Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 19
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Edtfon to demonstrate DEAR ABBY L M . i..c. cut).««,, j«. a, im INDEPENDENT (AM) who own microwave ovens and are interested in learning, to use the appliances more efficiently' are invited to ' attend classes to be presented in this area by consumer service consultants from the Southern California Edison Company. '.;· - Classes will be held on these days at the following locations: Tuesday, Jan. 28 at 7:30 p.m. and Tuesday. Feb. 11, in a m in Bullock's Lakewood, La' Caverna Room; Tuesday, Jan. 28, 10 aim., Edison Service Center, 2800 E. Willow St.; Tuesday, Feb. 11, 7 p.m., Sears Carson, Consumer ' Room; Wednesday, Feb. 12, 7:30 p.m., Sears, Los Cerritos Center,.Consumer Room . 1 ; Thursday, Feb. 13,7:30 p.m.,-Great Western Savings, 5200 E. Second St. L. B. resident loses her shirt Lilt Yinir Spirits UTAH SYMPHONY Maurice Abravanel, Cond. "One of Aroma's Ten Btst" -^ Esquire Thurs.. Jan. 23,1 P.M. . , LOCC Aud. · ClarX and Harvev Way 54.00 gen. and SI.50 students, srs. over 63 - A STEAL! Tickets at L8CC Bank 1130-^27) and at Box Office By AtilOAit v'ftN DEAR ABBY: I met a man who said he was a top photographer for a famous magazine. He asked me to pose for him, say-" ing I would get $100 for , every picture, 1 agreed,, and he came over on Sun- day with his camera. 1 posed with nothing on but a Santa Claus hat and beard. He also took a lot of pictures of me naked in the shower with the water. running. We went outside, and he shot pictures of me picking oranges off a tree. Then we drove to the beach and he got some more shots of me on the beach and in the water. It took the whole day. About hallway througn, he ran out of film and didn't have his wallet, so I advanced him $20 for more film. Later .we got hungry, so he borrowed .$10 ·from'.me to pay for eats. . . ·:".'· ---. : ·· '·':· HG promised he'd call me a f t e r the pictures w e r e developed, but I haven't heard from him. 1 don't know how to get in vtouch with him. I want my, $30 back but I'm afraid to go to the police because I said .1 was 21 and I'm only 17, and I don't w a n t to get into trouble for being under' age and posing like that. Thanks for any help you can give me. G; IN LONG BEACH DEAR G;i My guess'is that the photographer is a phony. You could write to the magazine he claimed in uiork for, but don't be surprised if they've never heard of him. I can't help you get your $30 back, but I have some valuable advice for you: DON'T pose for any more strangers or you could lose a lot more than $30! DEAR ABBY: My bus. band and I go dancing quite often with several other couples. We-all exchange dances except this one man, who dances only the first dance with his wife 1 -- then he sits. He GUB BAG DISCOUNT SALE OFT050%OFF ·fffSKi Minimum Purchase....... $ 5°° See our new and exciting hand-painted and Sllk- Screened Designs on Canvas. Also selected im- · orts - ··'" 'PHONE 421-1513 , MEMA NEEDLEPOINT : IRA : CORN: Aces on In the final 16 hands played in the National Spingold Knockout Team Tournament one of the most exciting finishes ever witnessed took place. The team headed by Steve Goldberg of-. Marietta, Ga:, had entered the final stage with a lead of 63 IMPs over a team headed by Lew Mathe of Los Angeles. Mathe's teams a r e noted for fast finishes and this one was going in accordance with the script.. When the players pick,ed up the cards of the last deal the Mathe team had ANTI-INFLATION SPECIAL 20 LESSONS If you missed out on a lot of fun during the holidays because you couldn't dance, why not start off on the right foot; VO DANCE LESSONS INCLUDE 4 PRIVATE LESSaitf , ·. 6 GROUP USSONS , ']#,PARfY-SESSIONS. OPEN HOUSE" SPECIAL! ONE NIGHT ONLY You are cordially invited to attend OPEN HOUSE THUR,, JAN, 23, 8 P.M. -- NO CHARGE -- · Refreshments. Exhibitions · Free Lesson $61 DISCOUNT THE BEST $5 INVESTMENT YOU EVER MADE Discotheque, Swing, Rumba, Fox Trot Samba, Slow Dancing, Cha-Cha, Waltz/Tango, Merenque If you're over 21 - single or married - you're eligible to ioin the year round social whirl that will make your life more exciting - more fun. And it's so easy to learn to dance, like an expert when you're in the capable hands of our expert · · Earl Manning teachers. They'll have you looking forward to each new lesson - every new step It will pay off with years and years of a richer, fuller life · Come join some of the nicest people in town who are having good times galore at Earl ' Mann S Age makes no difference. Whether you're 21 or 71 or older, no partner required Over 40 Club . Singles Oon« Clubs. Club Parties , Discotheque Club , Nile Club Parties · Weekend Trips · Costume Parties ; Open 11 A.M. to 10 P.M. : JUST CULL OR WRITE-RIGHT NOW-247 E. Fifth St., L.B. ' BBB DANCE STUDIOS 432-0976 i "" I ".T;::""j A Bonded studio - * 25 Years Experience * 14 Years Same Location Don', IB., o mlnut. ... Coll, writ., or com. In and »o wh.r. th. lun b.gln. come within 14 IMPs of,a A m i r a c u l o u s cqme- tie. This f a c t was un- back. But what if West k n o w n to the players, had continued on to six although it was obvious - clubs instead of passing to that Mathe and his part- five hearts? Although this bid had little to commend, it, it may have won the match never asks any of the other ladies to dance. Meanwhile, the wife of this non-dancing man (I'll call her Vera) is asked to dance by all the other Husbands as she is very pretty and a good, dancer. So while Vera is dancing, one of the other wives has tb' sit it out. '·' 1 think that since all'the h u s b a n d s k n o w t h a t V e r a ' s husband never asks any other woman 'to dance, they should not ask Vera to dance. After all, if one woman has to be sitting out, shouldn't it be Vera, since it's her husband who is sitting out? What would you offer as a solution to this prob : lem? PART-TIME SIT-OUT DEAR PART: It appears that the men are happy, but their wives aren't. Why not chuck the old tradition that says the woman must: wait f.° r 'he gentleman to ask her to dance? YOU do the asking -- and every woman for herself! ner, Art Aldman of New Britain, Conn., had gained heavily. The bidding was lively, even though all the players were dog tired. And after a competitive battle for the contract, South (Lou Bluhm of Atlanta) became declarer at five hearts.- THE CLUB JACK was ruffed in d u m m y and t r u m p s were d r a w n . Three rounds of diamonds followed, the finesse succeeding and the third diamond .was won by dummy's ace. Declarer returned to his hand with a trump and it was time to decide on how to play ~the spades. As the cards were, if declarer had led his 10, the hand would have been made. East would win one of his honors, 'but would then have to lead away from the spade ace of yield a ruff and discard. However, declarer chose to play a small spade and West, though .very tired, was not yet asleep. He played his spade nine and it was all over. The def e n s e then took three spade tricks and the hand was down one. The Mathe team gained U IMPs on the hand since their teammates played in a heart game and made it in the r e p l a y . So the match was lost by only three IMPs and Mathe had gained 60 IMPs in 16 hands! WEST * 9 3 for the Mathe team. Without a d i a m o n d lead, Mathe may have made . NORTH * K 7 5 -1 ¥ 9 7 6 5 4 3 + A Q 3 EAST * A y J G ; ? 1 0 2 4 9 7 2 ' · . 4 J 1 0 9 8 7 5 4 3 + A y 6 2 . . S O U T H . * 1 0 8 2 . . 'f A.K Q J 8 * ,1 1 0 6 4 *'K V u l n e r a b l e : E a s l - W u s l . Dealer: North, The bidding: _ N o r t h Pass 4+ 5» Kust Pass Pass South I f '' 4T Pass -\Vfbl. 3+ l u a d : J a c k o f Opening clubs. the slam by taking one space finesse and then cashing all his trumps: At that point, North would have three spades and the blank diamond ace. A low diamond would establish dummy's king and another spade finesse would total 12 tricks and another championship. Who can fault a gain of 11 IMPs? Certainly West should h a v e no reason. However, if he had bid six clubs and if Mathe would h a v e made it ... Art Waldman most certainly didn't get too much sleep that night. SGAEYC sponsors child development workshop A workshop . d e a l i n g w j t h -'child ·development and education' is planned Saturday at Long Beach Cily College Liberal Arts campus' College. Center, ·4901 E. Carson St. Sponsored by (he Long B'eaeh Chapter of t h e S o u t h e r n California Association of Education of Y o u n g C h i l d r e n (SCAEYC) and the Child Development and Parent Education Department of LBCC, the first workshop session b e g i n s at 9 : 3 0 a:m. following r e g i s t r a - tion at 9. The second session will begin at 11:05. Topics to be covered inc l u d e " P a r e n t Effectiveness Training," "Metric is for Children," "Activities-in the Nursery School." "Early D i a g n o sis and T r e a t m e n t of L e a r n i n g .Disabilities." "Music Because..." and "Nutrition as it Relates to I n s t r u c t i o n a l C u r r i c u - lum." Cost is S2 for members and S3 for non-members. Additional information is available f r o m A u d r e y Shindler, 3327 Vista St., Long Beach 90803, ·. CflH'T UFFORD TO SPW-KEBTER YOUR PET? A Spayed or Neutered . Animal Is a Belter Pet! DON'T UTTER-For Information or Assistance Without Obligation, Call MERCY CRUSADE-782-1485 OR WRITE P.O. BOX ;.,,. VAN NUYS, CAUF. 91407 FOR THE BEST IN BLOWER DRYEp HAIRCUTS WASH 1 WEAR, EASY CARf, LONG OR SHORT BY REAL CRAFTSMEN WHO'LOVE THEIR WORK CHUNKY ONE LENGTHS, NATURALS OR BLOW BACKS MEN'S HA'IRSTYIING COIFFURES 439-9981 4103 E. 7th Si., l.B. THE LOOK OF YOUTH . .. A Unique, Non Surgical Cosmetic Face Lift. For WOMEN MEN Visit our CELLULITE TREATMENT SALON Proven European Massage Method All Facial Treatments ["·634^1142 ,1 LAST CHANCE! i! 50% DISCOUNT I ON ALL SALON TREATMENTS i' OFFER EXPISES JAN. 31 ,00 4129 E. South St. (Lakewood South St.) North Pltua Mail Mon. Thru Fri. 1 to 7 Sat. 10 to 3 HOME PLAN AVAILABLE CALL FOR APPOINTMENT THE NEW ALL WEATHER COAT .Stretch Sew wraps it up for fall with our superb hew- All Weather Coat pattern 1080. This great seasonless classic travels anywhere from day to everting · . and always looks great. . Gently wrapped and lied, with beautiful detailing ' in lop'stitching on pockets, collar and sleeve. ..You sew a coal that's yours alone. Mate it in our rain repellant fashion knits. Our new All Weather Coal is just one of many new pattern ideas waiting lor you at Stretch Sew. Sign up lor classes today. all you 1 meed to know... LEARN TO SEW WITH KNITS CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR ALL WEATHER COAT CLASS AND OTHER SPECIALTY CLASSES FABRIC CENTER 6247 E. SPRING ST. HEW STORE HOURS: rl_l/-\MC ( O 1 QADt. OPEN MON. THRU THURS. 9:30 TO 9:00 PHONE 4/!-o40Q FRI. V-M m 6:00; SAT. 9:30 TO 5,00 TEETHING PAIN Mir,,- tiby ssclois Itll moth. (IS (3 UK Hit l«l. "If. ItnlK nlitl. Htlps li% ml yoj slw. DRUG MURti Open 9:30 10 1 30 Mon Ihiu Sol Sv«i(oyi, 10 o ·". fo ? p in.

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