Independent from Long Beach, California on April 4, 1962 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
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Wednesday, April 4, 1962
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"!', Jl Ufi« iwejat! FEATURES INDEX . Amusements .. B-5 Markets .... 11-8, 7 .. CUuined C-4 Radio-TV ....C-12 tj Comics. B-J Shipping B-6 ' ) Death Notices A-6 Sports C-1. 4 j' Editorial ....A-10 . Women ....B-i, 3 jj Independent Phone HE 5.1161 -- Claiiifitd No. HE 2-5959 ^M The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 4. 1962 42 PAGES VOL 24 - NO. 188 WEATHER · Cloudy this morning and tonight. Partly tunny this afternoon. High 62. Complete weather, Page A-12. ' HOME EDITION-- lOe Legislature Fails to Approve Budget; Governdr Must Call Special Session McNamara Plans Reserve Shake up By BILL BROOM WASHINGTON -- A far reaching shakeup in the Army Reserve and National Guarc has been proposed to Con press by the Defense Department. It'is aimed at putting the reserve forces in a higher state of combat readiness to augment an expanded regular Army. Not all of the details have been worked out. particularly in the. politically sensitive area of Army Reserve vs. Na tional Guard manpower cuts and abolition of units. Some of the major changes will involve -A cut In reserve forces from 700,000 to 670,000 men. Establishment of a priority reserve force of about 465,000 men grouped in six reserve divisions, nine brigades and the necessary combat support organizations. A 50-per-cent cut In reserve training for 138,000 personnel, largely in such support units as truck companies, military police companies, civil affairs and postal units. These would get 21 drill periods annually instead of the present 48. Large - scale realignments to new units, and the elimination of several entire divisions. Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara summed up the reasons for the new policy in closed-door testimony before the House defense appropriations subcommittee. "The Army needs a higher state of readiness in certain priority reserves," he said. "They are misspending the money they now spend, be- cause they arc spending it in such a way that they do nol achieve the higher state ol readiness they could achieve with equal expenditures. · * * * ·THE PROPOSED program nvolvcs a shifting of expend!' turcs. rather than spending equally on all units, we would spend less on the low priority and more on the high pri ority." With expansion of the reg ular army to 16 divisions, and ncrcascd readiness of high priority reserves, McNamara said, the Army will be more able to meet "more than one emergency at a given time.". At present, there are 27 National Guard and 10 Army leserve divisions. Military ilans dn not require that many. McNamara said. Under the now plan, the armed services feel they can meet their objectives with a regular Army of 16 divisions plus a priority reserve of six divisions, plus the independent regular and reserve brigades which would meet the combat-ready test, he said. The priority reserve force would require about 465,000 men, 155,000 in units needed to reinforce the active Army, 203,000 in six divisions and their supporting forces, 32,000 in nine brigades, 68,000 for training and base units, and about 7,400 to man on-site air-defense battalions. To avoid the administrative problems that occurred during the Berlin call - up, a ready pool of obligated reservists, preferably those with only six months training, would be created within the existing ready · reserve reinforcement pool. * · · * THESE MEN would he carefully screened to clim inate all those not available LAKERS clinch Western Division NHA playoffs with 123-117 win o v e r Detroit Pistons. Warriors d o w n Celtics, 100-09. to even Eastern Division series, 3-3. See story Page C-l. "NO COMMENT* is tho comment on Elizabeth Taylor in Rome and Hollywood. Page B-5. 'or immediate recall for reasons of occupation, family status or other personal rca- "ons. They would be the first to be called as individual fillers for priority units called up to augment the active Army. An analysis of Army Reserve troop strength indicates at least 138,000 personnel can SAX OIJK.Vn.\.CONVICTS AFTER CAPTUKK Thrc2 o; five convicts, who Monday scaled the walls of San Qticntin prison, are shown Tuesday after their capture. All five escapees were seized 10 miles north of the prison, some 30 hours after they fled. Left to right: Kenneth Adams. .12; James DuBois, 28, and John I.. Rucker. a I.os Angeles county robber. (See story and picture. Page A-fi.) maintain individual and unit proficiency with 24 drills an nually instead of the present 48. McNamara said. The reductions in forces and reduced drill time will not save the Defense Depart mcnt any money, it was stated. The savings on those categories will be used to maintain the priority reserves at a higher level of combat readiness. The 30,000-man cut in overall forces becomes possible, McNamara said, because of he recent addition of two regular Army divisions. Council Blasts Efforts to Stall Navy Hospital Across the Nation Explosion Kills Four Firemen Combined Wirt Strvtfl NORWICH, Conn.--Four firemen fighting a blaze in a tractor- trailer loaded with 35,000 pounds of chemicals were killed Tuesday when the volatile cargo exploded with a city-shaking blast that broke windows within a two-mile radius. Three of the firemen were hurled over the top of the structure by the impact. Another landed 150 feet away in the opposite direction. Five other men--two firemen, a policeman, and two workmen at a chemical warehouse which was leveled hy the blast and resulting fire--were hospitalized. The truck was parked outside the warehouse for unloading when it caught fire. The firemen had just arrived when the cargo exploded. The blast killed ,.,,, ,, ,f/'7v, Goularl WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Brazilian President Joao Goulart and President Kennedy Tuesday began a round of lengthy c o n v e r s a t i o n s aimed at strengthening relations between the two countrcs. Two more conferences Cnnviclwl of Murder RIVERSIDE (UPI) --Lawrence Modesto, 31, was convicted of two counts of first-deprce murder Tuesday for the bludgeon killings of two young sisters. Modesto was convicted of beating to death Connie Mack. 12, and her sister, Mary, 9, last October at their home near Indio after arguing with their father in a bar. A penalty hearing was set for April 9. City Council Tuesday hit tcrly denounced efforts of "a minority, splinter group" ol the Long Beach Medical Association to stall U.S. Senate approval of a 500-bed Long Beach Naval Hospital. After raining round - robin lumps on the heads of the medical committee, the council voted unanimously to au- t h o r i z e Mayor Edwin W. Wade to write a "strong let tcr" to the leader of the medical group and to federal principals in the determlna- the doctors' F. Wright, chairman of the armed services medical committee of the medical society and a Naval Reserve officer, wrote a letter and appeared personally in Washington to argue that a tion to refute arguments. Dr. Thomas 500-bed hospital would hcigroup to oppose the Navy's large enough for the city's strong ple.i for a 500 - bed military medical needs. * · · · COUNCILMAN Robert F. Crow touched off the spirited rebuttal pointing out that the doctors' move was in "very poor taste, hut I don't think this is a reflection of the M e d i c a l Association as a whole. There are some very responsible citizens in it. I think this is a minority, splin tcr group. I would ask the council to reaffirm its longstanding position for the hospital and not be meek about it." Mayor Wade commended Crow's stand, adding that the rcaffirmation should take the form of a "strong letter to the man who presents him self as the leader of this thc firemen immediately, destroyed two fire tracks and leveled another building next door to the warehouse. Strike Ordc.rc.d CHICAGO (UPI--The railroad conductors union Tuesday ordered a strike of sleeping car conductors April 12 against thc Pullman Co. on all railroads in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. It ordered the walkout extended April 19 to Pullmans on trains operating in thc St. Louis area and on April 26 to sleeping cars on all U. S. railroads that use them. A union official said thc strike was ordered because thc Order of Railway Conductors and Brakcmcn and Pullman Co. negotiators were unable to reach an agreement. Draft Set at 6,500 WASHINGTON (UPI)--The Defense Department Issued a call Tuesday for 6,500 draftees to bo inducted into the Army during June--a sharp cut from thc 25,000-a-month peak reached during thc Berlin crisis last fall. Thc June draft will bring total inductions since the start of the miliury buildup last August to MI,500. arc scheduled today. Democrat Victor H. S c h i r o (above) became mayor of New Orlran Tuesday by defeating his GOP opponent, Ross Buckley; 81.623 votes to 19.50.1 the matter. I'm curious as to how they would feel if we asked the military to deter mine a civilian matter." Councilman Emmet M. Sullivan, who seconded the motion for the letter, suggested that Mayor Wade do the writing on behalf of himself and council colleagues to give I more force than a letter from thc city manager as was first pro|oscd. ,, , . , , ^ ,, . . ! Manager John R. Manscll Several hundred Todd Shipyards welders and:told the council he had talked burners who staged a protest demonstration Tuesday!with Dr. Harold A. Nejbling. , . . . . . . . medical association president here, asking if the protesting group had all thc data on the UnioiiBoard Urges End of Todd Strike Several hundred Todd Shipyards wcldci lurncrs who staged a protest demonstration T were expected to be back on their jobs today. hospital. "We're convinced the Navy is tight, that the GO-acres (earmarked for the facility) is proper. In a shon time they'll need the additional acreage for wings and in only a short time they will re quire 1,000 beds." « # * * COUNCILMAN Raymond C. Kealer said the doctors' proposal for 350 beds "would not be adequate for even the Navy alone. Their move is ill-advised, ill-timed and shortsighted. They ask for a ci vilian survey team to decide Compromise Dies on Bond-Vote Date By JOHN MORGANTHALER SACRAMENTO Oil--The California Legislature adjourned its 19G2 budget session at midnight Tuesday ·" ' passage of Gov. Brown's S2.9-billion state * * * Women's Overtime Hits Snao: without budget. The Senate approved compromise budget, 34-2, just 20 minutes before the mandatory midnight end of the 30 day session. The vote in the Assembly was 45-33. nine short nf the required two-thirds majority. · * * « FAILURE TO pass a budget means that Gov. Brown will be forced to call the lawmakers back for n second special session. It was only the second time in history that a legislature failed to agree on a budget. Only one of the 34 Asscm My Republicans. Glenn E. Coolidge of Helton, joined with the Democrats. Cnolidgc was a member of the two- house conference committee which worked out the compromise. In the Senate, only John F. McCarthy of Rafael and Inhn Murdy of Santa An.n voted no. The committee's proposed udgct was nearly $0 million argcr than thai originally (Continued Pace A-3, Col. 4) SACRAMENTO W -- Tho Senate overrode its majority leader action Tuesday in a rare and sent Irpislatiori permitting women to work longer hours in defense and space plants to probable defeat in an unfriendly committee. Sen. J. Eugene McAtccr. D- San F r a n c i s c o, made thn motion to withdraw the bills from tlic Labor Committee iml send them to the Governmental Efficiency Committee. The vote was 17-14. Majority Leader Hugh M. Burns, D-Frcsno. as chairman of the Rules Committee, had assigned the hill to the Labor Committee. T h e Governmental Efficiency Committee last year legislation. rejected similar Emergency Declared in Hawaii HONOLULU (/D -- Gov. William F. Quinn T.iosdayjup to 10 hours a day, nr 54 BURNS SAID he made tho assignment this year at tho request of Assemblyman Tom Dane. D-Tujtinpa. whose bills were passed by the lower house Mond.iy. Tho measures would permit women to voluntarily work- night declared a s 111 e r,! emergency in Hawaii became of the shipping strike and asked President Kcnr.rdy to ·clcasc ships and pi 11:05 to bring food here. In a telegram to the Pre: idcnt -- his fourth since the strike started 19 days ago -Q u i n n said there is two weeks or less supply of 20| laplc foods. The governor ncdy to "authorize mediate use of all means of transportation nee cssary to our needs." askcil Ken- the im- military hours in a six-day period at plants working under government defense and space contracts. Present law sets the maximum at eight hours e day and -10 hours a week. s of the hill sind · it was necessary to prevent · California firms from being at .1 disadvantage in seeking Hugo Fisher, D-San Diego! said no other state has such tight restrictions on women workers. , j McATEEH s.iid there was QUINN ALSO appealed J""/TM 0 ".'" revive the worn- Morris Weisbcrgcr, head of cn s " vcr " mc '-iw which wan he striking unions of the P.i cific. and Paul St. Sine, pros- dent of the Pacific Maritime Association to permit immediate unloading of eight strike- ships in Honol"lu bar Astronauts Turn Down Gift-Homes WASHINGTON (UPI)--The s e v e n Mercury astronauts Tuesday declined an offer of free $24.000 homes from thc Houston (Tex.) Homebuilders Association after thc federal space agency told them acceptance would not be "in thc best interests of all concerned." The astronauts' attorney. C. Leo de Orscy, had accepted the homes last week on behalf of the spacemen. But later thc incident prompted inquiries by thc White House and led to a difference of opinion in Congress as to the propriety of any acceptance. A n n o u n c e m e n t of thc rejection was made by the National Aeronautics * n d Space Administration (NASA) after a long conference in (Continued Page A-4, Col. I) James Daniels, regional director of thc Industrial Union of- Marine and Shipbuildin Workers of America, said the estimated 350 men agreed to conclude their wildcat walkout over safety conditions at the shipyard after a meeting Tuesday afternoon. The walkout, protesting "unsafe" working conditions at thc plant and firing of a shop steward, curtailed work on five Navy ships including thc missile frigate USS England. · * * * THE WALKOUT was not sanctioned by thc union. Thc workers hooted and jeered at William Hooc, executive secretary nf thc union Tuesday morning when he appeared at thc yard and advised them to return to their jobs. T w e n t y Todd employes were Injured Friday when gas exploded in the engine room of the England. Union officials said the explosion triggered the walkout. Charles Lane, Todd assist(Continued Pape A-3. Col. 3) have it," Manscll said. enacted in l!). r )fl and expired in l!Mil. He said rather than p u t t i n g women employes on overtime, employers ought to hire more workers. Son. Luther E. Gibson, D- iVallejo. chairman of the Gov- Earlier, union lonyMiore : c r n m c n l a l Efficiency Commit- men unloaded 370 Ions o:| lec sai1 he opposes thc bills flour from thc strik-jboumil'"" would hold hearings on freighter Hawaiian Hanter.j l n c m Thursday, thc day the matter. "I don't think they They were working for th? Senate expects thc special U.S. marshal. session to end. California National Guard Reserve Being Reorganized SACRAMENTO (/P--Reorganization of the California National Guard reserve is "in thc works," Maj. Gen. Roderic I. Hill, stale adjutant general, announced T u e s d a y night. Hill said thc reorganization should be completed within two weeks. Hill said thc changes had been under study for about six months, but were spurred on hy two tcccnt incidents involving the National Guard reserve. The most recent Involved Ma]. Dana R. Backus, a re serve officer who tried to organize »n anti-subversive spy ring without th« guard's knowledge. Backus resigned in March thc seizure of confidential [lies from thc San Diego National Guard Armory after ajhas to be some way to avoid state hat was being used illegally by a private group. Hill said thc reorganization The first incident involved) "l.ns Angeles is o,uite a ways from Sacramento," he told a reporter, "and there legislator classified complained information these awkward situations." In a March report to Gov. Brown. Hill said Backus showed "questionable judgment" in attempting to recruit would affect "only a few" oflmcmbcrs for his anti-sub the reserve personnel, which number under 1,000. Hill said final plans for thc reorganization haven't been worked out yet, but they would aim at tightening Sacramento control over local group activities, and setting up more local guard divisions. "Maj Backus got off into wild blue yonder thinking." Hill said. ' vcrsivc group. Thc National Guard Reserve consists of volunteers, many with prior military service, who would take over thc National Guard's duties if thc Guard were placed under f~!*r»l control in an emergency. Hill said he is trying to build thc reserve's strength up lo 2,100 men. .S

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