Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 28
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Iliiuiu-) ' M S 7 1 i n ' s t . i i H - l l l » i l .111,1 22 ullu-i S m i l l H ' i n C . i h l n r n Seeks Congress sent Oil worker running By BOB HOUSEK Political Kditor Albert Landers, 63, of 1819 Locust Aye., Long Beach, an oil-refinery worker, is a Democratic candidate for Congress in the Kind District, ranging from West Long Beach to Torrance. Asserting t h a i a working person can best represent working people ami t h a t experienced politicians .have not done so well, Landers said he proposes to cut congressional salaries and office-administration costs by 15 per cent. The scat is held by Hep. Glenn M. Anderson, also a Democrat. Landers is for a total effort to gel employment for all who are willing and able to work-- "Ihe only way In slow down welfare and help decrease crime and, eventually, taxes." He considers a national health plan essential to a progressive and productive nation, adding, "No health care for 30 to 40 per cent of the children of the lower-middle and poor income brackets m e a n s three limes the cost for welfare and hospital care at an older age, plus the loss of a productive work- Conceding the need for a secret intelligence agency but critical of its $10- billion-a-year cost, Landers said he is for (jetailed accounting to Congress of the agency's expenditures and said no money should be spent to overthrow foreign dictators or elected governments. Fighting congressmen are needed, he said, to change the tax structure to an equitable basis; In change it from the current system in which "lower brackets pay a greater percentage of their wages t h a n the higher w a g e earners. 1 am an average worker, and my income lax was 17 per cent of my gross wage. 1 think this is the quickest route to a complete collapse of our government. "We continue to give tax breaks to big business. I say, 'Let them show that they can create more jobs, ant! then talk about a lax break.' You give them a tax break now and they hire less people, and eventually we end up with less income to run an expanding government." Bribes, w h i c h big companies say must be paid to sell their products, come f r o m profits, not from the pockets of stock- holders, Landers said, and Ihe "bribes are added to the defense budget, which is out of sight and going higher. "We, the taxpayers, cannot afford to pay these prices to f u r n i s h war materials to two, three or four different countries. . .1 don't think it takes an experienced man in Congress to figure this problem out." L a n d e r s invites inquiries at his home in person, by mail at P.O. Box 6327, Long Beach,' Ca. 90806, or by phone at 5993440. Bill would limit lewdiiesB charges SACRAMENTO (AP) A complaint f r o m someone other than a police officer would be needed before a person could be charged with lewd conduct under a proposal in Ihe legislature. "This bill seeks to elimi- n a t e questionable entrapment activities of vice officers who seem to have nothing belter to do than to lurk in homosexual bars and m o v i e s and in toilets," said Alan Sieroty, D-Los Angeles, who introduced the measure. Do you like to save money? Read the Classified Ads every day for special buys I H E 2-5959 ALBERT LANDERS Democratic Candidate Advertisement Arizona man walks on water P H O E N I X , AZ. -- A nev, discovery called A Q U A SOLE is big news. AQUA- SOLE is a water filled shoe insole for people with aching feet. Users say that it feels, akin to walking barefoot on soft grass. This wonderfu feeling of relief gels better e v e r y day, say wearers When AQUA-SOLK is used the wiiler forms to Hie shape of the foot. 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