Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 22
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 22

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 22
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Kirk Douglas Frowns on Actors in Politics By JOHN O. KOEHIXR BERLIN (AF)--Movie star Kirk Douglas said.Friday he felt an actor should cot publicly support any candidate for political office. *I think ft is unfair for an actor to use whatever recognition he may have to impose his political views about any candidate on t h e public." Douglas said. He was replying to questions p o s e d by German newsmen. The a c t o r and his wife. Anne Buydens, arrived in West Berlin for a three-day stay in connection with his latest film "Seven Days ia May* which deals with a military c o u p in the United SUtes in 1974. Because of the nature of the film, most of the questions were of a political nature, in such thinking. What if · · · · were to go to Paramount ai__ ASKED whether a military tefl them that I hate the Ger- JIAE ^MURRAY Star Penniless, Earned Millions LOS ANGELES «V-Si1ent film star Mae Murray, found wandering in West St Louts Thursday, returned home Friday night . Miss Murray, who madeUrjjts to jo on to New York millions in 1920s, is cow because she has an idea some- nearly penniless. The Salta- f^f ^^f w ^j putiijj, be, itf e tion Army paid a J13.20 hotel st ory. But her story was pub- uQ for her in St. Louis and lished in a book in 1955. She KIRK DOUGLAS No Endorsements put her on a plane for Los knows no one in New York Angeles. S a l v a t i o n Army w ho ^m ijk e cm O f Capt Fred Major said the 74- year-old former a c t r e s s thought she was in New York. However, in Troy, N. Y, the actress" son told reporters he would "do whatever has to He said she had a bus j^ done* for his mother. The ticket to New York but fc«!saa. Daniel M. Cunning,' is a didn't want to let her use it because "she might be lost in the next large city she goes through." · « · · SHE WAS met at the airport by several officials of the 38-year-old father of two daughters who heads a shoe store. · · · · HIS NAME was changed after his parents were divorced when he was a child. Motion Picture Relief Fund He was raised by Dr. Daniel and taken to her apartment i Hollywood. "We hope she w21 M. Cunning, a New York Gty c o u p could happen in the mans a n d therefore don't't^jj^- said the fund's direc- United States, Douglas said: want any of my pictures W, William T. Kirk. 'She "The fact that you can!shown in Germany, or if we' make a picture like that'try to keep our pictures out proves to me that it is notjol Cairo because we may not possible. I would n o t say .like how the Arabs treat Is- that it could never happenjrael? but it certainly could not at] "In trying to correct a surgeon, and the physician's stay sister, Sara E. Cunning of this time. (wrong, we sometimes create "It is the strength of ourjmany more problems." For nearly an hour, the ac tor answered most questions democracy that we c a n so openly discuss the possibfli-j Douglas also was asked about the racial situation in later perfected while making ky. the United States, especially! a movie ia Munich. whether he felt it was right Douglas flies to Rome Sun- to a VS. request to discharge about 6,000 Japanese em- Sand Lake, near Troy. He is the son cf former Prince David Mdivani of Georgia, now part of the Soviet Union, one of Miss Murray's four husbands. Miss Murray earned a re- U.S. Reducing Japau Oases' Work Crews TOKYO Cfl -- The Japanese government has agreed ported $3 million in the mid- jr~SK*£- 1920s. She hit the peak of her success opposite Jack Gilbert . ,, ^_TMTM. at VS. military bases i=_ the movi^"The Merry M, German a language he in Japan by next October. theiWidow.-in 192a. She report- said he learried ia schoof and Defense Agency disclosed to( edlv earned as much as J10.- Lwf SMC*. OM-. IMrtm. F*. a nn INDEPENDENT-*gt C-5 12 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME . J Children Sivarming: for Beatles 9 Return \ By RICHARD KASISCKKE ; NEW YORK (UPI--Thousands of teen-agers gave th« · Beatles i roaring, riotous sendoff for London Friday nfght. C Two policemen were Injured and six girts fainted ia the i mob scene. . · Police, fearing the teen-agers would break through barriers, canceled a scheduled plaoeslde press conference by the four British rock V rollers at Kennedy Interaa-., tional Airport. In one barricaded ana several girls who fainted in the crush were passed over the heads of the crowd to a waiting policewoman who took them to a (irst-atd area. LONDON CB -- "It's fantastic, gasped C. D. WaHron. c ruTjTnan^r.t of London Airport. I would scarcely believe] it was possible but Fve seen vinced seme cf the kids to go. it with my own eyes." home, sleep and return in th» Wl»l f!,Ww.r«t*1 W,M m0rn;n S- But **** t * il ? 0rt . What flabbergasted Wald- sTntchboard started lighting ron was more than 500 ch3-L _ ^^ ca]Is from GU ,_ dren charging London Airport w ^ Aberdeen in at 7 p.m. Friday to hail the'^j. w1ien do ^ return of the Beatles from arTive r The airport had to the United States--J2 hours lsk for broadcastl Oail y., weather was good and tha Beatles would not be diverted before they are due Saturday morning. The kids yelled. "We want 000 a week. for Marlon Brando and Paul Newman to take part in pro- Negro demonstrations. -I fee! as strongly as Bran- 1 do about many aspects of the racial problem but there are o t h e r aspects on which 1 don't agree with Brando," the actor said. Tor example, Brando is al leged to have said would never make which Ls not played in desegregated theaters. In my opinion, this is wrong. da'y to s t a r t a round-the- world trip sponsored by the U.S. State Department. SHOW TIMES ^ Here are starting times of £" e features in Long Beach thea- 'ters as listed by theater managers: "THERE is a great danger LISTON-CLAY : FIGHT TICKETS i ON SALE NOW! \ Wit) Ccast HE 6-4209 CHOICE SEATS NOW *-.,·- i Wlndiro m« Sta-tT- · rvou ' ..ATLANTIC "Vntfw Itw Yam Vurs Tr«.- 4.43. 10 5S. -V.tri t «. I SOL KOXT Tff l i t - -««*1SV» . 4 w. "Beov^tm tor · ^· 7.0S. 12:22. PALACE Wort U«l- W.l». J:1 n Si -Slvim Cum.- TJ:!0. 1 S J «t -B»ttl ri«n«.- »:». I:I 4 0V. , Rock Hudson Rwla Prentiss ·II C«F.r _ ian:s Favorite Sport? ROXY CPEH1IAJ4. JI««T irnns--c.»r LM ux "ROCKAITE HIT* jKftte CLCASOM--AntlMBT OUINN IIU1CT KOONET--JviM KA«I1 "Rtiiiia fir a" J«m« «TIW»»T--«. WIftMAlK UJrltT JCNKS--C»tar -TWO RODE TOGETHER" Kletzki and Gassman Delight L.A. Audience was 2S By RACHEL S1ORTON good to welcome j KLETZKI felt deeply the conductor ofi nus!c ke conducted and he , ; ,(made the players .and the udience feel it too. Particularly fine was the performance given the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Paul Kletzki, who! has appeared most success-! ~Asiccl*ttd Fmi wifeoheto MAE MURRAY, onetime silent-movie star, boards plane in St Louis Friday to return to Los Angeles. The Salvation Army paid the penniless ex-star's hotel bill and the Motion Picture Relief Fund paid her plane fare. Escorting her is Salvation Army Capt. Fred Major. NEW Beatles." Of course, no Beatles came off. Then they screamed again when a plane took off -- for no reason at all. But it was a weird Friday .dusk in a weird week. Teachers in schools cf London and min,"Cat and the Fiddle." "Band- environs said they just had to Manager of Shows Dead from London Airport the Beatles," and charged But what else could be ex- onto the tarmac. Airport po-'pected during the fortnight that the Beatles have been on "lend-lease" to the United States? During this interval on a B r i t i s h cabinet minister wished publicly that he was earning the salary of just ons ice had to push them back. · · · · GRADE-SCHOOL children and teen-agers made their way to the airport on foot and y bus from miles around. When a jetliner landed the kids jumped and shouted Beatle. screaming. "We want the Boyar 69 who was general wagon," "The Women." "Jim- let their pupils out early be- tmanager for many Broadway ior Miss." *Born Yesterday,"'cause as one headmaster put shows, died Friday in m f\ tmt\\t C UJJ3 INE AVC. -- f HONE MK -AN6IL WOK I IB' GUNS; KAMI- fully with the orchestra in Sibelius' Symphony No. 1 in former seasons. E Minor. The glacial climate The audience ia PhiHiar- of Finland was rigorously de- Auditorium g r e e t e d Parted in grand and rugged _ , ... Imusic. The finale was almost turn Thursday night as » iFrophtic m somber ffilasic of {nena - rich harmonies with an end- Ketzki, bora in Poland, fag thal wll glorious and makes his home in Swilier-l^y^ KletsH reached deep land. He has conducted major down j^,, ^ e very k eirt o f orchestras throughout Europe ^ ^sic. and recently was music Ji- Q^J ^ contrast was the rector of the Dallas Sym-' mus ; c depicting the sunny phony. · countryside of England in a Unlike the fiery young con- Concerto for Oboe and Or- ductors of today. Kletiki con- chestra by Vaughan Williams, ducts in the old tradition, in The soloist of the evening the manner of his teacher, the was the superb virtuoso oboe famous Furtwaengler. This player. Bert Gassman, a mem- does not mean that he lacks'ber of the orchestra. The con- fire--he is a music zealot. Butjcerto is so difficult to play he does not flash about. His that it has been heard only facial expressions convey ex- twice before in the United : lplicit and intimate direction, states and Gassman was the ' His baton can snap a com- soloist ia one of the perform- mand whea necessary while ances. Doc-|and "My Sister Eileen.' He was closely associated Boyar had ti-iL'i Fred Allen. Fred Astaire. 1 tors' Hospital At his death, , _ beea manager of Brooks At-Jciifton Webb, Judy Holliday, Jnson Theatre for three'Paul Muni, Lawrence Olivier. ears. " and numerous other stage and He previously served for30 screen stars. ears as general manager for -lax Gordon, the noted Broad- THERE'S A DEMAND for ay producer. good used sports ejuipment, Ia that capacity, he was Get extra cash by offering eneral manager for such.yours in an inexpensive Class- shows as Three Is A Crowd/*jfied ad. Dial HE2-5959 today. his left hand entices tenderness. "SHOCK TREATMENT" fdiv Cm* "EYES OF ANNIE JONES" ·Who's Been Sleeping In MY Bed? NOIWJU lit «H. tl . *···· rnnlti Ji.rt- "iuru ir n iu* i.Ji iiw itnnr, ··.»! ii I4sii lHI I tliri «Cttl- _ Til »ll» IF lUTltl- IIIWUE. Iniil tlt-ITfl i»t.ii-- -IIILII niu- -·T VI tITIf IIOONOO IE4CH stun IUI.IM. ...1 -- -t»» TBI IIH' -»3«:« ill" mm *tt. -- -in run* AMlHtlti ir l MUI Tiuniir* GtttlM ClOTf mini !.·«,i ktm n nn i I»T' -iinii nm- -ttlllT II IIIIII- TO«IX«ICf_ Itm nt-na -III1I TII III T»« Till" -in in n«m- IIUJIIIIU1 III I tnf. nllttt n Ifvtn Ihll ta l; -iuin i usnui HUT mn T1II1I t i l l II 1HII- -HltlilTt V Inm I -- «-|llt F1IIITI iniT i;mn . tav* -- -iiuuiii r- IAH1A AHA ITin IIT »! ». 4* D 1 HIT -imn ir TII nit---i n -TIIUIT I01III" MJ-IHI iriinowfi ·siu inn innnv n. TI tnii -»tnn am-will viinit TII tTiiin IIM sum WMU -in n:n- COITIIUOUS Ft on i:J»: WAIT eiSNETS "MERLIN JONES"; fin! JEUY LIW1S ' "WHO'S MINDING THE STORE?" ( But there were no technical difficulties for Gassman His tone was warm and fluid an sensitively penetrating. PARAMOUNT r.»,, f mmL. 1 to opt llri, Firiart. "KID "»· GALAHAD" $170 "FrTeWrels IB a BaRroom" 1,1 1,0. ·THE COLOR of the oboe tone is sad, even when the rhythm is gay. The music o the concerto conjured u; many fancies. There was the shepherd playing his hite in lush green meadows; ther were meadowlarks singing. I bagpipes playing, a folk dance, nostalgic rnemorie! all on a hazy summer after i noon. |j It was delightful music, su ! perbly played. The program opened wit a splendid performance Symphony No. 1 in C Majo by Beethoven. ary day. Many of the children lirxjuent youths said; "Try to were obviously 3,000 miles be good boys Eke the 'Bea-. away. Their teachers could do!ties." ; ; very little with them. They I Julie Denyer. 13, spoke for were so excited. 1 have nevermost of the holdout kids at "H has been an extraordin- PRLME MINISTER Sir Alee Douglas-Home said the Beatles were his "secret weapon" :o right Britain's doflar balance. Harold Wilson, leader of the Labor Party opposition, said laughingly that Sir Alea was trying to steal the Bea-' ties from his Liverpool-area constituency. And the judge in a London court, admonishing some de- seen the school empty so quickly when we rang the ben." Airport police finally con- the airport when she said: "111 wait up all night for them. IH sleep en the floor if necessary." K K 1C Early Show Today at Town*--Open 11 A.M. TIWIE CPENl II A.M. -- 1 HEM COMEDIE1 4C3An.rc Wilt Disiii's *M£RUI IOIES" "WHO'S MI10IIG THE STDREr CANDIDATE Barbara Konisar is among nine Long Beach State College entrants in a Queen of Hearts contest to be held at a Heart Fund Charity Ball next Friday at Long Beach Elks Club. PACIFIC THEATRES I1TOU AtL COLORI ~Hcio~ -a o*rj »T jjtin I BCI orrct ortu ».otr»-v*o« JTMTS i aopm- it*tt p e:«at At TrtfTic Cirri* CE I Kl] I FUTUIES TONIGHT--CIICU ONVT t -SAfL A H" CROOKED SHIP- UIEWBOO WAtTDIWETI -ROCK-A IYE IAIY- its *WHO'l IAiNDlN LIICOII TMESTOBET- LHU81.* IHHEEli; » ,, , . . , Buc^a PrK DFALCRJ I Vr, C*i O j*sa »i B pt«c«LO*o ijEiia? OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE 111 UH H 1 7 J J 7 I 01 STiGI BSrS!t ll IRMA LA DOUCE" CUHTAW AT I J» TM. TU. VIM - SAT. OJI - IUH. CJJ i T U I O « T MITIME OM.T ******» ITLIHTIC » "TIME MACHINE" * OPEN" ' 'THE BRAVE ONE" ? NOON ··· H C«W 10ire IUCH t UICOIR $1.50 PER C1F1LOAO NOW! LOS ALTOS DRIVE-IN ri..*Tl« lyes of Annie Jones' DRIVE-IK NOW! COLIATH/ SAMSON m, twt* 5 CA 1T41 * CIRCLE DRIVE-IK JLIDTHZ[il tin; iSOTH C1ICIE 180 HIT1 tAIL A crootco THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE JT A« LYLE TALBOT · It* NIUrUM Fmlf Ctm^T TAKE HEK. SHE'S MINE" JACK LEMMON "UNDER.TO "MARY, MARY 1 Minding SioreT': nitr tEvii-Eim J f ".;,V"5 P.M. { 1 NOW! - C · C - C - C - C · C TOWNE STATE D C.xn tt (TOMU1 KKK-tMNCTTI id-lff C»M« 1RXEVOOO " " 'I A ftr P I1«T UIM IK* iu tnf BYE BYE BIRDIE ********* FOR LOVE OR MONEY NOW! LOKG BEACH DRIVE-IN COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE U H U H tomtrm. nnrtmll M i l l -· ttw nil if IITI- 'f.tlt tl m Ul- riiiimiT inn rn«i. IT-»---111 IU1I1I- ·mi wtm n i ··n tiTt IT nrim rtMniMiitrf ii«nn -·in riTitni «IIT- unit »!»· i*^f n ion -tmn iioti- -;IHIT nn- t«21 L ANAHEIM "OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN"! TKVtSBAT, 1 Ol FCIBAT. I » . . . (IJ -- UTBKDAT. « 31 ... HOT PREVIEW 9 P.M. n uiinnniiirnn IONS IIJLCH niu socftrr rrttif FAMOUS FOREIGN FILMS g^!l^ "U BELLE AMERICAINE" IOS.Jt.1 "Return to Glennescaul" I PC TIKMIVMI ONE KITE ONLY. SUN, Kl.« -- S osd 7:30 P.M. "LITRE THEATRE," LB. Still Celliti, 6101 E. IILACK .IA K So/: S ATI III DA f'i Sit g eid Daicc: '· ptrto* -- Si»j?ig fitTr motf Iff! "HI UIU* Cebro" -- "Her* I Sfo«T mi: Skate to 8 'til and Dance with the STAR FIRES RIPCORDS Come One and All STAG OR DRAG SOUTH ST. AT IIO\Y.\EV i 1 !)

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