The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 19
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 19

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 19
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UPI News Briefs VATICAN CITY-Pope John Paul I told visiting U.S. bishops Thursday the family is a cornerstone of the Roman Catholic Church and divorce must not be allowed to break it up. "The Christian family is so important and its role is so basic in transforming the world and in building up the Kingdom of God that the (Ecumenical) Council called it a ''Domestic Church," the pope told the bishops from the northwestern United States, led by Aochbishop Cornelius Power of Portland, Ore. LONDON—Jitters over the Camp David peace accords prompted heavy dollar selling in Europe Thursday. The U.S. currency hit an all-time low in Zurich and the price of gold reached record levels in London and Zurich with "orders pouring in from all over." SALISBURY, Rhodesia—Rhodesia kept up ground and air strikes Thursday against guerrilla bases in Mozambique and announced "unprecedented successes" in a month-long military campaign that killed 117 rebels. In spite of stepped- up hostilities, Prime Minister Ian Smith and his three black co-leaders said through a spokesman they were ready to accept an invitation from American senators to visit the United States. BELGRADE, Yugoslavia—Albania, the radical communist Balkan state with almost no friends in the world, has reaffirmed its bitter opposition to the United States, the Soviet Union and China. But it hinted that it might be ready to open up to other "bourgeois" states. In a long speech delivered Wednesday in Tirana and made available in Belgrade Thursday, Albanian Communist Party leader Enver Hoxha reiterated his policy of cutting Albania off from the rest of the world for its own good. MOSCOW—The official Tass news agency Thursday accused the Central Intelligence Agency of "lies and slander directed at the Soviet Union" in a CIA report on Soviet use of propaganda. Tass commentator Oleg Anlchkin said a recent CIA report on the use of propaganda "has nothing in common with the real state of affairs. "These gentlemen ascribe to our mass media the methods they use themselves in their unsavory subversive actions." NEW YORK—A federal judge in Brooklyn Thursday denied a move by metropolitan area postal workers to block a token ratification vote on the new nationwide postal contract. U.S. District Court Judge Jacob Mishler rejected an appeal by several local unions for a permanent injunction barring the vote because they failed to show "irreparable injury" would occur if the balloting were held. COLUMBUS, Ohio—Former California Gov. Ronald Reagan Thursday praised President Carter for acting as a "catalyst" in the peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel. But he said there are still "horrendous obstacles" to a final peace settlement, adding that if the president takes the credit for successes thus far, he is eligible for the blame if things go awry. NEW YORK—A federal judge ruled Thursday that Alex Haley did not infringe on the rights of another author in the preparation of his best-selling work "Roots." U.S. District Judge Marvin Frankel dismissed the copyright ip infringement suit of Margaret Walker Alexander of Jackson, Miss., author of "Jubilee," and said her complaint of numerous similarities between the two works failed to support the claim of infringement. NEW YORK—Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, spending his last day in the United States following the Camp David summit, said he will bring back to Israel "the good news that we can have peace." Begin held several private meetings at his Regency Hotel suite Thursday with representatives from religious and ethnic groups. WASHINGTON—Gerald Ford complimented President Carter on his Middle East peace efforts Thursday and conceded that success in that area would boost Carter's chances for re-election. But Ford also accused his successor of reducing the economy to "a shambles" under runaway inflation—the very theme any Republican presidential hopeful would be expected to hit hard between now and 1980. The former president maintained he has made "no decision" on whether he will try for the GOP nomination, however. And when a reporter said that means he has not ruled it out, Ford shot back, "I'm not ruling it in either." WASHINGTON—A former aide to Rep. John McFall, D-Calif., admitted Thursday he destroyed a note from Korean rice dealer Tongsun Park to the congressman that read "good luck in the election" and accompanied a $3,000 campaign contribution. Raymond Barnes, McFall's former administrative assistant, told the House ethics committee that instead of putting the money with campaign funds he deposited it into an office account in small amounts But Barnes insisted his actions were not intended to hide the Park gift. He said he had received permission from an associate of Park Jo put the money into the private office account. Legion's Disease Said To Pose No Threat To Dallas Friday Morning, September 22,1978 Chi- (Fialiin»iim Aiily ^ Legal Notices Legal Notices Legal Notices DALLAS (DPI) - State health officials said Thursday an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease during a recent Veterans of Foreign Wars convention poses no threat to city residents, but Chamber of Commerce officials are worried it could mean trouble for business. "It's still too early to tell what effect stories like this will have on the convention trade," said Jack Andrus, vice president of the chamber's convention and visitors bureau. "We're just telling people to wait a while and see what the situation really is before jumping to conclusions. Right now we don't even know what the situation is. We just don't have any information yet." After the mysterious pneumonia-like illness killed 29 and sickened another 151 in Philadelphia, Pa., in July 1976, the city suffered a considerable loss of convention trade. 'The hotel in which the victims stayed was forced to close from lack of business. Health officials announced Wednesday that at least two of the 35,000 conventioneers attending the August convention in Dallas had come down with the ailment. Both cases were non-fatal and health officials refused to disclose names of the victims other than to say they were from Missouri and New Jersey. At least eight other conventioneers have reported cases of pneumonia since the Dallas meeting. Their cases are now being checked to determine whether they too had Legionnaire's disease. But Dr. Charles R. Webb, chief of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases in Austin, said a general outbreak of the disease in the city was not expected. "The convention ended Aug. 25," he said. "And the incubation period for Legionnaire's disease is 14 days. There is little chance any more cases will be reported." It was the most recent upsurge of the disease since a major outbreak was recorded last month in the garment district in New York, where two persons died of the eight who were confirmed to have the disease. Researchers for the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, which coordinated the Dallas investigation, have discovered that Legionnaires' disease is caused by a bacterium that never was associated with human disease before 1976. They know it generally strikes older men who smoke cigarettes, is not contagious and can be effectively treated with the drug Ery thromycin. But they still do no know how the bacteria move through the environment and infect people, although they suspect water vapor might be the vehicle. Dr. Webb said the disease was fatal to about 10 to 15 percent of those who contact it. 14 Whditn Corporation l400OncEn«u,y Square Dallas. Te»as /4VO* li imperial Valley Prop I l«4SNorlh Freeway Houston, Ti-xas "Ol/ iA KoauOrK.- Houston Banks May Have To Rescue City On Bonds HOUSTON (UPI) — A second rejection of local revenue bonds by a New York firm, worried about a citizen tax freeze movement, has made more likely the prospect local banks will have to rescue the city on the $40 million offering. City Attorney Bob Collie said he hoped to know by Friday whether a deal could be made with some or all of the city's 10 largest banks who had expressed an interest in "helping out the city in this time of need." Dean Witter Reynolds Inc. tentatively had offered this week to buy the bonds at a higher interest rate than that rejected by a Citibank-led syndicate last week. But Dean Witter canceled the offer Wednesday. Collie said the main reason was the chance Houstonians might adopt a Tax Protest Group proposal to return property taxes to 1977 levels, cutting $103 million in revenue from a budget of more than $500 million. Tax Protest Group submitted petitions bearing 40,000 signatures to force City Concil to approve a referendum on rolling taxes back .pending citywide revaluation and limiting property taxes to 0.5 percent of assessed value. The current on-paper rate is 0.84 percent but, because of uneven assessments in this 500- square-mile city where many areas boom while others stagnate, experts say the average effective rate is much lower. Mayor Jim McConn, who has warned the tax limitation movement might cost the city more than its Triple-A bond rating, returned from California where he investigated the effects of tax-slashing Proposition 13. McConn said he had learned that the initial impact on cities of Proposition 13, adopted earner this year by citizen initiative, was dulled by a $7 billion state surplus. He said the worst is yet to come. He said the chances were "next to nothing" the Texas Legislature would come to Houston's aid should local citizens vote to cut their own taxes. Meanwhile, City Council has delayed repeal of a 1 percent utility tax and Connally Undecided On Presidential Bid JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (UPI) — Former Treasury Secretary and former Texas Gov. John Connally said Thursday he has not decided if he will be a candidate for the presidency in 1980 and won't decide until after the Novembr elections. "I haven't even attempted to make a decision about that," he told a reporter at a press conference following a fundraising breakfast in support of Ander Crenshaw, the Republican candidate for Florida Secretary of State. "I won't make that decision until after the November elections," said Connally, adding that he will be busy most of the fall touring the country in support of local Republican candidates in the November elections. Connally praised President Carter's "courageous" role in obtaining the recent summit agreements between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. "President Carter is entitled to high marks," the Texas Republican said. "Obviously, he achieved more than I expected him to." He said he hoped the accords will stand up, but said strong opposition from other Arab states makes that "highly questionable." "There's no question in my mind that if King Hussein and King Khalid do not support the pacts, they will fail,"he said. Connally called it "very significant" that even as Sadat and Begin explained the terms of the agreements to congressional committees on'Capitol Hill, "a very serious misinterpretation arose" between them. He denied he would have any qualms about supporting Republican gubernatorial candidate Jack Eckerd because of the current General Services Administration scandal and Eckerd's role as a former administrator. Connally said he would be "delighted and honored" if Eckerd asked him to appear on his behalf, but added, "So far he hasn't invited me and I'm booked through the middle of October." Connally said he expected the U.S; House committee investigating the assassination of Liie late President John F. Kennedy to reach the same conclusion the Warren Commission did — that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Referring to a statement by Cuban President Fidel Castro, released by the assassinations committee, in which Castro categorically denies any part in the murder, Connally said, "I thought it was a credible statement." He said voluntary wage- price guidelines being contemplated by the Carter administration are "one step removed from mandatory guidelines," and such controls give to Washington bureaucrats "the power to harass" individual firms. The answer to inflation, he said, lies with Congress. "Why don't they reduce the federal budget by $50 billion, why don't they eliminate our deficits?" he said. "The most inflationary thing in government today is government spending and government deficits." " Metropolitan Transit Authority has approved plans to start Oct. 1 to collect a 1 percent transit tax approved by voters last month. Jan. 20 is the date tentatively chosen for citywide vote on the property tax limitations. The utility tax repeal would have cost the city an estimated $3 million. The Texas Legislature has enacted a law that, in the absence of city action, will void all local utility taxes on Nov. 1,1979. Legal Notices 1 NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in Ihe property located at 1214 Win Street, City ol Gaiveston or more particularly described as Bloc* 2V. Lot 3- Please take notice that the Building otlicial of Ihe City ol Gaiveston has determined that the sfruclure located at in above address is in such a state of disrepair and dilapidation as to constitute a nuisance and a serious hazard to the health and safely ol the citizens of the City ol GalvesforK The Building Official has further determined that said structure is unsuitable lor repair and musl be demolished. Please lake further notice notice that the City has advertised the structure for demolition. Any interested person desiring lo appeal the decision of the Building Official may do so by filing with the Building Official a written notice of appeal before October 1, 1978. if no interested party files an appeal to the above property, tMe City ot Gaiveston will proceed with the demolition of the structure. Published ?-12 thru 10 1 NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in the property located at: 1.5202 Avenue M (Lot 10 OR BIK443) 2. 4303 & 4310 Avenue G (Blk 403, Lot 9 10) 3. 3919 Avenue G (rearMBIk 339, Lot G Sub Oil to 5) 4. Lot 102 ot Spanish Grant Section 1 5. Lot GA4 ol Bay Harbor b. Lot 335,ot Day Harbor 7.LOI2100I Bay Harbor 8. Lot 207 ol Bay Harbor 9. LOG A3 of Bay Harbor please fake notice that the Housing Department of the City of Galvesloo tias determined that the vacant lots are a public nuisance in which there exist high weeds in excess ol nine (9) inches in height. The City of Gaiveston nereby gives notice to any persons claiming any interest to the above properties to cut and clean the lots before October I, 1978. Failure 10 comply with this notice will result in Ihe City proceeding to have the lots cut and cleaned, and liens filed against this property. Publised9 12 thru 10 1 HARRIS-GALVESTON COASTAL SUBSIDENCE DISTRICT NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all county and municipal governments and to all interested persons witnin Harris and Gaiveston Counties: Thai me Board of Directors of me Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District will hold a hearing on Ine applicafions for, renewal of, and amendments lo, permits by Ihe plications lor exemptions from water well permits, on October 12, 1978, beginning at 9:00 a.m., al the office ol Ihe Harris Gaiveston Coaslal Subsidence District. 1730 NASA Road One, Nassau Bay, Harris County, Texas. NOTICE is hereby further specifically given to: 1. Harr is County W.C.& ID. No. 140 Joes& Carter, Inc. friJOHillcrott, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77031 2. National Steel Products Company 11919 Spencer Road Houston, Texas 77040M3. Clear Woods Improvement District 4234 R ichmond Avenue Houston, Texas JJOl) 4. Sandalwoofl Civic Club 11942 Longleaf Houston, Texas 17024 5. Parker Brothers and Company, Inc. POBox 107 Houston, Texas 77001 6. Harris County MUD. No. 116 c o Fulbnght 8. Jawof ski BOO Bank ol the Southwest Bldg. Houston, Texas 77002 7. Harris County W.C. & I.D. Fon dren Road PO Box426 Missouri City, Tcx<,s 77459 a Kocidc Chemical Corporation P O Box 4SS39 Houston, Texas 7704S ?. Coaslal States Crude Gathering POBox 481, Roulc3 Houston, Texas 77045 10. Texas Brine Corporation 3000 West Loop South Houston, Texas "027 11. Beaumont Well Works Company 12500 Amcli.i Drive Houston, Texas 'H)4i 12. A. J. NitschWiitcr Company 11606 Art SI reel Houston, Texas //0/6 13 Wcsllida Nursery STOGultOiink KO.KI Houston, Tovis W3/ Jaworski (XX) aanx ol the Souinwtst Bldu Houston. Texas "002 1) HarnsCounlyM U D No n» 2000 Wesl Loop South. No 1600 Houston. Te«as"02J 18. Joe E McOermott. inc PoBox 1S89 Houston, Texas "001 19. Harris County WC 6. I O No It 4901 Sandydale Housion. Te>as7Jai9 20 pin Village? U O c o Century Engineer <ny 3537 South Gessrter. No 106 Houston, Texas "063 21 Airporl utilities, inc c o Mr JonnM Dollar S100 Poplar Avenue. Suite 2300 MempOis, Tennessee 38118 25. City ol Texas City PO Box 2608 Texas City. Texas 77S90 33. City ol Soulhside Place 63096dloeSlreel Houston. Texas 7/005 24. W. A. Spradling 1100 SpradS Road Housion, Texas 77017 25. City of Shoreacres 6\9 EaslShoreacres Blvd La Porte, Texas "5H 24. S M.M. Pailnersnip P O Box 90S52 Houston, Texas "090 27. Port ol Housion Authority P 0 Box 55*7 Houston. Texas 77001 28. Northwest Water Systems, me Po Box 550 Tomball, Texas 77375 79. NorchesterM U.O. POBox 1209 Spring, Texas 77373 30. Humble i. S.D. POBox 7000 Humole, Texas7H3B 31. Harris County W.C. J. I.D. No 36 903 Hollywood Houston, Texas 77016 32. Harris County M.U.D. No. 98 coPulney, Moflalt & Easley 908 Town 8. Country Blvd. Housion, Texas 77024 33. Harris County rA.U.D. No. 6 c oVinsoniElxins 2100 First City National Bank Blag. Housion, Texas 77002 14. Gulf Coast Portland Cement P O Sox 262 Houston, Texas 77001 3i. Harris County F.W.S.D. No. 47 JlOBrookview cnannelview, Texas 77530 36. Cypress CreeK utility District co Sander Engineering Company 7979 Westheimer, No. 1502 Houston, Texas 77061 37. Brittmore Utility District POBox 338 Bellaire. Texas77401 38. Bammel Utility District • P O Box 695 Spring, Texas 77373 39. Admiral Linen & uniform 2015 Kipling Houston, Texas 77098 40. Alamo Linen & Uniform Service Po Sox 66874 Houston, Texas 77004 4I.Bayshore M.U.D. • 707 Shady River Road La Porte, Texas 7757 1 Any person who desires to appear at the hearing and present testimony, evidence, exhibits, or olher in formation may do so in person, by counsel, or both. Copies ot Rules governing Ine conduct of the hearing arc available al Ihe Subsidence District's office. The hearing may be recessed from day lo day or continued where appropriate. Ronald J. Neighbors, General Manager Harris-Gaivesfon coastal Sub- PUBLIC NOTICE On September 7, IV7S, Alutn Com municaiions 01 Te«as. inc . lik-o 6n application with Ine Federal Com munications Commission tor a television station at Gatveston. Te*as, on Channel 45 w<tr* a maximum power ol 3*00 kw ERP (visual) wi'h a transmitter v.te on Alv.n Fnendswooo Road, three miles Norin NortheaM ol Alvm Gaiveston County. Te«av ana an antc-nna neight of 9/8 feet above average terrain. with studios in Gaivcston. Te»av Officer, directors ana stocunoiocfsol Alden Communication* ol Texas. Inc . are Michael R Forman. Jamt-s J Cotter, Jerome A Forman, Ted Mmstiy. John 6 Bogaruus. ftmirew SleJier and Alden Communications Corp A copy of this application ana related material* are available for pubhc inspection at Ine ollice ol Helen Spangler varnc-r. S401 Avenue p'/7, Galveston. Te«as. during regular business hour* Published 9 15. 16. n, 33 PUBLIC NOTICE The City Council of the City ot Gaivesion will conduct a Buoget Hearing on ihe proposed use ol its Revenue Sharing lOlh Entitlement lunds in the amount olil.008.S70 This hearing will be neld in the Council Chambers ot City Hall on Thursday. September 38, 1»'8 ai 7.00 p m. Stall recommendation to City Council is 1. General Fund Capital Outlay S10I.OOO 3 Sanitation Fund V473.500 3. vehicles, 4783, 500 4.RSUP. W.OOO 5. City Hall improvement, SS6.000 6 Slreel Improvement. JI37, 370 7 Program Administration. SJOO. Totani.008.5'0. Citizens are urged to provide written or oral comments and asx questions concerning the entire Budget Copies ol the proposed budget are available for public inspection in the City Secretary's Oltice between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., rtAonday inrougn Friday. Final approval ot the Revenue Sharing e«penditures will be made on the same day September 28, 1»7B. _ Published? 18 IriruJH NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVGN THAT AN OHDER DAED »• 11-71 HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORIZING THE NAME OF THE GULF MOON OFFICIAL NUMBER 54SMO, OWNED BY TRAWLER MISS SYLVIA. INC. OF FREEPORT, TEXAS 77541 OF WHICH GALVESTOM, TEXAS, IS THE HOMEPORT, TO BE CHANGEDTOSTACVMAftlE. SHIRLEY S. MELILLO BY DIRECTION OFFICER IN CHARGE MARINE INSPECTION U.S. COAST GUARD GALVESTON, TEXAS Published 9-20,21,73,23 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN ORDER DATED 9-11-78 HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORIZING THE NAME OF THE CAPTAIN JOHN OFFICIAL NUMBER 543374, OWNED BY MR. JOHN FERNANDEZ OF FHEEPORT, TEXAS OF WHICH GALVESTON. TEXAS, IS THE HOMEPORT, TO BE CHANGED TO MISS MOLLY B. SHIRLEY S. MELILLO BY DIRECTION OFFICER IN CHARGE MARINE INSPECTION •U.S.COAST GUARD GALVESTON, TEXAS j-.rn,,^,, b'-.'-.f, /jill r-M'J a pufcii'. Zon.oy Ordinary:* l&f th«.- vaiav* <it jamam.! Bc-Ar.h Trvc rrv.-f.'t'ng t/\\\ ot tn-lO <n TiV ; ViUdy.- OHi'.'., IWV8 Sd^ l_u<% PASS f*r>drj ftPifc Firt Siddon BuiLUincji. Sdtyrua/, StprtmrA-f Xi. tV7s OT IO a <rt A cofj/ c> in* Zomnq Oro«naf>ct «ina //ap m&f 6t t«dm«nc<j in tne ViUdV*.- Olfice dam Spm Monddi/ inroo^h Frioa/ Putji.Mv.o'* ISTfiruV "JO Bids and Proposals' 2 B>tJainq Rft-quiremonis A NOTICE TO B»D A I Gdlvesion Historical Founaat.on AiU rccctvc s*?aifcO n-a m Oupucdle on the (oiiow»ny proi<KT unrii Ottotjer *. I9?fl said cms TO be received at i^e oM*ce of I he Arcn<Htiv, Tad Ar cntteci, 7^0 Tali Si , MouMon. Te^as ana Torw pubtitali/ opcnta Mtnoley Bu«10iny Trie Village Council and the Zoning Commission of Ihe Village of Gaiveston. Te«as A 3 Copies ol Contract Documents. Plans ana Specifications are on Meat the oitice ol me Gaiveston Historical Founoaiion, 123 Rosen berg. Gaiveston, Te*as, or me oldce ot the Architect. T alt Archiiects 2*00 Tafi Strec-t. Houston, Texas upon payment ol 5» ooaoiiari eacn set. All Didders upon relur/iing such set promptly and in good condilion will be refunded his pa/ment. ana any rvon Didder so returning such a set in good condition wiirnn i 10) days alier the opening of bids will be refunded his payment A3 All bids whether mailed or delivered, must be in tne hands.of the Owner not laler than tne above specified time lor ir>.is protect All bids should be sealed and marked on the outside of me envelope Proposal for Hendley Budding 3016 strand, Gaiveston, Texas No Did shall be withdrawn wiihin tnirty (30) days after the opening of tne bidi without tne consent of me Owner. The Owner reserves Ihe right to reiect any bid and to waive any formalities in bidding A decision concerning ih award ol Contract will be made public as soon as possible A 4 The Owner snail have the right to lake such sieps as ne deems necessary to determine the ability ot the Bidder to perform the work and the Bidder shall furnish 10 Owner, all such information and data for this purpose as may be reasonable Irme a contract disregarded his obligations to subcontractors, material, men, or employees. AS All Contract Form Bidding Documents, Drawings. Specifications and addenda issued or relerred to during the bidding period shall be considered as the complete set of Contract Documents and shall apply to all work, materials and labor necessary tor the total completion of fhisproiecl. A6 The successful bidder must furnish Perlormance Bond and Payment Bond in the amount of One Hundred (100) percent me total contract price, from a surety com. pany holding a permit from the State ol Texas, lo act as surely. Certificate of Insurance musl also be furnished. PuDtished721,J2 Sealed bids will be received by the City Purchasing Oepartmcnl until 2:00 p.m . Friday. October 6 for demolition ol structures on locations lisled below: Block 130 135 1121310th St. 3915 AveG (rear) For specifications and bid form contact Purchasing Department, Room 300, City Hall, or En vironmental Development, Room 400, City Hall. W.L. Wall Supervisor of Purchasing City of Gaiveston, Texas Published 923,7» Here's What's Cooking In Gaiveston County ADVERTISE YOUR RESTAURANT in this handy 'dining-out guide for only 40 cents a line. Call Gary Dobbs at 744-3611 to start your ad. BARBECUE BIG 10-4 BAR-B-Q, IH'45 at Bayou Vista, 935-9970. Enjoy our famous, prize-winning barbecue—brisket, ribs, links, chicken, po-boys. Open 11 a.m. til 9 p'.m. Tuesday thru Saturday. Catering for 25-5,000 people. Custom Cooking. CAFE 1 CARNELL'S RESTAURANT, M01 Stewart Road, 744-8373. Open 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days .a week. Hot lunches served 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Saturday. The test in home cooking! GOLDEN GRIDDLE, 1824 Seawall Blvd., 763 8777. Open 24 hours every day. Breakfast,' lunch, and dinner served in an> informal atmosphere at prices, you can afford. Luncheon Specials, llam till 2pm. We're always open to serve you. BH, >MC accepted. DELI HOF8RAUGARTEN RESTAURANT, 1 block Wesl of Gulf Frwy. on FM SI/ (Dickinson-Hughes exit), 337 2333. Located in the Hof braugerlen German Village. Excellent German cuisine for your luncheon & dinner enjoyment. The Biergarten will entertain you with music, great beer, and German wines. Visit our Deli, Bakery, & giit shop. Catering, banquet facilities for up lo 600. Open 11AM til 11PM daily. MC, BA. DC, AE, accepted. MEXICAN I APACHE MEXICAN FOOD RESTAURANT, 511 20th, 745 5A46. A delightful, family style Mexican restaurant serving all your favorites including Tortillas, Tamalcs, & Mexican- style B.8.Q. Dine in or order to go. Open daily from 10AM !il 8PM. Sun. 6 til 2. Closed MOn. ORIGINAL MEXICAN- RESTAURANT, 1401 Market, 763-9268. Serving the finest in Mexican dishes for over 30 years. Home cooked meals in a home-like atmosphere. Bring the whole family. Open from UAM til 8:15PM, Monday thru Saturday. Closed Sunday. Remember, we're the "Original". THE PIER DRIVE IN, 25th & Seawall, 762-3388. Galveston's only drive-in! Specializing in. coneys, hamburgers, po-boy. specials. Open 1) a.m. til! midnight daily. SEAFOOD ALFIE'S FISH 8, CHIPS, 2117 Broadway, 762-5962. Fish and shrimp delights. Eat in or take out. Open 11 a.m. til 9 p.m. 7 ddys a week. Good dining for the entire family at reasonable prices. 5EAVIEW SEAFOOD RESTAURANT & CLUB, 25tt Seawall Blvd., 763-4451 Specializing in fine fresti seafoods for the discriminating diner. Open from 7 a.m. until H p.m. Sun. thru Thurs., 7 a.m until midnight Fri. & Sat. Mos major credit cards accepted. SHRIMP 'N STUFF RESTAURANT, 3901 Ave. O, 763-2805. Dine in or take out. Seafood dinners & Po Boys. Open 11AM to 7:30PM. Closed Sun. TRADITION DON'S DELICATESSEN, 2002 45th St., 762-7171. Featuring all types & cuts of quality meats. We offer sandwiches, platters and catering service. Open from 10 a.m. til 6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. til 4 p.m. Closed Sunday. Galveston's finest deli. Dine in our.spacious dining room or call ahead for prompt orders to-go. Most major credit cards accepted. SANDWICHES PAUL'S SANDWICH SHOP, 706 Holiday (1 block off, Seawall,) 7639256. Home of the Po Boy! All varieties of sandwiches along with templing pizza. Dine in or call tor orders to go. Just right for the entire family. Open 7 days from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. COUNTRY KITCHEN, 523 Pine Dr., 2 blks east off IH-45 on FM 517, 337-3033. A unique family restaurant serving rea home cooking buffet style. Smoked BBQ beef, links, ribs & chicken are only one of their specialities. They feature a special take home menu for kids under 10 & a gourmet salad bar for the adults. Lunch special from J1.7S, Mon.-Fri. Special Sunday buffet, 11AM- :8PM. Country breakfast with hot biscuits & gravy served whenever you like. Open Sun- Thurs., 7AM 8PM. Fri. & Sat. until 10PM. GALVEZ HOTEL, RESTAURANT L CLUB 21st l| Seawall, 765-7721. Daily buffet 13.80 11:30 to 2:30p.m., Sunday buffet maitre d'hotel. Champgane buffet tS.SO $3.50 senior citizens. HOLIDAY INN, 600 Strand, 765-5544. Experience fine dining. We offer a wldt tselection of steaks, seafood*, and many other templing dishes. Our menu is sure to< meet the desires o< the wtwte family. Banquet facilities available tor parties & meetings for up to 600. Restaurant open 11AM til 10PM daily. Our lounge is also waiting for your enjoyment. Most major credit v ards accepted.

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