Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 11, 1972 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 11, 1972
Page 7
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NEWS WHILE IT'S NEWS IN THE TIMES , NarlKwett Arknnwt TIMK, FrU«y, Au«. 11, 1TO '·' f ' · · · ' · · · · · ' '·· · · · · " - · · · · · ' " Edited by Bill William* History Of One Family ·AN OSBOBN FAMILY (17501970) by Josephine Walker Blnkoy. (Privately Published), This Is a history of (ha family o f . , : Jgsso ; and Elizabeth l,omaslcr Oaburu, Jesse was born about 1780 in Now York, Iho son of William'and Malltda Bu o h a n a n Osburn, The Buchanan family i f r o m which Matilda camo produced, In later years, several well-know Washington -· County presbylerlaii ministers. . Tho Oaburn family also migrated Into Washington CoHn- ty living mostly in the southern Combs, Dockory, Hutclilnfl, Hoed, Skelton, Terry, W a l k e r and Winkle. section near Winslow. This book, compiled from « official and family records, · ' . traces the 10 known children of ·" Jesse and Elizabeth Osburn 'through 1D70 and should be of interest to many Washington County'residents who.'tie Into the family, ' ' · 7^; Some of the familiar family ,',\X names from Washington Coun- ,;··';·' 'y include Bradley, Brown, REVOLUTIONS AND LEADERS THE GUERRILLAS, by Jean Larloguy .(Signet -- '$1.25) Jean Larlcguy, a former war correspondent, developed this intriguing American study- of guerrilla the Latin during a /V PATTERNS SEEN IN V/ESTERNS Western' stories often follow a pattern seemingly .decreed many years ago -- just when /-; this pattern emerged is not iC.'; ki)own ,but it-Is there. Often it .·*·£· Is Just slightly noticeable; other / fS'. times It is the peg on which ! -.-*-'. a story hangs. V' X- THE .TROUBLEMAKER, by "·· ':· Edwin Booth, SHOOT IIIM ON : SIGHTJ by William Colt Mao- · Donald and THE ON15 SHOT KID, by Nelson Nye, all three A c e publications, provide variations on a theme. "The Troublemaker" is the story of an Ohio farm boy who comes to Arizona to claim the Flying J, which he thought was 8 ranch but it turns but to be a saloon. Jerry Sullivan doesn't seven-month trek through countries, . ' .' Mo talked to revolutionary leaders, retired conspirators, reformist priest;and members of the Green ; Beret troops who are ; t fr.a i n ! n g counterrevolutionaries, , He begins by saying if Latin America Is ever .to have; a revolutionary manifesto, it will never be that of:the Communist party. The Communists are tSo split by Its internal and external contradictions, to dried up by i t s dogmatism and too dehumanized by its hurcacracy. Revolution jn South America, he says, must corns from the people in the various countries, It . must be fomented arid fermented by n desire to improve the status' of the small farmer, the paisaiios and most of all, it must, not be stolen by outsiders. ..'"·'.' .... . He takes a look at.the efforts of Che Guevarra, the success, of sorts, of Castro in Cuba, and reports on the'revolutions that have died in the mountains PROFESSION'S SEAMY SIDE TliK YOUNG DOCTORS, Adrian G r a y . (Signet -cents) · · : ! ,' , .·', ' If you expect this hovel about doctors to bo one telling of dedication to duty, forget it. It Is the story of David Dudley and Franclno Gerard, a doctor and a nuruo, In Belhuno County Hospital In Mississippi. Thb hospila- · ' - · · ·- handed. One , superintendent arc usually In disagreement. Tho nurses a,re caught up in the rat race too.: ·· Dr. Kcene Is doing his best to oust Dr. Martelll ns intendent. Butcher by associates 'at because of techniques. Many of his patients dle'after he operates. e alter ne operates. · , Adding to the troubles at (.he hospital, a Freedom March, is about to pass through the'ilty. The 'board chairman's nephew spies on Martelli and a hospital orderly. He lakes photographs which he will use to blackmail the doctor or give to his uncle to get the. doctor booted out. · "The Young: Doctors" , if- story .of the seamy side of nable profession, . .. ' Dr. Dudley/ and Franclne emergeias the good people but others in the hospital prove to be . better than their early presentations. The scenes In the operating rooms are pretty gory, however. It reminded this reviewer more of house. because of jealousy, distrust and betrayal. He discusses the revolution engineered by Simon Bolivar in t h e 19th century, . the revolutionary priest Camilo Torres of Bogota, Colombia, and Green Berets, guerrillas and caurilllos. Despite the many loses of men and ideas and yes, ideals, ha says, "This land still has hdpa and dreams in Hs corner." With the death bl Che a certain type of revolution also died, he wear a gun. handgun. He never uses a WHERE MAN'S W6RD IS LAW AT THE SEVENTH LEVEL, by Suzette Haden Elgin (DAW - 95 cents) . , Abba is a world where "wars are fought by poets, women are says. Larteguy's sympathies are Outside the small town of Indian Rock lives a rancher who ST- is robbing the railroad 6n the side. Sullivan gets interested in the ranch when his new friend goes out to pick up his gear after being fired, and never returns. ·· (\ i ISC,;. ' '.'Shoot Him^bn'Sight,' 1 Ms'the ?K: - 'story of a man"on tha run'. Jojin fc'i:" : ~·", Cardinal is wanted dead or ^ t.-Z alive for a series of holdups, "JC""'' killings and .other dastardly, ;tS deeds that he didn't do. He hit v't?'; '-- the owlhoot trail wlieri-he forced ; -;; · · '. * skinflint banker to give him t.;Vu^! enough money to pay the loan '··· \Z-- that his foster parents owed. 1 i; '''. He goes to New Mexico where !?!; i : he pretends to be the man that :',':', ' . t h e posters make him out to \.$L fi..' be. There he meets a rancher ' JJ,1*: whose home is in Mexico and V*!* · finds out that he is half owner. '·'.*£.'-' Nelson Nye's "One Shot Kid" '·Kf'.--' is the story of a deputy U. S. CEv'j. Marshal in Oklahoma who, Joins !;v£C; a gang to flush out the leaden l-iJ^-i'-He intends to bring him back clearly with the revolutionists. He, .like the Latinos, believes that South America will one day have a successful revolution. Where it will go after that any one s guess. --bww FINE STORY OF SUSPENSE THE BROODING LAKE, by Dorothy Eden (Ace -r.95 cents) Alice Ashton arrives'at the small house in rural New Zealand in which' her 'friend Camilla has been living for a brief visit. Camilla is not,there to greet her. The' doors are locked and when she filially gets in the,house she finds out that the milk in the refrigerator has soured and the bread is stale. Felix Dodsworth, whom Alice had been in love with, is driving a bus. Duridas Hill, a neighboring gentleman and head of the school board, greets her shortly after her arrival! Alice grows more puzzled as time passes and Camilla never shows up. She later gels a tele- · from the LU J.- VJl U ») 1111 V I I 1UI U U U g G J.OOCH- Parker. ; Ike Stroud, the deputy, is hunting for .The Picachio Kid. He also goes after the leader ot an ouljaw gang who is trying to beat the record of the Doolins. These three, .westerns have something very much in common. The women play a very minor role, although they are important to the story. One man overcomes staggering odds to win his place in the sun and the bad guys aro all bad. The crooks have the oilds in the favor, but usually lose it before the final confrontation. The stories are, however, well written and seldom lag. --bww ^ L t t m u ^ t c l l n l u i j r n u l l , I.LIL. woman saying that she is. happy in another town. The longer she stays the more she 'begins, i to wonder about Dundas. He seems so nice. He has a teenaged daughter whom he keeps a tight rein on but she thinks that is just because the girl's mother is dead. Felix, meanwhile, has been doing a little investigating on his own and he finds out that Camilla has never been seen at the town where the telegram cama from. Miss Eden deftly suggests then confronts her heroine with chilling fact as the story quickly develops into a fine tale of suspense. --bww ess than citizens on the planet of the poet. Not quite chattels, jut they are forbidden to mingle with men on any level. Only the Poet is considered above them but she remains barred from any councils in which men conduct business. Abba is pictured as a civilization with 30,000 years of recorded history, the most exquisite etiquette, art and culture more refined than any other. But it is backward in its treatment of women. Miss Elgin is to be commended in her treatment of a civilization that might be found on .some distant planet. -- -bww Don't Miss... The Arlan's Department Store FLOOD LOSS LIQUIDATION SALE AT THE DOLLAR SAVER No. 2 STORE IN THE EASTGATE SHOPPING CENTER ON HIGHWAY 16 EAST. SAVE UP TO 80% ON OVER 1,000,000,00 WORTH OF QUALITY MERCHANDISE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY e A IP 9 A M - T P 8 P - M - WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY ' FRIDAY and SATURDAY Closed Monday and Tuesday for Restocking THINK Jutiiof Jeatis TJijUrtie^ ".;· . :·' ···:.···.·!..'. '' . . - -. ·, : ·'· ' ' :-',:"','· '' 'JL'' '··:: .,. , ··:$ ^$70 Wins,; Patch pocket; flare leg jean, Blue^dshim. Lq«d. frontj xjenim Blue, flare leg Jean. TheyVe cisriifprtab!*, · casual, easyare and they fir just right. Jr. Sizes 5-13. long sleeve, rib knit turtle neclclops. They're sWnny /'· jjad, midriff hugging..vfor the right new long, lean ; "- IpbkJPerfect wilri jeans! Black;'No!vy Blue,'Red, Violet/1; V/hiteorYel!6W; kepti in purd.ah and. men have the final word. The Khadilih ban-harihn is a resident of that planet, on Earth when he receives word that everything isn't as'it should ba. Beturning he discovers that his daughter, applied for testing to become the Poet. If she loses she will be locked in her room the rest of her life, .' She passes the test however andi becomes .a poet' o f ' U h e Seventh j^vel -- tiie'highest attainable. After a while', she finds herself fainting .when she holds communion in thei trance circle a t h e r residence. ' · - . Coyote Jones, an investigator for the galactic called in to find out if Jacinth is being poisoned. · Abba he discovers in indeed a strange place. Even the crooks are'licensed there. This includes thieves, murderers and what not. He even visits them a n d a strange "_' ceremony puts him on the right track. . · : ' ': Miss Elgin writes about male chauvinism that has been taken to its highest level. Women are Sassy smocks to wear now... and on thru the 'cool Fall 100% Cotton Muslm Smocks Reff. $12.00 Sale... *7.97 A saucy muslin smock to wear by Ilsolf now with jsans or shorts, Later, for those cool Fall days, wear it over turlle neck tops, sweaters or shirls for !he "Layered Look." Natural color muslin that goes with all colors; same with lace trim. Misses' sizes, S-M-L. The Navy "pea jacket"... a Comfort comes first with / fantastic pre-season value ! these perfect-fit panties. Jr. Wool Melton Kiki® Deluxe Pea Goat Briefs Bikims Reg. $26.00 ' Sale... $11.97 Th» double breasted basic-pea coat with gold anchor buttons. It's still the Foil/Winter fashion favorite. Nflvy wool melton lhat wears and wears , .. and pea coals are ' casual, comforlablft ahd worm. Styled for the young junior, size* 5-13. 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