Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 1, 1963 · Page 9
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 9

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 1, 1963
Page 9
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PAGE 10 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY I. 1963 HUMPHREY HUSH FOLLOWING ELECTION Red Threat In Italy J Advertisement WHAT DO DOCTORS RECOMMEND the Most For TENSE, NERVOUS HEADACHES? A-NACINS contains the pain reliever doctors recommend most for headaches. In minutes--pain goes, so does its tension, mental fatirue and depression. New York, N.Y. Medical reports confirm that tense, nervous headaches are by far the most common kind. They are caused b y t e n s i o n t h a t presses on the n e r v e s . But f o r t u n a t e l y , o n e c a n g e t remarkable relief in minutes w i t h this special t a b l e t -Anacin. Anacin not only relieves the pain, but also relaxes its tension and releases painful pressure on nerves -- bringing you fast 'ail-over' relief. Anacin is like a doctor's prescription. That is, a combination of ingredients. The reason Anacin Tablets are so effective is because they c o n t a i n t h e pain r e l i e v e r doctors recommend the most plus an extra ingredient not f o u n d i n l e a d i n g a s p i r i n s o r b u f f e r e d a s p i r i n s . A n d A n a c i n has such a g e n t l e a c t i o n . D o e s n ' t leave y o u depressed or 'let down.' This b i g d i f f e r e n c e in Anacin makes the big difference in the way you feel. Buy Anacin todav. Worst In 15 Years R O M E -- U P I -- T h e results of Italy's f i f t h post-war general elections today put the country under its most serious threat from domestic communism in 15 years. The election outcome appeared to doom Premier Amintore Fanfani's pro-Western "center-left" government and promised a period of political instability for Italy, a key member of the North A t l a n t i c Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Common Market. THE POWERFUL I t a l i a n Communist party, largest in the West, picked up a m i l l i o n votes for a record 25 per cent of all ballots cast last Sunday and Monday. The Communists increased t h e i r strength in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Their success injected added jubilation into traditional May Day celebrations held in scores of Italian cities. There was a frenzied tone to marches and rallies scheduled in almost every town and village in the country's "Red belt" around Bologna. In Rome alone, more than 100,000 Communists jammed a downtown square to chant "victory . . . victory . . . victory." Shouts of "no to the Polaris (missile)" were inter- ipersed. Police kept a close watch in the capital but no incidents were reported. IN MILAN, HOWEVER, a hand grenade and two Molotov cocktails were hurled at the town hall and the headquarters of an industrialists' association. Police arrested two suspects and said they were believed members of a l e f t i s t organization. Town hall was damaged slightly and the grenade merely broke a few windows, authorities said. A streetcleaner was reported injured. To emphasize the swing away from Fanfani's "center- left" experiment, the right- wing Liberal party more than doubled its 1958 score. T H E L I B E R A L S campaigned almost exclusively against Fanfani's flirtation with the Socialists of Pietro Nenni. Their sharp gains all but broke the back of the premier's famous "opening to the left." Fanfani heads the Christian Democrats. Communist party Leader Palmiero Togliatti i s s u e d what appeared to be a call for another political c o m m o n front with the Socialists even while final results were coming in yesterday. "It seems to me certain that a new political course has been opened in Italy in which the initiative of our party and of left-wing democratic forces, if united, could have a decisive part," he said. Whether Nenni Socialists would respond to the appeal remained in doubt. They broke away from the Communists in 1956, but nearly half the party has retained its pro-Communist leanings. The Communist-line Paese Sera said Liberal gains were nullified by the balloting. It said that while Fanfani's Christian Democrats w e r e dropping 4 per cent from their 1958 totals, the Communist party alone picked up 3 per cent. The liberals, monarchists and neo-fascists combined gained about 2 per cent. THE SOCIALIST party organ Avanti said the elections reflected a "clear shift to the left" throughout Italy. The Christian Democratic organ 11 Popolo said that Communist gains "caused confusion." The Communists and Socialists ran together in the elections of 1948, when Marxism threatened to take over Italy at the polls. But they lost out to the Christian Democrats, who have been running the country ever since. PRIZES Y 1-2-3-4 REFRESHMENTS U.S.D.A. FRYERS Cut Up or Whole Lean, Well Trimmed PORK CHOPS Morrell's Yorkshire or Wilson's Corn King Sliced Thick or Thin Contract Let For Well. Pumps Southern Arizona Machinery Co. has been awarded a $21,597 contract to supply the city with four gas-powered water pump engines for city well sites. A $16,139 bid was submitted by Equipment Sales Service Co. for the four engines. City officials selected the high bidder, however, because its per-month m i n i m u m maintenance costs were lower than those bid by Equipment Sales. The Citizen Thursday erroneously said the $21,597 and $16,139 bids were on a per-engine basis. 7-BONE CUT CHUCK STEAK From the "Heart of the Chuck" NEBRASKA CORNFED USDA CHOICE BEEF GR: BEEF Extra Lean Our « s Family Special *9 Extra Lean Juicy, Flavorful Ib. Perfect for Broiling. No fat IB U 1 W B V B P Ib. Lean, Tender, Round Bone Cornfed U.S.D.A. Choice Ib. Blade Cut, Beef Chuck, Extra Tender and Juicv Ib. BABY BEEF LIVER asne Hickory smoked cured like Ham PORK CHOPS , b 69° Use for Roasting or will slice ROAST Pork Loin . lh 45° Country Style Lean Meaty. SPARE RIBS ... lb . 49° 39' Seasoned Just Right -S A U S A G E ' Bologna . All-meat Wilson's Certif'd Ib. Finest Selection of FRESH FISH SEAFOOD 49= Oracle and Phone 792-0851 BAR MEAT MARKET Prince Roads "Home of Nebraska Beef" Courtesy Quality is our Business SERVICE . C O U P O N -·* per service call on evaporative cooler or auto air conditioner ALL WORK GUARANTEED Phone MA 4-2321 DUANE and EDDIE 7253 M a n o n a Grande Koslov Has Had Brioht o Career Successor To Khrushchev? By United Press Internationa! Whenever the talk in international diplomatic circles touches on a possible successor to N i k i t a S. Khrushchev, the name of Frol R, Kozlov inevitably comes up. Kozlov at 54 still is a relatively young man. He combines the veneer of a Western diplomat w i t h the toughness of an inveterate Communist. And his star- studded career provides the background that would be necessary for a top Soviet leader. As a secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee and member of the Presidium, he now is part of the inner circle t h a t forms the Soviet Union's domestic and foreign policies. XOZLOV IS of the new generation of Soviet leaders brought into prominence by Khrushchev. He was a child during the Russian revolution. He joined the Communist youth organization at the age of 15 and worked his %vay up through. the party and government while plying his trade as a metallurgist. He f i r s t attained national prominence in 1953 when he was made first secretary of the Leningrad regional committee. Three years later he was elected a member of the bureau of the central committee. Khrushchev was elected to the same body at the same time. Kozlov became an alternate member of the central committee's presidium in 1957 and a full member shortly afterward--at the time the antiparty group headed by former Premier G e o r g i Malenkov was ousted. IN DECEMBER of that year Kozlov was made premier of the Russian Republic -- the largest state in the Soviet Union -- and became first deputy premier of the Soviet Union in 1958. In 1960 he was moved to a secretaryship in the party central committee, putting him at real source of Sovie power. Khrushchev chose Kozlov as his advance ambassador for the trip to the Unitec States in 1959. Urbane and smiling, Kozlov carried of the visit well. He showed a cheerful will ingness to deal with American capitalists and kept the threa of Soviet missiles in the back ground. But when the occa sion arises he can make jus as strong an anti-Western speech as Khrushchev. Kozlov is about 5 feet 1C inches tall and broad-shoul dered. He is married, but littl is known publicly about hi family. State Medical Association Opens 72nd Conclave Here With about 300 physicians from all over the state attending, the 72nd annual convention of the Arizona Medical Association opened today in the Pioneer Hotel. One of the highlights of the session is the presidential address to be given tomorrow by Tucson allergist, Dr. William B. Steen, who will be president for the 1963 - 64 term. Steen, who has been in Tucson since 1937, succeeds Dr. Clarence E. Yount Jr. of Prescott. The four-day gathering will include scientific sessions on pain, pediatric surgery, obstetrics and gynccology, allergy, viral hepatitis, hernia, congenital hip dislocation, the treatment of brain tumors and the use of drugs in the treatment of asthma. There also will be sessions o n emphysema, v i t a m i n poisoning of infants and children, developments in peptic Building Code Hearing Slated By City Council ANSWERING SERVICE PATIO GARDEN. AMPLE PARKING. REASONABLE RENTS 2030 E. SPEEDWAY PH.325-712T The City Council will hold public hearing at 2 p.m. londay on the incorporation f the International Confer- nce of Building Officials 961 Uniform Building Code nto the City Code. Copies of the new code -y be examined at either ne cuy clerk's office, on the econd floor of the old City lall building, or the inspec- or's office, on the first floor f the new City Hall build- g- The city currently operates ncier the 1958 edition of the Uniform Building Code. When City Manager Mark \eane handed the proposed lew code to the council on \pril 20, he told them that t "makes allowances for new nethods of construction and lew materials used for contraction." The 1961 and 1958 building ·odes are "generally similar," eane added. He pointed out, however, hat the 1961 edition con- ains changes in fire resistive ating requirements, nursing ind geriatric homes, mini- mum plumbing requirements, uses of certain types of lum- jcr, lateral force regulations or commercial and high-rise niilclings, public assembly luiklings, grandstands and ents. Other changes include a reduction in minimum ceiling weights in certain cases fron 8 feet to 7 feet, 6 inches; per- nitting the use of certain types of hemlock and larch umber; easing of testing requirements for plastic build- ng materials and a change in he minimum requirement; for kitchen sinks, water closets, lavatories, bathtubs and showers in dwellings. Chief City Inspector Rich ard Higginbotham said today that sufficient copies of the code are not available fo distribution to interested per sons and firms. He urged all interested par ties, however, to review the code, either in his office o in City Clerk Mary Fields office, before Monday's pub lie hearing. D-MRiiiff Figure " C? Loses Plea Judge James A. Walsh Monday denied a motion for a reduction of sentence for Ed sel Dekalb Howell, 43, of Florence, S. C., who admitted involvement in the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base theft ring. Howell, who testified for the government at the trial o other men involved in the thefts, drew an 18-month sen tence. Attorney William Tinne pointed out that Clint R Wooldridge, another forme defendant who became ; prosecution w i t n e s s , was paroled a f t e r serving only a portion of his 18-month term. Walsh said he had taken into account all relevant details at the time of the sentencing. ulcer treatment, the status ol nfectious enteric diseases in Arizona, heart disease and nesthesia, and a mcdico- egal panel discussion. In conjunction with the convention, the 15th annual neeting of the Arizona Ulue Shield was held today. The izona Medical Association House of Delegates comprises he corporate body of the Blue Shield plan. According to L. Donald Lau executive director of the )lan, $4,796,688 was paid physicians during the year for he care provided Blue Shield members. Total nine Shield ncome for the year was $5,003,916.84. Lau said both figures represent all - time lighs in t h e history of the plan. The association's woman's auxiliary will hold its 33rd a n n u a l meeting during the convention, w i t h business sessions and luncheons being held at the hotel and the Skyline Country Club. GET DE ROOT "Kills: Clears Roots" In Your Sewer Line Now J3.00 2 Ib. has SOLD EXCLUSIVELY AT NAUGHTON PLUIVmiNG SALES CO. 4226 S. Gth Ave. Ph. 2M-8271 ANNUAL MAY SALE Sale Ends May 29 FREE 4 PAIR WITH PURCHASE OF SOCKS ANY PAIR OF MEN'S SHOES or BOOTS . 2.95 to 15.95 BOAT CUSHION $Q 15x15x2 ·· MEN'S STRAW HATS 79' GREY BLANKET $ 2.95 Bad Check Case Ends In Mistrial A bogus check case in Superior Court ended in a mistrial Monday when Judge Richard Roylston ruled testimony of a state's witness improper and prejudicial to the defendant. Deputy County Atty. Patricia Scott, the prosecutor, said a new trial would be scheduled for Dorothy Elaine Mansfield, IS, of 114 E. 25th St. Miss Mansfield, represented by attorney Jack Podret, is accused of a t t e m p t i n g to pass a bogus check to o b t a i n $25 from a supermarket on Feb. 26. Metal Covered Foot Lockers With Lock and Keys 10x8 Umbrella TENTS IT'S HERE -- What You Waited For All Year O'RIELLY Chevrolet's ?!·" 4JT * U.S. ARMY SURPLUS PUP TENTS 55.95 Complete with Poles Pegs Army and Air Force FATIGUES 52.79 Pants or Shirt Waist Sizes 2S (o VI PORTABLE TOILET With Chemical Bag 53.88 LIFE VESTS U.S. Coastguard 45 to 90 IBs. 52.49 ADULT SIZE ... 52.88 GARDEN HOE 51.49 BOW RAKE 51.49 Long Handle GARDEN SHOVEL 51.49 SUNBURN CREAM / 2 -LB. SADDLE SOAP 9C 19° Replacement WEBBING For Lawn Chairs 2'/i Inches Wide ....Yd. MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS FRUIT OF THE LOOM--Reg. ss.nn--NOW. 2 $ 5 oo DESERT WATER BAGS 2 Gallon $ 4 29 Size I CAR TOP Luggage Carriers $ 7.95 5 x 7 TARPS Waterproofed MANY OTHER SIZES 50-Ft. Plastic GARDEN HOSE Si39 1 5-Gal. G.I. Gas Cans . 5-Gal. G.I. Water Cans 2.95 3,95 BaMery powered-- actually goes at a safe 6 m.p.h. No purchase necessary -- y o u need not be present at drawing to win! ^ wnof rwxffi On Hundreds of New '63's - Cheyrolets * Corvairs · Chevy It's · Tracks CHOOSE FROM 450 CARS IN STOCK! One Location Only NEW O'RIELLY CHEVROLET WAREHOUSE Open 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. EAST 22nd ST. at S. PARK Outside White Paint Redwood Stain Large (16-oz.) Spray Paint 51.88 ga!.$1.88 79= GENUINE ARMY Surplus Items Knapsacks and CQc 1 AQ Back Packs «'*» '" ' ·**»* Pistol Belfs 88 C Canteens 59 C ro 1.99 Canteen Covers 39 C Mess Kiis c 'CLOTHES Sizes M to 18 Reg. J2.D5 Sl/es 2fl to 50 Re K . $105 Shirts $2 RO Pants $3 r 0 N o w . . . . * £ » 3 7 NOW ....*J.D7 : COMPLETE LINE OF FISHING TACKLE BOB'S BARGAIN BARN 2230 N. COUNTRY CLUB Open 8:M to 8:.in 902 I-. SPEEDWAY Open 8:30 tn 8

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