Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 2, 1973 · Page 54
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 54

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, February 2, 1973
Page 54
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PAGE 54 T U C S O N D A I L Y ' C I T I Z E N · * FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1973 Sheintvold On Briilge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD "Nice lead, partner," said East at the end of today's hand. "The, bidding shrieked for it," West- observed modestly. This was true, but you need a good pair of ears to hear such shrieks. South dealer East-West vulnerable NORTH 4 8653 tf J109 O K Q 4 3 2 *'« EAST WEST * K 4 V A52 O /1097 4 A1052 4 1072 C? 63 0 85 + Q J 9 8 4 3 SOUTH 4 A Q J 9 O A6 * K 7 South West North East 1 £ Pass 2 Q? Pass 2 4 Pass 3 4 Pas* 4 4 Pass Pass fast Opening lead-- y A In most bridge games West would take · about. a half-second to choose the jack of diamonds as his opening lead. Declarer .would draw 1 trumps as quickly as possible; losing one trump, one heart and one club. The players would go on quickly to the next hand, and there would be no exchange of pleasantries between East and West. West actually opened the ace of hearts, for reasons that will appear in a moment or two. He continued with a low heart, and (lummy won with the ten. Declarer took the ace' of spades and continued with the jack of spades, hoping to draw trumps before there was trouble. · West won the second trump with the Icing and led Ms last heart. East could trump this, and then his club return gave West the setting trick with the tee of clubs! It is,clear that 'only the heart ruff defeated the contract. Why did the bidding make it clear that the ace of hearts would be a good lead? West did some simple conn- ting. South began by bidding hearts and later bid spades. This showed five hearts and four spades. North raised hearts, showing at least three cards in that suit. West therefore counted the opponents for at least eight hearts, and he could see three hearts in his own hand. It was clear that his partner could have only two hearts at most. This simple counting pointed to the correct defense. DAILY QUESTION Partner deals and bids one club. The next player passes. Youhold:S-8653H-J109D- K Q 4 3 2 C-6. What do you say? _____ ANSWER: Bid "one diamond. The hand is worth a response, and your best course is to show your only good suit at the level of one. It would be poor policy to bid 1-NT just because the hand is weak. Coovrlaht 1973 Marines name sergeant major WASHINGTON (UPI) - The new sergeant major of the Marine Corps is Clifton A. Puckett, a combat veterac of three wars who witnesses the 1944 flag-raising on Iwo Jima. Puckett, 46, a native of Roswell, N.M., was installed as the Marines' top enlisted man in ceremonies Wednesday. He will advise the Marine Corps commandant on matters affecting enlisted men. Hove you heard? Tucson's BusiiV Out All Overt Call 882-9613 for Fr*«Sc/i*c/i/r* TucsonTransit OUR MAN IN WHITE... You can have Confidence in him ! '-A WajfateexA, ^ THE NATION'S ^^NAME FOR DRUG STORES Ik \ There's No Mystery About Your \ Prescription. IF Any Questions, Please PHONE WALGREENS. Sale thru 2-3-73 · E. Speedway. (El Ranche Center) · Downtown · Oracle A Roger Rd. · 22nd A Alvemon · Grant A Campbell · 12thAve. A Ajo Way · Broadway A Kolb Right reserved to limit quantities. Walgreeri Elixir TERPIN With D-Methorphan. Quickly tames cpughs due to colds. 4-OUNCES Reg. 112 TERPIN COUOHS DUE TO COLDS BRACKS CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRIES '-· · 12 ounces WALGREEN'S BRAND VITAMIN E · 200 mg. · 1OO's 400 mg. · 1 O O ' s . . . . 3 6 * ROBITUSSIN COUGH SYRUP · 4 oOnces^ · Limit 2 Hankscroft Cool-Vapor HUMIDIFIER 1 1 /j-gallon unit provides lots of healthy moisture for dry indoor'air. Runs up to 20 hr. 240 Dr. West's TOOTHBRUSHES \ i - '' \ · Regular or Oro, medium or hard '. \ \ bristles. Quality at low price! \ A 69 VALUE i Easy-On PLAYTEX GLOVES Lo i ng-lasting f .with soft absorbent lining. Yet so flexible you can pick up a dime! In Small-Med-Lge. $1.49 Value DRISTAN Nasal Mist DRISTAN DCCOHGEITAHT NASAL MIST neuiEVEs JINUS CONGESTION HAT FEVER MISERY HEAD COLDS WITNESS Decongestant for quick relief of stuffiness. 15cc spray bottle. $1.39 Value 9? VAPORIZER In A Bottle Pull up wick breathe easier!! 400 hours of relief. 2y«-oz. $1.79 Value 1 58 POLIDENT TABLETS ORA-FIX DENTURE ADHESIVE Applies like a cream, and holds .'dentures in all day. Economical! 2%-ounce tube. Kills^denture odor, cleans dentures sparkling.! Pak 40 ' Each Foil- $1.29 Value ALPHA KERI BATH OIL A therapeutic oil to help relieve 'dry, itching skin. Treats, soothes, .softens the skin. 8-OZ. Bottle 439 Fempren for Periodic Pain Premenstrual pain pill; f, muscular relaxant mood improver. Reduces .bloating. of 26 ORAL OR RECTAL FEVER THERMOMETER Atlas..made by Ballo. Low-Priced! 59 OtWttt* cough Dewitt's Baby Cough Soothes coughs due to colds. Children love its taste. 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