Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 31, 1950 · Page 23
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 23

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 31, 1950
Page 23
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79 MODERN" fum. duplex apt Clow to . i: tn monthly. a £?riCIENCv"aBt. pat -- Ktftt. $45 month. Ph "o tio, bus, paved -3-0273. - -- UtiliUei ^included, "' HeiMM Tor Kenf Puff. PI Itental Listings - ,, WANTED , The many Inquiries ar» «U'«»dy exceeding the available rentals. Our Kental*Departnient wmnti rental» of all ciauei. :CaU I-ttM Ajk-for Mr. Ryan or Mr. Rowland .-!·. jssssfta g*MV"^ .^I ROOMS^chen^ba^genV^... * 140P St Mary *. **"- a-aio«, , ,a» !,,, JT^NISHED efficiency kitchen, ·'""ette---utilities. 'new refrigerator, ,, JiiSe' -icier, shower, porch, auto, ffgg'--1anuary. «« E mower. 1028" N 3rd * Jttdrm. aouse. Amphl District. $60 or $55 on year's lease. "' s.858fl. . , -WILL TIRADE * aptsrall rented 4n MeuTo P«rX 'or house and cast difference "to mortgage. Income'- approximately. $230 aer mo.-Phone .2-87Q_3.._ .,,______ H.C. TOVREA'CO. - Realtors 33,So. Stone/ ', ^3-7525 OTW ^Se!^M^S ade - NEWL^f · ftll TO J50 1 ildrffl SOtS. -- » Tefrig laundry, bus.' lawns. Some JSwT Wlllties paid. Laguna Plaia : 'r£irrt«, 250-W. Lacuna.-Ph. 3-07H Ft 2IU1TB JUU1. ijl«l .J-;.-.-,,. JE,V modern 1-bdun. house. Tucson Foothills, jis, year'« lease Ph.i-3-9825, IMMAUU.UATE 3 room ant. Walk distance downtown. Hwd. floon. ! 5-2738, . . =---- MODERN I bdrm. home. Cabinets. Shade Clean 1335 Prince ltd. FOR adults. Modern 1-Bdrm, Sc ed porch. Beautifully located. -,No dust North HlRhway 80 to Rudaaell Kfl. iast : % mile. Hoxjsu.with 2-«r«en tanks. ·^1 Los Patios Apts Completely furnished, 3332 B. 'Ml RM $3!T~ra6. Cabin Id- Hkpc mi *12 mo UP VO N Tucson Bl *a WEEk - Clean kitchenettes, eiwi refrigeration__nmtu« 2221 S 4th 2.BEDROOM iurnlshed. Floor furnace Nice home.. 2901 E. Adams. furnished one TM». wt . --rate patio, convenient l^n-llnn 9M Jones Blvd. 2-Bcdroom furnished house J8o,, paved street, year's least. Apnrtment newly -furnished a-nd painted, paved street., S77JO year's llckjjtoll Retilty, KealtOM. Dial 3-3375 ^saWJ^F^w "" 3*6324 _ .tURN. 3-room apt. «W4 N. stono Avo - NEW ,2 bdrm. nomo.' beautliully fum available Nov. 1st.'In restricted mibdivlslon. Call_ 6-0510 to see. !3~RbOMS bath '- 29S2 N rfhirrv 5-6683 Adults, cienuie.. jOVELV 2-bdrm. homp convenlen' schools, bus, shoppUuz. 2518 E Hamp- .ton "3 ROOMS ..bath._N v: Balbou. .US ^SCMWnS^^J 421 K. Park. ._3jjg8j i*arK. J-OPU-J""ON YEARLY LEASE OR ON SEASONAL BASIS New modern 1 and 2-ncdroom apafr monts beautifully furnished Weal Sry location. Best cooling heating «ystem. Private patio. .EJg'Ee!; storage laundrv. room. From $100 monthl.v_1742 E 9th ^ · T^oorf. cen. ntg. Oracle Foothills Estates Located five miles. north of town, route so. Out-'of dust area. I, 2, anc 3-bedroom homes. Swirnmine and rid- i ROOMS, comfortably lurn.. close ti Davis-Monthan north eate. Wilmot Rd., W mile S, of-Broadway Tonys Ranch, 3-ROOM HOUSE --3527 East Ft. Lowell Rd. ··--MCE 2 Room apartment. Oak floors Garbage. Utilities. $50. 3630 E. Belle- 5.1520 VoNI-ROOM elliciency apaitment Plus private bath, near El Rancho Met. J38 utilities furn. 3825 E. Speedwav. S-8340. Couple or tingle. LARGB llvinc room, bedroom, Wtch- m^ bath. Hardwood floors. Patio *' Lawn,-Large shade trees. Screened ^ -porch Mountain view. Central neat- Ing cooling. Utilities. Ranch house '"' E. Prinee. 5-7895. "."· S'ROOMS' opts, cfean modern, *«£· - .-luding util. Devonshire Parlt. S-S753. ·iTtfiEW beautifully iurn. patio apl ·a 1 * Ideal location. 3414 E. 2nd SI TJ. L stone. ~' . . _ _ f~'RoOM Cottaue furnished. air^artwood .floors. 902 E, ' 2-2369: - _ ACTIVE l bedroom patio apts pati Co Steam heat Carporte.- Completely lum. from *B5 month. Unfurn. from $70. Wagon Wheel .Ranch E. way near. Wilmot. · way near.-wiiiuuv.' tLOSE IN--One-bedrm., sultaDtc it. '·"':' couple or .one person. $55. -., Phonj -V^ v EL PATIO. - iuo - ' 3144 E. FAIRMOTJNT .. r . New. modern fum. 1- bedroom apt carporte and private -patio_._ ,2"!' AAA--PAEKXMO ?-.--Cuiet, new mote'U kitchenettes, Patio :'^2;t friendly -atmosphere.;Overnight ac «oi» commodatiortj. --.-- »«· iTTRACTrVE apartment., neajf town atar shopping utilities. Selected eii«ntel« j;= 'Phone ;-Q34r - ·-*· 1 ADULTS utilities, clean, washer *»5 *'"· ^-S"- Norrls. 4-1579. , . . '"*' i 3-RM. apts.. Univ. dist. Keiuon. -- ; able. 727 E, 7th St. . .. . -- ; able. 727 E, 7th St. -?;'S-BDRM furn. basement apt. jpe«i TInlv, 150 utilities included. 5J7 E --". S^231 ·:: ;;riNK DOWNTOWN LOCATION - One I 'bedroom apt with twin hide ···V';«w«y beds in.L.R,; and the other apt has S bedrooms. Both in excellent · · condition with very Hood comfortable furniture and bast of equipment. Fine baths with Hied showers. Good ranges, elec. retriK.. coolers and heat- · tog. Both beautifully decorated. Only - "-few minutes'waUc to main downtown '""'Business district. 'Pnone S-21J8 or -"^.'3-2895. '·""-.1-Bm. Furn. Apt. 5-6219 «J u^lJ NEWL decorated l-bdrm, house. twin beds, "tile bath shower. 154 N- Santa Rita. Dial 3-5.25L Foothills, $45. year'« lease Ph.i-3-982», BDRM.. tile kit., bath. lawn, -large ileeplrut oorch. nicely- furn, 2117 1. sleeping pore Silver. V5367, BDRM. nicely furnished, convenient location. Leas. 1125, 2613 E 21it 5-4178. ADULTS «clean, elec stove, refits. t-eater; parage. fence. '$65.- S-504I 2 BDRM,. furn.. hardwood .floors Near tlniv. Plal 3-4945. NEW 4 room house, beautifully turn, Idaal lor S. Central htK. coolina Nice lawn. 2925 E. Adams._ 87 BUSINESS FOR a Good "DEAL , DEAL With DOBRY ,DOBRY Means.GQOD*' REAL'ESTATE' '-EXCHANGES' Six furnished apartments and a 2-bedroom house; 5 --3-room; one -- 2-roq :ottage; recent constr., near, schools, bus and shopping. Will trade on working ranch. , CaU Mr. Miller PHONS --2-43M-. EVE. 6-5372 Dudley A. Dobry ·Investment · CoL-poraOon. Merabcr 1J3.A. ' Pima Coury y -Realty Board 848 N. 4TH AVE. Heal 'Estate--Ingirance^FHA Loans BESTBUYJ5 : IN TUCSON ' BELT SERVICE LAUNDRY On-.best utrect to town--good-profit, small investment. Will trade. n , RESTAtmAHT' " In the canter of downtown--clean-- :ood_income--Steal for $7,000, SUPER MARKET Mnert- equipment-large ulef--pay nlyfor itoclc .and'fixtures. GAS STATTON Comer Of .busy street-real «sUt«-- iisst Bjuipment--Buy at. one-half'cost. RESIDENTIAL COURT Eight units, red bride, tile loofe-- wner must fell -- will ehow 25% irofit. MOTEL Best location--eight unite--3 Idtch- ns--Total price $18,000. This is a steal. TRIPLEX _^^, · Three TJnits -- Good construction- good income--Giveaway-at $S,50D, If you are looking for a business of any kind, stop wasting Tour time. Ve have the largest and best seec- ·Uiin in Tucson. We have experts in ftm field. Stop in or call--we wid give you. action--Mr. Ruscigno. 3-5466. Ev-es.8-0082. ROTH REALTY, Realtors "INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED'; .145 N. Stone 3-BEDRO-. .- -.- . concrete bloUc ntucco with patio waJ. 3' years : old. furnished, exchange for similar housa in Los Aneeles area. near grade school. 5-55», MODERN printlnK olont for sale by owner 'Established since. 1932. plenty of business. For · information - write Star-Citizen-Box 471 WANT low priced house, small ranch , suitable ior chielcenfl. acreage. Bra goiiij;. 'business '-or '.what -have you.i Trade mv campertd super delun 1948 Packart ^-door sedan, -J45 horsa- power, radio, hastcr. white side walls Like new.. 200S-: Exeter .-Dr.. -Broad- Nj£W 2-bdrm., rnasanry home. Petei Hertfell school .-flstrict, on a high laret., north lacing, lot, S600-down o ·a'de. 5-5372 tra'de. 5-s TRAILER INlue mvvji. tytii j., jxumm. · LANDSCAPED 2-bdrm.. h»d. floon adults. 875. 3Q2G Geronimo. 2-8232^ FOR LEASS. Nogalesr Ariz.. 3 brtrm. turn, home. Ph. 77B-W. Nogales, 2 i: U ROOM houses. Completely fur- nlsaed, -Free from dust. No communicable diseases or pets. Peclc s Manor. 3901 N. Country Club Rd, , HOOM cottage arid"trailer rm. attached, ca. $30 mo.'2a35-N. Stone rear CLOSE to. the. University, on pavement completely furnished five rooms, washing machine, central heat. S100 per month on year's lease: Ph. 3-4551 Eves. 3-7098 Myrtyl Ross Realty . 428 East 7th St. 3 BEDROOM furn. modern house. Near Veterans'· Hospital. 3508 S. 8th Avs. ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' NEAR -BUS -·'.- - ; : ' Fum* housa-'witii'-S bdrmsi, near Amphi 'schooL:3542 N. Los Altos-Ave. Ph. 4-0273 Tucson For'Cfiicago ' . Exchange or. Sale Beaut!iui : six room red : brick stucco lome. furnished, hardwood floors central coolinp, floor furnace.. at ached (Zaraue. large flagstone terrace 'uil patio walL · nicely : landscaped rincst Jrtstion- in Tucson.- WiU .ex- chance cjv^qual-value- for Chicago property. Call for Mr. Weininc. 2-2895. Ev-enir.i»i Ph. -4-0897; MURPHEY REALTY : MORTGAGE CO.- · . · .' Est. 1838 - .- 300 N. Stone .-Av«. iTl. %-U^J. 2424 N. Stone. 1 Jjdrm.-iurn. house. Ideal location. - - - · FtfRN. J or 2 bdrm..home. AllutM- tics paid. 308. E. PtOmdale. .Dial 4-0628. house, - close-in, -, near ·schools, shopping. 115 N. Jacobus. · . : - FOR SALE OR .LEASE . 10 mit motel cafe. : No. 8 license Chevron; Station: Highway 60-70.80-89 "-" 4-1810 evenings, · amuuu, aiiuHiJ" 1 ^-- 1 "^^-*'' ««"-v«***·* SivlALL. house, nicely burnished. Near Veteran's - hospital. :543 S. 8th. !.«.·.. . · ' _V-Vi _* f l_J .,,. rt. I v£5$"eute~=naii efficiency, 2 bdrm: house. Ph. 4-1077. . - ' · · - · · SPACIOUS duplex, newly decorated, fenced yard, saopninj!. bus. Hea- ·sonable- 4252 E. Plma. 5-1380 FURNITURE STORE .with living ouar. ters- Excellent 'location Ideal bus!' ness for couple. Dial 2-4051 BEAUTIFUL 3 room desert homes". Close to town;. Fum., modern, elec, 'frig. IncluS'ng. utilities, *50. Ph. 520?.' "-520! SEE these before~rentine. Clean, cozi house. Well · furnished. Good., bed. Reasonable. Also nice 2'room apt. $35. Drive ,W Speedway past El Rio Golf course, turn E at sign to Clubview Villa. - . -·-'. 5-RM. home tile' Mtchen. baui. Near bus. nicely furnished./SBJ mo. Lease only, Call-'5-0885. ,,.J. 2-bdrm.-house, new furn., range, refrig.. restricted- addition. Paved streets. Yrs: lease. $65 mo. Ph. 5-50B5, 4 RMS., near Miles school. $50. 1S2S E. 12th. Ph. 3-2374, 2-BDRM. house. Ft. Lowell Maple. Butane, bus, pavement, stores. mo. 5-1600. 2-1236 2-BDRM. house near Univ. Wood jloors.- dust free. Pfav -3-7169, MODERN attractive., 2-bdrm. house. Adults preferred $80. 444 E. Kelsa, COMPLETELY furn. house. Very reas enable. Ing. .121 Veterans-Blvd. FOR SAU2--General store, -write- B?n White. San Simon. Ariz. . . 1-BDSM. lurn. house, re£rlK..zar. Water -furri; ^ 7 blk, scliool. M5.- 3-5B4P. FUHN. house, 2 bdrms. with utmties. Rensonablf , 2501 N. Columbus .Blvd. . rtTKNlSHB? · APARTMENTS NEAR UNTV. AD hmv« best of furniture, «very- 1 -- =~thin3 spotlessly clean. All home com- 'Storts and appliances. Insulated ceil- U ,n-lne3. Central cooling, automatic heat- il^lng. Convenifnt. to u. of A.. «enior ' -- · jr. hi schools Sc fframmar uchool. -r^f.:!made trees,, lawns with- sprinklers. «"vOn bus line, close to markers. No '"^.netter apartments anywhere! Rates _;*90 to $125 by year, or adjusted for -- ;;,«horter tJroe. Owner, Phone 5-2136 " a ' - · SPACIOUS. 2 rms. bath, utilities tarn. Block to Catalina Thea.. -bus. Adults. 560. 1936 E, Water. 3-RM. house, nicety furn. 2213 E, BlacHlldge, 5.785B 1-BDRM., nicely fum, tile bath Kitchen. 1925 E.- Greenlee. Ph. 3-5264, ,-.-,-2 ROOM Apts..- refriff, "· Block to bus. SIM E. First. Owner Says "Sell" This nice X bedroom home In ; good east location. The price Is - 'only $8.500 with large 'G.L mortgage. Small down pay- i - -. ment. Should sell on sight. r, -SERVICE REALTY CO.' ' 1433 E. Broadway 'Dial 2-4677 anytime CASA CATALINA · Rooms for rent,'$8 weekly or t20 monthly. Coolers, Completely fur-planed.. 4402_N._Flrst Ave. ATTRACTIVE Z bedrm.. redecorated, cen. MR.,-tile kitchen bath, wardrobe closet.- 828 E.-Llraberlort. $50 on year's lease, no dogs. 2-7341. ·;.'..\.\." vrv.'Tisa- Iw v^..n -i '_,,_. --"' "· - NEAR IT. OF A. . Very lovely 1 bdrm. S rm: bath ,.-t.cottage on paved st. Very modem and ..Wneat as a pin. Newly furnished, fully -.-landscaped. Only SS5 mo. See it to- T-.-.-dayl Cottatje C at 1039 E. Spring. ··r 'STUDIO aot. Pvt. bath, .kitchen, entrance. S45. Utilities Included. 429 £. ·v-.t- r Helen. 3-429!_.__ /o-£ Se 3-HOOM aDartments. furn, KQ · _$6Q_n\O^_^224_E. Grant Rd. 2-BDRM. Purn. Apt. 809 E. 5th. CaU 2-1170 Eves. ^ $52.50 Will rent V 2-bedroom unit on * year's lease. Paved streets, sewers, transportation, school soon. Clever, new prize winning floor plans to be featured in Ladles Horns Journal Call 3-2021 lor information, or §ee manager at 1847 S Norrii. ; -PUEBLO GARDENS H. C. Tovrea Co. fum. Refrii;. Close town. -'*:*'· Bus line^_7Q9 S. 3rd Ave. , -J»t^j3o\VNTO\VN elaborate furnlsnlnils «'-- J -~ 3 rooms. Ph. 4-1334. .;-TliAILER for rent for one. .utilities Ta1d S13 mo. 50 W.- 82n.j 'V, ,n ONE room kitchenette, utilities paid. ·.... $35 mo. Call after 5 pjn. 105 E. Luna ' "" street. ; - - : 2-BDRM., ranne,- redwood walled In patio. $65. Call 5-9B13.-2717 N. Sparkman. · · .1..V.S-ROOM cottage !35. also Wrm. $20. : -;-,-xElcc. fum:. children welcome. Also .,*i' trailer space. Mrs. -Chas Hope. 818 jK^a^jglmmon-t rd. 3-8489. · 2-BEDHOOM unfum.. tiie bath, lots of cupboard «: closet space,- patto Thi, wall. $60. 6C03 E. · Lee. Call 5-878B. - DELUXE duplex,. 3 ISrSa -rooms. Tile bath, kitchen, carporte.; Separated ·mtio wall. S60. 2154 N. ?orgeus. -UNIV. district. 10 blocks to Congress. · li - Front duplex. Completely fum. S75. , '"" 3-4410.'' ' a-RM. furn. apt., utilities. Near Central Aircraft plant; Ph. .3-2798. 113 - W District, ·- - - ..;'. 414-RM. apt,, all utilities paid. 26 W. .. · . Penns^ T lvaniR Pr. 2-5193 FOR RENT 79A 47 23-ft ecuipped or moved to your : location.-Ph. 2-2041. ItaileM and Apts. for Rent. Royal Court. Ph. 2-8351. ·^TRAILERS-for rent in friendly Rob---ins Traile? Court. 3026 Oracle. '^APARTMENTS, Unfurn. 80 ·- · " BUNGALOW HOME . Pima. 2 lane bedrooms, mous closets, tile bath,. kitch- ...... «i, central heat coolinK, Blenman · Ji ' ; fichoo: district. -*8S plus utilities. Call · o n Realty -. .-.Trust. . Co., -rental _^GATE"APTS--841 N. Tyndall .-- Ave.. -'- blk. from Univ. Attractive '··""a t 3-nn. aptsi M7.50 to $60 per mo., j- utilities paid: Call owner for *ppt. ,-iijrf.after 5 p.m, 3-3870.' · · ^ BDRM. 2 blks,-univ., schools, -yen. tral coolmg, heating, stove -r erator. 1028 N. Tvadall. 5-3488. ', attractive, close 'in. Bus., shop- TJlnc,'. schools.- $55. J 5-7359. I'^-'CATALINA-BLENMAN -- Bus. turn;; ^f^irnfurn- J45-I55. 2301 ^Northwty. Dr. ·fctft' 5-0859. Vista Sierra Lodge Apartments 1 (2-bedroom) homculce apart- -..jnam in Tucson'* most beautiful Tr.'t-toartmeat settms. Private -pool. rNo outside cares. Bus. service. Orta at $30 *»- month. «01 E. Broadway. .Phone ,^ATALINA VIEW APTS. largo rooms, tfle 'bath, Mt,, garage, ----i-.. nter, bua line. Own- XH» Z. W»t«r. Ph. .T.*» largo rooms. , ·^JJij*r- shoppinc center, bui Une. Own- j^^j-er on preniui ---rCLOSE-IN. 3 room duplex. Walking "Ts distance'town. 5-3223, ""JUST of/ Consros. Attractive, mod-- «rn 1 bdrm home. 24*fe N. Linda. -* ^Housas for Rent. Furn. 81 N :-" XWKACTIVE 2-bdrta. furn, hoc*, all 1 TM-utU. Wld. $100 luontn. Zoned for ' " f.timinets also. Ph. 3-0688 :BI)RM, near Fwwint Welli School, Fri. 3-6353. r t _ -a-bdrtn. .-nomt» i.iUrn..-UM N. rirrt AT*. - .$i200-FULL PRICE- · QR'OCERY-ME ATS EXCELLENT LOCATION [ncludes all stock and modern equip ment. Best south side loc., near traile court and motel. Grossing, over $100 mo. nowl -\ · ESCROW traAL ESTATE It INS. -'53 N. 6ta Ave. Ph ' 5-3856 Eves. 2-594 Houses for Rent, Unfurn. 82 l-BEDROOM den. stove and refriB- ·rator. . Venetian blinds, hardwood floors, nice lawn and shade, car porte? Adults, $65, 1125 Adelaide YOU CAN STORE Or Ship your fumitur* anytime anywhere City Van Storage Aaents United Van Lines 5-2211 1 BEDROOM, stove, refrigerator drapes. 2645 N. Treat. Ph, 5-3S73 · ' ' 5-0384 days. WHV REtlrV Build your own. We tf nance materials and eaststd* haw acre $7.1 dn. $40 mo 5-8435 DRIVE by 3443 N. WilSOn. 2-br. un- furn. on well landscaped lot with gariige. Rent $90 month on yr. lease. with option to buy. Dit 5-6434 Msn. 33 S. Stone Realtors 3-7525 2 BDRM. Water Sc electricity paid, Ph. 2-6753. 2-BDHJI. house. Near Arizona Inn. S85 on lease. Ph. 4-1201; ' TEV:£Jt OCCUPIED, mcdern 2-bdrro,, city fras, wash water Cin rear porch. Plenty closets. Venetian blinds. Seasonable. 209 W, Jaeinto, _; BUSINESS. RENTALS · 83 EAST Speedway store. Reasonable. Dial 5-8351. Sunday . and .eveninz-', 6-0798. - · FOR LEASE GOOD B U S I N E S S LOCATION. SPEEDWAY AT CAMPBELL. APPLY SPEED-WAY REALTY. PH. 5-7290. OFFICE SPAC"' Tucson. Professional Bldg.- 650 N. 6th feet * bl« vard suitable'JOT retail or wriQlosale..by.smesS- Call 2-32S5. PKTV ..office or desK space .CO UP Tel 'Sen- 2-0771 -8-5413-'' ' - - - - ' STORE opposite new Safeway 3519 E- SPeedway Ph 6-0759 EAST 6th Campbell. 2 large roi Sc full bath. Suitable for bun Sc- quarters. 1915 E. 6th st 3-4477. , dins ouancrs.._i»Ja g*. °i" ^^. j--^.*'. · · 2 NEWLY decorated modern offices. $50-$55. Free utilities. 1M Nj" Church 'Ph. 2-S3S2. . REAL ESTATE WANTED Sg WANT to lease from owner 600 to 1.200 acres irrigated land svrtUWg i'or cotton. Long lease prel"T»d W. E. Tucker. General Dellvtrv, Turson. Ariz _ _ ^ WE NEED ALLKINDS OF LISTINGS _ PROMPT SERVICE Emil F. 4» N. ««1 RMlt . - r We wjll accept your UJDW »r,a rive OM sale oi yotT property our best attnetlon. _ _, ..... MIKE KENNON REALTY 602 E Naraio RjL Phonei3-S23il Listings Needed Now Have buyers *r J ft S bedroom homes In all locations^ SERVICE'-REALTY CO. 1433 I. Broxawiy' Di»H-4e77'!ig: " U you , ;-,--- ,, your properly, 1 can heap yrrT) LISTINGS NEEDED NOViljil' · Wilbur (Slim) -Graver 22 lastsSrd St, Bl»l 2-8295 SoMES. RENTALS and nil trpi ^ businesi listings oeeded. 'Peisonil «- lecaon .jeivenilX A-l REALTY CO. 3B28 W Stone.- Dial 2-3111 WANTED TO BUY. Mouem i f o o c store for r'T'v Elve full particulars first letter. Archie -W. Moor*. 18th St. Earint, wit. iitAiLjin. COUKr. On five acres o: ground Small house, 28'hoot UPS Semi-private and community ics 1 rooms. Close to-.bus, shopping and school. Sickness forces' owner to sacrifice for S10.SOO wlth.-a low down payment . or will- trade, prad- - -· --- Oracle Rd. Ph. 3-9381. FOR' a Good DEAL DEAL With DOBRY DOBRY Means GOOD GVocery Store and Living Quarters EXCLUSIVE! This is an . excellent nelKhborhooc store. This man Is iust out of hospital and won't be able to handle the business for some- time. Stock ant Ixturrs can be bought for. abo'at 56500 and cheau lease, ^vil^ consider selling building and aU, ' Call Wilbur Jones . Associated With BUSINESS" Opportunitlei 88 GOOD GOING business., average S10C or better weekly. Price $2,500: Call 2-2242. ' ' -' · ·"-' " '· CUSTOM ,:fum. repair shop, very good oppt for this going business beat elltniele. Write Star Clt. Box 476. Dry Cleaning Plant Busy -little slant, with 3 piclc up stcres. 'AU-eood equipment 1 truck Doins a: Bo.'id bustacs. Excellent In come here. ·, Price $11.900--%1 cash 'Ice Gream Plant etmipt.. Ldointr nood 'volume Also ias : laree serving roam. Good te8M ' Price $13.300 Strunk Realty 2^02 E. Broadway Phone! 2-B45S Call . TWO -EXCLU'SIVES ,; Jewelry and Watch Repair GOOD PAYING .. BUSINESS TO WNTOWN LOCATION Drug Store Excellent location Profitable business Owner leavinc state 2uy Quickly at^sacrifice price, Hearon Realty Insurance 29 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. 3-5O . Sunday Ph. 4-0690 Small Cafe Wonderful downtown location. Just riKht-for couple to handle. Death in family compels sacrifice et $1600. Long term low lease.. Further information at our office. H. C Tovrea Co. Realtors. 33 S. Stone Ave. 3LD established tailor -shop. Mus be seen to appreciate. " Star-Cit Box 475, . · · . FOUNTAIN 4: lunch. Good business Good location. Reasonable prices Terms II desired. 2958 S. 6th Aye. WELL established restaurant wit] beer license. 52,000 cash required SOI Cat»a Grande Rd. ^^_ DRIVE IN spic span business well estab lished, eood business ideal loca tion. owner must leave. Priced $4.250 Tjfal 3-9«l 1B37 E. Oth St. MARGUERITE'S -PERSONAL SERVICE _ SHEET METAL PLANT First Time Offered Showing, Excellent Profit" Larre Orders on Books Detail at Office Only TALBOT of Tucson 36 S. STONE. REALTORS. Plal 3-052 $4000 BUYS Koine electric shop on heavy traffic street Walkout- price includes fixtures and inven tory For a KOOO* business,. dia 5-3375. Dldc Hall Realty, Realtors feves. 6-1173).. IQUOS STORE location IN HEAVY traffi . __ cood equipment. lease. Business must be sole Come- to. office for details. Die. Hall Realty. Realtors. , By South ern 'Arizona Bank on Campbell. 88 fflCOMB PROPERTY/. 89 VESTVI^NTa. Jia W-. Aja SiffilLO -tARK--2 bdrm, and. duplex on large lot in,dty limits; school «nd bus near; good cash offer will buy; trade ' or terms considered. *hone 2-63B1. LOTS FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL reasonably restricted eastside hall seres wits utilities ESOD SI 5 down, S15 monthly Constr money .available Ph.. S-H435-- $1 Down LARGE LOTS. LOW PRICES Beat'large down'paymerLts, ( and-hi2n osts. Buy your lot In Ferry Addition under the "Owner Built Home Plan" and pay for your lot like rent. As ow as .$10. a month; Ne need to pay of! TOUT lot, you can begin to build immediately. FERRY ADDITION Phone 5-5534 Office SOI S. Craycroft Rd ^ocation: East on;Broadway or 22nd at ·to CraycroffHd.; south to base. . BARGAINS El Compo. yr-ncre $25 *5n 515 mo. El Cottez, city lot $25 dn., SIB mo. ·arkway bus 'lot;...5100 dn,, 525 mo. Phone S-'--' WANTED DickUQ stations to 'lake-In dry cleaning. Excellent commission. No ' Investment .reauired. Suureme ClsHners. · 4-1961 Dudley A. Dobry Investment Corp). 848 N. 4th Ave. ' Phone 2-4364 ' Eve. 3-1544 . .STEAL ITV- Drive'Inn with-a real future.-GoOi location. Best of equipment. Newly decorated. Doir.e eood business. Own er must leave, Ph. 5-9024 SUPER MAKKET' HIGH GRADE ~FI!CTnRE3 LIQUOR LICENSE GAS STATION, DOWNTOWN '-- LOW BENT LOW PRICE -- $1,550 TOTAL. MEN'S CLOTHING .VERY HIGH CLASS .. PRICED-RIGHT . RESIDENTIAL COURT- SHOWS GOOD RETURN. . ' 8 UNITS ' ' ASK TO BE SHOWNI BUSINESS'LAND' FOR LEASE -- GOOD .LOCATION , CAIi FOR'INFORMATION . Mr. 'Sackett-' ' -.-:. Smoot-Mannini-Realtors 543 N. 4th Ave. ' ' Dial 3-2535 Small investment required. Appl: 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Richfield Oil Corp. West Simpson St. SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE. Ex cellent neighborhood location to city .EXCELLENT- Drive-ln on main : traveled highway Finest equipped and neat as-a new lin. Owner is leaving, says "Sell Juidt/' Aiter Inspection oi this prop :rty you will be_amazed at the price · Metropolitan Realty Co. 2525 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. S-5222 INCOME PROPERTY 89 . DUPLEX · 3-Hma. each side unfuru. Priced 5 5?Rms. each sldft unfurnJ, fireplace knotty pine walls Olanty of dose space. Priced .$13.300. ' . B-Unit res." ct, unfurn. room lo expansion, all rented. Shown by ~ pointment. ' - _, - . _, Diai 3r9441 ' . '___ 1837 E. 6th St -MARGUERITE'S .,, PERSONAL SERVICE SACKIFICE e-TJNIT RESIDENTIAL COtJRT PRICE REDUCED TO $18.500 At this orice this is.the bert buy In town! 5 Furn. units in Kood.N.E location. All--rented. S300 month in come Masonry construction. 2 year old. 1" ' " " ' "" " -BROADWAY REALTY 84 E. Broadway Ph. 3-755 THREE MIGHTY ATTRACTIVE LIT TLE,HOUSES! Neat Sc clean, attrac tively furnished; corner' landscape lot: all have-el. ref..-coolers, .and rented: immediate possession 3d unit CaU Lucile Scaccs to. insnect thi "l»od deal 1 '-Total Price only^$12.85 with terms. Roy H. Lone Realty--1B2 E. 6th St: Ph 3-341«-or 2-5034. 7 iJiiW motel, S357000 '(make oiler, PJehman Realty. 2-5643. Auto aval' ORACLE RD, trailer court, S3000 dwn Riehman Realty. Auto avail. 2-5643^ GOOD DUPLEX PLUS 2' BEDROOM.3EAUTY 825-E27 E. 8TH ST. Inspect outside but. do not disturb . Just one block from Tucson El See this most unusual offering. The duplex is in excellent condi Hon. tiled kitchens and baths and very nicely furnished. Garage fo: each tenant. The 2 'bedrom house,- spanJdny jure and nice as you please. Deajznec built and furnished-by present owner for compact.modern-and. very Bra clous living. '$7500 cash. -win. handle with ; terms to suit on the balance Exclusive listing. Call Bill .Shrader PIMA REALTY CO. 411 E. 3rd Office 2-7431 - home 5-384 BARGAIN BEAUTIFUL HOME or cDllld be operated as guest bouse Rest Berne. H-rick stucco, llfetim roof, full basement, hardwood floors fireplace, central heating. Furnished 12 bedrooms. 4 baths, 2 car garag with rpartment on large landscape! lot. petto, sprinkler system. «ON TACT OWNER at 1177.E. Lester St " entau Cnl ^XIi^uil« J^nm^ "" y._alllM-J«..J. COMPLETELY. EQUIPPED nelehbor- hood grocery. Sacrifice property and eaulpment for S7.950. Only $350 down, balance $80 month. Consider tradinc for · home or'.tntKe. ORACLE HEAL- TY. 2223 Oracle-Rd. Dial 3-9381. ROWMG : DRIVE -I business, at , coming outstanding comer with fa- ·vorable :lease. Fair price whh the best in equipment. Must have $10,000 'cash to handle. ' Star-Citizen Box 497. AAA MOTEL ON V MIRACLE'MTLE 16 units, red briel: construction. Does eood business the year round. Owner roust return East. He is no longer tryinc.'to.sell Us .motel. and is giving-it away toi'the first buyer who puts cash on the line! PRICE SEDUCED FROM S95.000 TO $62000. BROADWAY REALTY INSTJRANCEr MORTGAGE XOANS 94 E. -Broadway. ·· Dial 3-7551 city water and ras. about S3,ooo-casl needed, balance at $30 "per rno. Rental rings ia $45 per mo,,tenant pays M This is an erccellent vafiel ESCROW SEAL ESTATE Sc INS. Ph' 3-8658 ' _ 'Eve' Ph: -5-5833 BARGAIN EQUIPMENT for your restaurant and fountain, alia s »th. 4-04H1. FOR SALE by: owner;.-. one half. -or lull interest in business property on N. ^Campbell Ave. Choice location. ]ui crowing shoppiru: district. CaU 5-OT45 BY~- OWNER service -^ station equipment itock. -Doing. good: businera.- :Good* location. Lease property. H4 W.. -I5th St--2-8gS4, BE-YOUR OWN BOSS- 1 rTVanted zellaWe man ot woman to xrm and oocrate j:oute ol itandliur machines : Tuisonv :and ·· surrouncUnir towns. No- selling. No -exuerlence, Enro UP to $100 a -week. JruU/prvpart time, 'For Interview-give- Dhonc-and itddresa. Star-dtizcn Box. -435. , y~rm: one * rm. fum, 104 W 32nd. UNBELIEVABLE VALUE DUPLEX--FURNISHED $6000 TOTAL 1 bedroom each apt,.:? story .,,TM_ beauttful red , brick with tile roof, in imest Amphi, locaUon,. near school bus, shop S .just 1- bik.^from Ston nicely ^landscapec ties .MHII, ^ firm, duplexes; Incom rao. $7.500. 45S1 ST 7th Ave. DUPLEX CLOSE IN - ON PAVE STREET, 14x12' IJV. RMS. 1 BEDROOM ZAca SIDE. HDWD · foTSFpR^^*---^- REALTY^ COMPANY.-24 WEST BROADB WAY. PHONE .2-7423; rVE. AND " SUN 3-4557 OH 5-411S. IIWIDOW MUST -STT.TiU 1IIHER MOTELIli -11NOW1! , - -. Urgent tnat -the -widow owner rapt dispose ot her motel nowll 7 -tmits plus store bldK.!l Dont waste ·time- call now to see. then make your offe.- SOTH REALTY. REALTORS. 1J45 .STONE*---^PHONE 3-546B COO MONTHLY income from this ex cellent duplex plus «uest house modern^ well built expensively Muipped. Just off N. Campbell, close to schools, theater, stores. Owners .must sell immediatelv.-J12.OSO. only 13,000: cash; good FJtA-terms.-J'hone - , " . - . - Mr..Horoni 3-1353 ot J-657S, ·Worthy 'Investment OPEN HOUSES For Sale 35 'U]BNlSHKD~i?5feLfc4, NE. close-to bus.-itores.-ldealff or; smart couple desiring etisy Income. Only '$7 950, with S3 DM cash. Phone Mr. ffloronl 2-7253 or 3-8578. WORTHY KEALTY INVESTMENTS, 115 W Alameda * 92 COLONIA SOLANA TWO LOTS, EACH 160x237, PACING '·- MOOTJTAINS."S5500. WHJ SELL SEPARATELY. OLSEN ADDITION HIGH : CORNER LOT. CONVENIENT TO -SCHOOLS, CHURCHES AND SHOPPING, $1350. 240 ACRES SOUTH WILMOT RD INVESTIGATE THIS OPPORTUNITY. ONLY .$60 PER ACHE. 280 ACRES BOTH SIDES OF MT. LEM-. MON HIGHWAY. ALL OB PART $125 PER ACRE. WCOLD CONSIDER- TRADE' FOR RESIDENTIAL INCOME. WE HAVE MONEY AVAILABLE FOR FIRST MORTGAGES. , Anderson Really Co. Realtors -- Insurance [003 E. 6th St. ; Ph. 3-9401 3 Bedroom Home $95ff DOWN IK THIS QUALITY CON- STRXTCl'ED HO.ME yoa. : Ret a lovely picture 1 window viewing the mountains, -tile kitchen and bath, central heat and cooling, carpet, storage and many modern features. The lot 1 Is large enough'for extra-privacy, on PAVED STREET -and NO ASSESSMENTS, · 'Set .in , , a restricted · subdivision of new homes. Just' a few blocks to Amphl School, FULL PRICE- $745Q.._Low-montlily payments. BUMBALOW CONST. CO, 11 N'-Stone Ave. Ph'.. 2^7495 3P2EDWAY business frontage - a Sonolta. 60' X 130'. Ph. 6-1478. ' ou x lau . m, 0-^110. J A B , cash--100 x 135,. restricted I blocX- east of Alvernon, 56K) Owner. 2738. E. 21st St 2 LOTS unrestricted 00x120. 300' off Speedway. · Reasonable. Ph. 5-0932. WILSIilRE "^HEIGHTS Tucson'* Miist Beautiful' subdivision HALF ACRE LOTS ' OPEN SPACE LKiNG CITY GAS. PAVED STREETS Out Broadway to Craycroft. 3 blocks - to tract office. Dial 5-5534._ Best Buys Are In WJnierhaven : Ticaur,'i r most hlshly Improved residential ..area Located between downtown. and th« f oothilla . · blocks east of Campbell .· Ft. Lowell Rd Scenic Building Sites In "SUNSET HILLS!" 11 ml. N"W i» EOverbell Road.. Restricted, dust .free Water, elec.. phone. 3-acre min.-$35f acre. Ph. 2-5224 neiore 10:30 a.m 3er acre, fn.z-az FOR -COLORED folks, 'sacr _____ _ 'laree r lots~ on A mountain. Oracle Realty. 2223 Oracle Hd. Dial 3-0381 1 . ealty. race . - . COHNEH LOT 65Z135. 1308. N,. Camilla Phone 5-7013 . . . LOT-- North -East location. Near scnoo: nnd .buses. S9QO.- Phone 2-7796. FAftMS and'-.RANCHES 93 40-Acre / 1 GUEST RANCH: Beautiful Setting ' 4 Guest Houses Land la Level - , Own Water System Sacrifice Price -of $34,000 With Only $15,000 Down TALBOT of Tucson 38 S. STONE. REALTORS. Dial 3-0521 ·;$100Q. DOWN; , Well located duplex nesr Catalina theater. 2 bedrooms -each side. Both -sides furnished and rented. Price 10,750, . . . . . . ...icely furnished home, 2 bedrooms and den. Red brick const., excclleni ocation near Tucson Blvd. and Speedway. Price $D,750. Well'' furnished' 2-bedroom home loncratf. block const, located near Jroadway and-, Alvemon,. Pri^e $7,500 ONLY $1,000 DOWN PAYMENT- . AND LIBERAL TEHMS ON .'THESE 3 BAHG^JNS. . . . . BROADWAY BEALTY; 94 E. Broadway " · '' Dial 3-7551 - " - - OPEN DAILY - ' . 701N/BENTON, BLK; WEST OP SWAN ON E.- 4TH ATKINS REALTY INSURANCE. M N. 4th Ave. Ph. 3-CT82. 5-8288 ?OR SALE--CottonTfarm with plom water that will pay out in 2 years 75AGRERANGH Hlsh'In the foothills in the biz : Sa- huaros. A beautiful setttoK.. fl-room ranch house completely furnished Central heating' cqolinc. "6 .bed rooms. 5 baths: stock Bens, corrals smoke house, etc. Price $27,500-- S12.500 down. Balance S200 uer month jicludlne 1% interest. See Mr. Strunk Strunk Realty S402-E. Broadway Phone ,2-6'.5j · , MODERN · 'SMALL RANCH ·CLOSE-IN ' NEW BED BRICK BEATJTI- FULLY FURNISHED .- HOME ON A FENCED AND LANDSCAPED ACSE. DEEP WELL, RICH .SOIL. -SHADE AND FHUIT TKEES, SPRINKLING, SYSTEM; PRIVACY. IF YOU WANT A FINE HOME- FOR S4.500.00 DOWN, CALL 3-9401 OR EVES. 3-7370. Anderson Realty Co. KEALTORS -- INSURANCE 1003 E. 6XS ST.- PHONE 3-3JC: COUNTRY LIVING . 20 Acres scenic land.' 12 miles East New 3 room house. Price $9,750, Phoni 6-0035. FURN home on 2 acres. Close in'S35 254Q. r CoftonwQod i _Lan.Q,_ ACREAGE 94 3',i ACRES river bottom land In. 870 W. 29th St. ALVERNON MANOR. $185 PER ACRE' 111--25S--5--10 ACRES. yor_i:Jrthgr info- Plat 2-0271. River Road Property our chance to build your own small farm-estjite on this restricted ID-acre area. Plenty of level river bottom rich' soil, owner will instaJ well. Terms: $500 down, balance on easy 'payments,- CaU Bob Reynolds ... REALTY ' TRUST CO.: Realtors, J.So. Stone Dial 4-0*51 · Evenlnga 5-111 i^OU CAN OWN 7 unrestricted acre only 360. feet off paved street; on which you can get to town in' ten minutes. Pay S1.750 down and »ssuine a $2,200 mortgage. A sweet spot for £ chicken ranch or for privacy he ·this, todayl Grant Realty, 2601 ··;.» Grant Rd. Ph 5-3971 TOP-NOTCH TANQTJE VERDE PROPERTY M acres of rich, blaclc River Bottom soil covered with, iarge untouchec growth of meso.uite..EOOd well. Idea location, paved highway for privat estate. Priced to sell. ._ Call John'Woolfollc at _ TUCSON-REALTY AND TRUST CO Realtors. 2 So. Stone Dial 4-0451 - Evenuies 5-421 A., Soldiers Trail. Tanoue Verde rd. Beautiful view, high dust-free Abundant Krowth. IS ml. P.O. 202'-8' cased well. Many imnrovements Ross 3-B601 days 2-0045 nights $S88E Out-of-Town- Property 94A FOR SALE by Owaer--One of No .Tales, Arizona's finest homes! Four bdrms_ 3 baths. 2 enclosed porches. bar. 2 garages, lanr? store-rooms, in .rwr walled patio, torbecuc. snaciou. grounds and garden completei walled Contact M. J- Martinet Box 836, Ifogales. -Ariz. OPEN' MOUSES Per Sale 95 OPEN HOUSE--2-bdrms.. paco, win: T---^. J,Tvn4vT,H T1Q170H «T**»l»t3. TTO1 lawn, for gra ^I.S^M^»---«~«-rni3., PHLIU, WUJM; furnished, paved streets. Horn radora living. Owner, 4013 £ 2834 E. COPPER Open 10-6 One O£JOUT attractive 2-bedroom homes; wire cut brJdc, tile bath centrally heated and cooled, carporte landscaped, paved. «4 FHA mor--- payments $50 .per month, incl' taxes and -insurance: 'Blenman, Cata Una schools. Price $10,000. Speed-Wa; - qty. 1921 E. Speedway. Ph. 5-7290 MODEL HOUSE ., Open -9 a.m. to'9 p.m., '. 2850E. I9tk" PtrdlleyA Dobry HOUSES FOR S'ALB 98 , " OPEN $6)850--G.-J. Loan Beautiful 2-BR"home with attached garage, large. service room, plenty "of closet space, tile kitchen and hath. Approximately $350.00 down includes all closing costs and 3 years' insurance paid in advance. Drive out S. Country Club Boad to Aviation Blvd. Turn left on. Aviation to Kelvin Ave. See our sign on the open Model home. Mangels Realty BIGGEST'.VALUE 'to Catalinai Vl»t» ~ 2147vJuanita,,,. 3 Bedroom*' ' ' Wire-cut Red Brick Priced at 115.000 F.H.A Mt£. $8150 Set Mr. Talbot ' TALBOT of Tucson 3«' S. STONE.'REALTORS.-Dial-3-0521 REALTORS Ai NEW 3-tdrm. red brick house . b.v owner. -Choice, location. Sam Hushes dlst. near Medical Sc shopping cen l a i bath hardwood · floors; Central heating Se cooling.: patio, carage Sprinkling, 'system,. Immed, possession. 5521 E, 5th St, Best Buys Are in Winferhoven Tucson's mostly Mehly improved . residential area · Located between downtown and th9 foothills ' HOUSES FOR SALE- 98 135.N. MELWOOD Menlo Park Custom-bllt I bedroom horna, 'beautifully decorated and furnished Fireplace, central.hcat- inif and cooling, und many ether exceptional features. Paved street. Priced $10.000. only:. $2000; down. \ExclusiYB-. Solot Bealty,-Realtors 523 N, 6th Ave .....Ph. 3-8601 Or g-1438 i BEDROOMS/ 2 baths CnarmlnB «nd ipadoua Tutefully (urnithea J-247B. ' ·* A SWEETHEART $10,750- Hera b on* lovely home, nicely furnished, too. Two lovely bedrooms, ny livlnjc room-with fireplace and la«ed-in porch off living room. Lo- tted near Treat^and Broadway, Close .j Bus and Broadway Village. A bargain at $10,750, Exclusive with,. MICHAEL-'HODGES - ^^^f^^HI^ A GOOD BUY 1 Bedroom. Near Catsltaa Jr. High. $14,350 Good Terms. See at 3243 E, Towner CaU owner 5-1861 'ior ap. pointment. .$500 DOWN Well furn a'lsJrjn, home In tcp- notch condition. Patio, large shade trees, good landscaping, wall ^*at central i cooling, gr.od insulation. Total price only'$8,500. Easy terras: A ORSON SEGRIST. REALTOR . 3000 S 6th Ave. . Dial 3-5521 OPEN EVEF ULL'TPM. Catalma Vista 'Enduring Construction' JOHNS MANVILLE ASBESTOS SHINGLE HOOP COVEKS ISIS BED BB1CK 6-ROOM HOME. 2-ttle baths hiEh zrade oak floors with sub- floors Central heatlne, larKe storage closets, walled oatlo. The land- EcaDinK is in. Cstalina Vista (near Arizona Jnr) has ?av»d streets enc superior homes p£!ce J21,EOO, for sood te-ms dial S-SSTS Dick Hall Realty, Realtors, by. Southern 'Arizona Bank on Campbell. (Sun 6-1173 and 5-B127.) FOR SALE new concrete' block 2 bdrm. house. Double sink cen cool InK. panel ray heat. New hisl school addition near St. . John': church. See owner on premises. 381 S. 14th 1-BDHM. partly iurn, Cen. cooling small down payment. Total KUOO--2 bdrm.. masonry, soaclous . rooms, central coolinR. fireplace, J1000 down S50 a month. Ing7-4001 E. Glenn. COZY LITTLE HOME You'll like the.room layout of this sturdy home--the corner wlndowr with Venetian blinds, the breakfas room ofi the easy-to-wortt-in' kitchen --the friendly · fireplace with - attractive Eas heating unit--the. bedroom has room to "turn around In"--almost S7vil worth of practically new fumish- InSB will be left lor you. It's Hcht near the bus line too. The price is easy on your ·pocketbook: $2000 down and only $35 a month on the balance MatKBatka, Realtor GRANT-KEALTY- 2C01 E. Grant Hd. fQpcn Sundays Ph. 5-8971 HOWELL SCHOOL DISTRICT--3 bed. room home. 2 yrs. old. with attached ifarace. -Cent, heat and cooling, sep dining room, 20' rear porch with lovely mountain-view. Located- on a corner lot with 90' irontaKe. -nice flower . boxes. Walking -distance to school, .near bus. Priced at 511.600 un- iurnished..or may be had partly furnished.- Call Mrs. MorRan at Roy Long Realty. 3-3J1C. Eves. 5-7454. HANCK TYPE 2 B.R. 2838 E.- 1'Jth St Knotty pine liv. rm. with fireplace carporte and ample \storncu comfortably furnished. Only J103 7-er mo Small home 1 B.R. . screRncd norch. laree lot. picket' fence. Near Snecdway Counir:^ Club. SB5 -mo Phone Mr. Wallis. 5-2537. . Strunk Realty, 2-6456. - OPEN HOUSE SEE '· 2726.E. 6TH ST. BETWEEN 2 and S P,M, This five double. red brick stucco ' home with hardwood floors, fireplace and gftrage. Completely furnished, beautifully landscaped yard with - - · nice citrus-trees, etc. Location? None hotter. -Priced very reasonably with good terms. If .Interested, ,dcn v t delay I .-SERVICE REALTY . ,433 E. Broadway Dial 2-4677 anytime ·-·- . 2 BDRMv: ' ' . S500 D9V7N . Masonry construcfed. Good NE location,- Total pries 55,250.. See this bargain. · · ··- · · EASTStDE REALTIf, CO. · -· . - REALTOR ^ 3851 E, Speedway. Phone . 5-3432 ja- Eve. B-1592:_or_ ?- HOUSES;FOR SALE S6 El Encanto Rod Brick Stucco One of Tucson's Finest Lawn* 23 Beautliul Trees S Bedrooms, 4 Baths Can Be Purchased for Hal! Replacement Cost This Will Not Last - - : Shewn Only by Appointment TALBOT of Tucson 36 S. STONE. REALTORS._D_ial 3-0521 ·:- $2,000 i n Is all you need to let your mone; make a nice income for you. We have a property on a paved street, ver close in, that Is the nicest setup fo: home and Income that we have found in many a day. 6 rooms In the house with three bedrooms and a basemen room. In the rear two very nice-bed rooms, laundry nnd ] ,i -bath. Corner ot, landscaped. Nicely furnished, TOTAL PRICE-$13,000! Phone;3-4551 Eves. 3-709 MYRTYL ROSS REALTY 3 BB. $1000 DN. 'Large, 3-BH* cement block,- beautt fully furnished, large, dining room ivlng room with fireplace, tile bath and 1 kitchen. . 120x200-ft. lot. -?7.35C furnished with only 31,000. down. Ser t today!! Southwest Realty Co., Heal tors. 1136 N. Stone, Phone- 3-5429 day or eves., or 6-Q764 eves. OWNER SAYS SELL Compare This attractive 3 , bedroom home, exceptionally well fur- . nish-td, - Garacb,". patio wall, paved street, near .school, bus. and shopping. Fine NE location. -Complete »rice, 511,800. Good teems. Solot -Realtv, Realtors 523 "N. 6th Ave. Ph. 3-8601 or 5-3497 . . - . - ; - - - 2/BDRM. · Completely .'furnished. · Between Speedway and .Broadway. $6.500 loan payable at $5f'per-month. Total prici 18,500, Don't fail-to' sue this. EASTSJDE REALTY CO.. i ·; .REALTOR · 3831 E.'Speedway Phone'B-3422 Eve. S-1502 or 5-8502 SPAfiKLING clean 1-bdrm. home, furn., 11x10' livingrm. ' has 2' bed divans. Persian rug, reasonable for cash. large lot. 21SQ N. Ralph Ave NEAR AMPHI 2-BR red brick. Only M block from Amphi. Owner must sell immediately and will take $1,000 down. 'MIKE KENNON . ' . - · . REALTY- 002_j:., Navajo Hd. Phone 3-3236 REFINEMENT- For the above-average family, an above-average home In an above-average' neighborhood. Here is a home at exudes 1 taste and refinement. Seven rooms -of- master craftsmanship, custom-made down to T the finest detail. Spacious livinn rooms packed with Brace, charm and' comfort. Secondary Ivinit-'room with tUe floor, and beam ceilinjz. Three, larw . bedrooms, two por^eous, baths. Magnificent kitchen and breakfast room. An ail-tile roof t a beautiful patio, an oversized fia- nuze. and paved drives ' complete the picrtire. Close in Priced at $37,000 vnfurnished. To see call Mr. Swanlck . - . Eves. 2-4089- ARIZONA TRUST CO. -Realtors 136 Worth Stone _ $4500 2 bedroom neat as a pin. Near bus and super markets. Large, landscaped unrestricted lot.. Can build another house. Excellent rental area. ASSOCIATED REALTY 3837 E. Speedway, Ph. 8-3307 NEAR THIRD MABEL, $7,950. Large 5-room, 2 bedroom brick stucco home with finished basement. room and enclosed slecpinE: porcli.', Yes, It is furnished and all-paving.'and sewer assessments arc paid. A v«ry homey placa. Only $1,500 down, balance like rent ADAMS REALTY; Sc- UiSUR- ANCE CO.. 728 N. Stone. Realtors. Dlnl 2-7441. Evea. '5-B9SO, 5-23SV. TWO BEDROOM FURNISHED HOME ON FAVING-N. OF SPEEDWAY, ONE BLK EAST OF PARK. W A L K I N G DISTANCE, TO SCHOOL AND "MARKET, HALF BLK TO' BUS H.W. FLOORS SHADE TREES ' G A R A G E FENCED YARD. STATE REALTY COMPANY. Z4- WEST BROADWAY PH. 2-7423 EVE. . " PH. .-3-4557 ; 'OR. 5-4116. FORCED SALE 150x240. suitable, for tearoom, .rest home or nursery:;? rooms, weU.^2513 W f^nnntrv Club. . HOME beautifully furn. or unfum., sale or lease. Available Nov. 1st Restricted N.E mbdlvidon C»l] G-0510 - to see. FOR SALE, by;.owner 3 bdrm. house in-Pueblo Gardens, t S350 -down 'imfum: $850: down f urn.^ 555 mo.' 3-OB52 SPACIOUS^ 1-bdrm. lovely... linen Sc IcitcheD' cabinets.. overheat-'-porches. utiUty partly furn 3542 ,E mount 3-BDRM: bargain $650 down. Pueblo Gardena -2-2149. 1802 S- Olstn. · Home Plus Income ' $6,500. TiiU new duplex, S Iar««' rooms tacit side. BI* waDc-ia closets over W«l « ft. Can TIB now to see thli b'ariialri It'» the buy o£ th»year. L. A. Ro.mine Seal Estate i Insurance, Inc. Broadway at Scott, Pft. 2-iTO. CAcroSK from P.O.} v "Washington Heights Call for Appomtraent to See This Modern New Red Brick 2-3edroom 'Home Paved Streets -- Lots of Tile $11,500 Total Price Smoot-Mannini-Realtors 543 N. 4th Ave. Dial 3-253 2 Beautiful-Pint'Trees 3 Bdrm. House Included 2247 E. FOURTH'ST.." Tucson^ Srfrong ^HP' Tueid«y, Oct. 31, H50 Tuettn, Arl». HOUSES FOR SALE . 98 . BEDROOM cement blocle houw^on eajtside comer acre $4.500 Will take $1500 trailer., balance term*. BSS1 15. 28th St - ·' (850 CASH wia eive vou Immediate possession, of an , exceptionally well -furnished" two bedroom-.solid, home on paved street, close-In. Carports. .tile'- .Wtchen. .-:full .bath... 'excellent stove. Friin'daire, almost new, complete fumituie. Only IJ.500 SSO monthly. Phone Mr. Floroni J-7253 or 3-8576, Worthy Realty Iivesrments, IT IS SO! BRAND NEW 3 BEDROOM 1% BATHS $11,5,00 LAWN and SHRUBBERY LOCATED "RIGHT IN AREA WITH VIEW BETTER-GRAB THIS! Hearon Realty Insurance , - , 29 E. Broadway Realtors Ph. S-549J P1000 DOWN buys this beautiful ; BR home, furn. or tmfurn., masonry construction, Kable" roof,. large tiled kitchen - , -bathroom. Oversized landscaped- lot. Paved street. Excellent-neighborhood close to. Amphitheater 'School, 57.950 Total Price Bal: like rent. Exclusive with Oracle Realty. 2223 Oracle Ed.. Phone 3-93B1. "y OWNEK-Lovely 3 bdrm. concrete block. Furnished or unfurn, Eastsldc location.- Near bus.' school, church f;hopning center. Ph- C-04M '.«· For .a GOOD DEAL ' ' Deal With .'DOBRY,1 Dobry Means GOODr -' NOW PAYMENT OF $395 , WILL START ' Your "'* · "21-FEATURE* ' 2-BEDROOM; "Dobry House" .SEE The "Dobry House 11 MODEL'" 2850 E.! 9th St,' Completely Furnished BY REUBEN'S YOU'RE NOT? TAKING CHANCES YOU'RE SURE ·WHEN YOU: BUT AN F.H.A. _ Approved and Inspected "Dobry House" Reprcsenttnir an approved FJTA. mortgagee, we are In a position to give 'you 1 prompt service. on your FSJL loans. . Dudley A. Dcbry Investment Corporation. PDHA COUNTY KEALTY BOARD MEMBER I E.A DOBRY INVESTMENT BUILDING 848 "N. 4TH AVE. Phone 2-4364'or 2-2301 PERFECT LOCATION Arnphi - Sacred Heart $7,350 FURNISHED 2 bdrm, house, new cement block construction, nicely decorated, good central heating and cooling, sflrvice room and carporte. AU on a lar«e lot. Excellent terms available. . - ESCROW REAL ESTATE ESS. 52 N. Bth Ave. . Ph. 3-8658 . ' · Eves. Ph. 2-B70 $.750 DOWN -PAYMENT 2 bedrm. home, ranch type, eentrs ueat,, large livlng-rm. kitchen wltl g lenty of knotty pine, good built in :atures, all this for only $7,500. $750 -DOWN PAYMENT · 3 bcdrm. house In Frontier Vllloec earportc, paved, st., stove refrig ' ' - 1837 E. 6th St. MARGUERITE'S - . PERSONAL SEHVICE Owner Says "Sell" This nice 2 bedroom home in cood east location. The price is only . $6.500-with, large G.I.. mortgage. Small down payment. Should sell on sight. SERVICE REALTY CO. 1433 E. Broadway 3ial 2-4677 anytime ·FINE LOCATION . · FURNISHED ·,, , $8500 TOTAL'PRICE 'Cement. block, stuccoed,.- -Beautifu landscaping, - redwood-fenced pstio._ 2 larce bdrm., bath shower: Furnishings include washinp machine. Cent ccolinc. tl.500 dn. Thij : is an excellent value! ·' ' .ESCROW, REAL ESTATE .INS, Ph. 3-8658 '-· '-. Bvos'.'Ph. j-5948 SLOW DOWN, $7,100 .total, balance J55 per-- month at «'4ft. New. ex :treroely well built.. 2 bedroom home Top masonry · construcMon. cablet roof, central ·'. cooline. o.^uble wa] 'furnace. larBe lot -on -pav-d street in city and fairly close'toOJiv'verslty Oracle .Bcalty, 2223: Oracle »,,, PC " ' ' Reef Brick. Moore and Sons offer you Moore for your money in these J and 3-bedroom..homes. location Country Club M a n o r or Broadway Estate?. P a v e d streets, utilities In, landscaping. Or will build on your own lot. . . Features Double red brick, plenty ol-. tile in kitchen and j bath, choice of exteriors and -Individuality. Carporte and *tor- age room. A Sma//;Depos/f will start you OB jrow. *iy - to owninjr one v of these corn- p n ete craftsman - built .arcnl- tecturally-desisned homes. Mode! Home Open for your inspection «t 2121 E 21st. (south »3 Tucson Blvd. to 21rt). Moore Sons Bulldln* Contraeton . '. ell N. 4th PSion* 4-04J» Ice Gream Factory Wholesale and retall...Doinil approximately $2,000 a month, gross. .In fast growing East KArtion. Total. · price . $12.000; . . . - . . - · $12.000--$5600 down. Exclusive. Duplex or Court'Site '., block off Speedway--all utilities --$1,800--small -down payment.. -.Concrete Block. House On 100x180' lot. Party.furnished. AU utiutics. FHA approved. Total price $2.800.. See this, today. Hearon Realty 505D East Speecfw^lluor Ph. 5-3771 SPEAKING of bargains, lerc's , one 61. N. $345'DOWN: - . , - . . ' !n- AmpS^strlcron^^tlfu^ landJclSed lots 50x260 Oarage..w^ 2rm. unfinished rental attached. $« DUPLEX. CLOSE IN . HOME AND INCOME , Brick stucco constructed Duplex close to town. Furnished, hardwood floors, fullr - insulated and weather-stripped, Live in one side, en.Joy S65. a month income of presently-rented other half. Well-financed. Price- S13.500. Excellent terms. Call Mr. Sprinxev at TUCSON REALTY AND-. TKUST. CO.. REALTORS. 2 S. Stone. Dial 4-0451. Evenings 8-4165. Build Your Own -House; On choice east side nali acre with utilities.. Good- neighborhood. You provide labor and we provido lot and Finance', materials. $75 DOWN, $40 MTHLY. Trailer* allowed onlv while building. FRED ROBERTS 3821 E «h_St Ph ItJMSS SAM HUGHES DISTRICT. One of the finer homes in this paved street section. 4 bedroom. 2 bath.,.adobe house Ideal for family with ;s-:hool children. Large livtag-room. screened sun porch, basement, central heatlnc and coolinz. beautiiul haKlwood floors, an enormous amo-ant of closet and wardrobe space: Patio wall. 2 car garaec make this a rea}- home. Large corner lot. also eictra .:ev lot with' all assessments paid. -Call for appointment to see this well priced property. ADAMS REALTY iNSUH- ANCE CO.. Realtors 728 N Stone Dial 2-7441'. Evens. 5-3950. 5-r Dial 2-7441'. Evens. 5-39SD. B-.ijBtf EXCELLENT war surplus houses buildings, varied sizes. Steel sash. sturdy construction. Keduccd price moved^anvwhere. 2-ir.Ql VETERANS $350 Down^ Includinff all^ Impoundment* For thii laree' 2 Bdrm, Home , With Attached Garage There are only a fqw left. $8600 rnortcaKe for tax exempt veterans. $6850 for non tax exempt vets. .Total payments 538.87 for tax exempt vets, S50.13 for non tax exempt vets- Joynt Construction..Co.,' Builders- Call- or see ...^oday. Denton' Cobble Real Estate 2826 S. ALVERNON Ph. 5-5112 or 6-0729 3-BDRM. HOME' 2 BATHS Good location--near schools 4c ihop- .iiiR centers-select your own paintin* tile. $12,500 a real buy--on* in a thousand.:'.Open .evening*. * v FRANK S. MmARIK " 'REALTY"--' JJont StTi Tucson - --- Buy,Ml' 3920 _J : 'S J! ee ''^ ay I-BEDROOM home, unfum.. patio. tt.900--MdiOO.dowh. 2150 N. Ralph. DOPLEX. 2 years old. coraiitlnit of J small, completely iuro. »Pt«. H35 I. Zastland. in fast ffrowlmtv Country Club Manor. Near churche«; tchoc-li. Ehoppinit. bu«. Income S100 month, S5J930 terms. Also N.E. Ph S-495I MOST «' Room -house 65 «.'lmstaMi frontage on N. Hnt Ave. Main offer. 30M tf. lint Av*. fh. 1-MM. - for $9,500 that can't be bea;i 1125 soft.- of well-built house ... x'aure it 'out · for yourself at today's prices. 1514-18' LR: 2 eood sized BRs: trable roof: excellent floors: tiled bath t kit: patio wall: abundant trees .1= -shrubs.-Oh y*s. a convenient littlt .den.-Flnanclne You bctchol $6.700 GI 4% at S50,i3 per month. Call Lucilo Scaazs to inspect. Roy.H. LonK Realty: 1826 E, 6th St.. Ph "3-9418: Eves. 2-5034: WANTED: TWO SALESMEI. _. . PERIENCEO IN SELLING. PREFERABLY REAL ESTATE: ; JONES SCOTT REALTY CO.. 14 E. 6TH_ST. ' PHONE 3-9414 $750 DOWN 2 BDRM. FORN. HOME Masonry consbr.--landscaped-- porch --N.E. 'A blk. to Davidson school. $30-; per month. $5.150 total. Exclusive. A-l REALTY CO. DIAL · «" 'TAVED AREA NEAR C O U N T R Y CLUB HOAD. 3 BEDROOM HOME, IN SAM HUGHES DISTRICT. LARE- LIVING ROOM. Hi BATHS. WALLED - PATIO. PARTLY- FURNISHED. EXCELLENT FINANCING. $15.500.00 CALL 3-8401 OR-EVES. 8-1308. $11,500 3 BEDROOMS 1V 2 BATHS VERY SPACIOUS. ATTRACTIVE. NEARLY NEW HOME. KNOTTY PINE D I N I N G ROOM. FIREPLACE. LAUNDRY. LARGE GARAGE, PAVED STREET. S7.500.00 F.H-A. MORTGAGE. CALL 3-9401 OR EVES. 3-9188, Anderson Realty Co. REALTORS -- INSURANCE 1003 E. 6TH ST.- ' · PHONE 3-9401 .I,«.~L. --.- O il'-'^^"TM-' Small 2 odrm. u3me en paved street. Only $2,650 witli, S1.500 .down and bal. ance -at $20 monthly. . . . seso'down' for a new'2 bdrm. horn* with- FHA morigaBO. This home to cverylhinE · to be deserved. Asking J7.250. Well landscaped comer lot and » well built masonry home. Could w 2 bdrms. Forced to-sell to avoid foreclosure. Submit your down payment. Asking $5.000. Only S400 down and. S4S monthly for a 2 bdrm. home on large doubl* lot. Bargain at $5,600. Acme Realty - Insurance' 2-6727 . 2710 5.6th' OlMll-'tfll 8 .pjn; Amphitheatre District ' 5 rooms-- 2 bedrooms furnished. Situated on, a 100 X 185 foot lot in a hlshly' restricted district. House. 2,4 lynt years old .and has approximately 1100 sauare leet Total price only $10.750 desirable terms. Contact Georae Eubanlcs Z-3S46. Exclusive. with Strunk-Realty- 2402 Z. Broadway Phon» 2-8456 J S . PRICE REDUCED An exceptionaUy ftttractive suburban hom« duit five miles irom ^Business Section.'Choice"· red' brickconstruc- tion, -thennoslattc testinj;. · central coollnx. over an acre of fine soil entirely enclosed by wi« fence.--well. inch castoft. nice surrpii__ PJLA. financed and the price .-- just been reduced to W4.500 Jncludiai jar' furnishinja. ' JONES SCOTT'7 REALTY CO.;JNC:- , ' iUaltortf ' ^ ' 414 E. «th 5t Ph.' 8-M14 UK DOWN. -«4.IOO totaL balance K. per month." Completely furnished. ' bedroom borne on paved street, c .mlnutei-from 'town. Oracle i Realty. tns Oracle Rd.. Ph"a-«3»l. ' *- - ONE-BEDROOM -.house. bath.. · iras ,tove. kitchen cablnett, 4nced. Prlct a x. 2m st. $10,000. TOTAL -PRICE: Ranch' Type Horn* S Bedrooms. ' v AMCLY nosra locate* on « jw*i Afreet in w .excellent section of. ·-»n cast, This bride nome i» only fyei old, hw central b"*,;«" l i coolinc a well landscaped 60 lot with - a patio wall. Near Peter Howell school. Immediate posies-:, sic-n. terms. ' Mangels Realty · REALTORS - · e. Only .m N. Stone PialZ-Hlll W STONE *j*r**-i ·· THC-'SIBNAIL SKETCHES _ NEAR'VETERAN'S HOSPITAL «*_.ov i r.^f-m i,riTn» f.n tiaveu strei ON PAVED STREET Attractive 2 · bdrm. home, solid constr.. nearly new. car porte. fins N loc. among new homes, close to Diis and shopoing. $5.800 full price- real buy--trailer considered. Fhon* 7.7M4. · eves, 3-9327. Bailable Renlty. TBEDHOOM house 52.500. Terms, aa- eount for cash. Phone 5-6095, BRAND NEW Two Bedroom, Hardwood Floors Central Heating Cooling Total $8,500 GOOD EAST. LOCATION DOUBLE CAR GARAGE VICINITY C. CLUB Sc SPEEDWAY Low Down Payment' CACTUS REALTY- DIAL 3-3823 1210 N. STOrTB HOME AND INCOME. Excellent ·:...- room residence completely furnished, hardwood 'floors Plus cory tnrea room -rental to boost your Aneome. Near Speedway Country Club, Good investment at S10.000 with easy *="*«·, Phone Mr. Fioroni 2-7253 or »-W7«.' Worthy Realty. Investments^ "GRAND OPPORTUNITY" · To obtain a completely and nicely furn one bedroom home and an ao dilional-large ·unrestricted comer iOj. Space for at least four-units or mall business. Excellent- location Jurt East of Stone Ave., food mort«ag«. Priced, at:$8,500. · ·' "BLENMAN- SCHOOL"'· TERRIFIC BARGAIN ,·,, In this ouallty three bedroom, bath and a half red bride home. Lovely L.K. with ftdl Icnsth windowj iadnf the Catalina. Separate O.K. wltn lever built in features. Two of th« -inree spacious bedrooms open onto larg* covered *^rrace -facinK -completely enclosed and beautifully land- neaped 'patto. Centra].beating and eoolingv Larfie garage. Excellent W. X. corner location in a "Soon to b«,''an all paved area." All thU for the very low price of *12,700. , .' : MURPHEY REALTY .' ;-;MORTGAGE co: · rou.r;-aTmB^^' Ji*^' · «»^'- · ^**,BEAUTIFUL 2 bdrm. masonry hom.. ui" rooms. On 3 ,4 acr*. M.OW* down. IM1 Z. Jlrt St..'

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