Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1930 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1930
Page 6
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[f SAGGED PRINCESS 1 \ . A Great Mystery Story, By EDGAR WALLACE, IttMt «rt •'tlrt Owen Archer." "Tit* Man tram Morocco." "The Frof." Etc. ling - Wit SVNOPSIS Dlcfc SMnnon ot Scotland tfte mystery surrounding did not kriocl< or ring—asoft whistle In the street brought him to the door. When he went out, us he did evpry evening-, he WHS usually In evening dress, and, almost as though it were part of a ritual, he followed the same route. A bur In CorU street, a small U"?,"Y* '.'•, '" ^nVnnm.r Mr« land not too savory night, club in Soho. m* *J®'ti'™?™*^*"?^ a more f U hl»n. D |. club in Coventry i dlsolutp mwionntri.' from south AfrtrJi, the streeet and so on, lo a point wnere ne " ' ' ' ""' " vanished and left no trac.c. Night after Ettt»* character. *{RIPRS. suspected of Deft * master crook. Aided hy "Slick" fifth. hmrtfn lo the police ns null crook M B»lf detective, he also seeks to trap [ft Dora KltoB. suspfrtefl ol stealing a Wkltfce Belonging 10 the queen ot Klnlnnrt. ton. Uscy who lives next door to Audrey ifcCltS JTOfr^ IO TDK riiy n» live WHII *i ;M^*«CI out . jr «.*»** «n..u •••— - ftaa dot seen toi 'yours—Mrs Dor* _K»on. [the same spot—on the corner of Dotft conspires with Martin. ' *" """ •ml tn< " —• — Items On ner =rran<1 Audrey Is nrrested hy _ _ Shannon. She shields her sister and ROCS I n ig wanderings on the night 1101 5een lOl yeltrp—mrs IMUJI n.nun. j me Same npui—un me; nji w* w* » .~v — •ft conspires wlt'h Martin, ner husband. KJJH V circus ond Slmftesbury avenue, •ATi-raSa ^rWVJBiS; «.<** lighted pMoh of I«,d«, He had reached the Soho stage of ' - ' that to prison tor a year. Audrev had mnde her adventurous *»»." Bhe v\ . , fft lslts the old man. who eays he a little table at the far end of the his work for'her—to break a man's heart— 'room, he listened to the efforts of gives her money ana dismisses her loiter »h* meets Shannon anrt tells him her story, explaining that Malpas has subsequently sent her his correspondence to copy and has demanded that she meet dim. Shannon arranges to accompany let An adroit note lures Audrey to the nomo of Marshall. When she rejects his advances. , , hree , nstl . umentnlists who were doing a bad best to keep time with dancers who thronged a floor as defective In quality us the orchestra. A little man with a thin, vicious face his way to the watcher's side, tie Imprisons ner and Is mnking violent love cil(nv a chair slyly forward ond sal explains that he Is plotting to force Audrey | to marry him so that he will Inherit wealth belonging to Dan Torrfngton. Audrey's renl father, who. framed hy Marshall. I." sen-Ing a life sentence In a Cape Town prison. Meanwhile Shannon trails from the house of Malpas an elderly, limping slrnnger, who, confronted, says he is Mr. Brown. Audrey- visits Dora to warn her nRainst Marshall. learns who her rather if. nnr) only escapes being slabbed hy ihe jealous woman hy the Intervention ol "Slick" Smith. Marshall is terrified to learn TorrlnKton has heen pardoned- A slow tapping on [he wall oettvecn "Is bouse and that of Malpns unnerves him. He sends Tonger. his valet, to Paris hy airplane, •with a letter. Shannon accompanies Audrey lo her appointment with Malpas. As they reach the house, the door opens—then two shots are heard. Lying on the floor Is Marshall. Shannon puts Audrey In a taxi and returns, but the door has closed. Some one within screams. "Got. him!" and in a few minutes the door opens. The body of Marshall has disappeared! •<. In an' alcove is a huee bronze Idol—blood On /U pedestal. Although there is no flre. there Is a hot coal on the carpet and an edor of smoke In the room. Three shots are beard, followed hy screams enmatlni; from the house next door. Tonger lies dead in Marshall's study. The murderer cannot be found. Returning to the Malpas house, Shannon encounters the mysterious Mr. Brown, who confesses to merely an ungovernable curiosity A letter from Malpas threatens death unless Audrey meets him that night In a lonely place. Instructing the can driver not to leave them, alone. Audrey keeps Ihe appolnl- ment. But Malpas covers the driver with a gun, then knock? him unconscious. CHAPTER XXXV. ' THE FEET ON THE STAIRS. Slick Smith lived in lodgings in Bloomsbury. He had the lirst floor oC a house -which had been the latest thing in dwellings somewhere around the time when George II. was swearing in broken English at his ministers. Now, in spite of improvements intro- ing the bock before Mr. Smith, who did not even look round. Until "Slick, there's a dame at the Astoria with a carload of stuff. French and divorced. You could straighten the maid for half a monkey." 'Cease your gibberish, child," said Slick wearily. "What is half a monkey? And which half?" "Two hundred and fifty. The maid's a pole." "What more appropriate for a monkey than a Pole?" asked Smith. "Or even hall a monkey and halt a Pole? Tempt me not. You mean Mme. Levellier? I guessed so. Her stock's worth 20,000—net! And dollars at that. She carries most oC it appliqued to her person. And every cheap grab-it in London knows all about it. You're as interesting as last year's book of Omens and Prophecies." The informer was not abashed. He was a "spotter," a gatherer of valuable information, and had never stolen in his life. Keeping to the company of valets and servants, he located rich pockets for other men to mlne^ "There's a fellow from the north staying at the British Imperial. He's an " ironmaster and has stacks of money. Today he bought a diamond tarara—" "Tiara—yes, for his wife," aaid Slick, still watching the dancers. "His name is Mollins; he paid twelve hundred for the jewel—it is worth nine. He carries a gun and his bulldog sleeps on the end of his bed—he has a great mistrust duced by the gi street was a little out of date. >S In some respects the archaic ar- l\ rangements suited Smith remarkably j xrell. There was, for example, a cistern y, outside his bedroom window, and the i' constant'drip and hiss and gurgle of U water wquld have driven a more sensi- g live man to madness. Smith, being :| neither sensitive nor a martyr to t nerves, found the noise soothing and jj ' the cistern itself a handy getting-off £,' place. Through the window to the cis- r tern support was a step, to the top of ji a wall was another. An agile man ''; could get from Slick's bedroom to a £ side street in less time than it would j- take him to descend the stairs and * "™6 pass through the front door like a laws'-" \ftbiding 1 Citizen. And he could return --: the sarnie''way almost as easily. Therefore he endured the cistern and the low roofs and the twisting stairway where you bumped your head against a 300- year-old beam if you were a stranger. And though the smoke of the kitchen flre occasionally came up to him via the open window of his sleeping apartment, he told the apologetic landlord that on the whole he preferred smoke to the more delicate perfumes. Nobody in the house knew his business. He was generally regarded as one who had more money than duties. He spent roost of his nights away from his rooms and slept the greater part of the day behind a locked door. He had few visitors and those usually came at the hour the landlord dined and were admitted by himself. They How To Reduce Varicose Veins Bub Gently Upward and Tuu-urd the Heart as Blood In Veins i'lons I That Way. of Londoners." The spotter sighed patiently. "That's all I know," he said, "but I'll have a good job for you in a day ™, ^ v.. or two. 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CO. 1318 12th Ave. Dial 9318 HERMAN'S GLASSES Kegikltreu 1 Ojilomi-trUt 1311 Eleventh Ave. here before." "Let me know about him," said Slick, in a changed- tone. "I've heard about that guy <tnd I want to get better acquainted." He laid his hand palm downward on It Cafete8*ly ltv the spotter's direction. That jfentle^ man took what was underneath and was grateful. Soon after this Smith left. But at every stage of the journey th« same thing happened. Sometimes the spotter WM a woman; ones it was a hard- faced young girl—and they nil told him about the French woman at the Astoria and the ironmaster at the British Imperial, and he listened courteously and helped them out when their Information was deficient. Listen, Mr. Smith." This was at his last, place of call, and the informant was an overdressed young man who wore a diamond ring. "I've got it for you. There's a fkime at the Astoria—" 'This story must be true," interrupted Slick. "She's got a million dollars .. of diamonds and a Polish maid, and she's divorced." "That's right—I thought I had this on my own." "It will be in the papers tomorrow," said Slick. It was curious how little was the interest taken by professional circles In the Portman square murder. Never once did he hear it mentioned, and ] when he introduced the topic they wandered straight away. "It's like getting a cinema star to talk about some one else," he said to an acquaintance. "They naturally dislike crime," said that worthy, and had the laugh himself. When he finally made his disappearance he was without news. That carrie later. At 2 o'clftck in the morning a tramp shuffled into the alley at the back of Portman square, and half an hour later Dick Shannon was called from his bed by telephone. "Steel, sir. I'm speaking from 551. I *lsfl ycht tooulrl corns — queerest thlfigi arc happening here." "Queer? HowV "I'd rather you came than explain over tfce telephone." Dick knewv thai his second would not call him from bed at that hour without good cause and he dressed quickly. When he got to the house Steel and a policeman were waiting In the open doorway. "The fact is," confessed the sergeant:, either I have an attack of nerves or else there is something confoundedly wrong." "What has happened?" They were fri the hall and the door was shut. Steel lowered his voice. "It started at midnight—the sound of somebody walking up the«e ataif*. I arid the constable were \\n M«p«r room; I was- teaching him plcquet. We both cam* out on th« landing expecting to find either you or the inspector from Marylebone lane. There was nobody. We couldn't both have been mistaken—" "Did you hear It, too?" asked Shannon, addressing the stolid policeman. "Yes, sir, it fair gave me the creeps. A sort of stealthy—" He turned his head and stared up the bare staircase. Dick heard It, and for a second a Shiver ran down his spine. 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Above on the larldlng and out of sight * solitary light m*. burping, and as he looked thefre p*aged across the wall the shadow of & tnonslfotts head. He reached the flrst landing In a, second—n6 ftlgn of h*ad tt* 6w««r. (Tc tie Contlfttted) ~~ Wltfd SWHW » f . at the railway BUtlon in b**6riiing 6«e of TWkyo'd hroot poptiia* pftfttlhies. A recent eReefc fcy official* of the Ha* perlftl government railways showed that the Sate of plirtfdrrrt tickets, which let the bearer through the wicket, but fcot ort th« train, totalled 1,000 In one day. D AINTINESS makes one important demand which some women overlook. And Kotex answers that demand. It deodorizes, by a special process, as it is worn. You've no idea what a relief that is! And Kotex gives you—too—the relief that comes with safe protection. It is filled with Cellucotton— not cotton—absorbent wadding. Cellucotton is the very same absorbent that is used today by 85%of America's leading hospitals. 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