The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 10, 1906 · Page 2
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 2

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 10, 1906
Page 2
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\j\ji 10 1900 TSt Chillicothe ! | CONSTITUTIONS «»•«•»••«•••*»»««••• CONSOLIDATED WITH THE MAIL AND SEPTEMBER 1ST, 1900. STAR J. L. NEWLAND WM. L. W ATKINS EDITOBS AND PUBLISHERS OFFICIAL PARK OF THE CITY. Terms of Subscription.: The CONSTTTDTION guarantees to dvertisers a larger circulation in Livingston County than hat of all other local papers published in ChdlH- eothe combined. i*he price for the weekly if paid on or before the end of the year is 81.00, or 50 cents for six months. Subscribers neglecting or failing to so pay, will be charged the $1.50 rate. This ride will be strictlv adhered to. Entered at the postoffice at Chillicothe, Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mail as second-class matter. Office in CONSTITUTION Building, 516_South Washington Avenue. Telenhone No. 105. By Mail—Postage Prepaid: Daily, one vear 95.00 Daily, six months '.. 2.50 Weekly, one vear. in advance 1.00 Weekly, one year, if not paid before year ends 1.50 Weekly, six months 75 The Daily will be delivered by carriers to subscribers in Chillieothe at 10 cents per »«<ek. Any irregularity n delivery should be promptly reported at this . Is Disease a Crime ? disease *nH *'£$$>%*$*&$ Certain it is, tint much of the MckrSw and suffering of mankind Is due to t fo violation of certain of Nature's laws But to say that all sickness should be regarded as criminal, must am'"'1 to every reasonable individual as radically It would be harsh, unsympathetic cruel, yes criminal, to condemn the poo?' weak, over-worked housewife who sinks under the heavy load of household " other to her sex. Frequent bcarinff of children with its e\- zctiug demands upon th- system rinnlXri with the care, worry -"•' i~..M w ."' ' OI ?P'«1 Democratic State Ticket. For Judge of Supreme Court, Long Term. A. 31. WOODSOX. For Judge of Supreme Oou rt. Short Tenii. W. V. GHAVES. Ballroad and Warehouse Commissioner KUBE OGLESBY. Superintendent of Public Instruction HOWARD ALLEN GASR. Democratic County Ticket. For Congress "W. W. RUOKER TEXAS-OKLAHOMA TRIP. A private tourist sleeper will b set out in the Milwaukee yards for Ed Smith's Oklahoma-Texas excursion, which starts from Chil- cothe at 2:10 p. m. next Tuesday, the 16th, and the fare for the entire excursion through Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, including tourist sleeper berth, will be S20 The following letter puts the offi- " stamp on the great trip and is •f explanitory: Mr. Ed Srniih, Chillicothe, Mo. with tho care, worry an ,l lalir-of-rc^n^ I 06 " fcir: - In accordance with n7£2U fa i mily ' is otlcn ^ rau « of weak- your request I have had the Santa nesses, derangements and dcbilftv which avp IT? T> •< aireravsted by the many liuuseiiuid cares I Fe Railway arrange to have a S^th«1iSHATS; n ?o^& wh g? Sleeping car on the Milwaukee Fiefe^."""<?'• °f ti-at^orid-famed-ron,: track Tuesday, the 16th inst., for the benefit of our crowd to Texas The rule of the railroad is that you must have thirty-two passengers as the car contains sixteen sections, or thirty-two bertns. 1 trust therefore that you will govern yourself accordingly. This car will bo routed over the Milwaukee to Kansas City, the Santa Fe to Milano Junction, Texas, passing through the state capital of Kansas, Topeka, this state capital of Oklahoma. Guthrie, the largest city in Okl ihom Oklahoma City, reaching Forl work lon(f cnousrh to be.'curl-ii' .those suffering from prolapsus, ante- version and retroverslon of the uterus or other displacement of tlie Tromanlv 0^-111° t Is very necessary that, in addition to tak- •<™ mh !itJ«J2" l « :! SC ^';'»P " they nlwata out-door air-as Dossibit-. with moderate. lis.-lit exercise Is also very Important. Let the patient observe t.bese rules and the "Favorite Prescription " will do the rest Dr. Pierco's Medical Advisor is sent free on receipt of stamps to pav nxpen^e of mailing nnl^ Send to Dr. 1l. V. Piorco. uulhiio, ?>. \., 21 one-c-mn. stamps for pa : per-eovcred, or 31 stamps for cloth-hound. If sick consult thp Doctor, frc« of i-liarge by letter. All such communications are held sacredly confidential. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets invigorate &nd ie«ulate stomach, liver and bowels. (monili-i liquid l>»IMii^. IHICS MIT UHl.V I FREE SAMPLE".Mp-i.t.2.| 1-ainoilt. mi-lisa ,i-Cn..AirlB..7SHiiilam Si..N.V. * pa.! Crime of the North American He describes the peni- Representative JAMES 0. RANKY Sheriff MARK WHITE Recorder of Deeds WILLIAM Cole County Democrat, has contributed a notable paper on "The City of Crime" in the current number Review. tentiary at Jefferson City as the largest penal institution in the world and tells how the criminals are managed and used and trained. There is no more entertaining editorial writer in the country than Speed Mosby and his recent entry into the magazine field gives wide recognition to that fact. Mr. Mosby is state pardon attorney at Jefferson City. REYNOLDS Prosecuting Attorney E. O. ORR Clerk of the County Court A. M. SHELTON Tieasurer TJ. S. ALLBRITAIN Probate Judge PIERCE OVERTON Clerk of the Circuit Court MATTHEW IMcBRI DE Collector B. F. THORP Assessor JOHN J. MAY Presiding Judge County Court S. HAWKINS Judge Eastern District IRA DONOVAN Public Administrator FORREST M.GILL Judge Western District C. W. GARLICK For Coroner. R. H. CABELL. THE county Democracy is going to clean up this fall. COUNTY warrants will be cashed at sight this time netct year Democratic county court. by a THE ticket at the head of this column represents a broom that is going to sweep clean this fall. THE Republicans with all (heir slush are losing hope in Missouri and havo abandoned the state ticket. They have become^so anxious at Washington to hold a few of the congressional districts which they got by accident two years ago that they aro sending the pick of their wind jammers to this state. Uncle Josephus Cannon failed to arouse any excitement and Shaw was rudely frost bitten and now they have decided to send Taft to Missouri. It is the same in other states, the Republicans are despenite. It is a Democratic year. The tide is turning. President Roosevelt sees it and will not run for President again. The bunch of Ho- publican accidents sent to Washington last year will be allowed to return to peaceful oblivion this fall. Worth, Texas, the second largest city in Texas the second .evening out for supper, connecting with the I. & E. N. at Milano Junction, Texas, reaching the capital of Texas, Austin, for breakfast the second morning out, arriving at San Antonio, the histoiical war center at 10:10. and Cotulla at 2 o'clock, where we will be driven out to the middle of the ranch, attend a barbecue prepared by the Mexicans after which wo will be shown one of the finest tracts of land in Texas. Then wo return to San Antonio, then to Corpus Cristi on the Gulf R. R. That is where the fish and oysters are, also the bathing and sailing. We eomo home when we please, we stop when and where we please both going and coming. This will be the greatest excursion ever given out of Missouri. D. F. Cabb, Pros. K. C. Immigration Co. PEONAGE TRIALS CHANGED St. Louis, Oct. !)—The seven defendants in the Smith peonage case of New Madrid County will be triud in the United States ourt of Appeals in St. Louis. Appeal was granted Monday by Judge Finkolburg on a writ of er- or, and the accused men were admitted to bail in the sum of 52000 each. The case was tried recently in he Fodoral Court at Cape Girardeau and resulted in the convie- ion, on a peonage charge, of Dharies M. Smith, hid son and five others. They were sentenced to ho Leavenworth penitentiary and were heavily lined. It is charged that they deprived a ne- gro of his rights. Shake off the grip of your old enemy, Nasal Catarrh, by using Ely's Cnam Balm. Then all the swelling and soreness will be driven out of the tender inflamed membranes. The fits of sneezing will cease and the discharge, as offenseive to others as to yourself, xvill be cured when the causes that produ e it are removed. Cleanliness, comfort and health renewed by the use of Cream Balm. Sold by all druggists for 50 cents, or mailed by Ely Bros., o(i Warren Streo^ New York. ORDINANCE NO. 268. AN OKhiXANCr. C'HANCJIXC TIIK ER- TAUMSHEIl (JI5AHK OX \VAsllIX<;- TON STISKKT. XVIIKUK IT I.XTKI!- SI-XTS AN X STI! K KT AX I > T \V< I IirXlHtKl" KKKT SOl'TH , SHIPPED CATTLE West Jackson, October 10— (Special Correspondence) — Be Marlow, S'ay Davidson, J. £ Miller and Frank Anderson lei Monday for Kansas City with car load of cattle each. The scar city of water and grass was the cause of shipping them out. Rev. VVhaley of Hale, will com mence a series of meetings at Lil ly Grove on Priaay evening, Oct J2 Everybody is cordially invited to be present. J rimes L. Hutchison has sold hi farm and ihinks some of going to Kansas where -ho owns a farm Ho wi'l remain here until spring. A goedly number attended thi speaking in Chillicothe Saturday from this section, H. J. Kesler, who has been very sick for the past two weeks, is improving rapidly. VV. C. Hutchison, wife and daughter and E. A. Kesler anc wife returned home Friday from Sedalia, where they had spent the week at the fair. All pronounce it a success and report a pleasani time. Beware of Ointments for (jatarrn Contain Mercury, as mercury will surely roy i hi' SIM smoll itnd I'omplrLely iU l r:in<*" tin* v systi'iu wllen entcrinu' ii tiirimah tin.- cons surfaces. Such iirtirlc-i should i that ! hr Si-:c.-rn>N 1. I> I! (.ril:iln.'«l by tlio Jl lllitl City Cuinn-il nl 1 tin- City nf ('hillk- Mo..tliat tin- i-s!;ililisli,.(l jrni.!,. (1:1 WiiMi tc.n slivcl, whfi-f It Int. wets Ann sl Mn.w fStiihllsli.Hl n[ i:in.!«i fci't ! K'Hixl .-i.' of Uliuiri* hcMvby i-lKHlu'Od :inil ro-i-Mil l.l Isln'il luilc I "I KB 1 ." I'.'' I. nml nt a point twn hiinilrril l'"nt lllll- i •"Ultll thi'lVOf, dmnpo mill iv-i'.stn!i!ish In ,.\-i-r [ l:!l.n f.'i t In-low thi' <-lly dlivcl rlx or the i-ou- tin Pain from a Burn Promptly Relieved tty Chamberlain's Fata Balrii A little child of Michael Strauss, of Vernon, Conn.j was recently in great pain froin a burn on the band) and its cold applications only increased the inflammation, Mr. Strauss came to Mr. James N. Nichols, a local merchant, for something to stop the pain. Mr. Nichols sa3 r s: "I advised him to use CHAMBERLAIN'S PAIN 3ALM, and the first application drew out the inflammation and jave immediate relief. I have used his liniment myself and recommend it very often for cuts, burns, strains and lame back, and have never known it to disappoint." or sale by the N. J. Swetland )rug Co. FARE AND ONE-'fHIRDTOlANSAS City. October Oth to 13th the C. M. & St. P. R. R will sell tickets limited to return Ojt. 15. Oct. llth to 20th the C. M. & St. P. R. R. will sell tickets limited So re-turn Oct 22ud. S. NICHOLAS, Agent. be Used oxci-pt un prescript inn* from ivpnt- j tr. tiling i-l.'vjit inn II x. nblc physicians, as tin- diiimiirf th.-y will ilu i IIIIIH-.- No. ii'.of iln- uniiiiiini Is ton fold to the irood yni can p;)sslbly Av- | (.'lilllli-iitln'. rive from them. HALI.'.S UATAH K.II ClfltIO I ."HI-THIN i. Thl« ordlimin' mnnufnctiired by F. K. (Jhoni-y ,t Co., Tuli-- lisliril in I in' L'hlMlcotln- fi do, O., contains no mercury,aml Is tnki-n Internally, nutiim dlivctiy upon tln-likioil ami mucous surfaces of tl><> six-til. In Inlying Hull's Cntnrrli fniv l>c sun.- yon net tin- in-n- nlnii. Jtistiik<Mi inti-i-nally and math- in Toll-do, Ohio. MJ- K. J.fh.'in-y * Co. Ti-.-ti- inoninls Trer. Sold by Drrcnlsts. I'l-liv. 75c per bottl.-. Talcu Hull's F:i:nily nils f»r coiistitwlluii. il at !•'<> !V.-r 1-y, nrd:- iiiiiinivx of tli, ctt.v-of ! T I HEAEST ia making a whirlwind campaign in New York and has the corporation politicians scared to deleriums. SENATOE WM. J. STONE, in a speech at Sedalia, declared his opposition to government ownership of railroads. He did not nention the paramount issue in the Democratic state platform. ODD FELLOWS' CONCLAVE Springfleld, Mo , Ojt. 9—The annual conclave of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Missouri began hero this morning in connection vtith the Merchants' Fall Festival. Thursday W. J. Bryan will speak here, and is plaaned-to bo the biggest day of the week. NOTICE! All fair premiums will be paid at my oiiicc on Wednesday morning October 10th, 1900. All persons holding premiums or wur- rants against the Association are requested to present the same for payment at my office on that date. Scott J. Miller, Treasurer. jtaiys RuugM p Thursday nieht a ball will be given. grand queen Miss Lillian HERE is some advice for the Sedalia Democrat;, right on the ground: "Our State fair board should take a lesson from the circus managers in the art of securing acrowd. The exhibit -was in every way creditable to the state. The attendance was not what it should be. Try up-to-date advertising next year. Crvic improvement is the Moving spirit of Chillicotne, which is fast becoming a city of beautiful streets and beautiful homes. A marked advaece in architectural design and workmanship is seen Jn the newer homes. All are built on modern plans. Each property owner on the paved streets vies with his neighbor to make his street parking most attractive. Improvement bogets improvement. The spirit is contagious. Cfty pride, home pride and personal pride all assert themselves. Ward has reconsidered her decision and consented to serve as queen, which relieves the situation. Last night there was a students' Japanese lantern parade, in which S100 was offered as prizes to the most fantastic representation. The Y. M. C. A. won the prize. SPEED MOSBY, the clever aud forceful editorial writer of th THE NEGRO OTE3TION. A niggar's a nigger," nvnaias as true today as when it was first uttered. It is useless to sermon-Be and ;heorize on the negro question. It is equally fru tlcsa to editorialize. All the theories, sermons, books and political platforms in Chris- endooi will uever place the negro on an equality with the white man. The races will not mix. The admixture is worso than the worst full blood. • Eelucjlion does not solve it. Deputation is inhuman and cowardly. Our fathers brought the Afri- 3in hero anu he is entitled to our If you like Coffee Lut daro not drink it, try Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. It's true that real colfee does disturb the Stomach, Heart and Kidneys. But Dr. 8hOop's Health CoBee has not a grain of true coffee in it. It is satisfying, wholesome and harmless even to the youngest child. Being made from parched grains and malt it forms a food-like drink, yet having the true flavor of Old Java and Mocha-Coffee. Sold by P. T. Abell and E. J. Barney back. ( .-%\>nnri' i*, imbU-h,..! f"!- Si\ I'llIISl-CUl ivt- iSMH'> I if •;.' tiryiiiir iH'rson* owning prnp piirlh.n nf Mild vin.,.| of in.- siilil nrillimiu-.- lii'fmv tin' ril.v I'liiiin- if tln'.v fi-.-l il:iin:i>r.. ( | l.y th,. i-lmim- :i tin' M.-iyciriinil City I' l.ln- < i-IiMinlirr H'lty Ihili liniliiinu'.l ;it 7 i o'll Muniliiy t!ii- I'uli iljiy . I oi-tolii-r. ll i-l.-iini ?iK-li (iainntr,-. if any. I* i-au.-i'il I i-'liiinKi' in lln' irrmli. of ~i'iil >tn.,.i. sliall In- paid iiy th" C'ity. if the n tlli'n-iif can In- nj-'rci-il upon, init in Ut,-t< ol tin- ftilluiv to iiKi-i-,.. tin- sinni' -luill In i-i'i-talni'il hy I In- MIIH '•il for In c di'niini Iiul.lii.- UM-. and any p. toul Halm >UL-h ihiin lian-,'(l to niak,' ^uoi ^llall i-on^iil, r liial m Sia-rio.N :i. A:l orcli i!ina!ii-i-s in i-niiDii-r sailii i- hereby ivp-.>;il..<|. SKI-THIN l. Tin- oniinan,-,' sliiill !»• in ,'ff.'Cl from anct aft*'i it^ dil,- PI\SMIU','. appro\- nl 1111,1 imhiu-a I ion us proMiii-il h.-rvln. I'HM.- .-(I a nil appro \-i'< I Mii- day oft h-t(.ii,'r, li«-., w-llh all liii'inlji'i-b of thu City Cuiini'il ng tlii'r.-in. Jhiyur. Atti'nt. «''xl'lt flly .'1,-rk. 7 ho Farmers' Mutual Insurance company will hold its sixteenth annual meeting Saturday, Oct. Ki Directors will meet in Citizens National bank at 10 o'clock. Annual meeting of poiicy holders at court room at 1 p. m. Two ainend- Hara to Find It would be hard to find a more perfect curative medicine for disordered digestive organs than that gontlc tonic digestant, and torpid liver regulator, "known as DR. CA.LDWELI/S (LAXATIVE) SYR- '"'- | tJP PEPSIN. No other medicine , v '' ( " | ! has its specific power over these urn! i delicate and important organs of '"'• I your body, upon which you have .jj|.i'i I to depend for energy to carr" on M-I-U. i your daily work. It cleanses, di'""' i costs, stimulates and cures. Sold ..n.-!] i ^ by all Druggists ut 50o find SI.00. Money back if it fails. For Infants asd Children, iTnllliKs, pn.vld- vate pn,p. i-t\ for son falling tu.'inprar i:.-. -hull !.;•'i- olaiiu mill I!..- »'!T.V ;liiiniii-'i' iin^ a 'i-nicd "•-..!,-. wr.,'. .- or parts of ..i •- u-r.-^ith. In 1 and tht' The first frost this fall visited Chillicothe last night and was a heavy one. At six o'clock Wednesday morning the ground was white. Backache Any person having backache kidney pains or bladder trouble who will take two or three Pine-ules upon retiring at nigh Shall be relieved before morning The medicinal virtues of tie crndt gumsi'and resins obtained from the Native Pin* bare bees recognized by the medical pro- Cenion for centmies. In Pine-tiles we oSei •II of the Tirtnes of the native Pine that «re of ralnein relieving all Kidney and Bladder Troubles •»ManU.d to Oi»« Saliibaioo or Moaej Bcluniei Prepared by fWE-ULE MEDICINE CO,, CHICAGO «. J. SWETLAND A Good House Leaving a good house unpainted is as imprudent as leaving greenbacks out in the rain. A house unprotected by good paint cracks and rots and is unsightly all the time. Whatever you do, paint! Whenever you paint, use pure white lead paint. \ You will have the best if it is ' Southern Pure White Lead (Made by the Old Dutch Process) The negro must remain for- | ever free. No nics has a right i morally to enslave another. i He is eatilleJ to the same privileges as a Chinau-an. j After the experience of a century this nation the impossi- bflit.v of equality between bUok and white, autl no law or legislative act can make them equal. It is the voting privilege that spoils the negro. He gets more for his vote than the white man because ym enn buy him by the ' drove, at so much per head. i Withdraw the frnnohijo privi- ege to all who havs; not accumu- ated iufficienc property to make them responsible cit'zens. So soon as the negro ia depriv- i Learn all about paints in our handsomely ed of his political asset, he will! illustrated free booklet, sent on appliau be less important and more hum- j ti°n. Gives test for paint purity. )le. Until then he will continue j o ravish our sisteis and wives! mothers, and he will continue I o be promptly lyrched. I mixed "with Pure Linseed Oil. Accepted as the standard everywhere by those who knonv. V ments on file for action. One that no animal be insured until it is thirty days old. Second: Shall we insure farm buildings operating gasoline engines? The company is less than 8200 in debt. Everybody attend. Election and reports. J. A. Lewis, Pres. Hugh Tudor, Sec. Dawn, Mo, Oct. 6 1906. Uod-ltwl A cold taken at this time of the year is generally hard to get rid of but it will not be able to withstand Bee's Laxative Honey and Tar. That will cure all colds, coughs, croup, whooping cough, etc , by driving thrm out through the bowels. If you havu a culu, tr> it and if not cured get your money back. No opiates. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. " PUBLiclALE. I will sell at public auction ut my fiirm :! 1-2 miles southeast of Chilli-j collie, on Wednesday, October 10th. sixty asres of corn, cattle, hors.js. lioifs. all my agriculture implements. Terms made known at sale. s!8\v3dlw u. c. LAIK. A sour stornacn, a uou breath, a pasty complexion and other con- sequeeces of a disordered digestion are quickly removed by the use of Ring's Dyspeosia Tablets. Two days treatment free. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. WABASH RATES If vou want to go to New York now is the time, the rate is very | low, nr*t clas:> tickets and first i L'la.^s Eorvice. I Homeseekers excursions. One fare plus 82 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. VV. E. CREAMER, Agent. Iuflaniia*torv Auauroausm Utirud in 3 D n<rs . Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Inrt.. says: ''.\lywlfe liftil Inflammatory Rheumatism lu cvorv niusclo anil Joint: her suffering wns tumble and hur body and faco were swollen atiuos-t bt>yoncl recognition: had been In bed for sis vvi'cks and bad eight physicians, bet iv.'plved no nenetUuntil she tried the Mystic Cun for Rbmuimtl.Hiu. It irave Immediate lofiind sln> wiis nblo to wnlUabout In tHree days. I tun smv It saved her fl'c." »>1U l>y N. J. s%vi-tliiiid Drue Company. CANDIDATES' CARDS The CONSTITUTION prints candidates' csrds in any size or quan- tqv. Prices reasonable; work the best. citf V NATIONAL LEAD COMPANY- Clark Avenue and i«h Street, St. Louis, Mo. For sale by first-class dealers. As a dressing for sores, bruises and burns, CHAMBERLAIN'S SALVE is all that can be desired- soothing and healing in itsey* feet. Price, 25 cents. FQV sale b.v; j tho N. J. Swetland Dru{| Co- - ••'' BUTLER SCHOOL Report for month.ending Ojt. ?, 1000 Total attendance 3s. Those attending every day were Fannie and Johnnie Hill, Maggie Slattery, Glair and Edward Manning, Josie, Lena and Lawrence Wigfleld, Belle and Iva Hellam, Fiois and Flossie Frizzell, Hony and Asa Deloughrey. Respectfully, W. T. Merrill. la these days of rush and hurry courtesy is often forgotten. In the mad, pell mell rush of our life little things are done to offend that wo rather remained undone. A hastily eaten meal and its resultant headache may cause us social or financial loss. The wise man or womam is the one who relieves little ills of this sort by a iittlo dose of KODOL for DY-SPEPSIA. It digests what jou cat and puts your stomach back into shape. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. J. A. McDonald and F. Richards' of Ottumwa, officials of the Milwaukee, were transacting business in the city Tuesday evening. Good for the coujrb, removes the cold, the cause of the cougb. That's the work of KENNEDY'S LAXATIVE HONEY and TAR — the original laxative cough syrup. Contains no opiates. Sold by Clark's Pharmacy. F. C. Sasse and daughter of Brunswick were in the city Tuesday evening. English Spavin ijlnameiit removes Hard. Soft or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes Irom horses. Blood Spavins, Curbs Splints. Sweeney. Ring Bone. Stifles Sprains, t>U Swollen Throats, Oouahs. etc re ISO by use of one bottle. Warrautedthe mosr wonderful Blemlah.'Oure every ^AOWD Sold by the NJ. Swolatftd, DruBlOp I A\'egc'abi!cPrPpp.rr.Uoiiri:r.-\s i ,/| similatin^ilicI'iiod^ndKo^tila-' • j _. tiii£5 liteStoimichsanilBowels of i| || S63/ri Always Bought p ici K^ Promolcs Digeslirm.Cliecrfiil- nesscinclRi'iU.Conliiins neither i Opiimi,Mm pliinc nor Mineral. ! NOT "N ATI c OTIC . ;! Jfayvniiirtt ~ 'f /I' rt/rffffltr.'r-r-tfy-t i HamSreJ.- 5 rfrlfifiett Sugar I Itrn&fyrpivi Fiftivr f ApcTft-cl Ktirnctly forCon?.!';:-.. j '.'j f lion, Sour Stomach,limrriic'.v, j| : ,: * W(>nns,('onvulsioiis,rcvrT.ish- il ' i 1 nes i'(>nns,<'onvulsioiis,rcvrT.ish- il '.-i 1 f^ ess mul Loss OJ'SLEEi'. |l>| \£" a F OR. SAL Six Room Cottage Modern. TMIW blocks from square. (Jnod cell fir, wood house. Price «ax ».<«). Nine-Room Brick House [ncity. Modern; Gtlod bttrtt. i^ricc -id, 'TOO. Eig it- Room Frame House Two blocks from square. Price -Jlj-SnO; Five-Room House. Three blocks from square, good barn. FYice -$Hi3. Five-Room Fra I'iTri Mucks from squ&fe> I Vice i'l.J.'iD. Eighi-Roo m Frame House Three blocks from square. Modern. Price 93,500. Sis -Roottv House Five lots, irrxitl barn; fruit of all kind. Pried -J80D. Five-Room House &n¥ « W* Facsimile Si|jnnlurc of <3Lttff£&&~ XKW VOTJK. Five room hoose. OoOd re 1 - jiair, price $525 UO. Seven-Room House In jjood repair: jfood location. Price $1700. Ba/elJ. Meek Land Co. AT. Cunningham, Mgr. MEINERSH&OEM FURNITURE GO. UNDERTAKERS. 'PHONES: NIGHT 153. DAY 397- Oillcft Hours: s to \-> A. M. 1 to S P. M. Vfsltlnff hours >y appolntni"tit. Ollllco: Bank of •lilllk-oth.- iiicU. Telephone :,TiP. Or. Chas, i. Wolfe, Osfsopafhis Physician Fifth Tear in Chillicotbe SPK01ALIST I.V CHROXIO u i s K .VH;E s> r (N^i'I.T.VflOV ASH KXAUI.TV- •rr:ix F R K K . Great. Reduction in All Departments. Own a Home We Have These and Many Other Bargains. $ 1,80O—Nine-room dwelling, ~siu;ill burn, some fruit, two lots, in excellent neighborhood. $2,350--Seven-room dwelling 1 , hath, etc., barn and woodshed. Lot 50x112 feet. $S5O—Five-room dwelling, on West Webster street, one lot. $ I.OOO—Six-roomcl welling 1 on North Elm street. Good neigh- hood rnd a bargain. $850 — Five-room dwelling with lot 90x140 feet. $60O—Two small dwellings $WO each, on easy terms. GILL @> RYAN, Barney Bldg., Mo. O UR MILLINERY IS CERTAINLY SUPERB. Our trimmer is a pattern trimmer, so we don't buy any patterns. We have the largest stock to select from; we sell cheaper; \vc have the best trimmer; we sell all kind from 25c to !?25. If you dont get the benefit, it's your fault. GLOsKS and JaOKBS a? Greatly Reduced Prices. One lot Kimoni Cloths. - in !' vai-iis. :• ••/u'iir i-v. i;n\v lOc One lot Oc brown diinu-stii-. - M ':> i-;;:-d~. 7,'ic Outing- Klannols per viu-il o-.-, 7'-r. 8' ,e and lOc Men's ?l.i~> and I>iu-k Cnat.-.. no«- $1 00 Men's hen vy bhu-k lu>su>:-\. iv;:'uh'.r |.~v. now lOc Men's Ii^ r ht -.vool hosiLM-y.ri^uiar 'JV\ no-'V 15c Men's !leoi.-t'd uiHWwvar. 11-^ ,:!;u- .".HI:, mm- 3Sc Great In.ririHn.-, in Gloves. .'lilts. Lion;*. Sliv^-s. < U't'tshoes, Felts and. Rubbers. .'«. 11 yo in ll> ; - sun- t'l-lc'w a whis:ior of competition. Ijiirsje No. 10 (ii-ain Scoops at Toe Warranted -\: -s 75o sr, .Shot L'uns now $3.98 Wtirrantt'd Ila. •>:•* V5c *4 Rifles, now $2.50 Trunks. Suiu-a^-'s. Teiescojn-> and Handbags at a pi-it-L- to close out. CITY REAL ESTATE. Modern HlntM-rrwtf. hrfck vender, S-roont dwt.'llintr, lartir lut, (Ine shade and fruit, fine Inruilun. i-riMiin. nJmost nf wdweUinjr, nearOentra st-hn.,1. P rl<:«- $tVrt) Nicf (i-rot tin (IWHlIintr. nenr Oontral school ii..»rtl .'.'H;if, MHith front. prlcM $k>x t-rtM-ni. nf \v 1 story dwulIliiK on RBynnrU »rri'»'t. Drict-|-V«i. S'j-njiitn now r(wnllinsc»ni1 born and lots and harn, ork*e J7PO, near Industrial tlnnn-. Th*' last four d\voUInp» belong to won resident and bavt- to sell. Farms. 10O acres Land— w acres One cwrn land Ualnnci- timbor, hltip ffrass pestarf, itnfnll- injrsprlnc. $i',5W>. $ ; >00 down balance' fl per U(»nt. 7O-acre Farm—l-roomdwellinff,b»rn and tfUt-ltuildintrs, 40 acres fine corn land, balance rolling blue tcrnss pasture, on B. F. O., and tfiopium»i line, unfcillniraprinpf In pasture, price $2 ITO, S*Mu clown balance at rt per Ci'Ol. I have lante Hit of ftfl kinds r-f Real Estate and can suit you. Money loaned at 5, it and 7 p»r cent on cityand farm land. Insurance written Jn companies that pay losses OD farms and city property. Office across street from Post Ufflce. L M PAGE. Another Glass ftti-tory shut down ;im.l we U'OL the contents. . SKi-: S'ltlCKS _„ NICK RAY'S Bus, Baggage &. Transfer Line. I am now located at .M. VV. L,itton's Livery Barn. All Calls will be promptly attended to. ) OFFICK - - - - ji» T Er,E PHONES J) ItESIDENirE - - 43 HESKIF.TTA HOTEL No. TO. SINGLE SxlO !Ml! Six 14 lOx 14 12x14 ll'xlli 12x20 10.x Hi 10x24 14x20 12x24 Kix'-'O 10x28 12x2$ 12x:!2 10x40 14x32 14x24 STRENGTH - 5e 1 1* .<,_. lOt- life 1 ->L' I.V } 'V 1 -V ! 7r. 17c-. •'Hi... OL' L'llc ' L'-V :',ni- :! -'l' -Me DOUBLE STRENGTH •>t x ->< oo^-x . 71 Ic "O\-T; " TV* °4\'j'i 'Mtl^ :;u.\">i) t*' •' [*^ • I'lllty. I'l-l' 11 Ijlass cut to oriler. fOc i.itl) 1.0(1 1.00 1.40 1.75 1 . 7ri J.OO J.HO {'•-•i: STONE MASON ? * * * House Moving; & Raisin* » „ fjenve orders at * l> bnunders-Tnrner Lumber Yard * J J. R. McCLELLEN I 9 «K«»ftttl««*»MI*«kliM)k«*)K4«B» YOURS FOR B!Z There's Work for You in California. All classes of labor may find steady employment in San Francisco. Top-notch wages; higher than eastern scale. Perfect climate. Construction work possible at a season when it ceases elsewhere. Invest in a railroad ticket'— only $25 [torn Kansas City. On sale via Santa Fe Every day until Octo^ei 31, inclusive. _ In/ tf now have six rejjistep- »~ *** ed GALLOWAY bull calves that will b§ a year old in February. AEarch and April next , . that we"will sell at $50.00 for J. choice. They are good ones and •J- sired by Imp. Lord Holland of Uensil. a Campfollower bull. 4 miles west of Avalon. Two took premiums at Chillicothe Pair. . John H. Hoyt & Son f R. R_ I, Dawn. Mo. 1 M.M.; M..M.I I MM i MM 11. Dliutnlcd leaflet • showing rate o? wage!, free to those who apply to G. W. Hagenbuch, General Agent; ' The Atchison, Topeka Se. Santa Fe Railway, 905 Main St.. Kanuu City, Mo. t | FRISCO Homeseek'rs' Excursion TO THE Great Southwest September 4 and 18 October 2 and 16 November 6 and 20 Rate, One Fare Pins $2 r^f the Round Trip. Write for Particulars and Descriptive Literature A. HILTON, fi. P. Asrt., St. Lull Is. M... .T. C. \ <;. jT-.feaaa^: j^itKfti.*^ ^^t-^-/ " Hi^wGran*£U ^-*> r *rf*-. l iu

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