Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Page 3
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· B/ BOB WEUS It Wasn't Dcr Lidclle Elves You may recall that an item appeared here a couple of days ago about a bewildered citizen who as he was driving to work saw a succession of shoes placed precisely on the white center line for several blocks along 10th St. We lijvo further rci'«iU fumi ;!.( neutral observers of other shoes in the roadway. One woman reports that she observed a line of work shoes in (ho middle of Atlantic Ave. between Anaheim and 10th Sts. No, she doesn't know how they got there, either. She's sure they couldn't have been dropped by dcr liddle elves, because they didn't have dcr pointy toes like elf shoes. 1'nr llio Hinls _ On the other hand, there just might have been dancing in the street over t'hataxvay. with people dancing off both their shoes to celebrate the re-establish- mcnt of the L o n g , ncach Homing Pigeon Club. . Tne startling information that the Lion's drag strip and Boys Club, etc., crowd have been joined by the homing pigeon set in combating juvenile delinquency comes from brothers. Tom Garner, GE 4-9505. is president of the club, in case'you think racing is for the birds, too. For races, thi birds are taken to a designated spot along Highway M and released. The bird with the best yards-per-minutc speed wins. Speeds will range from 35 to "0 miles per hour. Length nf the races varies from Delano (150 miles) to LaPine, Ore. (70i) miles). ·All you -iiced fur this sport, the Kramm brothers Mid, is a small loft for the birds, a few pair of homing . a penult to maintain pigeons, a timer and a survey. I dunno. I think if I were going into pigeon racing. I'd want a garage, too. I mean, I wouldn't want my car parked in the open when they round the turn and head for home. WELLS the Kramm Just a Jaguar A man I know, who traded in his Thundcrbird for a Jaguar (I one* knew a man who traded in a Continental for a SLR .100, but he died), has been hemusedly perusing the Operator's Manual that came with the machine. ' · What fascinates him about the manual is that nowhere within the thick book is there any of the advertising puffs and self-praise lhat come in the coatcd-paper, multicolored booklets which Detroit gives out with its automobiles. There is one passage, though, where the writer of the book almost lost his dignity and yielded to the temptation of hot-and-cold-running adjectives. Discussing the maximum running-in speeds in each the four gears, the book says: · "If these maximum speeds are not carefully observed, the good running qualities nf which the Jaguar is capable may not be obtained." I. tils of Associates The go-getting Downtown Long Beach Associates has apparently the largest membership of any downtown association in the United States, DI.BA rlaims in its htcst bulletin. It has over 700 members, for instance, as compared with .TOO for Smog Angeles or Smogdad-on-thc-Suhway, or ovcrwhat that city to the north of us is called. 11 (··! r E. Germany in Berlin Draft Call RERUN (UPI)--East Gcr many Tuesday called up its first army draftees from the Communist zone of Berlin. The move followed a surprise, predawn "war" alert in West Berlin by the 12.000 Allied troops of the combined United States, British and French Seised Racist Set to Resist Archbishop NEW ORLEANS Ml -- A New Orleans Catholic woman, irked by the response of Archbishop Joseph Francis Summcl, promised Tuesday lo reveal the letter threaten- ng her with excommunication "if the run - around doesn't stop." Mrs. B. J. Gaillot Jr., head of the Segregationist organ- zation Save Our Nation, said the Archbishop's chancery the departing East Berlin California since inS-1, made acknowledged receipt of her garrisons. The East German ' service, ADN, said state- owned factories were staging "hearty farewell parties" for draftees, most of them in their early 20s. in Campaign Exlorlwn Rid SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)-Herbert Bunzcll.- 28, a German alien, was arrested Tues day for threatening to "conduct a smear c a m p a i g n " against San Francisco Mayor George Christopher in forth' coming elections unless Christopher gave him $5,000. Bunzell was arraigned before U.S. Commissioner Don- news aid B. Constinc on a charge of extortion. Bail was set at $2,500. Bunzell, who has lived in Ihe threat in a letter which he sent to the mayor Feb. G, Troops of the three Western according to police. The !«· powers raced to key defense ter demanded that Christo positions throughout West Berlin to meet an imaginary existent firm in Lima, Peru. Communist attack when the Inspector J. H. Wan Meter sudden test warning was n id the address nT the firm given. ' turned out to be the address nf Bunzcll's girl friend. Miss IT WAS THE largest Big Grariolla Calmet. a school- Three, military game ever staged here. As the troops returned to their barracks after the six hour- test--the second -ttnge since the Communists walled off their sector of Berlin last August--the East German De fcnse Ministry announced conclusion of large-scale ma ncuvcrs observed by Russian, Polish and Czech generals. Some 10,000 troops flooded the city's streets in the Allied maneuver and took up posi tinns at strategic communica lions centers, airfields, bridges, border areas and otlv cr key points. Other forces remained on guard at military installations. WARSAW Cliar»r* t -- Thirteen persons charged with smuggling gold rubles from Poland to Russia and dollars and platinum from there to Poland go on trial soon, the' newspaper Kuricr Polski reports. phcr send the money to a non teacher. Van Meter said Miss Calmet had no knowledge of the plot. Court Delays Soiilriicrs of Two Romhcrs Sentencing of two men who a d m i t t e d three "grudge" bombings here in January was continued again Tuesday --this time to April 10. Probation i n v e s t i g a t o r s sought the delay from Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling, because psychiatric reports on Richard Frank Lester, 20, nf 2l25'/i K. Sixth St., and Perry Joe Hensley, 20, of 21900 S. Avalon Blvd., Torrance, are incomplete. The pair confessed bombing two residences and an auto because of grudges against a former friend and owners of property where each had lived before. tetter asking for an audience. She said she wanted to answer his letter -- termed a "paternal admonition" by the chancery -- because it "con- :ains false statements and false accusations." 'The archbishop received my letter yesterday," Mrs. Gaillot said, "hut he wouldn't say if the audience would be granted this week or next week. · · * * I TOLD the press I set Friday-as IheUcadline for the audience or 1 would reveal he 'contents of threatening me The Day in Sacramento THf UNA1C Aim. Pttrit. . r**rtm*itt t* r*m»ljn* t* it TMT *rt MI; SCUlt, McAt tttr. «t ttJU M t* tM» Kt*n t* *rMt**t t«rit»gt at a m***c« I* *«K»t»wrt; AjRi, AC! 11 P Att*mMrm«l LMrrtv. RvmttT. Atkt C«*V«t Mt t» ··tin* «»M; AJRIL ·MlmMt AMJ Oil U tlvtfT tit* *l TMtftAl C*tif*raiJ; ACRM, Rvmttrc , D Rv lw*t. ·crm HimMMt In ci c«AM«fM« Cvrrta : lent CMnti*- 4 CMttrni t* iticn vvvrirt r*r UTtM; AJR11. Kr»- . t C***rm t* ff nwrary fit»*** Act »*TtW J*ti If »*tt*t, »Ut Aftf***t. »f** $«cvrt *·*· TrMIMTtAft**--II 91 fU ni SJRII. ftfcrMtt A*HMff _C*n*fittt«* t* tf- t m mi. ! ~ tt R t*» -1-- TMtwt McAt*tr, IMM Art* ewmim; SCRM. r»nm*«; tt\i C««»trni M ***rtr* m ··«· Nc l«rn w*rk MCAttff. Legislature Fails to Pass Budget or Set Bond Polls IIMt. C«4. *·*, AJrt «. IHI INOEPENDENT-^.g, A-J the letter with excommunication," she added. 'This is not a threat -- 1 want to make that clear," she concessions. (Continued From Page A-l) asked by Gov. Brown, but $5 million of the increase was in wnd funds for construction of new wards for mentally re tarded children. The Assembly defeat came soon after collapse of an at empt by Democrats to com iromise a partisan dispute ivcr. when $970 million In state bonds should be votet upon by the people. THE DEMOCRATS had loped to pick up the necessary Republican votes, for the mdgct by agreeing to submil all the bonds on the June primary ballot. Any possible deal fcl hrough, however, when Republicans insisted on guaran ccs that the Senate and Gov. 3rown would go along. A s s e m b l y m a n Robert Crown. D-Alameda. Brown's chief budget spokesman, said ic was "shocked and dis- ressed" at the vote. Crown said it had been rumored that the GOP had agreed to vote against'the judget no matter what it con- .ained. 'Today I feel the Republi can Party has derogated any claim they might have to cadcrship in this state for the next four years," Crown said. * · * * ASSEMBLY Majority Lead cr Jerome Waldie, D-Antioch. offered to back a bill hy As scmblyman Carl Britschgi. R ledwood City, which would lave put all the bond issues, ncluding one approved hy he 19G1 legislature, on the iune 5th primary ballot. Republicans demanded as surances, however, that the lilt would clear the Senate and that Gov. Brown would sign it. Waldie said he could not commit the other parties, ilthough he understood they vcre willing to accept Brit ;chgi's plan. Republicans blocked a par iamcntary maneuver which would have kept BritKchgi's ill before the house. Waldie lien moved to adjourn the pccial session, leaving only lie budget on the agenda. Assemblyman Crown, a member of the conference ommittee on the budget, dc cribcd its report as one which "made a lot of conccs ions to the Republicans." "WHETHER they're going o be statesmen and accept it, ir do as is rumored and vote igainst the budget no matter what is in it, I don't know," Cmwn said. Terms nf the committee's grcement were still unknown vilh only an hour remaining n the budget session. Its chances of passage were louhtful in the Assembly, there majority Democrats iced 10 Republican votes for the required two-thirds majority. The house lines up 44 Democrats, .14 Republicans, 2 vacancies. · · · * ASSEMBLYMAN Robert T. Monagan. R-Tracy, chairman of a GOP task force on the budget, predicted the 10 Republican votes would not he forthcoming without major up with a partisan fight over the date--June, or November -- for submitting five bond issues to a vote of the people. * · · * TEMPERS FLARED for a while during the budget dead' lock. Assemblyman Augustus F. Hawkins. D-Los Angeles, cluirman of the lower house Rules Committee, announced lie was suspending action on Senate bills because he had heard senators had walked out of the budget conference committee. Assembly sources said Sen. George Miller Jr., D-Martincz. one of the conferees, broke up the budget talks Monday night in anger over Assembly ipprnval of a measure to reapportion the Senate. The two · house fight was smoothed over, however, when the conferees went back n session. The reapportionmcnt hil', which would add tlirco Senile scats for Lns Angeles County and give five other urban counties a second senator, was assigned to the Senate Governmental Efficiency Committee. The committee was ixpcctcd to perform a quick lurial. * * * * ASSEMBLY Speaker Jesse . Unnih. D-Los Angeles, author of the measure, said ic hoped the Senate would adopt it but he did not intend o do more than simply present it in the upper house. "I doubt that any amount of persuasion by me or any- going to affect any votes in the Senate," Jnruh said. Nine senators i*«ued a itatemcnt calling the rcappor- ionmcnt plan a "numbers ;ame being played by those vho seek to upset the present check and balance system in our legislative body." The Republicans still stood irm in demanding all five ond issues on the November lallot, when Gov. Brown will ie seeking re-election. They rgucd that more voters turn ut in November, and they hould be able to consider ill $970 million in bonds at me time. Democrats, who first pro- xwcd that the bond issues be plit between the two ballots, ipparcntly were ready to igree to placing all on the lune ballot. REPUBLICANS wore in- isting that this include a 100-million issue for low- ent housing for elderly pco- lc, put on the November hal- ot continued. "But I promised 1 would make it public hy Friday and I won't go hack on my promise. And five days should he plenty of time for the archbishop to give me an audience." Monagan said the Democrats apparently were count' ing on cracking the Rcpuh lican bloc hy forcing the budget down to the wire. The actic has worked in the past, Union Asks Todd Men End Strike (Continued From Page A-l) ant general manager disa greed He contended the stoppage was the result of the fir- ng of a shop steward and said the workmen had indicated they would return to their jobs if he were reinstated. The steward, George Wil son, was fired Friday on a 'ompany allegation he li.ui advised the workers to leave Iheir jobs. But spokesmen Tor Ihe rebel group claimed lhat Wilson had advised them to go back to work. · » · · "IT IS THE unanimous opinion of the official board of Local f) and the national representatives, on advice of our attorney, lhat Ihe stop work action of Ihe welders will he far more injurious to the case nf George Wilson hy continuing this unauthorized action," the workers were told in mimeographed letters fmm the union. Monagan said, hut it won't work this time. The budget issue was tied Sen. Hugh M. Burns. D- 'rcsno, author nf the housing- rand proposal, said he would agree, but only if it aided a solution on Ihe budget. Assemblyman John K. Bus- erud, R-San Francisco, chairman of the Assembly GOP Caucus, accused the Democratic leadership of "ruthless wlitics \vith the affairs of tho ilifomia veterans." One of the bond issues vould provide $250 million to ·ontinuc Cal-Vct farm and tome loans. by the Iftfit legislature. * * * Pol-cr Bill Hearing Sei o lor Thursday SACRAMENTO (UPI) -"he Senate Governmental Kf- iciency Committee Tuesday ailed a hearing Thursday morning on a--controversial ill to allow Los Angeles county lo outlaw draw poker. Chairman Luther E. Gibson, )-Vallejo, wired individual members of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors sking they appear personally at the hearing. The bill, authored by Assemblyman George Willson, )-lluntingtnn Park, would ,111- horize the Los Angeles su- tervisors to call an election nstiluting local-option con- rol of poker throughout the county. CALL AIE MADAM David Roberts, J.imes Arthur and Dean Batim- partner (l.-r.) strike a pose in "Call Me Madam," Irving Berlin musical to be presented hy the I-onR Beach Civic Light Opera in the Concert. Hall at Municipal Auditorium this Thursday through Sunday and the following Thursday, Friday and Saturday. NEW GLASSES AVAILABLE TO O.A.S, PENSIONERS : If you ire « GAS petitioner »nj need imr of tlis fellow- i"H sen-ices: (1) Fye culmination, (2) Ncwgljtiei, O) New fumci, (·!) GU«ci repjiireil, liiit inr Dr. Son, Optomdmt offke and you will mrite immeilutc attention. Jmt bring your identification card. Dr. Sovt. O D. hat been in pud ice )2 in Long fetch, ami will make all arrangement*. You are not uMipitol in any m-ay when you inme in lo obtain information rcgatding the extended optical care for OAS pcmioncrt. You don't need an appointment. C'cxne in when most convenient for you. In Ijnnp Beach at .17 Pine A\e. In \Vilmington at 810 Avilon IlKil. In Torrancc at i:68 Sartori. Wallc (Kt { r I f n JI y »t o r e ers j t o r e o f LonJ B » i c h SPECIAL FINAL DAY TODAY rf fl qroup rf L-i/.u^iy (ire quV.ty m'-i :-!··. iH ( irr-. . . . !(·.«·« bfiutiful cr in rnmlr. w^r^ cnqirnlly rnwit in r.f f.'fi rv.: h hi^h^r . . . howpvfr, Jo hfr-ild frtihicn pars-io, wn ,vr r f f c r r q )(·»··«· I · .rl^,.- fc.r; en sVe it trm cr» bw cf only $244* . . . Hurry in for t i c r.-.( -.»'··· ·.'·-. 100% PRIME NATURAL STOLES and SUIT STOLES $ natural cmba" autumn ha:o mini (liqht brown) stoles natural cmba" autumn ha:o mini collar suit str!" natural ranch (darl brown) mini collar stoic-, natural ranch mini co ! 'ar suit sto'os natural emba" autumn ha;o mini cowl sin!': natural cmba" cnru!c ( in (iiqht ]'"oy) mini cn l ! ir ^o'", natural cmba" cerulean minr collar suit stoic-', natural ombfl" lutetis mini (blue qrcy) coJar sto'o natural cmbn*' lutetia mini collar suit stole °ftvi !·«. *ir P»MII Fourth nml TAKE UP TO 12 MO. TO PAY ^^r,*,-!'.,','^ FIJ R SALON I'linnr III-: $244* $244* $244* $244* $244* $244* $244* $244* $244* El f\f\O rLUUK 2-7i.% i

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