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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 25, 1920
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2 ? 1920 THE DAILY FREE PRESS CarbondaIe- =r "Athen8 of Egypt." V VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE. ILLINOIS. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 25,1920. NUMBER COLBY, SHERIFF IN CHASE OVER WILDS AFTER TWO HOLDUP MEN Ex-Convict and Pal Said to Have Held Up Three at Gorham Then Fled to Hills and Timber—Officials on Hot Chase in Wilds of County. 'Deputy .Sheriff .A./ u. Davis has returned after, a miles-long chase of two Gorham men^ following three alleged hold-ups committed at the .-town Sunday night, says the'Independent: ".The officer .says the men, one an ex-convict, fled Gorham and took refuge in the wilds of "Big Hill." He said he preferred to 'not disclose the mames .of the fugitives, in ' the -hope •that they might return, to- Gorham. The young'sou of-Sidney .Vanover •was not only held up, the story goes out .was severely "beaten. ..He is said to have been hit between .the eyes •with a heavy iron nut on a short stick. . According to Deputy Davis the "ex- convict called at -the Va-nover home and asked if he could see the boy ;who was beaten. • The boy's sister met him. at the door. S-he said: "You ; k ought to want to see him. You're one of the men who. heat him." And the man is quoted as replying: "Good-'bye!. 'Jt^.will, T: mean fourteen years for me if I am caught." Deputy Davis says that this man then got -in touch with his holdup companion, of the" night before, anil that the two fled to the wilds of "Big ' Hiii.'" • • - • ; .--..• -.-•--.-•• -' The officer got the call-to Gorham Monday morning and left Bryan's train at Fountain Bluff. He .and bottoms men then scaled the hill ani trailed two men far across it and continued on trail down the "canyon" —through the Munz farm, finally losing track.. o£ the quarry. On arriving here the deputy learned that the fugitives had been seen at Grand Towel'. Duff Cady, notorious at Grand .Tower, for getting "had ones" dead or alive, was reported to be after them. No additional word from Grand Toweryhad been ifeceived early today and it is believed the „ men escaped. At the-home of Mayor 'Thomas Dunn at Gorham- Tuesday, in the absence of the mayor,- it was stated that the so-called hold-ups of Sun- slay night may have been more "imagination" than fact. It was said at Gorham today that two of the three men accosted and stopped by the two: alleged hold-ups had ibeen robbed of _their- overcoats, and that the Vanover "boy, who was assaulted, was not badly hurt. The young man's father was in. Murphysbofo Tuesday. Lowden Files For President in Illinois SPRINGFIELD, 111.,,-Feb. .24.—Gov. ernor Frank O. Lowdem's .petition for president in ^Ehe'preferential primary on April 1S : was filed with Secretary of State Lewis L. Emmerson today. The •petition, ••which places Lowden's name, before the Illinois voters for the . Republican nomination as President, contains 5000 names, .. a maximum number allowed by the law in Illinois. • MISS NORRIX GIVEN HANDKERCHIEF SHOWER •* Miss Alpha'Norrix was iileasa,ntly surprised at Ker home on East Chautauqua street Monday evening with • ^ handkerchief shower, given by the memlbers of her. Sunday-school cla'ss in honor of her 21st birthday. . Those present were: Misses Bessie Bevis, Velda Ingram, Margaret Gunn, Ela Jones; Mary Reno, Helen Anderson, Gussie Batspn and"Esther Norrix; also Lester Norrix and-Earl Johnson. ST. LOUIS ORCHESTRA PLEASES MURpHYSeORO Max Zach Famous Musical Orchestra Meets Response of Large Crowd of Music Lovers. , The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra played to a large crowd at the Hippodrome.'.Tuesday night, and the program was -well. 1 received' 'by those who attended, says the Republican-Era. This great musical organization and its famous, leader'lived iip to-expecta- .tions. • and thpse who attended felt well repaid for. their tickets, which sold at a price high for'Murphysboro. However it was a price in keeping with .what is' charged', for such entertainments in other-cities—and' those who -attended did so knowing they were paying none .too well for the class of .entertainment.' Max Zach, the.great leader of the .Symphony 'Orchestra, had -his organization s-t' its hest and the program •was.-large enough and varied enough to meet the wishes of all who were present. • • " •-•This is the first visit of the St Louis Symphony Orchestra to Murphysborb, tjie first great star -attraction at the Hippodrome. . Murphysboro's magnificent new. show house, and while it was not what might b,e termed a financial success Manager Dagle of the Hippodrome was well pleased. The audience was made up of large delegations from Carbondale and Herrin, and-a. few from other points, as well a-s.'pf^Murphysboro citizens. ressive Man Bainbridge Colby of New York, a Progressive Republican Leader Under Roosevelt, Appointed to Succeed Robert Lansing m Seer etaryVof State. Special to Free Press: WASHINGTON, D. C-,'Feb.'25.—Bainbridge .Colby at New York, ^ one oi the •principal leaders in Progressive Republican party 'wall'succeed, Lansing as I Secretary of State, it was announced today. :.- ; ;-.''''•'.' BOARD /MEETING TOWGHT The Sunday school . board of .the First M. B. church will meet for spec- ; ial business; tonight, after prayer .meet. ing. AIL :-member3.':are cordially in- vited'to attend, the prayer'service.—. BAPTIST SONG EVANGELIST RETURNS Announcement Made Ira S. Deal, Song Evangelist, to Join in Revival Meetings Here. • A large cloth sign was hung upon the front of the Baptist Church yesterday announcing the return to Carbondale of Ira L. Deal, the song evangelist of Waterloo, Iowa. He will be here for the first service next Sunday morning and this meetings .will continue over Sunday, March 14th. Mr. Deal was in 'Carbondale a'year ago and so pleased the Baptist people that they have arranged for his return. The results of the meeting last year were good. Mr.- Deal is an exceptionally, good chorus leader. The music under his direction makes a large contribution to a successful meeting. While the pastor will preach the sermons the meeting otherwise is conducted by the evangelist This arrangement was highly satisfactory last year. C. R. CRANE FOR CHiNA ENVOY Chicagoan Rfcortec! to Have Been Selected by President—Son Is Win- icter to Czechs. Wellington.-. FnK 2~<. —Charles 11. Onine of •("'hir.'j^n IK uncloL'Ptodd -Vn liavf licnn ' ?o?eoio(] by Presklenf Wil=on ;is-niin:K*ov n, .OW'nii to Kiifcpyf Dr. P:ii]l. Ko'nsdV; who rernutliv ro siirnetl. \ . . ?Fr. Cmr.i" wns'nppnlntnil min'shtr ic '^l-.ljifi l)y. Prns'ilnni Tnft in inn:), hni 'vlii!i' oti i-otifn tr> fl'.iit ooiinlTy. sonv ^•l\](?ci ior: v.'ns r:!i^.t (1 ro stnfoinontf- mrnle liy hiri n?=r.';i"'linn; Cli.inosp pxcli;- sjon l'i\vs :i7Kl 1n".vns n»."ii 11 p<] fo \VnsIi- inston.. !~iiiin nflfrn'rinl liis rcsijrno- tloii VMS spnt rn President Tnft rind wns '(ux'ppipcl. JTr. Crsiiip's son. nicliard Onne. if now Ameitienn tninister to Czoclio-Rlo- valdn. Wilson Acts In Mich. Rum Revolt Scene .Special to Free Press: > WASHINGTON, D.' C., Feb. 25.-^An- nouncementby President for investigation of prohibition - cp'n,- troversy in Iron county, Michigan, to be made by Bureau .of International Revenue Commissioner Roper,-who announced today Deputy Prohibition Commissioner Gaylord will depart tonight for Grand Rapids and Iron Riv : er to take up with authorities there the controversy which lead Dabrymple to declare the. county"-in open,, revolt; RICH INDIAN VAMPED Federal"" A'g'enlts''Plan 'to 'Untie i ; Nuptial Bonds. .. RiOT BREAKS UP JAP DIET Big Row Occurs in Lower House Over Universal Suffrage—Police Fight Mobs. Tokyo, Feb. 25.—The debate in the lower house of the diet on universal suffrage. broke up in violent scenes. Tlie opposition attacked the" government---for opposing the measure and tlie president was obliged to intervene. - The police fought members of .the house In the lobby and crowds outside attemptetl .to break into the building. They were held back by 1 the' police;-arid military. pem*iasXratlK)ns^ continued throughout the city until late ot night. White Woman' Said to Have Lured Rich Lp Into Marriage—^Guardian Not Consulted. Coffeyville, Ktiu.. Feb. 25.—From milliner to wife oE-a millionaire and then to a cell .In the Coffeyville jail was 1hc journey of Mrs. Anna Laura Ijowe-Barnett during the last.24 boir..?. The. end of the bride's ptlicrwfse 'perfect day was brought about because she is alleged to have enticed .Tack Karnett,' Oklahoma's richest Indian, into a marriage that Q. C. Harned, his guardian, .has forbidden.' Harned, claims Mrs. Bnrnett vamped, his Indian charge to the altar. The;Indian, whose oil leases are spouting him an' income estimated. at $150,000 a month, was noncommittal. ' He merely grunted affirmation to everything his bride said. •"I am as much Jack Barnett's wife as legal procedure can make mei"' said the woman, who claims fiifty-oiie years,but looks to be on th'e sunny side of thirty, "What is Uncle Sam going to do about it? I am going back, to Oklahoma and I -am going with my husband." . Upon Barnett's return to Oklahoma steps will be taken to have the marriage annulled, Gnbe Parker, superintendent of the .five civilized tribes, stated. ' ' The bride refused to reveal her home address. She wept copiously --and called for her husband of « clay in a ; way that should have turned the government agents' hearts, but didn't. •'This woman lured Jack to - Independence, Kan., and married fore he was conscious of what it was all about," said Superintendent Parker. BRITAIN'S BIG WAR BABIES Government Studies Plan to Tax 340^000 Persons Made Rich by War.. London, Feb. 25.—Three hundred and forty thousand persons made- "fortunes" during the war, according .to nn inland revenue official, testifying at a meeting of tlie house of commons select committee on war fortunes .which should be especially taxed ; ami If so how. • ' Sir John Anderson, inland revenue official, told ibe committee that the government -ormtrt.. get £1,000,000,000 (normally ¥".000.000.000) from this proposed taxation. Xo form of. property, he'milled, should be excluded. 7 -•*' Two Dfe fn S.-iowsrraT— ~ . Gunnison, Colo;, Peb. 25 —Two sons lost their lives in a mou snowslide, thirty miles north of LOCAL COUPLE MARRIAGE SURPRISE Believed Couple Eloped After Several Day&of Silence,, When no Word 1 / t Was Heard From Them. !:,.• 'Mr.'And Mrs. Arden Payne return,ed yesterday from. Cairo where they were married Thursday, having quietly sped away Wednesday at midnight with no,information, as to their plans to "the:'families . or friends. .'"',. . Payne is 'the son_..ojf Mr. and Mrs. Albert; Payne of this city, and the bride;-;.who was formerly Miss'Eula Bolen,';is the daughter of TSIrs; A. P. Bplen,9f Campbell, Mo;,.anrf.had be.en making her home with her sister, Mrs. R. C.' Wright, and had been at- DRAWINGS FOR BASKET BALL TOURNEY Carbondale Is Not In Tournament .Thi* ' Year; High: School Here Being . Discontinued at Normal., HERRIN, 'Feb. 25;—^As ; a result of the drawings made at the University of Illinois .last, Saturday the.-following schedule has been-arranged forlthre district tournament ;to be (held at Her- fin. on March 5th and 6th. , Friday morning—'• . Game l-^Anua vs. Dongola... ,. . - -Game 2-r-Carterville-vs. Thebes. Friday afternoon.— ... Games 3-^JMaurids: •vs.J^urphysbord; Game 4—Mound: 'City vs. Galatia. Friday night— • ; ; • Game 6—Metropolis vs.'.West Frankfort. '" .-.-. . .- -. ../..:. Game 6—^Metropolic vs.- winner of .-game 1.' .' •'. •-, ' • .' "'. : • J Saturday morning— .;•'•Game 7—Winners of games 2 and 3. ; Game 8—-Winners of games 4 and'5. ' Game 9—Maripnvya. Sparta. •'. • Saturday afternoon 1 — Game 10—Winners of gam'e's 6 and 7. Game:li—Winnera.of games 8 and 9. Saturday night— - , •• • . Game 12—-Losers of games io and 11. Game 13—Winners- of games • 10 and 11. . ' •••• • t . ' ' ~\ ".'• ' li.ia generally conceded that'Sparta; Marion and , Herrin are the three strongest teams of the district and as they are all in the same division a. lively-struggle; is .expectedTjiu "deter^mr ining' who'will ^'"'^' .at .the will reside here. Normal.. They BEHAVE Red Horrors Block Allies' Recog- . • • • aition. Entente Wili Not Deal With Moscow , -Until Massacres End, Supreme Council Announces. London,. F<;1>. 2^— The' nl'lles would , Capbqndale'has'no'high school team this year, the University High School being discontinued. ' . NO QUORUM DELAYS BALLJTOCk ISSUE It was the.Plan of Last Niflht's Meeting to Issue Carbondale'^ Her $1500 Worth of Stock in Twin. •••;•' City, Baseball. Park. ' 'Shares .in the Twin City baseball decline to deal wit!) soviet. Rjissia -'-un- j park ..were'--, aot issued .Carbondale - til they-have arrived at the conviction that the bolslievists'.h'orrors liayejjome to an end* " it \vns announced after a meeting of the allies' supreme council. The- capture of ice breaking and other .naval, craft, liy-'the ired" forces which are ovcrrunln'g the Archangel and Murmansk sections in north Russia is .reported in a soviet . com- munique received from Moscow. The 'statement reads": _ • ' • "According to supplementary information .from Archangel, our troops captured tlie battleship of the Chesma river flotilla and two heavy and five •light icebreakers. ' : • •"The enemy is bombarding Ghentt- cliesk (Sea of Azov) from the sea. • "Fierce fighting is continuing around Rostov, and Nakhitchovan ' (on the Don)'. •: -. . "Red troops.have captured the fortifications of, Gulitch." • WHISKY ON FAIR PRICE LIST Government Fixes the .Price .of' "Red •"•• Likker" at ?4 a Gallon at Chicago. . Chicago, Feb. .SS.-r^Wliisky Svill cost less than $5 a gallon. Not only .that. If .• more is cliarged Uncle Sam will prosecute the in. ""red likker" for profiteering. ••_•••. ' This was the edict issued from. the federal building following a confer- ence'Of tlie "big four,"'composed of. United States Attorney Clyne, Fair- Price Coramissioner. A. A.' Sprague,. Illinois Prohibition Commissioner Hubert Hownnl. and He venue. Collector. Harry Magev. ' '"' At the . conference it .was decided to put-.whisky on the'fair-price list along with • beans, flour, eggs and. .tiie stockholders, at a meeting of the stockholders of Murphysboro last nigh'i, as was planned, irisumcferit number of proxies of stockholders.for a quorum was given as the reason, for the failure to issue Carbondale the $1,500 worth of stockiwhici has already been subscribed here. 'Another meeting will ibe held next'Tuesday evening^ NAMES ENVOY TO THE HAGUE President Sends to Seriate Nomination of William S. Phillips to Be ' Minister to Netherlands. Washington, Feb. 25.—The president sent'to the senate the'nomination 'of William S. : Phll)!p«!pf Massachusetts, to be' minister to' The :Netherlands.'' Mr. Phillips .is now' assistant secretary of state. The president nlso'. nominated as'^inembei-s' of the Mississippi- river-commission 'Colonel Charles L. Potter, engineer , corps, to be president, and iBieut Colonels Herbert Deskyne and'Harry Burgess, to be. members. '• :.. •.•••;'•• ''.•'-•: TOMMY'S WIFE FARCE' AT NORMAL PROMISES TO BEUVEtY EVENT Large Number of Students in Cast— Athletic Pageant to be Feature of the; En\: tertainment-^-Farce , Hqs Many Lively Happening?!. '. A lively, .novel and interesting en- - tertainment in the toxin/, of a farce -in ^ three acts,, "Tommy's. Wife'," includ-" ing- many /-features, such, as' \ athletic pageant and like features will. Ixj.giveii, • at. the; Normal ^laitprium, !ihursday beginning • at T: 30 : ; .o'clock." v" The -entertainment has been the . : '4irection"jBi Misses Inez Hollea- berger, Jennie Mitchell; "Wanda New-; some. and: .Prof. Wm. Lodge../, "The . entertainment has. been, re- • hearsing; for the. last sev.eral _ weeks and rpromises to be : one. Qf 'Ithq r tost interesting entertainments ever jgiven- • by. theischool body.; A large Dumber.- of students .are in the cast of the play. : . The cast of Characters follows: The cast of characters . follows v •A Farce in Three- Acts, by Marie J.~ Warren. '•' Characters. Thomas Pittman Carbthers, a prom'.. ising young portrait painter, as yet unknown to fame ---- ,CIyd,e. Belforcf, Rose Carotliers, his sister ........... Granhis, 'Carothers''eh"uin, : In love "with Rose. . . . . .'. ;M0o Patty Campbell, a student at the-. : Broadway Dramatic Sctipol ---- •-..'. . .' .,.''. ...-.i,> .:. .. ...... Mary Thieleeke'- uMpsV-De-;y<ir.burgh-Sniith, a. -wealthy. . ' society woman. .'.'Alberta Robertson; • Sylvia,^ her daughter, "yoyug ^.nd - impressionable"... -Margery 'Burkhart ^•Pierre Be'Bouton, a French, fenc- ' ing master . ... . . . .Roseoe Pullianz. Edith! JBrpnson', a friend of Rose, interested ini charities .'.. ...... . . . ---- . . .v. ... .1 ...... . .Eleanor Clancy. • Synopsis.. ACT. I. — In Garothers studio. Afternoon. • ••-•.'. .ACT. II. : — game ecene. Afte-moon 'two weeks .later. . ' ... ACT ill.— Room to Edith's' home.. Evening of -same day. PLrACE-^New York City. ' - *; TIME-^Felbruary,'l?20. ~ • ' : -Vaudeville Program. , 1. Farce, Tommy s Wife. 2. Aesthetic Dances 6y Ruby L/arn^- bert,. jSTeile Thies, Miary Jviatthews; .. Aline Neftzger, Halene Street. 3. Diving Contest — Bryan ; Doolin; Edgar Carter, DeWitt Roberson, Chas. Allen, Clyde Brooks, .teslie Suyder, . Glenn Fishel, Marvin Hamilton; Franklin Musgrave, Everett Burroughs.Don-. aid Renffo, Merritt .Allen. • .- , 4.. v Pantomime, The Doll Shop. V .. Characters. •-; , The Toy -Maker . ... iiBerthel McNeilly/ The :Toy Maker's Wife; . . .'.": ....... .• ;...r, ..:.,,...-. ..... : ..Zilpha McKiuney. ' a ( Field -5 Egbert ': ENGLISH; BUY";A.. E.F. AUTOS London Evening. News Says Big Deal . • for Cars Used on Rhine . ' •• • Is .Completed.. ' . • London, •, Feb. -•_ 2t>.—The' • Evening News .says, that an English 'firm of- motorcar agents has completed -a'deal' witli the. American . government i for virtpally. all '"{lie cars ,-. used by flic American, arnij" 'on the Rhine..; The transaction,, the newspaper asserts, involves -'between "£$1,500.000 (abouf necessir^^of u£ ^rloltos' ?5,62 5 .000), and. JE2.OOQ.06o...-.. ' .' ; a gallon was decided on as the .fair price, .:• and. Monday. it will' go" Intq, effect on EX-GOVERNOR .OF N. J. DIES Fjianklin Murphy Succumbs at Palm Seach, Fla., "at the AB« • "' ''. , ' «f 74. ,'' •.. : x - : . Newark,. : N: : J.,- Feb..'. 25:^-FraiAUn Murphy, former governor; of, NeV jer^ sey, is dead st'Pftlin Beach, ; Fla., He was 74 years old- - ' • ' . DRY LAWS CLOVEN. Y. CAFES/ ;Rector's and .the Pekin, Famous in --• . Da X s o f Booze, Forced " ." ' to Quit. New:- York,- Feb. 25'.— Prohibition closed the doors of the Cafe de Paris, formerly known as "Rector's," one of .Their -.'Daughter. . Jajators— John •-Travelstead. " '.~\ Irisji Dolls — Mary Youngtjipod, Alice--" Emilie Kerstine. : ;'- • Prench . Baby Dolls— Leona Smith, ; Iv. tie Brooks. •.••"Sailor Dolls— William' Felts,'- Chas. Renfro, Hal Hall, Elliott Pearce, Chas Gbodall,. Roscpe-Schuette, Frank Meis-ter; Loren Carr. Spanish Dolls^-atargaret H^ilf, Rb--- berta McCracken, Boroihy Purr, Ana_i Huffman.,'. ", . ' • . ./'Colonial Dolls — Gai! Boynton. Dorothy . Hale, "-Juliette Hanfordj KTarjr..- Thielecke! . • . Scotch.' Dolls— Betty Wilson, Ruth.'. ' '' -. French Dolls — Lois Broote, Blanche? Bailey.:- ... - Penny Dolls: ......<' 'Indians — ^Fount Warren, Finley,. John; Louden., Richard Cooper,. ' ' ' ' Peterson.' Dutch—^Kathryn Lentz, Elnora Lou- siii Ralph Swain, Ralph Thompson. ; .Little Girls—Jeanette . JEvans, Julia>. Marvin, Blanche Lentz, Ruby ster-- enson. formerly..known as "Rector's," one of I- "•<•• •-• Broadway's most famous j'estaurauts:p :Darfc ?^'^ : * Ja!1 ^ -Warrea, .Betty Tesulted .in the filing !of an .irivblr | Jumping Jacks.—Elenor-Steele, !fl1*V . TkPtitinn . iii" l\n-nli-w*n<tnJ..* -, _l"s ' •• .'• ,' '.','"• "..-I- '-•_:., .'-.'• . .untary petition in ' against ' •• - : . ,. • ; .-'(-CoDtinned. ; t<i.Page.3.)

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