Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 8, 1929 · Page 21
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1929
Page 21
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THE ALTOONA MIRROR—FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1929 MAN FROM MOROCCO *r\* ! (Continued From Page 20) He had Indeed a very excellent purpose to serve. His Moorish "wife" had been brought post haste to the houae in the hills that Joan might see her, and, seeing her, understand. The subtle mind of Ralph Hamon was never better illustrated than in this act of his. He went back to Sad! Hafiz. "I'm going to see my lady," he said, "and afterward I will bring you in." He ta.pped at the door of the draw- iVig room, and as there was no answer, he turned the handle and walked In. _-.^4n was on a music-stool before the grand piano, her hands folded on her lap. All the evening she had been trying to work up an inclination to play, and she had at last brought herself to the piano when Hamon made his appearance. "Are you comfortable?" he asked. She did not reply. He stood for a while, adorning the straight figure and the calm, imperturbable face. A lesser breed would have shown the hatred and loathing she felt, but not a line of her face Changed, and he might have been a servant of Creith who had come at her summons,' so unmoved and unemotional was her reception. "It is a beautiful place, eh? One of the loveliest in Morocco," he went on. "A girl could be happy here for a year or two. Have you seen Number One?" He eat down, uninvited, and lit a cigar. "By Number One, I presume you mean Mrs. Hamon?" He : nodded. She had never seen Ralph Hamon look quite so cheerful as he did at that moment. It was as though all the trouble in the world had rolled away from him and left him care-free and buoyant at heart. \ "When I say 'rst, 1 " said Joan care- fijllly^ "I, of course, expose my ignoi 1 - tipce.ot Moorish customs. At any rate, she is the first I have seen." "And the last you'll see, Joan," 1 he said with a laugh. "Marriages, they say, are made in heaven. Pleasant alliances can bo made in Morocco, but Number One, first, last and all tho time,- will be Lady Joan Hamon." A sadow of a smile came and went. "It sounds beastly, doesn't it? she said frankly. She had a trick of irritating him more than any other human being. She could get under his chin and drag on the raw places. For a second his eyes blazed, and then, swallowing his rage, he forced a laugh. Secretly he admitted her cool insolence, and would gladly have imitated her if it were possible. "It may sound bad, but it is a good enoughname for me," he said. 'Is that a. Moorish custom too?" she Asked coolly. "That ft girl takes the name of the man who abducts her? You must instruct me in the Moorish marriage laws; I'm afraid I'm totally ignorant on the subject." He crossed to where she was sitting, pulling his chair — "'1 him. "Now listen, Joan,'! he said quietly. The-re is to'be no Moorish marriage. There Is to be an honcst-to-God marriage, conducted by a fully ordained minister of the Episcopalian church, with wedding ring and the usual parj- phernalia. I asked you Just now, had you seen my Moorish wife, and I guess you have. What do you think of her?'' Joan did not speak. She was trying to discover what he was aiming at. 'What do you thing of her?" he asked again. 'I feel extremely sorry for her, Sh« wasn't particularly pleasant to rne, but I have every sympathy for her." "You have, eh? Fat, isn't she? Patsyfaccd and overfed. They go like, that in Morocco. It is the dark of the harem, the absence of liberty and exercise. It is being treated like cattle, locked up in a hothouse atmosphere day and night, and exercised for half- an-hour a day under the eyes of the slaves. Why, it is worse than being in prison. That is what it means to be a Moorish wife. Jean, do you want to be a Moorish wife?" She met his eyes straightly. "I don't want to be any kind of wife to you," she said. v "Do you want to be a Moorish wife?" he asked her. "Or do you want to be married and have children who can bear your name and inherit your father's title?" She arose abruptly from the stool and walked to the end of the room, her back toward him. "We won't go any farther into this question for the moment," said Ralph, rising. "I'd like you to meet a very dear friend of mine, Sadi Hanz, ami be civil to him, do you hear—but not too civil." Something In his tone made her turn. "Why?" she asked. "Because he is feeling sore with me just now. He is very keen on Lydia, and Lydia has slipped him. I don't want him to have ideas about you. Ho left her to meditate upon this warning and went out to return witii the silk-robed Sadl, and a new factor came immediately into play. One glance Joan gave and she knew that this man was as great a danger as Ralph Hamon. Greater, for if he was as remorseless, he was less susceptible since he had not that brand of human vanity which made Ralph Hamon so easy to handle. She hated him, with his fat expressionless face and his dark, unblinking eyes that looked at her through and through, appraising her as though she were cattle. She hated him for the veneer of his civil- «What a difference," says PENN. mother "TV/TY little (laughter, Edith, JLVJ. suffered from constipation until she was very weak and pale," says Mrs. M. Brown, 215 Maple Avenue, Philadelphia. "She got so we had to force her to eat, and nothing agreed with her. "What a difference there is since we've been giving her California Fig Syrup. She began to pick up with the first dose. Now she's well, strong and happy, with a splendid appetite and wonderful color." When bad breath, coated tongue or fretfulness warn of constipation, don't wait. Give your child a little California Fig Syrup. A child loves it. Headaches, feverishness, biliousness vanish with its use. Weak stomach and bowels are strengthened. Appetite improves. Digestion and assimilation are assisted. Weak children are strengthened. To identify the genuine, endorsed by physicians for 50 years, look for the word California on the carton. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP THE HICH, FRUITY lAXATIVE AND TONIC FOB CHILDREN CHRISTMAS Is Just Around The Corner Advance Sale of Toys Make Your Selection Now For Later Delivery Children's Table and Chair Sets Assorted Colors, $5.98 up Cltildrea's Jleeil Kocker, upholstered seat, assorted color*, *450 up. Doll Bassinettes, 25 In. lone, IS la. wide, 20 in. high, on rollers, assorted colors $1.«8 Children's Blackboards, with genuine slate 13Vixl8 in $2.60 Doll Coaches, rubber tires, different colors. $6.60 Small Bed Chairs and Rockers »8c Velocipedes with 1 Inch rubber balloon tires............'... ..$5.60 up Scooters. Coaster Wagons, Kiddle Cars and many other toys. Crosle* and Pliilco Radios CBEDIT TEJUMS IN THE CITY Gately & Fitzgerald Credit Company Corner Seventh Street and Eighth Avenue satioh, his polite English, his ready mile. Here, then, was the danger; r.his she ecognlzed Instantly. Sadl Haflz did not remain long—Just ng enough to create an impression. n Joan's face he would have been sur- rised If he had read her henrt and ind, for. he rather flattered himself ion his flair for Imposing his person- Ity upon women. "What do you think of him?" asked alph when he. had gone. "I haven't thought," she said un- uthfully. "A good friend and a bad enemy," aid Hamon sententiously. "I wisn ydia had had a little more sense. lie owes me something." Joan thought it was possible that he light owe Lydia something, too, but as not in the mood for conversation. nexpectedly he rose. "I'm going now. You'll find your eeping room, I suppose? Pleasnnt reams." She said nothing. At the door he turned. "A Christian wife had a better lime ian a Moorish wife. I guess you've noticed that already." Still she did not speak. "We'll be married in two days," he said, and, with a crooked smile: "Would you like anybody else to come to the wedding?" "You dare not," she was taunted into saying. "You dare not produce an English clergyman!" "Oh, daren't I?" he said. "I'l not only produce him but he'll marry us whatever you say and whatever protests you make. You're going to meet an old friend, Joan." "An old friend?" She was for the moment taken back. "An old clerical friend," said Hamon. , "The Rev. Mr. Bannockwalte," nnd with this parting shot he left her and she heard the key turn In the lock. (To Bo Continued.) LOS ANGELES UETtJllNS. LAKEHURST, N. J., Nov. 8.—The navy dirigible Los Angeles returned to Its hangar at 2.20 a. m. today after a night to Akron, O., for the laying of the ring girder of the new dirigible ZRS-4. PAVING COSTS COMPUTED. Two Blocks Ait Eighth Street, .TimhUa, Involved $4,71);!.615 Outlny. The final estimate on the cost of the paving of Eighth streo f , Fourth to Sixth avenues, Junlata, computed in the city engineer's office, shows a total outlay for the work of $4,792.64. There were 1,297.9 square yards at $2.67 a yard. There were extra charges for sewer and curb work and $319.74 for engineering and inspection. Bell alley, Third to Fourth streets, Involved 700.3 square yards at $3.01 or $2,107.90, with $130.40 for engineering and inspection and $12.60 for expansion joints, making a total cost of $2,250.80, or at the rate of $2.81 per foot front. A grading job at the Intersection of Bell avenue and Hagerty street was done at a cost of $502, of which the city pays $288.96 and $203.04 is assessed at a. rate of $1.02 per foot front. Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nov. 7th—8th—9th ORIGINAL AMER/CASGBEATESTDRUG STORES\ ONE What Is A One Cent Sale? I T is a sale where yon buy an item at the regular price, then another item of the same kind for one cent. As an illustration: The standard price of Klenzo Dental Cremeia 50c, you buy a tube 'at this price and by paying one cent more, or SI cents, you get two tubes and save 49 cents. Every article in this sale is a' high class standard piece of merchandise, just the same as is sold every day at regular price. No limit — bay 'alt you want, but on Thursday, Friday and Saturday only! ' Save Money on TOILET NEEDS, Etc. 2 for 26c 2 for 1.01 SALE A Profit-sharing Method of. Advertising 25c Rerall Tooth Paste 1.00 Georgia ftose Body Powder 50c Georgia! Rose Face Powder . \ . 2 for 51c 25c Lanolin . . 2 for 26c 25c Resell Cold Cream 2 for 26c 50c Lemon Cocoa Butter Skin Cream . 2 for 51c 25c Jonteel Soap . 2 for 26c 20e Wash Cloths . 2 for 21C 49c Klenzo Hand Brushes 2 for SOc 1.00 Harmony Quinine , Hair Tonic . 2 for1 Ml 3So Harmony Cream of Almonds . . 2 for 36c SOc Harmony Rolling . Massage Cream . 2 JOT 51c 25c Tiny Tot Talcum 2 for 26c SOc Arbutus Vanishing ' Cream . . . 2 for Sic SOc Bouquet Ramee , Talcum . . 2 for 51c 1.00 Bouquet Ramee Face Powder . 3 5c Juneve Talcum . 25c Violet Duke Talcum 25c Narcisse Talcum 25c Harmony Toilet Cream 39c Harmony Cocoanut Oil Shampoo SOc Hair Fix 35c Antiseptic Tooth Powder SOc Kilter's Brilllantine 75c Hair Stimulator SOc Harmony Cocoa Butter Cold Cream 25c Medicated Skin Soap 25c Klenzo Tar Shampoo Soap ISc Rexall Toilet Soap 2 for 1.01 2 for 36c 2/pr26c 2 for 26c 2/or26c 2/or40c 2 for 51c 2 for 36c 2 for Sic 2/or76c 2 for Sic 2/or26c 2 for 26c 2/orl6c Say* Money on FINE STATIONERY 1,00 Avalon Papeterie— 34 sheets, 34 envelopa deckled. Stytiih shada. 2 for 1.01 50d Lord Baltimore , Papeterie, white . A JOT OlC SOc Lord Baltimore , Brocade, titiW . * JOT SIC 45cCascada Pound Paper, about po sheas . * JW *OC 40c Cascade Envelopes, . package of 50 : * J<T **C SOc Maraala Pound Paper, box 71 flat iheett £ JOT Die SOc Marsala Envelopes, box of 50 . . 2/or51a lOo Medford Writing Tablets, rultd or plain Z JOT lie (69c) 100 Puretest Aspirin Tablets 2 for 70C 30c Rexall Shaving Cream 2/br31c SOc Jonteel Face Powder 2 for SIC 59c Pint Puretest Rubbing Alcohol 2 for 60C SOc Riker'a Ilasol Fragrant Lotion lwrg« SOc Klenzo LiquidAntUeptic Mouth Waah 2/or51c 75c Rexall Theatrical Cold Cream Pound Tin 2 for 76C / SOc Klenzo Dental Creme Larg* Tub* 2/or5lc SOc Pint Puretest Milk of Magnesia 2/br51c SOc Harmony Shaving Lotion 2/br51c 35c Klenzo Tooth Brushes CAdulU) 2 for 36C 2Sc Puretest Epaom Salts 2 f^ 26c Pound Tin sale wm developed by the •*• United Drug Co. as an advertising plan. Rather than spend large sums of money in other ways to convince you of the merit of these goods, they are spending It on this sale in permitting us to sell ycro a full size package of high standard merchandise for one cent. It costs money to get new customers, but the sacrifice in profit is justified, as we know the goods will please you. Puretect and Rexall REMEDIES SOc Cherry Bark Cough Syrup ... 2 for Sic 25c One Minute Headache Powders (24's) . 2 for 26c 1.00 Syrup Hypophosphltes Compound, pint 2 for 1.01 We Antiseptis (mouth wash) pint . . 2 for 70c (SOc Petrofol (American) pint ... 2 for 61c 25c MereorochronM '(Solution 2%) . 2 for 26c 35c Analgesic Balm . 2 for 36c 2 So Aspirin Tablets (24*i) 2 for 26c 2Sc Castor Oil . . 2 for 26c SOc No, 6 Disinfectant pint ... 2 for Sic 40c Peroxide of Hydrogen pint ... 2 for 41e ?5c "93" Shampoo Past* 2 for 26c SOc Dyspepsia Tablets (so-s) . . . 2 for Sic 2Sc Catarrh Jelly . 2 for 26c 25c Corn Solvent . 2 for 26c 2Sc Carbolic Salve . 2 for 26c 25c Special Cold Tablets (30's) . . . 2/or26c SOc Diuretic Pills (60's) 2 for Sic 25c Larkspur Lotion (2 os.) 2 for 26c 2Sc Little Liver Pills (loo's) . . . 2 for 26e 9Sc Toothache Drops (with tweezer) . 2 for 26c 2Sc Rexall Throat Lozenges (loo's) 2 for 26c SOc White Pine & Tat , „ with Wild Cherry 2 for Sic We Reaafl Cod Liver Oil Bmulsion, pint . 2 for SOc 25c Mentholated Whit. Pine Compound . 2 for 26c 2Sc Rochelle Salts . 2 for 26c JOc Glycerine Suppositories Adult 12'i. 2 for 31« 25c Glycerine Suppositories Infant 12's 2 for 26o 3Sc Rhinitis Tablets loo's 2 for 36c 15c Soda MintTablets no's . . . 2/or26c lie Fluid Extract Caecara Aromatio 2 oz. . 2 for 26c »0c Spirit Camphor , 2 for 21o 35c Glycerin* b ROM Water . . . 2 for 26o ISc Tincture of Iodine (with Applicator) 2 for 26c 20e Spirits Ammonia Aromatic . . 2 /or 21c 20c Boric Add Powder 2 for 21c lie Powdered Borax . 2 for 16c 2Sc Compound Ucoriot Powder . . 2 for' 26c SAVE MONET ON PURE FOODS The following itemi arc told Jn our store* at the reduced prices every week-end. We quote them here bec«uM they repreaeot excellent valuet \ 39a Breakfast Coffo* (k , 39c Tea. >i li. . 25c Cake Chocolate, }i tin 19c Cocoa, # Ib. ' . . 85c Liggett'* Olive Oil . 2 for 73o 2 for 660 2 for 36c 2 for 26o 2'for 1.19 23o Chocolate 8wc* 19c Beef Cube*, la'i 25c Peanut Butter. 3Sc Vanilla Extract 39c Lemon Extract 2/or36o 2 for 31o 2/or40c 2 for 36c 2 for 41c SAVE MONEY ON DELICIOUS CANDY . 2/brl.Oi 7Sc Fenway Cherries ta Cream pound box 2 for 76« lOc Liggett'* Cough Drops . .. 2 for lie 35c Peter's Milk Chocolate haifpowtd bar 2 for 36c 36c Liggett'* Milk Chocolate , half pound bar . . . 2 for 36c 5c Liggett'a Candy Wafer* . , 2 for 0€c 1116 llth Ave. AM£MCAS GttATEST DRUG STOAZS Save Money on RUBBER GOODS, Itc. 25c TinkerTape, invill 2 for 26c 12c Adhesive Flatter l"xiyd. . 2/orl3c 40c Adheaive Plaster lHSyda.,u>hiu,flah 2 JOT 41c 2.00 Maximum Hot Water Bottle (a-qt.) 2 for2.01 \ 7e Kantleek Nipple > (ball top) 2forQtc/ AUXtLUttY ELECTS. MOUNT UNION, Nov. 8.—The Amer- cn.n Lpglon auxiliary held Its annual lection of officers at the home of the iresidcnt, Mrs, Mae Jones Shopc, West darkct street, the Legion rooms under- rolng Improvement, nnd after the reg- ilar business these oflleers were elect- d for the term: President, Mrs. F. O. Peterson; first vice president, Mrs. H. J5. Cromer; second vlcf president, Mrs. SUders; recording secretary, Miss Helen Bard; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Roy W. Lightner; treasurer, Mrs. Norman A. Mills; chaplain, Mrs. Robert C. Appleby; sergeant-at-arms, Mrs. P. J. Cullen; historian, Miss Minta Hooper. A pleasant social hour followed the meeting and all enjoyed choice refreshments. HICKEY & SON Ahoona's Longest Establiihed FUNERAL SERVICE Lexington Avenue MEN! Good Clothes are an economy. They last longer and look smarter all the time. It isn't the price yoo pay. It's thejamount of wea r v your clothes will,stand. LADIES' Fur-Trimmed COATS Luxurious material—Lavish furs—tailoring of the highest grade—VALUES, such as only our large chain of stores can offer. DRESSES The New Silhouettes New frocks with princess semi-fitting effects; uneven and lengthened hemlines. You will be delighted with our new assortment. Prices extremely moderate. Suits and Overcoats Produced atthe Victor Shops where a high standard of workmanship is demanded. Victor Clothes, at this price, will last twice as long as clothes of ordinary quality.' Many Suits with Extra Pants OTHER VALUES to $ 3522 ' Credit Cheerfully Given Dress better and pay less. Start an account and wear the kind of clothes that you can enjoy. At our store you can have the finest of garment* on CREDIT. TERMS TO SUIT EACH CUSTOMER E'S sfbRE 1333 Eleventh Ave., Altoona

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