The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 20
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 20

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 20
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<»Mliu-5uu! Friday Morning. September 22,1978 ola if led advertising The People's Marketplace of Galveston County. Phone 744-3611 and Say: "Charge It!" CLASSIFIED INFORMATION (balucstcm ;0atln ^_ "^ P.O. BOX 628 GALVESTON 77553 PHONE 744-3611 (Out of Town Call Collect) OFFICE HOURS B a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. -12 Noon Saturday Closed all day Sunday. RATES (3 line minimum) 3 lines 1 day 3 lines 3 days 3 lines 7 days 3 lines 10 days 3 lines 30 days S2.31 4.95 7.98 10.50 24.30 All adt Kh»du!«d for more Ihonone day may b» cancelled and charged only lor I he number of days published. Additional rale Information available upon requ*f I. S3.00 PLAN — 3 lines. 3 days lor item of items rotating 51 50 or fesv : P'tce of i^ rr-ui) bf 'needed in od 51 00 lor each additio line Noncommercial advertisers only 56.00 PLAN — 3 lines, 10 days NEW ADS After plocing your od. our Ad-Visors will rood it bock to you. Make sure it reads the way you want it and it is in the correct classification ERRORS Please check your ad the first day of publication for any errors. We will be happy fo correct your ad if on error has been made; however, we cannot be responsible for errors unless you coll the first day. Make certain the correction has been mode properly. If you cannot find your ad please call us the day you expected it to start. CANCELLATION Once your ad has been placed, it connol be cancelled or changed until after it runs the first day. When coll ing in to cancel your ad. moke sure to phone before 3 p.m. ABBREVIATIONS Numerous classified studies have shown that excessive use of abbreviations '.auses reader confusion. For your sake, and for our readers sake, please use only standardly-accepted abbreviations. DEADLINES WORD ADS — 3 p.m. Monday thru Friday for ads storting the next day. DISPLAY ADS — 12 Noon Monday thru Friday for ads starting the next day. WEEKEND DEADLINES WORD ADS — 3 p.m. Friday for ads storting Saturday; 1 2 noon Saturday for ads storting Sunday or Monday. DISPLAY ADS — 12 noon Friday for ods storting Saturday; 5 p,m. Friday for ads starting Sunday or Monday. WHERE TO FIND IT. . . CLASSIFIED INDEX UGAL NOTICES .Legal Notices Bids & Proposals ANNOUNCEMENTS 'Lodge Notices Personal Notices Announcements Lost& Found Card of Thanks InMemoriam Cemetery Lots, Monuments RENTALS Furnished Rooms-Gal. ... Furnished Rooms-Main .. Unfurnished Rooms-Gal. < Unfurnished Rooms Main.. Room & Board-Galveston. Room & Board-Mainland. Furnished Apartments, Galveston Furnished Apartments, Mainland Unfurnished Apartments, Galveston Unfinished Apartments, '/Mainland Furnished or Unfurnished 'Apartments-Galveston.... Furnished or Unfurnished 'Apartments-Mainland Mobile Homes, Rent-Gal... Mobile Homes, Rent-Main. Trailer Space, Rent-Gal... Trailer Space, Rent-Main.. Unfurnished Houses, .Rent Gal Unfurnished Houses, Rent-Main • Furnished Houses, Rent, Galveston Furnished Houses, Rent, Mainland Furnished or Unfurnished Houses, Rent-Gatveston.. Furnished or Unfurnished Hcjuses, Rent-Mainland... Offices, Lease-Galveston. Offices, Lease-Mainland.. .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 006 .010 .011 .012 015 016 017 018 019 020 021 022 REMfALS Retail Space, Lease-Galveston 039 Retail Space, Lease—Mainland 040 Business Property, Lease-Galveston 041 Business Property, l_oaca — Mairilanti flj? INSTRUCTIONS Private Instructions 09 Schools 09 Nursery Schools 09 Child Care ....._. 09 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038 Farm & Rural, Lease 043 Out of Town Property, Lease 044 Hunting, Fishing Leases ....045 Rent, Lease Miscellaneous.. 046 Wanted to Rent-Galveston. 047 Wanted to Rent-Mainland.. 048 REAL ESTATE Homes-Galveston 055 Homes-Mainland 056 Lots-Galveston 057 Lots-Mainland 058 Mobile Homes For Sale 059 Farm & Rural Property 060 Commercial Property, Galveston 061 Commercial Property, -Mainland 062 Acreage for Development... 063 Camps, Resorts 064 Out of Town Property 065 Real Estate Exchange 066 Real Estate Wanted -Galveston 067 Real Estate Wanted -Mainland 068 Real Estate Miscellaneous.. 069 FINANCIAL Business Opportunities 075 Investments 076 Stocks, Bonds 077 Money to Loan 078 Insurance 079 EMPLOVMENT Help Wanted OSS Help Wanted, Professional.. 086 Help Wanted, Office Clerical 087 Help Wanted, Sales 088 Help Wanted, Medical 089 Help Wanted, Part Time ....090 Work Wanted 09J Household Goods for Sale ...10, Appliances for Sale 10 Furniture for Sale jo Clothing for Sale 10 Electronics, Stereos, Radios, TVs 10 Jewelry for Sale 10 Musical Goods for Sale lOt Miscellaneous for Sale W Antiques, Art for Sale 10 Auctions 10 Garage Sales Flowers, Florists ;/ Bui/ding Materials for Sate. 11 Machinery for Sale ;; Foods, etc n Wanted to Buy, Trade 11. PETS & LIVESTOCK Pets for Sale 12 Pets Boarding 12 Pet Grooming ;? Livestock 12 Livestock Supplies Farm Supplies 12 Pastures, Stalls 12 RECREATION Boats for Sale 13 Motors, Boat ing Equipment. 13 Sporting Goods for Sale 13 Motorcycles for Sale 13 Aircraft, Aircraft Supplies.. 13 Recreational Vehicles, Campers, Trailers 13 AUTOMOTIVE A utomobiles lor Sale 14 Trucks, Vans for Sale 14 Automobile Parts, Service.. 14 Auto Financing, Insurarrp .14 Automohilc Truck Rental ..14 Autos-Trucks WanttO+t 14 BkJsi Proposals 007 Anoouncemer.fs 005 NOTICE t r-* C-T, erf <,ra?^t C T> .* c^' tMO REWARD' Furnished Apdrtrrvenrs- Galveston UntuTOisr*d Apartments- Galveston <&'•'• 1 BEDROOM APT 70« 14TH Ho 2 Near Lost and Found I SS. rs~p:«- B -OS Srv^jli *T .<• rv; "a'f-r V^*T-.W 'Pi IVTs *"V3 D* rr- FOUND LOST-BEAOLE Aa_n " Carpet 767 ipc.' ances N.ce ,=*•:: i-f *>0 pets' 1 C"',iS »C rr-o Aattr pa c 5>x oec LOST GOLDEN HETREIVER r-it. MIDINN S ^rjwa, w-T/rt-er. TV*,". & oe*^*"' ti?* r t tntre 5 ic-^ei, 1 roon-i «.tcn»n»pt IX* (,,, v. LOST DOO -« rr.c, o'O Ot» Pyrcnav.^; Ore* r I---,-,10 OC 4 m , Ti/rv;** CX'oOe' Boom XC Ot, Hfli; GaU Tt.«v ft L M-tll Supervisor <# Purr r.ayr^ Citr CX G«!»rst>xi tc"»s PuOi'V-05 NOT ICE OF SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION 9 3 ', 1 5*] _______ LAP OE BLACK LAB •'- r>-. /,-f.M 5 6 g be-, f.orv>cr e*»f trc^— ' r jOO tto<* ot 74tr. A.r '.a . 7e«as <.,:, V 15 1'39 Ht^i'C itf. IA\\V 415 41M EFRENC1ES AVAILABLE 'or rrnt G, *fre» or month Ap^H , ^arvcc.tx^- Vo'«'. ^"V3 4 Seawall CANAL FRONTAGE at Costal Be^cri boJ;»ar Penr-',uLa 3 £^. \TA me p.-rt oetxn'f Eltic-erKies SI43 rrvD - ocoo-Sit Lights i, water fx3 Sal . 644 37SI, ~t*-oars !• Si/ri !*5 !)O'w app' NEED FEMALE roommjte ty 33R iiy. »crt 5140 Ait o.'is oa.2 Cat: Wj'un, Days '"& i«3 be^;»e I»PT LOST -artjt e>ac» L*O Anthers to B Q Bo, V/oror*" a*af trrxn 1000 t>'.o<« oi J4tr: A»» No . lejai Cil,. s li >i 51CB R»-*aro 943 4631 or ?3S 61U 3*» BROADWAY i e+t api il?5 mo. A Furnished Rooms- Galveston 15 dflinqmot and the cents and ei c r>a*</('% ana < vs'r arxl of EXCELLENT ACCOMIDATIONS Nea' UTWB.^n. clean, mooern fieasonabic- Appir No I Wear. 303 Ave C t>er*vr*^ Tennis Coo'ts BREEZE MOTEL. 4475 Stewart Ro tack Ic 744 914^ r CTI a i H i r.Q unpa-o. that lor E, LO* Will S£ll at p*jD''C at Moor* s Nev. an<3 Used Furn.ture and Aixt'Orv 3*C3 Hw, 3 D.cfc<nson, Tt»a».oo tret 4 l«7»orSrpt 11.1973 at 1 X PM Looer »4o ISS Homer K.rnj. 110 S TeiasSt . TcxsO'*. T» Locktr No It? Ever*! Barr'nglon. Rt 7. Bo> T70E, Alta Loma, Tp Puniishei » J2, n HAVE YOU TRIED A NEWS CLASSIFIED AD? hWork»i Call 7*4-36 II Personal «! PREGNANT & NEED HELP?? Call Galveslon 744 6104 Dickinson, 3374704 we also need dooat»or>s & volunteers who are pro Nle Unwed Pregnancy For help with unwed pregnancy call EDNA GLAONgY HOME Fort worm, Te«4ri 1 -100- TO-1)04 Announcements 5 ON AND AFTER THIS DAY, I WILL NOT 8E RESPONSIBLE FOR DEBTS INCURRED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF, MELECIO ESPINOZA, 3537 4UI Sir., GALVESTON, TX. 77i». ^^ I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DEBTS INCURRED BY ANYONE OTHER TMArt MYSELF. EARNEST LEE BOYO. 1125 AVE. NVi. GALVESTON, TX. 77SSO MEW FURNISHED rooms in the heart ol tcr«i,n Weekly arxl Ofl-ly rain. Prxx^» 763 OJ63 t»r*e*-! IOAM 11PM or 7t3 3740 FURNISHED ROOMS tor rent Mates. Singles SUS to SIW per mo plusSWC*^ Utilities pAid 15l9Sealy Avu I 74S 7119 MONTHLY & WEEKLY 17 COTKXJations A C, color TV. ktt cneneltfr*, available Call 765 rVJSor ?6S 774S Furnished Apartments- Galveslon 21 CLEAN CUT young wrson. 70 30 to snare n.ce 7 BB apt witn same in Galv Can Fred Swcaringen. 767 M7I p«l 30» wort aa r s 763 S353n.tes. JIOO Cwf mo plus ',7 utilities SMALL BR & ti deposit 767 9347 apl SIOQ 570 FURN. 3 ROOM apt . J700 mo plus deposit Character references By appt , 763 7891 EFFICIENCY APTS. 5150 per montn Billspaid HIGHWAY HOUSE S14 Ferry Ro 763 9iw, WORKING COUPLE wilt snare A 2 BP. 2 twin apt witn *voman IS 30 in eicriari^e for hou^e^e^pmg, waVnnq etc Will accept tnird under 2 yri old Prefer someor* wrho enjoys (amity tile, aO'iit? to aoiust & a oeyro lor a permanent home more import ant Than pjsf & difference. Call 765 5^3* after 6om. 2 FURNISHED. 2 B» apt*, on W«f Beach, 1350*375 mo. SH bills paid S.S. 8ALYESTOH HOTEL 802 S*awoll Blvd. 765-7438 On trie S«Jwoll, T.V. & pod. All btBs poid. Urje 1 BR opts. $290 mo. S25 deposit. No pei s . No cNldren under 12. WEEKLY RENTALS EAST BEACH HOLIDAY VILLAGE 763-5389 Furnished Apartments— Mainland 22 NICE APARTMENTS for rent wetMy Reasonable rates- The Higmanc Motel, «02aH*,> t. nsma. IBR FURN. apt No children or pels, retcrertces 1165 mo,. S100 deposit we par water. 94S 6291 IBR Very mce. Carpeteo. A c. no pets. Deposit & references Call 9&6 5370 SMALL FURN. APT. tor rent S175 mo. E 1 Tarini Co., 9*5 333* Unfurnished Apartments^ Galveston 23 LUXURY APT.~La7ge~ newl, decoratea unfurnished 5 rooms a, 1 '•? bains in good neighDorhooc. Central AiH, rent SJOQ per month - utilities Adults only, no pels. Prone 745 7439. 711 POSTOFFICE. (Ave. 6.) Across from SI Mary's 1 BR. newly car peteci. no cruioren sifii mo , lease & oeoosit. Abe Keiiner Real Estate, 765 6646 RESTORED HISTORICAL HOME 1317 Sealy. 7 BR duple*. Built ins. CAtH 1375 mo.- SI00 dec Near UTMB. References. No pets PEGGY COATES REALTOR, 763 6537 HIS AVE. O D:t»rV4 rs e c'ean 3 BR c-^ ; <* Caroe' -p pt.ancrs net rara Ko oets' i cr ;ct a-ccrptea 535C mo , cas water ;xj 742 S7S7 CHARMING, SPACIOUS IBa a=i HiSI D.s' Vooern nTcnen. s,sn wasr-er. C'SOO«! A C rvj cr icre^ or PARTLY FURNISHED apt SI5G Bil'S .nO'jGeC !6?t Aye N L'psta'rs 763 93*7 2 BR. APT. coi-pi-teij re-^oceiw CA&.H. carport Stove & rptr,? No children no pets Ret -ease i sets reo U35 mo C»il 743 31X 4SH P : TAKING APPLICATIONS tor n,ce IBR aptv Vust rave local refe'en ces No cnacrtrn or pets 7t3 447 1 alter 1 _ BAY COLONY APARTMENT. 3 BR, 2 batris. i300, ter\am pars gas 4. electricity Crulcren unoer a ac ceptec 1150 cepovt HOC sa ft No pels TWO 8R, I oarfi. 52K Tenant pa^s eiectr.c S150 aepcSit 950 sa IT ND pers 7fe3 S65J _ NEAR UTMB IJjBBapts No pers Call 763 JAM W 7U 39)2 S ROOM UNFURN. apl wiin en closed garage \ or 2 crnloren ac ceoteo. Stove prov.oea 120C mo * util sicoaeoos.l 765*042. _ J8R, l'i oatn AOI CH4.A. carpel Hear Ursuiine. S775rr^j. 527S cepostt *W2 AVE. S. Unfurnished I bfl. aot. with stove 4 retrigeralor. No chilaren, no pets. it50 mo plus siso betxftit. AEX? Keiner Real Estate, 765 6644 LUXURY APT. Large newCy decorated unturni^ed 5 rooms ana V'j &aths aDartmenl in good neign Oortwod. Central A4H. rent liOO per montn - ut'lities. Ad'jlts only, no pen Pr»ooe 765 7439. _ 46tn Bi Av«. P Brano new uniurn.sriea 3 room and oath garage apartment. Rent 1300 per monin. Acults only. No peti. Pnone 765 7*39. NEWLY DECORATED unfurn. 7 BR apt. Cto^e to medical center ancf beacri area. A C, wall to wan car peiing, drapes, new IrcsHree refrigera tor and Kilctien range. Adults only. NO pels Rent 5350 per monrn • oepoS't 765 7*39. 2 MTOMI Unf*rnidi«d Bckmto — Pvtioi Full Ebctric KitdiMs CASA MARINA APTS. 515 1st St. WHO DOES IT? HAS IT? Service Directory An Up-To-Dote Listing of Business & Service Specialists Thr«i» Lines of Profitable Advertising For Only $24.30 Monthlyl CALL 744-3611 TO PLACE YOUR AD. Accounting PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANT & Tax tervic* Under supervision of experienced accountant. Business & Individual 744 7754. Air Conditioning WINDOW AIR CONDITIONING- Buy. sell, rent & repair All work guaranteed I day service Hclntts Air Conditioning. 93£ 44B1 Appliance Repairs DON'S STOVE REPAIR Cook stovei &. htalmg units repaired Parts replaced 22 yrs *«p.744 7379 REPAIR I SERVICE Air cone , refrigerators.!. elec ranges Us« A C for sale 762 3567 after 5 SERVICE REFRIG.-FREEZERS service calls, 763 3793 Blue Jay refrig-air conditioners 3616 Ave H. Boat, Motor Repair OMCJOHMSONEVINBUDE MERCRUISER House calls. Galveston West End 7372875 Coin Appraisals _ COINS Buy & s«M Appraisals t, in vestments Pirate's Market. 511 So Oak. LaVarque 9352641 Doll Making LEARN TO MAKE your own por celain Dolls. Class limited lor indiv. instructions Dolls for safe, 975 5727, 1 337 4696 _ Electrical KAHLA'S ELECTRIC SERVICE, specializing in tisrit commercial a home wiring. 109 70th SI. Pnone 763 2225. _ Exterminating _ A-l PEST CONTROL. Stale licensed B. certified Reasonable rates Ex perienced. All work Guaranteed Free estimates Owned & operated by Johnny RicoSr. 744 3100 or 744 4460 Moving 8. Hauling Gr»o* & Tnomas' WEE-HAUL It firv moving, delivery 1 hotVwt »«rvlce. Anything, anytime. 76?-??07. _ LIGHT MOVING (.HAULING KELLY LEE Painting Sand Blasting WHY PAINT YOUR HOUSE? Install vinyl siding, instead, and end painting proolerns forever. No rust- no corrosion -no peering Greaf insulation factor — 40 year guarantee. Free estimates, easy terms. COASTAL INSULATION 1 SUPPLY CO.. 7923 Mustang (Scholes Field!. 740 1165 EXPERIENCED PAINTERS interior e»ter,or 20 years ex penence Free A master's touch 744 72JO Sewing General Contractors *. U .I R . E . Y .. * , JO ™*°. N 0s . u . p . p1 T; Bookkeeping BOOKKEEPING. TAXES 8. Business services. For all businesses i in dividual!. West isle Business A Tax Service, 763 7919. 7 days a w*. Blinds, Screens OUTSIDE BLINDS relm.shed & repainted. Owners' choice of colors (,ef us paint your home same time as blinds are being done. Free estimates. 744 IQOJ, asfc for Anthony ALUMINUM SCREENS & screen doors. Custom made. We also replace icreen wire in aluminum & wood icreeni. ARAMCO OUTSIDE BLINDS. S105 Broadway. 76? 9652 Brick &. Cement Work BRICK WORK, concrete, plaslure Done by Klos Restoration Company Call 7U 9789. CEMENT CONTRACTOR Build ratios, driveways, foundations, etc For tret estimates, call ?6? 5S43 COLLINS MASONRY Free estimates No iob to small or big Can call collect, 743 3S61. MAN DO CHAPA General Con tractino t, Co Remodeling & ad aitions, porches & stairways, pain tins. Free estimates. Call 7400931. 765 7639. 744 0205 nites WE ARE NOW caushl up We bmld houses, garages, additions, repair or remodel. Give us a call now? Mur phee Construction Co , 9359344 Handyman LEE'S FIX ALL Minor repairs or replacement to electrical & plum bing, painting & carpentry ol all kings 763 2S64 Home Repairs SHEET ROCK ING. hang doors & door trim, ceramic tiles & do ail around puncfi out & repairs. 10 yrs ex perience. Dependability & reasonable rates 554 7110, League City. ALL AROUND house doctor SheeTrocking. hanging, refinisnect & textures. Painted, paneled inside t out. Free estimates 740 1473 PAINTING inside & outside Sheetrock, paneling, carpenter repairs, ceiling & floor tiling insured. guaranteed work. 763 8476 Insulation Carpentry CARPENTRY WORK-repair porches, railings Roof repair, small paint (obs. Frw estimates 767 S657, 7A3 572? CUSTOM CABINETS, painting, general name repair Bonded am) insured. Phong 763 1482. CARPENTER WORK. Small home repairs, porches, hand rails, rotten boards 17 yrs. o< reference in Galvolonarea 765 5854, Aulry Carpet Service CARPET LAYERS-We are now stocking pact & carpel laying sup plies Why go to Houston' Napko. 4178 Ave S COASTAL INSULATION t SUPPLY CO. We install fiberglass batts in me walls & blown cellulose in I he ceilings 7923 Mustang (Scholes Field), 740 1165. REVOLUTIONARY new Aerolite foam insulation. Installed in your walls. Free estimates. Walker Energy, 744 6148. Janitorial Service OFFICES CLEANED. Supplies 8. equipment furnished. Individual. Experienced References 743 8193 or 767 4481 SPIC 'N' SPAN - Maid and janitorial service. Bonded for reiidenlial & commercial. Good references Call 935 4881 also do painting, inside 8. out Open 6 days a week. 7 50 5. 30PAV 4313 Ave O J7. 765 5SJ5 PAINTING interior exterior or restoring Reasonable rates 7o5 9599. PAINTING, ACOUSTICAL soraying. interior e«t e rior, no ioO too small or too Big Free estimates 76 yrs. e«p Call Tony. 946 3BI3. Plumbing BOB'S PLUMBING Repair 8. remodeling Days Bill, 9468807; Nights Bob. 9480534 Owner Bob Watherly Remodeling FREE ESTIMATES Porch 8. step repair, room additions, paneling, etc. V. W. UMer Lumoer Co. 5701 Broadway. 744 3681, FOR ALL YOUR REMODELING needs, get the best work & price in town A.J. Chapa 1 Sons Con struct ion. Free estimates. 744 3993 or 7ii? ?273, QUALITY REMODELING. Resident and commercial. Actions, painting, concrete work. reasonable. Free estimates. B i P Construction, 763 4733, 744 5143 COMPLETE REMODELING, painting, repairs, room additions, concrete work, porches, stairs, sunder.*. 744 6436 HOUSE LEVELING Foundation, restoration, porcti reconstruction, all work guaranteed, fully insured, local references. 76? 7344. PAINTING* REMODELING Niw & Old Homei C«ll Sttvc Good, 743-ttM Good Prlcti, Good Work Unfurnished Apart merift- Galvestoo 23 STUDENTS DOUBLE UP ! B» apt 1 C'OC* Cff C-fdC^ N0.V C^rprt, E.'ra l.r^ Par..-,? Si» pius -."-9 S- EAST BROADWAY 2 Marc«r" •jpc>er ajci«» ACJ'TI. r.o Pe's V.arr ec —«.cai i»uo»rt c.ftlerrc-0 «POtf i?3i A'.nn.y ^ 3 BR UNFURN. as' t'0/« I- re'r.y . a:i util cxi 5775 rr.c Cr.iorer, ac tested Apoir 2il7 35t^ SPACIOUS 2 BR oowr,$:airs duplex. Garage Fenced ,iry 526S mo plus utiiilies SJOQ oarr.a^f oep '44 3S45 a+ter noon AVAILABLE SEPT. 15. 2 B» . 1 •: cam a;i 2311 71 si J755 r-o cruicren o."xjer ? rears orit, Al; uM-iies paid. Mo pets Dtp-Kit reocired Applr73l2 Seaman 744 44.jl 2 BRS 4IC* ive S Water caiC Chiicrf-r, urvcer 2 /ears o^'r ^o pets Oepos i 4 reterer«s Apply 744 4401 7313 Seawail 1 BR, KITCHEN, living rcom, oatn. 5250 mo .an bi"s pa Call alter 5. 744 5018 ONE BEDROOM apt v/ distance UTMB, SI55 rr.onln Deposit. No pets, cmiaren 74^ 7067. VERY SMALL HOUSE, SI75 mo uttlit*s included Stove & fridge furmsheo SI25aeoosit Single person only. 744 9607 ONE BEDROOM garage apt., kit chen, livino, dining, bath, pool or-ivilese S200 mo plus utilities. 762 0573 828 AVENUE K Upstairs. Large 4 room uniurnished ant. Appliances, water and gas paid S200 mo. References required. 6 month lease. Apartment ooen B6PM daily. 762 2S41 2 BRS. 3916 Q. Carpet, air cond. No kids or pets Rel. t. oep. req. S185 mo. 762 2679 alter 5. 55 - SA VE LIVES NOW AVAILABLE 3 LARGE bedrooms With litcnen appliances. Central air 6. heat, garage, washroom. Couples preferred. 5195 - dep. 935 4952. Furnished or Unfurnished Apartments-Galveston 25 APT. FOR RENT. Ideally situated lor medical center. SIM per mo. -r Utilities. Call 1-534 SJB6. UNFURNISHEO2BR.5300. Includes all bills. S150 deposit. Ho pets. FURNISHED 7 BR, S300. All bills paio. S150 deposit. No pets. Call 763 4315. After 6PM. 763 9245. Mobile Homes, Rent- Galveslon 27 2BR MOBILE HOME Fenced yard. Good neighborhood. S235 per mo. -t- utilities & references. 7448749 after S-.30. Mobile Homes, Rent- Mainland 28 UNFURNISHED 2BR Mobile Home. Utilities paid except electricity. S250 mo. 744 303 lor 763 3282. Trailer Space, Rent- Galveston 29 1 SPACE lor 30 trailer &. one space lor large MODile Home. o'-3 block from beacn. High ground, n & M'n Sts. s«5 per mo. 740 1190. MOBILE HOME space for renl. 2023 103rd ST. Phone 7A4 1850 alter 5pm or all Bay Sal. I- Sun. Unfurnished Houses, Rent- Galveston31 Ai.B ROOFING Roof repairs Free estimates 6 years experience 762 8017, S 10pm. RONNIE'S ROOFING- New roofs, old roofs, roofs repaired, gutter work Free estimates 7630276. ALL TYPES SANDBLASTING Our yard or job site. Commercial Marine- Industrial. Antiques, trailers, pipes, steel,buildings Glass frosting, ar chitectural sandblast Inorganic Zinc applications. Sand sales, eouipment rentals WORLD TRADERS. J425 Texas Ave . Texas City. 943 3515 SEWING MACHINE REPAIR Clean, oil & adjust any make IN YOUR HOME ! S4 95 All work guranteed 9455456,9331684. Siding ALUMINUM, VINYL 4 Steel Complete siding kit for self installation or we install Free estimates.K Siding Company 933 1783. 94S 1329 Tractor Work DOZER & BACKHOE work, clear lots, back fill work. By the hour or by the iob 948 1714 Trash Service TRASH HAULING REASONABLE RATES!! 7625441 DEMOLISHING, trash hauling, cleaning garages. Call after 5 or before Bam 765 7981. Tree Service CUT 81 TRIM TREES & hedges 20 years experience. 763 27l3aiter 5:30. COMPLETE TREE SERVICE with 30 years exp Spraying & feeding Can before B or after 5 pm, 765 9974 Upholstering THOMPSON'S UPHOLSTERY. 30 yrs. experience. Free estimates. 1612 Roofing Landscaping TOM'S THUMB-Landscaping,, lop soil, llgrlam grass Open SundayTli lo 4 763 /M3 JOHN THOMAS ROOFING, Shcelrock, paneling & painting Free cslimalei Call 740 0317. ED'SROOFING Gutters. Old Roots Repaired, Paneling, Free Estimates 763 4435. Window Cleaning STOP! Do you want a heavenly sparkle? Call on Angel Window Cleaning Co. Commerical & residential. 763 8354. Yard Work MOWING- Lots. Pastures. Com mercial. etc. A'so Barnyard fer liliTer. Call 744 3839 _ ACTION PAST-clean lots, yard work. Irash hauling. Call Red, 767 34 56 after 4pm. _ LAWNMOWER SERVICE Com plete lawn service, edging i, trim mina trees 93B 353?, ask lor Jesse. Miscellaneous HUMAN HAIR weaving for me monlhs ol Aug. & Seol Priced at J89.95. Evelyn's Beauty Shop, 340^ Broadway 763 4416. « UNFURNISHED HOUSE. 2 Bedrooms. 231431. Apply at lEI361st. No phone calls please. 1 BR. HOUSE. Tile Bath 6. Kitchen. Outside blinds. Carpet s, winodw unit. Garage & laundry facilities, utilities not included. 525C per mo. ^- S200 Oep. Settle couple. No children, no pers References re<3. Apply 4605 Q. IBR Unfurnisned Pay own bills. Located 5108 FM 517 in Dickinson. 4 blocks to High school S275 mo. 1 534 EXTREMELY NICE 2 BS home on tree shaded, lenced lot. A-c. drapes, carpet. No pets. Couple preferred. 5350 Lease. Dep. 5512 Menarct. 744 1121 after 5pm LUXURY TOWNHOUSES. East End. Gulf View. Garage patio. S395 mo. plus utilities. No children or pets, 744 1294. UNFURNISHED HOUSE 3 BRs. I 1 i cams, lenced yard. 2 car garage. Vicinity ot Burnet & Weis schools Refrigerator ana slave furnished if desired. No utilities furnished. References &. deposit required S350 monthly. 5506 Avenue P, 744 3155.7440009 TWO BEDROOM. 2?0 wiring, vented heat, garage, fenced yard, washer dryer connections No pets. S235 mo. - bills SJOOdamaae decos<l, 744 3««s after Noon, NEW 2 BR. condominium in Historical District All built ins 1 car garage. S425 mo, - separate elec No small children or pels please. 762 4379. SMALL 2 BR. HOUSE S225 mo S200 damage oep. Will accept 1 to 2 children 763 9043 2320 AVE. N. 3 BRS. 2 slory house wiin tenced yard G. den 5300 un furnished 5100 acp. 767 9347 NEWLY RENOVATED 5 rooms [2 BRs) floor furnance 720 outlet. Garage, 4200 monthly. 1 chid. appt. 763 1963 RENOVATED 2 BR house. S175 ~ REMODELED 1 BR apt.. S23S. Water paid 765 7425, 744 6894 397* RVa. Unfurnished 7 bedroom house. Call 765 5855. 2BR house. Fenced yard. CH8.A. i775 mo. -!- util. J275deposit, Call 765 6387. 7 NICE large bedrooms. Drapes, carpet, central heat 8, air, fenced yard. Couples preferred. S350 ~ dep. . Call 935 4952. 1 BRS on canal Will trade rent for repairs Partially furnisned 938 1B4S 3107 AVE. Q. Large 2 BR home, den, built in kiictien. unit aier carpeted Limit 1 cnild Lease & deposit J300 mo., water pd. Abe Kellner Real Estate, 765 6644, 744 5900. Unfurnished Houses, Rent- Mainland M 3-Hri-l in Texas City. Appliances, a c ana central neat. 986 5041 after 5PM and wee (sends. BAYOU VISTA-3 BR, V 2 bath, on the water with private pier. Stove & relrig. S47S mo. Permanent tenants only. Belty Sharp Rentals. 938 1273 FOR LEASE. 4 2 ? in Bayou Clvn tilly, tSSO per month. S550 deposit Bailey. Meyer & Baty. 337 5531 LEASE. Now House. A monfns old. Brick, Central air & IUMI. 7BR, ! baths, 2 car garage. Texas City. J4SO per montn. Call D & L K<!». EstaK', 9453373. Unfurnished Houses, Rent- Mainland 32 TEXAS CITY. 372. carpet, pansieo siove, clos* to scnools-snoppin-j, fenced S3COrriO - oe&OSit 744 222J FOR RENT to reared person cr couple 1 BR Irame r\ome in Alia Lon-.a 1 575 62VD alter 5 4. week ends 2 BR TOWNHOUSE on Tiki islana CA4.H, on tne canoi, tnjikheaa. S3-XJ mo - Dills S1SO aecosit. 9333353. 763 4j01. Bon Furnished Houses, Rent- Galveston 33 SPANISH GRANT. Large 32 lur nisneo on Deach S375 per month 17610 West B'jena Vista Open Saturda f & Sunoa/ 1811 OW Clean, furnisned 7 BR house & garage. Aduiis on!/. No pets 1750 - aep Apply 3211 N': BEACH HOUSE for oil season rental West Beach, Gulf vie/> 3 BR, CAiH, MOO mo - ulil. HO 493 4136 BEACH HOUSE in Pirales Beach. 13610 San Domingo. 7BR, 1 bain 5350 mo737-?a42. 1 353 7031. BOLIVAR- 1701 Front. AC, carpel, 2 adults, 1 infant accepted, no pels 5JSO. You pay ulil. 740-1401, 1 396 1111. IBR FURNISHED Mobile home Avail. Oct. 1. 1973. VOUAve N Rear 5100 mo.- bills &. care for small yard 744 1918. CLEAN, FURNISHED 2BR House. AC. no children, no pets. S250 mo. utilities, deposit, references required. 7*4 7917. BEUTIFUL LARGE HOME on Caduceus in west End near peach; almost 1 acre ot lawn. S300 monthly. 765 5701 or 763 61S4. FURN. RESORT HOMES in Sub divisions on west Galveston island (Or rent from now to June 1979.1700 &. up per month -r deposit & uli'. References required. LELIAWOLVERTON REALTY 737 UM Furnished Houses, Refit- Maintand 34 COMPLETELY FURN. 2 BR house in LM. Window unit, large shaded yard, avail, immediately. References required. Pay own bills. 935 4150, 9-5. BAYOU VlSTA-Lvxyry 1 8. 2 BR homes, on the water, with private piers. S325 mo. up. Permanent tenants only. Betty Sharp Rentals. 933-1223. Furnished Unfurnished Houses, Rent-Mainland 36 3 BEDROOM 2 path house. Furnished S350. Unlurn, S300. with fenced yard in LaMarque. 935-5717. Offices, Leases-Galveston 37 SMALL ATTRACTIVE office in apt. complex. Near jr. College. Call 7624329. SPACE in modern building. Near Courthouse. Will partition lo suit tenant, 763 2454. OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE in new building al 25lh 1 Ave. K, Spaces in multiples of 800 & 1000 sq. ft. Call ALBERT M. TERRY & CO. at 765 9.U3 for more information. OFFICE ON BROADWAY-471 sq It usable space. Separate receptionist area/Centrally located to downtown. CA&H, all bills pd. Call Jill Frost. 7659305. Retail Space, Lease— Galveston 39 WAREHOUSE lor lease witn overhead ooor. Good for Paint & Body Shop, etc. Apply 7420 Mechan«c. 4721 BROADWAY For rent or lease. Call 767 9724. Business Property, Lease— Galveston 41 SALE OR LEASE. 38R. 2 Calh Condominimum with ocean view. 74 hour security, pool, tennis court Evenings 8. weekends. 740 0488. 1 659 2500. Rent- Lease Miscel laneous 4o CONCRETE mini warehouses for rent. 10x10'. S25 month. 10x20'. S40 month. Lee Weber Realtor, 744-6371. Wanted to Rent, Galveston 47 WANTED TO RENT unturn 3 room apt. Central or East end of town. 1 person. References (urn. 7676994. Homes-Galveston 7107 AVE. J. Large corner lot «3rd & Broadway to Telchman Rd. 110x277' deep. Terms. Hyman Levin. 762 5421. 5306 AVE. L. SMALL HOME in need ot repairs. S5.500. Terms. Hyman Levin. 762 5431. NEAR SCHOOLS & SHOPPING CENTER—3 BR home. separate dining room, T income producing 2 BR garage apt. on 2'-: lots in West EilO. ONLY MO.OOO WILL buy you a 3 BR home in the West End. Walking distance to shopping center & places lo dine. Do a lime painting & fixing & have a home you will enioy for years to come. ANGERSTEIN REALTY 744-5451 935-3041 NitesS, Weekends MAYDELLTRIMARCHI.767-79CU NANCY WILSON, 744 214» ANNETTE DALBASCO, 744 6703 MARION MCCLUSKEY. 7U-U51 MONICA MCNEILL, 744 6S38 THE WARMTH OF THIS beaut.ful renovated home should be seen Woodwork, high ceilings, & fireplace have a Victorian charm, but modern Kitchen, CA&H makes this 3 I 1 7 a lind! Silk Stocking Historical District. 1315 74lh. Call lor appt.. 762 9010. ^^ JWIISEALY) " Frame. Hi raised. 4rooms ;2BR) 1 oath, fenced yard i!5,000. I71S40TH Frame (Aluminum siding) 7 rooms 3 BRs. 1 bath, carper. CASH. Attached 1 car garage Lol siie 40x86 t35,000 4317 K. Frames rooms o BRs), 1 bath. carpeted. CA8.H. detached t car garage Lot siie43x!20 S34.000. 7112 K. Home i income. 1 dwellings, 3 rooms A. bath each on rear of the lot. Monthly income $130. Sufficient land lo build n?w home in iront ot lot. 43x120 $16,000. VOT9 TEICHMAN Lol 67x100'. Zone d recreational. Reduced price. ALFRED DEL PAPA REALTORc 763-im NEW 1 BEDROOM homes Fireplaces, HMI i air, 1 car attached garaaos. 3 full bAths, tonceci Y^rflsA. many other boauMul extras Fm.incino has boon arranged 10 advance lor qualified uuyors. F.isl move in av.Mioulo Di-LANNEY .* ASSOCIATES REALTOR*. 7M 5J4<

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