Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1969 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1969
Page 11
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CAM LICK ; you WITH ONE THAT BLASTE STO»K m BACK.' 1i* LARVAE OF THE DRAGON FLY LIE IN WAIT FOR PASSING FISH WHICH THEY SEIZE UITH THEIR PINCERS RENE BATON cisra-wo) BECAME A FAMED ORCHESTRA LEADER N^^ AtaiMM IIMU.***, April tt,1f» · 11 MvimvNM. n**mif LESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D. : The Importance Of Being Sure Release Tuesday, April 22, 1969 Most mothers and fathers would not allow their children to cross the street w i t h a stranger. Yet they are perfectly w i l l i n g to allow a strange person to act as baby sitter when the urgent need occurs to spend ,1 night out. I believe that hiring a baby sitter is a very imporant decision The delemma of either staying at home or accepting "any" baby tionship between infection and malnutrition. It is now believed hat undernourishment cerlsin- v makes people more susceptible to infectious disease. Out of this 1 , concept comes the!idea :hat some chronic infections can interfere with the way a'body uses normal food. The World Health Orgabfea- !ion has just issued a Report that undoubtedly proves * that such a relationship between: in- DOWN THE ROOC TO1HOM1065 SEP--TONIQHT WE GOT us A TOLLHOUSE DEAL ME IN! PAW-I SHORE r^ flM TICKLED VO'RE STflVIN' HOME TONIGHT WIFMEAN'TflTER flN'CT06HAlDflN Of BULLET -IT'S THAT U5H. f "KK O'DEATH.'.'" f - f WOfJC£R WHAT MY BRAVE LI L SOLDIER TO KISS AN'KILL- HHtINMIND?-) IT tfgAUUY BURNS ME! voi'D THIMK A 0UM6H Or THIEVES M i OR ' OKAY, STICK £M UP! ...1MEAM STI£K OUT YOUR TUM6E INTO M6PIC1N-MEM THERE SC55 V£K OF P£ ,',= TO S!7 ;. TH2S£fOR 7£N AUs'UTES *^ U ! ' l I ' l H I' r OHNO.'NOTTHS :-'lll,llll!Hl!l| I ' I HOPE YOU THOUGHT CP A GOOD EXCUSE TO SlVE THEM FO3 NOT COW'NQ OVER j- OH, I DO-- S I TOLD T-iE'.t ' VOJ WE3E TAX NS WE OF.SU.'.4 A ' J , XrEN«!V6| ' FRANCIS DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which |-- The time is ripe for strong. your birthdav comes, and find ( d e f i n i t e moves. Get a smart what your outlook is, according to the stars, FOR WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries) -- Don't take anything for granted -- work results, anticipated advances, the statement of others. Investigate EVERYTHING! Study all situations before acting, and empha- start and keep uniformly busy, but don't try to do too many things at one time. It would only lead to confusion. NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 (Sagit- tariusl -- With your personality and persuasiveness, you c a n now be an effective influence in a r e a s where stumbling blocks have been erected. In the precarious question of judgment. Sight unseen, without any tnowledge of emotional background, our greatest posses often turned over to a total stranger who "seems to be daring with the children." A baby sitter should be accepted only with proper references and screening. It is worth the time (for which you should pay) for a personal in :erview before engaging her. Only by this contact can the responsibility and maturity of the baby sitter he deermined. TESTING ABILITY It i? at this time. too. that the children's personality cnn he described and their physical needs thoroughly explained. It might be worthwhile to have the ha by sitter spend a few hmirs while one or boh parents are in the home to test out her ability to handle new situations that might arise while the parents arc away. If there is the slightest doubt about the physical or emotional competence of the baby sitter, no "date" is worth the chance or the rif.k. There can be no compromise lection and malnutrition is responsible for chronic disease and even death in areas all over the world. It seems a paradox, in a world filled with surh hope, t h a t 8.1 per cent of all people, from the time they are horn to the time they die. never uo to bed with a full stomach and free of the gnawing pain of n u n - gfr. The W.H.O. concentrates' ill efforts on increasing the U:v gevity span of peonle a l l - o V i r the world by introducing 'jjriui- rr diets and v i t a m i n sirpn'r- ments in areas where nutrition and infection inflict their r l : - aster on the poverty-stricki -i They deserve our support hut the " c h i l d r e n they service clr- serve it even more, if we rire to give them t h e chance r,r t h e i r r i g h t f u l heritage of h?.v- ing been born. S P E A K I X (i OF YOUR HEALTH: Everybody can he with safety when a is introduced new per- into the home. The emotional stability and resourcefulness of m o s t difficult matters. bc|person may determine fe of yr HKAI.TH REPORT neipersoi guided by experience and past very life of your child. size foresight and patience. APRIL 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) --Another day for listening! Where older, more experienced leads make suggestions, be en-1 chances at some time or other. husiastic about adopting their | but this is no day for YOU to }rogressive or hitherto t i n - l t a k e unnecessary risks. D a y amiliar ideas. Unusaul gains calls for cautions, rnnservalivp the successful procudures. DEC. 22 to JAN T . 20 (Capricorn) -- Everyone has to t a k e n the making. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) --A fine day for clever action. action. .TAX. 21 to FEB. 13 ( A q u a r - ius) -- Channel efforts where There is an important rela- taught the of first-aid, direct you tprv Dr. Coleman f u n d a m e n t a l rule* The fteil Cross can to instruction crn- welcomes letters from readers, and, while he cannnt u n d e r t a k e to answer each one. he will use question* in his column whenever pos'i- lile and when they »re of general interest. Address your l e t - ters In Dr. Coleman in c » r t of this newspaper. getting things done in a c o m - i t h e v will serve advantageously, )etent wav. Your incenthe where you unusual t a l e n t s arc should be high now, but don't jrccognixcd a n d appreciated. 11" V. off on tangents. j Don't be led nff a constructive course by timewastcrs. frivolity- B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record-Holder in Masters' Individual Championship Play) JU\'K 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer") --Some complicated situations may call for careful discussion, mediation between opposing parties, a s h i f t in positions. Handle all with the Cancerian's innate understanding and dis cretion. JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)As with the Cancerian. y o u may find yourself in some incompatible areas now but you. too. can cope -- with tact and diplomacy. Don't p e r m i t anxiety or annoyance to cloud what could be a most satisfactory day. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo) --A good day! Especially FEB. 20 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) -- Don't abandon a n j undertaking before it has had a chance to prove itself and. as' with the Aquarian, side-step the intrusions of the foolhardy or the ill-advised. You horn today are a freewheeling individual. W h e r e there are changes to be made, you can make them, sometimes adruptly enough to startle. You are extremely versatile, especially along artistic and scientific lines. Always active, y o u may try to accomplish too much South dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH A A J 4 3 V A . 9 6 3 « K J 9 T favored: Technical and scienti-|at one time, t h u s over t a x i n g r ic matters, domestic interests, travel and creative pursuits. SEPT. 24 to OCT. 2.3 (Libra) --A sunny outlook -- if yu do YOUR part. Handle all obligations conscientiously, but don't scatter energies. Use your fine imagination to revitalize the the future. OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) health and nerves. Pre-plan your course deftly, and dn not get off the t r a c k because of someone else's " b r i l l i a n t " icle;i. Taureans achieve great heights in life, but must l e a r n to overcome tendencies Inward ob- s t i n a c y and jealousy. Girthdate of: Wm. Shakespeare, p o e t , d r a m a t i s t ; James Buchanan. 15th Pres., U. S. A. gist, for one 40. S, in IHS 41. Rules 45. Almost shade 47. Presidential nickname 49. Fruit of the cloudberry (dial. Enj.) 50. Prod 51. Footed va« 52. Central American tree HORIZONTAL 3«. Claw 1. Lion-headed 37. Cardiolo- dog 5. Mr. Carney 8. Armadillo 12. Olympian goddess 13. Russian community 14. Rounded vessel 15. Arab kingdom (var.) 18. Japanese shrub 17. Miss ChaM 18. King of the Myrmidons 20. One of the Bears 22. Pillager 28. Boredom 29. EnRliFh festival 30. Mr. Gershwin 31. True 32. Put into operation 33. Three Kings of Colofme S4. Herd of whales 35. Common prefix 53. Maple genun 54. Miss West 55. Serf VERTICAL 1. Block's relative J. This place 3. Spoken 4. Sleepiest 8. Entertain 6. Clear 7. Disquiet 8. Dispatch boat 9. Magnificent 10. Inquire Answer to yesterday's puzzlc. 11. The turmeric 19. Swiss canton 21. Amencnn clergymRn- novellst 23. Atelier fixture 2. Therefore ?5. Play concerning Miss Thompson 26. Work units 27. A t i ' l r 28. .Junior, for one 52. Chemical element 33. Afternoon performance. 35. Block of rock ."alt 36. Half a (iy 38. A beverafco 39. MlisDunr.t ·12. Sailorn 43. Culmination 44. Graf 45. XViitennf place. .|r,. Ail -- 4i. SMIIIOM is!h:r,'U 38 WEST A K 7 * A 8 4 J . A K Q 8 6 4 EAST 4 --- » K . T 7 « 4 Q 1 0 6 5 3 +.11032 SOUTH 4 Q I 0 9 8 6 5 2 V 1 0 5 2 Ka«t Dblc The bidding: South W»t North 34 3 NT 4 * Opening lead -- king of clubs. You win more points because nf the opponents' mistakes t h a n by good bidding or play of your own. if you concentrate on m a k - ing f e w e r errors t h a n the on position, you'll usually come out I The preempt put West on t h « spot. His three n n t r u m p hid u ^ s surely reasonable, but over it N o r t h bid four spades. Nu-.v Kast was up against it He n a i | iirally thought there might be * game in one of ths three sur,«. but he couldn't tell w h i r - h ··". r a t h e r t h a n risk a disaster bv Sflccting the uror.g suit, i-e t r i e d to compromise by doubling. West loti ,1 club, t h e n shiHr'rt In the quern of h e a r t s . D e c l a r r r din ked and wnn t'-.o next heart lead wi'.h till' are. It w a s c:ear from the bidrlirr t h a i West had t h e k i n g ·' .spades, so South had to come to Ins bar.d f o r a I r i i n i p lines-.!-. He couidn't a f f o r d a heart lead, ·once he knew Kast w o u l d w i n the hearl and lead still nnothr:- one. so he made t h e s p a r k l i n g return of the king of diamor.'is from d u m m y . West trink the are and o u ; ' » properly i t - t u r n e d a club. my r u f f e d and iilayed the j a i · of d i a m o n d s . South t r u m p : 1 ; K a s t ' s (|iieen. Two t r u m p \f.:'.- c'.-iught V.'est's k i n g , a n d t · » n:nc of d i a m o n d s reiurn trapi-' i j t h e ten and eight simuHancn-r ly to e s t a b l i s h dummy's se\'- . as a inck on w h i c h c i c r l a i - r all right. N a t u r a l l y , a n y t h i n g you ran do to induce an error by the enemy is a step in the right direction. That's one reason pre emptivc bids are so olten effective. They cat up valuable bidding space otherwise a v a i l able to the opponents fnr t h e : ' ^ c a r d e d his losing heart, exchange of i n f o r m a t i o n . Look at the effei t of Soutl . . three spade bid in t h i s hand. H e ! True. Kast-Wesi roiild certainly didn't h a v e much f o r | made five clubs, but t h e y ne his v e n t u r e into space -'J points.! did f i n d the suit--due to to he c v a r t -- h u t lie achieved a I preemptive bid. f i n e result. ' 4 - So South made, f o u r sp.n double in a w e l l played h a - PONYTAIL "I wish acme new boys would e n r o l l . . . I'm Retting tired of the two or three thousand we have around here!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results, Try em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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