The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 24, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY £REE PRESS :-3T£ TflS TOnli"zemeBl;'Be.T»iefif3Ean an-' •werlng ghout. He strained'-'his' eye's; through the darkness. Surely that : A human cry 1 He shouted again, l the answer came .once'more;'and was no longer any doubt • • The conning tower of the F55 came flrUMng out 'of the, night! 'She ran •awash, with hatches off, and Davles **• standing on the deck among a <nmp of sailors. " ' •: "Where are you?'* he shouted. ' "-'" ;?Hcre!" Donald cried. "Reveree engines,' DavlesI Coming ..aboard!" ;Ta»e engines stopped and the sub- 1 nitrlne grazed the side? of- the over- tnrned boat. Donald ,grasped Ida -In Donald Grasped Ida In His Arms and Clambered on Deck. . ." fci» arms and. clambered to the deck. And Donald found himself ..shaking a man's hand as a he were his brother, Instead of merely Sam Clouts, able -seaman- in the- navy, trying to keep his hands from straying -toward 'his mouth . organ. "We were trying to make Fair Island -when, we spotted you, sir," said Davies. "I. thought we'd pick you up In. tlie morning when the. £og cleared. It's been hard work making anywhere. There's' something the matter .with 'the Bea," " - " ^ ."...,' "How, Davles7" "We're only able to make a' :r Kno't ind n half, sir. It isn't the' -engines', At least there doesn't seem to be nny- the matter with them. ".It's" &', If the sea's — well, "turned-, to: jelly,. 01. .molasses,;. sir... .te.rhaps.you_notfced.,it. I've never seen., .anything like 'i£-jni my- experience," 'continued , .the ..'little, r Ku.ady",' '.-n'fiose. experience/, of \ .'th'fe l; ;higl] sea's .was., limited -to a. couple -pfV.siibrl CTUises on a training "shipV and ~ o'n« .on_a transport. : "Clap , on the hatches and .make full speeci for Fair island,". ordered.-Don•aid. '.;;;-_ '..'. '.'.. . :.:TJt»iSlfegiBv.of>the Submarine.". .»'i positive -its'-- the -• water,-- sir," •aid Davies. . -"We've .tried i running •nbmerged; .and.v.tb.e-i electric .engines jwon't_drlve. her ..any__ faster, than tha petroV ones. .Jt'sHikeoininning a loco•motive, on greasy. raiis.".-.,..'. ..; ..-.'; ,.. "It's jiplankton,"- an^werp'd. .Donald, "Marine organisms, you. .know." , . He was standing beside Pavles in ""•the conning "tower. , Ida. had "been -stiken 7 below'- 'and placed'"lir : Donaid's •cabin.- 'She had be'en hardly conscious •«lnce : £er rescue; :sh6f-was^top numbed from exposure to . . realize ij -what .had occurred, . and she had .fallen, asleep dnimediately.'' 'c' •.•;•.-•'-':-'..'.'•:•:• •..'•. .. .ri.'AtiFali;fJsland, which" was an .uninterrupted, -cavernous r.ock, Donald ex- _pected to find the oil-ship, from which bls__stores to_ be_replenish.ed, "Then "he ,was! to patrol the ."northern 'area' of the North sea with the aid of the (! airplane. A stock of supplies' ' In the : shape -of food was also expected at the island. i..: ".,-•'But now 'Donald -was ^wondering whether it was hot his duty to return to the mainland to report the: destruc- .tion of the enemy cruiser. '. Of coarse the officers of tlie Flying cdrps -who would be. with -the airplane;<:cejjld'. ;an- .dertake this duty. 1 But then ^there'- was Ida. And there was the^: s.wa.Em,. .fit devil men that had appeared. , How could he tell the navy depart- •ment of this without, being relieved ['of; : his command? But how could. :he fail • to tell : theni? •' . •'•"'''•"''*.. Donald" looked keenly at Davies. _He was' a niqe little chap, disciplined, clean, alert, tho beau-ideal of a naval •officer in embryo. What he liked best about .the little middy was his resolu- 'tion; he knew, that Davies would never .hesitate to take responsibility /whenever he thought his duty, required ,» prompt. 'decision. . , ,. , :/, Donald could have no better 'eoiin- Jant. And he needed one as sorely as Wasterman-had done.- ..-:"-•'-'— -" j.'Davies," he, said,, ' to,.tell jou sometiiiniT. It's not the engines, BeUier tbjejwigteT "id• •' 'vn'er. TETC^jilariEtoix wouldn't stop 'UK And It's: too flue to clog the machin-: ery. Something Is trying to push ,u» "back, Davies."'- '- : "I .• ^"I^eB,your, pardon, sir?"--. : ;,: "i. iwas warned /about It before I left .New :j.Tprk; > '- ? -continued Donald:; :" What/ : -riniy going.' to. itell you will Bound incredible,''• but v It"' happens to be .true. Ton .know, Davies, our anf cestora were marine creatures?" ' -j ."I thought they were monkeys. slr. : At least, .a long toe, ago." j; "Long beforeC'they.'.were monkeyiy Davies. .At least, they "first llvedrln ]the: sea.", And., we .-'.became monkeys .'afterward,' ahd^then imen."' :r : '* "Tes, sir. I was going to say that the electric engines show slpis of developing—"" . . \''-'\ I ':"" :^i"One moment, please," •' Baviesj There's another swarm of deep-sea; men coming to overrun the earth; :Mastermah''.toId:'. i m T e^y.bjJ!ve!:-iiSird', of 1 Ma'st'erinan, 'the•'marine'.'expio'rer ? " He Id v-me* -he'd:seen "them—no;!-'felt' "th'em—BiefofFBe^dlearTrTerE'TEem today. They attacked and upset us." j -j -"IJxcuse me,. sir," said Davies, "but -wouldn't'you iibeJ to lie down? I can "take''the'F55 "to'the island, sir, arid we'll call you wh'en \ve are at anchor;" ...^,'please-listen- to-me,-Davies.—-They are - in,visible r _these mousters, -.'all- except r -4he eyes,...which loofc^libe,. currants." '^"When. )tliejiLftl^ the] .albumln'pus p,nrts•',&£ ,th^':'body narden, producing aX-mllky^opa'c^i-^hey look itheff some- thing.j'-ltke.... fBirless. .^monsters.- And they're'Uryrng 1 - to : -stop the 4 submarine froni" making Fair island, just as they tried to draw ihe"' bteifr there. They—" '..He. broke offr"ubhplused. by the mldSy's'polite, respectful s^taire: i4>pn- ald had not" imagined ffiat "thV story would sound so ; .jjrot^stiue. He hardly believed no«v:that.;lie,-:C_o.uld make Davies realize Its truth. .:.;.] "I'm' sorry .to'hear ^about them, .sir," said Davies. "What do you^wlsh me to do?" . ''V '.-." . ••/ .£:>''. .-"Keep the hatches ciosed;"-'said Donald. "We are taking a,.Tlsk not.sub- mergiDg,. .ibut .we huv.e'got to make Fair island. If..they.get aboard,.It_will be a fight to tlie death. Happily, It isn't hard to-kill them, only we can't see them. They are quite invisible, remember. 1 killed two of them. Better serve oat. cutlasses—" ..; "\Ve,Vwon't stand for any nonsense from them, sir," answered the middy. !:. "M : . Denomination i .Month. ; January ii....:."...•..;, February. ....... .-,•.:•. . March ....:;.:,....., April .;..•..'r.•.,-:. • ' May, ..., : :;^ .:.;.;,.;,C;.; June .;... . .." ; .'... 1., July :,.........;.,...., August .;..-....,.'liv';-. :•'. September '/;.'.'''.'.'. vH"i>. October i'J'.'iiV:-. November: ....;...'...., December .........;;;., January:!, 1925...2.:.. :• .:\ :; -Denomination ': 1320 . 5 82140 $.£ '1331:20 , ^asfoa: -. S3.<30 '''' 1921 •' $ 8€8qsb.oo: : 85SO : ' 8K40 : .''-8S6C, ,86.20•* 86.40. 8T:60;:> ; £;8!J3j])(>i: 'J^mAO: •'• -^s^aj v•/•?,S>;20 •'•' •: 92:aj; ?~:W88.iob' : X: ' G0.40•'•f^BZ.Sb" ^"^8:20|:;; .: 90.00,3f^93.00 |^88J60 l! .;'' -' ! '--- iV ' : ---'- .V v 84-20 ;.'.<i8j;MO>- .;.- '84.00 ' 86.80 % March" April- 3921-, *?48.60. . S50.00' : -."fiQ 00'''-'-"•'''"' -SI '4ff' : '*""$' -fi8 80 •';:80.2() '".;; 9J;flft : 'Cijii'- : 94.00 - ^89.40 " Q$jgii6*V$$b43Q -••:,;.••••• : : s^^^'«gjpp.. 1022 ' li923'>-' : ,>:!',:1924'i 1022 ; ?872!00^ :> 874.00 June:-; ; . ...- .:. ."^.v August ' '. .-. ,..-f;-;y September t.i ... October .^.. .. Np.vehiiier . . .'.i .. .'December '.-.. ..'..". January. 1,.I!J2r>. 838,00 84b.oo. '842.00 ;'.84£'OQ . : 846.00 ECW';^-880.00,;% SJOiife / 92'8M ^->,v:"882.00>v"90ai:JDa.:v 930-00; 800.00}!-.:v8S.4.Pp '' 864^00 : 860.00 86s;oo .870.00 '93C:00; OA 1 ^'938.00 S92."00 - ; '-'9i6iii() ""-""940.00 894,00.: ; 918,00 - 942JOO' ... ............. ',$1,000,00- NEW PLEBISCITE; Hfff Storm Brewing in Sch!es'w|g-''-a's pro-German- i;;;;')ov, the Flnnslrai-ger •Nrichrichten, will, also be fsuprircssecl' and .. oi-.ders . bqve' ,^>een V( given; - to, -'.Jhe .chief .German Jn'^ftJtoiyi^dcjtot; feusl 'd: - '•-'-'' . . Voters in the Pibbfscita -' ...,. ., I-'loiislnu-g, Feb.. 2J.— ,\s the. day : f<ir %?.. -IJlebisfilu.; In ...the. ,gi'euj|,il ; . .ziiiift, jrf Schlvswlj!., apni-iKK-IiKS.' Gc;rjna.n,.ft;fi.ui- tion is . ..becumins.',. yio.i;o;.,.i!ncl •-.-inore marked. c;ii sevBrnl occasions Hi't; .'ti!>r- vn trii.Ml.ti'i intiiuifinfc, U\e ;]iri)>' £- of pon,f« r: li.v:..)i.o!«t)n;;- irf:fti: r . Lyciia E. Pinkham'» moves Stifferiaig i» Proof. for about four y«ars «o that I. troubles. You ... for the benefit of ot . LydiaE. Pinkham's Vegetable GOBI' " pound, made .from native:' Herbs, . contains no narcotic or J drugs, and today"holds-the- beiae 'the most successful- female ills we^ of..yoluntary ; ;testjnionials;onjfife'vui the" ' l -'2t . Isqite'ftrea within 24 hour's. r tTheV^4w'^'i|sionr''.hnSf>staBli'sh iiSw,toui;.t;.ljn \yliii.;h gil_Lj.cop^e|up . involving d'isobedl'ence of Hie ''cpriimis.- seem ! t6-iprbVe J this'fact.'j.v- For forty yearsat'hasibeen'-t ard remedy for, female ills, arid rftas re- who now are .fcee 'from siifflerinte; by t '- •'"'•- -•"'•^-'- '- •'"-^-- L sr.oriis ,.1-uios. vjjnt ^ . "Those -who try to pre- 'd-' .(lec'ini t ; ili^quss.iou, ,pr 1 ' ' '" FIXED (he. city are^.excited, and..t]-ouble m'ay occiir. 1. • 5: ' | i'' ;i .' ^.i-tf.-i, . ' Vice. President, Marshall. Say^:,'Many •< Amerfeafts 'Profeably-fJaVe^f- ' ferod Shell "Shock. "•*'.'• . b/ : 247-"-"V-lce : . . life,! Getiman. newsiiapers,-; ancK teicjiers :<ar,e the^.cliieE i and apparently, they.- are^ tj-.ving: . the-.people to. disol>etlience of tlie.Ja.wii and the regulation;- luid-ilnwn .b'y.;iUe internationnl icimtmiKsloB. .-: . Recently- a. pro-German .newspaper, the I«:iensljurger Tngeblatt. published. a violent a thick -on tlie . corniniKsion. and that body, lias (leeidejV-tb suppress' 1 it foj-- the- next .week or _sr>. The Bother' City. Was CapfuredJotT. February 20 • . .. . Londpn,. i.Pe'b.^ 24.— '£he . from the bolshevii<:i_of Eostov-on-pon ny.'tlie Rxissiari; .volunteer . "lirniyj.. part of the Denliclne; forces; is .reported by th.e Biltl«h mlh'niji mission in snutli TCussin llu cit\ uas til en on Teli ruaiv 20 with 1 500 piisonet^ incl 22 guns. '"New-' Hri-veri;" ConJii;- •Pre'siflent- -M;a-sh!illJ- ."One oC the- manifestation's 1 -bit pani- •noia~ i> u.---lJx.e i d x -ppinloh;that -the'; victim himself is .'JM'ght i; a.iVd''fuat,,e i 'ferybocly not agreeing .with him. ,,is his -personal enemy, seeking^ to injure, him. "I^nranoia m'ny'Mie' caused^ by shell Siliock. . Htu ; e Hie' Iliiin3^rlrigs' i; df the in "Europe reverBefated across Hie Atlantic: and ?causeds many men in Vmerica fo^suitei slipll ioct!and par anoia? . Whore are the' good old-fashioned citizens who— used to tliiiik ithnt men' could 'disagree 'totally'' ahd ; 'yet- be equally patriotic?' call' He "Excuse me, sir, while to tak'e the "lookout." toward, the entrance. ', . ' In n few moments Sam Clouts came In,-' He-saluted, b'ut. instead.of taking his post .at tlie .observation, port, he remaihed- standing in front-of: Donald. '• '"Wouldn't you like to'lie down .below, i5ir?" lie asked. "What's that?" demanded Donald. "What do yoii'menn, Clouts?' 5 " ", sir,-but I think.a rest; would ".do; you t good," said the sailor, j "Get to your post!", said' Donald .sharply.. . : .. . ... ... _• : . "But, really, sir—"-. . . -. : : '"Is this insubordination, .Clouts?" "No,- sir. But it would be best foi you to rest, sir," persisted Clouts. . Davies reappeared .at. the door. "He's quite right, sir," he said "He's acting.-Under.-my:, orders. Yoi" need to'rest for a while." (T» M GOMMMC) PRINCE CHRISTOPHER .'••Latest pirtrult of . Priuce Christopher, uncii of the present king and younger brother of the ex-King- Constantine, who recently mnrried.'Mrs. •William B. Leeds, wealthy American widow. .-'''* '••'•' "Soviet Ark" Back From Fiussia. New York,, Feb. 24.—Th.e United States army transport Birford. trie "soviet ark," which carried Emma. Goldman, Alexander 'Berkmari 'and 2/7 other nndesirable aliens to. Russia, ar- rfved here just two months and a day after It started- its memorable voyage. 7 . The-transport brought -back. 46 officen and' 2SS casuals 1 from • Belgium. Ill CHICAGO t' : "forms'" ther "very foundation of: -;;;,lritchett economy. It is the- best••*• i Syay.iito reduce the;high cost of , There is nothing you can ; k>—nothing you can 'use' hat will -help,so much in ;eeping down food expense. ;*'c4l-T3MKFJs so perfectly radef^:Sp,'perfectinHeepinp- • iuality-rrtnat' bake-day fau- • . Hire is -absolutely impossible. -Nothing -is wasted, spoiled- or i thrown'away. >!""-' Everything used; with' CALUMET—' flour, sugar, ^ggs^i shortening; fiayoi 1 7 ing—is converted into the most whole..some bakings.,.. -. , '. . ; (Makes Most Palatable and Sweetest of Foods • Ydu^save when you buy immoderate in cost You save when you use.-it-r;-, has irioreithanthe. ordini^ry^ leavening strength—therefore you use less.. You save materials it is used-with". V'. Made in the world's largest,niost < modern baking powder factory. Contains - only such ingredients 'as have been officially'approved^ by U. S. , Food Authorities. Order-today'.'Gonserye!'" ^Economize! SAVE—serve the purest, most wJipIe- some of foods.' — iKf'iW I jpq | fr* — — LAUKA K. SWARTZ Remember when you buy Calumet, you get a full pound, If you want ft. 16—not 12 ounces. Chronic In, '' ~ • •pcelaity W. W. HAMILTON -: Coarand lee- •MACKEY COAL ornec ' ' DKXW. BARROW ; NEW HAMILTON eUJLDINi HMH»flto; 11- Ai^'lfc- w* *•«•-»•"». AtteriMys «l Uw Tt.-K. tatt* 11M11 HwnlMen DELIA CALDWELi^, M. D« MoANALLV BtHLOINO 211 W»« Main atrMt ...... .f^m/f ..I: *• ,4 P.M. Horn* Made Candlet and lo* T«lephoit« M4 ¥ . 3ECONOMY ^ . J. B. WOOD*, Wa»h«d Nut, Egg and Lump Phone 149 K. ' QE-TOUR H^O; HALL & CO. FEED, COAL_AN'li' POULTRY'< Phone 233 W.;A. BRAlVbON/M. D. QENERAU-PRACTICfe AND THB ..'..BTB y«* TMt»d aiaaMa ntte« Virginia Bldo. , CaHNtwtata, IN, F. L. LINGLE, M. D. •M»I«| attohtlon to Ey«, E*r, f «ri Thr*M Phones: Residence 330-2, Offle* t Money back without'Question if HUNT'S Salve faUi in-thc treatment bflTCH, ECZEMA, •RINGWORM, TETTER ca- .pmer t tchin^ slrin diseases':-<Try ytL 75 «nt boT at our risk.-. .." HEWITT'S DRUG S Practice ~llmfted~to—Diseases of EYE, NOSE, EAR > and THROAT .i Over Wooiworth. Store, . Murphysboro, III. - A man is as old-'as his 'organs ; he can be as vigorous and healthy at 70 as at 35 if he aids his 'organs 111. petfprtDMje ttieir functions. •'• Keep. your vital organs' healthy witl> GOLD MEDAL ^ The world's^t» tor kidney., liver,. }bladdcr v and unc. .^cid.;. troubles since-1696; corrects disorders jstiroulates. vital- otgun.' Xll"draggfe'ts.'three'sizes.; Look for the i CHARLES M:;stHWAB pue is> the .mosti recent: portrait pt '• Charles M. Schwab, the steel magnate, -who will 'celebrate his birthday ln_a-few-weaks.

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