Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 4
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-A-4-- INDEPENDENT' , ; C«ll(.,tlniri v r*k. 11. IMI Northern Areas Eye ter SAN FRANCISCO *)_Riv ers; and l a k e ! throughout Northern California neared flood stages and at some points .Overflowed Wednesday night in :*h'« wake of 13 days of rain. ,y«- -and -.secondary. · .at several. point* were ; by slides.' iugh nearly all the, rain rivers and lakes were _J -to drop below flood «TM.-^ by -morning more ; rain '·'axijected Friday could cause jthein 'to- rise again, £"*"S) , * » * . . * . : reported in .. _ :1, River bottom land in i'Hnmboldt County after' the «ri\Si' level had" reached. two ',Je.e;tTM«bove the 17.5 foot flood Hjrtit ?and was expected to rise $dJ2vor 23' feet. - r *" TliftTC w6r$ · no evi.cu8.tion! '·reported, although water «wep rovv-iarmlands at Fernbridge, p*: Myiway 29 in Lake.' Countj ^and'Wlghway 290 from Lake-tf ' ; Meji3lbcino- C o u n t i e s wer Jclojfed, temporarily when wate J'baflJHSl up over both of them fcHii^way 101 was .partlallj ;lblcjk?d -by slides at severa ··JH'frWocino and Humbold : County points, *.r '.The Northwestern Pacifi iRallrpad halted passenger »erv v3c«'itbetween ' San 'Rafasl an a because of-uide dangei 5*250 men armed with bull , ..power shovels .-,, fought jinks and ilide -;toJ(eep the freight trains mov m pmtisED, JJTS WIFE Scott lilt Senate if 'MAD BOTTLES' RESTING Some of the "mad bottles" that'have-been blowing their\tops for.a week.ih the Seaford N-Y.^home of Mrs. Lucille Hermann (shown above) to the dismay of.the, Herman 'family and. authorities. Planted "decoy" bottles were keeping their Ms ' Tuesday.^--(AP Wirephoto.) . . ' Bottle Front's Quiet, WASHINGTON (10)''.-- Sen, Harry F. Byrd D-V»,),'7p-yearr old iMdir of the Senate'i icon- only Woe, announced WidnH- day he would bow.out of the inati next year, at thi beheit rSiii'ailing \ylfi., . . . , Byrd, * veterwrof 24 yiaw In the. Senatt and 40. yiari In politlci, »ald he-had. promlMd tui wife whin" hi r»ii ilx yian ago that.-*·; would riot;.:*i candldati'for. re-ilictlon._; : .^ 'Since thih,.-ihe:hai iuffir«d a,crippllnglllne««'and U an invalid," he iald;'K.ii our diiln to »pend ; our live»-tpgitKir: at home in-yirflnia.''-:. · , , ' · BYBD, CHAIRMAN;of thi Senate FfnancV Comnilttei and one pf, tht f6romoit'-fl«cal ex- porti In cpnirjriu, promlied'i to continue lb :d.b "all--1: e« good gownunent.-in':Vlrilnia andthe nation." -.··.',,'_: · · ' . ·During his mori ;than 40 yeari in public-office both' hire and in Virginia, he laid; "I have; given thi best in mt-.,... within the scope of my Iflhited activities." v . · v His "limited" activities · included service in the S t a t e .Legislature and as Governor; of Virginia; He was. also a neVcs- paper publisher and one of the leading apple-growers 'in the East. In the Senate, -Byrd was the foremost exponent of reduced government ipending »nd..a balanced, budget. Although a Knowland, who. is seeking the California- governorship; , and. Sen's; H.' Altxander, Smith (R- NJ),. : William Hemier .(R-Ind) and Edward Martin'.(R-Pa). Byrd'i retirement wiU not materially^ affect, the- Democrats' 'fight to · increase their margin of Senate control in the fovembtr elections,: 'in .which 0. Republictn*., and,only; Democratic:\»eats :. .vvill'-be , take.".'They;ipresently-i hold a ri WAS; CONSIDERED a oregone" ··conclusion .that' : a Democrat would · be"-"chown ; to iucceeo^Byrd; ; -v': ;;^,. · -.v; v- · O t : her-: leriatori, .especially members juf 'thei-iouthern'bloc pemoc'rat, h'l wa«treiuen«y;a oddi with .-the; national admin [jtritibn». : of former President Rooievelt and Truman.. .-.'·· · .;-., * *· * »'..; TRUMAN- COMMENTED' I 1948 that "there.-are too-man Pyrds. .in the Senate,"..The. re suiting furor .quickly blew;it self out, however.. His'decisloh to retire bring to five the number,of senator who' already -"have-; announce" they will not seek re-election. '.The others .are . Senate Re publican Leader . William F 9 to ; 47-edge. ··»,·· ;»* '*. '·· LOS "ANGELES (HE).-- L. Ewing Scott,'·' a lengthy .Superior Court trial .of slaying Ms missing .wife, laid Wednesday that if he were granted a new trial h« would testify in his own defense. ' The 61-year-old 'prisoner, In a county'jail interview, charged that his-attorneys'"ran roughshod" over his suggestion that he take' the stand; at his' murder trial ·Scott was convicted last De- ember - o f ; "the first-degree mrder '-at- Evelyn" Throsby cott, 63, who---disappeared May'16,-1855. The dapper -prisoner '-had hi ew attorney, -Morris fiavine vitii him' duririK-the - interview cott admitted "'that he yvitched'-'attorneyi because -P Scott was sentenced ,to life:.'; imprisonment but 'Judg« Cl«--"'; ent D. Nye :granted s Mm per-J^.' mission, to. remain in County^. ail pending an:appeaL.; rj . . ,. -'·.; Lavine saW it would .be from, j to 90.. days before h« is -. retdy to opening brief"~l n ; Scott'» behalf with appeal; ; ourts. .1 ' . '· \ h which he was: a-power, were. quick to: .bewaU;-Byrd'» retirement' · ···'·-.-··u ·'·''''·'^"·~'.. His juijiorlcolliagye, .Sen.:A Willis' Robertson'- .(D-Va) ia|f he wai' "deeply : 'moved'* and greatly distressed .'.by the'.announcement^. He-' said -.-"not since the early days of the.'republic has a" Virginia' senator equaUe'd the-.national. reputation enjbyed.b'y Senator'Byrd.' 'S. en; '· Sam . J. : Eryin-. .Jr.' P- NC) called .Byrd's retiremen "a national s' tragedy." Hi praised Byrd-for'his "powerful intelligence, the'.highest · degree of intellectual honegty and ,vm surpassed moral- and pqlitica courage." ; , Bastt : .Lambroi,' his forme o'unsel,-:would not -allow him io testify-'iri his- own' defense? THE BULL SUIT IQM*»IACH . ih«K«rt«t Mini, h VODKA ! i«fl««tftotn|nlii.Stt;Plin» ; .· * » * * RUSSIAN River over- near' Hopland".and ville, closing spme mds ·ij£iinu]ndatlng summer homes. racing down Fitch n« r Healdsburg and patios of ' summer homes,- . · fttc/uct Ftvj rfch, Achy AtiMr/ts of COLDS and first symptom* of ._- r doctor. Thtn, iinct ----CK^I^U authorities prescribe bed - irrt and aspirin. b« sure you v "TM f-'St Joseph Aspuun on hand. ^·Recent laboratory tests prove l: '*.St. Joseph A^?M? Ut L«2 1e » ''faster in oisintegratinf »won man .-other leading brand! tert«d. -· · St Joseph Aspirin Ur«»dy to ','''lo to woric 3 -Ome« faster to rt- «3uce f«ver, east^chy muery of -colds and flu. Us.d "^, 0( 5J ·^·without stomach-upMt, 100 tablets ; j;jv, 200 only 79c.,G«t the .belt for t St. Jo»ph Aspirin. SE'AFORD, N. Y. . quiet on-,'the bottle -front was the w o r d' Wednesday; at the James Hermann home. But the 'amily nervously pricfte'd their ears for a-tell-t'ale "phhht" that' would signal the--start other bottle -revolt For more than .a week, Hermann,, his wife arid two children have been, plagued by all sorts of bottles ir.'the house blowing their tops, jiggling; spinning, turning over · and spilling.' . . - ' · " Nassau" County . detectives Tuesday set up an elaborate experiment. New bottles 'with screw-type lids were filled with water and set about the house AUL DAY Mrs. H e r m a n n kept an eye on the bottles Nothing' happened. But when Hermann' came home from Dollar Days at ZUnURStfiwnttWR L*ng Btach · Set P«gt DD1 work · he 1 '' and · detective. Bert McConnell found-a capless ; per- ume bottle, overturned in, his daughter's bedroom'and a can of turpentine, likewise, in the cellar., .' , ./.'.; · : . · "There' is evidence of some. thing," McConnell said^Wednes day, "sx we have asked the !anily "to' 1 '"go through 'anothe; dry--well;" wet run.'V But ajl day the decoy water bottles, sat. unmoving,: .their "ids firmly-.on.... . . ,:·.- ..Mrs. .Hermann; harried- by television: camera crews, /news men, ..photographers, .detective and strangers, wandering -in pinned her hopes on another | test scheduled for today. "A man from the Long Island Lighting Co. is coming with some, kind of .testing machine to' check all the wiring in-the house," she said: . - . - · . ' All.-kinds of theories have been put forward--^mysterious radio waves, an underground Stream setting up undetected vibrations, a magnetic, field set up bis* 116 electrical wiring, and ghosts. So far, one's as good as another. 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