of the CSU adminsi- tration. "It will take a total commitment, starting at the top from the State Board of Agriculture and the president of the university and right on down, for CSU to have a winning football program," the 41-yearold coach said following his resignation. The board of agriculture is the college's governing body. Wampfler and athletic director Perry Moore were at the center of a heated controversy last December, with factions of alumni and students calling for the removal of one or the other or both.' The board, following a series of hearings into the turmoil, voted to continue the contracts of both men. Moore, .however, objected to continuing Wampfler through the end of the coach's contract next December, bat was over- ridden by CSU president A. 11. Chamberlain. Moore offered to take a year's leave on a sabbatical, but Chamberlain rejected that and both Moore, whose contract runs through June 1974, and Wampfler appeared set to continue. At the hearing, Wampfler and other CSU coaches testified that Moore was "interfering" with tiie functions of the coaches. In the weeks to follow, Wampfler said lis became convinced he had never re- SMU next foe for UA netters Special to tht Citizen MADISON, Wis. -- The University of Arizona tennis team was to meet talented Southern Methodist tonight in the second round of the National Intercollegiate Indoor Tennis Tournament after posting an easy 8-1 victory over Tennessee yesterday. Arizona's No. 3 player, Dcarmond Briggs, surprised defending Southeast Conference champion Paul Van Min by taking a 6-1, 6-4 victory. Rand Evett of Arizona defeated Bob Pierce, 7-6, 6-2; Tom Mazer defeated Dan linker, 7-6, 3-6, 6-3; Steve Briggs lost te Marc Belle, 6-2, 6-2; Bin Hoshaw defeated Paul Novack. 7-6, 7-5; and Robb Cunningham defeated Clayton Doulet, 6-2, 6-3. In doubles, Craig Hardy and Hoshaw defeated Huber and Van Min, 7-6, 6-2; Evelt and Dearmond Briggs defeated Pierce and Bolle, 6-3, 6-2; and Cunningham and Steve Briggs defeated Novack and Ed Pickett, 6-3,7-6. Southern Methodist, led by George Hardy, defeated Wisconsin yesterday, 8-1. The 16-team field includes the top seven team finishers In last year's National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament, inclnding champion Trinity of Texas and rnnnernp Stanford, the tonraament favorite. Wildcats 87, Cowboys CS K i a M 1-1 Arfzon* f..» Norman, f . 17:22 Fleming,! .-....'.[ s-t lrvlna,c w AHen.g 1,4 Money, a t-n Wakefleid .....I.. M Lawson 2-2 Harris I x-5 McLaughlln ... 0-1 Echols n-0 Burns '.'. (u Deschampt o-O Totals ,. " 3t.CT Wyomliw iS Adams,f ?5 . . MoroanClark, f ..n-16 o-2 Pcnncr, c 6-11 M Randlc,g ..; jj i? Crowe.D ....,",".;.; 1-6 oil 12TM?.. ·-. 4-10 M 1J-1 0-0 -1» Crowcll" Bailey -3J-7I M 12 11 37 4 , 6 20 0 » 0 0 0 0 17 I -4 4t wVoX ··:::::::::;;;::;;; jfjj-ij Percentages! FG ^ Artmnm At * S^Mfeo^S^ crowd rM^ } . (ftara ^"r sports McKale pictures, page 57 ceived an unqualified vote of confidence from Ms superiors. He said a new contract also "would have helped our squad morale." "The players know me pretty well and they know that I will fight for a principle. By permitting me to serve out the final year of my contract, I didn't really have a principle to fight for. Sports Calendar blunts Rams TEMPE (AP) -- Arizona State University punished Col- roado State in Western Athletic Conference basketball Thursday night, 77-50. The Sun Devils' pressing defense held Colorado State scoreless for the first three minutes of the game and allowed them only 17 points in the first half. Sun Devils 77. Rams 50 Colorado State 9 f ' t Pntiana 2 (W) 4 Rhoades 7 8-11 22 Ball 0 1-2 1 Hal! 4 0-1 8 Phillfps 3 0 - 0 6 Carey 1 0-0 0 Rirtdie 00-0 C CrivaK 0 0 - 0 0 McBetti 0 0 - 0 0 Bavrni 1 3-4 5 Wlliams 0 2-2 2 Total* 1» 14-20 H Arliona State ? f M Waslev 4 1-4 Knnedy 3 1-2 Cnlrras 5 5-8 Owens 6 0-1 Jackson 1 1-2 White 6 3-4 Scholar 2 22 Brown 4 0-0 Moon 0 0-0 Totals 3213-1: Halfilme Score -- Arizona State 27, Colorado State 17 Total Fouls -- Arizona State 26, Colorado State 20 FcuW Out -- Kali. A --2310 TODAY (In Tucson) 7:30 p.m. -- High School basketball doubleheader: Tucson vs. Pueblo at Tucson Community Center Arena Rincon vs. Sahuaro at Tucson Community Center Arena (second game) 8 p.m. High School basketball: Amphi at Catalina Buena at Salpointe Cholla at Palo Verde 8 p.m. -- Dog racing. Tucson Greyhound Park. TOMORROW (In Tucson) 1:15 p.m. --· Horse racing. Rillito Racetrack. 7:30 p.m. -- College basketball: Arizona vs. Colorado St., McKale Center (KTUC) 8 p.m. -- High school basketball: Douglas at Santa Rita Globe at CDO (On radio-TV) 11:30 a.m. -- College basketball: Maryland vs. Duke. Channel 11 1:30 p.m. -- College basketball: Wyoming vs. Arizona St., Channel 9 1:30 p.m. -- Pro bowling: King Louie Open. Channel 9 4 p.m. ~ Pro golf: Hawaiian Open. Channel 9 9:30 p.m. -- College basketball: UCLA vs. USC. Channel 4

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