Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1963
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-FEATURES INDEX Amusements ..C-7 Market ..C4 Classified ....D-I Radio-TV C-8 Comic* ,C-S Shipping ....B-ll Death Notices A-H Sports C 1-4 .Editorial ....A-2S Women BJ-S PHon* HE S-IW -- Cl«aH*d No. HE 2-5959 Independent If The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper 7 .WEATHER Sonny today and Friday. Little temperature change, with a high today near 77. Complete B-l». LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY. APRIL 4. 1963 VOL 25 -- NO. 183 ·CD- HOME EDITION--10s President Raps Ike's Spending, Space Policies By BILL BROOM L P.T WKklratn Imo WASHINGTON --President Kennedy's eagerness to turn the b u d g e t argument against Republicans Wednesday led him into acid criticism of President Eisenhower's spending and space policies. He said, in effect that Eisenhower had been satisfied with second-class status in the space race and had run up the largest peacetime budget deficit in history. It was not a record, he said. Democrats would want to duplicate. The President was spoiling for a partisan fight at his news conference. A question Cuba Russ Troops Set at 13,000 WASHINGTON (UPI) -- 12,000 to 13,000 Russian wants more of them pulled out. He said about 1,000 have last reported on situation two lion, and his spending in the space field put Kennedy on the offensive. HE SAID that budget cuts "of the size Republicans have called for could At the same time he told.^ti^t ^ itill , ^ heart anti-Castro refugees who'^ o{ want to liberate their home-' land they would do better to join the U. S. Army for training than make internationally jiingerous hit-and-run raids on Cuba. He said "there are a good many very determined, persistent Cubans who are determined that their island budget." If made, deep cuts would "put you on an economic decline instead of a rise," the President asserted. In answering the question about Eisenhower's criticism, j Kennedy put more steam behind a budget offensive the should be free and we wish 1 P^ 1110 ^" , s !? rte1 '" to assist them." * · · · KENNEDY'S comments at his weekly news conference - came after the State Depart- za e n t pointedly reminded Russia that the United States r opposes *Soviet military in- · vo'vement" in the Caribbean. The President did not announce any further VJS. plans to prod Russia into faster removal of the troops but said the United States would be "observing closely" "the immediate weeks ahead whether there are going to be further withdrawals, which, of course, we wish for." In referring to the with drawal of 4,000 Soviet mili tary personnel from Cuba, Kennedy did not specify (Continued Page A-8, CoL 3) H o u s e Tuesday Leader Carl Albert. D-Okla, - - - s "T-.»^», /, P-T Ballot Selections Independent. Press-Telegram recommendations in Friday's Long Beach Unified School District board election are indicated in the marked ballot below. Voters are urged to study the qualifications of candidates, to weigh recommendations from responsible sources, and to vote their own convictions. : t " ' ·erald S. Jacobs [x} Dwight C Sigworth....*x] Ted SoHiran [xj Marvin R. Allen rj Borgny Baird - - - Q James M. Crawford Q Arthur D. Guy Q Arthur P. Moore {""j George F. Reinhard Q Morris Shechter ......[] Vote for three. Braden Wins Education Post by 33-to-7 Vote Argentina Navy Ends Rebellion ii r m 1 1) said that he GOP*i proposed $.15-billion slash would "put America last.** (At Palm Desert. (Continued Page A-9. CoL ^government of President Jose BUENOS AIRES (UPI)-of Representatives The commander of Argen- when M a j o r i t y ^ - , ^ neet ; Re i r AdlrL io Vazquez, flew here Wednesday night and started YOUNG BIOLOGISTS TROUBLE Student teachers Martha Powell (left) and Donis Doss, both 21-year-old seniors at Memphis State University, ran afoul of Tennessee's 'Monkey Law* when they taught theory of evolution in practice teaching classes at a Memphis high schooL The school principal ordered them to stop. Others have come to their support. (Story on Page A-13.) Six Republicans Back Appointment By JOHN MORGANTHALER SACRAMENTO Wl--The Senate, by a vote of 35-7, confirmed Gov. Brown's reappointment of Thomas W. Braden to the State Board of Education Wednesday. All 27 Democrats and six Republicans voted for the 45- year-old Oceanside newspaper publisher, who was charged with partisanship and lack of patriotism by Sen. J a c k Schrade. R-Del Mar. Schrade. in a floor speech, said he did not withdraw any of his charges. But he was aware that he was fighting a lost cause. Senators Trim Aid to Transit negotiating an end to the Calif, two-day revolt against the I TRIBAL PRIDE AT STAKE WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Senate scaled down Pres- .-r-^-r- .w*...r*-i. , * Went Kennedy's mass-transit- AT ONE POLVT he referred,^ bm b ^ ' ^ WedaM . to Braden as the man we ire fry but rejected a ttrpara of about to confirm today." other limitill , jme^ents to Sen Hugh M. Bums, D- the measure. Fresno, president pro tern and -p^ economy amendment chairman of the Rules Com- whlch whitt]e / ^ ^ mittee made the only speech for the program from j^ m Braden s defense. million to «75 million was He said that in Braden's approved S9-8. It was accept- appearance before the Rulesjcd by sponsors of the bill to Committee two weeks ago he woo votes to insure final pas- \ppeared "a straight-forward 53 g e _ man,** with a "frank and · · » · THE SENATE also accept- STRIKING French coal miners agree to settlement to end month-long walkout. See World Around, Page B-8. MISSISSIPPI police balk at arresting Negro comedian Dick Gregory as he leads voter registration m a r c h . Page A-12. M. Guido. Government s p o k e s m e n said the rebellion definitely had ended, but scattered pockets of resistance remained and the tension was not yet over. Some support for the anti- Peronist rebels emerged in the air force but it did not appear decisive. L o y a l i s t a r m y troops Indians Return Donations to Red-Faced Lakewooders ALBUQUERQUE. Nil. Wt unemployed receive -- The 2.000 Indians of the' men t assistance. govern-!Santo Domingos hunting with 'clubs. Aragon said t h e r e lonly one shipment. Mrs. An- "She didn't know that this honest manner.** The Rules Committee. 3-2 ed. 88 to 5, an amendment to Democratic, unanimously ommendcd Braden's confirmation, but the two Repub- cut the revenue-bond-guarantee ceiling from $500 million to $375 million. Supporters lican members -- John F. said they felt the guarantees McCarthy of San Rafael and should have the same limits John A. Murdy Jr. of Santa'as the alternative grants. Ana-- voted against him on an- the bffl _ first New frontier legislation to up I0r congressional the floor, as they had nounced they would. I * * * * floor action this session -THE O T H E R opponents passed a major test when tha were Republican Senators Senate defeated, 57-41, a i« , n ,,Mn «TMrf- . r ,^ w iLee Backstrand of Riverside, move by Sen. Frank J. is a pueblo sport, Aragon^ u Brad!ey of ^ Jose. La usc he. DOhio. to eliminate with bayonets fixed took up note: Santo Dotningo pueblo re-, cently sent 10,000 pounds of' £±±' °KV h t S S* iT^ "WW "«he Associated;"" 1 - JRJSarf I Dolwig "of" Red^ffTnds" SSTSlif uith , ^iPress Wednesday that she and ht _T--' ^ ... Jwood Ci.y. Robert J. Lago- Rnal Senate vote on th, wood. CaW., terse ifnerulj ^ sen, an earlier] '£^^"^^ of Ventura, and bilL wh ich .till needs House Schrade. 'approval, was put off until wun Bayonets iixea too* up^note: 'collection of goods and that'J ectcd - · Lakewood woman'Z^L defensive positions outside G ive it to the starving'* tt , $ ^ .^nd shipment'?^ Wednesday night vil-j ' the Central P o s t Office mjcalifornla Indians." [that was rejected. ilage governor's wife was "one ^ (Continued Page A-S, Col. 1)' The foodstuffs were sentto she ^id the second ship-l of V 1 ' -? st on ^e Ust" to^^ the pueblo after a Lakewood m»nt «7»« .*,»n tMm»j «»-», fJ 1 ^^ 0 * 3 ^ 6 - W P tram Itve tor^^-- Across the Nation JFK Puts Off Rail Strike Threat WASHINGTON ITi--President Kennedy invoked emergency procedures Wednesday to put off for at least 60 days the threat of a possible nationwide railroad strike. A walkout had been threatened for next Monday. Kennedy, acting under terms of the Railroad Labor Act, named a three- man blue-ribbon board to.try to settle a 4-year-old work rules controversy. The railroads have been trying to lay off workers they claim are "featherbedding'*--fining jobs management believes are no longer necessary--costing the carriers $600 minion a year. The President picked former New York Judge Samuel T. Roscnman as chairman of the emergency board. The other two member* are Nathan Feinsinger, University of Wisconsin law professor, and Dr. Clark Kerr, president of the University of California. During the 60-day period the five operating onions involved, representing about 200,000 co-train employes, are prohibited from any strike action. The carriers also are banned from putting Spring JJr/iigs Snow CHEYENNE, Wyo. HI -- A spring itonn dumped up to a foot of ·wind- blown snow on wintry areas of the northern Plains Wednesday. Snow that ranged up to 12 inches in depth hobbled traffic in eastern Wyoming. Roads north of Moortroft were closed. US. 30 over Sherman Hill between Chyenne and Lararcie wat sealed shut for several houri. Up to eight inches of snow accumulated in western North Dakota. Snow measuring three and four inches fell in central and northern South Dakota. Sidney, Neb, had one inch of snow. a Lakewood «, wa$ th en lu rned over to Lakewood R eV- Leboe. a protestant min- the pueblo woman told the Herald American newspaper;i ster md Indian missionary in that she and her husband had San Pedro, Calif. ' «sited the pueblo last year! on vacation and the Indians' were starving. ,v M "'i ^S^fv A i^-" ? l * nown frOTn tte naTOl air "·'·ition of a c-.^o, ^u^r ,n c , the only food the Indians had tion ,, LOJ MamUo,. Calif Jhad met when he was serving a change/ to eat were "chill pCPPerS.'tn Arfxioucrauf'* KirtlanH A J r L . !,,. II ;... VT-...I .S Schrade centered his at- on Braden'i opposition ist November's elec- Thursday. · * · « THE 25-PERCENT reduc-" before of goods she amasssed for tton to Iktoc **tferty, w h o tion in federal funds for corn- Indians of New Mexico. *"«, elected state superin-munities over a three-year Mrs Winnie Anders o f tendent of public instruction, period was offered by Sen, '5219 Bixler Ave, said it aH] He called Raffert/s elec-|Stuart Sj-mington, D-Mo. 'started after she visited thejtion "a mandate that the] Sj-mingtoa said in view of | THE 10,000 pounds of gifts I n d i a n s just before last'people disapprove of the way,the nation's fiscal problems received at the pueblo wereJThanksgivin;; on the invita-lthings have b e e n going in ( he believed the amount of id flown frtm the n.i\-al air tta-'.;^, ~i . tribal member she education and that they want,money made available under hen he was serving a change.- [the bill should be reduced i. ^ A .f* 151 *"',*^ Albuquerque's Kirtland Air'at Los Alamitos Naval Air squaw bread made frora the, force Base on a routine train-istation. com they grow on a very fag fjjght, , j sa*-^^,^. "· TM- *· -·· *·*·«.«-» BURNS SAID it was "an j sharply. , Under the She said the Indian, San- entirely false premise that to, a m e n d m « n *· S y m i n g t o n $73 million hard it." you can hardly tfcewy^ 'chaplain, at Los Ala- K inland's Lt. CoL Oscar TRIBAL spokesman Bryan, accompanied the ship-] pue- "I'm the distributor -- I give against Rafferty. it to the poor," in one of aj -i ISSU re you that there (Continued Page A-8, CoL 5) | Aragon told Gil Hinshaw of b , o ,,,,, between Albu- the Albuquerque Journal that que lnd SanU ft he had read a copy of the. _ .. . »., newspaper and said it was 1 . **?"* ' a t e r * My embarrassing and humiliating.I?; eart blcd /° r . thet " t . ter .5 m ' Speaking for pueblo Gov.^* 5 TM 6 "'. *** W W« l^ng DiegTRosetta. Aragon said: i" 05 * 1 «··« Indians *W e are well taken care of] Aragon said with a smile. by the government." "They even sent u $ ammuni- He said no child ever wect.tion to hunt rabbits for food." . $ ^.^ Wednesda to hungry and persons who are, Mr». Anders had observed the highest level in nearly a j year. The a d v a n c e apparently! was helped by the gentle tone of a report issued in Washing- their proposed effect. FIU manpower cuts into llcalcn JUNEAU,. Alaska «·» -- A veil of fine snow, which has accumulated into a 34-inch blanket since midnight Sunday, continued to block air traffic in and out of Alaska's capital city Wednesday. The weather bureau forecast snowfall for at least 24 houri more. NEW YORK (UPI)-- Four Brooklyn mobsters stomped an FBI agent nearly to death Wednesday while he was observing persons attending the funeral of Carmelo LombardozzL father of a key figure in the Apalachin underworld conference. They left federal agent John P. Foley critically injured on the sidewalk in front of the church and ran inside. Police arrested John Joseph Lom- fcardozzi. 37; Camillo Charles Lombar- dozri. 27; Daniel Joseph Marino. 22. and Michael Joseph ZampeHo. 21 John Joseph it a son of the deceased and the other three are grandsons. The four were held in federal court In lieu of J 1 00,000 baa each. --AnoeiM Prtn Window DAWN Cebors"ie, 3, stands amid ice-Ud« n trees after a tleet storm I'-ft ice 2 inches thick on trees and power lines in Duhith, Minn. coriz, told h e r . b f o B r a d e y o u hadto b; w o u W istributor -- I rive against Rafferty.- urbarl be made available to Slocks Kally on Mild SEC Probe Report NEW YORK Cfl -- Stock nothing further from truth."* Bums said. *l am in(Continued Page A-4. Col. 1) communities for tha rears 1963 and 1964 to build rapid-transit systems, and $150 million for 1965 and SI50 minion for 1966. JFK Hits Lie-Test Plan in TFX Case CORPORATION FORMED Holdup Suspects Bought 3 Cafes Tvr ° By GEORGE ROBESO.V Beach men arrested for the $61,942 Jton on'a federal investigation'Christmas Eve robbery of a San Diego bank set up a of security markets. (Story on restaurant corporation here a month later, The Inde- Page A-7.) [pendent learned Wednesday. WASHINGTON (UPI) -- President Kennedy said ^ Wednesday it was a "mistake" that Defense Associated Press averages Alton ^ Fail% 37 arre$tc d' ' Trading was find the source of an embarrassing news the TFX fighter-plane inquiry. Even before the President, leak" joils, electrical story, ordered an find out who was responsible. It was disclosed: Defense Department 'tobaccos' address as Hamil. ^^ n g e b A v e , wa, listed as a director Rogerson. whose present ^riy two to 0^.- Nmety-I 0 n the articles of incorpora- whereabouts is unknown, is three issues closed at peaks'^ of ^1^ i,^ ^^ in . believe to be a re'ithe of for the year. 'corporation papers were Wed Hamilton's wife. with the Secretary of State ** s ^ ls '« lhe (mxt cf STEELS and motors were ijan. 23. equipments. The other robbery snspect. spoke out at his news con-1 the news ference. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNimira had called a halt to the investigation the defense chief had. - . , ordered. this week that the Pentagon's material group. I At issue was the question investigators had suggested The Dow Industrial _ _ of who had givtn a Wash-l to top offices an d others 6.24 to 690.51, eclipsing the'fee Shop, 5274 £ Second Su ingtoo newsman an Air T^o"!^ they submit to lie-de- previous recm-ery top of FeO-'wie of three restaurants p:r-J Memorandum charging that tector te j t , jruary 18 and finishing at its chased by the corporatioa in isome of its personnel had| Ktttatay ' wia asked if he hi « hest levtl $ince A?" 1 ^^ u « «"« : » nionths. ' . . . , 'L3rt *C^ar_ I f\~i ^_ jr * _ · Leo'f Steak House, 1957 Long Beach Blvd. according to a been subjected to abuse" by Senate investigators looking into the cootro- venial TFX contract. McNanura, a n g e r e d by thought this proper. He frankly acknowledged he thought it a mist ike (Continued Page A-S, CoL 4) last year. Turnover was 4.K miDion'lnc, are recorded as FAIN ARRIVED a L o n g j Beach Dec. 23--four days after the dirisg shotgun holdup of a ~ · Dean Rogerson, who gave the (Continued Pa;e A-8, CoL 3)

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