The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 10, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1906
Page 4
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.E LIFE Time When Women Are Susceptible to Many Dread Diseases—Intelligent Women Prepare for it. Two Relate their Experiences. The "chang* ol life" is til* most critical period of a woman's existence, »nd the anxiety felt by women as it draws near it not without reason. Every woman who neglects"the care of her lieaith at this time invites disease and pain. When her system is in s deranged condition, or she is predisposed to apoplexy, or congestion of any organ, the tendency is at this period likely to become active —and with a host of nervous irritations make life a burden. At this time, also, cancers and tumors are more liable to form and bejrin tbeir destructive work. f Such warning symp. toms as sense of suffocation, hot flashes, headaches, backaches, dread of impending evil, timidity, sounds in the ears, palpitation of the heart, sparks before the eyes, irregularities, ^constipation, variable 'appetRc, weakness, inquietude, and dizziness, are promptly heeded by intelligent women, who are approaching the period in life when woman's great may be expected. Z«ydia E. Ijinkham's Vegetable Compound was prepared to meet the needs of woman's system at this trying period of her life. It invigorates and strengthens the female organism and builds up the weakened nervous system. For special advice regarding this important period women are invited to write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., and it will be furnished absolutely free of charge. The present Mrs. Pinkham is the daughter-in-law of Lydia E. Pinkham, her assistant before her decease, and for twenty-five years since her advice has been freely given to sick women. - Eead what Lydia E. Pinkham's Compound did for Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. Hinkle: .»«***««*««««1I*»****«».««*«* I g Society and Clxibs J; ^Omaaamsataaa change "I had been suffering vith displacement of the organsfor years and was passing through tiie change of life. My aba omen was badly (wollenpmj stomach was sore; I had dizzy •* I wrote you for advice and commenced treatment with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound ns TOO directed, and I am happy to say that all those distressing symptoms left me and I have passed safely through the change of life, a well woman. L am recommending your tnedfcine to aij my friends."—Mrs. Annie E. G. Hyland, Chester- Kmn, Md. Another Woman's Case "During change of life words cannot express what I suffered. My physician said 1 had a cancerous condition of the female organs. One da}' I read some of the testimonials of women who had been cured by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, and I decided to try it and to write you for advice. Your medicine made me a well woman, jffid all my bad symptoms soon disapiwared. I advise every woman at this period of life to take vour medicine nnd write you for ad- vice/'—Vrs. Lizzie Hinkle, Salem, I*jd. What Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound did for Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. ninkle it will do for other women at this time of life. It has conquered pain, restored health, anil prolonged life in cases that At the meating of the Domestic Science club. Tuesday afternoon, at the home of Mrs. H. B. Hewitt, Mrs. Ramsey was leader assisted by Mesdames Lawson and Boyd. The subject was "American Aomes." The flower committee reported on the distribution of prizes among the school children and of the in If res-t manifested by all the teachers, reporting that the state superintendent of schools recommend that the work be continued and extended throughout the state. A special committee reported the meeting, at the home of Mrs. Tracy, to bid farewell to the former president, Mrs. Jasper Blackburn, at which meeting Mrs. Blackburn was presented with a set of solid silver tea spoons, in a white leather case. + + 4. + 4- I The ladies of the Baptist church are planning to give an oyster eupper at the home of Mrs. B. R. Shore on Thursday evening, Oct IS. ' VICTIMS OF GREAT PARASITES DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS 1IC STOCK PLENTY OF CATTLE, HOGS AND SHEEP IN MARKET. Estimated That They Cause Fifty Per Cent of All Stomach. Trouble spdli, sick headaches, and was very nervous, i utterly baffled physicians. bite E Hakim's Vegetable Compound Succeeds Where Others Fail. THURSDAY 1 OCTOBER... 1 THE GREAT SUCCESS Written liy Lottie Blair Parker Author "'Way Down East" mmn CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS A Play That, Will Live Forever Tbi? most original, uuunckueyod and diverting play of Southern life ever written. 27 • REMARKABLE CAST-27 Massive Production Complete in Kvery Detail. OVER TWO MILLION PEOPLE HAVE FOB SALE buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Ground 100 feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf j For sale—Cottage in Graves- I ville, three lots, two wells, every- Ithing in good condition. Price i S550, Will tike team and wagon j or cow as part payment. William j M,iscnheittir, at Oc-nnty Infirmary. I For sale—A top, single buggy j almost new. Also set single harness. Will sell at a b irgain if taken at once. iJSsdti | Saanders-Turner Lumber Co. u ' j from Masonic temple; in first class condition. Inquire at this . fflne. PERSONAL AND LOCAL C. E. Surface of Uraymer was the guest of friends in tho city Wednesday.' Henry Bushnell of Dawn was transacting business in the city Wednesday. There was no change in the condition of J. A. barruichael Wednesday afternoon. Liba Head of Kansas City was here Wednesday the guest of relatives and friends. Fred Horoacuer of Medicine township was in the city transacting business Wednesday. Mrs. C. A. McCioughan and daughter, Miss May me. of Utica vrere the guests of Do!ph Roberts and family the first of the week. Rev. T. B. Wolcott and wife of Harris were in the city Tuesday, en route home from the mooting of the Methodist Episcopal conference at St. Joseph. Rev. Wolcott will be the pastor of the Methodist church at Laredo Uio coming year. Children eat, sleep and grow after taking Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea. Brings rosy "cheeks, laughing eyes, good health anc strength. A tonic for sickly children. Tea or tablets, 35 cents.-N J. Swetland Drug Co. It is a difficult question, which has puzzled managers for m-iny years: "Which is the most successful playwright? Man or Woman?'' On the surface it appears as if man has the better of the argument but careful investigation, makes that doubtful. Lottie Blah Parker's two great successes" Way j Down East" and "Under South- blocks ern Skies" equal if not surpass fl • St. Louis, October S), 1006. Nothing has done so much to arouse the pepple in St. Louis as the immense au'mber of parasites or tape-worms that are bc.inij removed from individuals by a preparation knowc as Cooper's | New Discovery. This preparation is being introduced in this city for the first time by L. T. Cooper, the young philanthropist, who has made and is making a fortune by its sales. The medicine is prepared at Dayton,, and is gold for various forms of fctomach trouble. It is now biiug sold iu St. Louis in such enorni'jus "^quantities as to have caused au.enormous discussion by physicians throughout the city. Coo'por oh 1ms that much suffering is the result of tapeworms, and stated early during his visit that the creatures were rosponti- b!e for fifty per cent of all stomach trouble. This claim seems to be verified as fully one-half of the individuals who have taken this preparation have -bcon relieved of Cattle Hold Their own, Htjgs and Sheep Were Lower During the- Past Week. 2odtf SEEN THIS PLAY PRICES: Seat Sali 25,35,50,750, $1 Wednesday Ma. m. FOE, SENT j For Rent—7-room house good repair. Seymour Wisely, 22sdtf Three light comfortably heated rooms for rent. Bank of Chilii- eothe buildujff. dlw For Rout—2 nice offlc:; room?, steatn heated. Also 4 nice rooms steam heated, suittblo for office or light house keeping. Quuby & West. _ 2woiO STILL IT THE OLD STSKD E. M. CRELLSN HAS BEEN FITTING SPECTACLES IN eHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS HELP WANTED -FEMALE Wauled—Girl for housework, small family. Enqaire at residence of W. J. Guuby, N, Walnut. IwolO 6-5-4WILL NOT WASH OFF ROOM AKTD BOAKD board for Oood room and 406 South Elm. two. dlw For rent—Furnished room near square. Apply at this office. oldGt nancially and artistically half a dozen plays written by any of her brother playwrights. And so with many other female dramatist?, whose list of successes have not been c'ompired, aud indicates that they are entitled to serious consideration. At the Luella Thursday night. When you have a cold it is weil tox>e very careful about using anything that will caut-e constipation. Be particularly careful about preparations containing opiates. Use KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR, which stops the cough and moves the bowels. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. CASTOR IA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bough! Bears the Signature of I THE CONSEQUENCES OF HECLECT Are Dad enough in business and other matters, tut when a chronic discaso is the thing neg- todj-oonsoquences follow which are. f-<r more cJeplorublr than mere Jluanciiil or other loss. Unfortunately it is the nature of these diseases to give few warnings of iheir presence until they have made considerable inroads- upon ho particular organs attacked. In j this respect they differ widely from acute diseases which alwtys givee-, idence of their presence in land Drug Co. unmiftabable terms and often ' greatly out of proportion to their re'al gravity. For the above reason, if for no other, those knowing- themselves to be afflicted with any of the chronic nervous, ca- larrhal or other troubles, should lose no time in consulting a re- JONES CEMETERY All persons interested iu the Jones Cemetery are requested to meet there »--ith suitable tools to clean and repair tho samOj October 17. By order of the President. Greatest tonic and strength producing remedy ever offered suffering humanity. Cures indgostion, constipation, heidscac, stomach disorders. That's what Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea will do. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents. N. J. SweU one oi these creatures. A reporteriwho ^spent an hour at Cooper's headquarters, secured statements from a number of people, » ho brought one of the creatures to the young man. yesterday, Tho following are some of these statements and are similar to all the rest: Mr. Chas. H. Muotz, living at 1031 Easton Avo., who brought with him a tnpe worm about fifty feet in Icngtn, when questioned, said. 1 "t have been in poor heal'h for eight years, t have attributed it to my stomach, although I was not certain last what was the mac- tel' with me. I felt dull most of the time and the least exertion tired me. I had fi t very irregular appetite and always had a eouto'd tongue. 1 was troubled with shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness aud would see specks before my eyes- if I stooped over aud raised up quickly." "My worst trouble was that I seemed to lack all ambition and it was difficult to attend to my business as I always felt tired even af- tei a night's *!eop. My mind seemed dull and sluggish most of the time and I had difficulty in remembering. I have had headache a greut deal and have done everything possible but could gi-t no relief." ''I heard so much of this man ooper, that last Wednesday I bought n bottle of his preparation, i did not use it till yesterday when took two doses of it and about wo hours ago a parasite left my ystem. I know now what made me feel so badly all these years, consider this the most remarkci- le preparation I ever he-ird of It has made life worth living for mo once more and 1 am very .Kansas Cicy Stock Yards, 0 :c 9, Big runs of cattle are coming in this week, bat the market is holding up in good shape. Cows are showing the only weakness, but aa they have been selling batter than any other kind tha last two weeks, it is only getting them back in their propar position. Run yesterday was 23,000 head, including 1030 cilves, supply today 22,000, including 2000 calves. Tae supply was moderate last week, and prices advanced 10 to 25 cents on about everything, which makes the market very satisfactory this week, in view of the good run. There are any number of feeder bjyers here this week, aud that class is selling stronger, and active, grass killing steers are also selling good today, strong to 10 cents higher, others steady, heavy calves lower than a week ago, as a larger percentage of the calves weigh upwards of 200 Ib. each week; light reals are scarce and high, up to §6.50. Top lately is 86.-10, one day last week, several loads at 88 00 today, fair to good, beef steers 85 25 to §5.75, graasers §3 10 to §5.00 bulk of heifers 83.00 to 84 25, cows S2,35 to §3.25, bulls $2 00 to S3.25, heavy calves $3.00 to 8-1.25. Kansas and Oklahoma have not been as heary buyers of stockers and feelers as_ might have been expected in tie* of the big crop of corn in these states, that is they have not bought as many on the market, buying at home being more general than was anticipated. The shortage in cattle receipts this fall is mainly from those two states, and is attributed to this cause. Range stookers sell at §3 00 to 83 85, feeders 83.25 to St.00, native stockers up to 8-1.25, feeders S-1.60. Tho hog market ia dropping down this week, partly because of heavy supplies at othet points and bad markets elsewhefe, arid partly in anticipation of larger receipts sooii. The supply has been moderate here, 10,000 today, market 5 lower, medium and heavy hogs now selling highest, at S6.35 to SU. 1.3, light weight 5 to 10 cents below the tops, 86,30 to $6.40, odd bunches of pigs kt 85 75 to SO 10,; Sheep run is heavy, 45,000 last week, 20,000 ia two days this week. The market has held u.. good, but is 10 t'o 20 cents lower than a week ago. A large share of the staff is feeders, but so far there has been a place for all of them, and packers clean up their kinds readily. Best lambs sell at 80 35 to 87 1.1, yearlings up to 85.60 Wethers S5.J5. ewes S4.00 to §5.00. Feeding lambs sell at S&.SO to SO 30, feeding wethers, yearlings and breeding ewes §4.60 to 85.40, with plenty of them available. J. A. RICKART, L, S. Correspondent. E do not call • vour attention low priees-any one can quote meaninirles.s Hu-uers. Rather would w«- have you be conscious of the incontrovertible fac-t the clothes to which our low prices are attached represent tho most noteworthy accomplishments of high-priced tailor skill. formed from models ami fashioned of fabrics which are abrest with tho hour or uver beyond it. If you have never experienced tho lasting satisfaction such clothes confer. you wlli appreciate them even more than our regular patrons. $10 00 to $27.50 We sell the colt 1 In-sited UK LOP WIKK MAT. Wilsqn Jjros.' Shirts. WEST SIDE SQUARE. BRANT'S SHOES ARE BETTER. We Have It THE GLOVE YOU WANT= Will be found at OUR STORE. Everything in this line from Cotton Gloves at 5c to the finest Dress Gloves at #1.50. We have the right weight Un- denvear for this weather. on BRANT'S SHOES ARE BETTER. once thankful.' Kor sale by Joseph Minteer & Williams. Batta and ;-H 11; i I..H-H •! -J-I-I-1 'M;:. DAVIS £ SONS, ATTORNEYS AXD COUNSELORS. Notary always in office. f Office: 516 Washington £ St., Chiilicothe, Missour •M ] 2:; :-i-t-H-;- •5-S-? I I liable specialist, whose experience and skill can be relied on to discover the true nature and extent of of such disease. We cheerfully recommend Dr. Pretty man in these eases. His reliability is wel known here, where he makes regular monthl/ visits. Lottie Blair Parker's most successful play, ' Under Southern Skies', is one of the plays to be seen in this cir.y in the near future. "Way Down East," is the plav that first brought this celebrate,! author prominently before the public. -5-i~ - If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Dr. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia 4-; would practically hi a disease of !•! j che past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative T reaches stomach troubles by its Tj direct tonic action upon the inside f | nerves—the true stomach nerves. ?! Stomach distress or weakness, |! fullness, bloating, belching. We T i recommend and sell Dr. Shoop's f . Rev.onitivo. The N. J. Swetland •i-M^JDrug Co. ~ —; IMITATE — JAS. CORNWELL Jim is only 15 years old. but he is drawing- $40 a month in St. Joseph. .Ihn enrolled in MAUPIN'S COLLEGE. If you are not a chump you'll enrol! too. Maupin's College •'TEi POSITION SCHOOL" —* ChilHcothe' Mo.g—— The statement of Mr William Bnickeu, of 7^0 Morgan St., was as follows: "I have suffered with scomach trouble for three years. I was not sink enough to be ia ! bed but just felt bad all the time. My greatest trouble was that I always felt tired. Would got up in the morning as tired as when I went to bed." "I had a ver/ irregular appetite and was troubled with dizzy spells. If I stood for any length of time I \.ouldhave a dull pain in the lower part of my back. I was nervous and felt Hll the time as though something terrible was ointi to happen. My memory has been getting bad during the oast year and my eyesight is not as keen as it W.IH, I have tried many kinds of medicines but nothing over help J a mo. ' '•I had about given up all hope of ever being in good health again, when I heard so much of Cooper and decided, to try his medioiuBS. I bought one bottle of his Now Discovery, as it is called. I took just three dos:s of the medicine, and this tape worm, which is over seventy feet in length, left my system. I never suspected that I had this thing. I fee! better already and believe 1 will get back some of the tleeh I had lost during the past few years. I would not" have that thing in me again for a thousand dollars." These statements and others like them go far toward accounting for Caoper's immense success here and elsewhere. So far every claim made by the young man NEWS FROM CHULA. Chula, ^Out., 10—(Special Correspondence)—Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Spirling of near Chiilicothe spent Sun-Jay with J. T. Paxt«r a^l wife. Mr. aud Mrs. Lew Pence of AI» phia visited L. E. Pence and wife Saturdi}' night- Misses Laura Belshe and Susie Phillips spent Saturday ..night and Sunday with Kate May. D. B. Shiflett and family visited last week near Marcelino. Mrs. Jane Austin is visiting this week with her sister, Mrs. Samuel Wallace. J. J. May is assessing in Wheeling township this week. Mrs. A. J. Cramer of Denver, Colo., will arrive Wednesday on a visit to her sister, Mrs, T. J. May. T. J.May and family spent Sunday at the home of J..J. May. Clark Morris and Miss Pearl May attended church a Chiilico- the Sunday night. PROPER SHOES FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. to ~).S $1.35 to $3.00 Youths' Shoes, Hi u> . $1.00 to $2.00 Little Gent's Slines. S-! to 11 ,. . .$1.00 to $1.75 Misses' Shoes. Button 01-Lace llto^ $1.20 t> $2.50 Childs'Shoes. Button or Lace. •*! 10 !l $100 to $2 00 l.'hilds" Shoes. Button or Lace. •") t:j S 75i: to $1.SO Insants' Shoes. Button or Luce. 1 t.j 5 50c to $1.25 ALL LE ATHEB.S FOR ALL WEATHERS. seems to have baon verifiod. "Under Southern Skies" is the. [ only play oi Southnrn life ,evf<r [ written that does not bring In either a "Norther ae?" a VM^eji- I shine*" or a "Si0},dfie.r..' It is j purely southern ia Character a^ atmosphere. At th^r Luella Thursy '.day night, ''--.... . ,.. •" '• FEEDERS HIGHER. CONSTITUTION Special. Kansas City, Oct. 10—The live stock market for today,as reported by Clay, Robiudoa & Co., was as follows: Cattle—Receipts 12,000; cornfed lOc higher; others steady;strong. Hogs—Receipts 8,000; market steady; closing weak bulk S6.30 to §635: top $6.40 Sheep—5,000; strong. Chicago, Oct. 10—Cattle—Receipts 17,000;strong to 10e higher. Hogs—Receipts 24,000; slow. market; THE TEXA.S WONDER Cures ail Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treatment by mail for SI. Dr. E. W. Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis, Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. Bears the Signature of iiie BIGSESr SHOE STORE for EIGHTY MILES AROTJND. Pkcne 491. W. C. Norwine, of Flat River, in the lead mine district of Missouri, has sent us this photo of a pair of Diamond Brand shoes \vorn 10 months underground where ordinary shoes average about 6 weeks. Our heavy Diamond Brand work shoes are in every way as superior in their class as are our highest grade dress shoes—and we make more fine shoes than any other House in the West. "OMt/O/VO BRAND" 'SHOEMAKERS MAKE QTHE0 f/JVf HOUSE //V WABASH RATES i If you want to go to New York ! now is the time, the rate is very low, first class tickets and first class service. Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus §2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W. E. CREAJTER, Agent. v~- O.A.S*S» Bera tho _/) T» Kind You Havo Always Boogto Signature of • —— .«..». . Itch on human cured In 30 mimitea by WOOI/FOKD'S SANITARY LOTION. This never falls. Soldlbythe N.!J. Bvetlond Druu L'o j .0 I Dr, £rihur J. Simpson, SURGEON ANB OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat.. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose-and Throat. CUSSES ' Office in Herman BIdg. Jforth Sldo Sq.. Phones 88and 21S ] KA.HT IJOPNf) TRAINS No. M—Atlantic Kxprens. St. Louis and fo*-yr»nd lii::!8ftro No. Mail nnd KXPI-CMM, St. Lonls and Intermediato Points 4:3* pm No 70—Local Kn-iBht. dally «x- c.'pt Siindny 12:300 m WF.ST RO('XF> TRAINS. Xo I — Pneljlc Kxpri'SM. Council BlnlTs. Omaha and for points huyoncl 2:10 am No. :l—Wt;st»-rn Mall and Kxpress .1:45 pm No. 71—Local fivlKht. dally PX- .-t-Dt Sunday 12:110 in All tmiSHiiimr trains run daily. The Wahnsli via Omaha, ninkes thn quickest time ro ^an Francisco. Portland, Snlt Ijiki- City and Intermediate points. Num- hoi- <; :n:ikf ffood connections at Brunswick for Kansas City ami points west. W. E CREAMEP A sent. C. Id, & SI. P. Tims Card. No. No. WEST BOUND rt^-Sic! 1 !; FriMti. carries POH- s»Mi£i-ral4>tn-»i!!iiChlllico- tht- and J.avv.1011 ....... 5— Souths est Limited. Chl- i'«.rr.-Ka;isH.s (Mty ---- *..- . 31— I.m-nl rm^HeiiKe r between riiliiicnthu nnd Kan-ins C4ty ......................... r-5— Wuy Fri'izht ........... ••-;— Local (•Milcaffo— Kansas City Pas:*Miijrer ......... EAST BOUND <vi— Siock train between t'hil- Hcotbe and Seymour .. . P«— Way Freight depart" ... y — Kan'an City --(.'blcitgo 7:10pt0 5:27 a m 7:00s in »;10am I2:5oa nj 3:06 p ra 1:09 p m No. :IL'— Local rassi'nger between Ohlillcothe uiul Kansas City . AKKIVE — 8:lfipra No. 12— Southwest Limited, Kansas (Jlry to Chicago, St. Paul. Minneapolis ........ 8:40p m All passenger trains enter Union Station. Ktuisa* City. Nos. s ana 12 stop at Mpym<mr, Olillllcothe, fcxcelwtor Springs, Liberty. rt4 nrlli Garry passengers as far as Seymour. nnd mi will i-ur.-s pa»aen«ter»«a far a* Polo. S. NICHOLAS, Burlington Time Card. No. la— For Kansas City, St. Joe. Council Bluffs, Onmba. Neb. Colorado, Pacific Coast, from St. LouUand Hannliiul 4:12a n» . .>"—For Kansas Olty, St. Joseph, Kansas and West, fniniChicngoandQaincy 4:15 am No. •.—I, ocal Passenger for Kan- sa.s OHy from Broo&tleld fl:50ami No. 3—Local Passenger to Missouri Rlyer and We»t. from the Kast „,,, u&lpra No. 41—The Burlington— Softh" sen Pacific Express, to* Kansas City. St. Joe. Northwest, Neb., Black Hills, Wyo.,Mont..Wash. PuBRt Sound. Portland, Ht. Louis 4:01 D m' 6— Nebraska-Colorado Express, to at. Joseph and West from the Eaut B:20 p m •itl—Way Freight, west bound H:25a m M—To Hannibal, at. Lool» * •. Rast.from West &Northwest- U»9pni 4— KOCH I Passenger to Hannibal. Ht. Louis. Illinois, Chicuuo, Peoria, St. L..K. A N-W. points 10-.ilam II—To Hannibal, St. Louis and tho East, from the West 11 :.1o a n< •i>—Local for Brookfleld from Kansas City !l:S3pm 5«—To Quincy. Ct]ka«o Peoria and East. St. L. K. A N-W points B:a)pin *.'.'— Way Freight, east bound -2:iripai B. B. JORDAN. Agent. . ROAD OF MONOPOLY Kroin tlio car window on the COLO- I! A l«l M I DLAN1) yon can see Pike's Peak, Collegiate Range, Mt. Massive, HeO Gate, Hagerman Pass, Red Rock Canon, All Colorado beauty upots. Pfnn your Colorado or California trip so a.s to include a trip between Denver utu! Salt Lake City via the MID- l.AN'I)— the rente through the Republic's play ground. Low Rates To The Pacific Coast Write for Illustrated Literature. Colorado MORfeLL LAW, G. A. i»f>Wheid!ey BldK.. Kansas City, Mo. C. H. SPEERS, G. P. A. Denver, Colorado. HOME- SEEKERS' RATES ONE FARE PLUS $2 For the round trip with minimum of $7 every Tuesday during September, October. November, and December. llimi. Inclusive from St. Paul and .Minneapolis to points In Minnesota, North Dakota. Manitoba, Western Ontario and the Canadian Northwest. and on the first and third Tuesdays during September. October, and November. lOflri, to points In Montana and Idaho, Northeastern Oregon, Eastern. Washington and Eastern British Colombia. See the finest agricultural lands in the Great Northwest. Low rates afford an excellent opportunity to secure- a farnt in a rich and {fi'owinjf country, where yields are, where excellent markets are near at hand atnd where irrigated districts present splendid opportunities and sure crops. Tickets bear final return limit of 21 days, with liberal stopover privileges. Go West via the frjorthern pacific fty. Between St. Paul and Minneapolis and the Pacific Northwest. ST. p». AQ«NT, wt. MINN. | For free booklets I and information ' about land! write C.W. MOTT. Gen. Emigration Agt St. Paul. Minn. For rates and Information write D..GARDINE R. Dist. Pas. Agt, 30 & Mtaaount TRu»**Mo. flK!HEHEAlLElSE FAILS - : jfi •fi

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