Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 15, 1967 · Page 22
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 22

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, May 15, 1967
Page 22
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PAS4-22 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N MONDAY, MAY 15, I9« $350 CASH PRIZE Citizen Charlie's Crossword Mail Puzzle In Envelope, ONLY (Postcard* Prohibited) Or Deliver to Citizen Lobby PUZZLE NO. 654 D R T R Y A D U H N * D T A B N A T O N N T T A K O 1967 BELL-McCLURE SYNDICATE PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY Name Street State Ph. City . ^___... ; ._... D lf you mrc not a Citizen subscriber, and wish to subscribe, please put an X in this square. Delivery will start this week. CLIP PUZZLE ALONG DOTTED LINE i READ AND FOLLOW CONTEST RULES s i--s«lve th* clues is you would my crossword puzzta. Fill In all S blanks cleirly. ' 1 Clip puzzle alorti line and deposit In barrel at Tucson Dally I 1 Citizen lobby, 207 N. Stone Avt. New posloffice regulations | } FORBID pasting puzzM on postcards. II now Is permissible i I to insert puzzle or puzzles in an - envelope with correct | postage. Mail entries to: Citizen Charlie, Tucson Daily Cili- 1 I zen, P.O. Box 5027, Tucson, Ariz. (5703. I I - 1 ' _ _ _ _ ___ . _____ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ _____ _ J -AH entries whether mailed or delivered MUST BE AT THE CITIZEN by t i'rnT next Thursday. Puzzles received later will not be iudsed. 4 _ Cash prize of $359 will be paid for correct solution. If more than one correct solution is received prize will be equally divided between the winners. If no correct solution is received prize money will h» added to next week's 125 award. . $-- There's only one correct solution »nd only a correct solution can win. There is one answer that In the opinion of the iudses Is the best word fitting the definition. to each clue. Decision of the fudges Is final and contestants agree to accept thes* decisions as a con. dition of entry. ; 4-- Anvoni mav enter except employes of the Citizen or Tucson News. papers. Inc. and members of their families. Submit as many entries as you wish on puzzles clipped from the citizen or an original exact size facsimile drawn by hand. FACSIMILES REPRODUCED IN . PART OR WHOLE BY ANY MECHANICAL PROCESS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES. Carbo «i traph paper an not tltaible. ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES. Carbon copy facsimiles er puzzles drawn ible. 7-- Correct solution of the puzzle and the names ef winners If any will b« published in the Citizen next Saturday. CLUES ACROSS 4. They are used in rowing. 7. Persons -- expressing disagreement are quite likely not sure of their facts. 8. It may be directly due to some accident. 9. Where hardened delinquents are concerned, there may be wasted ones. 11. A foreman will hardly be pleased when a job's -- wrong. 15. Part of one's arm. 16. A musical instrument. 17. A great mountain -- would probably impress a tourist. 18. To lease. 19. Man shouldn't take up climbing if he hasn't -- to do so. 21. Birds' nests are sometimes -with their eggs. 24. You're not likely to approve of a demonstrator with an aggressive --. 25. In which there is plenty of hard work to be done. CLUES DOWN 1. A not too wealthy collector might be prepared to buy a -- masterpiece if the price were a real bargain. 2. When his favorite dessert is placed before him, a boy is likely to -- eagerly. 3. Given employment on a farm, a delicate lad might be unable to do -- work. 4. Advanced in years. 5. It means: "yes." 6. Leaving young -- alone with her child, whenever she goes out, may not worry mother at all. 10. Means of entrance. 12. In an informal way, it's often given standing. 13. It's normal enough for a -to develop enemies. 14. One hardly asociates it with achieving high speeds. 20. Opposite of "light." 22. Organ of vision. 23. Hit with one, a man might be hurt. ANDY CAPP OHBUMEV, 'ERES ANOTHER ONE AT IT,.. / EVERYBODY* GOIN' TO [ A PSYCHIATRIST -I I KNOWWHAT 1 ^ THE MATTER ( WITH PEOPLE \THESE ^·j**-^ I wr ArfOT V A COUCH/ y f-K C 1M7, TJ» Kill SciuJk.t.. Inc. n4 Dtllr Mlrrar, L«rfon TM A Show Schedule APACHE DRIVE-IN "Cinco Asestnos Esperan" - 8:45, 2:08; "Buenos Dlas Acapulco" - 10:21. CACTUS DRIVE-IN Thunder Alley" - 8:37, 12:37; "Hole!" 10 26. CATALINA 'The Bible" - 8. FOX-BUENA VISTA 'A Man for All Seasons" - 7:15, 9:30. FOX-TUCSON ·Blow-Up" - 1:20 4:50, 8:25; "The Wild Affair" - 3:15, 6:45, 10:20. LOFT Five Day Lover" - 7:30; "Fruslra- MIDWAY DRIVE-IN 'Casino Royale" - 8:37, 12:57; "Any Wednesday" - 11:17. MIRACLE DRIVE-IN 'Alfie" - 8:50; "Oh Dad, Poor Dad" TLAZA "La Piel Desnuca" - 6:29, »:55; "La Leona" · 8:02. P R I N C E D R I V E - I N 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really TrylnB" - 8:37, 1:09; "Not With My Wife You Don't!" - 11:06. RODEO DRIVE-IN Easy Come, Easy Go" - 8:37; "Hot Rods to Hell" - 10:42; "Operation C.I.A." - 12:24. 23ND DRIVE-IN 'Hombre" - 8:30, 12:42; "Rio Con- ciios" - 10:50. MEXICAN FOOD , Ito Your Liking, Served from 11:30 AM tol |12 Midnight-Sun. 3:30 io 12 Midnighl| Wines and Been ' EL TORERO RESTAURANT 231E.26THST. (14 BLOCK W.OF4TH AVE.) I CLOSED TUESDAYS! AN INVITATION 1C GOOD lAIING MIRACLE MILE GHOST ^ RANCH Restaurant OPEN EVERYDAY 3 MEALS The Ultimate in fine food service WEEKDAY SUPPER DINNERS 3 to 9 P.M. from 1. 95 OPEN 5 P.M. to 9 P.M. SUN. NOON 'Til 8 P.M Phone795-1920 4030 E. SPEEDWAY ON hj«!rt f O U T h . . . Caruso's ·*s A R I Z O N A S OLDEST AND f'NESl ITALIAN RISTAURUM 434 N 4th AVE MA 2 - 9 6 5 7 ADULT ENTERTAINMENT DOORS OPEN 5:45 P.M. BOTH HITS IN COLOR ME MISTRAL y UKSTHUIJLAHC ·-- WSTH MliDW - ^ * * ' ' ' ' " ·" "· ma.ju«auvuEZ;1 NONA mm ISABEL SARLI -- "LA LEONA CLASSIC TONIGHT 7:30 -of five Ray I2.V6R \\ iu f*mtmf! . inu · irftvt: firm \1 ^ JIAN suite ALSO At 9:00 FOR ADULTS ONLY! 5O4 N. FREMONT 624-49B1 WE BUY THE OLD PUEBLO STAMP - C01K SHOP 307 E. CONGRESS ST. 623-6712 · STAMP COLLECTIONS · AND RARE COINS Homemade Lasagne Dinner for 2 $ Include! · KKTIPASTO vltk IS witties of Delicacies · Glass of Vince's f l U E · S U C C U L E N T LA- SACNL · srUMONI (It.liin Ice Cream) · Coffee PATK) NOW OPEN · 7 DAYS PER WEEK Mama Mia! Eccolo! OPEN 4 P.M. · COCKTAILS _4866_E. SPEEDWAY. Phone 327-0222 · a be Theatres NQGALES BUS SERVICE leave TUCSON for NOGALES 7:00, »;15, 11:11 A.M. A 12:15,1:1!, 3:M, S:M, :J», 1:15, 10:M P.M. leave NOGALES for TUCSON 7:W, MS, 1»:00, Hill A.M. * 1:15, 3:M, 4:00, «:00, 1:15, 10:15 P.M. ·.Sftyhound Terminal 7t1-0tn BuENa-visra PETHt SELLERS-DAVID NIVEN. Only 9 More Days Left! THE DIMm-.L-VURF-Nl'ILS TKBIHE TONITE 8P.M. TAKE THE FAMILY Filmed in D-I 50 Color byDcLuxe 1 CATALINA THEATRE 2320 NORTH CAMPBELL AVE SEATS AVAILABLE PSont- Reservation! AccepTtd CAU326-4039 fne JTAUAN TFOOP' VJ?«JLx "HOME OF HOME MADE LASAGNE Here's Still Another Chance To See v Alfie"- Academy Award Runner Up For Best.Picture! -MICHAEL CA1NE*" AlFjE . **1 URE AUDIEHCES) * * * · u m p c m u c y « · · MIRACLE DRIVE-IN open. *1600 West Glenn 8:15 J »····«············· CHARLES K. FELDMANS CASINO ROYALE 17 INTERNATIONAL STARS PLUS IN COLOR-JANE FONDA "ANY WEDNESDAY" 22nd SI. Al ALVfRNON 326-2223 LAST TWO NIGHTS-FABIAN DIANEMcBAIN "THUNDER ALLEY" ROD TAYLOR "HOTEL" · Both in Color LAST 2 NIGHTS-ROBERT MORSE "HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING" TONY CURTIS "NOT WITH MY WIFE YOU DON'T" BOTH IN COLOR 3 FEATURES-$1.30 CARLOAD TWO IN COLOR-LAST 2 NIGHTS ILVIS PRESLEY. "EASY COME, EASY GO" "HOT RODS TO HELL" "OPERATION C.I.A." $1.50 CARLO AD TONIGHT ONLY! JORGE MARTINEZ CARLOS CORTEZ "CINCO ASESINOS ESPERAN" PLUS IN COLOR SILVIA FOURNIEA VIRDTAYCAPULINA "BUENOS DIOS ACAPULCO' 2S1 SO.W1LMOTRO.-298-1886 Tucson's newest and Most Beautiful Theatre Box Office Opens 6:45 P.M; Matinee Wed., Sat., Sun. Wed. 2:30-7:15-9:30 P.M. Saturday Sunday At 2:30.4:45-7:15-9:30 P.M. MAN FOR ALL SEASONS a / 7 . J 5 9 : 3 0 WiHHER OF 6 ACADEMY AWARDS IHCLUDING I ACTOR-DIRECTOR . "BUT PICTURE OF THE YEAR" A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS TECHNICOLOR · COLUMBIA PICTURES TICKETS NOW ON SAU FOR WDY 500 Mil RACE roXTHEATJtE.MAYJOtfu ·ENCKAL C O R P O R A T I O N FOXtReatti 17 WEST CONGRESS · 623-9491 CONTINUOUS FROM 1:00 P.M. Free Parking After 5:00 P.M. LaitZDayi* Open 12:45 P.M. ADULT ENTERTAINMENT 1 "BEST FILM OF 19671" CANNES INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL A Carlo Ponli Produclion Antonioni's BLOW-UP COLOR PLUS OUR WILD CO-HIT NANCY KWAN -TERRY THOMAS "THE WILD AFFAIR" -1377 LAST 2 DAYS FILMED IN TUCSON Paul 9 Richard Newman Boon* "HOMBRE" Co/or Plus Richard Boone "RIOCONCHOS" _ Co/or _ ASTROLOGY?. "Your Stars" By Sydney Omarr In the CITIZEN ALL ENTRIES MUST BE EV BY 9 A.M. THURSDAY Look for Puzzle Solutions and Winner's Name in Saturday's Citizen COIN COLLECTING Face It: Silver Coins Are Dead By ROBERT SVENSSON Some coin collectors live in a dream world. These hopeful souls really believe we will return to silver coins when the coin "crisis" is over. Forget it. The New York Mets have a better chance of winning the pennant this y e a r . Much better. Silver coins as we once knew them are dead. It even seems likely the one remaining coin with silver--the 40 per cent half dollar --soon will go down the drain. The only silver coins our children's children will see will be in collections and museums. Silver is just too much in demand and too short in supply to be "wasted" in coins, say our money managers and economic experts. It is needed in the space race, for photography, electronics and scores of other areas. To say nothing of gifts for June brides. Now another big user of silver is coming over the horizon--the electric automobile. Just in case you think electric cars are dream stuff, it may surprise you to k n o w t h a t several of the little vehicles are being test driven in the U.S. Greek Orthodox Primate Named Athens (UPI)--King Constantino today confirmed his personal chaplain as the new primate of the Greek Orthodox Church. The new archbishop is Jerome Kotsonis, 62. Kotsonis succeeds Archbishop Chrysostomos, 88, who was dismissed by the new Greek military regime. Besides acting as personal chaplain to the 26- year-old Monarch, Kotsonis was a professor of canon law at the University of Salonica. right n o w . T h e i r source of power? Silver-zinc batteries. The New York firm making the batteries for the prototype electric c a r s estimates t h a t 10,000 cars a year would require about 10 million ounces of silver for their batteries. That is not a staggering amount of sil ver, but it is not very many cars, either. Should the little electric car become a success the demand for silver for this purpose alone would be stag gering. It would be nice to own a sil ver mine. "Coin Collecting for Pleasure and Profit" is the title of a fact filled, booklet that tells how t collect and invest in coins prof itably. Gives examples of col lections and investments. For copy, s e n d 5 0 c ( c o i n ) t o ((/·WTXTO II m..~_.~ r\~;i.. /~i:(.:» \^\^xiik7, j.ui*a3ii Many isiu/i Dept. C, Box 5027. Allow three weeks for delivery. Copyright 1947 1145 N. ALVERNON N. OF SPEEDWAY TUESDAY SPECIAL Ground Beef Macaroni Buttered Carrots Roll or Muffin Coffee or Tea...-EA 5-5116 HOURS: 11:30 to 2:00 4:30 to 8:00 Sun. Holiday: 11:30 to 8:00 MONDAY SPECIAL BROILED AUSTRALIAN LOBSTER TAIL. Drawn Butter; Tossed SaTad, prench Fries, Hot S925 Biscuits, Coffee or Tea **** » Dining Room · Banquet Room · Coffee Shop · Cocfcitill 6211 E. SPEEDWAY ct ROOK HOURS 7 A.M.-1I P.M. tiAILY · SATURDAY 7 A.M.-MTONITE The Best Spring Weddings Start with a DIAMOND from DANIEL'S Just Say "Charge it" on anything yon buy. USE OUR CONVENIENT PAYMENT PLAN! BOX OFFICE OPENS TODAY j 10:00 A.M. Steve McQueen -- Best American Actor of 1966." --Foreign Press Association. Let's Get Acquainted at Your Neighborhood Gourmet Pizza of it's VERY BEST! All ingredients made fresh daily! VILLAGE INN PIZZA PARLOR Where Pizza Is Always in Good Taste 2526 E. GRANT RD. 5133 E. 22nd ST. 0»«N»L60UNOT»»CK ALBUM ON 3OTH CCNTURY.FOX RECORD*. M KM VHU NOWCtttS MOUH'KIW * fM#iS«« · PRICE SCALE! RESERVED SEATS ONLY MATINEES AT 2iOO P.M. WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY SUNDAY AND HOLIDAYS _ $1.73 .. $2.50 EVENINGS AT 1:00 fM. MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY ^ FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND HOLIDAY EVENINGS STARTS WEDNESDAY, MAY 24 - 8:M P.M. $2.00 $2.50 CATALINA THEATRE Box Olllct Open D»(/r 10 A.M., Sandtf--K Noon 2320 N. Campbell · 326-4039 1 diamond matched trio set in IB-karat cold..... $157.50 7 diamond matched trio set in IS-karatgoId.... $200,00 1 diamond matched trio set in ... $330,00 U-UtMTRATtONS ENLAMCCD 1 diamond matched trio set in l4-karat2ohU...$250,OQ 9 diamond matched trio set in 18-karatgold.... $350.00 9 dianond matched trio set in 14-karatgold.... $285,00 A DMSiON OF GORTON JEWELRY CORP.--STORES COAST TO COAST D AN I EL'S y Jewelers · EL CON'CENTER-ON THE MALL · 21 E. CONGRESS ST, Downtown · SOUTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER REE

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