Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 22, 1969 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1969
Page 10
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fttorrtiwwt Arlwmm TIMiS, T«M., April M, 1H» Mvrmvmt. AMCANM* 'Spoon River Anthology' Was One Of The Best Hours On Television By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) - -- Network television's big attraction Monday night was CDS' special ad aptation of "Spoon River An tholocy." The challenge for the viewer was to stay with the TV REX BLISARD Medals Awarded Family Of Gl Killed In War SILOAM SPRINGS - Posthumous awards including the Purple Heart were presented to the f a m i l y of Spec. 4 Rrx Wayne Glisard at their home in Siloam bprings Friday. Presentations were made by C n l . Kuitene J. Holmes, profes- set through the hours that preceded the broadcast. NBC for instance, laid on an entire evening of rapeat.sjiows --two specials that hard-core viewers probably had already sat through and then a feature movie rerun. CBS also was solidly hooked with reruns up to the arrival of "Spoon River." That left one with ABC, which did have a trio of shows with fresh material. The first. "The Avengers" is now on its last legs, and the final survivor of the high-camp, tongue-in-cheek shows. Nothing, alas,, is deadlier than that combination once the viewer has had an overdose. The episode was a jolly, joke filled hour about body-snatching. Then came "Peyton Place," which, if one is not a faithful communicant, is like straying into a foreign land without guide or phrase book. "The Outcasts, a western also playing out its string, was full of fists and hostilities, as usual. WORTH THE WAIT But the CBS special was worth the struggle. The colelc lion of epitaphs hy which poet I Edgar Lee Masters told the sto- ;ries of the people in his imagi- i n a r y Illinois town of Spoon Riv er was given unusual and effective treatment. A company of four versatile aetors and two folk singers sat or stood on a s.tage whose simple background suggested the cemetery on the hill about which Masters wrote. The actors--Charles Aidman. Jason Rohards, Joyce Van Patten and Jennifer West--took turns reading their stories or delivering their messages. Some were funny and others :tragic. There was irony, senti- nt. mischief and even a bit of history in the stories of the Mir of Military Science at the Spoon River folk. Robards, for University of Arkansas. |instance, would be a respected A t t e n d i n g Hie presentation \\cro the youth's parents. .Mr. and Mrs. 'Norman D. Blizard. .·'is brother. X o r m n n Dale a n d h i s sister, Luna K a y . A w a r d s presented were the Silver Star for g a l l a n t r y in ;clion: the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service; the Air Medal for meritorious achievement w h i l e p n r t i p n t i n g in in sustained aerial flight, in support of combat ground forces: the Purple Heart: the Good Conduct Medal and the Combat Infantryman Badge. Prior to his death, young Blis- arrl had been awarded the Nat- 'n'lHl Defense Service Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal, the Vietnam Campaign Rihon and the Marksman Badge with Rifle Bar. He was killed in action on Jan. ». 1969 while engaged in combat. The citation reads B I i z a r d distinguished himself hy e x p e c t i o n a 11 y valorous action . . . while serving as a rifleman with Company C., second Batallion. sev enth Cavalry during a reconnaissance in force mission near Quan Loi. Republic of Vietnam. Powell Calls For Conference Of Young, Poor .nwnsman who was really ft secret drunk one minute, and then, with no more props than a iair of gold-rimmed spectacles. :nme up a few minutes later as a religious fanatic. PORTRAIT GALLERY With nothing more than a hal. a shawl or a change of voice, .hey were able to present a por- .rait gallery. We laugbled at a ipn-pcckecl man who couldn't lose his wife: suffered for the young soldier who died in a Phi- .ippine jungle: sympathized with the runt who. when he became a judge, "made it hard" for tall men who came before him. The short s.lories were broken up with frequent musical moments by Hal Lynch and Naom Caryl Hirshhorn. They fitted the varied moods nicely. Aidman was basically respon slble for the whole hour. It was he who puller! the material into dramatic form and who directed the program. The program was quiet, effective and far, far off television's usual track. TONIGHT Recommended Tonight: "Or deal of the American City.' NBC, 6:30. CST, devoted to stu dent and teacher unrest: "Ml Minutes." CBS. !)-10. including an interview with lively Alice Longworth. 85. daughter of the first President Roosevelt. EOF siping and reminiscing about presidents she has known. New Deadline Is Sef For Assessment DINNIS THI MINACI ·y KttCIMII ' I GUESS WINTER'S NOT OIL YET. ' Memory Called A Lamp Which Keeps The Past Alive Today By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) -- Memory is a lamp. It burns by day and by night. You can dim it during sleep but even then its beams gleam fit : ully in your dreams, haunting your mind with images from be- sre. Yes, memory is a lovely lamp whose rays light up the past and keep it alive in the living present. Without that lamp our ives would be merely a blind PRIKCF.TOM, N.J. (AP) Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, D X.Y., called Monday night for a national conference of young and poor people led by .lulian Bond of Atlanta. Ga.. and Sen. Kdward M. Kennedy. D Mass., "to save the ttepuhlie." Powell, controversial Harlem congressman, told an audience nj about 1.200 students and fac n l t y at Princeton University: "It is up to you young whites m respect the pride of hlack m i l i t a n t s and tn \vork witli them." In keeping with this Pmvnll | ( | ca( | line ; l)ecause this was the saul. H s time now. smcc the fj| ., t ycar f n r t , state Revcnue Department to license cars un- Although April 10 was the official deadline for persons to assess personal property without penally, Washington County Assessor Perry L. Rushing said this week that the deadline has been extended until April 25. Rushing said he waived the State Programs To Be Topk Of Women Voters "State Program -- Past and Present" will be the topic for unit meetings of the Washington County League of Women Voters this week. Members will review studies, efforts and achievements of the past ten years and discuss the newly-adopted state program, which includes constitutional revision, election procedures, and education in Arkansas. All interested women are invited to attend one of the meetings. The Wednesday morning unit will meet with Mrs. H. W. Stephens. 1250 Lewis, at 9:15 o'clock and evening unit ^ meet at 8 o'clock p.m. with Mrs. David Scruggs, 440 Patricia Lane. The afternoon unit will meet at 1:15 o'clock Thursday at the home of Mrs. Belden Wigglesworth, 1910 Austin Drive. Discussion leaders, two for each meeting, will be Mrs. Larry Wood. Dr. Wilma Sacks. Mrs. Raymond Parnas. Mrs Henry Hicks. Mrs. Belden Wigglesworth, and Mrs. Foster Park. Baby sitting will he provided for the Wednesday morning unit meeting at the home of Mrs. Thomas Kennedy at 520 North Willow. There is no charge for this service, but anyone wishing to use it sjiould notify Mrs. Kennedy at 520 North Willow. There lis no charge for this service, but anyone wishing to use it should notify Mrs. Kennedy at 44.1-5251. Anyone desiring further infor mation about these meetings or the League of Women Voters may call Mrs. Bill Parctte at 1425231. stumble in the dark from one terror to another. By its help, lowever, our world has meaning. Your own memory lamp i: working pretty well if you can look back and remember when Mo wife ever took an overnight trip away from home without worrying whether she had emptied the pan under the icebox. A bootblack was pleased to get a nickel tip because that ivas 50 per cent over what you iiad paid him for the shine. The only people who owned Iwo-car garages were those who Iiad converted them from two- buggy barns. MEASLES Instead of trying In avoid measles, parents thought it war a good idea for the kids to have them and Ret them over with. It was doubted whether the infant commerical aviation industry could succeed if it didn't continue to provide parachuto? for every passenger. You eould buy a pretty good house for what it now costs to send a kid to college for a year. Whether you had voted for him or not, your congressman on request would send you a free packet of garden seeds each spring. Children yelled "Beaver!" ev- crytime they saw a white horse or a man with a beard. Only men told naughty stories in mixed company--and the} were frowned on. Aetors and bankers always wore high collars. Women movie stars hated to admit they enjoyed conking for fear the public would think them less glamorous. POOR FARM The most widespread feai among people in rural areas was the dread of having to enc · t rnuma of last November's plec- !ion. for the young and the noor to call a national conference to -HV« the Republic." He then suggested such a conference he chaired by Sen. Kennedy and Rnnrl. a \egro in t h e Georgia legislature who last August, was briefly ri vice presi- ( i r n l i n l candidate at thn Demo- · - r n t i c N a t i o n a l Convention. Convicted Cookie Thief Sentenced DKTROIT ( A P I - - A man · cnnvicted nf hrraldng into a . store and slraling five boxes nf onokirs and who waited U months in j;iil fnr his t r i a l has been sentenced tn another twi · years and live months behind Fred .lacksim u;is sentenced lo a m i n i m u m of :i'ii years in .·Jackson state prison -but lie · ''troit Recorder's Court Judge tier a new law. Prior to adoption of the new law, persons had to access in January before purchasing car tags. Many persons forgot to assess liis year prior to the April 10 deadline Rushing said in extending the assessment period. How ever, lie noted that after April 2. : i a 10 per cent penalty will be levied against those who have not assessed. Scientist Finds Amazon Sediment In Atlantic M I A M I (AP) -- Sediment from the Amazon River is filling an ocean valley one-third of the way across the Atlantic Ocean, a M i a m i based Marine scientist reports. Dr. Richard Under, associate director of the University of Miami Institute of Marine Sciences. said the ocean drilling ship (Ilnmar Challenger found . ;SiimuH K Olsen g.-ive h i m i-re-il ,,,,; s( .,| imcnt in ,, fl.oofl foot deep . it for his long «a.t for t r i a l . V . | M ,, f | a n k of thc mj( , Olscn said as ho scnlcnced A . l t |. m l jf. rnn(!P Jackson. 'This is nut n r.uestinn '...,, Mc ^ a nf thc defendant slc.ihnK f i \ c boxes of cookies Ihe gist is t h r breaking and entering \ u l h in tent to commit larceny." Spa Assesses Tax HOT SPRINGS. A r k . ( A P ) Hotels, motels and restaurants ' issued mixed drink permits in Hot Springs w i l l pay the nmxi mtitn t n x permitted under Ihe mixed rlrink law. The Hot Springs City f oum-il ·fissed on ordinance Monday night assessing the tnx. idicntionx are Hint this m a t e r i a l was transported from the Amazon find then deposited i n c l u d i n g thick layers of plant material, indicating flooding conditions in the Ama/on at some poinl," finder snirl. their days at the county farm. pool HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help Us!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help US! t h i s newspaper. P.S. -- I would also like to hear from other schools where similar programs have b e e n started. Hopefully, we can get a nationwide new SLANT on the drug problem, if all you interested students out there will cooperate. Do write! --H. GREENVILLE. Tex. (AP) Fletcher Warren, U.S. ambassador to Turkey before his retirement in 1%1, hai been elected mayor of this northeastern Texas city by fellow members of the City Council. Warren, now teaching at the East Texas Statt University in nearby Corn- Dear Helen: Because you have shown concern for the nation's increasing narcotics menace, I would like to bring to your attention the efforts of young people in Hudson County, New Jersey. Encouraged by civic officials, teen-agers in high schools and junior highs have formed an organization known as SLANT-"Students' League Against Narcotic Temptation." Although yet in its early stages, SLANT has shown great promise and lias become an energetic community endeavor. Student leaders of SLANT intend it to be a preventive, not a rehabilitation venture. Therefore, we are inviting members of police departments, repre- sentutives of l o c a l Health Board, and ex-addicts to give talks at our schools. They are most cooperative. In my town. North Bergen, town meetings are regularly held to keep the parents informed of the dangers illegal drugs present to their youngsters. I would like to emphasize that the chief reason for the success of SLANT is that the students operate it. I would be happy to receive letters from interested readers who want to learn more about our organization, perhaps with the hope of starting a chapter in their own schools. --Dennis E. Rhodes. Dear Dennis: Thank you for telling us about a n organization w h i c h I'm sure will catch hold in many schools. The Silent Majority is finally making itself heard and this, 'more than anything else, ill perhaps bring the Wavering Minority back to reason. For further information about "Students' League Against Narcotic Temptation" --please sent a stamped, self-addressed envelope to: BENNIS E. RHODES. 506-80th Street, North Bergen, New Jersey. -H. Dear Helen: Your letter to "Scared" who thought he had VD, stated that in his State "Your parents will {have to know if you are under I age." More and more states are changing this law. for it sometimes frightens juveniles away from needed treatment at venereal disease clinics. In California, since October, 1968, minors 12 years of age or older can be examined and treated for VD without parental consent. This is a service performed by Departments of Public Health at clinics throughout the State. The law states in part, "The consent of the parent, parents, or legal guardian of such minor shall not be necessary to authorize hospital, medical and surgical care related to such disease, and such parent, parents or legal guardian shall not be liable for payment for any care rendered pursuant to this section." -- California Pub lie Health Doctor Dear Doctor: Thank you for clarifying my somewhat understated answer. Here's an added note to those who suspect they may have contacted a venereal disease: Call your Public Health Department or your family doctor and ask information on VD clinics near you. While physicians and health clinics make reasonable attempts to involve parents of minors, in many states these days, your secret will be kept, if you so request. -- H. This c o l u m n is dedicated to family living, so if you're hav-i ing kid trouble or just plain trouple. let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of the Northwest Arkansas TIMES. Russian Guns Will Be Used in Test PALM DALE, Calif. (AP) Russian-made guns will be fired soon to test the survival capability of aircraft being built for the U.S. government. Warren E. Swanson, president of North American Rockwell, said live ammunition from Soviet weapons will be fired at such equipment as an aircraft self sealing fuel cell designed to withstand penetration. The three-month program begins this week. The ammunition, including a Soviet ZU 2:)-millimeter cannon. Swanson said, was provided by the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland through the Army's It was easy to tell which kids Foreign Science and Technology mere*. Tex.. »lw tenet hi State Department potts in Vene zuela. Paraguay and Nicaragua. KVOO, Tulso, Channel 2 IKYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittfburg, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 (ChwiiMl 4 M «Mi hi FayitttvilM KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 ICtaniwl 11 wi cakK In FayttttvilM KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 ^ . , ». KGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 '"»«"«' » - ««"· '" 1UEBDAY News 2,1, 5, «, T. t. 12, 16 *«:*- NBC White Paper z, S, 7, 3d Lancer 5. 6, 16 Mod Squid 8, 12 * 7:36 Julia 2, 3, 7, 36 Red Skelton t, e, 16 It Takes A Thief 8, 12 * *:«fl Movie J, 3, 7, 36 * 8:3» - Dorii Day S, 6 Movie 16 N.Y.P.D *, 12 *"··»- Man With A Mike .. As The World Turn* . Weather * 1:M- Days of Our Lives . . Love Is A Many Splendored Thing . 5. 6, 36 2, !, 7, : 5, C, 16 Newly-wed Game 8, 12 * 1:3*Doctors 3, 3, 7, 3S Guiding Light 5. 6, 16 Dating Game 8, 12 * 2:H Another World Z, 3, 7, 36 General Hospital 8, 12 Secret Storm (, 6, 16 * Ml You Don't Say I. 3, 7, M One Life To Live s, 11 See 1969 Model Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 2333 N. Colleg. Service on all Makes turn a neighbor POP""TM counties. Larson Will Be Guest Speaker SPRINGDAE - - Bill Larson, head of the Seventh Step Foundation in Topeak, Kan. is guest speaker at the Springdale Fine Arts Center at 8 p.m. Thursday. He w i l l speak the following ay nt the noon luncheon of the in Fayetteville at the Holiday Inn and again Friday evening at 9 o'clock at the Deep F.nd coffee Shop at the Presbyterian Center on the U n i - versity of Arkansas campus. The public is invited to attend the Springdnle meeting and the informal session at the Deep End. Preview ALBUQUERQUE ( A P ) St. Joseph's, Hospital has come up with a new way to make stays in the hospital more fun for young patients. The hospital staff conducts pre-admission p a r t i e s twice monthly, when children scheduled for a hospital stay tour the pediatrics unit. They also wnlch n slide presentation of X-rays and operatin groom scenes. wasted their lime after classes shooting marbles, for keeps in the schoolyard. They had raw knuckles. Folks hesitated to order fish in a restauranl on Wednesday. figuring il was probably lefl over from the Friday before. Some preachers jnined economists in denouncing Hie five-day fiber of the working classes he- cause they wouldn't know how to use their extra leisure time widely. You could hack home green with envy by sending him a pnslcard telling him you'd driven all of ?0fl miles. in a singleday. There were move enrolled Republicans than Democrats in America, more carpet swecprs than vacuum cleaners, and more l i g h t n i n g rods than lelcvi sion aerials. DA Professor Awarded Grant Dr. R. V. K i l a m h i . assistant professor of zoology at the U n i - versity of Arkansas, has receive a grant to study the inriuencc of femperalures and photoperind of growth of the bine catfish. The $28.0(1(1 granl was ap proved last week by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The sludy is fo cover two years with the first year's funds expected In total ?li).000. The grant is n 7325 federal participation program w i t h t h e GFC paying Ihe 2:1 per cent. SANTA FE. N. M. (AP) -The New Mexico Penitentiary's shops ran out of license plate materials during the peak demand. As a result, state officials ordered license plates from less populated counties to be issued in some of the state's, more Center in Washington, D.C. Emergency Senators To Taste Ham From 3 States W A S H I N G T O N (AP) They'll be dishing out the ham- literally--in the U.S. Senate Wednesday, when the pride of porkers from Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky will be at stake. That's the day when Sens. Howard H. Baker. R-Tenn., Marlow W. Cook. R-Ky., and Harry F. Byrd Jr.. D-Va., have asked their colleagues to settle a long-simmering dispute over which state has the best country ham. The culinary confrontation is set for the Senate dining room, and Baker, Cook and Byrd are all predicting that their ham will win an after dinner pol' to determine which state produces tlie best. ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! · Best Actor · Cliff Robertson 60 Minutes Tint's Lift * 1I:W- News . . . * 10:30 MsKenzies Raidett Movie Johnny Canton .... Joey Bishop Paul Harvey * 10:35 Movie t. 12 2, 3, 3, «, 1, S, 12, 16, 35 16 36 2, 3, 5, 7 .... t. 12 WEDNESDAY MORRDK.- * t:K today'* Almanai 12 , *, I, I. T In New Mexico, license plates are ordinarily issued by county where the vehicle is registered. "THE STALKING MOON" Gregory Peck Eva Marie Saint UARK T T H E A T R E r NOW I Open 7 p.m. ·mm IZL I ^W One Feature Nightly 7:45 p.m. Sunday Malincc 2:00 p.m. Adults $2.00 Children S1.0D Sorry No Passes or Reserved Seats t Mr.T.iNn Him all - T..I.R "" 1 ' · K«TMrtTMi siKMwriM tnnlrr NnmK t:\rty Siininlny HAWAII CXI «r write Iw ltM*r OAHU, MAUI, KAUAI, HAWAII cor InltrmMMn, OH rni »larr, T»ur Ktctrt, «4J-«W If D A CTAI IDC 2 " IS ""· Memorial Drive IVKAr I WUIW Tulsa. Ohln. 74I'M, m M 7-«7!7 Prom 'I ills;! r.niuii Drpiirls June Till Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELLI PrndlKlMMof ROMEO ^JULIET *«:*- Light of Ltt* * 7:11- All Star Theater . od«7 (color) ·roitct · * 7 : M - Iew« «, toment of Mtditttion Party Line *S:M- iptain KangUM I, ·, Pay Card* *:N- Gidget Retty Boyd Mike Douglas ... t Takes Two .... .ucllle Ball oznpcr Room - ·., 'eoioh' · Plus 2nd Feature · 'THE FUN STARTS WHEN THEY WK -THEW CIMKS AND OAMtKOff! 'MASQUERADE' IIMtlDMTISTSJ ENDS TONITE! STARTS WEDNESDAY ACADEMY AWARD WINNER) Rod Stcigcr - Sidnty Poittr "IN TV?: HEAT OF - Ah« - Edge or Night * t:N - Match Game .. Linkletter Dark Shadows . * Ml - Lucille Ball ... Bewitched --, Mike Douglai . Munstera Hidden Faces . Dark Shadow* *4:M- Bugs Bunny ... 5, B, II 38 1, 3. 7 I, 6. IS S, 1Z in 6 . 2 i, ' . 5 3« 6 IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PAR- IOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for This Offer -10 PIZZAS. 3, 7. 36 .... i, 16 11 Fitntstonea .................... Ifl Mr. Zing and Tuffy ............. 8 Batman ............... .... ...... 2 Children Hour .................. 3 Bewitched ...................... 5 Fun Club ........ . ............... 7 * 4:3*- Rawhida ........ »«...... ...... Ifi Flintstones ........ * ..... ... ..... 8 Perry Mason ................ 2, 7 5 12 Mike Douglas George of the Jungltt Three Stoogea *S:M- Lost In Space ............... ... r,fl News Rifleman ........................ 12 Cartoons ...... . ................. S *»:»- I Love Lucy 2. 3, 6, 7, J6, 36 WEDNESDAY ETENOHS- In The Good Old Summertime If You Are Tired of Summer Re-Runs Try FM Radio On The Cable Call TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 f:N Concentration 3, 7, 36 Movie 8 Beverly Hillbillies 5, 6, IB ack LaLanne 12 10:00 Personality 2, 3, 7, 36 Suspense Theater 12 Andy Griffith 5, S. 16 11:11- Hollywood Squares ?, .1. 7, 30 Dick Van Dyke 5, 6, 16 fc 11:N -- leopardy Z, 3, 7, 36 Love of Lif« 5. 6, 16 Bewitched 3- t 11:11 - 'armer's Daughter .. : 36 'unny You Should Ask Search for Tomorrow e, is *l:N- Ncwa * 1:31 Virginian Glen Campbell Here Conic the Brides * 7:30 Kind Family Arkansas River Good Guys », 3. », T, 1« . . 2 , 3, 7, 3H S. fi. IS ... S. 12 . 5, II * ... 6. 16 On Stage t. 3. 7. M Beverly Hillbillies 5, I?, IS Movie S, 12 * 8:30 - Krern Acres 5. fi, IS *9:00 CBS News Special 5 Outsider Suspense Theater , 2, S, 7. 36 TV REPAIRS · 2 Trucks · Same Day Service ENTERPRISE 2333 N. Colleg* 442-8575 ty» GUM (color) WEDNl! 1,1.1. T, BSDAT AFTERNOON* U:N Huh Noon 36 )ream Houa* 8 (·wi 1. 3. I, 12, 1« form on Five S Mtfcriy Matlnn 7* 11:11 - JIW«an'a Island tt linden Face* 2 *t'« Maka A DeM f, 12 Itm * * IM»- Nrw». Weather. Snort* . 2, .1. 5, B. 7, «. 12, 111. ::« Movtf . . . . McKenztrx Raulcr* .. Paul Harvey Johnny Carson -, .., ··, . .Tory ninhnp », 12 * 10:35 Movie I * lt-M Newa I

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