Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1972 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1972
Page 8
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*' 1 0 -i Northweit Arkansas TtMES, Friday, Aug. 11, 1972 *YrtT«VH.L«, ARKANSAS j^fechronis'm In WWlf Airmen Retail A Bittersweet Memory o, t . $P)-$The _. , of the ration's fitst and nly all-black, totally segregat "··Arms' Air'Corps squadron «!n meeting Here today tq re x a bittersweet moment in ilstory. i'They 1 include the highest * inking Negro in the Air Force, U.S. congressman, the Xirst Black president of a Big Ten university, a Manhattan based tgrporallon executive and a Michigan state senator. , s |,They were all talented young tfleers hand picked after Pearl J»rbor for flight training at an Army airstrip near Alabama s tTuskegee Institute. They were also an'anachronism in military', history, and they will nev- %r forget it. Si "Most us were bitter about the segregation, but equally de .(ermined-'to end it with a record of achievement, iccalls ~ ~ S Rep. Charles Diggs, Dich ' f ' ^ * , BACK DOOR ,, , } Diggs said he was forced as an Army lieutenant In 1944 to use the back door "colored car- fyput" of a fashionable v Ala- ba'riia restaurant'which routinely served German prisoners of war. - f "That was the shock of recognition for me, that an enemy was more welcome _than ~ black," Diggs said, * ' In the same year Diggs was carrying out chicken, William Ti Patrick, who later became a Detroit city councilman, was fitting in the back row of an Army theater where front seats Wre reserved for white offi- fcers and Italian prisoners, fr Patrick, drafted ,off the Un!- ^ersity of Michigan campus, JVM a squadron leader in charge of newcomers like Harvard graduate Clifton R Wharton Jr.. who went on to become " ± _ _ _ J J«.--t^ f.9 'AAtnVil rVan C t n t a case by \Thurgood Marshall, now a U.S. Supreme Court Just i c e . . The dropped. charges were , .When ttie' black airmen completed flight training and boarded tli a train en roule to overseas duty as tho 99th Pursuit Squadron, U.S. Army Air Corps., with them went a ground force of 400 black officers and enlisted men, 33 fighter planes and a black West Point graduate, Lt. Col. Benjamin 0. Davis Jr. In more lhan 200 missions in the European theater, not one U.S. bomber escorted by the "Black 99th" was lost to enemy fighters. ' Airline Pilots Propose New Plan To Reduce Hijackings DALLAS (AP) t -- A three- point plan to fight skyjackers yas pT-uposed by airline pilots at v a" closed-door security semi- iap of pilots',, management and aw enforcement 'officers here his week , ·· president* , University.' Also under Michigan, State r_ . . Patrick's com- ftiand were Gene Dericotte, former University of Michigan football star, and James N. Garret t, now executive secretary of .Detroit Mayor -Roman Gribbs' Commission on Chil- 'dren and Youth. i ' Patrick now is a top executive at American Telephone Telegraph Co in Manhattan. '* ARRESTED _ In the spring of 1345, 101 !laek airmen were arrested for ·taging a sit-in at Lockbourne Air Base in Ohio, where black "officers were assessed dues to iupport a white officers' club from which they were barred. Among those in the group was 1$. Daniel "Chappie" James, ene of the original black airmen. James became the highest ranking Negro in the Air yirce' last month when he was promoted to major general. - James, now a deputy assist' defense for mbadier; ing, now ^Michigan state senator, were '^fended in the Lockbourne ant ' : - secretary of public affairs, an fiavigator The'plau, according-to Capt. Earl Waggoner of Los Angeles, who submitted it on beh'alf of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), would reduce the in centive to hijackers by-1. Abolishing sanctuary for s k y j a c k e r s through international agreements. 2,: Removing their profit mo live, by eliminating ransom money. 3 Training flight crews how to manage skyjackers in the air. Waggoner agreed such moves wouldn't end skyjackirigs,: but he suggested such , additional deterrents could ''weed out the less resolute." Waggoner said that while the FBI agents-are becoming more professional in dealing with hi jackers, flight crews remain amateurs when faced with their fjrst incident, t "All the expertise Is outside the plane," he said. Flight crews, he said, need training on what can be expected of them, how they should cooperate with the and familiarl7ation with FBI procedures , , ' ' N E E D TOOLS "They also need the tools to work with," Waggoner said A s k e d i f h e m e a r i t t h a t flight crews should be armed, he re nUed: "They should have a de fe'nsive device for a desperate situation, They are not in the business of capturing hijackers but'they'don't like to be com pletely defenseless. There are many weapons better 'suited to an aircraft environment than a pistol." The captain -and other off! cers of the aircraft, said Wag goner, need to be protectet while they are making deci sions. Bulkheads and door's to the flight.deck should be bullet ; Highlights Of Aug. 11 j»y THE ASSOCIATED PRESS jjToday Is Friday, Aug. 11, the J24th day of 1972. There are 142 days left in the year. ~" Today's highlight m history: ' On this date in 1954, a formal 'peace announcement in In Sochma ended more than seven years' of fighting between the .Rench and the Vietmmh. %'OnJthis date: - In · 1857, the first Atlantic cable broke after 335 miles had ipeen laid! Work was halted until the next year. In 1900, Victor Emmanuel became king of Italy. ' In 1928, Herbert Hoover accepted the Republican nomi- feation for president, ; In 1935, Nazi storm troopers staged mass demonstrations ·gainst Jews in Germany/ ~ In 1945, as the Pacific war was nearing an end, the Allies Informed Japan that its surren- 3er offer was acceptable. ^-_ * In 1965, noting and looting tegan in the Negro Watts sec. tion of Los Angeles. ' V T«n years ago: The Soviet TV/lion put a cosmonaut into or- Jbft, in that country's third such Hunching. * Five years ago: A vital high- .way and railroad bridge on the outskirts of Hanoi was badly damaged by U.S. bombers. - ^One year ago: Mayor John V. Lindsay of -New York switched ilrom the Republican to the Democratic; party but said -he ' had no immediate intention to Vieelc the U.S. presidency,' . , : ·'.· Today's birthdays: .President ;j.W. Abel of the United Steel- 'workers Is 64. Ballerina Allegra -Kent is 34. Actor Lloyd Nolan is -' Thought for today: Do .you wish men to sp'eak well of you? Then never speak well of ypur- tself--Pascal,-French : scientist 'and philosopher, 1623-1662. I! Publiiher Die* '· PLAINFIELD, N.J; (AP) -,Chauncey Field Stout, 94,'re- nlred publisher of-The Courier- iKfv/a, died at; his borne Thursday. Stout's -newsp'aper 'career began as a delivery boy at 11 ' " culminated with his being " publisher of The Cou- iws when it was pur- "ehased by Gannett Newspapers in mr. : ; PERSIAN ANTIQUES jLeqmpped with a win :ncP communication with the cabin; "The captain should not ex pose himself to the hijacker un til he considers it necessary o advisable," Waggoner said. He added that,''while not ye satisfied about the action taken he feels there has been som ogress toward stoppfng hl- cking. "At least the aircraft in slry and the goveinmenl ive realized that they will not i able to talk it (the problem) death or wait it out," Waggo r said HAZARDOUS. MATERIALS Much of the security meeting scussion centered on hazard ,s materials in passengei anes. The : pilots \vant all such ipments halted for a thorough -evaluation. Capt. James A. Etkols of St .ouis, a member . o f ALP A's azardous materials subcom ittee, said there have been at least one pther radioactivi Mil w e kn bw; ^of and anothe: most spill' t: sihce a : Delta Air nes, plane 'carrying passenger as contaminated 'on a fligh om New York to Houston las ew Year's: Eve, Eckols said-, an estimatec 10,000 to 540,0(M) shipments o adioactive Isotopes for com aercial and medical ; use ar aade each year and "90' pe ;nt of them go on passenge lanes." He called regulations, of th ederal Aviation Admlnis ration and the Department ransportation "inadequate and "antiquated." When passengers fly, Eckol aid, "they have' the right t now what Is in the belly-bin o le plane." Capt. Donald L. Dunn of S ,ouis said ALPA has. "tons ( dcumented evidence" about i egalities in the air transport o azardous m_aterials such ammables, torrosi'ves, po ons, explosives, magnetic m; erials, and virus germ ures. \ UNLABELED = Some materials travelled un abeled ,on under false labels iunn charged, because ship ers are discouraged by the re ape involved in obtaining spe ial permits. . - · ' - . - . '-Manufacturers',:-or radii ctive medicine are tafcnig th arriers for a ride,'.' he .salt dding..that,inithe last res or ilots rni^ht'have to refuse fl: ng such shipments in the lanes. ' . "We don't want to wait unl ve have a tragedy,", he i sai 'and then-have everyone .-jum m .the bandwagon^ The prese lystem is void :df checks an balances, ah'd'it is void of mor responsibility."" · Macy Resigns As PBS President WASHINGTON (AP )-- Joh W. Macy Jr. has quit as pres dent of the Corporation fo Public Broadcasting, reported! because of disagreements wit the White House. An official familiar with th situation said Macy was ex tremely displeased with Pres dent Nixon's surprise veto Jun 30 of a bill authorizing $155 mi lion.over two years-for the cor poration. The: official, who asked not 1 be identified, said Macy als was unhappy ^because th House Commerce Commute went along with Nixon's r quest and wrote a $45 mlilfp one year authorization' to I nance public; radio and tel vision. The bill Includes an a ditional $10 million for co struction purposes. Macy said he.-,will leave later than Oct. 15 after mo than two years as CPB pres dent. No successor has been a nounced. Experts Predict Fischer Win In 13th Chess Game REYKJAVIK, Iceland (AP) -- Tho exrierts ipredlcted y.hat obby .Fischer' -would-'win'the djourned · 13th game'of' Iholf hamptonshlp chess rriatpn to- ay, bringing him; only IVt omls from the world-title. . : A victory for the American hnllenger would "make- Ihe core 8-5 in his favor. Russian hampion Boris Spassky needs points, to retain his title, and vilh a maximum of 11 games emalning Fischer could win vith a run of draws. The Brooklyn,' N.YJ chess izard needs 12 $4 points in the 4-game series to capture tha rown while tho Russian masi er needs 12 points to retain It. \ win counts one point and a Iravv one half point. The expeits said Fischer had Spassky in a hopeless position :y the time the game ad- ourned after the 41st move. At the adjournment, Fischer Venezuela Will Have Senorita SergeaRts .. CAHACAS, :· Vo«e«iq!R · .(AP) -- it's Happening oycW in'Lailn America, where lh£ no'n hayo always worn (ho uniforms and the?women havo pYesscd'them Wifhtn two,year?; tho, Veneiiie- larv- aYmy: will have seven scrip rl.lti sergeants. · ' I:' 1 ' iWhat'.will saying "my wife; is a -sergeant" do to the.Latin "machismo,'' or male pride?, " H a man truly loves, Itils not Important to him that hi ylfe Is a soldier or a sergeant,' said Maria Perdomo, ona of tli /oung women who has set ou ,o prove it. ' vas , two pawns ahead, six passky's four, with one nerh on the seventh rank in a to promote to a queen. lach player 'had -two 'rooks and bishop, ' ' Fischer playe'd'-Thursday- de- pile the Icelandic Chess Fed* eratibn's refuSal'of his demand liat the fhst seven rows of loats in the hall be removed. "The spectators are so close, and so noisy, and the acoustics are so poor, ' that I can hear hem opening candy wrappers ind I hear bits of conversation, as well as coughing, laughing and so on,". Fischer's letter of complaint said. Underpaid Workers . iliTTLRROCK (A?) -- Some 7,120, Arkansas employes .were underpaid by $1.5 million dur Ing fiscal year 1971-72, accord ing to the U. S. Labor: Depart ment's Wage and Hour Division here, Bill .D. -Guse of Little Rock area division director, said al Ihe workers now- were beint paid minimum wage and ovei lime, although litigation,to re cover back wages was pendin In federal-court. Athletes Claim Skirts Too Long NEW YORK (AP) -- Happiness 1 for 345 high-strung American athletes headed for the Olympics in Munich is more than winning medals. It's feel- Ing comfortable-y-in ; thls age of anything g'oes-^in the confines of the official U:S. Olympic teani dress uniorm. Some of the 106 women--the youngest is 14 years old--reportedly are complaining that their skirts are to blong. .Some of the 239 men for the first time will be forsaking knit pull-overs for the privilege of tugging at dress shirt collars and ties. During the parade of nations on opening day 'Aug. 26, the gals will be 'inarching behind the American'flag--in red blazers, white skirts -navy and white polka-dot shirts and white Gucci-type moccasins. The men, the oldest is 47, will be decked out in white blazers, red flared slacks, navy shirts, tricolor striped ties and white loafers. "The biggest problem we'll have," s,a 1 d- Barbara Seegers, in charge of clothing the. women's team, "is if the fjirls try to roll up the waistbands of their skirls. "We've b e e n cutting them three to five inches above, the knee--depending "on how good their legs are. We can't make them any shorter because we have to have a decent proportion ofv skirt beneath the blazer." . Accepts Invitation TOKYO (AP) -- Informe sources · say Prime Ministe Kakauei Tanaka has accepte an invitation to visit Peking t discuss normalization of diplo matlc relations between- Com munist China and Japan. The date of Tanaka's visit I the mainland is still to be de termined, the sources said, .bi I t - w i l l probably. come in.lal September. "Tanaka ;meete Avit President Nixon in Hawaii Aug Sr-Sept.'"!'. · · · : · ' - · //ill Veto Application China Opposes UN Membership For Bangladesh UNITKD NATIONS, N.Y. 1 AP) -- Bimgliiflosh's bid f o r U.N, membership hns run Into ft .Qhlncsb'WtiHj . . *, "A'-BUpportcr of P n k l s i a n - i n ho: war last December tlial State May Get $60.4 Million From Government i " ·) ·WASHINGTON (AP) -- Arkansas stands to get $SO.'l million -V,Under a revenue-sharing bill approved by the Senate Finance Committee, the office o! Sen. J. W. Fulbright, D-Ark. said Thursday. This represents an Increase of, $22.1 million over the amount included., in a revenue-sharing bill approved by the House.. · , :"I i still 'have reservations about this approach to funding but it was apparent that a rove nue-sharing bill was going to .be approved and I felt that,Ar kansas should get an equitable share of the funds," Fulbrigh said. · · ' ' . . . ' - · · · , - . . . Under the Senate bill, Ful bright said each stale's share would · be determined on the basis of population, relative. ta efforts and need as cxpressec by per capita income. He saii the House formula would have favored large, industrial states · About one-third of the $29. billion in funds would go I state governments with the res going -to counties, cities am towns.' rcalcd Bangladesh, . undo clear Thursday Inn t It vonld volo membership for tho icw nation of 80 million'people f thb^ppllcatibn, Bot'lo;n vote 10\V. . AmhiiHsiulor'ifuang Him told ho Security Council Bnngla- esh "is not qunlltled nt all to be admitted to the United Nn- lons." He '. charged: that Jndlim troops are still in Bangladesh and lhat Bangladesh is cooperating in India's defiance of tho Council lesolulion last December cnlling for the release of more than 90,000 Pakistani prisoners of war still held by India. "The so called Bangladesh is even holding out tin eats for the trial of prisoners of war," ho added. IB bid, noting lhat Banglndosh * llio eighth most populous noon in llio world nnil has iwpn ecortnlzotl ty 81 countries. U.S. ' 'Ambassador QoorM Bush did riot speak n llio de- jRto The United Slntos also imported Pakistan in tho ww ; ul has recognized Bangladesh. Cuckatoo Clue Is 'Hello Stupid' BALTIMORE (AP) - Will* ew other chics on which to proceed, city police aro hoping o 1 hear someone call, Hello stupid." ' : . ' Tlie phrase is llkqly to be.folj " l DENIAL Bangladesh has denied Indian troops are slill ou its territory. An Immediate vole was de layed as the president .of the council f o r . August, 'Edouarc Lorigci'stdcy of Belgium, sen the application to the member ship committee for hearings be ginning today. . . China voted against placing tho applications on the council's agenda. It lost, 11 to 1. but this was'not a veto sjnce the ques Uoh was procedural. : · Huang and Soviet Ambassa dor Viktor , L. · Issraelyan clashed repeatedly : over Rus sia's support for Bangladesh': application.,- - . . The Soviet delegate argnei that Bangladesh . had "amply satisfied/to the fullest extent 1 the requirements for member ship. Tile Soviet ;Union sup ported India in the war. .Indian, Minister '.N.P., Jai called for prompt approval o u cries.. .tillered wjtlV ear-piercing rcquencyl". "., ' ' . ; , Those are the favored , ox- ressipns of a ( loquaclous, sill- jhor-c'resled 1 ' cuckflloo, nnnied "Cocky," reported: stolon from the municipal zoo Thursday, " T h e ' cxolic white bird, a mombor'bf llio 'par rot family, in worth $300, according, to Fred Beall, chief keeper of birds., Tho average person coulon t stand -' to share a house with "Cocky," according to zoo director Arthur K. = Watson. He describes tlic bird as "very emotional," demanding constant attention. , _ . 'FayeUevilleprUg- E. Side Square : 442-731* McCartney Questioned After Police Intercept Marijuana . ,, -,-,-- -,^. Sweden {AP) -Police^: q'u e s t i o n e d Paul McCartney, his American wife Linda' and ' his drummer for nearly four hours Thursday night after intercepting half a pound of /marijuana addressed to a j member of the former Beatle's new pop group, the Wings, the Goteborg police announced today. "The seized..have admitted that, they in cooperation en- Jrusted some person in England {o ^sen'd them cannabis for use within '.the,', orchestra during their ctqtir of Sweden," said a statement issued early today by the narcotics department of the Goteborg police. The police said the local prosecutor would decide later today whether any charges would bp filled. Illegal import into Sweden of marijuana, or cannabis, as it is generally known in Europe, is usually punished by a tine and possibly expulsion from the country. McCartney quit the Beatles in 1970 and formed the Wings last winter. The drummer is Danny Seiwell an American who p l a y e d o n g u i t a r i s t McCartney's last record album. McCarthey's blonde wife Linda, the daughter of New York Law-. yer Lee Eastman, is also a '' member of ' group. . The poli.ce" sTat8ni en t said the cannabis was f^Bd by customs criminal police :;lrt;a. packet ad; dressed tor'a;'; niembftE of the; Wings, It 'did ·"not" 'specify to which one it was addressed. The McCartneys and Seiwell were picked up after a performance at the Scandinavium, a local concert hall. The legal adviser to the British c'onsul- general in Goteborg, Per-Olof Levyerth, was present during their interrogation, the police 807 2nd Sf. N.W. Ark. '5000°° RE WAR D Will b« pold for Information leading to the arrest ond conviction of th» er persons responsible for. tampering with Arkansas Western Gas Company's' Natural Gas pipeline or distribution facilities. Informant* wishing fo remain anonymous may call any local law enforcement official or Arkansas Western Gas Company or write P.O. Box 4218 in Fayetteville;give a number made up by them which will be known only to the informant and the person they give it fo and an addresser phone number where they can be contacted. If after investigation, the facts supplied by the informant lead to the arrest and conviction, the informant may then receive the money by disclosing the number known only fo him and the proper officials. Arrangements will ks mads to give the money in such a way set the Informant may still remain anonymous. Arkansas \Vestern Gas Company Dillard's NORTHWEST ^Rlt WLAZA Special HOOVER SAL Powerful Hoover Dial"A-Matic Cleaiiei: 0 Tw6 cleaners fri one: Dial upright Action or '.'iaoj suction/" for cleaning with attachments. "Power-DiaT';l.efs you adjust suction to cleaning job: 3'position rug'adiusirnent for max., cleaning efficiency on all carpets... low pile io deep shag. HOOVER POWER-DRIVE DIALA-MATIC VACUUM CLEANER BONUS SPECIAL Wllh piuchaie of Hoover Dial-A-Matic or Power- Drive Diol-A-Malic: SET OF DELUXE ATTACHMENTS. SAVE NOW! Hoover Deluxe Convertible Reg. $69.95 "U beats, as it sweeps, as it cleans." Extra large throwaway bag, holds more dirt, change Jess oftenl Vinyl outer jacket, never a dusty o'dor. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Instant rug adjustment, low-pile to deep shag. Rolls on wheels. Wide-ongle headlight. Hoover Eeluxe onstellation Reg. $37.95 lt.Floats on oir I look af these plus feofurest PoWful motor, all steel construction. Wrap around bumper guard, Convenient toe switch. Lightweight, compact I Large throwaway bog. . . Hniisewares, second floor SHOP MONDAY thru SATURDAY-10AM 'TIL 9PM

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