The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 24, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1920
Page 3
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D,AILY N'eWs Mrs..E. H. Lynn has returned from Brookport, where; she .visited her son, Earl Lynn, and wife, who are rejoicing orer the arrival"6f'a 13 pound son, on 5Teb. 2. He has been named John Delmar. ••• • • '. • .. Prof. E. E. McLaughlin of,Anna was a business visitor here .Monday. . E. T, Bush of Johnstoa City visited his brother, Ernest Bush and family' yesterday. '•'';'' •-*' ''•'". . •''"' -iSt. Louis 'University YSi ; Normal, basket Saturday evening at Normal gym. Admission 50 cents.— Advertisement.'- Miss Edna' Brayfield of DuQupin spent yesterday with-Miss. Allie Stafford. ' Miss Elsie White. returned yesterday morning from Herrin where she spent last week-because ofrthe ; illness of her brother, John White's,' family. ' Mrs. Ed TraveTstead nai accepted-a position-at the .Taggart Hat.Shop" for the spring season. ..- , Basket ball. Sparks College vs. Normal-Friday, ,i;eb.y'27 >: at -Normal Ryni. Admission" 3g cents.—Advertisement. • Joe Dexter of .DuQnoihyspent Sunday here 1 with his parents; .Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dexter. ;• ;•;: ( " --• Miss Thelma~3>eck returned-Saturday from a Jtew: days', visit with relatives at Bos.^ydell. - 20 per cent discountfat Krysher's the rest of -the weekT—Advertisement. •'•• Miss Gallic Keith and Jim Warren of Chicago were guosts Sunday of Mrs. C. L. Dyer. J. W. Carter of Vienna was here yesterday because of the illness of his daughter, Miss" Ethel Carter,'who underwent an operation, for appendicitis at the hospital a week ,ago. He also visited the J. D. Dill family. Ba'sket ball," Sharks'College vs. Nor- .mal,Friday,._Feb.;.2£.>t Normal gyni Admission I 3g cents.—Advertisement. _. Miss Anna Payne of Carterville visited her uncle, R T. Payne and family yesterday. Mrs. Faye Allen-Forsythe of Chicago is visiting here for ten days or more. She came here Sunday to attend the. memorial exercises at the Normal. Mrs. Forsythe is studying music at the Chicago'College of Music. " St.. Louis. University .vs. Normal,, basket ball team Saturday evening at Normal gym. Admission 50 cents — Advertisement. Mr. and Mrs'. Byrl Turner and lit'- tie daughter of Carterville were the guests Sunday of-JSr£- Ree Drury and son, Joe. -, v -- Kobert Davis made~a"'business -trip ;to.Murphy : sboro i y,esterday.. , Ixmnie Etherton, Billie Atwill and Victor Minner were among those from here attending the Symphony orchestra concert in Murphysboro last even- iug. • "..i.,.. ' Mrs Elmer Frtseman bias returned from a visit with her sister, Mrs. Fred Bouchier, in Marphysboro. All merchandise is being sold at 20 per cent discount until the first of March at. Krysher's store. Mrs, Laura Blood'of .Grayvrlle visited her'-'sister; Miss Inza Ravenstein, who attends the.. Normal, while here last a delegate from Wabash county to the Farmers' Institute. Ora McGhee of Vienna, teacher of Agriculture in Johnson county, attended, the Farmers' .Institute last week and visited Mrs Gladys Austin and daughter, Miss Ruby,- the latter toeing in. school at the .Normal. FOOD SALE The Catholic ladies will hold a food sale-ait the Weiler Jewelry Store tomorrow morning.—Advertisement. TAXI! TAVlf 1 HAIi T*VI! IHAI* Foreclosed "car service- call 312 T,. Brooks Takf Station; or 66, Brooks Garage. Night or day service.- tisement -Adver- Rev. T. O; McMinn returned to Marion yesterday after a visit -with his family here. RECEIVE FOR REV. '-'.-'•' . AND MRS. McADOO Rev. and Mrs: W. -V.' .McAdbo - of •Harrisburg: were guests last night of Mr.;'•• and .-Mrs.; A.' D. 'Brubaker. Rev. teAdoo, former piaster:-of th'e local P,m|l>yterian ! chureh, recently resigned here and accepted ithe 'pastorate of the' Harrisburg; Presbyterian churph. ; .Tjrey.were enrQute.'td' St. "Louis. Last eTan'irig'Mr; and Mrs. Brubaker enter,- tained the members of' the Presbyter- iam' church' : at their 'home on "South 'PpplaT street in ttie'Jr lionor. , ' QrvfllS'.'Johnson haa - returned from a visit in Birmingham* Ala. fflliss Helen Greif spent Sunday with friends in Cairo. Mrs.' Anna' Grater-Fowler and -Miss Hazel Moore were among those who attended the Symphony Orchestra concert at the Hippodrome! threat-re in Murphysboro last night. .-• TMiss Frankie Et-herton has returned •:-V u ' from a visit with Murphysboro friends. t portrait *'of Mme. D'eschariel, wife (if Paul Deschanel,-the new presi- dent'of the French -republic. .tMrs.H.'C. Mitchell was a St. Louis visitor yesterday;and today. CARD OF THANKS . We wish to extend -our sincere thanks, to our many friends who so -kindly assisted us in. our bereavement, the death of our dear father and husband. !•'-,.•.• Mrs'.'A. B. Branson, !J>|'!' : i.;;!;'-Mra.. T..Foster, '!;';' : 'iilrs. ,M.:-E .•.i.,, .Mr. Joe Branson. ';'. 'Advertisement. • MAKING PROFIT Understanding of Qemcntary Principles of Forestry Will . Assist Farmer. QjJfJ $£|J_ |fj CARLOAD LOTS M.E. CHURCH •'• 'There 5Vfil: be a- meeting of the Woman's Guild Friday at 2:30 p. m.'in the east room of -the church to plan for the annual Easter bazaar and dinner. Every,woman in the church is expect-1 ed to ibe present. • • ;' ' Committee. Advertisement. BRITAIN'S PEACE ARMY Strength Will Be 220,000, Not . - Including India Forces. Federal Conecrjptipri to End March. 31, War Minister'CJJurchi II Tails House of Commons'. .: London, Feb. 24.—Federal conscription in Britain wli] officially.-r,ome to nn .end March 31, War Minister Ohuchlil'announced" In the! house of commons. Thereafter the. peace strength of. the British army will be 220,009, not including the forces necessary: for India. •Y. Defending 1 . ,the heavy military ex-- pendltures provided for' In the budget, Mr. Churchill declared: . ' " "The whole 'eastern-• world is. in a state jefc extreme disquiet."" \ " "" Expenditures for future noison gas tests ire included in the army estimates/ 'proving that,.this .weapon, in-., auguratet? tjuriug tlie." great war, has ; conie to stay.' :.-.>.••..• ;.• v • "" "A super-tank," with/ a speed of' 20 miles.;a.n hour—the'""highest 'ever 'attained^'by., any of the:;rumbling m'pn- sters-^has b^een' introduced'. in f'he' Brltisl^. army, the war minister "announced, an'd; the tank, hnjricli' o'f.'the. service, 'will- receivefsi>e,ciix'i attention* owing! tp the decisive'.-'rolei .it played, in many, battles durlng.~the,recent'war. BRITISH, SHIPS PUZZLE Arrival-"of • Battle Squadrpn atr Con"- •ta^itinpple; Causes Much Comment —Force Is .Imposing. Constantinpole, F.eb. 24.-r-TIie .British battle squadron' "of flye ..dreiii'T- naughts and four destroyers, which, has arrived here :ind anchored in'the-Bos- phorus near the partiamerit buildings, Is the].most imposing naval'force which ever entered Hint waterway. . • The coming of the squadron, is .variously, commented upon here, some circles looking at the arrivnl as liappen- ing. in. tlie course, of nn . ordinary cruise,, while others connect it with.the 1 present critical position of Turkish affairs.' TEAPHERS GO ON A: STRIKE High School Instructors. C5u{t. When. V.'Pay Increase Refused—Min- N isters.Take. Places! Mqnpngahela, 1 Pn.,- : Feb. 24!—Seven, of nlne^ins-iructors in ;: ,the..,irononga-. hela jilgh sclio.o.l-r.etusefl to^repbrf fijr. duty J, after, the' ultim'a'&im -demaadlng- 4Q;p(?r- .cent' salary. Jncrease, vf&S,' rei f used.;. ,.„, Myi isteis^^nnd; -.-Sther^ 'jy »]tfes^ sionai men responded to thV'board's call for volunteers.. : Wasteful Practice to Put High-Priced Lous to Ordinary \J*» on Farm-Much Pin«, Yellow Poplar and Cotton Wood U**d for Pulp. (Prepared by the United States Depart/ ment of, Agriculture.) ' An understanding of the elementary principles of farm forestry will enable the farmer to iftarket his timber lar more profitably than it Is done on the average farm. In the Southern states, and in many...other sections, of the country as well, high-grade logs «?( such trees.ns. white oakj^yellow poplar, red gum, ash] cherryT" and'.'black" walnut can usually be sold In carload 'lots direct to" manufacturing plants, •ven though these:are located at ^ome distance. Many local'log-using plants buy In lots as small as. a wagon or truck load, in the South clear, logs of white oak and . yellow. poplar • 16 Inches and; up,-in diameter are most profitably sold. to. sawmill plants es-. pecially equipped for. quartering and; veneering woods. High prices at load; Ing points '. make it_ wastef ui to ; put such logs to ordinary use at' home, Pajjer Pul^ WiOod;" . .- Large, quantities'ofr P.lnfe are. cot and- sold by! southern,^!krmeri. : 'fpr; : , paper pulp wood. lellpw. popiar- and; 'cot-, tbnwopd, red gum, tupelpj and-. Mothers In less -amonnjV ar.e. used 1 fprjliie,. s'ame purpose, according, to foreatry : speclal;; Ists. The .wjopii must .be 'pe,al,edi:andi Is. usually marketed^ in .^fopjj.iengtha and 3;,t.6 10, Inehesi! lii diameter.;, .Eujp^, wood Is 'sold by,. the! cord';, "and fh«f prices usually range from about J4tp : ^6, for pine and ^rom J6-:_tp J9; tor poplar,' cottoriwciodj,- etc. .R^nrp^d.^tleB''..^^^^.^.;!!^^!^!!, s,tandar3 r farm' tfmb^r-'prqdnc^^^C^a; rnlei- ^however,;: !th'e price >:rt^pree'eTliits! only fair wages .-for. cutting, shewing, and hauling, -•-'•---'"^--•*--'- -~^--~'^ •-- timber:: rfselir. •epst of';. maniB:te'criire:..;are .taken'"- Into account, .would;. hay«,;'»i,rvalue^ equlvay_ lent' to, 'the "same^ampjint -ofg lumber : valued /a^f-^ie^i'i^'tKtjUsandv board feet": T-higPls'a: low ngur.e:. 1 for i .5ih}tiB; oak'. Tit7is'.. of ten a mistake to; «ru^ •«» y6un|!,,;tr«e,:fori. onje small». !ln ai.shqrt time'thaitree! COUI|J :Pi' 0 4!i^ two. tlep. _•;'! •."-.- : "'-':-- i ;- ;; • ''-•'" -' • ''' . ' pers-^-Say l 3.'.He l .Does" Not Onder- .stand LaborlB- Desires.," .Terre Haute; Inrt.,'Feb. 24.—Declare ing that the 'laboring,'people [belieVed' 'tHelr'lea.(W"so far removed'that-he does not nndorstantl their desires, \Vll-. .liam'.Mitch'eU/secrethry of district.No:'! 11. United M;irie'Workers' of Ame.rica/ teleRraphed Sjamuel Gompers, president ot the. American "Federation of Lftbor, that a L'nhor party ticket would-be in the politicfil field in .Indiana. '. ' Admiral Peary Is Buried. Washington, Feb. 24.— With '- the American flag, which was flown at-the NoriJi. Pole, ''draped over the casket, the funeral ; cortege of Rear Admiral Hobl;rt B. Peary .icade 'its way to tlie, final resting .place' of the nn lion's hih roes — Arlington National cemetery. Coal of Poian'd.^ ."•" ..' - Next'e^textilesi...'nil : ning,,is,.: the; HSlry .. In,. Pjplkndj. esijecial--- " " i.. ...... ible- in- -the year 'before ••''Oie'->.wa^ Th'e .^oa'^y-oft fi<?al mrn6d].iu ; Austrian ^ .land'is better than fnfthe'Gefnitfn ' B r,- nm. «ta. 11^. .» jcaj^t. , -„, ...,.,. — - J :. . . ^ ^ _. L ••*"**" tn to open some mines In Poland, : but the work was never completed.' '."•' •:• Luke ^Dillon of Philadelphia, an Irish patriot who serv.ed" fourteen years in a Canadian prison 1 for dy 'namiting the Welland canal .In 19CK), is to'"enter the University bf.Pennsylvariia as a freshman. He'recently earned a Scholarship offered by the Irish Press, Dillon Is now 70 years • old; YALE TONIGHT OLIVE THOMAS ....IN . Footlights and Shadows Th nm ' i »-" fe - Here y°u will see Miss "• Thomas ma role more or less to the former "Follies" queen. H r , :' Always Appealing,,, !vji ss Thomas plays the ...Also.-'- ". ' • •;•-'' : •'.. '',':'•• . ' ^ • The Scrap Book 6:30-8 o'dcck GRASS OF IMMENSE HEIGHT East 'Indian Specie*,; Growing Near Savannah, Lift* Itself Higher .''•';'. . Than Ordinary HOUM. • ; A lawn covered with' grass higher than ordinary* houses Is ah odd conception in the United''State*,'but In the Journal of ^Heredity, David Pair- child calls attention to such a growth about'14 miles from Savannah." It'l» a grove of -bamboo. The species la said to be East -Indian, but th'e > Importation Is believed to have been from China or Japan, and the first planting, several miles- away, supplied the first plant for this grove, In • 1890. The bamboo grove Is unlike any other. The dense deciduous tropical forests of Java, and Suma,tra,, the evergreen flr I and spruce forests of Canadi the euca- ! .. 1 .??i3 s .' co ,I5 r ? <3 . .-P! alD ?_°? Australia, the ' rainy 'region' jungles""of : Brazili:, 1 the .date palm groves of Egypt and-the r fern forests of Hawaii are'ail 'differ- ent;fr6mi'<5flchi other, but'{all .liav». trunks with spreading branches' or leaves, agreeing with the conventional idea ota.tree. The bamboo, however,Is.; a;'giant grass. It forms, a perfect sod of- roots," In'" spring- everywhere sending TIP new shoots, which .come from'-the. ground; full sizedTr^dlmb.'up- ward,a. foot.a dajr to Gift,. oc."60; feet, when .they, send out their' delicate branches of thin green, leaves, its chief claim to fayor- rests; ln,.lts, varied; util-' Ity, as.seen In -the'products."with/which the Japanese, amaze foreigners. WINDS CLOCK Tim«pi»c«, Idea, of Cl«y»r Swlia, Ir •-.' No! Trouble, at *H;'t»,. KMp". ' ..- • -,-. . '.- " '"'.Riiinlng. . .' •' • i,'-. WJSen ,th% temperature, .rise* 20; de- 'sV'in; -A-quila, Switzerland, Victor lls; clock: jeta, it 'ifopjl- winding. so? Because. Vict.oi; ' Guiilanl liye»Jn Aquiln, and;, big:, thermometer '•- -. : !' •; -;-.. • ^ surfa.ce, of ..the r, In his. thsrmome- p^ at J J:|>«.;Ot:her 'end THE PEOPLE'S COtUHN • used last yearj to CASCARAJ^QUININI *«^»t nl cold remedy for 20 year* ^tablet forra-r-safe,'-»ure, no ipiates^-breaka-up.a cold'ih-'Zf' i -ttcvn grip in 3 d»ys; back if it fails.' The uine • box . has P with Mr. picture. At All Dm* Star., Red Rill's "',.... PLEASANT RIDGE. '-Feb. 21. Ralph Bynum was called to Carbondale Tuesday where he" has a position. Arthur, • Benson Jof/ .Gftrevllle was through here last week. Oscar' Rendlemau has. purchased a e _v. ... _ One month,, per On* ":*MK .Oae ; M " to sett distribute high-grade: nika ot -r- Attracthre proposition for the right, man, Clyde C.'oidliam, State- Dtetribntor, .Urbana^ at - WANTBD^-To buy house and.'«- •tra-.-Iots.- Give location" and' "lowest Price. ' Address Box' 168,';carbpndale^ .. Metcalf, 612,West Sycamore. WANTED^-To-take charge of houla with roomers, while the ; person in charge is away, 'or anticipates h e ing away during the spring- and summer AddTess-"Q,"ca-re Free Press. I jyj f ~-o 1UC «u. - • Elmer-Webb of Progrossimade.a business trip'to Anna : TJuirsd'ay^ ,-; . , -j IMir... >nd .airs. :G-roTee-Ojlandila Ipfj Glarinda, Iowa, arrived, here Tuesday. They will move on their farm near WANTED—To right, five or six room S. ou ?. e ,!. somewhere .near" the square. '** '^" Cale ,','Q,";:care Free Press. ^uy 'a .cash registeti of :a saw.Ttoothed rack. As, the, temperature.:, rises, .the, mercury, 1 expanding; up. the; tube—pushes; the. rod -and its saw^toothed rack before.: it.-. The rack, which meshes with a series of'.: small, springs, thus turns the axis' to which'ith'ey. are attached. On this~axis there'ig-also a large wheel, which in- turn meshes with the wheelwork, of the clock spring, and conse 1 quently.' winds. It. ;When the. temperature goes 1 down, the. same rotating takes' place;; and., between. theS two the clock is > always, wound with no trouble to the' owner; . - Average' Total;:;:of- Eggs Ourlng, Life, ,is:, A' . . ••'• Proifitable Four _ 'tm- preseht''tlrte.'- The"'averagis'j.lifeXof -a' jls aboutislx years.. | Thiei.- jayei;age : , total .Vrpjfpctli .rmim • possible proBteble ;to keep after- the fourth ' ' ' this. place. Another one o£ .Joe.Rendlemaii's calves .died, Tuesday. . •- ' ' ' ' Frank.PierceMias .sold his, car. Homer Johnson sold' a span of mules to Joe Sitter recently. • " : Clinton Landis made a business trip to Anna Thursday. .. WilHe ' Bynum dragged the roads Wednesday. ' '. • . : . < W. : A. Landis bought Joseph Hofen- stein's' farm Thursday. . i, . : rott IIKNT. JERUSALEM- • \. Feb. 21. Dr. Claud-Stearns was called Tuesday evening..to_s.ee_!ba.bx..Eaui Norton.; He is better, at this writing. f Mrs._Alva Stearns of Granite: City vistted ? :ai'; Marion"Nobel's'i thei flrst 'of. "'"' MiSBB^essie-LoTig visited home folks- ..w^'-rTi.i'ii^ttr^^^^.-gg.ii^ on ' ji^g^; ': iiMisst'Annjtlitpng; called..' on- Mrs.," eTenmg. is 'making his' 'rounds ieyiBry^day^iww;. . : ; '''ce Ftetcjaer.: Mv-Elco- visited Robert; NobeMrom-; Saturday tai Sun-; 'day. ; ^. ; .;-'- ..) ••".. .-:..:.•'•.. '"' .iMiss Eulali Robinson, is spending: the week',.w-ith--.her- sister-Mrs. Beulah. Lindsey.'.';'•••. •.'•'.-' •. •-.' !-"-•• •,,'• --.' Elmer Lindsfe is now on, the phone 'line.-. .-'.•'' .'• . -.-•"..• .•• -'•• '-.' : Mr., and 'Mrs," Will Jacobson and. two '.children spent Sunday with} Mr. and •Mrs. Albert Nobel. ' '-; : : A great!, many ".are -hauling ties^ getting, ready to .pay tax. : '• . . Mi-, and : Mrs. Lucian Stearns made a trip to .Murphysboro Thursday. , !F. M.' Norton ,receiyed...w.ord that .his daughter, M.-rs. .Lelia.Kraft of Ca!rbon- idal.e has. pneumoiiia. . '!. -Mrs. Liza- Johnson, her, daughter- in-law and ; tour -children ; are all down with the..flu..'. • ,'. ... ' . "•"•' Mrs. Meta'Berry came tome Sunday from Bush! SJie had been 1 called; there by the illness" of and. his. wife.'. • '-.-•• - - • / • .. Mrs -.Florence'- Thompson .called on Mrs.•Bettie i Nortpn"M'onday evening;.-,John PhippV.pame back Sunday and. 1 moved his. Arkansas;. Mr. and Mrs.. Billy • Robinson attended the funeraV Friday of- Mr; arid Mrs. Harry Bridyman's little boy. roonu orm •Kyle Shop, for office or sleaflnffKMou. Ajply, HIM Bleth, NortMU Md KonnK. Dt, •••!• •' • • ••- t • • • - • •_:'•'•• i:' ..-.-.' 'I. FQR-RENT^Fnradshed room; gttlm -pretorred: Call 414 X FOR RBNT— storu^'ior' coadi. to tke one st<5r bHc*l»«atoit Theatre. ! FOR •216 West.'W«lb Phone ^7 furnished! rooms, »AL«. house «nd . : iarge ; lot, close to town; flEM.'Call at 306; Bast; Jiraiii $t" ; house, two lots, ' .C3h(>ol,: ^3 'blocks of, depot. '• , Call , B06 South:. iWashington.- :. : v.' - FOR SALE— Farm, 280. acres i«t |50 per. acrei- Within two. miles of Normal University. 'jPress. 1 '.' "B," care of Free " ''' ' touring car, good, condition. Will trade on. property/ Call at 605 a.Nprrnal"or-phone 410 : 'X. ' "' •' •• FOR. SALE—New.- Np. : 4 Underwood typewriter:" . Call 106 L. FOE'. SALE—Five room- cottage on East'Oak street, one block aortheast of square... Barn and other out buildings/in-.-'good repair. See owner. 205 East.Oak. St! " •'•' • ._: ' t-OST 'LOST^Shriner's "pin. Reward. Return, to Free Press. -. —Square silver wrist watch- between; Amuse-U and'Fowler's.- Reward if-returned to Mrs. George Alboa. ]''. LOST^Wirist watch-: between!- my , '.-••rr~~. — 7- • • -, ..-•..• -,.•"';..• i homeland postbfflce; Call at divisioa ;Wjfe.iof 1 :?fPussyfoot'.',;Goes: to;;Wprfe ;,d receive: reward. Misa Susie • Columbus,;O.,.:Feb.',24.^yhile l "Pus- ; M/ifi)ioo • '.'''•• " '. K '--. -- ; .;• :yfootfs.i ey.ei-niakes.-.England -f] wlf e,i-. Airs.- A Johnson, ;|s..earn- lng:her : o\yri a. clerltrjvlth, j the l seeking:' work find-': Secretary Robertj 'Hn.ves- ghvfl iipr • a place at a snlury at $00 a mijnth. ?;, ^'.fr "Fanner.. 'returne* ~ .._ Tamiroa after »TiBltwitith» tatter 1 * :«lsier; Mrs. Roscoe B»ker.

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