The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 13, 1957 · Page 11
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 11

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 13, 1957
Page 11
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1 » WW TOTAUf TO MM.' AU.AHKJN SAVIS.AHIS OLAOAH «OHNA6£EIT» rr DOES THAT? WHAT ON AIRTH f«» FAOffl ^ ^• J ^ ; .Q,.^ w ^..^...'..y UiJ -l C/toof» Your Yardstick: N. Y* Crusade Successful! »«L«Br.i*J«-J»L««JM.*'!«'* ««• «n N*hotel **»*.• Me declined Graham's If** CASflELf —W— tt Silly York cnnade I The" Irifwjt depends 06 what ni*s*UHnf sick you use, .If yfifi 'etpeVtM the e lo fiffwdtffi w£ Overnight fotfeaHesft la the morali (fid ulflflDBn^ 01 B ii nylon*6ft-tfttf* SudWJft* y«Q Will be disappoint„§**»» to be just as feats eft 42nd Street, just ' arunks wandering !al ttpSO* Bf detttar* Protestants like Ora- eft in* «6« Irialrr, jfrhii* 2t pet cefit ere Ro eaflwiics, 10 per c%at are *M 55' per cent have fitf thui-efc af fliation. ZteHetf Bf ThotUaBd* OtiitMfi niail*- which flaw Sf» thafl 1,000 letters * day*- flidicates that a giteaWe miin- Be erf Catholics and Jew* *re an meeting*. spokesman for the team said then have "ttafty" CathoHei and those whe have edme frtfwst'd to make "ded- ~ ., „!** sharpest critldsm of the qfahaft crusade hat «ome ftttftt Times Square, just u;f»ffl, Other Protestant*, who •"if heawuked girls cavort* diriik* the methods of highiy- ifl the 5 Bight clubs, just as organ!*** evangelism and donttt •; avarice in the eanyonitfl* value of mass . 'all Street, as there was in i revival f»f<*« Silly Oraham came to Tfottt 'ft 00* Immediately detectable difference: Religion ha* become a topic of convention. . It la by no moans the only, ttt* Christian Century, aft old afta reapeefed magazine With * Wide circulation among PfOfettlftt clergymen of all de- nomlnaUong, has asserted la editorial* that "there la something horrifying tit this ttion- to talk about some of the sharp, er, wore personal attacks. "There are enough divisions among Christians already," he said, "t decided a long tint ago that I wouldn't answer some of these things, i don't believe the Lord called m<t to add to the controversies hi family." " - t6hfiW«i]*T tome tmdpie felt his breaching depended tod heavily on an appeal to fetf. Had he ever thought that he might dwell less on the wrath and judgment ot God, and ffiort on His love and mercy? In reply, he quoted hia predecessor in evangelism, Joha Wesley: Stock Market CottHetf tfnd-iwobd NeuhatU fc Co. of Houston SOON CALL Aw Alrbn or even the main, topic. But strous juggernaut rolling over! Ehwbef Oil do hear people talking ibout the crusade, sometimes lestlngly/sometlmes very earnestly, in places where the name of Jesus Christ has not been spoken except la blasphemy for CdnPae every sensitivity to it* sure tri- j H -i h Stee i __ m 49 umph," ••;-.-. lArt-reUrtel - - - 177 Other*, like theologtcan Rein- ^waystjresl- „ , 7S hold Neibuhn and Dean Fran- i* & gv - 23 3/4 els S. dayre of WasWngMtt AT * ' episcopal Cathedral, have accused Oraham of stressing personal reform at the expense of social reform, ot failing to put enough emphasis on the "collective sins" of society such at racial discrimination. ° Com* Ondcr Fir* Oraham has- also come under fire from extreme fundamentalists, who protest his refusal to *teer converts to strictly Hum ble Oil "MUIUMllflal" phlllvtlM' ffmt! I . TV,— u ' Suceessfiti purely statistical terms, he meetings which began May IS in Madison Square Garden have been the most successful Oraham has ever conducted. Attendance to date has averted 17,«00 nightly, close to the seating capacity of the Gar- several evenings, the crowd has been so great that „ 2,000 or more had to be turned at hi* IntUtence on taking quite >, . ray. I literally what the Bible sayi]^ The number of people com- about sin and salvation, heav- > J ^ Ing forward to make "declslous 34 I „ _ . - 75 t/8 Setv ... N8 Chem _--_--- 87 S/8 Coffee -- _ _ _ 8 3/4 sui *----- io« i/« 148 1/8 OuBSU".---I--- -40 -— 591/4 130 churches; from ft..* Bus M. - - ."" " ~ 324 3/4 theological liberals who boggle ir; tM1 ^ Cn ~_ 30 1/8 » or Christ" — Graham bom 'con' calls "Inquirers" rather than efts'" — has averaged en and hell; and from middle-! of-the-road Protestant pastors who worry about the disulu- _ . _ sionment or despair that may Ti each night and on occasion : come to "inquirers" who dlc- " " liOOO. (cover that instantaneous con-| version at a revival meeting 1s only the first step in • long process of grov.-th in grace which must continue throughout a Christian's life. I asked Graham about these criticisms and misgiving* dur- the crusade now extended until July 31, it seems likely th*' Graham's total New York audience will exceed 1 million. The response Is preasive when you into 39 1/2 793/4 ~~ 42 lit, I so i/a-5J 54 'pac:"."::r:i-wv« p«v.t: »i 1/4 j» aii/J ay OH » o.« ViS 77 1/2 69 1/8 29 1/4 •ecount the fact that only about 'ing a long private interview Mark Powell Installed FP Lions Club President The new officers for the com- , ng term of service to the Free-!] ort Lions dub were Installed "uesday alght^by International Counsellor John J. Tryling of Houston. Try line, former District Governor ot District 2-S-2, install- 1 ed Mark Powell as head of the rganliatioct with, other nef . fficera betas; T. B. McCrara?,! rat vice president; Bill Be- i tout, second rice president;! K. C. KarUch. third vice presl- ent; Ralph David, secretary; lam McSpadden, treasurer; . C. Donaldson, lion tamer; tagneas Oirouard Jr M tall wister; and new directors belt John Simmons, Kenneth 'erguson, NeweU Vaughn, Bob Intall, and Ray Rolsemback. Paul Webber was In charge of the program pod showed! some movie* mad« by Bill' Stein at the Lions Club Carnival and the National convention. There was a report from the member* who attended the District Convention at the Shamrock Hilton Hotel in Houston, made by J. A. Swann. At a recent meeting of the Board of Director! the Oirli Scout funds wert put into a! general charity fund' A motion was made to recall the 1200 el toted for trees 451/S _ _ _ 74 1 /2 /rank Life Ins 103J-I03J Life Ins Virg . 108-111 Line Nat Life 225-229 Manu Life Can 242-252 W T Grant .. 33 1/2^413:00 'Before 1 can preach t nwtt ptMth taw and Graham Sftys he tries In every. Sermofi to cut through the shell of "self-righteousness" which keeps men from "reeog- nteteg their need of salvation." He doe* not shy away fr&m th* doctrine of eternal punish- m*nt of tut untepentast, un- ufteenfenial U n may be to the modefa mlfid, Because: "Only when we see ourselvti as sinners under judgment art we ready to accept the forgiveness, the recoiicUmg love o« God which is offered to ui 1ft Christ." TELEVISION LOG fffte*fv Ckanatl t-tflttt.tV ChaiUil f1Hftt»fV Chahbtl 4:00 (2) Sttr t>erfofmane* US) Kitirlk't fatty 4:30 (2) Looney Town (8) American Oov- (11) 1 Led 3 Live* t-M (2) 8«y Rogers (8) To Be Announced (ID Range Ridtt (13) Miekty Mouse dub 8:30 (11) SpArts tt Weather 8:45 (11) Doug Edwards and the New* «:00 (2) World At Large (8) ftecital (11) My Little Margie (13) T. V. Wew» 8:10 (2) Today In Sports (13) WMthergal 6:15 (2) Channel 2 Newsteet (13) John Daly and th* News 6:25 (2) Weathercatt 6:30 (2) Dinah Shore (8) To Be Announced (11) Sgt Preston ot th* Yukon (13) Lone Ranger 6:45 (2) NBC News 7:00 (2) People's Choice (11) Bob Cummings Show (13) Jungle Jim 7:30 (2> Tennessee Ernie (8) A Prospect of Literature (11) Playhouse BO (13) Superman 8:00 (3) Lux Vtedo Theatre (8) America Looks Abroad (13) Danny Thomas Show 8:30 (8) Sign Off (13) To Be Announced 9:00 (2) Washington Square Ul) Conrad Nagel Theatre (13) Telephone Time 9:30 (11) Climax ! (13) Chiua Smith 10:00 (2) (VHenry Playhouse (13) MOVietlme U. S. A. 10:30 (2) Final Edition News (U) Late Show i 10:40 (2) Weathercast i 10:45 (2) Mann About Sports' 11:00 (2) Tonight 11:55 (13) Late News n chtaatf i 1:25 (11) WeWi Headlines 1:30 (11) Evening Hymn «:J8 (11) Morning Hyitttt <:86 (» Morning Devo- tloriils (11) Roral Reveille 8:35 (2) George Roesner 6:45 (I) George Roesner t:55 (ID Mand Headline* (18) Sign On, Anthem, Prayei 7:00 (2> Today (11) Captain Kangaroo (13) Soundtrack 7:25 (2) Todayi Weathef 7:30 (2) Today ' 7:46 (11) 11 Video Lane 7:86 (2) Today In Houston (11) News 6:00 (2) Home (11) Oarry Miore Show 8:30 (2) Home 8:38 (2) Window In Home t:00 (2) The Price It Right 9:60 (2) Truth Or Consequences (11) Strike It Rich (13) Romper Room 10:00 (2) Tic Tae Dough (11) Valiant Lady 10:18 (11) Love of Life 10:30 (2) It Could Be You Ul) Search For Tomorrow (13) Hollywood Theatre 10:45 (11) Guiding Light 11:00 (2) Movie Date (11) Amos 'n Andy 11:30 (11) As The World Turns 12:00 (11) Our Miss Brooks (13) Tumbleweed Time 12:30 (2) Tennessee Ernie (11) Linkletter's House Party 1:00 (2) NBC Matinee Theatre (11) The Big Payoff (13) Afternoon Film Festival ' 1:30 (11) Bob Crosby Show (II) Sign Off C2J Sign Off 2:00 (2) Queen For A Day (11) Brighter Day 2:15 (11) Secret Storm 2:30 (11) Edge of Night (13) Action Calvacade 3:00 (2) Comedy Time 3:00 (11) Early Show 3:30 (2) Winner* Circle (13) Krazy Kat Theatre 2:48 (2) Modern Romances JUNE CLEARANCE SALE! 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Th«n swipe back *o4 forth on «»wn»P«f»- WM* several Jmes to th* liquid used at a ihtaioer. Then, washt th« brush toWP er detergtir suds, rinse •no -flry. . '...';•.;;'•• , '-.'. Ill Bardlet), FowivglUe. Heater, Me rart. New finish, Very Other extras. $795 53 DODGE VI Qeremt, 4 deer **4*M. OrertrlTt, very new ttrea. Oat ewow. Ne *Mt Origlswl (toteh. $795 NOW SHOWING TOUJ! NE\IB BEFORE "SCEEAMING EAOLEa" 53 CHEVROLET SU 4 4Mt Mdu. Kadia, Ilaater, Hanr etfew ntras, Orlateal t»l*M patat . Only $695 51 DODGE Bwdte*. AatanaU* transm K* r**4. New tatan* finish. O«* ewner. $395 NOW 8HOWINQ UUMPRBBY BOQ4KT "DAEK PASSAaE" "TALL f EXAN 11 URF 51 FORD ^? a»y estras, te«ks geeg, ftswa Osily $295 51 DODGE ^ sees*. Rut gee*. Llttl* rwt QeH Urea, $295 50 DODGE tiMM 0**4 teaasf trtaHaa Fer Only $195 51 PLYMOUTH 51 OLDS 8SOWINQ 52 FORD 54 DODGE *a^d'' v ^»''y]^i FORD Meaty «f gead Heater, On* ewwr. Uttle rust. $295 «* t «ear. Uaas <* exts**. U ge*4 atiafc. 4 «n« e*r e» **1* »t (Us amr lew Hist. $395 VI Hatf Ten. Fwwl. Orarier, Oettvety car, re»fat* |«T ClMH»i»I ar Gloom Be«f«rjr $495 VI rx*»p Half ten. On* owner. la t*al get4 B*a4y te wort. $995 .leafy d»ty truck with 1* t** h»4r«H» grata tat*, IMC* *ad niof HM a*v. Ow fws*r. M* MAMT MOWS OAE8 TO 0HQ9B PROM ~ EEME JAY OTABAXflEg WHAT YOU CAWT SEE! YOP PAT BY tHE mm, sEm-noirf wwr o» MON^ PB(WFS* SW.T'^F ' lijMWiif y wf *4Br^9*'MW *P wwW^P %PiHRCiHif • ilF f9 JAY motofi "» Tear* Ej*^ni9ii$t in Trc wpwtatioa -*^P ™ li|«|RPsWSM*f W|§ ^WP lr ^^aRwBiSJP W* %pflhPr VflW * IHJw ' j.^,^^

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