Independent from Long Beach, California on March 12, 1966 · Page 14
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 14

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 14
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Paga A- 1 4-- INDEPENDENT L «" ··«"· «'"·· '"·· «»* '«· »«« Television Log KNXT cfcMMi I KH»C CMiwI « KTLA CMmrf i Mliunw M rttMmltllllv f«r cJwntM by »li*l«M. KAIC chum ; KCOP CIIMMI n KM; Clwninl J'TM': JfJjjjS S KT1V CMM« II XMEX CMml )« SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1966 * PAID ADVERTISEMENT 7:30 2 The Age of Rubens 5 Design for Learning ) 1 Mr. Wishbone, Jim Allan 7:45 13 Sacred Heart Program 8:00 A.M. 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 (Color) The Jetsons 5 Movie: "Ride a Crooked Mile," Akim Tamiroff 9 From the Ground Up 13 Movie: "Bombs over Burma," Anna M. Wong. 8:30 4 (Color) Atom Ant 7 Movie: "Sky Full of Moon," C. Carpenter. 9 (Clr) Movie: "His Ma- jesly O'Kcefe," Burl Lancaster ('54) 9:00 A.M. 2 (Color) Heckle Jcckle 4 (Color) Secret Squirrel 11 Movie: "3 Blind Mice," Loretta Young ('38) 13 Pancnma Latino--1 hrs. ^ VARIETY-NEWS-THEATRE 9:30 2 (Clr) Tennessee Tuxedo 4 (Clr) Underdog (cartoon) 5 Movie: "China Girl," Gene Tierney ('43) 10:00 A.M. 2 (Color) Mighty Mouse 4 (Clr) Top Cat (cartoon) 7 (Clr) Porky Pig (cartoon) 9 Movie: "Wagon Master," Ben Johnson ('50). 34 Escuela KMEX (English) 10:15 11 Movie: "Demon Barber of Fleet St., Tod Slaughter (Br.-'39) 10:30 2 Lassie, Jon Provost. 4 Fury, Bobby Diamond 7 (Color) The Beatles 34 Gutierritos (serial) 11:00 A.M. 2 N.I.T. Basketball Classic (1st round): University of San Francisco Dons vs. Penn State Nittany Lions ' 4 (Clr)'First Look... at Ships (repeat). Ships, and the men who navigate them. 5 (Clr) Movie: "Oh Susanna," Rod Cameron 7 (Color) Casper Cartoons 13 Fun for All, John Marshall, talented children. 11:30 4 (Clr) Exploring, Dr. Albert Hibbs: "The Revolution" (repeat). Ft. Ticonderoga to Yorktown. 7 (Clr) Magilla Gorilla 9 Teleplay: "Integrity" 11 Movie: "Another Dawn," Erro! Flynn ('37). 12:00 NOON 4 Teacher '66, Arnold Pike 7 ,(CIr) Bugs Bunny Show 9 (Clr) Movie: "Dagora, Space Monster," Yosuha Nalsuki (Jap.-'63) 13 Movie: "Devil Bat," Bela Lugosi ('41) 12:30 4 Movie: "Abilene Town," Randolph Scott ('53) 5 Angels vs, Chicago Cubi ·*- LIVE--IN COLOR! Dick Enberg with warm- up. 7 (Clr) Milton the Monster 34 Cine Comedia (movie) 1:00 P.M. 2 (Color) My Friend Flicka 5 (Color) Baseball: California Angels vs. Chicago Cubs (Palm Springs), Buddy Blattner, Don Wells. 7 (Color) Hoppity Hopper 11 USC-UCLA Gymnastics Meet. Bill Welsh at Pauley Pavilion. 1:30 2 (Color) Tom and Jerry 7 New Amer. Bandstand, Dick Clark with Chris Montez, B. J. Thomas, "hotline" to Doug Sahn of Sir Douglas Quintet. 13 Movie: "A Notorious Gentleman," Charles Bickford ('35) 1:45 !) Stan Richards, News 2:00 P.M. 2 (Clr)QuickDrawM'Gras 4 (Clr) F-xistence (agric.). 9 Movie: "Where Danger Lies," Robert Mitchum, Faith Domergue ('50) 34 Rcloj Musical (variety) 2:30 2 Repertoire Workshop: "What Never Dies," Beatrice Fredman, Lorry Young. Chicago-produced comedy of three scrubwomen cleaning up in brokerage firm. 4 Movie: "Spaceways," Howard Duff ('53). 7 Movie: "Jet Attack," John Agar ('58) 34 Matinee 34 (movie) 3:00 P.M. 2 Scholarquiz, John Cnn- don Gardena High vs. Narbonne (Harbor City) J l (Clr) Movie: "Foreign Intrigue," R. Mitchum. 13 Movie: "4 in a Jeep," Ralph Meeker ('51) 3:15 5 (Clr) Angels Wrap-Up 3:30 2 CBS Golf Classic: Bruce Devlin and Bob Charles vs. Dave Marr and Tommy Jacobs. Final first- round match. 5 Miami-Nassau Power Boat Show. Taped 7 Pro Bowlers Tour: Final nf Si. Paul (Minn.) PBA Open 3 Championship Bowling: Weber vs. Hardwicke Top Viewing Today . 9:30 P.M.-- HOLLYWOOD PALACE on Channel 7 in color. Fred Astaire hosts. Guests include Ethel Merman, Jack Jones and pantomimist Marcel Marceau. ^^ 4:00 P.M. 4 (Clr) Ski Breed, Brauers 5 Bowling Tournament 9 Maverick, Jack Kelly 34 Futbol (soccer). Taped Feb. 19, Mexico City 4:30 2 Santa Anita Feature Race: $125,000-invitational San Juan Capistrano Handicap. Last telecast of season. 4 (Clr) Gadabout Gaddis, "Reelfoot Lake," Tenn. 13 (Color) Rocky Friends 5:00 P.M. 2 Life of Riley, W. Bendix 4 (Clr) Shell's Wonderful World of Golf (Valley Golf Club, Manila): Dow Finsterwald vs. Filipino golf pro Ben Arda. 5 Movie: "Rawhide," Tyrone Power ('51). 7 ABC's Wide World of Sports (tapes): NCAA track and field championship (Detroit) and national tourist trophy motorcycle championship (Gardena) 9 'MIQHTT 10E YOUNG' 'ir MIGHTY BIG FELLA Terry Moore ('49) An Oscar for special effects. 11 Chiller (movie): ."One Million B.C.," Carol Landis, Victor Mature ('40) 13 (Clr) Top 40! Charlie O'Donnell with Kelty Lester, Gloria Jones. Jewel Akens, Donnovan and the Standells 5:30 2 Ralph Story's L.A. (repeat of Sun.). A community newspaper establishes a monopoly. 6:00 P.M. 2 Big News, Jerry Dunphy 4 (Color) Scherer-MacNeil' 13 Best of Lloyd Thaxton. Guests: Everly Brothers 28 Jazz Casual: W. Herman 34 Todos a Bailar (dance) ' 6:30 2 (Clr) Roger Mudd News 4 (Color) KNBC Report 5 (Color) Sea World. Tour. 7 Sat. Sports, Jim Healy KMC-7M KEZY-IIN KMS-IIM KIEV-HI KUKD-IIH KAU--IUQ KFM-I1M KCII-IIM RUC-STI KRLA-IMI Kllfr-741 KFl-441 *Gft-llW KHK--Til KWIZ-I4H KIUL-UM MIX--tlM KQIL--IMt KHX-II1I KWKW-IM* XDU-itM KfW-SM KHJ-m KNL-IM* XTU-«* TIMV VEtmOH Lawrence Welk calls it .the first "command return" program in the 11-year history of his television show. It's the program which on television shows. For a while, after brief marriage to Ernest Borgnine, she went into semiseclu SATURDAY, MARCH 12, 1966 SPECIAL BROADCASTS-10:25 a.m., KFI--Baseball: Dodgers vs. Braves 12:55 p.m., KMPC--Baseball: Angels vs. Chi. Cubs 5:20 p.m., KEZY--Cal. J.C. Basketball: LBCC Game 8 p.m., KNX--WHL Hockey: Vancouver at Blades 9 p.m., KMPC--NGAA Regional Basketball Finals 7:00 A.M. KFI--Bob Catron, News KMPC-tXck Whltinohlll KABC--News around WW KNX--World News R'nduo 9 T' wiligh lo,,il " t Zone: "Printer's 7:is XFI-DavId Sterling KABC-- Paul Condvlh K.KX-- KNXYreekend KGER-- Sky Pitol KNX-- Russ Poneli Newt KFI-- News; 'sjjorls . KABC-- Mcn«v Talks KNX-- KNX WecMtld KGER-- Howard Ruslrral 8:00 A.M. KFI-- N*s; Cfiano'g Tlrrm KABC-- N«; Flair Repot li KNX-- Newt; Drees saorts; KNX WMktnd (to 5) KOER-- lnJI»n Cnjsosrt KABC-- Paul CondvlTl KFI-David Marling 18:20) KGER-Full Gosnl KFI-- Moments In Music 9:00 A.M. KFI-- News; Cliuck Cecil KABC-Newi KGER-- Belhanv Crwoel KABC-- Paul bondvlb ' KGER-- Sun. ictwol UrUon KGER-- Joh.-i'Brown HOOT 10:00 A.M. KFI-- News; Baiter Uo KABC-- Hewi; Soorti KFOX.-- Lte Ross (to 1) KGER-- Robert Welll 10:11 X ABC- PaH Cendvlli 10:25 KFI-Bneball: Dodger? vs. Braves (W. Palm Beach) 19:19 KGER-- Sunshine Mlisfon KGER-Heavln 8. Hnm« 11:00 A.M. KABC-- Nws; Flair Rlport: KFAC-Melrouolllan Opera: "Manon Leicairr (Puccini), Ralna Kabal- vamlca, Rlcflard Tucker, William Walker KGER-wortd Lit. Crussdt KABC-Mvron' J 1 . 1 Bennett KGER-- Rev. Abe Schneider KGER-- Cry if You* 12:00 NOON KABC-- Paul Harvey Newt tGER-- Rev. Victor Glenn Devil," Burgess Meredith. Robert Sterling. One of series' best, of gifted linotypist-reporter's startling news scoops. 11 Outer Limits: "Keeper of Purple Twilight," Warren Stevens. 28 Turnley Walker on Books "Are You Running With Me, Jesus?" Rev. Boyd. 6:45 7 Sat. News, Carl George 7:00 P.M. 2 Sea Hunt, Lloyd Bridges. 4 (Color) Survey '66, Bob Wright: "Should Actors Be in Politics?" Dale · Robertson, Barry SulH- -van 5 (Color) Melody Ranch, i Guest: Judy Lynn 7 Shivaree, Gene Weed with Stevie Wonder, .lane Holzer, Paul and Barry Ryan, Jerry Naylor, the Greenwood County Singers 13 (Clr) Dialing for Dollars Guest: Bill Lawrence 28 The Suez Affair. British look at warfare that followed Nasser's nationalization of the canal, 34 Go-Go (pop hits) · 7:30 2 Jackie Gleason Show with 13-year-old Kurt Alber of San Antonio, young piano-playing talent winner, plus singer Marion Colby, Frank Fontaine. 4 (Color) Flipper, Brian Kelly, Ulla Stromstedt. In first of 2-part story. Flipper is used by the Navy in an effort to rehabilitate a troublesome dolphin which endangers a vital research program. 7 (Color) Ozzie Harriet. Repairs at the office make it necessary for Dave and Rick to move for a few days, and they set up Dave and June's apartment as quarters. 3 BATTLE CRY! 'ATTACK' if Jack Palance Lee Marvin, Eddie Albert ('5(1. Enormously moving film of the Battle of the Bulge. 11 (Color) High Adventure with Lowell Thomas: "Out of This World-- Tibcl." It was on this trip that Thomas Sr. broke his hip. 8:00 P.M. 4 I Dream of Jeannie, Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily, Jorja Curtright. When Roger places his faith in a fortune-teller, Tony and Jeannie set out to prove she's a fake. 5 One Step Beyond, John Newland: "Signal Received" and "The Tiger" 7 The Donna Reed Show. Overpricing their house fails to deter would-be buyers (Sarah Marshall, Frank Maxwell) of the Stones' house. 13 Movie: "Another Chance," Rena Ray, Lois Maxwell ('53) 28 USA--Poetry: Allan Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti 34 Carrousel Musical CABC -- Pameia Mason ... 'Chicago ' (PaUn Springs) 1:00 P.M. Fl--Ne*s; Monllor (|D3) .ABC--Ncwi; Flair Rewrt ;FOX--CUtlle Slone . LGER--Airmail From God ABC--Open'Une, J. Welli GER--Teen Challenge :GER--Hour ol Assurance 2:00 P.M. ABC-- No«l FOX--Bilf Collie do 6) fcGER--Ciueslions-Answers KABC--Open'Line, J. Wt!U :GER--World Missions ;GER--Life'Line 3:00 P.M. CFI-Dlck Sinclair '.GER--News; Labor Retft KGER--Spectrum, USA 4:00 P.M. .Fl--Polka Pjrlv (to 7:301 tABO-- Nevrt CGER-- News; Javctes .. _C--PaulCondvllsShow KGER--Sflrenadaln Bfif» KGER-Portfaitof Palrlct; Cotton; Aeronawllcs 4:45 KGER--W.C.T.U. 5*0 P.M. KABC--News; Wtekrr.d (NX--News; Politic* KGER--SKV Pilot BC-- Paul' Condvlli X-- Local News . -- . . (Bak^slldd): . t.T 3'M KABC-- Afex'; Toi Harmon : r»rts" (5:401 KNX-- Sports Scaretxurd KGER-- Builders at Faith KNX-- News' 6:00 P.M. I KABC--N=wj; Flair Ret* KNX--Newi; This Week KFOX--Snueakln' Deacon KGER--Back o tin BlbK KABC--P. CorJuvlti; Sorts KABC--Paul'ccndylls KNX--KNX Weekend KGER--Luken Valley Cti. · 4:15 NX--PJlll Riztulo, scorls 7:00 P.M. ABC--News '· . NX--Mews; Dimension FOX--Al Rvlle Snow GER--Scrtnturt Press Fl--New*; Monlloi GER--Rev. Wlllard RlKJS 8:00 P.M. CABC-- News; Soorls NX--WHL Hocktv: Vancouver Canucks at Blades · · ' :FAC--Optra In Slereo: "Pelleas «t Wellssnde" FO C x-Frank 1 Simon Sho, WER--Amer. incKan Hour 1:13 CABC--Jim Kealv show CGER-Dr. A. U.Michel: XFI-Partv KFOX--World Tomorrow CGER--Prisoners Bible 9:00 P.M. FI--Lawrence Welk KMPC--NCAA Western ~asXetball ChamofCKi. stale- Ba sh/pi Oregon Houblan winner vs. Utah-PaclKc KABC-- News CFOX-- Grand O'~ Oprv :GER-- MElodv Hour KABC-- Bob Gronl do 1) '.GER-- Indian Revival 10:00 P.M. t.FI--Dick Stabile Orch. (FOX--Ballrocm Remole KGER--New* KABC-- Nltellne, Bob Grant KGER-ClrcIeAMsslon KNX-- KNX Weekend KFOX-- Bill Patterson KGER-- SBtctrom USA 11:00 P.M. KFI-Cnuck KAIC-- Nlidlr.e, Bob Grant KFI-- Party' time KNX-- Music Til Pawn 12:00 MIDNIGHT F1 -- Ron McCoy (to 5) KMPC-- Paul Compton KABC-- News; NHsMllne KNX-- Music 'til Dawn KFOX-Huoll Cherry (to 41 KLON KXLU CPFK. K.U5C 8:30 2 Secret Agent, Patrick McGoohan, Elizabeth Shepherd. Drake poses as a newspaperman in his search for a scientist who disappeared after accidentally producing a virus that could be used for germ warfare. 4 (Color) Get Smart! Don Adams, Barbara Feldon, Leonard Strong, Joey Forman. Smart matches wits with an Oriental KAOS master spy, The Claw, in effort to retrieve a stolen formula for a tranquilizer bomb that produces instant sleep. 7 (Color) Lawrence Welk. Welk's musical family, and their children, tour the maestro's mobile homes estates grounds at Escondido, in repeat of the hour which opened this season. 11 The Merv Griffin Show with Gower Champion, B. S.Tulley, stripper Sherry Britton, Joe Hyams 28 Speculation, Keith Berwick: "Movies--Busines: or Art?" 9:00 P.M. 4 Movie: "A Place in the Sun," Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, Shelley Winters ('51--1st run). Based on Dreiser's "An American Tragedy". 5 NCAA Western Regional Basketball Championships (Pauley Pavilion): Oregon State-Houston winner vs. Utah- University of Pacific winner. Frank Sims is courtside. 1 DAQORA! * SPACE MONSTER Yoshua Nalsuki (Jap.-'63) 34 Comi-Club (variety) 9:30 2 The Loner, Lloyd Bridges Howard daSilya, Bruce Dern. Colton joins an embittered sheriff in a search for an outlaw gang who destroyed a town the lawman almost singlehandedly created. 7 (Clr) Hollywood Palace Fred Astaire hosts Ethel Merman, Marcel Marceau, Jack Jones, Pat Morita, the Hardy Family and the three Rngge Sisters. 13 Movie: "Eye Witness," Robert Montgomery 28 Festival of the Arts: "Intolleranza," Boston Opera Group. 34 El Torneo Deportivo 10:00 P.M. 2 Gunsmoke, James Arness, Scott Marlowe, Bobby Crawford. Outlaw tries to intimidate Matt into freeing his teenage brother from jail by threats of violence against Dillon's friends. 11 (Clr) Larry Burnell news 34 Boxing (Mexico City) FM STATIONS . H.I KNOB 97.9 M.7 KCBH tl.7 99. opened the season for him in color this year. H was taped n Escondido where Welk owns a 379-acre mobile-home estate. There are two reasons why Welk calls the repeat show a 'command return." The first is that 'he received 39,000 letters in connection with it. Ordinarily, he averages 5,000 letters per show. The second is that there was always someone in his studio audience who asked if ie was going to replay the Escondido show. When he answered that he planned to, there was tremendous ap-. plause. Welk believes plus far.tbrs in the show were the beautiful countryside and the gen eral tone of informality. ETHE*L M e r i r T a n , . who guests on "Hollywood Palace" tonight, has starred in 13 Broadway shows. There won't be a 14th. "Life is too short, she said. 'When I'm in a Broadway show, I'm a slave -- no social life, no nothing, just the theater and home." She's really not kidding. A few summers ago, for example, a producer told her "The Matchmaker" had been converted into a musical. He told her the songs had been written with her in mind. Ethel wouldn't even listen to them. The musical, of -course, hit Broadway under the title of "Hello, Dolly!" and was a smash with Carol Channing. Prior to "Hello, Dolly!" Ethel nixed an offer to be the lead in "Auntie Mame" so it should be evident she's sincere in stating she doesn't want to return to Broadway. *. . * * * THAT doesn't mean she won't do some road shows. iowever, h e r appearances will he limited to a maximum of seven weeks. Her longest Broadway run vas with "Annie Get Your Gun." That lasted three years sion. She adamently refused to comment on the marriage or divorce. However, on a-rccent Johnny Carson "Tonight" show, she quipped that the rehearsal of her number "lasted longer than my last marriage." show . with ;·*» feeling · that, her fans wouldn't hold against' her the short-lived excursion into matrimony. " E v e r y o n e , " she's con- inced, "is eniititu tu unc ul a very mistake." She figures she's had her's 7t30 P.M. "Jackie Gleason Show" (2 I 'eatures 13-year-old pianis The 'audience roared Ethel came away from and t h e JT1I Gurinn' 4TU woik - I D Mt *5 till 4 GE 9-1939 COLOR H.H LOHNER TV 3HI E. AllkltM Kurt Alber. . ' '· -. 8iSO P.M. }j£ "Merv Griffin Show" "(11)' has Marge and Gower Chairi- pion. ··"" RADIO 50% OFF GIANT ELECTRONICS 8635 i»TCS:l ·- Ml 4 iS55 ·* SOME CAME RUNNING KFAC 92.3 KHJ 101.1 KNX , 93.1 -KUTE · 101.9 KPOL~~^ 93.9 KRHW 1«. KABC ' :_: «i KBCA KRKD . W.3 KLFM K-BKi-^^ISK! KDUO ?7.5 KBBI TONIGHT Frank Sinatra, Shirley Machine and Dean Martin find that a mixture of alcohol, gambling and women can 'bring death to a quiet town. 'Gypsy" ran 2% years. She'd also be interested in j a television situation-comedy series but nothing along those lines has yet materialized ~ i§7^ She did make one pilot a yea or so back that didn't sell. 10:30 7 ABC Scope: The War in Viet Nam, H. K. Smith 11 '(Color) Joe Pyne Show with controversial atheist Madalyn Murray, Communists Michael I,aski and Easton Sim- . mons, author Jacqueline Susann, civil rights leader Marnesba Tacket. 10:45 9 Stan Richards, News 11:00 P.M. 2 Joseph Benti, News 5 Movie: "Ruggles of Red Gap," Charles Laughton, Charles Ruggles ('35). 7 Bob Young with News 9 YOU SHOULD HOT MISS! if 'DAVID USA' Keir Dullea, Janet Margolin, Howard da Silva ('62). Emotionally-disturbed teenagers 13 Movie: "That's My Man," Don Ameche ('47) 28 Diary: John W. Booth 11:15 2 (Clr) Movie: "The Crowded Sky," Dana Andrews, Rhonda Fleming ('60-lst run). Two planes head toward fateful meeting. 7 "SOME CAME RUNNING"! if IN COLOR! FRANK SINATRA, DEAN MARTIN AND SHIRLEY HiclAIHE! with Martha Hyer ('59) 11:30 4 (Color) KNBC Report 11:45 4 (Clr) Sat. Night Tonight (repeat of 2/9), Johnny Carson, Anita Gillette, Vittorio de Sica, Eddie Lawrence, Van McCoy 12:30 5 Movie: "Shanghai Express," Marlene Dietrich 13 Movie: "Song Parade," John Carroll ('50) 1:00 9 Movie: "Narrow Margin," Charles McGraw ]1 Movies: "Passage Home," "Michael Shayne" and "Drake". 1:15 2 Movie: 'Tarzan His Mate," J. Weissmuller. 2:00 5 Movie: "Lady from Louisiana," John Wayne, 11:15 PM IN COLOR Arts Commission Quartet Reappointed SACRAMENTO ( U P I ) -Gov. Edmund G. Brown's office Friday announced the reappointment of Mrs. Marialice King Hale and James L. Lyons, both of San Francisco; Henry J. Lewis, Studio City, and Mrs. Margaret Cavanaugh O'Neil, Sacramento, to the State Arts Commission. The a p p o i n t m e n t s , for three-year terms, require Sen late confirmation, number of guest appearance

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