Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1969 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1969
Page 12
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M · NMHmmt Attorn* TUMI, TMM* A|N« 2% MVITTIVItU. AMCANflM los Angeles' Copter Patrol b A Success after Thto MurrapOT to edit, wjtct *i fy «U«ds. i the '.Sffi WISH to Dunk Mr. Kmwth-leaem, . Under. Dr. oirdnrr, ill tht «m- n of city Hospital, and all my ry d«ir frlrndl who comforted arid Iptd me in the losi « my dear Hui- nd. Wordi on npver npmi my Makf. May God Blest you all. Mr*. ·homai A. Benard o! Weil TOrk. DEADUCT* Chained ada tn accepted ur.tD « pm on the day before publlea- lion and until 11:30 ajn. Saturday tor Monday publication. UCTION SALEB-MonoW and Via* _«y «t 7 p.m. M Auctlaa Boun. Blfk- «r 71 «., gprtnidale. By JAMES E. WALTERS Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - It W about midnight when a ouEZpr went off in the police station. Someone had tripped the tilent burglar alarm in a store. · The dispatcher sent a patrol car--and a helicopter. * Pilot Hal Brasher and observer Roger Coist, both policemen. were over the scene of the crime in about a minute. At 800 feet, they flicked on a 3,800.000 eandlerxnvcr light, turning night into day over an area the size of IL football field. "This is a police helicopter," boomed from their loudspeafer. 'Come out with your hands in the air." A second or so later a man sprinted from the store, hoping 10 elude them in nearby shrub- tiery. The 'copter crew easily kept him in their light, and officers in the patrol car, arriving five minutes later, made the ar- reft. "It must have sounded like the voice of God to that fellow," chuckles Capt. Paul J. Gillen, West Valley division commander. "He was still shaking like a leaf when they booked him at jhe station." The 'copter patrols began on an experimental basis a month ago. The West Valley division covers the high-income San Fer- jTando Valley, a suburban complex that would be the nation's .^eventh largest city if it weren't part of Los Angeles. Tt is 55 miles across and surrounded by towering mountains. Homes of many wealthy families nestle in mountain c\il-de- «Scs. It can take quite a while to Ve'ach them. "The key to good ·police work is fast response." «sys Gillen. "and the 'copter "does just that." The 'copters--two now arc in use--cruise nt 1,000 feet in daytime and 1.300 feet at night, looking for anything suspicious. So far 'copters have played key roles in several burglary arrests, iost child searches and stolen vehicle recoveries, he says. Many businessmen are painting their addresses on building roofs in 7 foot-by-3-foqt letters to aid 'copter crewmen in identifying neighborhoods. Gillen reports there have been six complaints about the nose of 'fcw-flyins night flights; none about those in daytime. After police explain what they are doing, the complainants say there're all for it, he adds. ACT NOW! Dial Times Classified Ads 442-6242 CLASSIFIED INDEX LIOAL NOTICM BAUD OF THANKS. 1-- ANNOUNCCMtim 7-- COMING KVBNT* t-- PHATMNAL NOTICE* 4--FEKSONALS S-- BIAUTY CAm (-INSTRUCTION* MOV? AND rOUND ORCH. turn. * clauware. chlldmi'a doUwa, » Clwvy ton truck, ne» deep 3rd tons* s. Ehakeipeare. 44MNI 6--Instructions-- -TRANtFORTATION WANTID U-BUSINH* OPPORTUNITII* 1S-WANTCD TO BORROW 14-4IONKY TO 1OAN 1J-- »OINT* WANTBD lt_SALI*MIN WANTED* 17-SALISWOMIN WANTED* lt-HILP WANTED-- MALE* U-HELP WANTED-- PEMALE* »-- HELP WANTED-- Mile-Female 11-SITUATIONS WANTED-MaM a-SITUATUN WANTED-- FernM H-IERVICM OFFERED MA-MACHINERY * TOOL* 14-- FOR *ALE-- AtttMHrtive 24A-BOATS * MARINE taffttt 24B-- MOTORCYCLES 2S-FOR SALI-Mekile HenM it-FOR SALE-- LlTeateck 2SA-DOQS, CATS. PETS n-- FOR SALE-- Heme Needa Z7A-MUSICAL MERCHANDISE 15-- FOR SALE-- MlaeetlMeen 2SA-FOR SALE-- Anti«KI a_FOR SALE OR TRADE M-EXCHANCI tl-WANTED TO BUT 31-WANTED TO TRADE 33-FOR SALE OR RENT K-- ROOMS FOR RENT MA-KOOM AND BOARD ^-APARTMENTS FOR RENT W-DUPLEX FOR RENT IT-HOUSES FOR RENT I7A-MOBILE HOMES FOR RENT It-- BUILDINGS FOR RENT ISA-FOR RENT OR LEASE tt- FOR LEASE 44- FOR RENT-- Mlaeelieneetn U-WANTED TO RENT OR LEASE U-WANTID TO RENT U-WAHTED-- REAL ESTATE H-SALE OR TRADE-Real ErMe UA-SALE-LEASE-Real E«at» ISA-CITY REAL ESTATE __.,, 4SB-- SUBURBAN REAL ESTATE SC-- LOTS FOR SALE 4ID-FARMS AND ACREAOES IS-FOR SALE-HEAL ESTATE ·HELP Waalrt AdnflHIM II Mate* onrtT "Mule" or "Imal«" column heai!!B» for (he omvenlMM * Jnb- wrkers. t:nlesB nn ailvfrtliwme** ·!»· dtlmll!- slatei thai appllcuili ol one H-\ ma WIN *t acotplnt. |oh.«eek»r« «hnilil nMurnc that oMIemtf ol el- thrr KX «in IM ranldcrffl (or tin pnsltinti. In cnmpnancft with Title 111, civil ItlibU Act ol 19«. PROGRAMMER TRAINEES IBM Ml) Wane Potential ?5,500 - ?15,000 Mule and female applicants, *« 18-42 ith at least high scliool education. Wr ill train personnel from this immodi at» «rea for jobs now available as IB!^ ysttm 360 proftrammer*. You will worl id tnin under the supervision of srTM~ of the ration's leading computer aci tsts. The training can be arranged s not to interfere with your presen mploymenL No previous experience TM nircd. For personal interview to del- line your qualifications, fill in the oupon and mail to: INSTITUTE FOR COMPUTING SCfRNCKS (Vrite Box B-71. c/o Northwest rhansas TIMES. Address Telephone tt.1K.MKf* ORDER In The OnMiwry Court «T W«Bhlntfon (minty. Arkansas Margaret Rnchanan. Plaintif! Tf Charles Buchanan. Defendant No. 20341 The Defendant Charles Buchanan wirned to appear in this Court with thirty days and answer the complai Wilncn my hand and f-cnl of to rourt this Ifilh day of April. 19fi9. Alma Kollniycr, Cbanrrry Clerk By Ruth Shlphman. Ti. r. Itc -- 22 - US - May fi - 13 Cherokees Plan New Industry STILWELL, Okla. -- An electrical equipment m a n u f a c t u r i n g Cn. to be owned by the Choro kco Nation, will he estblished iicrp in the near future. The new industry, known as fhc Cherokee Nation Industries, Inc. will manufacture electrical switches, relays and recoi- ers and will employ ^ome 30 Indians. Workers will he trained for the specific skills needed in .manufacture of the items, company spokesmen said. Training for the first eight employees will begin June 1 and the plant is expected tn begin operation in mid August. Legal Notices- WARNING ORDER Giancrry Court of WashiniilOB Conn mutt of Arkansas Ko. 3n]3 Mnrria T^ynn Howard, n minor, b Mary Jane OaRe, hrr mother as h natural guardian and ne\t friend, an Mary Jane Cane, Plaintiffs vs. Bobby Joe Howard, Defendant. Hobby Joe Howard is hereby warned to appear in the Chancery court of W; tncton County. Arkansas, within Ihtr dnys and an.swvr thr complaint ot Ma na Lynn Hnwnnl, a minor, by Man. Jane Gajje. Her Mother, ax hrr n n t u r Ounrdinn and next friend, and Mai Jane Gape. Witness my hand and seal as the Clei of said Court this 7 day or April. IM Alma Kollmeyer. Chancery Clerk By Kfithlepn McNeil, U.C. 22 - M - May 6 - 1.1-4 tc. ? To Marry ' 'LOCUST VALLEY, N.Y. (AP) -± Adam Clayton Powell III, Ne- jjro son nf Rop. Adam Clayton Powell. Jr., D-N'.V.. and pianist ·Knzel Scott, is to mnrry a white wnmnn whose ancestry traces back to the Mayflower. - Mrs. John .J. Slocnm an- Yiounced Monday her daughter. Beryl G. Slocum, and young I?o\vell would wed in Washing- Jon at tho end of May. Miss Slocum, 20, is a Hadr l i f f e graduate and poetess. Several of her works were pub lishcd recently in the Anthology nf Modern Poetry. Her f a m i l y irue includes Myles Slandish. Powell, 22. is n producer in tho news department of WCBS- TV. CLASSIFIED · Phone 442-6242 PER WORD . . . 7c · ' Minimum Order 15 Wordi Minimum Charge SI.05 CASH DISCOUNT RATES P wnrd ,8 coiwecutiv* Insertion* .T 'ft coiuecutlv* Insertions ...... 3 4 comtcutlv* liucrttont ?4c 4,con«cutiv* Insertion* ific ·I oonKCUtlv* Insertion* He Abov* art th« Cuh Discount rate* you will receive by ordering your Ad at The Timrt ^afflre and paytnf cnnh for It. . or by ordering your Ad by t'Phone and paylnff for It within 10 days of the date billed. 10% added after 10 days. for beat ranilts nwa full description and it*rt your ad for A day* V6u may CMICR! your ad when re- ·ultfl ar« obtained. You'll only be charfed for th« actual number of 4aya th* ad ran. SAVB MONEY! Place ymu- ad In Ma TIMES SERVICE DIRECTORY 3 Lines Dally For ONE MONTH ONLY $ 1.00 (Each additional Una--U.OO) , Card c! Thanks - 12.00 ·' (Over 90 worda, 7e per word) CbaHflcd D l a p l a y Adverturtnf DMfllln* 9 dayi befor* publication PLEASR b« sura to ehtck your ad far anon tha first day of publication. Adjustment! will br madt ·« IBM bull of tha flnt appear^ it'S SAM! KOTICR IS HEKBBY filVEN, That pursuance of the authority and direction in the decretal order or tl Chancery Court of Washinpon Count marie and entered on the 1(1 day of Anr A.P., 3%!t in a certain cau«.e (No. 108fo then pending therein between C. T. Pen son. Jr., PLAINTIFF, and James ' Kirkley and Florence Jean Kirkley an Curtis Thomas and Margie Thomas, I)F James M. Kirkley an Jenn Kirk ley CROSS-CON PTAIN'ANTS Vs. Curtis Thomas and Ma RIC Tliomas CROSS-DEFENDANTS t inrfrrsiRned. as ConimisstoniT of saa ·nurt, will offer for nale at public vendi o Uift hiKhest bidder, at the west doe or entrance of the County Court House said Court is held in the conn of Washington, within the hours pr by law for judicial sales, on t 5th day of May at 9:13 A.M., A.D. Ifl tho following described real estate, I wit: Lot Numbered Fifly-five (55) in O-ltnma Park Subdivision, a si fi-.nn of pnrt of thr SouUiwest Quart ot thr N' Quarlrr f N W and the Northwest Quarter (NW'-i) the SnuLliwesl Quarter (SW.1 of Srrtl Thiilrcn H"; a part of the Soulhci Quarter fSK'^1 of the Northeast Quart nnd the Kortlieapt Q u a T t e of the southeast Quarter (KK 1 of iVrlton Foiirlwn (14) nil in Townsh pvrniefn 17i North, Rnnac Tweni me 1211 West as drsipuitrd «pOn t i-i-nnh-il pint ot suit! subdivision. T K K M S OF ZM.K; On a rrrdit Iirrr months, the purchaser bring (linred to execute a bond us required nw nnd Ihe order and rterrec of sa court in said cause, wlthnpproved "iinty. Iwartng intrrrst fit thr. rntc ol ]fr crnt prr annum from dale of Sfl intil paid, and a lien being retained l!ic premlsos sold to secure the payran of thr purchase money, c-iven under my hand thii llth day pnl, A.n., 1M3 Alma KollmryCr Commissioner in Chnncery 15-32 3t NOTICR IS l l K I t K M V OIVF.N, That niMinncc of tho authority and tlirectli Dntftinfd in Ihc dwretal onlor of t li.incetr Court of Wn^hinRlon Cwir in'lc nnd entrivrt 0:1 the 21sl day Ini.Ji. A.D., l%n in a ccrlnin i-m N'o. "(filfit Ihrn jvendinK therein hflwi ·iumn * Werrlmnts Hwnlr PIA1NTI! i.d H«l» Malny PKl'-KNIUNT, the f i ·'!:[. rr], ji^ Commissioner of si "im. will offer for sale nt public vend i ihe hidheM hiddrr. at thr doi r entnnce of Ihe Coimtv Viurt Hon i vhii-h said Court is liuld. In thr Coim r WiishiiiRlnii, wltliln Die hnun pi i-nl^.1 by Inw for Judiclnl sale-;, nn t th d.n if Mny nt f:nn A.M., A.TX 1f if fiiiinHiitii desrnlwd Personal Pro n i iwe in 3.0W) ncrira Fo , T K I I M S 0|.' SAI.'K-'on'a'rrrfli! of thr i tr.nntln.. tl-.e pnrrhnwr lemff rrquli I In r x f i ule n loiid in rrijiilrri) by I -ill di^ oriler nnd dorrrr fif said Coi u *nid cnnve, w i t h appntved MMMirl wiim-K interest «i tlie r.itp of 1ft per o ·cr a n n u m from date of snlr until p* ii"! a |:rn hfind re|»mril fn ihe prfmi.' "''I Hi -enirft ttie j«yment of thfl w 'i'\en under my hand thlt 9th day API.;, A i t , i%o. ''ommksionpr In Ownrrrv 1.VJ3 9 Cord of Thank* : MI.-'H to thfink all Ih* I SOS nt Cily llmpital an'l our mr for (hr fi.^i diiniii; the ninf-M 'n i denlh of r«n KiiOminl «nrl Father, W, Brown, Tin Jttonn Family. -Announctnwntt- IAVE pean -- fret oounMllnf routaltd OOMI tnyttme. **W«4« wrttt C, Gorbam, Elldni, Ark. 72E7. VOICE--Piano Instruction Reasonable Rates Phone 442-2244 ANNOUNCING Training on IBM Keypunch ma hinc. Limited enrollment -- nigh lasses. Prerequisite aptitude test Ozark Data Processing 108 W. Center 443-3361 Fayetteville, Arkansa* --Lost and Found-- X)ST -- LarKe Siamese rat, child's pel rrinlty of RalKton and Dickson St! Reward. Phone 521-3374. LOST--White Miniature Toy Poodle, 1' ears old. child's pet, shaggy hasn pen trimmed. Last seen around campus 'hone 443-^76 or 443-3258. 12-Busin«n Opportunities- PRIVE-IN. Two window walttup. Ioln ood year around business. Plenty par! nc. for more information call 423-2123 BcrryviUe, Arkansas. TEXACO SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE · Excellent Highway Loca tiori Strong promotional sup port · Paid training program · Financial assistance available CALL J. R. MASSAY 521-1573 PL 1-SOffl AVON NEED MONEY to help your famt cet? AVON needs you to servo cu :omcrs. Call 412-7377 afternoons and « 'or Mrs. ^cCIernon. COTTON canny, sno-rone ft popco equipment, concession trailer, J950. BA Rar-B-Q. NOW INTERVIEWING Responsible persons as dealer f newly constructed DX cottaR type service station adjoinin large apartment complex with 3 blocks of university. Phone Fa etteville. 442-8711--Rogers. 638-673 APPLICATIONS now being taker, · newspaper carrier boys 12 years or olfl Apply circulation deportment. Northwi Arkansas TIMES. _ 14-Money To loan-? NEED MONEY ? Be* Ut W* Bn? . . Sell . . . TraiJt for Most Anythlnf « wfll buy your diamonds, witciw ffuns or Bnylhlng of value anil flvt y ao option to repurcbiia them. CAMEO JEWELRY ENGRAVING SHOP 123 W. Mountain * 18-HeIp Wonted-Male- YOUNG MEN NEEDED We have immnfialf oppnings foi three ynuntr nirn, ages 3S to 23 t rfprescnt lorge vmthfrn flnn, mui he .linRlc, nenl nnd fret lo tmvff Koiifltprn nnrt Midwestern Jflnfes. N« pxpcrienre necessary, we train you Kxpcniw Rcraint to start, new en transportation lumislted. Averac tnrninRs. S450 monthly. Apply In person to Mrs. Charles Davis, Downtown Motor Lodfre. Thursday U «.TII tn : p.m. onlv. No phone call OPENING For wash nnd rlpnr-np man. Apply person. Whitfiold Motor Compnnv. DHlVKIt for snoronr tnirk nftor sc rhone 41^-^OlW after n:00 p.m. ATTENTION summer Ftudents! P lime help needed: Apply in Minute M«n. niRTRIIHTTOR for Unri^r llrno Cfl pany needrd nt oner, cuslomm InR. Call 4«.«M. To tiiftlJIsh own frcdlt Hrokfr«trn hi ness. No hveslmenl. To help vmi f stalled, WP pnnr/inl»r» JIM) weekly men meeting our requirement*. AHO hflmllmp. Write Maunder: Drawer J Mentor. Ohio, 4-IOiW. WANT tlderly mnn in 8^*1 h^n he muineR ulltntlniifn, uoon nort fiirlty Mipplcmfnt No Inlvor involve Wrlle P. f- Rf« 7M, Pflyellevillf, ddnniif. Olvt hnrk((m\ini| «nd phi number. 1IOYP. W "P. t» nwl^t onlrr d rnrnl nunflficr. Apply 4:«0 to 6:00. 1 Holoomh, RprM.Xdfile. »pr«y i*lnlfr for liw pulntlnf. FTlowt 4I2-M12, TT*tenHtm or writ* Hot FP, ^yetttvllle. ArPTJOATTON« r*m bctaf tnkcn tar MwipApfr CTrrlff bon 13 jean or ol ·r. Apply flmiimirm rtcptrtiMnt, Mfrlfr wert Arkunui TIMKJL MISTER BRGGSt IM DOOGB ctvintr, full mm «e» turn, 4IK bratti. power ttftrtaf. ·term Up. pliyer, SB V-l eniloj, lUtoraUe InnunluKo. Kant 44Z-9BM atttr 9. 19(4 CHEVROLET B«l-Alr. 6 cylinder, 3 door, KM. Kennura eltctrlc drre.-. 160. Phone 44M284. fch U»MN* ·EdSTEMD ANGUS CATIU Mayes Auto Service Inc. FRY ANGUS FARM CAVE Sprinli necapper havinl a tire aall. Special. 750/14, 800/14, whitewaUs, 91150, mountlne and balanclnR free. Located at North end of Cave Cprtngs. Fhone 235-2665 or 285-238. MA-Oogt, Cert*, FREB cute kitten. Pnont 443-3379 or 44J5380. REdlSrlSKED TOY nolle While and champagne, »40 and 150. Phone 443-3882. ,, EVERYBODY relit tbt HUH WANT ADS. You are! 27-hr Sato-Horn* Nt«di- FOR SALE, fcrass heidboard. »·. - Kfrtntt »nd mlttrejl, »10. ClKSt, » rhone 443-3066. CAR INSURANCE "Sir, I'm afraid you might not caw for the government's reply to your demands..." 9-Help Wanted-F«mal»- 3-Strvlces Offered-- LOOK YOUNG LADIES LarRp Atlanta firm hat immediate openings for three youne ladies ases 18 lo 23 to contact small business nod professional people. Musi be ningle, neat *nd lr«e to travel Southern and Midwestern States. No «x- perienc* nccessaiy, we train you, expense acccwnt to start, new car transportation furnished. Average earnings W50 monthly. Apply in person to Mrs. Charles Davis. Downtown Motor IvrfR* 1 . Thursday, it a.m. to 2 p.m. Parents welcome at interview. AINTING, Paper wall covering. Vinyl, arpentrv, roofing, sheelrork finish. General handyman- Phone 521-3656. IATURB lady needed to hah-«it every unday evening 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. Phone 12-5314. CAFETERIA worker needed it Runay. 'hone 443-5131. 3EATJT101ANR -- Jlxpcrience preferred, 'hone 521-1533. AVON JPPORTUNITy CAUJNG . . . Cash in n the steady demand tor T.V. advertised AVON cosmeticB. Territories now available. Call 142-7377 afternoons and ask for Mr«. McClernon. Haffelder Brothers carpenter, labor, remodeling or general contracting. Phone VAKT Iwo ladies with car. Stanle Home Products, Box 374, Fayetteville. 20-Help Wanted-Male-Ftmalt larpenter work, room additions, founds- one, roofinR and home improvements. Free estimates, latfofacUon sutranteed. Phone 521-1366. TOP SOIL Gravel delivered, yard work Phont 442?715 /WoNTGOMH, . WARD Now has opening's for the folfowinf positions: 1. Repeir Service Technician. Small motor an! refrigeration combined. 1 PBX Operator with typing experience. 3. Borviccc Clerk- Handle detail work and dispatch. W Hour Week. Excellent Iringt bcnrfits. EVELYN ICTLTJI SHOPPING CENTER HELP WANTED Opportunities With Pennyrich International 1 own your own business: 1 Multiply yourself; 3. ITnlimited InTOtne; 4. New Bnirk furnished if qualifml: 5. Kabulou varatlon; 6. Protit-sharinu plans; 7. Fan tastlc retirement. For intormalion, Call 443-5704 or Write Dorotliy Morton, Director, MO Leveret Street, Ant S45, Faj-ettevUle, Arkansai NKtiU broiler cook and assistant mana per combination, also need kitchen hel] Jl or over, ^pply «t Coachlight, SbOi N EXXECUTIVE Secretary, urgen need. Typing, S/H, receptionist duties, electric typewriter, beau tiful office. Good benefits. $325 start STENOGRAPHER/typUt. S/H, $315 montl MACHINIST, experience! OPEN SECRETARY/bookkeeper, $277 monit SERVICE STATION ATTENDANT good hours S275 mont' SECRETARY with legal experience $30i montli ELECTRONIC Technician ....$350 mont! MECHANIC with own toote, COM MISSION. Northwest Arkansas Employment Agency Room 208, Crnvens Baildinj Phone 442-5331 Mrt Tom Phillips. Owncf A locally owned private «ency-- Licensed and Bonded CHICKEN Unlimited 1618 North Onl now hiring male or female full or par timf. wort or CAT hop. Apply In pc son, no phone rails. Dalryland Drive In RALSTON PURINA CO. Springdale Turkey Plant NOW H I R I N G Production Worker* Permanent openings for me and women over 18 years o age starting April 29, 1969 Base wage a $1.75 going t $1.82 July 1, 1969. Excellen working conditions. No Experience Necessary WE Will TRAIN YOU Apply in Person to: Ralston Purina Me Processing Plant Wob* Larw Springdale, Ark. WE ARE AN EQUAL OPPOR TUNITY EMPLOYER [,p wnnlet) nver 21. in«ti nn Apply TIUH Hut, SZi Nt CXrilriff. 'ILL DO ironinKS. Phone after 5:00 p.m. IM212. ABVKirnKG in my home, day or EM. five day* n week. Phone. 442-276* For Professional PEST PROTECTION 9ce or Call Free HOUSEHOLD Appllattct fierv.ce All types Repair Ser. on Apnltancei Phone 443-2145 or 756-3173 House Painting. Reasonable Ratei. Phone 443-S488. URBAN HOLLAND 224 N. Black 442-IIU EARLY Americmn bedroom nuitf. LF MS Roper range, heater, hide-a-bed, re frlgeralor, TV antenna and miscellane ous. Phone 442-6!W. JP CARPET beauty doesn't show? Clean it right and watch it glow. Use Blue Lustre. Rent eleotrir shampooer, $1 Polk Furniture, 603 West Dlckson, Fa," etteville. VOLKSWAGEN REPAIR Rebuilt engines, new A used parts *t discount prices. Ozark Tovaco, Bo. n * Cato Springs Road. 53L-945, RUGS a mess? Clean for less with Bin Lustre! Rent electric shampooer, *1 I^rwis Bros., South Sidft Square, Fa elteville. _ 24A*Boatc Marine Suppfi« FOR SALE, 40' drift or cruis* houseboat, outboard power. Whitfield Motor Company, Fayelleville, Arkansas. TROJAN, twin screw, powerplant, ali- conditioned, new rtrapes, new carpet, excellent condition. Phone 443-5781. Mercury 350 S, 33 n.p. electric start remote controls, $293.00. T. D. Whilehorn, 442-7928 EXCELLENT combination fish or sW rie; tibcrglas boat almost new; S5 h.p. Johnson: Gator trailer. Call 521-1236 after 4:30. Only $695. HEAVY DUTY Marine Batteries Vaughn Battery Highway 71 South EVERYBODY rradl tie TIMES WANT ADS. You in! THREE fine quality Ka«lum Persia rues $275 - $350. For appointment writ Box 1601. V of Art. INEXPENSIVE canopy Hod. P h o n 4«-24fl8 after 5:00 p.m. GOOD selection ot used furnitun ·t Dennis Home Furnishings. 324 West Diclton. 27A-Miniral Merchandis*- MOVING SOUTHWEST PIANO VAN 2616 Hwy. 71 S. 442-6572 PIANO, must transfer next 1 days. Will consider responsible local par ty only to take over payments. To IB Bpcct writs Homt Office, Joplin Fianr CO., Joplin, Wo. SUN BRITE JANITOR SERVICE Carpet Shampooing Jack Curtsinger 442-7062 or 442-5503 28-For Sale-MlKtllaneous 1966 YAMAHA 90. Good condition. $300. Phone 443-2494. 25-For Sale-Mobil* Homw EVERYBODY rtaflj tbf TIMES WANT ADS. Yoa art! ·"OR sale, 30 year old mobile home, redecorated, 30x50. Call 441-5656 after 5:00. inSCELLANBOUS haoline any time. Interior painting. BUI 442-7958 or 52- tTPHOLSTERY work wanted. Phone 443-5527. GRAVEL. TOP BOIL, FILL DIRT. Fhone 52I-!)£8 days Pmlnt. Repair. Light Haultnf, Dar or Night 4424478 JACKHOE, dozer, crane, dragline, plow- ng. Custom work by hour or contract ror dcarins, ditchlnn, pond cleaning, roads, pads, etc. Licensed, insured. £09d equipment at reasonable rates. c*Jl Chris, 443-5363 day or HE 6-M2 Rogers, ntghb. 23A-Machinery Toolt- 42" MOWER for Sears tractor. Will trade for garden attaehmentf. Phone after 6 p.m. 1951 MODEL Ford tractor, excellent condition, blade and carrier rack. Phone 443-5781. *8 x 27 I bedroom. For inToitnation call 443-2000 at Western Hills Trailer Para. Space A-15. l T E R R Y fill aluminum travel trailer. Shower and stool. Butane sas Including light, double sink. Excellent condition Ready to go. Call 521-4444 days, 442-544, evenings. · 24-For Sale-Automotivtt-- 1WO CHEVROLET two door, V-S, Automatic. Cheap. Phone 521-3690. 1%2 EEr.-AIR, air conditioned, automa- ic transmission, power stecrinff. V-S engine, 70,nM miles. Call 521-290. 1!)G2 FORD, power steerinft, automatic transmission, air conditioning. Call earlj or after 3:00 p.m. 442-6059. [M5 MUSTANG, 260 engine, power steer ng and brakes, air conditioned. Phone 442-4240. LJJ63 CORVMR, white two door liardtop, ilnck interior, hucVet seats, four speed, yaw. See at Northwest corner West .Uth and Duncan. Space 17 after 5:00. 39fifi INTERNATIONAL pickup truck 28,000 miles, one owner, good condition, ?1JOO. Phone 521-1474. 1957 CHEVROLET pirkup. stock racks cylinder, overhauled 6.000 miles a Priced to sell. 616 Reagan Street Phone 443-5493. 11"68 OPEL Rallye, one owner, radio, and air conditioned, 54Bfl and take up payments ot |60.?9 per montli. PL 1-3107 W. HunLsvillc, SprinRdnle. 1%7 Cnmaro, V-R, V?18KV Consider mobile home in trade. Phone RB Bar B-Q. VOLKSWAGEN. Radio, new tires good condition. Call 521-32-17 alter 5:00 p.m. ntEVROLKT ',4-ton pickup, long f bod with air, perfect shftjw. Phone 413-3667. 1063 MTCRCURY CouRar, power, foclorv air. leather top. Ver- low mileage. One owner. Must tell--Roins overseas. Phcni Z1-4444 days. 442-544;. evening*. ·)1FT7 COUGAK. 3 speed transmission. 2$ V-S, low mileage. Phone 751-JtifiU arte 5:00 p.m. TiH8 PLYMOUTII coupe. Goorl ninnini condition, good npnolstciy, radio, cigar ette llRhter, everytliins uorks. Body i very good condition, J150.00. Call 824 S niter 7:30 p.m. KARWAN Cihin VolkswnRcn. 1%1 mode sport rnupr, S*oO. Phone 442-44Rii. ft »ale 3!63 Ford convertiblf, 352, *Q tomatic, new lire*. Call 521-1491. Z50 GALLON Em-Bet mlllc bolK tanl Ilomelite chain saw. Phone 839-2930. REDUCE cafe end fast With BoBei tablets end E-Vap "water pills." Fa etteville Drue. 246-MotorcyelM- JrREE beginners set used bee keepin equipment. Boy or girl. Phone 442-912* SPECIAL price: Pansy plants, 50c d en, will bloom in two or three week Ray's Flowers, Highway 71 South. CYCLES sell In spring! ArtvertJse motorcycles * bik with a classilied ad. Phone 442-634Z TRAVEL TRAILERS 14' S1070. W self-contained $1495 MOBILE HOME WHOLESALE PRICES 12'xSO' 2 bfd. S389S I2'x38- 2 bed. SZ895 12'x45' S3450 Looted At New Hope Trailer Park So. 71, Rogers, Ark. AND Roberts Implement Co. Westville, Okla. PA 3-4333 Trailer Towing Call Chandler Trailer Convoy, Inc Phone 442-8871 Eugene H. Hinton 26-For Salt-livertoclc- FOUR YEAR old Quarter Horse, Rcntle well tirolie. Make mt nn oiler. Phone 442-469J. REGISTERED Tennessee WnlkinR Horse Service. If you want n pleasure horse 1red to Oilra Hot Toddy, son ot World Champion. Roccrs Perfection, also registered, in Pox Trotting Association. 3 miles southwest of Farminffton, Ark Phone 846-3491, Glen Giles AT STUD, Poco Balm ftROOS. grandsot or Pnco Bucna, the greatest family ot ting linrses in the quarter horse association. One mile east ot Elm Spring!. Plmne 218-73fiS. Billy Bob Fields. STAUL.1ON Service: Two beautiful reals' tercel Tennessee Walking horses. Visit era welcome. See them under saddle. Tieasonahle Ice. Clcll Eurnetl, Roule 4 Bentonvillc, Arkansas. Fhoiie CR TWO registered Herotord cows, Phon« Jim Selby. __ REGISTERED Tennessee WalkinR Horse service. Standing nt Klklnl. Phone M3-4842 or 413-5978. Also horse tor sale REGISTERED QUARTER HORSE SERVICE STANDING: SPAVINAW BAR, BY: DIAMOND BR OZARK BOMB Grade Marcs: ?5U.OO. Registered Marcs: S75.00. Contact: W. R. Lively, Spnvinaw Creek Ranch, Call for appointment-Area Code: 918 253-4744 Oftic 233-4772 Residence At stud. AQUA Copper Vandy, 2K12( Grand Champion at Halter. Sire of Cop per Minx, winner ot Clarcmore Futurity Phone Clyde Wccms, WAMPUS Ban Jr, AQHA, No. 335H11, · Klui). Grandson ot I*re Btri. Phon« «2-M19. STOP; - LOOK - LISTEN · All Dairymen -- Attend the ,-. JOHN C. ALTA MAE VAUGHN REGISTERED HIGH GRADE HOLSTEIN COMPLETE DISPERSAL SALE SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1969 11 n.m. CST -- I.unch CARTHAGE, MISSOURI Snlc in ttnt at tnrm 4 rnilra South on Alternate 71 14.1 Head Sell in Big Complete Dkpernal Sale. B7 ne«liitcrect llolslcirai -- 70 High Crndo Holsti-lnn -- 4! Good HcRis- terod llolstcln Cows and 22 Reif. Holnteln HcKcn -- 3 «hroe ynnr old RoK. Holntrln Bulls -- llooschrnrt 1'loncer fc Rag Applo HrecdinK. 41 HlRh C.rndp Holilcln Cow« -- :l Two year old Bred Hijh Grade Kirat Calf llelftra, and 14 Calve*. Yearn of A.B.S. Breeding. Thr Herd Foundation for Ilio RrRiMiTfd Herd rnme from the Otto A. Wallia llord At Poplar llluffc, Mo. BrAt of Bloodline* -- Carnation. PaKAnok. Raven Burke Ideal, WIs Tdcul, Ornuhv, MooMheurl Pioneer. Rn( Apple. F..O.II., And olher Top Blood- Ihicn. Good Production, Type. Duality, unrt Size. Bert of Health. 4,'iA A. Mo4«ra Dairy Farm For Lf*i« with mi Dairy Equipment ~ Modern Home -- Harvcatort Silo -- Contact Owner -- 417-3r«-::U. Sal* CaMloii «v«ll»bl« Sale Day. For Suit BIU further information contact -- Donald J. Bowmen, Auctioneer Salot Mgr., Hamilton, Miuouri 63644 Phont - Klddcr, Mo, -- 16-J71-!UC or 2IIJ SPRINR Bargain. Carpet, lineloum paint Ad»ance Floor Co., 2786 North Col (lie. Phone 443-4B91. GARDEN TRACTORS WHEEL HORSE Tractor with FREE MOWER DUNIVAN'S Sales Service Hwy. M West. Springdale 756-3270 SWIMMING POOLS By Anthony World's largest Builder All Types and Sizes Seaside Pools, Springdale Ark. Phone 756-6543 Midland Bermuda grass sprtcs. AI wilt do spripRinfr. Fhone 846-259% Ja Wilson. Prairie Grove. PLANTS, stronT transplanted loma broccoli. caulUlow rr. 40c flozpn. (frown Rutger tl.EW Dozen, Bltf Bo? Big Early, 51.50 Dozen. Ray*i Florr« and Greenhouse, Highway 71 Couth. FOB sale, brand new solid state R.C.A. portable television. Ftunt 44 EM. Comer ». AntlurlMd dealer. Mta, Puta aervKe for rajrtttevillt «re» MOO-The Best Thing Going for Mowing! 1KI modcli. Al» Kveril GOOD USED Yazoo nwwera. Wtlk-in Box complet* with unit B * B Ear-B-Q. SIMCO SADDLES and Complete Line of Accessories. LEWIS BROS. Basement Level MID STATEMAN CAMPERS Campers All Eizc« Topper--List i nee 1285 Now Only 1340 F Cabover Camper List Price 1895 Now Only $665 ROBERTS IMPLEMENT CO. Weslville, okla. PA 3-«33 THE BEST IM LAWNMOWERS AT L I N K W A Y BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE WO! 5H.P.24" RIDING MOWER Model R5124 tfftdl eonmiifnetl · 5 H.P. 4 cydt Briggt ft Stratton engine · Recoil $Urt«r · 24* *ustt mptrad (tnlblida · On-the-go cut- h( Night adjuitment-1%' to 3Vi'~3 speeds forward; 1 reverse ·Forward speeds Wto7 m.p.h. · V-belt blade drivewtth safety blade braka · PosrUva disc foot and park- Priced Now At Only $349.95 with trade A'se 20" Power Mowers as low as $49.95 L I N K W A Y Hardware and Furniture Hwy 71 North - 442-7363 TIMES PATTERNS For picnics to parties, girls love the airy freedom and fashion of this IMCM. Petal-pretty scallops a n d gay embroidery dress up this q u i c k-sew swinger. Pattern 672: transfer, printed pattern sizes 2, 4, 6. State size. Fifty cents in coins for each pattern -- add 15 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Northwest Arkansas Times, 450 Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York. N. Y. 10011 Print Pattern Number, Name, Address. Zip. New 1969 Needle craft Catalog -- best town-sporl fashions, most new designs to knit, crochet, sew, weave, embroider. 3 free patterns inside. 50 cents. NEW! "50 INSTANT GIFTS" -- mnke it today, give it tomorrow! Marvelous fashions, toys, decorator articles. Ideal for all occasions. 50 cents. Book of 16 J i f f y Hugs to knit, crochet, sew, weave, hook. SC cents, Book of 12 Prize Afghans. 50 cents. Book number 1 -- 16 Superb Quilts. 50 cents. Rook number 2 -- Museum Quilts--12 rare, outstanding quilts. 50 cents, nook number 3--Quilts for Today's Living. 19 unique quilts. 5ft cents. So new, important, easy t» wear -- you'll wonder how you ever lived without this zip- front skimmer with its sailor collar, optional trim. Printed Pattern 4817: N E W Half Sizes 10','a, 12V4, 1414, 16Va. 18',i, 20Vi. Size 141i (bust 37) takes 31i yds. 35-in. Sixty-five cents in coins for each pattern--add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mciling nnd special handling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Northwest Arkansas T i m e s 438 Pattern Dopt., 243 West 17tli St., New York, N. Y. 10011 Print N A M K , ADDHKSS w i t h ZIP, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OVER 100 NEW FASHIONS close as your mailbox in new Spring-Summer Pattern Cain- Ing. Free pattern coupon. 50 cents. Nrw! INSTANT S E W I N G Book. Save hours -- cut, f i t . sew modern, expert way. Over 500 pictures. Only Jl.

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