Independent from Long Beach, California on February 22, 1964 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, February 22, 1964
Page 19
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jfjg. C-:-.NDEPcND£m i«"» Will Cyrtno's Nose Beat Gun Bow? : · This h the moment of decision, one for which I know many of you horse-lovers have been awaiting. " This is the time uhen Old HorsecoIUr makes his annual selection for the ivy-tinged $145,000 Santa Anita Handicap. (I know the bookies get upset when I make « horse race prediction, for aH the wagering loot goes on other horses, but why break tradition at this time?) . m be basest this time, so the curbstone books can breathe easier, and tell you that I don't see how any of his other 17 opponents caa beat a nag named Gun Bow. I won't wager on Gun Bow, not on your life at even i AL Prepares Exit Gates for Fiiiley BOSTON (UPI--American'ficials as "fair and reason- League owners voted by their able." president Joe Crooin 'amiliar 9-1 margin Frid-y to'said in a statement. consider throwing K a n s a s ! The second vote, by the 3ty Athletics owner Charles same 9-1 margin by which O. Finley out of the league. Finley'i Louisville; Ky, fran- The controversial clubchise shift was beaten a owner delayed for 90 mm- utes his meeting wth newsmen and then said he would month ago, was in favor of the cew league meeting to consider his disenfranchise- lave no comment. However.'ment. his chief · counsel, attorney CRO.YLM said he and Nizer, said in a brief s t a t e m e n t that his client would take DO action until the league completes its franchise termination move. FicJey was the only dissenter as the league voted to call * new meeting within the next "week or 10 days at * time and place to be determined." The owners twice made their position clear during a the money, but ulio's sxitg to five-bow hearing. Their first HORSECOUAR HOLUXGWORTH beat the guy? The Caliente Winter Book wants nothing to do with him, so why should I try to whip city hall? Caliente, sort of t Mexico %-er- sion cf Lloyds of London, usually will accept wagers on something even as ab. turd as a water buffalo against Kelso in a match race. -* Not this time. Johnny Alessio's organization is more . scared of Gun Bow today than Oscar Contralto if the Cosi Nostra issued a contract on him. And well they should be. Gun Bow. just a notch above · t plater in December when the Caliente Book established · its odds, was quoted initially at 60-1. (H I have to spell it . out for you this means that anyone w-ho placed a bet on Gun Bow at Caliente in December got 6M odds. This · same horse will go to the post today at even money, or -- · at worst -- 6 to 5.) No wonder that the boys at Caliente are plotting · going even further south around 5 p.m. today if Gun .Bow triumphs. They'll have to shell out $120 per $2 wager, _,wtHst good, old S*Anita will have to dole out a mere $4 · and (possibly) some change. · * * * -. GUN BOW has three possible factors against him: . 1, The extreme outside post position (he drew the No. '; 18 stall, which ordinarily is like playing Russian Roulette with six bullets in the siz chambers). · 2. Only four horses in the gloried history of the Big "Cap have carried his 130-pound impost to victory (Round .Table, Seabiscuit, Thumbs Up and Mark-Ye-WeH). -., 3. Seventeen other horses (at this writing) will be · staging x rodeo trying to beat bin. [| The outside post and the 17 other beasts might beat Con Bow. I don't figure the weight to bother him too much ' -- onless he has to lug his load around the outer rail the ;' complete mile aod one-quarter distance. r I hope indeed that the track has a couple ambulances 'stationed around that first turn, From past experience, I 'can guarantee the traffic Jam there today win make the 5 pja, freeway crush seem like a simple drive to grandma's in the country. World War Two's Battle of the Bulge may seem tike .a baby's first shot clinic by comparison to what could hap_pen (and has) at that brutal initial curve in a I OO grand ' race. : * * * TRANQUIUZER STOCK shot upwards Thursday .when 18 horses were entered for the Big 'Cap. Originally, · the management had figured on the same size field (seven) as started in the turn-up San Antonio Handicap. The bosses stayed tp nights trying to figure how to increase the Handicap Held. After all, a classic chase with seven starters is as impressive as Thanksgiving Day turkey the following Sunday. · Suddenly, and without notice, the dam burst last Sat- -orday, in the San Lois Key Handicap when a disregarded ^ 104-pound a«i(;n«. Inclusive, triumphed at a J205.O t payoff. That buoyed the owners and trainers," said our man ;at the track. "Everything on four worthy kgs seemed to · be aiming for the Big 'Cap after Inclusive'! win. We hadn't exactly counted on horses like Drill Site, Win-Em- AH. Bounding Main, Mandate, Cadiz, Viking Spirit and Gay Challenge n going in the big one. But here they are. "I don't know if they'll all start, but we've certainly · jot enough horse* now.' 1 should say. From now on. the race should be termed . the 5' Anita Rodeo. THOSE OF US who disdain favorites are in trouble · this time. I'm afraid. One big question has been asked of Gun Bow: "Can he travel 10 furlongs and win with 130 poundsT* He hasn't yet-- BUT, two days ago he worked out with a ! 3ft pound exercise boy who used a heavy exercise "saddle and totalled 145 pounds on his back. Gun Bow ' snubbed his nose at the railbirds and blitzed the last cruar- .' ter in 23 sccrtnds. Don't fret about Gun Bow, he can carry weight. My selection? Oh. that's easy. I Eke Cyrano. Somebody said he had a lonj nose. And what counts more in a photo finish? 9-1 vote classified the lease roposals by Kansas City of- 21R VT«Relli · i AiOenhol __ , Warrior OS.ef J Cne.ios I ^ Gun /I Mr.l · JCvr; 8 | Caolain Fur .Moolah^BjII league's five-man board of directors would determine the time and place of the special meeting. Kansas City Mayor Hus W. Davis wu delighted with the league's decision. Finley'i aides explained the long delay for so short a statement by revealing that the millionaire i n s u r a n c e man's high school aged son, Paul, had suffered a concussion m a fall at La Port, Ind, while the hearing was in pro- CONSENSUS I KOILT fTD 1 Rt4 Rocfef I i«rm Liktfy I C^«n 8*fT*em I PtUMntdM tl I ff«4 Rockv It e4 Rocky 1 «*ms Lftt JOYOUS Momnt I R*vv« I Red Rocty I R*d Rocky fU f Ptiocniclan tl I Pnoen:elanll(4» I Rrvlv* , Seems Li kef*141 iooUli t*dv ( HtoolM L I Two Relics t Sara, ill j Our Alibi I T*9 R«4Lc» Our Alibi I SwalA Tw* R«41d f l«r*|ili 11) I Our Alibi CM |C«!B4nrBr«ok l l M R * f T l I H««n!c Hvr« I 1 Hellenic H*roff) Calgary BrkCS) r I Sledo* I Vlcterv Beauty Gun Bow I Cwano Cotti'stncy | GUM Bo* an* I Bound.ngU i I Boundi rig Main I Cga Bow I Cyrano IftrConiilncy I I Rob Boo I S«*«maTTc I CatrtalR Fair t CaotKH Fair IS) 9s 1 . V j C o . 1 BrassTCnuckm I BrawKrructles I 8r«uKfluckle SCOTCH Jay SeoTcA Jay Consider M* I War Ftvet * Adm. Vic Favored iii Widener LQNGDEN ON 5,790TII WIN Johnny Longden nailed down the 5,790th win of his career Friday when he rode Balsarroch Boy to victory in the $10,000 Hfflside Distance Series Class n Handicap at Santa Anita. The winner, a 7-5 favorite, fought a stretch battle with longshot Blue Justice before pulling away. Admiral Vic and Top Gal lant, the deadheat victors of the (50.000 Seminole Hindi cap. headed a field of 10 in today's 27th running of the 1100,000-added Widener Handicap at Hialeah. Admin] Vic; Sunny Blue Etna's game little black horse, was named the early favorite (5-2) ind Top Gallant wu no better than fifth choice because his Seminole showing at 57-1 cdds was t surprise. Top Gallant is owned by George D. Widener, who will be trying for the fourth time to capture the mile and one- quarter handicap feature named for his uncle and founder of Hialeah, the late Joseph E. Widener. The odds - makers made Un. Marion DuPont Scott's ES63 grass champion, Mongo, .he runnenip choice although ran fifth a'the Seminole which was an eighth of a mile shorter than the Widener distance. ADMIRAL Vic and Mongo fiave been assigned equal high weight of 125 pounds. Top Gallant will cany 113. Sunrise Flight, winner of the $50,000 Tropical Park handicap aitf hard hick thlrc in the Seminole, drew a lot of eariy support,. IJETZ BEST SAJXTA AMTA RACE CHARTS Cwyrhjtrf TM4 RV TrUngt* Publication-. Inc. Ofeiy Racing Perm _ i Turl Club. Inc. Santa Aaita Part, Arcadia. Calif. Frida -- -f *rti* · i-ay *f 13-day winter gieetinc. Complete fuitsnn afl rat gied y ·tticjal ghaf*ctarl camera. In A/tnie» l id--fit. IT RACE. 4 1 * hidei Man* Owner 3929 Young Ooclor. Circ'e O 11* S 592* Any Host, Rob mow VJt 19 JM» Twrvar i Lad, Carney US t 3f Bunny Su*. Kobe De!*r« xt04 t S65o Bounctaway. Tw Mir* 11? 1 Jlmyloh - ' · " . _ _ _ _ Khobar, ton* 9m RIM Tarn Run, Defies WZ t leaner See, Sonbold iiv SSW Pancfcito. FagvvTrufcke 117 -- * Suno» Srr»it Scott il TT4 ~ i'l El Dorado, jack ing M 129 _ T*ar *_ctt. Claimijif. pune WCCt. Ta ' fcurtt HP*. Claiming prlc* «IS4L_ Itr. F*. Jockey S t !·* Ycaza i, r six*. F*. 1.15P*. Clear.,drawif.B ctear ta last .evenly i-"--VITAL SPARK took command scon after ttt IM itart bo.-* «ut Ultfitly cc.rj to tar turn. ---.-- UJi l*a drew cut when straiohtened away «n far I U Iwrn, w«ak*rwd unr ~*·* Santa Aiii ta 'Cap By ROY BCTZ 'eft. 23~Ttrf Dn W 0»y Mevrtoff r t R S T R A C I * 4 Bxlrvt. 4rMr«d» and ML CUmttfl. rm* M»B. ClUmtoB Rrtu PP^lHiirM JMCktv """ Wt, Ei Red Rocky rfcazat 1 ' L.*rtv f -- l tR_52 drSr.^ I JWVOOl We , R*vv* (ANarcil Pfcon^d^ C*»« U* *rtite troub* . |l ·eTTer c*w_c» »»l» diitanc* _ 1 Repeat of l*rf hard W Mar T .^ II _*»_*!!* - fr «-8« »'· f j UCOH9 RACK-4 katMn. 4y«ar«A and ·* krW to C«limi«. InoolaJi t*-y j l*s» Arm R Retftlrt* JMaeW) _ Trtvtl Terek (L Vai _Ujt*y-» F« CYvxz AM Siu* ) -, .--; 117 1)1 _ (TanJouSlJ Rw* Hoor (BrtmonT (wory tv«4 ifowill| trxdM lark (Vart) LOMCSKOT--ALI BLU1 Mo* to fe* cnunfed *uf Fair r»c* «r* back r _ Fair worki I* rccsmmena _ Soevd ta route racn .-_ ,_ Fm l«st two STarn Broke stov. tacUd i loetd !··»·« raif roor toe* torm . iif _ *£**·· Wn !*3* wirt ID wtri Reoulres best rac* Big Raff t3Ao*ma**rJ ^ r* 1 Caioary Brock (A. V*!*nxu*la "___ ill 4 Monte Fresca {Pierce} L 114 · PlJFTi«J|AJCE~ Contannon runs cto*o PooTu^i. torm ^ 4 Wan nchdi.-. * Sterling Prtnc* (Pierce) i Turner (Mev*t) 14 Coyam* Prtd* TJ FasT rarf CUmoOtr-* j Ferdinand (White) ^^,.^ 1* P*d R-cA ^Camoas) Tr»)etf an tt* wav . . IQKCSHOT--UHO NO WTIttng »uf h) lowgfl TT ..^ T -^ r Lacked tDeed alt «_· vav . C-v* her a gas* D.uaeointmenf ta far . ·C[-lJKxrt 4 t trt-n Farm. Porn fTt-OOt. ·a lurt 4 7 r^ar-«id» and *·_ Aiiowaac**. n* - .- -' (TC«« 4 fcbuti'e Lea iVioemakerf _ _ J V-dory Aeautv (P;*rc* .. Sty Gem (B*era) . :S :» (Church) rard Plartr (HaM. . 4 Broom |l tLanedenJ __ " ~ ~ " IBnrrsortl Be«*en tawite lasf thre* i Hai beat ft* too «n* Usually ctosn w*tt - . , _ .. wo* *v*rTri itched tier* ,__ Easy wlr-n«r tarf itart '--tt J.ONS.MOT---OUL-0 EieHi Tc-SS fumnet. i^TNr^ds antf *». Ca.mJr«. UCOX Ta* dain- rierce) , f Jolly Jester (Leofiartfl . 4 iftoon Mad TA. Va^enn»! to SSOD Start pood from Jr. 'fvaTned by *C*«Tirt."M-rtu-d pool; LAOY (H4.337. EL ClELJTO a ta tartfy ta pet _._... t stride, cam* te auTiJd* M far tun 1 even wtortnance, · «aaifv »i .CIATCHFD--JoTy Tkmev KJnos Pit- udbr __ KnFOtrt Prowler fCampas . R:di Wet (»rmson 14 Tea American (Costa) ..,. 2 WatcneT Bav Y»rt» ... 1 Soring Fair (Taniaudtll 11 Cherry Good effort en* badi ' »is"« of uf* J ETKlTQ finiSH starTi . ,,__ air early iae«4 ^__ « teat tmer - - r then civ* Vay "Vier-" reacflinB MAOAJVlE ENOCAVOt giv* ar · u IHarg*'« Gem. 21 S ' t Frey ** Hail r Yaka ».nj:_-^ I' Cook U M index Man* owner r Briltsc* Tfl.TB, 4004 Oochesi URiled, 1C4 York If.4flj Itltwrtn-ILratt ?w« j.V»nej r7tti 4004 Fraw t»'F*rnme, Green H-*x C*ar,[u0 M ei.n'tl* to last (juarter, va* makJna 'j US7--fJXTM RACE. 4 Rjrt»nn. 1 rtar *!d filte Aflowartcei. Tk* SeabiteuR. Pvrw Ta wanor UOO*. Mcend SHOB. Burd ttSd. ftwrtk U50. V% IV. Fi«. J*ckn 04ds.ii Scotdi Jav 4 Brass Knucfe'e. (I, Valenrueia) _ IX 7 Salvager IBrlmen) "ii" Co«tiflw W* tShoemakerl .._ JU 19 trtu* Cancer (Man*. n* · War Fiert (LortocJenl US 5 fgvDfi PrLrf* (CasTa) ». JTt »-ott ·art fast Temperature 74 dnrm. U bold bid to Imal staon. TUtYA* ·vnt Oector SI4,» | 4 M 148 tAO foroed Awy Most .-.. -- .,,...-, 4.U J.IO wealtened Ulp . atvari lad , . n M.M SU£ cUsed fast between fcorwi. ' f «nder prvssur*, BUNNY Trainer- ieuzevmir Mutuel i«r YOUTH a DOCTOlfwai bit stow to _. V * irrTo trst smJ*. advanced sfrorgly 01 ,, _ , cw..* fast. TOM't JlMYJOHW ·wr--CX 0. X toy Bazoofea--Doc ' Trained by J, Arena. Jot El , ' -- " tor S62$a. thawing good «wed to strr Jalmed by STRAIT had lead M f.rft quL _ · ened after lemng »ac* ta last _ JO'S £L DORADO -W t*Md n to far ixm wtten he broke down. SCRATCHED--^usftmatana. Old l«ar- f good *rom tat*, wow dnvina win-! A W A Y _,.. ~ - * ' ~ t UoTon- moved up last on Tar fun* ffitn kune ·» _. _ j Dorado itretch. B£LL£ KHOBAX ftred after I tr wrnn *. Wet» tor ' - - ^ - - . - ·-- B. WUlis. Any Host cla Ira Farm for U250- Tn MO^SECOND lACf J brtonn. 4 v*«r «Wi and «* Br*d ta """ ~ Mdei Mart* Owner *w» Pilot Patcft. -i.*el«/ J9W Sawcynoncom. Talm*ge 5999 Jack Outlaw. XAosbacher- Fisner 4C»Artar. Par I Car* CUiming. I ~»lr. F*TJockey -- Veai* LVuenz l5n7)MJflrrH. L*w* 4004 Nevida A.M^ 593] Pretty BuboTe lit IP 'YA\ NS J TS 4 I i Sno*. J-» vcaza ja* Pure* . . --- :»·**, ;* track fast. Dueften IUal*4 . Penieaal Fra« La r'arnm* . .. Start cood Irani tale, won driving. Wnvltyrm. lin .-- _.~ ' * by Healed--Grey WOOD MYMPM clwd «a* A. Ttnnrv. M^tud pool! ter. S'AEET AND FLEET J B 7 DO 1-43 i a J*_«l X Proven l 4 B'u* T/J I Eiffel'* 'rac* (Yarezl _. J Chance |H»1) . I Uus-acnjo (Wrvesl ._ raced noM tor best ttfort ranoerou* foday - - _ , Way take · cart Wan La*t wire to SoJld fcfrffyiol ctianr* 5c*«ffv and earre , . i* rout* «anted . Doxt no ti Tl ! T ri° a'tawanre daim*d. h. I.W4. Ckar,|ta last SDrteentA ihea moved ca fast ta I take command, was 9°\r\a Bway at fin- 4.4* 4«g J7B *n, PETTICOAT wa» 1ar back to larly last on ounid* to strctclu -· |n l^-ft guv- w«akened un- Dac* to (nid- Kersry Leads Rams lo Gymnastic Win Paul Kersey s c o r e d SOTriday. Results: R»l ntma-Sav*msi« fLM) 44; Fr»» .jtarosa-- Cersey M ) ; Sd* Iwn*-- Coo* , (LWf; ParalM tar ented gymnastic team scored ( -?S?riU^iie« -Keri«y (W); SCRATCH Eft--Tennj*. Fea C* javat. I S3-37 win over Lai 399* Island D itr-d. Rowan 4X1 Manavmrnat. Chi^nolm 5Wf Cold Jimmmy. w*r» oh 4014 Stay R9Mt. Bancftl "Time-- :22^Tl4S»CTTl'CT .1 track fatt. -- - - - - _ 11 u 1 Wh.t* 4 Tnrvino 7J Cock 14 70 ~~ Harmatz 490 T i W li 40S4-- SEVENTH RACX. Tft mjles ·· lurt 4 year mlft an i; S«r_*s, cms n Nandicaa. pan* SiBJtB. T* winner | nMtt faurm nao*. Index Morsa OWMT L " S Baltarroc* £cy, SM*ld» T^ Clear,!yards. SAUCYNONCOM was bn command ' ~* ' J ~ - ' rila4 Pctcfc _ Lu final SLxteervIh. JACK OUTLAW made oo 114 grtMnd steadily wti.t* between bones Ni li*r» 9x4 from gat«. won drlyjno. Win-.Ust «uart»r. ARCAR trrtpreved potinen . _ ~. * ^ . . . iter--Jean wti.l* oettln« uo between tvonav SECURO i EL moved V9 fast en evrud* . _. _. _. _. Shromas 1 -- t -1 ? 1 _.TC.! u '!rt **..**· ·**?*- i* 1 *"*. °'.*- . poo) S21S.1U. Dairy dout pool tr8TJ-U. PltOT PATCH vrokt fad SiK ;oe Jvsnct. H S C T_t Talk. Fa* ixar. STurti ^ISSS * a »*7 Wt. PP (TJ t ITJ J TU U vt* 9 » Mi. I* Str. Fia. Jockrr Odds r ?; " IEITBCIT JTIIIUI IIIHII tusa - it rnir - EIILI tuts I t J I I l U M (IIII11. l l t t l l t l L E . ItlllCIl 401 1 Antic era tt, 400T Varva. Johnston 1 ». S' I 5, 7i . (MTfl a-Of amps. EUnor* 40C1 Ca PrucUl*, Friendship in » ill I Hill H I S^ 4. 41 4^ 4 U IT 13 f j li **^ 7 s * r^ n r 101 1' It 31 7 . 2* Harmati HJO 3 Alvarez 54 10 O Neves »»; S* Y»rt l» 4* Yaka 1130 Ir Taiovctd 3* .I8j ^ Camon S5"! to t Bxia in- tit Yancz UK T* T 1?* Pierct 4.30] U U U teonarrf If.BB far turn to make · bold dtaMenae ttW B ftausen tor 12500. Trainer--J. W. Nlcno4- |4*e way M last *uwter. STAY JtlOfTiBbe " " " "l* fcr*d. CONNIE'S CHiCO tired «ner ihow-'Ltanl . ...- ,.. _..., -- - - - - , · - - - ojtr-tv. Start prod from gar*, won drtvifto. Wln-ILlHT TALK, wo never far eft w_*,l Secnan. Bisfcara, fwr--B. G. 7, by Whiitler -- Viltamy. »a«d Bro^S *or irwsf part *nish«d, .ired. CONNIE'S CHiCO tired after ihow- Ltanf Y*nf~ drooDerf! SCRATCMEO--Mis* SecTi^ " ' 1H on far turn, save w»v (flatrflv ~4 M ttrong grrssura entering lasf furlong * ·' -W [rt| ee*enninanoM *- *· · PitoT PateX Mtf S71M 40M-- THIRD RACE. 4'fe Malde* I viar *ldi. CMmint. Pvrs* S400B. T* A. travis. Uutuci pool strongly. ELIAZA3 ctoxd fast b*»wrfln .-.,-. Ihorw* l» last 8Lar*r. AtELAND far BALSARROCH SOY advanced while M,b*ck for fuTt bair mil*. Closed steadily extreme outsiBe of far turn, foreed ta on ·utsJde. ·ront enteriTB »tr«tc* and BnSer srrong Mo scrarctin. kandllra held BLUE A^TlCE. tatter; X Kan* Owiw I Ch* Dick, CinamI - - - - - - B-eber , 400} Enllohtenme yta Svanisk Crar , Ladriiw. Radkavck _ BundT* US. Plnfc*rtOB ,, . Parade L'ghf, Graham lea Sir Arlington, Contrer*s Wt7 Honrv't Oiam*. McCoy *02t Cytynn, p.kePklt 111 4 1TI It 111 I r.i t »T04 »i!5} *I1J I nil Frev 3^ Long 4« p.*rx* a K 5 1 Brtnson MB 4* Barza 1ST M McCuItaf 57 t T9* Wan* Tkr*-- ^TZ 5 *, ·di fnl. Ch* P»c_-.^.-- CMWhtenrnetj H iu u« i;« ll' n IT n A-Vaienr 3f 3 i as.' I 1 YW B 1 Mr. Ka jjei Braconner, Penin*fi S9U Soevd O" LBV*, Hoopei I Sound Jtrsutt. Adams- 1 ^ 7 ^ 3* 4' 5 4 i Si 4-4 7 t f r 7* r » Lira, l.l». C*ar,| ., . _ _ _ _ _ _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _ . _ _ _ bl« tor UOOa Trains-- 7. LaoC MutXMl te?w**n *«S-- TCnjt *TimL.1t.Roxcr* in Golden Gloves Finals Tonight With the Olympic Gamej and a trip to Tokyo ia mindj !the So.tbU3d*s best amateur {boxers square off tonijjht in | the final round of the Golden ; Gloves »t Olympic Aoditori- . cm. Starting time Es 430. Wicntrs viU qualify for 'tie national AAU meet in , Las Vegas in April, and the ', best men there vill go on to ;the Olympic Games trials at ;tl-e World's Fair in Way. i Headlinirj the card win be . L o n j B e a c h light-heavy' weight Dick Vigil, UB. heaiy .Luce Hc-mburg, Hawthorne ! heavy CUy Hodges and wel- · ter Beroie Misalbnes cf Pico- Rrvera. Pcrsol Wins Split Verdict NEW YORK Wl -- Unbeaten young Johnny Persol overcame a j i x t h - r o u n d kcockdown and scored a 10- round ipLt deciilon over vet eran Eddie Cotton Frida eight in a nationally televised 10-rom] bout from Madison Square Garden. Pertol, who prooouncei his name like tie baseball oat- fielder Jimmy Piersaltweighed l72'/4 for the Irreljr icrap. Gotten came la Mason's Specials - . turnnfl arer forcing earty car*. COt/ '1TRY PRiNCC was dew t* gef on n - citnerJ f-nt *n tmld* M last guartc movef ra steadih/ I4t on oirr_:d* kn - ·- - ··- . luel poo* 171*170 fi«ST PROWOTER Kad kad wM!« on, ter, wai ptakirg seventy varcts. *g flna* furtong "'rtX»ATC«fr^J^ Mitr. Mad» lla-l ^*1^^»^^_**_^^^ wat l» caTtman4 IP firsf' jeatasto. L»*l Bet. iaii--niiifi'Til R i_c¥--iT "--~" 1U HO RACE. _rr«M Chv*. Pun* KW4. T* Cta-n.n» price tf«* 'Own«-" Wt. PP H. K. J , J CkT * r * 1 1 ? - ! ! 40:4 br. KwmJfi E 4 I yrst Mavrulian M.ts. 5WJ Tulifa. AAodgi.n ... _ ·oil '!» Ida*. M K HI » V*3 Sarpcs Keahew. F»J* illl 4 4014 Smoted Bacon. Cr*«oriM IT| 11 tT.l f«amp(ay, Ooty lr« 4 , Snow Fac*. Ef***r _U74 My CaUij*r. MOVM Ivoatl 4CD* fewama Bar, Srrai* S4lt_Llnar. Aj^rrl^Kahlftuij ~Tkm»-:7r% :444e. t IT*, t ir*. Ctear,. mevlnf *vt «T fnlirt. Oft. VUJHM E. Im- £» track fart, I provra gcsmofl wtiit* «· tar «utsid* m l ' Janderi 711 4 R) 1 «B Lrct ·uv^er, fntitifd ftrorwty. HASRUL-I ~ ~ f. SH I» IUM MISS »»d snort lead H »arh/ Mis* . . Mc*nd Tt I'd 1 ! Yart* 4 I *·* J * Pierxt 3aJO 7- r 54 C«Ta 7TX 4-4 4-'t Trevln* S? OD tt* 7' Atvarer Tin »* f CarriD** riJO . S _ · iva:«nx n 10 u n 11* ni vccwrar nn, i to ·tf 4470 MW--NINTH t CE. 14 mle*. 4 rear *ids and rau TV* cUimi . S«04. T* wlnn*r^ tTMt. »ecend naa. 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