Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 3, 1960 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1960
Page 34
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HUP WANTED, M 1 F fA^IELP WANTED, FemoU 10 SITUATIONS, MALI ~~,^-^--:.-^fjjjf(j|~ t 'J5f Su»in»u:SA"RDT?ri??ft arid rnainwr V.KJTE rmaSleased eouola w work ir: move! an m*in\en»nr« man and \ roui »»i rnaid. Permanent ?ttb. G-oodv»ai«ry; Kood «r. Isvine. Quarter*. Keferr/'.re» placed _required. Applv_!?» S. em "~ " CANVASSERS 11'CHILD CARE l - J CHILDREN. "Gr»rt'u«(f« lv »nd w i t h o u t : ' M TfSTSeirvToi' coSiTr iTKave trp TO wo rrR CLCSC ron PRODUCER .« HIGHEST BONtrsES FOR EXPERIENCED rooo PLAK PEOPLE EXCEL. LENT OPPOSTWITY ron OUT OF TO WN-JlCASTVASSER-- SALES A R I Z O N A COIXEGE Of ; EA. 7-«*:7 _ COMMERCE , LX ""SAULS«F«d"ua'te. jx-'rrfar.e'nt 1SI r. Brrooww.v __ MA 4-1031 rciidpn',. driirri iwiluan w i t h n u n room. BO., care to ttc ureountmtf f i r m . MA. 3-7MJ?. mlh!; A rhiift MA- '-"^ VAhmVORk-Laivliraclnr" -"'fe'r", K'n'!-n:i".'n a l l ·.iluer Haul-fi* - Topoil - , ir.fbnu 1, o v 1 n n Trr-* .Vrvlct. -- JUnovaltr.f. HA ; Ker.l»on*t»le. 17?" E Experienced. H e f - · fettc«i. L»un?h Sn»cic». Flav ^tt!Sgj*fl!.._.E A _.-?'.*?J.. i !' - rnotherly cat? rny home. North- wert. MA i-)',X . ,,,,,,-,,,· ,*,, «· » . r In my home TRUCKS FOR SALE thru * A X »-5t» -- ' ' ' · 13 AUTO_REPAIRING 2J J TJUCKSJFORJMI 22'TRUCKS FOR SAlt 22 IMPORTEP CARS rear endi. molnri itarl at lid 22E'IMPORT6P CARS erattiri. t'»ri*rs $ Manoru Wrerk- l i i K l!fl! r J l l l n o l t ···! off A l v * r - nrm F.A · ·W4, XLNT J«Sf. MA nv !:«m w Sat** ' B O B BURNS MTR. CO. "" r * 1953 CHEVROLET ·j7 «XO Serlej. 14' van. X£ overt'a.gf'-«. Bert o f i r r ovr Waitresses M A 13 'niowinj." hrrfg. ' trimminif. C,(Ml r»i.-. :x VV. tiorrn- Kru ! r.A C-WM TIIA1NEI) chilli rare. In mv hoirwr kino fm-«-o :,siit. Northeaat. KA. 1-2MJ TRAVEL Opportunities 15! E0 YOU WANT TO BE A REAL ESTATE Jdnlfhi. 10 » a . m . 4 to 13 LAWN ^MS ' N.'Tftone'' AwTM «l .Ochoa. , M A ._J-«JW. « Drive In 2WS E Sp«ei»» CMU'KSITR w o i k of any . - . u a n t e d . I'tiane MA. 1-4S13. Experienced Typist I-AINTINC; sm»n r.-r.,,, _,,,.,,,,, _ «" F.-v.^ar u l l h sere,.I o.,!re p r o - . ^J 1 ^ I4 ??^ n ""' '"'" * "' I . K A V I N G fm I'lpSHl'HGH .Turn; redlire. Mull rx- permanrnt i M i d e n l . v ,- f , · ,, , . ] .,.. ·.,, . . . , t l l " A ] , Z" J a n e 1 in * " " . ' M I , " ' . * , * " drprndahle and w«por.«lt.ie P . - l - r , . ,, ' " , , 1A ^,-, ,,f," ', «fl,ni!in« h'jl'.'l'-iv , MA v'^ltr. « [ t e . _ S _ P m ^r-^.^^^r^u^v'to « ; -S"'" * .»-" l ctn, t "'"",'mj. n,.,,.,.;;*?^});*'^"^ i. J_ FA'"f. r r.w m ' l r i l i f ; A 7 ' u '' 5:i * I M I ! ' jin'vf A. "iom O K U . MA i l A Y S | l i K N K E N ~i'li,rnl.ii.K~..d ^'vrsi; j,,r Chu-.fo'" k r ' r ' f i l , il'"TM. r.A J.JMO ' " J^'V"?-:".J)J"»..MA--.. overi'»u!' 45 IV, rt. Lowell, MA. 3-7)Oi.__ ; Vl!MX5K c-r O t l i v t i y truck. e|ectn !. SliJ NV CamHlrll _ _ GOOD election of !i»w priced pTcE^ i ups. Jorineton Auto S*itf. 1US S 'Hi ~CMC~)'TMton ~Goud "condillon" ' Fee at }»35_K._Brpadway, ' M " tfMC '.i Ton " P,U~"TtTepKoni 1 bro Rea*onab!e. !6th - So J C r a r r o i t . DODGE POWER WAGON W/Wincb SB f-ORD wason, s-p»s«. . . . . t" i! JKEP piCJCUp . 55 CKEV oirkup (S .MJTOR.D pickup tharo ;!sj I;MC i.iT pickup m 'is 7X5RD 2-ttn Durcp, 3-yd. . » CKEV s-tor. Dump 3-yd. : J3 DOIX:E dual wheel 1959 RENAULT »93. take over payment!. CY 221 Tucson r'Maj,. J«S! »'J* "* IIMPORfEb CARS 22E T-CftSJ o r M A . J-0842. __! 1 1 ( 1 1 I I l l i n I I 875 FoTrSXXro/Wdr'iZ 1 "SCw« 'ipbfS' \ A f 1 A M \ ! W l l I T P A H F I nw:_caf convertiWe^_(!lf:|JE. 3Jnd_St. _ 1/V-|-| «| - -M" V " 1 -- i W I L L I K r M J C ! SS'jAStf?* W«* , v . u : .'S. 1 .5???'. 1 ! H I L L I H III U I My esulty in '» »«*« tic lank pumper Many Other Good Bargains »SO. EA._7-4t«T_att*rJ|. '58 VW MICRO-BUS ^ 5 ton reWffrated air conditioner. Ideal for vacation! or flarijt dc- livery. MA. 3-C10C._ 'i~ T959~SKODA 5.050 mile*. Will taXe used car for rauitv. i!«i E. Grant Rt.. EA (~S9ST. JBortwaixi Stl- tion WaeM) for older model caj la eoQd_cen(lltion. AX J 781«. _ _ . Tark 1th . MA. CFFN TO TWOS* who « a n 1 TO TAKE the STATE 1TX.AM or those who *r» AIJtEADV LICENSED . . . Next Class Starts June 7th, I960 DEMITED ^yp oirLM yy PLAC3^JK3\"T AVAIIABLK CALL ALLIANCE Z. BROADWAY to mutrt r-o5rt Mf*nti*f t r»r«r tor u: t CAltl'K.NTftY w o r k , t n t f i l c t r r x l l r l K i i palntinc And Iturro i A.\. r..c-.i} a n d ' h u r a h JN i hou^fiofd P m hmrtv K A . " ~ J*iOir. ny rooifrra. ·iMrmr.-TK; ^10'^^^''' ·"n v 'n'n, 3 /I,° J 'i* CAHS " ' a v a i l a b l e ' lei moi! r i l i e i ·hn li woililn nrlv '' ** ' Q u r "*·'" M A - 4 " M4 " J 4l5Si3 t-ADy ftnrt MTiiil !wiy wan! nde "If'-nr S-rm-Si w-1tri l * rt ' 'ravelini tn W a a h l n j i - 'p«i'alri n( !! ! t«n D. C vlcirlty. Rh»re 'X- i.Ti r» ' * ; penae?. Writ* Star-Citizen Box So. 4th Ave. "One Year Guaran/ee" _ . _ 2018 N. Stone MA. 4-4132 VW CONVERTIBLE NEW AUTOS for 5al« 22^t r SrF6KB~KtSefrvy»ton.'new TireT.'Onf "W"'^/ 1 ". . $ j Vj .jj chjyrelrl^ Suburban ctrry ''bjfjjyi a j.^ prn fil" 1 KA. Save Money $-$-$-$ This Vacation 'S36» Madison Stravenu«._ " .t!ir'"oickupr"p'"«-»dc- o- 52 tian»i»rt»!ion car. ' HA S- SALESMEN EXPERIENCED JEWELRY SALESMAN SAVE MART TOO W. C Fr ^t^ J !»^ MA-, f CRT unrt ervod rrirrc-nrr* Nft ronk:n£. C o n - , j. . ,, ,, . f l .. ^., arl, ironlnj ^*-'·»^ i --, oi . RtocKl.AVlMG. pi JadJr*' drrasef. aportnwrar and iini;cr:e. For ex'Hi unrk *".-enlni[i. *nn Sund»'» onh. Prejrr thosr 13 »'ht live cio»' to »lor» or have fTMJsil r.wner-inanairr own transportation A p p l v »f!er 1 r m to S. Reltler. Broad war Included aalea. paru «nd «ervlr» V O U R AUTO DELIVrflED any city' rv-wirtment Store. «7« J) Bro«(i- manactrnrnt. rmtnclnK arid ron- Bonded llrented driver* ; » » V »n_SJ» 9w»nway_Plasa. _ . ... tracllnx. " o u l d like ^mpio»m«n ; AMOIICAN AUTO DttlVEHY ! »^»«n£ ^ .Rfflrajn.!..^. »-.«!.. .,,_ - *?;,, J ex r :i!,i;r '"rSfere"ne,, C " n ph f o J n"e' MortgogtS For Sole 2QA Gammon Placem t Serv. JE4JU.., -- , , . r--(UI kinds. Correctl.1 i,ne urm m«h,n«v ..".. "TJ.".'Auto» Tronsportation KA. 7-0703 i WANTED Canwtierr. mature, exj Bcp. ff»r acrt_ office. i Proficient with 10 key Executive Sectv. rleno. far Iecal »ecty. heavx- iltnn Dicraphone op. 5 day w*#k £!«·. OPEN 5 A T _ f l "TTL 1 ' happy family of invrttors making Sfi'v and hctter return: on rtUtrounlrd %·; contracts on new 3 and 4 bedrooms in the blSRer Phoenix developments where prop i SITUATIONS, M 4 F HA add mach 'CTfRTfAliEH JOB WANTED V?a?l rr 1 ^ »pprerla!lSn U the greatett MW, round. Tucaon or elo,«. Murt have I *TM» «' «he many Invert or.i rtn- vate parttei invertment nd corporations) who have pur- cnsll furnished house -~ modfft 1300: saury. F.xp^rUrrvrert m»tur* couple.i - - - - ~--i , t - . IBM Bond»blr. rellflblr. rvfrrrnrci. Star- rh «»« d hundrrds of our contract Ciilren. Box J57-C over the .war* hnv* tvtr hed to V^r M^ -Trt I ._ I* i iJj 1 f * I T l I * ^1 f* *.lf f r- J ai WHITE womarTio llvr in and"cari SITUATIONS, F c M A L E for elderlv w-mnan. Som* nurains expertencr, KA. 5-0030. or ladx »'ith experience for general R**l Estate business. Owner has 2* .veara expejlcnce. ; ,,. » i r r TA o i ' v*t "«"«« A fooi. downtown location. E x r e l - E a m $17.50 Up per day fM-v,^ ier.t woridnf condltioni. Ufjeml ,, ;,,.. . J RA^ WO eomml**ions, irteady «mplO)'ni*nt. C. C. Romine REALTOR n g Bdwy. MA.. 4-5S6 -r~i" real 12 ny psymtnt*. Mr. H'mrnrbuyer KH f * A**cJatM. 120 M. 41h Si. " ' broker,i ?-0«l, Phornlx. Arfr. M DEUVXKY WOHK STSTM- MIKC FROM EXTENSIVE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN. MUST BE AEL.E TO t)E ON' FEET AJ.L DAY. BC AT SUO E. BROADWAY ri«. 10 A . M . A J P.M SHARP TOR FUI-L DETAILS. DRIVE STATION WAGON ONLY "akr my payments over at $21 * rnonth. 3MWh i^_CrRvcroft, ___ SELL OR'fRAJDE 'S7 Triumoh TR3. Scorta convertlblt 100% Financing on Approved Credit 60 MG MAGNETTE ·;60 AUSTIN A40 :59 FIAT.MULTIPL 600 . i ' KU A i l c t m "59 SIMCA ARONDE 4 dr. 3 ^usim ";59 PANHARD ELYSEE PRECISION 58 T-R3 1795 , nur " AUTOMATIC iran n '»'"«on»l r«palrin«-budeet terms arraneed- « . ^ » - - ' - ' i t x - - - - - - - . _ _ ruaranle^d work. Rii»eH Auto- SECRETAnifcS and hookketpera motive Serrlc.. 805« S. llth Ave. e nor full or part time em- ' M A - J - T O S __ ' ' ·"""' ' " '" - ployrrtent. Secrelarlal School MA JT YOU really -want to trl Khi*d and feel you «r* limited in your prewnt employment, here'a »n opportu- nit - for you In oeroma ajooriated wish a really tart- irowiny company. No aalei experience necessary. On- the-iob tfilnine. »-iih * rood income, (or excellent management career. Mn- Fettus; Daya MA. I-7KO; EA. 1-1557. iwfiTra--*-tfHAj."-»7eirrord^rr. »-.««;: -----·· -«»». »«., ! Rrni^of"! "Uve't.' ·^^ O n,h:i ; S^ V.''^"'^'"^" 1 ^ Permanent p«.,i m . Give u-orkln.j R* 0 ^?^^^TM^; j TRUCKS FOR SALE 22 posi In reply. -G." Writ* references Cllireii. Box 1M- _ PfiY foQK. neat, clean, anu Apply in parson. Trollop 0rive-ln. 2S30 N. in Aye. ""C6UNTER~GIRL Neat EA. Pan: i- ivoui«g~C(SD5fiiS5"sirrwl»h«' fiii Time clerical or general offc« Job. .Some ahortharid. MA. 2-7«|._ In my norneri'ick UD"an3 AX. B-«mi3. JJrl very. f6p MAN ·ho erj . Southwettern Pitroletun Co., \8S. Ton Worth, Texaj. ppearln* for carry e-uT location. 30 or nver. Nite«. Ap-! ply arutlme after S p. '._ 1st Ft, Lowell. womarTTKo i ph Park -- ----- -- -- *-..« **n t K.,? BU»ranteed. Tre« delivers-. «0« Internationa i ---- ^...^-*.v.t.^ care ol new mother! 1 *P£ J 1 ""'" help at home. EA. 8-7781.' 1 GOOD honest h»rd-worKinir ales-, m*n. GILES MOTOR CCTlllK. 71 ll-^-?-?- BOX ; BimtEEsacB wArnass. BIHSS fhili. Apply in person only. Golden Pheasant Hesturant, JU* X. Sp*ed- VSwt by «ppt CaU Mr. Frtnce.. _ta»_ta t:M p.m. EA. H91J.. Educational Salesman em DESBCT «AxasMAN. Mu*t b« ·bl* to ciow a a»l*. Have «p«ri- ·noa in dirwrt aalet Unlimited lead*. Opportunlti- to earn minimum ·-' nra wkl.v. Sun at once. CXSHTER; xpcrichnin'i~t«~l p m. Apply in person only. Golden Phe*tant Reitaurajit. JIM X. Speed- wav. ^ jT£MAH~Eo55tVeep«r. tuli 5i»rj« exp«rie.n« required. Part'Ume hour* available. Kefarcncta. APPLY Profctxional. Salei * Clerical Office. Arizona State Employment Service, 7 North Granada Avenue. friurn ·* a»w wxiy. ouin «i UI».T. -^-. . -- -- -- Wrtt* return. Inoludinjf phone. GlHS, Women--All AgCS P t * r - c -t^ 1 *",^y_}]^[- . ·nf A tT7r 'srrrrTnMTCT SALESWOMEN SALESMEN 27-50 BE A RECEPTIONIST Train for tntereittnf. well paid! TUTOR primary radei-ali « . H J"' lrn " r ' rade»--all tub-;V[pYtr iecu--phonlea u»«d In reidint I·'·'£·" MA. -iBjxi 'i USED: AVAU^ABLE practical nura* rr»d- uate. r ~--' J ~ .«'"« work. CHILD CARE HXBM'ilirnNtl S day 13 » s wetjt Ec- MA uratry. Pre- 'Da'v".n'd"'nl«ht"i.l.n..l-.MA. -87S start Monday. Your choice of traln- f n c . T'BX operator. bookkeeplnK. CATmrT~m7 =.MA- i-w home. Ca Jbmlneu rnachlnei, IBM card punch You'v*. tem looklnc. » here It " ' a n d Speedwritlnc Shurthand in I If you have »le» experience, v e - w e e k a . Joba awali. rail, wrlta ar cm tr»in you within 1 davi to enni V i»lt -- tm-nDO r*r week. Call Mr. Matson. AUTOS FOR SALE 23 SERVICE SALES PARTS NORTH MAIN MA. 2-6768 "Ranchero" 3 irpd- New patnt *ng, Q'hiul. $1395 59 6MC Va P.U. S ipd. L.W.B. Heat Nuw paint, $1495 59 FORD i P.U. AT Heat. Wide ildi L.W.B. VB. New paint. $1595 G1C. So. 4tti Ave, "A New Truck Dealer" $49 Per Mo. up to 30 MPG 50,000 mile guarantee Don't Worry About Cash IN 1960 First 3 Months-Against 1959 COMPETITION? We ove it! Metallic Red, BUck leather. Mlcbelon tlrea. Disc brakri. 57 MGA 1645 Blue car. BUck leather. WSW. heater, wire u-hee,l«. Clean. p«r- feet car. 2195 ather. wlr* I wheels, overdrive. 59 VW 1695 Lisht Ian. beise leatherette interior, radio He other soodiet. 60 Austin Healey 2895 Black. Red leather. D«lux« model 3.000. disc brakes. 3 litre encine. 4.SOO mi DAUPHINEI59 English Ford 995 ?onco;« 0 -co^ion. lea ^r ln r^l58 METROPOLITAN HT! J »'· An ? li... Wh iU. Interior , »3 SSS, Can bf seen «t 1030 E. Broadway. MA. 3-5065. O W N E R . SSWI Simca. 4 noor ssoan.iro VOT VO Like new. Ben otfer. 1S17 AvenidaiSO V U J - . V V Sirlo. Terra del T ' RQQF 1957 PORSCHE , 1600 cabriolet healer Becker A M - j '58 RENAULT EXPERT imported car rt . makes Franchised rial Alls de»ler Continental Motors Ltd tlJS » Palo Verde Ave KA 7-M.11 '57 VOLKSWAGEN CY. '60 Renault Dauphine We have helped hundreds ]yjy NAME IS with down payments or| DO N J. McCORMICK monthly payments be-; Service-Mgr. of cause we do our owniy/orld Mtrs. Volkswagen; financing. 78% of our c u s t o m e r s come back. I need a qualified assistant. Call me at World Mtrs. MA. 4-5515 929 S. 6th Ave. YOUR AUTHORIZED VW DEALER BUGS WE GOTT 'EM tone red Si white. i59 OPEL 2 dr. |57 English Ford 695 156 ENG FORD ZYPHERi iAITM'"" BUck - wwu ' ALSO IN STOCK: 58 Sprite 58 Austin Healey 53 MG TD 48 MG TC 56 Morgan PRECISION MOTORS 3500 E. Speedway Nobody beats the Deal Holmes Tuttle Broadway Ford YOU SWATT 'EM DON'T PUT Ali. YOTJTH MONEY j IN THE GAS TANK t595i ROADSTERS i MGA i AUSTIN SPRITE i AUSTIN HEALEY 58 MGA 58 CORVETTE 58 MGA COUPE 57 AUSTIN HEALEY 57 TRIUMPH TR3 57 MGA Tucson xNEWCARDEALERS' J£Xi AUTOS FOR SALE 23 .,-? ' «0 1SETTA 300 58 PANHAJID -dr. 58 RENAULT Dauphint 59 SKODA 2-dr. 60 SKODA Sports Conv. 59 SIMCA Wazon M GOLJATH 2-dr. 58 TRIUMPH Sedan 5S VAUXHALL 4-dr. 58 DKW ', Ton P.U. 57 MCA Roadster 58 SIMCA 4-dr. WE TRADE - MANY OPEN SUNDAY 12-6 p.m. STATEWIDE MOTORS YOUR SKODA DEALER 26th Craycroft ISM S9SS 1995 11795 11245 645 895 935 1095 1495; WE TAKE TRADES 1927 E. Broadway MA. 4-3345 AUTOS FOR SALE 23 '59 Plymouth Se.d. One owner car. Excellent condition. Will lacrifice for cub or trade. Call EA. «-6i51. a»lc for Haa;«r. '55 Olds Holiday Sed. Losins' mv ear. Take, over pmta. Only *4« month. C»U Jo«. MA. 3-5072. W AUTOS AUTOS fOR SALE 23 xx. -XX 800 E. Broadway MA. 4-8651 SOUTHWrSTS LARGKST FORD DEALER AUTOS FOR SALE 23'AUTOS FOR SALE AUTOS FOR SALE 23 W e w m i l d like 10 hire a ssiotman: er aalecu'oman wrtn li maklnK 16.000 I to Jioooo per year, trho honestly 1 *«!« he or «ne could make H30000 SPEEDWR1TING SCHOOL L S._ston« MA...! Regisfcred Nurses - Mcrtftce. in he aurpenful. EA. T-4POT for an appointment. BR1GGS opened July, tvith new in ·ulte and hoipltal facllttlei. vapcernent opportunities 1 General Hopltal. £A. 7-34W. CO. «* ! a g. ..·Broajj»-av,_rhpne tA._7-4SW 1M1 SHOE SALESMEN Exceptional e^pportunity- txperKncexS--Also n«»d aaleunen for aununer monthi. Apply «» r- At Your Service 1 5£S««i»/__,_^MA-ibJM' : TOT), txpth- ence not nec««amry. TROLIC. IBM S «th Ave , MA. }-«MS Car Salesman Beat anmrnisalonft 1 CHAHGH houaekteper fnr I child, plus parenta Llv« Ln nnly-private room Span- l»h aceaklni preferred. Dava, MA j-osjl E\'tnin««. £A. S-1S77. toodltionf. BeH __ paid. Contact Sale WOMArT to do hai I S. «th. _ j drcitini at home: tactint our curton HELf WANTED, F.male 10 Dictating Machine Operator TYPIST. MUST BE IDCFERI- ZNCED. O P E R A T E CRAY AUDOGRAPH MACHINE AND E L J K C T R I C TYPEWRITER. PESMAjnCNT. « DAY WTEK. 10CCEUXNT EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. Apply INFILCO INC. 101 S. CAMPBELL AVTE. Ptaona MA. 3-M01 phone. Write Sur-Cltlien Box KEXf. exptrieneed fountain wa! rew. Craycrofl Dnu;, z Crayereft. Whether You Smoke A Thinking Man's Cigarette or Nof -READ THIS!! ." NOBODY, BUT · NOBODY !! Should Buy Any Make of Car Unless They Check Our ... · Selection and Prices First and Last Chevrolet 4 dr. sed. " A N N I V E R S A R Y " !!One Price Sale!! 133 N. Stone -MA. 3-6330 Choose from any of the Price Levels. Don't be late. They won't last long. $2895 , 5S|59 Buick invicta Est. Wag. $3695 Impala. itirk. rartio, healer LAUNDRY SHIRT PRESSERS i*Kperl«rtced preferred, but will teach younjr. atronr. capahla flrla. NO PHONE CALLS. tM N. 4th Avenue. Turbln. driva. factory air. PS, PB. RAH. EZ Ej'., lunar, rack. 59 Buick La Sabre Conv. $2895 Auto, u-ani. Air. PS. BP. RAH. 59 Chev Kingswood Waq. $2695 tr? TMT ·· «.tj "w^ T* ~^ itJlinj age, ·xperltnt* *nd r« cncei. HAIRDRESSER 3Cxp#rltnced. Full or part time. Exceptional po»itlon vith rood commission and ruar»nt*r. Apply in p«rxm C*l!«rlne*» Brnutj' 5*lon» IW3 X. 8th St. SALESGIRLS _ , _ ,.,,,,,, . ,,,., . -__.-.. Zxp«rtenoed In «elliri« *""«"/, xull time or evenlruiri, BARMAID CD: Must apply ! .m._1532 S. « l h A HOUSEKEEPER WANTED: Must apply !n p*r»on! | afi*r_3_p.m._13M S. tlh'Avenue. i _No cooking. IJye in. EA. »-«M3. EXPERIENCE!) aecreury " Spea* i CO Spanlb. Downtown licatlon Good'syO ·alary and working condition! ! write Star-Clttien ROT m-l I PG. GIRL, or yauni woman for hou.«e- i I work. No cooktnit. Murt live in. i KA. S-KSL5. _ i HOUSEWORK. a«ernoonj~Gfrl fl. Living near M34 Benson Highway. MA. 3-3479. ! « 59 Olds Holiday Sedan $3495 '""i Hydr»ma1le. air. PS. PB. RAH. 59 Chevrolet El Camino Stick, low rnile»t*. 59 Opels h(Ktr« Irorn Belair 4 tdr. Take Your Choice $88.00488.00 Lie. No. AYT-768--48 Hudson 4 dr. sedan AUW-547--49 Buick 2 dr. sedan AZV-442--50 Plymouth 4 dr. sedan AUF-243--47 Pontiac 2 dr. sedan ATM-422--50 Buick 4 dr. sedan \V» h*v« i to r. D, ,'. -,\, DUICK With a icf atlck Xppl* at Mayf. .V frog g. Broadway. heater. $1995 $1695 $1895 $1695 $2395 6 ALES LADY to atll on appoint- _,-,,_ ,-v menta only. Car necesaarv-. Apply,ei.'° n i *Y - *50f jf. Stont. OFFICE NURSE PART-TIME Fountain Waitress -- SS'Buickl' dr. SpecTaT secT?f795 Experienced only. Apply Geronino Dru$,JpO_r. 3rd. j TEl-EPHONfi »o\icitor». part time | work, pleasant working conditions ·WHC.CU. Hours 4-8 P.M. Mo-daj-: No expcriencr necrMary. Ajroly tbrouiiJ Ttiday. 1J-4 P.M. Saturdays, i J" J"? 1 *?" only - 8 ' s - Rm - *· * v) Apply Bucinesa Manager. Tuoon "· 8| ! n A V£: CTir.ic, 11*_??. Tucson Blyd Ke^tr, first^timt shown in 58 Merc. Mont. 4 dr. $1695 air. PS. PB. Take Your Choice $197.00-$ 197.00 BBM-132--51 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. ATA-573--51 Ford, stand, trans. ASL-953--51 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. AUG-195--52 Hudson, 4 dr. Sharp Take Your Choice $294.00-$294.00 AVB-425--53 Buick 4 dr. Stan, trans. AVK-789--53 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydra. AUN-343--54 Mercury Convertible cpe. AAS-153--53 Ford 4 dr. 6 cyl. Auto. Buick Roadm. 752 dr H T $ ! 7 9 5 J AAT-395--52 Olds 4 dr. Hydramatic PS. PB. H*H _ Tucson.! Urat volume aeilini Prnd-, u vet. natiormlly known company. You H« ATTENTION! ttoould ivenn r?5 pe r week or, A 1 i C.IN 11UIN! !·--7 n · 1 Tnore by making phone calif from , i l U . / K i i i / ~ U - ·· - - repre-l Avon T«preaenUtive» are earning In J / L) U I L, rv This on* h" full power A factory air. your home. ·enutive. · 1 Call Factory 7 n/40i; . (-U1OJ ItJK BEGINTCKG - review cuuxei sa f ^sss'ssi C.oUe« Ph MA 4 hour* daily what others can In 8. We win «how you how. Immedi-; ate plaeejnent. no bond necccary.i will not interfere with household; duties. For appt. EA. 6~566i iefore » aewing machine op-j «raten wanted. Murt have F»c-1 tory experienc*. Apply Debhy, Mir, Co.. 74? S. Park ' pleasant office. 3:30 S days. See Mr do llcht housework .IENCE necessary. nrr YOUR HEART ON MODELING ! gfh rind out if "you" Qualify. '· 5 1 " ron AL?xcrrwfj_CAREra n« r ^~j^ ri - n( . Pd on ^- Vr -~~ inn machine for unholsttred f u r - , nitur*. P«n timt. Southwrsl Uo-i holswry Company. IPS S. Meyer, MA. 3-fil43. 'GENTTRAL hmuework. I dav wurk. i II«rid U'ish Jlocrs. K*f?rtnc**. HA. , w tA, 7 -T"* ' fi -^ 72 THE MOrrELING FIELD The experience of Fashion a n * w . Photographic, and many other types of model. Model . forever. Can ba yoars time Oracle J57 Cadillac Sed. DeVille $3295! $I495J $1695! i $1095 ; $995 $1895 $2495 $795 Auto trmn*. RAH. Olds Convt. itc tram. SArH. Mercury 4 dr. Sedan 56 Ford 2 dr. Hardtop }0!00 a m . Friday and Satur-.; Aulo tram. RAH. Real clean. A Nftclc 'heaui.v wltii power Take Your Choice $389.00-$389.00 AVW-228--54 Pontiac 2 dr. sed. Hydra. AVN-827--54 Olds 4 dr., full power ASW-639--53 Chrysler, 4 dr. Windsor AUT-009--54 Pontiac Catalina 2 dr. AWM-863--52 Cadillac, 4 dr. Hydramatic ATG-321--53 Pontiac 4 dr. Hydramatic 56 Cadillac Sed. DeVille With th» work*. An ^xrppttonul auto. r 54 Pontiac Convertible Take Your Choice $499.00-$499.00 Far West. Placement BuJ some t^pm* . JOlArtz. Land Title Bidf. MA. 1-ru! m £^m \"'Tn£5n B lvd BAfK Savrnei Teller NCR 3109 On. 5-day s: A fond find rar or a »f«ind one for the »-tfe. ont to proud of. Bkfcpr. «r . . . . «W ACCTS payable elk. posting mch. CIHL rriday. poslinr. ll(e__rteno I MA. 2-M63. j WOMAN to live in. c*r« for"t chil-iPAftT TIME, work evening--week-1 *rrn. Beard and 115 week. Sundayri endi. Anytning legal. College; tree. Contact Mr. Crossan, between I graduate. EA. 7-4JM. i - MA. 3-ten. : SPANISH J5MtX'«mG: reading Cau-j A family ear at a reasonable price. SECRETARY cacizr. . . for career uiing thl» rarity. erences. 1EA. S-4KX. _ ·Ilent erpBOTtanlty In downtown PiSBLTC relationi field, rales man- offxx tor e*p*ble rirl. rnurcsted in advancement. At* 21-3S. S day frirare benefm. MA. 4-55g. f Eirperfenced 7AR-HO?T5. Ste«dy »-_·»- .^ *y*-* *~ v*.rrA,~~^-.t afemvnt. collet:* graduate, long on; s»les experience, business rn»n- aferneTtt. Reference*. Permanent r«sion-e. Can travel. Write to P. O. Box 254*,. Tycoon, AiHrT.t. | Complete ^·^^ ;; 54 Cadillac 4 dr sedan SI395! ATG - 229 -- 52 Cadillac, Air Condition rscnption Phar-V~ V-aUHia^ T U I . 5 C U C I I I v? I J 7 O A X / M ^ O O n/^l-l r II I'l re \, , fine auinmnoil* for 1he person who ».«nt, the Best In . j AVU-UO7 OO OlOS, r U l l pOWCT, l i k e OSW BuicrCentury 4"dTSed. ' $595 I ATT-983-53 Ford Station Wagon, 4 dr. y : AUM-242--54 Chev. 4 dr. PG. Sharp ATM-382--53 Chev. Station Wag. S. shift AEW-515--53 Pontiac Sta. Wag. Hydra. Act now. take advantage of our Dollar Saving Anniversary Sale. No down 'payment, with approved credit. Htf- VYVVVYYVV Tucson YYYyVYYYY NEW CARDEALERS' ·jpcrcyxxxx eneTii w»ri m retail 'mtort. a.pray 1 , washed. ^Eslma.e«t. MA. 4-4093 ; CS»d:t D«Pt-, OoTl*g» Shsp. K5 2 DEPTJJDABLE, ambitious yountr p»Jk. "»n T»ed employment. Do any-. - : .thing. AX. 8-ITI4. ns ._ wiia jrezicrBi or- -5-=TMTM--.V^v" --'-- ftewtpeHeftce. S»lary »27S wr [ BH7CIC. Vtoek, adotw laying. Piiio yMMFKB, £0MI J*MJTi, JWTlfWBWCTlt. Jn** · yft'ML,y^Q_. *oQlTro?^S. Y._^7*63B3. «I«ar» ty»« of «xp«ri«i«. *««..; LOWEST and b«t pairit "job m ·ehmfKn, »vanjibi!fty. Tiiirrrtall Tncson._R«liab)e. MA. ZX7M "fe t ^.*?r- R*?ly ,by m»fl;fF YOT want a~l-efmed'~hrv" fhi- --^ H .^.«. v . v . ^..^v.^.,, jo-^r TrrTT^neo TnTrrwrv jr?:ool and L __i wonld do most ansihiTit. like? s yecjmd p»«re yon. Se-ej Irafrrn» »nd rjrvejmg. c»n MA. Jt _ ^ i _ ^ : , -- _ _ is* MS Wi M WJ (R ns tss sa* sts Wl ss$ $5$ tss sss sss ISS » trjj ewt ec « The Friendliest Place in Town'' Pontiac !! 33 N. Stone-MA. 3-6330 1 MOTORS, INC. 1019 N. STONE AVE. QUALITY SALE/ FINANCING THE FINEST SELECT/ON Year and Make Pmts. JtAH. aid. trim*.. WSW tlre». 4000 ml. Corvair---O --57.97 59CHEVROLET tola-Conv.-60.31 1t*K P.O., P.S., WSW--Solid whit*--Local ear TOOO ml. 59 CHEVROLET mpala HI.--60.31 Lliht tan--RAH. P.G.. P.S. Stock *Jl*-Llk« new. 59CHEVROLET Impala H.T.-60.31 Blue Ac rray. SAH, P.G., P.S. Stock *«*--Very n!c«. ,59CHEVROLET Impala H.T.-60.31 BAH P.G.. P.S. IJiht «reen. Stork 121(1--A beauty. ;59 CHEVROLET mpala H.T.-60.31 j RAH P.G.. P.S. White 81 Bray. Stock »21». See thli. I59CHEVROLET mpala HI.-60.31 RAH. P.O., P.S. Stock *21!. i59 CHEVROLET Bel Air--51.0) 4 Doer aedan--TurauoiM 4i white--lik« Door--RiH. P.O.. P.S-, air eond. Excellent. RH Fordomatic PS., P.B. Power air--Actual 11.000 mi. ·at. power windows, factory mil Country Sedan--62.75 .?., P B. r«e»OT- sir--B!us-«*K-. ExDlorer----67.29 R*.-H Fordomatic P.?.. P B. F«e»or- sir--Blu'-Thltf. SALE 23 GMC SUBURBAN 'M, excellent condition. Good tires. Low mileage, 2121 N. Camp- ibeU txcept Saturday. IA. S-8854. BAH »uto. tran».. P.S.. Premium ttr*a. 59 FORD Ranch Wagon-- -51.00 rmjom»tie. «h- eoei(J. AH wkH». 58's ~ 57's -- 56 T $ -- 55's --In Most All Body Styles-- p*merit flfnrw ire b»»*a m \, down «*etao r l»f ir nlat«« REMEMBER It You Can't Here ' Then You Just Can't Trade NATIONAL MOTORS ING N. Store Ph. MA. 4-0438 SS 6J U SS ss s$ «S t»*m SStSS IMSSS W»$J« MJJMJ JtWSSi SSJSMJ M S ? tS H $S W M M «$ $5 M M »S JS *t 'J Jj H M It B U t* tt W M IJ a s! »! 5 tt»ss»ss $tt$ stts mw mm ***** Up To 36 Mo. To Pay 53 Cad ·I 4 dr. Powtr t Air 799 Curtom Royal Curtom Royal 4 dr. full power ·uper td J dr. H.T. *u 58 Pym fclvedar* 4 dr. K.T, rmi poi 57 Ford Cuttom Sod 3 dr. acdtn 57 Dodge Custom Royal 4 dr. Sedan, full power wyvyncifY JUOugxyxx. XT iSiSSxxN Tucson 1 SxNEW CAR DEALERS' 1CVW ion 11 Belvedere 4 dr. Auto., R4tH. 58 Simca i dr. Sedan IS I tusmtt tut us 4 dr. a«dan, rtlck *hl«. S eyl. Like new 54 3 dr. H.T. Full power 59 T-Bird H.T. Full power 4 «r Sedan. V-l Commander EA. 7-7461 Newest Used Cars In Town »r* *ts · « 5S » - 5S iilhf «t«

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