Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 6
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6 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., April 10, 1976 pa ·'Ei no bs St io E hi E"I oi U! fc th Alaskan Officials Offer i, Wolves For Export JUNSAU. Alaska (AP) For the past year, the State of Alaska lias had a standing offer: take a wolf off our,hands. No takers. So in a move that has outraged people Hying in stales where the wolf is virtually ex tinct, govern me lU biologists are shooting the, animals from air planes and helicopters. The \volt body count--;sine? mid-February: about 85.' Each one has cost about $1,000' to track down and kill..The state hopes to kill 200 or about 2 per cent of (he -state's Avoir population. ;L; ' "This offer still stands," says Goy. Jay Hammond^, himself a retired wolf hunter.-" "We would rather export wolves t h a n kill them. "However,, this fakes money and willing recipients. Both, to date, have 1 been in short slip ply." Hammond says th,e woll packs must be thtimed. Biolo : gists say the animals are gobbling up too many moose and caribou and have developed a taste for pet dogs. Environmentalists who trier to stop the killing say wolves are getting'a bum rap. Alaskan officials were serious when they asked it other people would like to have a M-olf. "· The University of Nevada Las Vegas --. whose sports .teams are "The WoIFpack" -asked for orv* as a mascot They were' turned .down he cause the animals -must go to a ine^s or semi - wilderness area, i l ' · ' .' r Another "stipulation: all cosls^ ot catching , and transplanting' the wolf ; must be borne by the' t-of-slnler." This oo'utd easily reach s o v e r a l t h o u s a u d dollars. Folks in ilie 49;. otlicr states, most ofi v\hich ;v haveh't; had a \uld \s 0 I F in 70 years have been - "noliccably uninterested" in the., transplant-offer, says Ed Huizer, deputy commissioner of fish and game, -Says a veteran Washington state backpacker: "Seeding the forest with wolf cubs might seem like a nice idea to .an armchair conservationist. "But I'd like to. see hls'-fac^ when he- peaks his head out of a tent one morning in the Cascades and finds a ' h u n g r y wolf prowling around outside. 1 ' Alaska is the last bastion for the; w°lf''''There, are i estimated to b," 8.000 ip; 12,000,' about.the same nmiiber of a half century iSo- Wolves have been hunted as a predator and game animaf for decades in Alaska. ". The-federal go'vernmcnt tirst placed a bounty "on :the Alaska wolfs head in 1915. then launched, a staiewido^lpiy e a c; predator control 'effort 1 against the wolf in 1948. Traps,-'poison and aerial shooters --· "oq'e o^ who , was Hammond -~ were used. \, '.-I Home Heading hnmc following j a n ; horse d r n t n buggy along a au effort^ to beat the setting afternoon o! visiting friends, ' ' r o a d iii'iir Lancaster, Pa., lii .sun. (AP/Wircpliolo) an Aiulsh family hurries ifs ,NEWS WHILE IT IS NEWS IN THE TIMES 'Interest Rates Too High* Wright Comments On Business Expansion SAVE $48.96 NOW! POWERFUL 5 HP Reg. $289,95 Value! TILLER with Power Reverse $ 249 ?toy JOHN I)ii Inc s An it\ I LW \ORlv (AP) - flic quo 11011 i n i o U i b l j o n e * foi s\ choloMcal iml polilicil i\al\ t n well i foi uu i ic oXpiils AMij is biismcSs reluL Unl to tomlnjt funds for ciyi bc\pansion ? Koi sdvoiil months 110w Ihqrt seems, to Imc bccti'suf fit-lent mcenli\e fpt T s itysjan Ihl rise in pending pnns but mdustn us a \\holc Instil ic- fcpomled Eo flic economic rgco\ 8 t\ \\illi i grcit deal of en lusiasin Not nearly lo the degree Eo which consumers ;have lifter (heir spending mid tjicir phns for" spending, even though llitii also'continue lo sliow a moderate degree Qf caution. The: most;-; common explanation seems to be · lhjit L with ' manufacturing capacilj being utilized a t ' b n b 80 per cent or ;o there is-s(,MI time tc spue \\b\ build when \ou al ready have unused sprfcc? True, but it lakes time to nut nppropilalc i\' (o .iicni inaku pl*i: fund! and it I'Skp lime Imild iiul \\oik the ^i out of ncu plant IU ome in ilj sh feir tuirOmcr. dein Did \\ill ha\c c\cculccl supply Another school doesn t la^c jicmlj So blctk AH outlook lq sK id members of tins troup look fol in increase in c\ uinsion iclivilj to begin very soon now tlSit thcjc iS issue inc the reco\ery N\on f be aboit6d j V J f John \yright the J, *-esc"ar,ch onenlcd hurt of Wrryu Kink ers 1 Service, whose opinions in fluencG tho handling of hup drodb of millions of doll irs of bink tuiil funds docsn t -)gic ,\vith either theory. The-explanation is obvious. sij s Wi i^hl Interest i^tes a're too high."-This is his observation: N o \ c r before Ins in reccs sioiiaiyl! period, lie maintains, a monetary policy which - has sustained interest rates at lev els which, in prior periods bavi boon i tho caiisif- rather tiitm thfl clii'o of economic recession. ^Vever before dnHng a rcccs- io'iiary priod, he': 1 maintains has" ; Iho - prime lending raEo iqd to decline to well below 6 pcjr/ccnl. and thereby stimulate. i tccu\eii Anct neither has the lon^|enn bond borrowing rale bcenSn untamed it w e l l iboo 8 per'ccnt ^Millc \ \ r i g h l doesn t refer by nVific'.to Arttiur-Burns, the Feder it Rescue Bond cbainmn his criticism ob\iousy Is di tested (o^nrrl bed policy And 1 tbll pobcj some SIN is pii lially derived from this being an election year Sij the critics The Fed doesn't w a n t - t o bQ'"accusccl. as it Ins in the pisl of bending policy to aecoiTJintfdatc the 1 par- tj in power Ihcrcforo it hni miint utied a less cg^y nionc iary policy limn U might.pur- sue in another year. 99 Dependable firiggs Slrat- lon engine v//easy spin slarter. Has controls on handle for easy reach. Center- mounted clutch. 'Double sleel frame vv/du arable enameled finish. WESTERN AUTO Evelyn Hills Shopping Center and Springdalc Store Industrial Clothes Tree Has Name Brands To Fit Your Budget COMPLETE Engine Tune-up $36.88 'Lube and Oil Change $4.88 Brake Overhaul $56.95 ^ GOODYEAR Service Store 104 N. East Ave., Fayelteville Phone 442-6222 PANTSU1T FROM. SPORTSWEAR DISPLAYED IN COMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS OF. CLOTHES SWIFT'S JEWELRY TOMORROW IS PREVIEW DAY! IN ORDER TO PREPARE FOR THIS GREAT EVENT WE WILL · OPEN 12 NOON A SAVINGS ARE UP! PRICES ARE GOING DOWN! MANY UNADVERTISED SPECIALS THROUGHOUT THE STORE. SHOpi EARLY FOR BEST SELECTION. · :-.·-.-- : Good'Selection of Kreisler Lighters \ '· ·'· -'--% , i/ 2 off . ; Select Group of Bulova Watches j 30% Off ' '·__ Select.-Group of Crystal Stemware ·····'·· '"·"··· -.'·· · · V.. !/2 Price '$ EXPERT ffATCn HEPA1R ^^ SWIFTS At tile Clothes Tree in Evelyn Hills Shopping Center- 'they pl'fer, in 'addition to a wide variety of worn ens' clothing, "plain Clearance sloe southern -hospitality," according spring items. . to Mrs. Tom Hcndricks. The dollies Tree is o\vncd i)y ITpnd ricks, her hush anil, Tom and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cannon: The store has a policy of never rushing a customer and o f f e r s , f r e e coffee and friendly conversation lo its .customers, drawn f r o m an nrea ranging Trom, Bella Vista to Himtsviitc to far soiith of Fayptteville and into Oklahoma. Sales e m p l o y e s Nadine Brooks and Lois Dallfeld are on hand to : help customers i i _ selecting from, lines of clothes dictated by more than-.40 years experience in the retail business. Mrs. Hcndricks, manager of the Clothes Tree, says they have -"a wide selection of big lops great with jeans jusl in." Th/j lines for the juniors include Bobbie Brooks, Sclador PBJ. Jorcll and Umar. Cohiing lines to he watdiihg. for''FJI-C Marlon McCoy,:,aml L.G.T. (Lmly'Gbcs Today) which' have just come out . niid guaranteed . t o offer "great loiaks for this summer," Mrs. Hendricks says. . In the Mis?cs : (3cparl ; mcnt The Ctolhes Tree offers famous lines in sportswear such as Joe Ilar- clin and Sonny South/ Plus two new linos coming in called Corinth Street and Donovan -, Gal vani. Mrs- Hcndricks comment? that, "as people change, so should, the. clothes offered" in order to offer th/3 hest^ brands I on everything from scarves fo ong, this week Ihe shoji will feature a special Easter Clearance slocked with pretty O p e n from [-C, Mondajj thronfih Friday, the shop also :arries Castle Cliffs swinging line of costume jewelry a n't] other lin,es of turquoise.- and sterling to complete, any outfit in tlie shop with just the touch. A special feature of shopping at the Clothes Tree is .the casj p access to The Shoe Tre.o,-which is managed by Mr. Hcndricks and opens directly into thp shop. Mr. and Mrs, L Hcndricks do all, their .buying, together arid therefore coordinate ' m a n y of the outfits in the two shops ti offer the · customer, perfectly/' matched accessories f r.o pi tennis shoes with jeans 'to-boots with skirts. Mrs. Hcndricks says enjoys buying for her customers because of the t r u s t - s h e has built through the · years pLeasing them. · ' "Perfect for the tytf'd of \vea : [her we're having now," Mrs Ifondricks says fbc saop offers Mary Kay all weather«coats fbr 1 spring and also Jerold; to keep a lady looking bright-even on the cloudiest days," ;*;··, ''The second Clothes;;-'Tree ;'nt the Fort Smith Phoenix Ma'j] has only been .ppcn s|ncc February but o f f e r s ' t h e cn.h- tinuecl fine selection of price." frangesc ,, _. ...»Clothes as well ,as prices for" her cii.v I Tree come in 1 ; everythin'R' from tomers. ;* - ~ ; . ·"...', ,,,;. "'. ,'"' cotton to chiffon andUri. such " ' - · ' ' ' : nines ns Judy* Starr, Charm for Athough The Clothes Tree the younccrlady. Mi^s K, Lady always Carries a special sates Shahcen:^ : and Mis' Shaheen rack with marked down prices!The?/j'Vdressc5 range in misses istomcrs come Ba ! ck for. ^ ·!·· ····ll ·· HlllHI I I I l | l | ill ||B| T.on, dresses^'the ^\oihes LONG DRESSES HUN THE FULL GAMUT* BELlEflTESSEN CATERING This meohs that we'll prepare the food for your get together. 2-,,--i;'! ·;:· . ''"''?:'f" Perhaps a dinner vyjth a,fe^. f/jends)Vp \un- cheon for YQur'of'fi4e,'an ^tiftipji, .aigVriduo- tipn,.g'swir)'gingipar'ty ;come'op-by aro let's talk abbut its . . " . ; . _ ; ·'%!' p We hove 17 different kinds of meat and 21 varieties of cheese and we're looking forward to seeing you. 231 W. Mountain (\h blks. W/ of Square) 521-6111 HEAVYt^UFFLER · Installed Lifetime Guarantee t American Cars Pickups Except Tornados : ... Eh Dorados DUALS ,;, v ···'£;.:···' cKiice),' ; ' Seebo'9 MUFFLER Hwy 71 So. - 1 Blk. So. of Railroad Crossing Also 2 New Shops in Springfield, Mo. Joplin, Mo.; Qmaha / Neb,; Sprmgdale^ Ark. Ft. Smilh, Ark.; Miami, Okla, 8--6 Mon.--Fri. 8--5 Sat. 442-4242 sixes' From 6 up in a wirle variety or colors and styles. Make a point En stoj) by Ehc Clothes;lree today and sec Uic latest looks for idday^ and tomorrow' with free candy,at the register. .It's a fripndly-vfay to shop. Come on' by and meet" Stan Campbell ' and see the exciting new showrooni at: jCcufiA fflrod. ·',.' Vf "jj' IN THE HOME CENTER

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