Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 35
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 35

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 35
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FOR SMP ____ 25!AUTOS K* ALt 23 AUTOS FOK SALE 23 'AUTOS FM SAH 23*UTOS FOR SALE 23 AUTOS FOR SAL! LINCOLN - MERCURY 2200 E. Broadway SAFE-BUY USED CARS j 59 REFRIGERATION Eenie Moe! 57 REFRIGERATION 59_ FORD, Country Sedan $2289 $1989 $1289 $1589 Tucson NEWCARDEALERS- w Many Ofher Exce/lenf Buyj Phone MA. 2-6781 OPEN EVENINGS Til 9 Good"Mcond car-- 1MZ Dod(* Club Coupe. »2SO but wUl bargain. ~" «-7J03 D 2-door. «-cyllnder. Radio. heater. Good condjtlon. K». l 7-3103. "51 HUDSON « Poor. Good condition. MA. 8-M84 Tl5 PLYMOUTH Wagon. Overdrive. radio, heater. New tlre». W50. AX Mill. ^3 FORD. 4 door. Good ninnins condWon. |390. H3l E. and. SfiJST SEOT'iS OLDS Holiday Cpe. Top condition. Two-tone paint. «umc paTnents. ZA. B-Mg2. Used Car Salesman We're rollinf, our lot Is being leaded with late model ear:. « you have ambition, steady and Te- llable, Tucaon'a most anresslve Used car lot has a job :or you. GILES 711 N. STONE '58 Ford Conv. Cpe. frr.it. tea high, muit awll *r trad* Call Manuel at EA. 7-ats. 1 Manue SltANS KSFORTATION CAM W9 Ul --=- * cRAycyorr ftSEV. ifo 4 dr. «) HAH. Talce ov»r pannenta. 134 a mo. 3fto 4c So. Craycrofi. ]ftH SiuutBAXiji Pwarident Clw- ale. 4-door. Ixw jnllei««. New ··Int. Excellent condition. Make offer. MA. 4-M17. 2447 N. Los -Alto«. '47 PLYMOUTH ··dan. Fin* condition. KA. ·-·T71 4407 LaJolIa Circle. 1IH BUJCK SuFKR. 4«door hardtop. Completely e q u i p p e d Including power and air condittonfne. Muit fell, going ·Ea.^1. EA. 7-0«23. ftit PLYMOtlTH. »-door. V-«. white. , Broadway. MA.J-S401 I fORD Convertible. *4M. Tuelld. '55 BEL AIR T-l. 4 deer. Hadio. Heater. Fower hnlcet. Tinted fliM- Xxcellent eon «!tion. 4» W. Calle Margarita. '58 Renault Dauphine Leivlni town. Anunt* 21 monthly payments, of *S3 per month, and the car 1« yours. No money needed. Call AX. »-«4B. HAVE TO SELL 1*H Cadillac 4-door. Power and ·Ir. Excellent condition. Private. MA. *-3SM. Bargains, bargains, whose got the bargains? There is no such thing as a bargain in a Used Car. You can get what you pay for. Providing however, you KNOW your Dealer. The Used Car you buy is only as good as the dealer behind that car. We have many GOOD buys --HERE! Come in. See our selection. No obligation to you-- of course! 58 CHEV. Brookwood TMtair Air 58 Opel Wagon Zeonomy Pluj 57 CHEV., 4 dr. V8 Immteulmt* 55 FORD Country Sedan II /U i * 59 T-BIRD Hardtop IMU »o»»T 59CHEV.BerAir.4dr. Pnwr atMrin* 59 FORD Galaxie H.T. A SMUtf. 57 FORD 500 2-dr. «*v» Ml 57 RAMBLER 4-dr. Factory Air $3989 $2189 $2489 $1489 $1289 Bonos Buys!!! . 56 PLYMOUTH H.T. *·« tt V«UT 55 BUICK 4 dr. Save $$$$ $789 ·av* MM 55 CHEV. 4.dr. Std. trans. RU. n-uu. 55 RAMBLER H.T. Beenemr V«]u* 54 CHEV. 4 dr. Extra Nice $689 Terms to fit your budget because We do our own financing Tucson CARDEALERS'. AKftoIfltinn *··'«·* W* ···*·*·*'*·»'»·* HOLMES mo» x x X X x X xxxxx Broadway Ford x X E. Open eves 'til 9 --MA. 4-8654 The Southwest's Largest Ford Dealer Thu.--rri--S»t. 18M TORD F*irlin« convertiblt. He»l nice curl |1,7»6. «21 N. Rook. S5 C5RVETTEliardtoD remov«blt. maket into convert too). V-8. New tires, i real cherry t!395. MACK McGINOTS. 1133 «. «th. Open Sun- dayi. 51 NASH Rambler wagon. Radio. heater. M0» E. Stiver SI. ·M M Wimi OLbti. One owner. Fietory air. power jteerinj. vtn- dow»--br«lce». All in excellent condition. Call EA. S-388S. VALIANT, 4-door aeaan. Never been titled. Heater, whltewall Urn. $1150. Catalina Marina 30 mill* North of Tucson, on Oracle Road. Open « t o 9. SAFETY IES1ED 23 AUTOS FOR SAL! n for your PEACE OE 23| AJTOS KM SAII 23AUTOS POU SAlt Open Sunday Noon to 6 P.M. Tucson ·rliy. Jn _ _ AUTOS FOR SALt _ 23* "Home of Repeal Business" We Have To Sell M Ul »»» MM » Will MM! W Ml 0»«» M U I M« U {}» W * M* M wui wmu , tti usuitt IMUM3 t«i »» M I* M II Si *» *JHJ» tU»M «ttW* miiii' M M M 8 B« M U M M * Mt»W1 M * nm u i UtttMt MM W »t M » » M It U mtUM uuts t» tt it Ui «2 t» UH u« K M H I M M »* tt n t;n U »1 « M I) ttTHTttt HwHii* W" *W m »» m$l)$$M tmtmu mimt* m w MS m Enjoy your vacation in a late model safety tested used car selected from our recent Cadillac-Oldsmobile Trade-ins. A FEW SHINING EXAMPLES 60 OLDS 98 Hoi. Cpe. Save $900 59 CADILLAC 62 Sedan Air $4995 59 CORVETTE HT 4 Speed $3345 58 CADILLAC 62 Cpe. Power $3675 58 IMPERIAL HT Sedan Air $3145 57 CADILLAC 60 Special Air $2995 58 OLDS 98 Hoi Sed. Power $2345 56 CADILLAC Sed DeVilleAir $2245 57 CHRYS. Saratoga HT Air $1845 56 CAD. 62 Coupe Power $1945 57 OLDS 88 Hoi' Sed. Power $1645 57CHEV. Belair Conv. Pr. $1645 55 CAD. 62 Sed. Power $1645 56 MERCURY Mont. HT P. $1195 15 other Guaranteed Automobiles Alt UNDER $1000 that you will be proud fo own No Dealers P/eose Belair VI. huter. ·U1om»llc (r«n«. Mm rft\ n l f o llrtl aulo. trun*. Orl«ln*l upholstery Ur«f. ont _ Tucson xxxxxxxx x $NEW CAR DEALERS' door Hurrttop. Radin. Vs. hr.t ter. «\ito tr«ni 58 DelRay 4 Dr. VI. heater, automatic lr«n«. 1 51 Chevy BelAir 4 dr. $MUn. TUrlin, h+Rtrr. i One ow.*n*r 56 Chevy 210 SUndard VI. lUdio A 56 Chevy 150 4 door V8 Heater, alandjirrt, N f w T*a 53 Pip 4 dr. Hudlo, h*nt«r, r*»l clmn 52 Chevy 2 door Like n«w, Mutit »e« In »ppre 52 Chevy 4 door Need* overhjiul. elran bndy. 52 Chevy Bet 2 door 1011 SPEC AL SALE! BUDGET MODELS Price Qualify Service ANSCO COLOR CAMERA KIT WITH EACH PURCHASE Present nd to qualify Five 53 T*aint. Good tfm $345 Hjidlo,- h*nlcr, refll clmn It will clvt mod mtleitrt. tn »pprerl«la $999 «$$$«» r| MS m MS silsut MSISM Resale Drive-in 2 1 2 1 E. Broadway Your authorized Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Renault Dealer for Tucson and Vicinity. Open Evenings--Closed Sundays MA. 4-0483 In DEALING With GALLOWAY RAMBLER Have Money Left Over to Enjoy Your VACATION! E. TAG TTOM NOW ON ANY CAR ON THE RINCON MOTORS LOT WITH A RED TAG ON THE WING GI^ASS WILL. BE FINANCED FIGHT IN oun OFFICE. WITH A. MINIMUM OF RED TAPE. TITE AUTOS SELECTED FOH THIS PLAN AHE FROM OUR REGULAR STOCK AND THEY A R E TINE TRANSPORTATION CARS WHICH ARE READY TO no. Se Habla Espandl MA. 5-744» ' C O A m o r I OOP! M BUICK 4 DR. r«d!o. h« .JO / A l l 1C I . I Z. / U «u1om*tlc tran»mi*si_on. Automntic drive. Ford n Wrn. On* IVrt jX55 Pont. SUr Chl'f HTop. full jxmtr 1X55 Nash JUmb. Cron Co $675»X h R « t . rtandard Radio h«t«r. Nlr» Will /rode of obove PRICES Tucson NEW CAR DEALERS' socialion 'S Home of Repeat Business 847 N. Stone 847 N. Stone M ,_...-,. lUMMWI tsnii* I Ililimt Utliiatll ttsittt : w ·$* 9S$ $fS t*S all Hi ftWtf w tttttn *w u» »M u* Mf H *t itiitM H. U,'i III Ml ^ III IH ·: Ml W Ml IM 56 Olds Hoi. Cpe, Power $1399 56 Starfire Conv., Power $1299 56 Bel-Air HT, V8, RH'AT $1299 56 Olds 4 dr., RH, Hydra, $1099 5? Plym. Belv. Conv. V8, $1099^,""»?.'S,S 56 Tord Vicy., V8, RH, AT $l099 |jxweekend ' ful1 priceiX 56 Bel-Air 4 dr.V8.RH.PG $1099 56 Ford F.L 4 dr. V8, RH,AT$999 56 Plym. Club Sed. V8, RH. l 5 5 C h r y s . 2 d r . H T . RH, AT 55 Chev. Bel-Air,V8, RH. AT 55 Ford 2 dr., RH, Overdrive $799 |55 Ford2dr,RH, Overdrive 55 Ford Pickup, V8, O'drive 54 Olds Hoi. Cpe.RH.AT, 54 Chev. Wag. Stic, like new $799 54 Bel-Air 4 dr.Stk, like new $699 54 Ponl. Cat, Equip. Orig. $699 54 Ford R. Wgn.,V8, Stick $699 54 Ford R. Wgn, Fordomatic $599 53 Dodqe Wqn, V8, O'drive $599 1x52 studebaker ·" "* n f } r\it? ** f 53 Pont. Conv., none nicer $599 53 Buick Riv M HT,RH, AT $499 Extra Specials! 57 F o r d R . Wag. V8 R H A T PS 57 Ford "500" 4 dr. V8 RH AT it nnn $899 $735jX m. RAH. $565|X $465^ AT Ke»l »h«rp S435jX r t l M f . RA-H Losd'd.. $395|X' Olds 88 $565jX Cnn\'»ri, RAH- AT. N#w tot* Fords "(3) ^sS* 4 rtr RAH. AT, On* wwn«r 1X53 Chev. (2) $365;X B A , « dr. Loaded. Jleil Nice. 1X53 Merc. (2) $365iX rtr HA-H, AT. Loaded, sharp. 1X52 Olds $295iX M) 4 dr. Full power 4i on« MO. $18»X w» III III MMMII «»tm ti) M* » MtJWIi lisitii S A L E S S P E C T A C O L A R A record breaking new car sales month in May has flooded us with top value trade-ins. Local, one owners, economy specials in all locations. Make an offfer, we have the largest inventory in Arizona and are giving easiest terms. Slick Super. Low mlle««! f~~\ \ /n I A(~\f\ k^ngv Vo I T' /U utKul Bel Air. ion. automatic . . i . L L r\|-arrl M OO I N a b l l O icatrr until This Is' really « nice car. H runs n n d j ]ook» fine. He*d.v tn iro and tt j w i l l hr financed by Rlncon Mntoni for y $125 douTi 110 per wrek 14001 STONE BeiutKul Bel Air. -dr. Bcfri». » eration. automatic drl : oolor. Tflbulmif peiiny plnchln* economy r«1!r A hfat«r. Roomy 4-Ir. Statesman, mstic rir! door Sport Cor Trade Ins 53 Merc. H.T. $445 V-» Auto trant. RiH. WSW. Pearl Grey. Black Top. In beau- j tiful condition. ' 1231 N. MA. '58 Buick 4 DR. Hadio. henter and ^0 F O R D 9 Powerjilidt transmission. She,"" ' '-"'-' *· mnsl Ike a dream.^Drlve thl«, Beautiful t it will br financed by Rlncon rri /-i i r t / n ^ - M i--r I Motor, far ^8 C H E V R O L E T Vuto- Onlv J100 down . . . 110 p»r m'K-k " : Brlair iwdan with fanlaiUc V» power, auiornallc '« OLDS 11 4 DR. Radio. heaU-r «nd rlldln ""d »««". Two-twni- Ivnrv f, r*\. automatir transmission. He-ady r~-t ni V K X / ^ M ITUJ V_RO ind It wlll^bf flnnncrd hv J/ TL I /V\wU I D Rp]vrd»*r^ 2-door Kpon ooupf lyv«*l'' 114^11 n**!^ ton«. VR Automfltte tr«n,«;mi^sirxTi. rfldto At h M t r r Only |7S down ~.. ~ fc' p»r week MA. 4-M24 890 -Luxurious Century 4-dr. Automa tie. Pow^r Htecr. Power brakes. Radio, h*atrr! '58 Metro 1290 Smart Metropolitan hardtop. iirui cormiuon. : i ^. ^. r\ I i t i X *% 53 chev. convert. $345|'58 R a m b l e r 1690 Powerjlide. radio, brand new! cream paint. A really «w«tl little ' Full power, air. _ _ _ . , ·harp ear. 11.395. MACK McGLN-l N1S. 1123 S. «th (10 Cadlllaca to choote from). Open Sundayg. | 56 FORD Cult. wag. 1 owner. Low mileaze. Immaculate inside Ac out. Ne-w rubber. Must sell. a3l N. Oracle Hd. MA. 2-43J2. Will fi- nanoe. Will talce trade. For d onvert Stick, « 1957 BUICK v,-afon. CabsUero station N"A"D kTMpri« PRICE. A i.5S.-Ko?ie"; WA 3-2312. Power f * $395 MOTORS 3500 E. Speedway Custom 4-dr. Pushbutton shift. Factory air. Spotless Inside and out! THIS OFFER IS LIMITED TO CARS WITH THE RED TAGS ONLY. IF you NEED A CAR. LOOK FOR THE CAR? WITH THK RED TAGS AND YOU CAN WALK IN AND DRIVE OUT RIG7-IT AWAY. 1428^-JTH AVE. ^fA~. 1-11«T HUDSON 56 BUICK Hardtop 4 door Riviera Vfl *njt!nr aiitomstt'' tr»n(nn ifwion. ra/llo, h* 56 PLY/ScJuTHTdoor radJo 4r he*1*r. T.' Under lv rr^en paint. $1595 nrny with $1495 $1095 iTAlrl two$995 $595 trarumlfl- $1395 $]299 $19.16iX $16.14jX Every cor qualify conditioned lo insure your j o f / s f a c f / o n / 1 Year Written "Blue Chip" Warrantee Bank Rate tt No down payment financing. Immediate delivery. Se Habla Espanol. MA. 4-4424 OPEN SUNDAY as low as HTop Ri»«] *h«rp. »X52 Chevrolet as low as « dr TUrH. AT 1X52 Ford as low as I rtr RAM. AT |X52 Oldsmobile as low as $14.16jX 1 dr. RAH. AT 1X52 Kaiser as low as $12.20jX 4 dr H. AT. 1X51 Oldsmobile as low as $1.19|X. Hoi. Cpe. l/wided 1X50 DeSoto as low as $1.20jX V*50 Packard as low as $1.14iX 4 dr Drlvff* Ilka new tX50 Ford as low as $1.15jX T»k« It lvm» .MOTORS INC. IOI9 N. STONE PH. MA. 4-0438 POIffAC 59 Calalioa Coov. AN*. pa. 5 RMI AUTO P B. S H A R P tx jx xxr Tucson KNEW CAR DEALERS' i iXX.. Association lifConifioned' 1M7 BUICK Century convertible.! Full power equipped. Immaculate! condition _»l.4«5._AX.^-1308. i ·59" RAMBLER your choice 50 reconditioned low priced cars. WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS I BRANDON MTRS.. HOP S 4th Avf ' DSED *"OVERHA1IUDD ENCSlNES.Ij^-?- V-l'a A overheads Also all klnriip^,TM of used parts. Terms Shous* Body Shop, H32 W l»rince Rd MA MA. 2 i p.m. I-S007. MA. GALLOWAY RAMBLER OPEN EVE. for summer driving 56 Chev. 4-dr. HT 3313 E. 60 FORD Galaxie The ever txmil*r 4-K tranwnlBrion. r*djo, he 59 CHEVROLET 4 door Th# luxurious B*l»ir irdwi ^r Ar power ·t*rrtna. BfWJti 58 CADILLAC Hardtop *XjX The ever popular 4-door hardtop tranamiaxion. radio, heater, po^-Tr wltli VI «t«irlnf enflne. $2595 automatic $1895 59 Catalina STANDARD TRANS ONE LOCAL OWNEH « - . $595. CY. n-- 5 -i 1'. 07 after ,; Can 1941 FORD Or1gtn«l equipment. Runs «ood. Good tire*, body. New battery. »1». ful Custom 2 Dr. Ford V8 Stick ONLY $797 r -utv 0 *?. ·**'"· * 400 Take over payments KH.44 * mo -.ii. yJl'.. Ko....ggxn. 2sth Craycroft power. TJ 9 * tt ESS: '49 Plymouth .... At THEST. tracts ·$?··£%*S ntim - NMU tlr "' "* '55 Chevy BA hsrdtop. stick V-l SMS =V ·53 Tord Viet. V-« MBS S J, '54 Mere, hardtop stock shft C3A5! 11 N«h 4 dr. Nice clean *»5 MACK McGINNTS 1133 S. nth Open Sundnvf rOKD ·» » cylinder 4 doer »tatin . waron. Bte*n«nt condition. Musi '·» OUt m. Power »teenn« aell. moo. AX. t-5509. brakes. Hydramjitic. AX. S-S775. PERSONAL CARS ·S7 Ford. V-!. Automatic transmission. Radio and Heater, very clean -- curtom 300. riMT new Tirei. ,56 Antfmatic tTAnsmlsjflon ra'li". h*»t- ti/ul blue color. $3295 » . , i Bf-nuti/ul cool Ivorv color with all th» luxury rxrwrr »qu)p- $1545 mrnt Plus ATR. COND1T]ONTNG. Jll-al ahlrti. B*l Air. v-« en«ine. radio, ""1-J57 F O R D 4 doOP $ I 1 95 er. auto, tranj.. IjOw. low miles. i~" ' "^'·'-' ^ vjv/wi -r rmr owner and AIR CONDI-! r»lrlane ««dan with V» »n«mr. nutomnttc trans., radm * hmt- TION T KD. ' *r Lovely two-t^n* brice A t*n. $1145 Ford Wagon $1295;56 CHEVROLET Belair J-Dr. Ranch Waron. Mas henter. i Automitlc Tran. and AIR CONDITION. For Beffer Used Imports See 4-door hardtop. T"ine*t in the linf VB onrtae. «utomat1e trjm mlraon. radio A hr»trr. To-"-tone Ivorv rre«i. 2 dr. Straight stick i 1 owner. Like new. IMS. Car,' finance full amou-.t »n m. MAJ M»22. SB31 N. Oriclg Rd. I TOP CONDITION ·- ·M Chev.. Radin «nd Hfntcr. Standard Tranrmiwtion. 4- door. Htht blue, new tire», CALL MA. 4-2481 56 Buick Riviera '54 Ford Club Coupe Terrific condition. Low mile«r«. 1st offer over $35 'SSlviercury"Wagon "" rood. IA. 7-7OT4. Take over pmt». Re»l h«rc»ir, 1f 59 Volvo -speed. model S44 58 Volkswagen 2-dr. Ielux# 58 Borgward 2-dr. 4-sneed. 58 Simca 4-dr. '"Elyjter" 58 Borgward Wifon. RAH, 57 Sunbeam hard tOT?. $1995 59 CHEVROLET El Camino $1295 $159557 CHEVROLET 2 door Fabulous V» power with *w nAard trsn«nl«lor.. Tfn'l mlit« thi« v*rv $1995 radio, h»»trr. IOJ UU PICKUPS ROLLINGS PLYMOUTH Mil wJ ^53 PLYMOUTH - VALIANT 51 DeSoto · A u t n m a t f , rudln. 50 PONT. A u l o . P.AH 50 PLYM. TdTlYM. Hralrr. rxtrt r.lr*. 51 JEEP XVaion. fi tranimlMrton HrjitJ-r. eryl. with 199 ·t\fT A "l99 199 299 499 Standard on as low as $19.16jX PU. ip»«J new potat. Jlrd Whltr. ^51 Ford ', PU « N*»utv. iX.51 CMC ', PU. 1 «r»*d. fih»rp. $18.20|X a owi«r. A $1720jX 4t wht* 54 DODGE 499 4 Dr . VB. radio, heater, automatic, for fin* uranirpor- tation. 53 PLYM. 499 4 TVior, · conomlral itanrtarrl trans. r a d i o , heater. A Undy »rrond car. 53 BUICK 499 4 Dr. Automatic, radio, heat* rr. arwvr avrracc for thl* model. 54 FORD 699 Wagon 3 Dr. VI, automatic. radio heater. Ton't mint It. 55 FORD 699 4 Ir., VS motor, radio, heater, pconomlnal standard tranx. with ox-frdrlve. Really a sroort buy. ^ cvMnfiff * rftnomv with tfljindarrt Q S 3 0 9 5 A terrific buy for tAp rl-MUir value. ".56 CHEVROLET Hardtop $1695 Belair 5-door Sport vurw with 1 cvlmdw enr.ne, Belair 5-door Sport vurw with transmission. hr»ter. two-t-,ne ^ MiRCURY. Owner desperate. Make offer caih or trade. KA. _7-'T3 eventngs. r !^ FORD, v-i nick. Like new condition. One owner. Guaranteed over 18 mile;; per fallon. Barcarn, Trade. NALI.Y clean. 'S Old*. owner. H« recent p»int. brikes. shock, rrnton h*»d«i. AX. T-4511. %" riK'H^fjJTI. 4 door, ftard tap DeSoto. K.BM jtinen. «1.!». ^5 BinCK Century. Convertible. Z»CCC ',.^C.~i. 7*r«iliA.«ilr few rioyxi MaWeT Tires. tl.JOO Bofh «t» ewn- tr car.'. IA, 7-3B55. 1959 Dodge Coronet ^·-J^l-"?^ KA. 4-7a«j. ;four-noof"r»dio. hea'tir.VoVdOTnatic/BHOWTJ'S BROWN'S BROWN'S UM rORD. 4-*oor hardtop. Air-i power itte«rini. *7»5. '» Chevy V«. JOHN BROWN'S eonditionteit. r»dte, heater. »«9S. U-door. p. G. »«5. ·» Bulclc Special! TOfiAY'^ After 1 v.m., t^oiMi JEA. J-8T75. 12-daoT. Tryn*nevr. S»S. No Imde-' i \JUnl IStaCUJXT ts e»dlll«c cou« Je!Jn5. »5« N. Plumer Xorth of Grant S« CHTV « «tltV, 4 dr. Lfke new «9! Vnie. T^ill power, factory air. beau- Rd. 57 CHEV. PANEL with windows ..,., v r , . . , , , - ·««,, tlfnl ll«ht irreen -^nd whif looks -- - clean UK! 406 N. 6th AVP. MA. 2-2836 SJ TORT) S-tyR «, Nir« tires. heaTer M5 ' S» TORD nCKTTP H ton, WSW. . . . . _ _ _.-. . 3 «M*d ]445 MUST SELL , H TOP Jdr. IJ»« i v i w o t ouuu stick. R*H 445 'S5 Chryiler. New Yorker station _ St. Warn. New tirea, wtfon. Perfect condition. S?wj K. RH. Ot. new motor 27th Street. overhaul flftS Znjoy the rocket rower of this wroer « 4-door hardt/vr matit tranmwKion. radio. hr»trr. power strrrtnt. $1295 55 OLDSMOBILE Hardtop 15njoy th^ rockrt rower of tht* «u ma tit TTflnsmuKrion. radio, heatrr. FRANK DAWSON |54 PONTIAC Station Wagon Motor Co. Ouo//fy Imporfs $895 $1095 $895 REMEMBER If you can't trade here You just can't trade 55 PLYM. 4 TVjor VB m m*tir. rudJo and 55 BUICK 4 Door V8 motflr. automat ir. radJo and h^ *t*»r 799 r. auto- f n l t r 799 4-door model. » cylinder engine with automatic radio ft h*-iitr. B*-»niful two-tone tan. $595 transmiwlfni. i 1957 IMPERIAL I 'Hnrdiop All power. Air-condition- \ !in?_Call a f t e r X W. MA,_2-01H. ', " Q U I C K SALE i i 'M Bfl Air Chevrolet. One owner. i Rartin H»«ter. Good tlrei. motor ; I M A 3-K*M _____ ___ __ _ ! i "'53 Buick Special | j 4 d(Xi Vfr' clean, $395 or b^st ; offer 43W ST. Whitlier P3«Cf. " J " 3 Dr Hardtftp. radio, healer, auV^nAV*'". ecGnorr.lcs 1 . Sr^- rial model. 56 PACK. 899 3 Tr. Hardtop, automat ir, rsrlio. heater, torsion level ridr TniJv a luxury car 55 CHRYS. 999 3 Dr. Newport. H-T. Automatic radio. heater A fceautiful while ov«r eold 56 DODGE 999 4 Tr Hardtop, automatic, VB po-wer steering, radio, heater, A *trelal for today, see It. . . "MERCURY Sale of Sales this Week. You may loose as much as $300 if you pass by without shopping us. Look at the prices and sell yourself. You're in the Driver's Seat! We're in a trading Mood Hurry-Hurry-Hurry Remember 100% finance- O.A.C. We trade for anything. No waiting. 1334 So. 6th Ave. · NTXT TO SAJTWAY fJTORI. SHOP TKE GROCERIES IE BUY ' YOUR CAR AT THE SAME SPOT. SE HABLA ESPANOL. (PAYMENTS BASID ON NORMAL DOWTJ). OPEN 9 TO 9 Sundays after Church v\Tmf%T?T* AirTC 1 DtrtSrtKAlJb . -whit . and drive* Iflce new. lxw DOO Jtl.800. OUT price J1.59S. MACK McGIJTOTS. 11M S. »th. Open S«n-| yrty^j e vn *r 1W4 Rambler 4 d«Ti. HO C»gm»es.to.chor»ejrornl. ; do?r j,^^ j^,^,.. Contraental kft WTT T TR ATiF »*» " » "** - " - y "' ; Wll^l^ I K A U C , AX. B-S8C7. iEoufty in If* Chevrolet nation Tucson wwyvyvv I With rebuilt 1PM O1d» enrlne. j Floor shift. Good condition. MM. 'MA 4-?1.1ft ___ __ YVYYYYYYY MTTW CARDEALERS' in H* waxon for rmportetf car or «j-cral Horn. »pOTt.«ip rtv , Te h»r«op. 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Just arrlvs-d !·»» i'» Chev ;mp«l« *», No Money Down At AH » Year Guarantee on All Can Free rishin* Tackl* Tre* Bu- Dlrect-J. J. Kotak. M«r. PREMIER AtJTO *AUS '. 38M Sa. tth Avc- MA. 4-71B* ings » V^Afta ijrorrTH-E 90! Broadway 1953 CHEVROLET OH after · P.M. »*»% tfv 1 O^StJ ."V -DeSOTO-VALIANT ran i». IW. MB*. St»na»rd -mmsmtnrttm. White wll trrer R*Jio. re»YeT 'CVan. SJSfl I 7ft Mntt frtfa. (TOsBJor Wawwi I AT. XWt coofi. «4S fan wrwewr f15 wft. R *A, S-«33. i Gm9 pnrrtftlion, CMM. '59 IMPALA CONVERT.' ""^ i '53 CHEV. CONVERTIBLE Bel A* T-UKi.

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