Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 20, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 20, 1976
Page 5
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·BIMIIinlBIIlIM^ , , . .Arkansas Simra or MEN . . , . Northwest Arkansas TIMES, TUM., April 20, 1976 · 5 BSP Chapter Makes Plans For Dance Xi Alpha Epsilon Chapter o( Beta Sigma' P h i . met . a U l h c home of Mrs. Joan Meason on April H. The meeting was called lo order by president .10 Ann nay and committee reports ..were given. H was announced that Dyed-Synthetic Stones On Market Problem' To Jewelers And Buyers the'annual Founders' Day Ban- inillieilllMMB»TM Itoli'day Inn. Tr announcement was also made regarding to be heir at the Rockwood Club on Apri 22. The-dance is lo be a benefit tor Ihe Thermographs' tund.-and all Kayelloville Beta Sigma'Phi chapters are involved in Hie p l a n n i n g . Members were vcral dozen stones wilh [reminded o! the birthday party rhaps 20 per cent of the stones lor Sunrise Manor on April 24. the paper "salted" with very A f t e r adjournment of the phisticatcd synthetics.," the|t,usineS5 meeting, the group . . . . ..... TO PRESENT' STYLE SHOW . . .Airs. Joe Fred Starr, l.c/1, and Mrs. Daoid Fullon, center, are co-chairmen /or the sliylo shorn lobe presented al the luncheon Saturday oil Zcla'Day', aiid Mfs. George Simfcirts, rijlil, is cojcrtairmaii far .ihe dory's events. (TlMESphito by Leslie Sultan) Arkansas Zefa Day To Be ·Held At Epsilon 'Chapter More* than . 950 invitations have been sent statewide to c o l l e g i a t e and alumnae members" of ZtH'a Tail "Alpha for the fraternity's a n n u a l Arkansas Zcla- Day to be held Saturday at the Epsilon chapter house Ark an sa s ville. ' · ' "Through the EcEa" ' the University c am pus at · ' FayeUe- with e 'theme for the . conclave, - coordinated by Mrs. Joe- Siegers/ province president and ' Mrs. George Simkins National member^ finance committee registration coffee will ...,in at 9:30 a.m. followed by c o l l e g i a t e a n d alumnae workshop at 10:30 a.m. Entertainment for the luncheon, which begins at noon will relive the histroy of Zola Tau Alpha which was founded in 1898 at Longwood College. Farmvillc, Va. Pre-Zeta Day entertainment included a Wine a n d ' Cheese social on Friday night at the h o m c of Mrs. Mitchell Singleton. Payeteville Alumnae will be hostesses. Mrs. Robley D, Evans~of Bar- llesville, Okla., district presi- dent, and Mrs. Scgcrs i annual national, The biggest boom in jewelry loday is jewelry tor men, but the biggest problems to jewelers and a trap for buyers arc the treated and dyed stones and artificial and - synthetic stones now on the market. - Jewelers from over Ihe nation attended Iho American Gem Society's International (ACS) Conclave in Boston earlier this month to sharpen their skills in a scries of workshops a n d to learn Ihe latest developments in' the field. Of grave concern lo the specialists are the artificial ant ·| synthetic veinstones which are cropping up from laboratories from over the world. "Rubies ' emeralds, sap phires, turquoise; opal and jade have increased so-dramatical! In price in (he last two or thre years that new and exhaustiv efforts have been-'made " I 'create them , synthetically, . . , , said William G. Underwood ' " c e r t i f i e d gcmolpgisl PTM-| member of ACS who alendc veler said. heard a program presented by Since it is very difficult for Mrs. Jo Ann Ray". The'tille of · d e a l e r to carry along a Mrs. Ray's prbgram'was'"What iinplete testing laboratory he Needs to be Done." - T h e n easily be deceived and program concerned women who urists. looking for a bargain have become public figures and re also easy prey and have well-known in various fields of recourse against the seller endeavor, how they got there, lien they return home. Un- and what we as individuals can erwood warned. do to lead more fulfiling lives. Jade, turquoise a n d opal. R e f r e s h m e n t s - o f brownies, eated and dycit, is also oi of co ff ce Cokes, nuts and mints irlicular concern because l h e y w c r c scrv( , (] r r a m a bright re more prevalent now and the yellow table centered with .ethods of treating are harder vase of spril , c tu |ips. to detect. A low| Thfi ^^ m e c (ing'vvill he held -- .... -------- vince and district awards to col- n ]C Boston Conclave. legiatc and alumnae members. s mne O f t n e synthetics ai They will also conduct the work- extremely d i f f i c u l t to detect an shops. Zeta Tau Alpha, an t e r n a l i o n a l fraternity women, has- 13 collegtate hj g g p a[K i France · chapters and 250 alumnae l a b o r a t o r i e s are shippir groups. Total membership is| synthetic stones lo oth ( r e q u i r e very sophisticate in- idling equipment. The be for synthetics are coming out ot tl approximately 72,000. countries , that arc kno\ Zeta Tau Alpha Alwnnae who sources for genuine gems ton would like to attend may make I where they are sold lo bo reservations by contacting Mrs. tourists and dealers as gcnui Grovcr Harris, 442-6182, or Mrs. stones, Underwood said. John Reid. 443-3789. AiipniiiiiEiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiipniiiiiiiTi^ ,- , ; - ' EXTENSION - · . · · , - ' , - HOMEMAKERS CLUBS ffliiimiwraiiiBiiMinisiTM^^^ Mrs. Nell Brown, the o n l y tarter member Devotions were given ,by Mrs. co LiLcs nn ;Easler.. Mrs'. lizabelh'Kirkpatrick gave Ihe F. VALLE.Y CLUB ] Twenty · members attended the " luncheon r Wednesday at Ozark Electric'with 1 Mrs.-'Ray- mondi'Lierly arid-Mrs:- Ben Porter as hostesses.-Mrs. Mabel M a r s - h a l l gave devotions depicting the- Easter' tradition and read the Legend of Ihe Dogwood. Mrs. Porter had the eye opener which was on family living and read .-pointers on how women; should propose, to men in Lcap^Ycnr. - ' · · · ' · Mrs.-'Lierly. president, gave - a report on the sale held al the Hand - Craft Fair at the Mall, and read a thank you note from the Red Cross office. She also -announced that Ihe Counci meeting - would - he held at the Ozark Electric on April 20. Mrs Lierly -had-·· charge of tht program which was on home made mixes. Homemade bis cuils were served at the lunch eon made w-ith -the mix, Shi also had charge of Sliow an Tell projects which consisted o two quilts one oof "which w a hand painted with each sqvian of state flo%vers with name c state. H was ···'made- by he innlher years' ago.- · The May meeting will .be hel at Ozark Electric with Mr 3.D. Campbell, Mrs. Uilaii N'y trom and Mrs. Beulah Par] ·hurst as-hostesses. .GOLOENROD 1 The 67th anniversary of Ih 'club was observed last Wednc ·day at Ihe Holiday Inn. Lunc 'coil tables were decorated wi Dogwood blossoms and a birl day cake. Members all sa; "Happy. Birthday." ·A^lS'2ft^a i jr«BL«!!L5l«i«!fTMl storv "of the club daling hack 1909, Ihe year: the club was rganizcd. Eighteen members id two guests. Mrs. Hefts' rmvn, daughter ot Mrs. Brown nd Mrs. Ruby Garrett. sister 1 Mrs. Ina Van Meter, were resent. ' ( The next meeting will be'.held n the home of ' Mrs. Charles alyerson with Mrs. Pauline Vhithey as co-hostess. Announcements iniiaiiiiiMinniiiiiMiiniBBiiiiniiiistiBiiiiniHn Marion Chapter, Daughters of he American Revolution, will neel al 1:30 p.m., Thursday in he home of Mrs. -Charles Kirchcn, 1157 Columbus Place. Assistant hostesses will be Mrs. Ralph Treat, Mrs. Donald McGinnis and Mrs. Ronald H. Konig. Thomas . Turpin-/will present the program en American Colonial Painting. . Washington Regional Medical Center Auxiliary will meet al 10 a.'m. Thursday in tiie Public Health Building.. New - officers will be elected and installed, and interested : persons arc invited lo attend.. Women's- Charity League will meet at 12:3(1 p.m., Friday m the home of Mrs. Sam McNair, 333 Adams Street. Mrs. Lynn Handle and Mrs. Brick Miller Mrs. Saunders Speaks To Sororiiy Mrs. Stanley Saunders chosel to talk about Betty Freidarvthe in o t h e r of the feminist movement in America, Thurs-l day evening w h e n she addressed members of Preceptor Zeta of Beta Sigma Phi at the SWEPCO Electric Building. ;-. The choice of her -program was in keeping with the chapter study, "Women of Heritage and| Hope." "I "found in , reading about Mrs. Frekian that she is not too , different nor too 'controversial in her briefs. " -""' 3 . Saunders said. "She certainly is not the mother oi Hi*; ra .: movement which has hven experienced in many p a r t s of the country." · Betty Freidan called u p o n women lo exam Foe her role in society and wrote the best selling bunk, "The Femine · Mystique," in 19fi3. She was the founder and president of NOW ( N a t i o n a l Organization o i W o m e n ) , a structured orga rii zalion of p rof essiona 1 women and housewives which worked primarily to end job discrimination. "It is (he largest and possibly the most effective group, in ttie country,". "The Gemological Institute A m e r i c a , a non-pro educational institution · w if I headquarters in Los Angel Calif., tells us lhat some sto [dealers buying abroad purcha papers of stones containi : Reader Wants Place To Get Rid Of Old Dentures By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN '-DEAR ABBY:.iI hope you vvon't Ihink this IE i stupid question, hut. I don't know who else to ask. Is there some place that buys used dentures? I have six sets that are good as new. They belonged to members of my family who are now deceased, Three pair belonged to my grandmother, and she never wore any of them for mor« than three months. " . ' ' 11 seems a shame id just'Uirow them out if they could be 'of use .to someone.'; would even "be glad- Iff GIVE them away if you could tell me where to send them. I called my own dentisl and asked if he wanted to buy , and he said. "My God lady.. I -don't B U Y . dentures, I al the home ot Mrs:-'!;eona Kel- 1 of material, crhaps a few cents per carat. nough'to command prices of evcral hundred dollars - per ;arat. Of course the color loesu't last and several months atcr the stone begins lo rteach out and revert to its original color. Low grade jade and emerald are comnionly Dr. Judith Brueske o! 'the dyed to improve color and opal Department of Anthropology- a and turquoise that are treated the University, ol''Arkansas dis in Mexico are common. All of. cussed the division of labo Division Of labor Topic For-Meeting them SELL, them!" Please answer this as' I arn" serious. - ' · ' · "-·'·;·'· "' TEETH ON MY HANDS . D E A R TEETH: -There's., undoubtedly a law (with teeth in. ). prohibiting "the sale of used dentures; And 1 wouldn't know whom you could give ihcm. . v 'DEAR ABBY: The letter from the 31-year-old irate bachelor w l i o always "gels 1 tile I'how-come-you're^noL-married" routine when applying tor employment prompts (his letter: . I'm -35 arid-divorced many years with no intention of re ma r- ying. Ten years ago I applied for A position with Ihe CHamber o"[ Commerce of one ot Ohio's largest cities. ' The interview 1 went very well until the-man' in charge saia, T notice on' ydur. resume lhat you're not married. Then ns aid with a wink, ."Not a 'homo 1 b y ' a n y chance, are you? 1 just looked ,al him' incredulously, while .he went on lo ser- iioni/c on the .virtues of. marriage" and explain that the Chamber wanted "a" family "man" wliose wife could socialize with .he wives of other' chamber members and'how n single m a n was usually "unst'abli"" . ;hese methods of doctoring a between male and female" wit sLonc are considered unethical I primitive cultures in Souther trade practices unless the buyer McNicn at the recent meet] n is informed of the treatment of Northwest Artkansas Archeo wlicn buying the derwaod said. stone," Un- logical Springs, Society '., at . Siloam Jewelry for men is the higgesl| " D r Brueske had lived wit ; n jewelry today. Years] [ h e g r o U p H arid" discussed th ago only men were permitted ] uin t c "J. Si food gatherers and fo to wear jewelry and in recent agers a n r j explained the ro years women have been l l i e 0 f ' C a c h sex to these activities. prime wearers of jewelry^ Now le" " and just wouldn't lit, in. He. made -11 clear thai a single man was "suspect" and didn t quite have Ihe wholesome, highly -moral , imago ,thcy.,required. .. A week later, the same man called and asked me to meet him downtown -tor dinner lhal evening to "talk things over. Thinking lhal he had considered hiring me, I giadly accepted. Whop I got to the restaurant h e ' had already had a few drinks, but he wasn't,- drunk: He was very friendly and told .me what a handsome, sophisticated, cool young man I was-, as ho grinned mv hand and slapped my thigh. He went on to say lhal his wife and kids were at the lak« week and 'he enjoyed being a bachelor for a while be' for ^ assumcd lha with " women also, pointed out. Phi Sigma Alpha Members Discuss. Women Daily Calendar Of Events ·Tonight · ·'· . . . .- . - · - " · '. ' American Red Cross, Chapter House, 4 p.m. Norlhslde Rotary Club, Wyalt's, 6:16 p.m. ' Weight Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m. - ' Single Adult Fellowship, 11G Rogers Circle 1 Drive, Spnngdale, ^'Vnhlersily City Chapter, No. 495, CM$, Masonic Temple, 7:3 °Wc?t'Fork 'Chaplor No. 442, OES, Masonic Temple, 7:30 p.m. ' : . bup]icalc : Brid B a ! Chib, Boss Builriing, 7:30 p.m. City Council of PTA, School Admimsrlalion Building, - 7:3 °Alc?ho1Jcs Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. -" AI-Anon, Biggins' Methodist Church, 8 p.m. ' Clicss Club, Arkansas Union, 3 p.m. ^ - ^ . MalKtano Duo.-NWA Community Concert, Mens Gym, Mrs- SaundCT.s sairt · As a' young Jewish g i r l , Mrs. Freidnn felt sensitivity and discrimination. She is educated, the mother of .wo sons and a daughter. Realizing lhat "women, a r e people loo," Mrs. Ficidan said ·hey needed identity, a full life to be what they really are and 'not what they have been told t h e y should be." After publishing her book criticized by some who wrote "You have nothing to lose but your husband." To which Mrs. Fredian replied, "You have nothing to lose but your vacuum cleaners." Concluding, Mrs. Saunders said history would be very kinc to Mrs. Freidan, "She will go down in history for her role- rccognizoci the world over." Mrs. Wayne TribbJe and Mrs.' Arnold Flottman were hostesses and served a dessert course. Mrs. Tryon Lewis, president, led in the opening and closing rituals and presided over a business meeting. Fourteen members were present. The April meeting of Iota Chapter. Phi Sigma Alpha, was held at the home of Mrs. Mildred Peel with Mrs, Irene Davis as co-hostess. Af f or the b'l' nes 5 me ef »ng, conducted" by'Mrs. Oleta Fry, president, th'e ' program was p r e s e n t e d . Arranpr-' b y program moderator, Mrs. Margaret Parrish, members discussed "My Woman of t h e Year." The following members participated: M r s . Catherine Aherii selected the two Arkansas women Chosen by the Ladies Home Journal balloting, .Belly CaldwcH and Maya Angelou. Mrs. Davis talked about "A woman who can keep a secret,' Mrs. Carl Jones Eplcy o Springdale who had!, as a child witnessed her father, perforn surgery at gunpoint on one o Pearl Starr's outlaws. She alsc said " h e r real favorite is Mis G e r t r u d e Gump, w h o r e s t o r i n g t h e \Vashingtp County Courthouse mural. Mis Gump is known - for 'he restoration of many old homes including one in Minneapolis Minn., which was huilL -b Swedish immigrants. For Ih work, she received a go! , medalion, the. Order of Vasa From the King of Sweden. Mrs. Earlenc Boyd -cho's Erica Wilson, needjcwork ej pert who has written sever, b o o k s demonstrating h t e c h n i q u e s from c a r American crafts to those loday. She may be seen week on national television. Mrs. Elna Willis mentioned Crusade kits were distribut (o members who will work (he Cancer Crusade "current u n d e r w a y i n Washing! County. .Harrison. ic children and homes."The I m e n . frequently formed bands for hunting and -foraging and historically families were patri- I linear, leading to male dominance. The speaker'noted thai since the middle : qf the present, century -the · .philosophy., changing but -the cooperation |between male ;and male ..left vomen at the edge of things.' Women do - not work in. the | fields hut they process the .food and women carry most of- the produce and other burdens their heads, 1 which Dr. Brueske having-'tried-it, said was d i f f i c u l t / S h e also'said the group produces a minimum of band made goods and \vhat they k make is not' Cor the purpos vi i o f - s a l e , but as" a favor fo favorite B n 1 a Noyce,' U1 ' IIL " arter member of lotal rj r . W.M. Schneider will lapter, who was recently the speaker tor the society 1 lected as the' outstanding]Ma_y 9 meeting to be held a acher of the year by the diversity of Arkansas H o m e conomics faculty for her in health education. Mrs. Mary Cotterman chose orrie Ten Boom, a woman ,'angelisl and missionary who idcd Jews in escaping, from a?.i Germany. l«iter she wrote The Hiding Place," and other ooks concerning, the Nazi errors. Mrs. Elizabeth Walker spoke [ Miss Sarah Caldwell, a 'ayetteville native, a n d put- Landing musician. A c h i l d rodigy on the violin, she ecatne associated with Boris Jordossky, conductor of the Joston Symphony Orchestra. i"nd is Ihe first woman ever o conduct a symphony in the Metropolitan. Mrs. Mabel Beard elaborated 'urthcr on Come Ten Boom vho appeared recently · on Ihe Oral Robert's Easter program lational television. related her religious experience in the concentration camir M r s . Roberta Fmcho s e l e c t e d Mrs. ' Mami Eisclihowcr, widow of the lat president, and described Mrs Eisenhower as a roprescn lative modest homemakcr spite of Ihe high offices held by her husband. Mrs. Gladys Guinn described black Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan as "one of the faces ,of the future," America. Refreshments were served by the hostesses f r o m the table covered with an heirloom cloth. Red roses centered the table. - " W h a t about the - job?" I asked.." ' \ "No,- Too bad. They still prefer a stable, family-typa man. Bui how. about coming .lo tile house arid spending the weekend with me. because I'm not all that straight, and I really dig " simply 'got up shook" his hand and ' " into te.r.'B yelled. "Go to hell, alked oul as he burst ' niGHT 1N O HIO CONFIDENTIAL TO "WHY, WHY; WHY?": «|rt ingle crisis whnliv. responsible for ap emotional collapse, in he Iriggci* ol a- gun ihat Is already loaded. Don't feel guilty.-;. For Al]hy's"ncw?l»ooilcl, i "What .Teen ager.s Want .io KMWv 1 rnrt $1. to. A b i g a i l . Van 'Buren,- 13Z Lusky Dij. Beverly H'Us Calit. ^0212, Please enclose a long, : self-addressed, $tampea 36c) envelope., .,"-:, . ·· - ' · · ·· r C) by Chicago Trlhune-X.Y. News Synd. jnc. p.n.; SMITH'S Com muni cation 2-Way Radio · your - 2-War Radio · Headquirttn In KUtlr.nln «nc« 1!» IM U. College 143-2221 For Y»ur Preicrlption N«*dt SM Ui QUAKER DRUG BE, Ct«t«r -- Cftj Parking Lai la .Wednesday ' . ' . ' . Scqiioyali Kiwnnis Club, HolWay.Inn, 7 a.m. Women's'Golt Association, Cotmlry Oub, 9 a.m. · Flaming Hills Garden Club, Evel'n Hills, 9:15 a.m. North Arkansas Symphony Guild, Ronerla Fulbnght Library ^10 a.m. . Lions Club, Wyail's, 12 noon · · · · ·' Serioma Club, Wyalt's, 12 noon '·-. '· Onllook C!ub, Mrs. Neil Fiillon, f2:30 p.m. . . Vcierans of WiVI Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs. Dawn Morion, 2 p.m Univei'sity Faculty Trio, Fine Arls Concert Hall, 8 p.m. Alcoholic Anonymous, VA Hospital, S p.m. Transcendental Mediation Lcclure, 530 N. College, 8 p.m. "Your One-Stop Sewing Center" MASTER 5.98 KNITTERS'.11.98 yd. Complete Line of Bridal Goods Polyester Gabardine Vogue, Simplicity, Buttcrick, McCalls, Kandel Patterns Entire Stock! Guaranteed First Quality NATIONAL FABRICS "P/n/f Sewing Center" 800 HIWAY 71 SOUTH SPRINGDALE OPEN 9-6 MON.-SAT. · 7S1-938S Jiiit Received At , Lady Wrangler Halters - I/Tops - T-Shirts Skirts iSlacks d l l i h the prettiest colors Personals in-law, June and.Bill lljxiab f Pennsville, M. J., her siste liMred Cales of Little Rock nd another sister, Buelah Dollar 61 Van Buren. FASHION BED AND BATH For the very presonal touch . Give Beautiful Velvety Monogrammed Towels! ABSOLUTELY FREE Two weeks only--Bed and Balh Fasliion Shop will mono- firnra lor j-oii a single script initial on luxurious "LUSTRE" velvet-like towels, tub mats and balh sheets. Twenty one luscious colors to "choose Troni. Your elegant monogram available in your choice o( colors. Harvelous and thoughtful gi[t ideas for Mother's Day, -Graduation, Father's Day, l° r i our family or someone OFFER ENDS MAY 5, 1916. BED AND BATH FASHION SHOP Nerrhwast Arkansas Plain : Foy»tt«ville, Arkaniat

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