The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 17, 1976 · Page 2
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 2

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 17, 1976
Page 2
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December 17, 1976 PAGE 2 HAYS DAILY NEWS Gove Countians To Fight Trash Fees Dennis The Menace By SCOTT SEIRER Of The News Staff GOVE — Nearly four dozen Gove county residents, irritated by their county's solid waste management program, are asking the state Supreme Court to free them from mandatory trash collection fees. Earlier, about 100 citizens asked the District Court for an injunction that would allow individuals to decide whether or not to subscribe to a trash hauling service. Judge Steven Flood last month ruled against that and about 45 of the 100 District Court plaintiffs have agreed to carry the case to the state's highest court. Russell attorney Alan Rupe, who represents the angry citizens group, Wednesday filed a notice of appeal In the Gove County District Court. Briefs will be filed with the Supreme Court within 40 days but he doesn't know when the case will be heard. The messy problem arose a year-and-a-half ago when the three-man county commission signed a five-year contract with R.E. Ringer of Quinter to collect and haul trash in all Gove county towns. To pay for the service, a mandatory fee was levied against all residents who live in the towns. Some folks say they do not want, or need, the trash service but Rupe says "it's mandatory to pay the fee, whether you have your trash picked up or not." Originally, the trash fee, which is $3.75 monthly for most residences, was billed via a statement. But when collection problems arose, commissioners added the, fee to the property tax statements, which are due Monday. Although many residents are adamant in not paying for the trash service, Rupe is advising his clients (those who are listed as plaintiffs in the Supreme court appeal) to pay the trash fee plus a ten percent penalty, which will be levied if the appeal is lost. That money will be held by the Gove County District Court pending the outcome of the Supreme Court appeal. Those who are not listed as plaintiffs in the appeal, he added, are "on their own" and should "follow legal procedures." ' The citizens' Supreme Court appeal claims that the trash service violates the equal protection clause of the constitution because: —The trash plan affects commercial property owners but not form property owners! —There is no rate provision residents who wish to haul their own trash or bury their trash on their property. The plaintiffs also claim that the resolution is invalid because it contractually bound the current county commissioners' successors. Dorothy Kaiser of Quinter, one of the plaintiffs listed on the Supreme Court appeal says people are "up in arms" because of the mandatory fee. "That's what we're after — to get the mandatory (provision out of the law)." 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Deges, who lives at Grainfield, counts himself .among the dissatif led and paid his taxes and trash fee under protest. "I haven't used the trash service and I don't want the trash service," he told The Daily News. He hauls his trash to the county landfill south of Park in his pickup, which has a cover to keep the debris from blowing out. The county treasurer says he also "hauls trash for a lot of other people and .they pay me to do it." Nonetheless, he and his customers are charged the county's mandatory trash fee. "I'm so fed up with it," he said of the uproar that has its , roots in trash. He's hoping the Supreme Court appeal can be settled before the second half taxes are due In June but "I'm sure it won't be." There's one other avenue of hope: that a new county commission will change the trash procedure. In the November election Commissioner Charles Stewart, a Grainfield attorney, was booted from office. He'll be replaced in January by Jacob Heier, a retired farmer from Gove. Commissioner Alfred Cook, who reportedly opposes the mandatory trash fee, was re-, elected. The term of Commissioner Loyd Tilton, Quinter, will expire in two years. When asked his views on the trash issue, Commissioner- elect Heier told The Daily News "I don't like the way they (the previous commission) handled it." But he added that he is making no promises until he takes office and studies the controversy. * 1 THINK HE'S FINALW 60NNA BRIMS Nt A BROTHER... HE WANTS TO WID >(CU!" Burglars Take Cash, Appliances Trial Date For Miss Longef Set GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (UPI) — Singer Claudine Longet's trial for the shooting death of her lover will begin on schedule next month even though her diary has been barred as evidence, the prosecutor in the case said Thursday. District Attorney Frank Tucker said he would not drop the felony manslaughter charges against the 35-year- old entertainer, despite the Colorado Supreme Court ruling preventing him from using the diary and other evidence. The diary allegedly told of a deteriorating' romance between Miss Longet and former world pro skiing champion Spider Vladimir Sabich, who was shot to death in the $250,000 mountain chalet which he and Miss Longet shared in Aspen. "I anticipated this could have happened," Tucker said of the court decision. Burglars broke into the Harv's Furniture stores at 12th and Oak and E. 8th Street between 8:30 p.m. Wednesday and 8 a.m. Thursday, escaping with $300 cash and a washer and dryer. The cash and appliances were removed from the store located on E. 8th. Nothing was missing at the 12th and Oak Street store. According to authorities, entry at both locations was gained by removing metal plates in the roofs. The washer and dryer were apparently taken out of the store through the rear door. . Police said the burglars attempted to cut into a vault at the 8th Street store with a welding torch. When that failed, police said, they broke;. out several cement blocks*/at- the rear of the vault before: hitting a solid concrete wall. Hollywood Brawl ' Costs Columnist , BEVERLY HILLS Calif.. (UPI) —Hollywood columnist, Army Archerd and his wife, Selma' were fined $375 each . Thursday after pleading no contest to battery charges stemming from a brawl . during a fashion show at the; elegant Gucci's boutique. The fight broke out when Mrs. Archerd, annoyed by. smoke, doused a man's cigarette with her drink, the. prosecutor said. Ann Landers Has An Answer Guilt Feelings Holnrtyllng For M*n and Wom*n TUESDAY TRW SATIMBAV (i « HLKi Located Dillons Shopping Center PHONG 628-3142 27th t Hall Dear Ann Landers: Please publish this letter for all to see. Masturbation is sinful. I tried it and the consequences were extremely damaging. It made me suspicious, jumpy, fearful, unkind, and highly critical of everyone I came in contact with. Because of this terrible habit my judgment became warped and I lost out on many good opportunities that will never come again. By praying a great deal and engaging in strenuous physical exercise I have regained my mental and spiritual balance. T am once again serene, kind, ready to smile and can now enjoy the friendship of people. Please allow me to share my message with others. — Learned From Experience Dear Learned: If this is the way you view your "experience" it's all right with me, but there is no basis in fact for the statements you have made. Masturbation is no longer considered sinful by enlightened theologians. And please don't tell me what the Bible says about Onan "spilling his seed ..." in those days the world needed people and it was considered a sin to waste sperm. Today overpopulation is one of mankind's greatest problems. • The jumpiness, fearfulness and "lost opportunities" you believe were caused by masturbation were actually due to your guilt feelings — not the act. Every psychologist and psychiatrist with whom I have consulted on the subject of masturbation says it is normal and can Impelled Blended Scotch Wliilky • 86 Piool • OI876 J.W. Dart Dislillaii Co.. N.Y., N.Y. Serve Dant Scotch. ¥m can afford to be merry, too. MORE'VALUEFOR YOUR MONEY. serve as a healthy method for releasing tension. It is estimated that approximately 95 per cent of all males have masturbated at some time during their lives and about 90 per cent of the _ females have done so also. • 'For individuals who believe as you do, however," masturbation IS harmful' because they cannot outgrow' the notions that were pounded into their heads as youngsters. Dear Ann Landers: I am 27' years old, divorced and living with my mother. I have a little ' girl three years of age and a"; boy four. Their father left US' two years ago and these children are very dear to my heart. The man I am going with says he loves me very much but he can't stand my children. Whenever Linda' comes into the room he says to. me, "Why don't you tell her to go somewhere and play?" ; . He has never had a conversation with either of my children. When Jeff tried to. crawl on his lap one day he was told, "Get off, you're : taking the press out of my trousers." (I admit that made' me very sad.) He has been asking me to set, a date for our wedding. But I ; don't want to have a second', failure. On the other hand I want a home of my own so bad; I can taste it. I keep telling, myself he'll get used to the kids after we are married. He's perfect except for this one fault, Ann. Please advise.- Un D. Sided : Dear Un: What do you mean, "He's perfect except'; for this one fault"? It's like' saying a persons is in excellent health except for one small cancer. If you want real trouble, just go ahead and- marry a man who can't stand' your children. CONFIDENTIAL to Torn Apart and Crying a River: , Well, sew yourself up and turn ' off the water works. You had 48 years with a wonderful man. Everyone should be so lucky. Do you feel awkward, self-' conscious — lonely? Welcome to the club. There's help for you in Ann Landers's booklet, "The Key to Popularity." send 50 cents in coin with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120.

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