Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 36
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 36

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 36
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AUTOS FOR SALE 23AUTOS FOR SALE 23AUTOS FOR SALE 23.AUTOS FOR SALE COMPARE ANYWHERE SWS BSJSSSJWM WSJ » SSS 5 SSTS S$S$ SIMS *SS* $*» * «S» SSSJ 23fTRAILERS, New I Uind 25'TRAILERS, N«w t, Used 25 BOATS F0» SALE - W h y P a y " R e n t ? · ' UTILITY TRAILER "'""" --"TM MODERN 30'MISC. F0» SALE 52 7« E JJin |W »iil r«m you iMODILK HOME for I As Low As $25 apply puirh*** 1 , th« prK*. r e n t How, ^-Wheeled. Very tood condition C p o _ _ T J W _ 5 FfSHWORMT iGOOC~»»aU», brean collar. «B3 MA 4-SB. bfldle Uke «M?w. CY. 7-10M. HOUSEHOLP GOODS 57 Qlds J ( -" us M J ir $?!» Runs fine .«} 56 Ford 1S1» MJI {$ 56 Stude Cu'./rruiff1 Conv engine HArH N a! nir* S995 $895 · $795 towajro Ihr ran O U In DESERT _1__ Orar f W _ KA 3-o:iQ| W'DREAM HOME ' y ' x l d ' wiae. Two bedrooms. Cooler! 56 DodAe"" Vd er.jrm*. "~ ^5695 New I960 10x50 2 BR with front kitchen $3995 TRAILER SALES STOP AT OK TRAILrR SALES 50 Ft.--10 WIDE AS LOW AS $3995 3901 N. ORACLE MA, 3-1Z98 GEAR -- 'Truumnuts, r»-j 1 eelvtrt, p»n« lor hum or C AP- Gcizer eount*rj, ccintDlxtor*, meUl' dettnorf. Sell or trade. Ev«nln«. 4!,H_E._Lo»_ : Fishing LurCS! raberware coffecn*_cr.~ I re/rUerator. EA. S-721S. =r used. Highest Prices Paid Furniture-Appliances MA. 4-6484 "BLOOM'S EXCHANGE' (USED 541 Tucson ~~~\fr\( Hotpoint \~jSZvJg. 7.«72. | HOUSEHOLD GOOPS $4 i on food' pltn for MOO. uied i ! montiu. Will Uke *Xflat M* per mo No down. 10 CHOICE STEAKS E. Coldspot Refng. Sirnmuns Divan MA. 3-8415 ^urnllul* com operated nickelodeons I M A 4-3T33 tletely re-built. 401 5. Plumer SPE£D"GRAi HIC Apputnet» "TABGET" ' LANCLEY AE AN-D tr ALL" ^£'}~Gtert~n~it\~u"it^^£:\ WE NEED YOUR j or REELS ·! POLES $1.95 UP i i flSHING LICENSES ISSUED ! I Tucson Sporting Supply ' Tucson Serv. Sta. Supply; 1 3650 S. 6th Ave. | ' , M A 4-TO4 EA T-4I1I !urnlture".T3BjK5Hi .. Flasb sun. Miniature en-; Broadway"."" Trayg. Tripod. Light. T.A. SEE 'Mayta* I | f - r " p " T l k tr~ «-««« f-A i-wn UobU I 11Mb 'BUILDING MATERIALS 50 _ ,--;--; - - - - , *50 C»Sb. 1, Jewelry, musical instruments.' tween 11 -. r ige, tools. men's clothes.,»'»", n i _radios, appliances, etc. Tucson,IVl/\r^JL,li 3715 E. Speedway. A.M. «nd S P.M. ;Ss-~~GAS RA8GT. washes. ^, Q , ·GST.' 11' TV., dinin* room »et. twin beds. ft'i IMS W. Pastime, MA. 3-«B3. ; HABITANT sectional soia. Pine buf- ___Ti let. GE 10 cu. It. refrigerator. GZ E. be-| n 4 dr. r - ,iii button driv*. MA. 4-3230 Sun. to 6 APACHE CAMP TRAILER LI- *n»e and apart tire. 3443 E. Terra BUY WITH CONFIDENCE OWN YITH PRIDE "SMILE" WITH GILES 55 Ford 4 fir n. $595 Cu«l. 9 55 Chev. flrtn BAH ha* 36G enelrff Mid tlr« A Borri^ iCash for Irate! SOUTHERN ARIZONA FINANCING Brand NewToyopet Station Wagon 4 days only $1998 full price, $298 down 57 Montclair $1495 55 Chev. A l!tU« Krl Run« Buy More For Less GILES MOTOR CENTER 7 1 1 N. Stone Ave. 58 T-Bird $2995 K*a) aharp with full pcratr 58 Olds. 98 $2995 Convertible, 3T.OOO artuaJ miles, full pov«r i fact, alr- eonditianim. 55 Olds tirts Mult 55 Buick Special $595 :54 Dodge VR 4 dr. 54 Merc cr. rut* Car. $695 $895 Bob's Trailer Sales I7SO N. STONE VACATION' SPECIALS No down with approved credit on these three. PAY CASH--SAVE Alum. Screen Drs. ..11.95 |2/0 Mahogany Drs... 4.84 t ... jWood screen drs. .. 5.95 iras-voii· ·sn~a i fSi-cBt" !l r!alic7 s C U ^ l , , ; ^ r r I 1 )- Cal ! MA. 3-0109 and ask for Hoser Shelving 12CI Johnton.Free estimates. ~US£D office" chairs, tables, safes, typewriters. adders, calculators, checkwriters, Kardexes, etc. Low prices, delivery. 7 EA 7-6571 ASK rxm MR RICHTEB 23 j is45 Howard stool . · ' 5M IxR Sheathine S75 M I WALKER. TR HEADQTM 28' 1M7 Palance. LiXe new.. » 4» I A O · J ' l e a u u i i g . . . . . j n j i v i . TED . . _ . . _ 1832 S 6th AV. Ph. MA 3-2M5 2T 195! LlghthoUM. Modern HT A «n» ftn«" cond. sheathing plyw REPOSSESSION ·* = g P Rn-tert A* Heady to m88»liiM«3;iiUtam»iM»Mii»MUjai J5' 1357 General 2 br full bath $2.295 ' ISM'fLEZTWOOD. 10 x 4i feet. 2'29' 1058 Ritzcrafl. Cooler A bedroom house t.-aiier. Can be seen Awnlnjt . . £··_» ,,,.,, ,,,. · at_10SO S. _ Wilrnot _ y,\ 1*53 Liberty ? - r . _ l l k e n e w . S2.095 $795 ! wtn^trade°Y959 Dodge j " HT cpr. fine eond. $495 PIMA TRAILER 2*10 Or»Cl» MA. 4-3250 3 ~ 84J1 Open eves till 9. Sun. to 6 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx n.»5 Doug. Fir Dim. 2x4-2x6-2x8-2x10 $105 M. Stat Wgn for used trailer;,,, 1860 - M "°^ hom '' M ' 2 - bd TM' ; TM , d ' BARBER chair. Koken, white, $150: revolving barber pole, *2S. 538 N. Stone. CLOSE OUT ON Lawn hand mowers $10.95 up. .i7c Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply 57 Chev. 57 Olds $1595 $1895 dr. Holiday Sedan. Local new car txadt-ta. A truly beautiful o«r. Ooropletely tocludlnf factory air. ' 4 Day Se -out Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon. SUN. 12-6 P.M 56 Chev. $695 I9O9 54 Chev. $595 rJ5,1 neal nice. 54 Ford $595 rpoa. TVtfon. A rtaJ barjaln 54 Ford $595 I51J. 4 dr, JUdlo. heatrr O'drlve. ;53 Chevs (2) 53 Fords (2) j ; 53 Plym .. Choice. .$395, 54 Chev. $595 - 4 dr. Worth the money 54 Chev. $595 J dr. A real food ear 4 dr. S3 lihr new. 52 Packard 20 Others 52s down Looking For Quality? ROD REEL Desert Trailer Sales JIM N. MA ORACLE 3-3777 wide perfect cond. Monthly's?' a l u m i n u m T ? f o ent M3. Will accept S150 f o r j 8 a J U m m u m K I g . credit ipotlesj. Call MA. g, 1g bOX Hails 100 11 V»S""ROADMASTER. ss'xs'. 2 bed-ion ] rooms. SI.760. See at Suniet Trail-, J " ' 2706 Sllvcrbell K o a d . f _ j x g iMV |MA., «TH AVX. S3SO E. 22ND ST EA 7-4211 !New chaise lounie pad* »4.4S up 'New chaise lounge pad IS 55 up i BOB'S **2230}i. COUNTRY CLUB ! EXCELLENT condition. Hotpolnt re| friserator. 2421 E. list Street, MA. !_1-787I. . 2-PIECE wrought iron cectional, Monterey bed complete. End uble, chairs. Gas heater. Haviland pieces. Fiesta pieces. »-piece dinner ware. Lots ol pans, coffee rnaJtern, pot- ten', tome linens. See at 1S15 E. Helen. Or call MA. 4-J74J. June I or 3 only. ~ Large refrigerator, refriseration' BOOKCASE with record changer unit, ranee, dinette set. automatic, butit-in chair, lamp. EA. 6-9D94, -.washer, joani rubber living room; ,_ PJECE MC tlonal. almost new. ttO: , j sectional TV. chair. 9 pc bedroom. s . p , ece dinette set. «5. MA. 4-5164, " Uct. Healthrert box iprins mat- 2 2a) f Mountalnview. tress, lamp*. Step tables, coffee, .-.VVHT A 'nr \v**\\*r tr^nmnr* Am Uble._d«k? chaise lounge,. aU or i ^J.TM.^. 1 ^"S^ShtoiTM Jo oS original euarantee. Just pay balance at S7.66 _per mo. OK cash 897.40, 4664 E Speedway. NEW EVERY WEEK = rOOfing ..3.69 i U U U l l g · · ^ · " ^ 1.25 GOLDEN State" MA .3-2413 Kit. 10'xSO' long. Closing Out--Nashua ;$p e edway Lumber 10 wide as low as $3.250 - -- · - · RAINBOW TR. SALES !«43 t. 22nd St EA 1000 Shares M.I.T.C. Truly Uolen. EA. 8-4363 HELP! $687 BUYS $1,499 WORTH OF FURNITURE part. Pick/up payments of S28.23 per mo. W. Ft. Lowell Rd. MA. 2-2582. w/slide 115. Trailer couch 113. Large rollaway »!9. Twin bed $29.! HUh chair »6. Kefrij M9. Bkcasej M, 3156 E. Grant Rd. ! KENMORE automatic waaher. Frijt idaire refrigerator. tion. EA. S-0550. Good condi- CAMPER BODY Fiberglass. -For !_. ton pickup truck. Like new. CY. 7-0850, after UTILITY TRAILER 1 ;-wheel. !56 Ft. 2 Bedroom 358 SO. STONE Airplanes For Sale Large Selection of i£ ton Pick-ups 3 and 4 speeds 57 Ford Wag. $1195 1 Year Guarantee Parts and Labor NO DOWN .. PAYMENT (With approved credit) 54 Nash 4 dr. $495 ·Radio, heater, O'drive and 23B "fiTlT ffi HP! D.C.O. Taylorcraft. Tunk. 1 transceiver. Mitchell Air- bov SR. MA. n-oraa. ERCOUPE 41SC. l!5 hp^ Variahlf pitch p:'0p. LF and HT radios Newly recovered and rellrensed. GLadrtonr 8-2^30. Sierra Vista faf CESSNA. mxThoun SMOH. Elec- trlflfd. Omni. Good fabric. New annual. AX. S-OW6. EA. 7-4170^ AUTOS WANTED r KPiii~CH*vftbLet. Station wacon. or 24 Stick ahift aedan. EA. DUCTED COOLING SYSTEM. LARGEST BATHROOM YOWt EVER SEEN IN ANY TRAIL- EK. MORE CLOSETS THAN MOST 2 BDRM. HOMES. COMPLETE PRIVACY ALL ROOMS. JTRST I TO BE DELIVERED AT ONLY Sure We Trade -What Have You? DESERT TRAILERS 2123 N. Orada MA. .VST?-) IN FRAILER BUYS New 1960--40x10 1 BR W.18S. NfiW-lJSED--H «0 » IU' wlLli. Some sold on rental curchase olai Henderson Tr. Sales ORACL* PH. MA AT PR1NC1 «-S«3 VI Standard ceidition. Perftct 59 Chev. Wagons 59 Chev. Impalas 59 Chev. BelAir 4 drs. 59 Chev. "6" "8" cyls Station Wagons' 58 Ford $995 *«* tUIMMUKtSS******** Hardtops 55 Ford JUrrj raj axwd. Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. _A re. lime 2 .Q rs Q^ $595 "^ 10 Older Cars Your Choice $100 They all run good Lots- of Standard Shifts with Overdrive Sale Ends Mon. 10 p.m. All cars have been for ·t. CASH FOR CLEAN CARS FELDMAN MOTOR CO. · ·· 515 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-3S72 __ _ THE' FINEST IN MOBfLE HOMES National Tr. Sales 9«7 Ca*a Grande Hwy. "Servinir Tucson Since 1M1" AlR-CONDrnONED FOR YOUR COMTORT '59 M-System 42x10 Two-bedroom. Perfect condition. Cooler included. Price $3800 or will sell trailer and «o'xl2i' lot together. Phone Benson. JU. 8-334S. " XJCXXX^XXXXXXXXJSOCXXX 100 used trailers PIMA TRAILER SALES Z«10 Oracle MA. 4-3230 Open Eve§. to 5 -- Sun. tn fi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Country Club-Speedway EA. 7-3409 NEW STEEL CHANNTO-S-ANGLES-REBARS Lintels cut to size. PIPE BELOW WHOLESALE Larce stock of used pipe cteel Allied Surplus Pipe Steel Co. 3025 N. 1st Ave, MA. i-Mll i Used Cement Mixer '?il*_S._AJyernon E£ | 4 CEMETERY LOTS" lln South Lawn's Garden of Prayer, EA. 5-8707. BETTER USED FURNITttRE 608 E SPEEDWAY 3ERATOR. slightly damaged, 1960 2-DOOR, sell defrost, never used. Cost reduced S175 for dara- ace, which will allow no down payment. Fav bal. on low monthly ynjents. 4664 E. Speedway BARGAINS GALORE! REFRIGERATORS (ruar. 2S to choose from. $23 U0; gas 4r-e4ecr rarwcs. ta UD: TVs. $39.50; 3000- »:30-9 COUNTR' ^excellent. Sat. :00 te t tY CLITB --SS5E ·*" . Pay $10 mo. OR cash *9S. ««M E. ' AB- LEAVING TOWN. _ MY nmNrruRE. i»i N. CAPIA BLVD.. IA. 7-m« ,_ CLOSE-OUT SALE! FREEZERS INTW NORGES--IN CRATE: M CO. FT. UPRIGHT. $1S9. 18 CT. TT. . - CFM cooler. $3S: 2-speed elec. fan. COMPLETE wash basin, complete $4.50: Maytag wrinser washer, I toilet, steel window complete. Door S39.50- Kenmore automatic (ruar.1. and door frame. 2 sacks of cement. $75- Maple love seat (lUce New Galv. black pipe UNDER WHOLESALE New used «teei--all nzea L1NTE1* CTIT TO SIZI «· Fence Po«ta $1.14 TenU - Tarns clothea Line Poles Heavy duty garbage cans, mattresyes Air-tite wateroroof iteel boxes. Pappadeas Pipe Steel HOC N Slonr MA 1-0233 Roof Cooler Specials From »4S up. Awnlnia Too »2i-i50 more for your car Finance .... -,. - - Outlft. 1701 5. 4th Ave, MA, ,3-873?.. Paulaon't, at«. W._Glenn. MA. 4-0065 i TRAILER MANUFACTURERS Giles Motor Center (THE MAIN STORE) 711 N. STONE PH. MA. 3-3411 IS PAYING MOKE CASH FOR Do It Yourself--Shells We do it for you--custom* Campers a Specialty--MA. 4-9BIB DEALEST A CO 1504 E__38th_S t. SPECIAL SALE 50x10 2-Br. Universal, $5,910 New Circle Center Kitchen 50x10 1-Br. Universal $5,810 1 Front Kitchen. 1 Center Kitchen Several food used 1 i 2 Br. 8 wides g J _ Tucson Trailer " ' 232S N. Oracle Rd. MA. 4-1582 STEEL SASH 40% OFF Alum. Screen Drs. $11.95 COMP. W/DELUXZ HDW Wood Screen Drs. $5.95 . Warlng's Auto Clean-up. 12th. MA. 2-1007. WE ARE MOVING Wallpaper Sale "3 to 50ft off. Sale Through June 29th, TUCSON WALLPAPER 4 PAINT CO. 2245 E. Broadway Swimming Pool Tile 6x. frost proof. Turquoise. 210 Square feet. Call AX. 8-8123. new). SM: 2-pc. L/R sots (new). *99: Recliner (new). M2.50: Trailer divan. 29.50: Simmons chair bed. *12.M: Maple lamp table. *7.50: walnut txxjlccase,. S9.50: 4-dr. desk, Ml: Bedroom sets. *32.50 up: large dresser. *9JO; 30" Hollaway bed. 9.50: clothes hamper. J1.50: Fiber wardrobes (in carton). (12.99: S-pc. dinette. *18.50. Plus hundreds of other bargains to choose from. Target" 2120 N. Stone USED Huffv Elect Mower S29.B5. or Searx EHect reel S39.99. Uoham. 2555 E. Grant. EA. S-0187. _ _ PORCH GLIDER--Steel coil-spring frame. New cushlona, S37.90.- 1922 E. 8th. _^_ SPECIAL , , i IDC mobile homes. a low ai $353 down and 472.10 per mo. , Excellent used huya for even 5cxxXXXXXXiCX3tXXXXXXX3tX amaller down payment monthly) -payment!. Built to Mo" ' 175 Cars to choose from and are ready your vacation. 16 Years in Tucson MA. 3-3411 MA. 3-3412 58 Chev. $1495 Del H*y C«. IM. Bat. Mon. MA. 3-3413 tttt ttO t t* M* itm *m» i u tu tot ttJ Kttt ***** I *» S ** (* U M M * * * * * * *t (*t* ** ISS * ** M * ******* ********* t* S ** *a ** *s I* S* ** n t* *t ********* ** ******* M »«**S»* tl** *$ M *t ** t* ******* ********* i* M ** *t u s I* ** ** M ********* M *M S M * *» ** MM »** t* * ********* *K*1***» ** 1 * 1 , ** ** ********* ******** »$*WJI #!*»* Prices Are Lower AUTO SALES MO. 57 Chev. 1/2 55 Chev. 4 Spd. V 2 55 Ford y 2 54 Chev. i/ 2 4-Spd. 54 Ford y 2 4-Spd. PMT'S $34 33| 30! 32; 32 A Flock of URICS Has Just Landed at C E N T U R Y M O T O R S 40 of ' E m - A l l Models-All NO DELAY-IMMEDIATE CASH. |.__,_, $*On - -- "£ Stat Wgn for used trailer IPIMA TRAILER SALES Phone MA. 3-1270i . ~ ~ Mahog. V. Paneling % Sheathing Plwd. i/ 2 Sheathing Plwd. ll'/ 2 c stake posts 81c GLASS DOORS Alum. Sliding 8 ft. Alum. Sliding WITH SCREEN It GLASS GRANT RD. LUMBER SM3 E Grant Rd EA «-4311 Turpentine, SI .5s Kallon. Linseed oil $2.10 gallon. Your container. Redwood stain. «.8« nation. House paint. *3.M gallon. Malfn Olympic Paint and Hardware. 929 E: Ft. Lowell. _ FURS, jewelry, clotnuig. paintinfis, furniture, TV. radio. Muesum pieces. AX. 8-0218. RECORDS. Thousands of pops, clas- eical, jazz, collector! pieces, etc. Low-low price. Desert Auction, 700 Benson Highway. - «_,. $75 $90 WE NEED CAHSIII Honeit Trade Down Dean 8838 So 6th Ave. MA 4-7100 We NerH transportation Cara HIGHEST CASH PRICES paid for M'a to pre-»'«ri. Sfll your car today. Call or «top by RINCON M6TORS, H28 S. Sih. MA. 3-llfll Auto Parts, Acces'rie* 24* His AUTO suppi.v~sSi«~!Er«ur. MA.^^OSS.^Paru. PATNTS,_accei. CEE'S AUTO PARTS'* WrecHlK. MA, _a-74H 2200 Oracle Rd. REMANUFACTURSD"ENGINES and TRANSMISSIONS. Factory rtmanu- facturtd not Juit rebuilt. Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply 3IIJO 8. 6TH AVE. J3M E. J2ND ST. MA. 4-B2M EA 7-4211 TRAIltRS, NewJ, Utcd 25 issTTot PAWo7nw~40 v ; i beos room, full bath. tub. Trade con- aiderfd.__Phoiif MA. 3-223.1 '59 Mobilhome--2 Br. t350 rcuity and take over oaymenlj. Excellent condition throughout. See Sklnlo. Blue Lake Trailer Court. MM E, Valencia. EQUITY IN IMS. 3 bedroom 8x3« Hicks. Excellent condition. See after 3 p.m.. 313S E, 14th St. IBM TRAILEH. X,. Can be us« as travel or permanent. Reasonable MA. 4-5731. LIKE NEW 16' Vacation trailer. U. L. Mooney. 1.105 E. Kleindalo Road, house in rear til equity in ISM 29 ft. trailer. Small equity and aaaume II.am) balance, at (M.M per month. Good condition, nil Prince Hoad after «;30 Tue»day-S«turday. AM day Sunday-Monday. Save Money Trailer Headquarters TUCSON You've Asked FOR IT SUNDAYS 9-6 P.M. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE TO HAVE LEISURE TIME, AND BRING THE WHOLB FAMILY IN CHOOSING A MOBILE HOME THAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU, Salesmen on lot all d»v and rvery day to helt you itnd ansuTr questions of how *asy It U to own THE BEST IN A NEW Two 2? trailer^ your choice * 1052 all modern » ft. Richardson! X/l A D l CTTC full price «9S: /VlAMxLC I I L 2S ft. Columbia, all mod., cooler *a»5 1W5 Cadillac Devlllc, will trnd« for Trailer. CHARLIE'S TR. SALES 373" N. Oracle Hrt. Tucson utility'traueVVnd hitch, f l D C AT 6707 E. Koralfr O ^ L n I 10' wide. 1. 1. S-bedroom. diaronal, center, front Wtch- rnt. TRADE 55 Cad. Cpe deVille $62 1 Factory Air. full power, motor: completely renewed. 53 Ford Ranch Wag. 8 Cyl.. food tires. 54 Hudson Jet 4-dr. Cu wver. de*n 51 Cad. 62 4-dr. New w/w tires, 50 Cad 4-dr. 50 Olds 6 Cyl. Col ors Very nice 2 bdrm. home nrar U of A for trailer. Apache Trailer Sales. 2iM4 N. Oracle. MA,_4-iMi Pay Less Tra'iler Sales BIUMORE Your Wheel-Estate Dealer FEATURING THE NEW FLAMINGO THE ECONOMY PRICED HOME. WITH SUPERIOR QUALITY BUILT. MUST BE SBEN-ASK FOR IT. Open Evrs. till ». MA. Sun. to 1857 LnSUREWDME. 3 2827 E. Benson . . Countiy dub Trailer Resort. . bedroom. Hlthway. 1»57 LfflElTY 42'xS'. One bedroom, excellent condition. Weber. 3»»5 Flowlni Wells - Nl. WILL TAKE »ibo for equity in 1938 Rollahome Dreamhome 41'. Modern. 3073 N. Oracle. Sun Valley. Sanford. or oaxh for ihrt one- bedroom Travelite trailer. Good condition, with cooler. 4*28 X. 22nd. lot SI. CAMPER-SLEEPS 6 Butane stove, icebox. Llfhts, *354. 185« "M" S Y S T E M 30 . .TRAILER. One bedroom. Modem, like new. 11.796 (Reynold*) IA. 5-9190. TRAILERS WANTED 25* Trade $3,000 Equity In 1-bedroom furnished house for clear 2-bedroom trailer. *73 N. Jer- rle. EA. 7-»188. TRADE qualttv furniture for equitv In used trailer, tandem. · referred. Evenings MA. 3-t23». prefcri iILER TRAILER wanted mv Parmeroent. EA. «-3173. propertj', Bicycles, Motorcycles "BICYCLE; "»ii 29 EA. 7-7560 1957 CUSHMAN. »S5. May be aeen Speara Union Service. Stone Speedway. SW Lumber Co. 5001 E. Speedway EA. 6-4348 CASH CARRY %" Sheath 8'/ 2 c Sq.ft. lli/ 2 c Sq.ft. 8c Sq.ft. lie Sq.ft. 15c Sq.ft. 16c Sq.ft. 19c Sq.ft. 16s Sq.ft. i/ 2 " Sheath y 4 " Shop %" Shop 1/2" Shop %" Shop " Shop ,_" Mahog. 4" Mahogany 40c Sq.ft. ^" Knotty pine 50c Sq.ft. 20-Gal. Garbage Can with lid. $2.95 WE GIVE NATIONAL REP STAMPS C)r«n USED TRAILERS at BARGAIN PRICE? 3725 K. ORACLE RD. ASK TO KEE TfflS ONE. COASTLINE FOR THE VACATIONER. ALL SIZES. COMPLETE. BEADY TO GO. AMAZING! 120 S__ Euclid BSA 350 cc work. $50. Call EA. ff-7 p m. MA. motorcycle. NI 34 ! 29 1RS 43' ROLLOHOME. 2 bedroom, full bath. Reasonably priced. MA. 4-RP50 3I» N. Geronlmo. Lot 21. «;ATF OFi SAL,E, U r i wheels. Ga» k electric. Parts. Ac cessorics. Helmets Cushman Motor Sales. MA. 4-132!. _ HECONDITIONEt)' "BICYCLES '". Grant. MA. Shop Plywd 7c sq. ft. %" Sh'p Plywd lie sq. ft. 1/2" Sh'p Plywd He sq. ft. %" Sh'p Plywd 17c sq. ft. y 4 " A.D. Intr. 9i/ 2 c sq. ft. i/ 2 " A.D. Intr. 16c sq. ft. %" A.D. Intr. 21c sq. ft. %" C.C. Extr. lie sq. ft. 1/2" C.C. Extr. 17c sq. ft. 3.66 roll jThk Butt Shng 8.98 sq. ft. 2.44 roll s 2253 fiSSiPlstic Rf. C'm'nt 1.22 gal. 8'x26" Corr. Iron 2.06 sht. fc _ 3 !lO'x26" Crr. Iron 2.58 sht. .04 L.F. WOW! USED SCOOTERS FROM $75 CUSHMAN. ALLSTATE. VESPA, LAMBRETTA. MUSTANG. ALSO, COME SEE THE NEW NSU. NOR- Of) IK C1 a tp TON. MUSTANG. JAWA AND! 3 " I U ' -"aLC VESPA. G L MOTORS , 15 ^ Fdt Rfg SPECIAL--Steer manure. Weed free iund *i y d ^ j i e l . _ _ _ COOLERS and Parts. Pumps *7.95 up. Miracle Pads 75c up, cooler motor "ihp *14.95 exchange. Largest stock In Southwest. Arizona Maintenance, 1920 N. Oracle. MA. 4-5541 OFFICE and Resiaurant Equipment Glass show cases. B A B WHSE OUTLET 2218_SSbctl! CASH FOR OLD GOLD. Jewelry- diamonds--watches--TV's -- Padlof THE GOLD SPOT. MIO 8. Cray croft EA. 7-8492. Auto Refrigeration can «et full size Now you . _ . NOVI UNIT INSTALLED GUAR ANTEED for *28S with Duo Squirrel eagre blowers for quiet operation. We service A repair all models. Bob's Novl Auto Refrigeration 1110 S. Cherry MA. 2-2322 BRAND NEW refrij;eratlve air conditioner (Gibson) |1«9.85. Used r«- friieratlve models 110 and up. Arizona Maintenance. 1920 N. Oracle. Open Eyes.A: Sun ..MA. 4-SMl SWIM POOL filtera and chemicals Arizona Maintenance. 1920 N. Oracle. Open Eves r Sun AIR conditioners. 1 ton, used, phone for details. EA. H-S675. BEA'CON INSURANCE STOCK. W.J5 iihare, (Market value M). Scarms (Private party). AX . _ SOUTH LAWN cemetery lots. Sell or trade. Tlemann. MA. 4-2993. USED W/BLL . Cheapl 1910 N. Oracle. turbine type UsedCoolers $10 up 1920 N. Oracle BARGAINS!! Campinr trailer. Coke machine (coin operated). 513 N. Hth Avenue. DRILLS Thousands of high speed drill bite up to 3/16. 10n each. Ebrtra Ion* drill bits. 2Sc each. Taps up to 'i. 25c each. Handy-hook per boart fixtures. SOT. off. FT. LOWELL MACHINE Tools Hardware 410 E. Ft. Lowell Rd. BROWSE AROUND Hefriserated air conditioner. 110 volts. *83.50. Guitara *9.SO up. Accordion *49.K) up. GK rotissiere (32.95. Porcelain ctationarv tub with stand *10.S1. Apt. electric stoves *I9.50. Child's upholstered rocker $4.50. Steamer trunk $14 3-pc. chrome dinette J29.M. Good jrirl's a!" .bike *2i.Ki. New electric bar-b-q pit $18.50. Vacuum cleaner* *12.50 up. Child's car like nen' *10.50. 3D-sal. fish tank *6.M. 12 - volt caa- cooler S2I.SO. FREIGHT DAMAGED GROCERIES NEW EVERY WEEK 8538 N. COUNTRY CLUB TV SETS NATIONALLY KNOWN BRAND* REFRIGERATORS NEW GE -- HOTPODTT PHILCOS ADMIRAL NO REASONABLE OfTIM REFUSED WASHERS fe'DRYERS BANK TERMS. «3* Z. SPEH3WAT 9 AM. TO 8 P.M. . WASHING MACHINES Wringers, Automatics RECONDITIONED From $49.95 Terms MITCHELL'S US W. Congress Baby Grand Piano 1 divans (aecttonal). Limed ok radio, phonograph console. KA. 5-6153^ BRAND NEW REFRIGERATOR Recond. Rebuilt ' GUARANTEED From $69.95 Terms AY »!.» A WEEK LARGE SELECTION MITCHELL'S 119 W. Congress REPOSSESSED 5 rooma of furniture, autonutie w«sh»r. refrtrerator. ran«». 9-pc. livlnit room _roup. Un«tt» tet, 1- pc. lo bedroom outfit. S-pc. Indlro bedroom aet, Ortho mattreafl amd box aprinn. Couch ti chadr, 3 atvp tAble«, coff«« tjible. Inrnpti. occaut chair. Bal. due $3fl» at «S.«0 per week. MA. 3-J582. 103 W. Ft. Lcwe-11. Set ol matched itoLt clubs. »49; Monterey bdrm ««t. «(»; 4 pc. blond* metal bdrm act, «11S; limed oak dining table *- 5 chalri. »65: Monterey » pc. dinlna* *et. $98: C vwlvel Chromcraft bar atools tc i wrought Iron bar atoola with backs, $10 «ach. Monterey desk, lin.50: 12x1! revendbl* rue, $25: Vornjtdo fan on ·tand. $29: ctudunt desk, tin; inany other itemi, nil prlcad reasonable. FURNITURE HOMT 906 E. Speedway Antique Spool Bed AX. *-«93. Painters See This !' KITCHEN cabinet complete. 2- plece nctional. coffee and end table. 4S« W. Alturas. oFFBT . . . Exquisite^ made A' quilted couch. 1 old. AX. B-B509. custom months THE BIG RELIABLE AUCTION TO BUY OR SELL *4 Ton Phllco. order. $75. 522 W. Good TUlllto working pine Shelving Typewriter Case Electric Smith-Corona portable. I Like nrw. $12(1. MA. 4-3742. AUCTION TONIGHT At 4628 E. Speedway CONTINUOUSLY FROM 9:30 A.M. EVERYTHING TOR YOUR HOMES. 4'i horsepower *ai engine run A \ U V _ I I V ^ I N I V ^ I N I V j n i APARTMENT aize rtove Good con- comprewior. Also pickup. «43 E. , , , _ _ _ , . i dition »40. Maytag wrinirer wa»h- _eri_iaO. 5049 E. Bosewood. LIKE new repoaaessioni. 21' refrif» eralor freezer combination--plclc ut pavments. talce trade, larjcuri- ous 3 piece walnut bedroom auite. »200 Beautiful 7 piece breakfast net.' $150. 11' pin* Wentinirtiouse RENTALS. STORES. OFFICE Refrigerator, take trade. 330S E. AND SHOP Grant. _ ^ vnim rhnicr ils--1 year guaran-i YOUH INSPECTION CORDIALLY [REPOSSESSED 3 piece Sectional, t?, nn anv ujJd vaciium Electro-' TNV1TED BEFORE 4 DURING $125. 2 piece Bedroom Set. $T».«5. tee on any used _vacuum. _jyeciro- , _. A T ^ nvTn ,,, vTins rw SMT.I c,,,.- ni.r.. Dinette 149 85 330* Not Hepo.--Not Demo.--Not Used BUT BRAND NEW 1959 Refri-T?'-- * FrseMT 1 of t Kind Wny Buy \ised. wh*n -you can have a new refrigerator with full factory warranty. 9-ft. refri».--HS9.9S 12.8-ft refri».-«l99.9« 14-ft. D. Door--M8S.M IS ft. Freezer--*209.96 Juveniia fumiturt drastieiuly reduced. U*ed Boy »prinr» Complet*. Used ntrlg. tram US in rood worklrur aond. freeimg heir Uno H.» Bl RITE Fumltur* It Appliance Oo. Ml », tth Ave. MX, 4r»lt I to » Mon. * m 11 to 4 Sunday fPC. DINE STT -- JOLNT ** GOOD CRIB COMPLETE tl«.M «·· NEW BLOND Burrrr MI « draw ehest--xlnt cond. »H.*« Metal utility cabinet (11.15 Doubl. b«J eompteU IUJ5 Duncan Phyfe drop leaf table Hi STOCKADllf 109* W, WlCrMOM M Apt ran(t 139. Piano MS. Coolan. Cement mixed MO. C»binet link 183 E. Grant Rd. M Drexel mabor. china, cabinet, pair ol winf chain, aec- cepUonally nice leather to» mahoc. atep Ublen * coffee Ubles. Thomlinaon mahof. drop leaf table, Mat* II: British oak aofa and chain, beautiful mahof. eredenn. 3 aeti of iterUnf diver. ·lajin'are, lota of bric-a- brac. lamp». mirror*. Iju-ge Victorian bookcaae, (laal doonr. Antique china cabinet. Packard-Bell provincial 21" TV. like new; real nice Slmmoni hlde-a-bed, (laas top wrought iron table if i chain. Sofa*, mahof. corner china cabinet, 3 blond oalc tables, maple Ic mahor bdrm aetj, occ. chain, pr. Jenny Llnd twin bed*, limed oak bookcaae twin bed, refrii:., stove, automatic wa»her. Many other itemi. FURNITURE HOMB 908 E. Speedway lux. Hoover, etc" TJ^irtU iff q u i c k ! SALE. OVER 10 YEARS IN SAME Seven Piece ru, dean up. *7,SO, ^ E. ^nte^CA^N E,^,t,_ , T T ALL Vislf. Dr. (northsldgV I WILL SELJ- today--Economics) mo-! Inc. . 8's, overdrives, aufomof/cs, 2-drs., 4-drs.J 31 wagons, converfib/es, hardfops and pickups 121 52 Olds 2-dr. NO CASH NEEDED ON MOST CARS 1351 S. 6th Ave. MA. 4-6893 .EXCELLENT 'is fjkitm*r conveni-; We. roll power. li£ht freen. a l ! most neiv top. Low book. *1.500 ! Our price *1 J8S. MACK McGINNIS : 1133 S, 6th (10 Cadillacs to choose from'. Open Sundays · %i JSB 4-wheel drive. Station : wacoa with winch- SC30 N. Lot SEE THE QUALITY CAR OF THE COMPACTS We Are Wheelin' and Deaiin 1 i Come Prepared to Get the Best; Deal in Town |3 days 2 nights all expense paid vacation for 2 in LAS VEGAS with every new TRAILERS *MO E. and. : riayj^ till 9. 2632 S. 6th Ave. TUCSON'S OLDEST AND LARGEST DEALER Own Dally 8-9 Eat.. Sun. »-8 u.m. *s**ss*s*sts PREMIER SHOWING of th« Slickest. Rolling « Sp*«l. CS'Cle. The all new MUSTANG THOROUGHBRED Wire Spoke Wheel*. Hydraulic Shorten SEX TTI TRY ITI YOU'LL BUY IT G L MOTORS 1M S. Euclid :. open week-.2" Corral Stock $55 : Open Sat. 'til 5 p.m. BUY ON BUDGET PLAN AT OUR' LOW CASH PRICES LUMBER CO. i2750 S. 4th MA. 4-8294 ^^^·''^'^'r^S^^lM^^siii --- -- !BAJ»GATNS! TV. record twin beds, coffee table, x-..«tut^ lounpe. lawn edfier. Blssel rweep- «r. African violets, shovel, many miscellaneous items, 3609 E. Waver- Iv. SIMMONS hideaway bed. excellent condition, very attractive sHu cover included. EA. 7-262«. 1721 E. Helen St. . BARGAINS! Furniture and aopHance«. Radios. TVs. living room »ets, maple dlnins room set "with buffet, iron and brass beds. l»wn swings and furniture. ClothinK for the family, antiques. 'Terms. Hours in to 7. HOUSE OF DEBRIS. 5025 S. 12th.. MA. 4-0071. .. CLOTHING FOR SALE 52A s ss «u «iS $ !$ M S$$tS5£$S£SSSSSS25 S Pay Rent? BOATS FOR SALE MA. 4-5103 '· ««*c«««t««t«c«tt«««M«««'.tt«CT«t«t«t; BARgATM Cottage. Benle quality «___TM, ^-^«»f»«.^. t -T-rrTr-r- 1 ^«»«. w _ pj^, ^^ g.^i; 30i 44,0 14' STAINLESS STEEL And trailer. Very reasonable. 113 N. Euclid Avenue. 14' SPECDLIWER. glassed. MAHOGANY. MERCURY M HORSE- JPALO Verde Hesale_clothinj: for en- I tire family,. i EXTRAS. BEST OTTER 4-MSn. 3741 N. 4th STEEL SASH · A1IMINUM 0 ''SCREEN DOOHS' ES^S ResalerMen's^Women'/Chil- $1° 50 each ! dren's spring clothInj;. j 28G8_E._Grant · COMPLETE WITH HARDWARE: NEXT-TO-NTW Shop. IW« N. Fre- · 6-0 ALUMINUM SLIDING I mont. Open 12:30 to 5:30. MA. DOORS $80 each. I 3 -"..".-. ......^ . _,, , ... Ladies-chil- . _ i c °"IP lete MA. [ TUCSON GLASS MIRROR RSALSHARPI %*ed Boat, 30 hp motor; Trailer. $50. See at S3*4 S. Park Avenue. Dale Skulicky. or used '50 Chrysler Wagon Good tires. Kecnardcally food fvwtr brakes. *liO. MA. 4-6474. Look atthese prices yO CKKDIT NEEDED NO CO-SIGNER J.-EEDED NO FINANCE CO. NO WAITING Because we crry our own contract*. 7 47 Bulek 4-dr. ttieit .. .. ·51 Xaiscr a-dr. (rood tr»n». ·12 Stud* 3-dr. (tick . ·» B«ick *-dr. mat toot . ·SO PWiUae 4-dr. real nice ·*] Heray 3 2-dr. Stick aWlt *«7 Ply Caapr . . 3-dr. tlklc *»Merc Z-dr. stick '« Ford 4-dr. real dean ·46 Pack 4-dr. like new ·SI Hudson 4-dr ·SO Cttfvy hardte.! atick ·S2 Chew, choice of 3 ·51 Dodtre 4-Sr. stick shift , S12)| 1123 1129 ..SIX) !.i!4»i S1K! . *;» STOP IN C E N T U R Y M O T O R S Stodebaker - Lark TRAILER SOLD. jlncludes 1st class Air jTravel, Best Hotels Ploor shov/s * Msals Beverages ! We Trade For Real Estate | Apactie Trailer Trade Your hurniture on a DETROITER MOBILE HOME We Hav'em from 36 ft. - 55 ft. S' 10' wides FREE DELIVERY AND SET UP WITHIN 100 MTLE RADIUS CAMPERS DELUXE with acreeni and jtlaai. I SELECT FASHIONS JR I dren's. Alterations, and dressmak- '1420 FACTORY AVE MA. 4-8691 I ing. 3376 E. Grant- EA. 7-8101. TUB SHOWERTBOOHS I BCklT~AI I C '" '" E''»» Safe. Beautiful. As low a» $2fi.95 | K t N I -ALLS J/ p SPECIALTIES SALES EA. S-OIVaijqyrr T^^^nHt^r !l r^r-th.. Apnly SAVE THE CASHWAY Motor, Boat, Trailer and aurf o' /**«!. Y ~ f board N*«r Benson Highway and 8 'jalV. KOOting Palo Verde. 53*6 Madison Stravenuf.'f-.-i. /^i--- · -iiu' -- cAirr: «ooi Fiber Glass ins 11 n .6^' Treated Posts j Interior Jambs Keyed Lock set 1 LET'S SWAP 53 . ,,_______ UPRIGHT Singer vacuum, excellent condition. *20. EA. 8-3065. player. 1 GOOD WILL STOKE chaise Reasonable prices. Low down payment. No interest! No carrylnl charges! Open fl to 8 p.m.. 7 daya a week. 1231 S. 4th Avenue. MA. 3-7023. . SALE! Opportunity House summer clearance now on. Must reduce stock to make room for fall merchandise. Furniture - dishes - clothing - antiques - miscellaneous galore. 445_ E. Prince. MAYTAG wrineer washer. Excellent condition, »V5 cash. 223S E. Broadway. Excellent Frigidaire 1D'_ cubic refrigerator, with cross lop freeier. AX. 8-2575. 8314 Ell Dr. op fr« IOOM ROOM Cooler with stand. Used. tzi.95. Cooler pads SSc ft. 4044 E. Soeedway. EA. 7-S573. BANK REPOSSESSED = 172, 173 174 «"ftxiri STAN ' s Swap Shop. Buy. aell. ^.^,. 539M ; Rep Jins_tool5- antiques. 4g N. 41h I,° · Llvine Room S«U · Dinette SeU · Bedroom Sets We have 3 complete household repossessed furniture that has Almost New! Solid maple double dresaer. bed. Vibrator lounge chair. Admiral refrigerator. Zl" console Blonde TV. Ctrl'* 38" bicycle, power mower. 9x12 red shaf rujr. china, miscel* laneous. IMS z. sth. after flv», weekends. USED REFRIGERATORS, many colors sizes. All ruartnteed. *» W up. Smith A Waldman, 9BM N. Campbell. 5-PIECE FORMICA dinette art, ·wrought iron legs. $35. Sincle book case bed, *1S. Baby crib. *10. fcrfa and chair. *15. 34" boy'* bike. «14. Metal high chair, »5. 501 Kenyon Pr. USED APT. Jinxes (2) clenn. MS a, Guaranteed. Smith He Waldman, 2550 N. Campbell. _ KENMORE automatic waiher. fit range laundry tub. 900. KA. fi-1401 after 5 P.M. 10 CU. T. GE refrla/erator, food condition, excellent buy. 9973 E. iv, WIZZAM ·EVINRUDU S"lf" * Servir. DTTWEYS DESERT OtTTBOARDS 1J« E. Wetmqr* Rd. Open ft 'til * 14' FiBERGLAS Ski and rishmit Boat. 30 horiwpower. able. EA. R-6168 after « p.m., 3220 E. " 49c CLOTHESLINE POLES tT 70i *)'aw I s \J r 53A CASHWAY LUMBER STORE Open Saturdav 'til S Mthtj reserved MA. 4-55S1 East ot Park Ave. R.R. Xing $16 Installed Comp. ^Clothesline SSTV. Co.. .1371 Seneca ! Gmr. EA. 5-0880: EA. s-471? ! abthesllne polej «97so pair I ALLIED STTRPTITS UnwjN t.i Ave MA i-nftli out of our warehouse js-cu.-FT. Monteomery Ward n*i«f- erator. lood condition, excellent i Johnson Outboard Mtrs. JEWELRY 36 Mos. Bank Financing j 4 Lines to Choose From ; Quality Used Trailers Nev/ Aluminum Run-Abouts W STEERING CONTROLS. 1! JOHNSON. NEW TEENEE ER JS5 DOWN. OR SEE OUR STORE DISPLAY Liberal Trade-in Allowance on Boats Jb Motors BANK FINANCING Tucson Sporting Supply DIAMOND SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS 54 KENMORE RANGE 1959 No Reasonable Offer Refused Furniture can be financed at our store. BARGAIN CENTER FURNITURE 22nd at Swan buv. MA. 4-5924. 'S9 ADMIRAL refrigerator, wd, 1 like -.CT.' Ptaft button jJsfrest. IS | Cu. Ft. tlM. Smith A Waldman, I 7550 N. Campbell. electric, *7S: breakfast c'rtairs. S««. SoiVi lent condition. MA. 4-3761. set excei- Bankrupt clock and pawnbrokers; TAKE over paoroents. slock for ladies' and men' mond rinire far. below prices. HOOflO ring sets on S25000 - - - --worth large disTnor.ds also. Pay only IS down. W. Congress i WASHERS FOR RENT · WZSTTNGHOUSE AUTOMATIC. t5 i monthly. No deposit. MA. 4-1360. , ! STAND LAMP * matching dressing; lamps--10 oval * round reversible ·wnoi throw nig« -- Service for 12 Alvin Sflverplate. All bargains CY. HEAVY mahogany table, *nrr chalri, buffet. Needs reflnWiinif. fio. MA. 7-W54. Machinery For Salt 54A 3 YEARS old auto, steam cleaner, tiro cash. Good condition. ,V)4« X. FARM TRACTOR Wheel. Modern. New tire* and , No implements. Beadv to f?o. ·SJ Nish 4-dr.. "raa*er« twd ""««[ ^1 BulcJc 4-dr. ibdt ...... *2» : "K FordJ-dr. ittck ........ S2M; M OTHERS TO CHOOSE TROM ! MACK McGINNIS | 2844 N. Oracle Rd. MA. 4-H175 '59 15y 2 ' FLAMINGO 1133 S. 6TH . w««on. Aatomatic pusfc button i ·uajwi'ujsion. Arr eondltjoTjer »nd f___-*__w_*e» Radio and herter fMO. aKl X. EaasQscnd. j U k e new, PuUed twice. J2325 E. 4th j i AWSi^T'iu.^ Mobile home owners' I ?4x9 screen«d_poreh. .Vi inch red-; j wood base .Kesralar anrt «ha,1e I roof. B-ji'lt-ln faminrre. MA. TRAILER SALES 3401 S. Park MA. 3 PARTS STORE -. _ - _ , . Trimform *__ Orig Cost. Tucson Serv. Stat. Supply H0 me Cueing unit. AX^S-ZSH 3650 S. 6th Ave. MA, 4-SJM IA. Tucson Marine Supply light color. jTD-18 BULLDOZER t»-_ M Ai-?-35«- air cooled PHILHARMONIC console TV'PICK UP Payments on repossessed hosany *39.9S. 4VM E. Speed-1 furniture amd refrtrerator. 330« E. y. EA. 7-S57J. I Grant, EA. 7-OM2. KENMORE WRINGER WASHER jM2i)iAnd «t of tubs. Good condition. , i H5. 325 W. Pistrigt. li! 1CT CCI1 I / v t w o i OL.LL: » m -( am. Sat, and Stm. w» swrvJet Bo«ts-MotoTi ; Volvo Inboard Mtrs __,_ iCasa Grande Hlnhway CT 7-0355 ^ c i LONE STAR BOATS Houseful of furniture. Reasonable. T'5_ri»w«rnco Dri«__AX,JS_r747__ . I / - . L » r r f , iUSED KWirnore automatic ·trasber. WlfhOUi tttOft i M 25* v blt * jvyTM**!* * 49 95 - EA - 4044 E. Speedway. CROSLEY CONSOLE TV. batiy crib. ! Siiily IsVrf. An food condition. : MA. 4-4936. 1B42 E. Lowell Street. . _ -- erator. l.«v| watt Good u new. Newly reconditioned. $275: Air comnrenor. used in service station. $2J5: J raialtn* pumps for service station, »7S «srt. EA. 7-54i. Mr. Kin or Mr. TMmor*. SAWS 'SfRANCHERO » tfntn f t , r C / O T r *M i f, i bee 56o/ fc. 2 1st Street _ nil ZA. J- tftft lit* tf ntf "dm vnsctTCsl 7IV^^a^c »om« ever ^Toip- in? A t«te« * t***. « that Trw«t Tmlerw ffiisn Sr n foil T*n!ty? ^^yTc* "thxt flfilv ATn**rlP«r. : cum oWc'i". Miracle Mile Tr. Sale? iXW! «e*fl» M. xi\^jia'nox»j'i SaSes Service USD Sl'Kfei BOAT DOOt HP MOTORS "6TTTBoASI« r e e tnnlrt. MA. Z-9W4, 10» Calle An- SMAlX, tor.in. _ NlVEfelBLt rttrs. ·wool. AxxrfteA sires. Pair of 8 ffl » _ WCB , -fan wtth tatni, after oms or txrth Apt. Size GAS RANGES From $29^5 Guaranteed to Work MITCHELL'S 119 W, Congress 12-irx* radial taw. Km. Band ;saw. Moo. Mitre hex s*w. |M. CiTI AX. «-omi afteT__S_p.m. j TWO-ton tandem roller, wjth hydraulic wheels for transporHnf. in TRACTOR r«ctc»Tf OT*-«I cSterTM^ I.' M A . "Co"",

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