Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 32
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 32

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 32
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Trailer* US NEW lOsSS GUARANTEED It lameve mft. HIM MUM. $4760 Intl. IM. He. Letai «eu«ery. SeK*. tin. cartel eUll _ . Uncom. Anaheim. jr~K'iT. Mobil, home. lc»elect'. E'StfriS'XS'. jfWJSVkJisnSJSSt ut £ TO toia._ ~40~FEET f Nautlful trailer. Soartais built. Uwcnwn will handle. GuiYer.RichardsME3.8ll2 $2.700 FULL PRICE «M. Spartan, lit. wide, hilly rwm. \Vill consider low dn. Pvmt. . HAiai er ME ' EXPANDO 17144 LAKEWOOD. BELIFLOWER Also Orange O. HARBOR 1CAROIIH CROVILBL. OANER must sacrttic. ITS! American »«»· trailer, toilet, bam t shower. Xlnt OTO. Small cash down, takeerer pavmti. CA440JS ·4a~GRtAT~LAr;En6i44. J Br. -a^r tend, juoo.and take ever COO uS IS OH USED I WIOES IR. SAU:S_ rMpfc* T'RAI Beacfi N L.B. BLVD. !^19x4s tra'ler. new. will .....TM. 1149 w. Alondra. Compt. Peter pan P«. pa. 41. HE HI41 rTT"wiTSELL VOUR TRAILER on consignment. GA 1X24 or GA 7.IIU TRAILER Il3i I12SO. Alsg Ii40 Take over paymts. TO 7-S44V TO 4.S41S. MY Ibedroom furnished, hd ., close to Broadway ,sNoo center Vltnt Ownr. UN a-1m. LA 1-417 TRADE mobile home tor 7- er br horn?. Pett' UN nm. LAI "" ·41 USED Travelere--tw:n beds. 1174 Lakewood Blvdj Downey J7 r SCHULT7"Tellet. retrlO. 1st U« tiles. IU2I Atlantic. Cometon. Trailer Space 165-/ HARBOR AREA-McOe-n Spaces. CNtdren OK. Peas. TE S-7144. BUENA Part^Manor^Kljprajge Traitcrs for Rent ftW (IE* end used vac Mrs. Sell--rent HE 7-5771 Bjmoarner. 1141 E.Jfh Trailers Wanted 145-C "~WE NEED TRAILERS! Cash for Yours! CmllHLD TRAILER SALES III! E. Artesla, BeHIWwer TO a-CTJ HA HIM WANTED: IS It. to JO It. feller, CASH for yeur trailer. NE 1-ttOl trucks jrroctort I4B ^ TRUCK SPECIALS r ·,! CHtV. FIT. t IOKC 1F.D i/rTON T Cac.aTH i «rr! wa^ln^carnc- ' cil'ltietTmcl. lift«(t o^rr.ter. · L Rnt and IOQQQ , r iwtiiie afci/iU V HIND KEW Itll k. comin ncxur ' w'ti CeronaiV mirrcrt, »t»ile- k. oeJI l.rn. Beaut.tiri l i o h t r ti«. '1999 t. ta»e al . iiiaiJ f 'il CtmV.U RlMPSIDt » lu»«4 rM. and II coo 4 r Niter. Hurrr . a t i 333 " f -st ro«D '/J-TOK rji 1 ,,,,"'! '699 r -CLOttO 1UNDATI- r BEACH CITY r CHEVROLET 3201" '·H', 1 :'," 0 '- froiltrt WonUd U5-C HE PAY tool tevh toe ba.iea a» win sea an ca*uioMneAt. KAY-j Tra.lee Sales NE»t«l tVUL rM CAsTTl. aeivaie Mr*. tar clean fraiiar. Ht ItlU Trailer Tovvlag U5-E t · 'tBjSiSo" * UORAOfi HELL TKAltCRS. 1)N Mill FORMERLY IM». NOW »4t» DALE BROWN MOTORS W\ L-B. BLVD. LB. CuJimae. Meter Stwlerj-- SALE ON DEMOS. NOW! LEACH'S III 13 E. Carson. Artali. CUSHMAN EAGLE XLNT. 423 W. 6TH BiA-- BMW !· LILAC Motorcycle* i Cushman Scooters RIUMPHS -- NEW AND USED 10% ON OAC NO GIMMICKS. LONG BEACH TRIUMPH 434 WT PACT CST/ HE K1SI HI ALL STATE motor Hooter. AustrlarMnecte. 141 Ktual miles. S5SO. HE 4JSM alter S cm. :OAC NEejJJO ·iiS'e; C4«Stog JOTpTO %5j HONDAS 10% DN. ear LB Honda SiW Atlantic CAi-Ull il HARLEY. 74 series. Full dressed. A.I cancl 1U.W. C«olk)ae. Bicycles U6-A C OR SAL£ or trade. Phillips 19- speed wilts (turret deraller t speedometer Many .itrat. IS er trade tor Wlard motor bile. 130 E. ttth Way. Apt. E. Sport Compel* 17-A Completa With Camper -VACATION SPECIAL" '41 Chevrolet Wton rJclut. with US actual miles. Ratfo. heater ComDIete wins Dreamer ltd. cab over camper. Sold new with truck. Has refrigerator, water system purifier, intercom svs- tem. etc Their Loss--Yeur Ca:n -- See It Now -- BOBIH MOTORS COMPTOH HOME OF THE -OPEN ROAD- EM Rosexram NE t-J4» Across from Cemptoa Drive-in Theater PRE-SEASON SPECIAL ON CAMPERS WESTERN MFG. CO. 14490 Hoover, Westminster In oranoe Co. TWlnoaks 7-4S1I Open TOars. » am. to 4 pm. "CAMPERi-PiCHUPS-OISCOUMI laroe se'ect.on. No down. «UJ Alondra, Paramount. ME CHlit CAW PER JACKS --Sll.fS A PAIR. ME «m«. Dlr. CAMPERS for Rent--Reserve Now' II1S Alondra Paramount ME 0-»«l fCAMPEH. lie rew. IJTO' regin. Bellllower. TO7134 _ Trucksjr Troetora U8 ·5f fORD F.10Q Vk-ton Pickup. VI. stkk shut. I ft. bed. Llle new. 147 . month with normal ctown. Cal cre9.t manaTer. CA 7-11II. WHY PA/ «0»fe-StE SAVE MORE. ]'4S CHCRRY across trom Hartor. WANTED Older model «a»*i tyre trvck. cnod conation. Will pay cash. Ht S*aa. Mr. Judgej -itll Oil TRANSFER Rigs wltti Icb. Minimum down S1.SOO eecrt, will I.nance. Call OX (4447, evn. OX l«44. BUY a new 1t« Fora truck, any series, at 1% ever actual factory cost. Call Mr. Beecn. LU (tin. Jl L ItO International tractor, SMOO. 37 Hot. low bed nailer. UOOO -54 r ICO rerd tractcr en ar. 12SOO. HC M7III MA_I_«M. 'a INTCRTl-T. panel'true*, wim bins. etc. Eslnt. cond. TO 7-1124 _ _ "41 "CHEV. U Ton ar «* Ton Pick- irps with pew camper. S24I4 up. Save «5?q ME t-HII Plr. 41 IOBD Van SUHWaa, elivers car. Pymts. SIS . Bteih. LU t »ir. Dir, ^ "0» sal. er trade tor piUup. clean ·it Ford Station Vfaoon. 4CVI-. autem^ Rill. TO 4»0«i eves. ROSS I T toik lilt, pneu. tires. - Palm. Beimower ME 4 "jl INTERNATIONAL H-Ton Plctuo. I7_14 Palm. Beilllewer ME 4 3041 ·41 I-OP-D pxkup. Sell enuity of trade. Call GE t-1114 «r OE I 1»U. Rt F RICE RAI CD~=~Seifontained I. ton 'H_Fard.JO e.rt44. SttP c«mpers"lor pTjTsJMl Intl. ' 17t Downey A.e ME 4 T7!4. OJr. 'SO'CHEV. Vi-ton piuup, good rand New reblt. rryiter. S17S. UN Sim Truck Tractor Equipment 168-A fRUCK~» dump bod es. Irectir eau.pment, wineries, accessor lei. new arnl used. COMMERCIAL TRUCK BODItS 1414 W, Ccwies. L B. HtJrttl} Trucks and Tractors Wonted 168-C LATE MODEL «» TON STAKC'OR PU. GE 4MSJ. Trucks Tractors 168 Trucks Tractors US I TRUCKS! S SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S · : VOLUME TRUCK DEALER ! O · LOW DOWN PAYMENTS * · CONVENIENT FINANCING O | CHEVROLET · · 5059 LAKEWOOD BLVD. · lakcwood ME 3-0781 ACROSS FROM MAY CO. Trucks Tractors US Trucks Tractors 168 SUPERMARKET FOR TRUCKS 125 · ricKurs · rANCLS · VANS · OUSELS IN STOCK · STAKtS · DUMrS · TIACTOIS · FLAT IIDS · e-CTI_ · I-CTL · i sriios . J 9 DELIVERY NOW ON ALL MODELS INCLUDING HEAVY DUTY DIESEL HARBOR CHEVROLET 3770 CHERRY AVE, GA 6-3341 SUNOATS Auto Ports ·*poift1 6f . . starter. UOO ae ««W, TW » " Eltctrlc Can 170 Autos Wanted 173 DO YOU NEED MONEY? CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH WE WILL TRADE YOUR CAR OR EOUIIT FOR A LOWER PRICED CAR OR BUT IT FOR SPOT CASH. CREST MOTORS im ten* Bt«O BM. HEtlW WE DESPERATELY NEED Yo.r Uttd Cir, molt «ay m«l» or moJ.l I95f. Ihra Ittl't. Or «t mil tiki It in trtdi for · Itn oiptnslv* ccr «nd p«y tho dififftixt in c«iK. GLENN E.THOMAS CO. DOOCE OltUltTx^ UJ E. ANAHEIM _ HE t t t t $ l l t t t t IMMEDIATE CAJH Mltf for vovr c*r--««id for or not. I rwtd * ·i«- ; 3t»f« «tonct. H'ohnt prtt Mid In ttx l/ta. £«· Mr. BOD Hunur. u«M Cv Mgr. «l Dut- f«ld Uncoln-AAfrturV' IU3 Lono BMdl BlYH OMn DUIY til 19 Sunday » » » » » $ » » H » » I « « JUNK CARS WANTED Free Pick Up i Top $ CA 4UII OR CA 4O90 5IGHAL HILL AUTO WRECKING :!lt E. WILLOW L B Clxrry 1 WE NEED JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRICES PAID FREE PICKUP SERVICE CAVIN JUNK I WRECKING Import Stdins ·nd Ro«dittn -NEED BADLY-ir Top DolUr DAVE THOMAS MOTORS 3430 L.B. Bl. IW»fglo«l CA tU WE NEED CARSM K!i tncn cat for lIUs tnrovofl IHIs. $«« NOfm ls** DICK BROWNING Cicltnl» OLOJMOBILE t*«'«r l»l Lam BtKft Blvd. HE *«! TOP CASH FOR ·« THRU -54 CARS In good condition. Ootn l « m . t o f p m . / d«v» wk. 2ln W. PAC, CST. Hwr. 10SO BEACH CE I34U 1 PRICE--* Wl vt In urotnt nttd of clran c«rs. s*t M fodty for · good l M ufi or lrM»ln. URCLNr VERNE HOLME}-- Dodo* t, Allllt'e WANTEO-Oa Mtdmg »irtom«"c trammliucn and furttuo rtpajr. TM fuv for _p«rt onl/. LJer lr««. Midmt Triot SOnolt. «7JS L.B. Bl»d. touttl C4te. LO »4iC4. LLOYD C PAfTERSON TOD Prices ter clean Cart i»l LONG BEACH BLVD.. L-B WE BUT JUNK CARS 4 WRECKED CARJ. (REE APPRAISAL, TE S»41i TE MOJ4: E«el. TE t4IU WANltD-- V.W. p"ckiio er van. any cond. Prlv. earn. CC M92I. CASH foT*liM or ore Iruckt. Call TW J-MTe. cars 1 FOR 'in OR OLDER" . CE em; Import Sport Cors 174 ·J7 HILLMAN 4docr. Eicellent nmnlng condition, low down. 77 monm. NE 4-1711 Dlr. ·M VOLKSWAGEN. RtH. REAL SHARP. t27 delivers. Car pavwti til »». Call Mr, Brecn, Lu«i27y ·4rMG. Take over pavmmis. Bal. It.tW 1J4I Ravenna. Wilmlnglon. 'If SPRITE, finent venow. Cood condtion llooo. CE }H74 alter - S_p m. Prlvale party. ·jv MCA roadster. Wire wheels. R 4 H SO del. Car prmts (II14 »k._Cail_Mr. Beech LUtSTTf d:r. MUST sen 'iTvrV tM.n w'rado. Only lo^oo miles, lloo under eo- »na prKe. HA f^aai aner a pm. Cu'ooe Mint sell. TW 7171. I _SUIO_ ·«"WCA. RtH. LOW miles, tirel. rwidj on 43* 74W ll«0 Vo-kswaem convertible. Xlnti concMion. CE I-WI. ·S7 VOLKSAACtNrRlH. ww, e.cet cond, Prl. pty. %m CE 01417. ·Jl'SIMCA 4 dr. delude, ail etras. Cood cond Jeas._CE_»7774 l«4l*HARLEr Oavs. 14. ieil or Jlrade^Priv. pfy. 4J1M47. Import Sport Cars 174 \ SPORTS Cars W.'.e Cot -fa S^. SrECIAL TODAY '41 TR-I. tike new .- _ lim ·JMl-Rltc. Ke . . . lit! ·Itvw Cka . _... letl ·UMO, RtH . trtl ·UMerettl Roitr m Woolpert Imports HE XIII Import ft Sport Cort 174 SPRITES W. Ha,. :i Us-H IM tmt Select;*.! 1959s thru l?t7» mat Freni $995 Ctry CM FVsl Class li Oner. JAMESTOWN lia Lan. Beacll Blyd. HE IHH LAKEWOOJ) MOTORS Authori»dV/WDtalr SALES-- SERVICE -- PARIS "ORDER NOW" New INI Volkswagens delivered "'"^ $1195 "God Used VcJisweoens" »lt Soutn it Outcfwium VOLKSWAGENLAND GUARANTEED THORIICO V/W DEALER. BANK TM KENDON MOTORS I'WFfcsiB.joiWri OPEN SUNDAY I EVENINGS ·60 TR-3 RDSTR. $1795 SUPER CHARGED Beautiful original lilt blue finish. perfect white «Myt too w/ curtaro new wtMlt tonneeu. R.. H. fc JudlOn Crt*rg*r. BeautiM leather Inlnlor with rear tot. 17.000 actual miles. Licensed tor S. W. LEMON TOO L. B. Blvd. CA 1KU HIGHEST PRICES FOR EXTRA CLEAN IMPORTS Woolpcrt Imperil 131 W Pae. C.t H.W. HE iOll VV/'s 27 NOW IN STOCK 7DRi. -- VANS t MICROBUS 49 Other Imports ADVANCE MOTORS 1M4 L. B. BLVD. HE 7S3SJ lie? U B. BLVD. HC »UM V THIS- . . From SW» Bre-iter Gray. 3515 AHantie '60 ALFA Sprint Coupe JAMESTOWN 1150 Lens Beacti Blvd. HE 7-ni» ·34 MERCEDES 1*0 SL. I Owner. 11X00 ml. Eiccl, cpnd^ 1 tops, AU/FM radio, blue with white top. leather Interior, V2MO or otter. CE 0.3191. ·40 VOLKSWACEN sunlmr mlcro- bvs. used as second car only. In eicel. csnd. Best bid buys. TOpai »4a64. Prlv. party. OR LEASE IN ROSSMOOR. Colden Estate series. »pdrm. 1 lanv lly rrn. Dlt4ns. Fenced yard. CC 07774 It VOLVO Idoor. 4 speed trans. Beautiful blue with radio. Nater. »ICTI. HEUTII Dlr. ·J4 PORSCHE--Super Cue. Mate otter, nil St. Joseph. Station Wagons 175 ·il FORD 7Joor Station wagon. VI. standard shut. Iad.o 1 heater. Overdrive. SAft. Any used car on our let can be treoed as many t'met as you wish unM vou are completely satisfied. DUFFIELD, Continental. Mercury, Meteor, Comet dealer, 1411 Lena Beach Blvd. HE 14*41. Open evenings L all day en Sunday. l FORD 4 Door Country Sedan Station waoon. Upnt blue Mush. V-I automatic, rad.o healer. Full price Strt. IMay tree trial eichanoe on any used car. ISO cars for vour selection . DUF. FIELD, Continental. Mercvrv, Meteor, Comet ckaler, 1431 Long Bean Blvd. HE J4HI. Open evenings till 10 pjn._and Sunday. '58 FORD $799 STANDARD TRANS. tCYL. RANCH WAGON Orlgnal all white. Very clean In. tmor. R. 1 H.. pood t.rn. Ei- cellent mechanically. S. W. LEMON _713a L.B. BLVD. _ CA TJili 0 ; SS~CHEVROLET Bel Air Station Weton. Automatic, rad.a heater. WMtewaiis. tnt; per monm atttr small down. Call Mr. KJr:!i at CC » C=4 Itr tree f-^« trial ar visit us at Hale Yeunrs Ford Used Car Depl^ 1441 C. _ ·40 FALCON wag-in, slid. Ra dttlvirs. car payments \1403 wk. Cal Mr. Btecn, LU tlm. Dir, 11 FORD~c*ountry SdnT4«r~Sm'. Norm Hoffman Trucks-- NE 14771 421 SO. LB. BLVD. COMPTON. PRlVATE^patty"-- l»!'"Ford "Country Sedan. I owner. Cicellent cond- _t on._Sf«. __ HA S7C7I SURFERS soeclal. 'SI Ford. 00. 7J_mcg I1H er of ler._CE JL"27. *44 FALCON WAGON. 4 dr. Qtl. Stick. SHI!. GE 4 711). Import Sport Cars 174 - " IT MAKES e A and saves U to own · VW.« I Lowest m eoeratton rosi--fiten-* Je.f resale ot any other car. we^ I BUY and SELL * »SHAPP. well kept used V W s * efnrn,ttei, ftfclM. Buy trom vevr* RICKETTS MOTORS ISI.c. 1*471 Long Beacli Harbor Area'4 VT«. PORSCHE 'o'cALER J UIED CAR DEPT. . Jl500 Long Beach Blvd.* » HE 1M1I Oeentel« »--*IEW CAR SHOWROOM f *mL.«.il»«. MEMUt* *+************+***£ Auto Ports Repoirt 1o9Auto Parts 4 Repairs 169 Siatla* WogoM ITS COTTER'S STATION WGNS. '57 Ford 9-p««. cry. std. ·£!FsrdCe'jniryS»d«n '5? Oldl. 4-di. -/jgon '59 Plymouth 9-p«nengtr '59 ChtvroUt, 2 to choos* y pan- 1 wftn «lr can«t»i'i 60 Olds. 9 ptsscn]tr . '60 Chev. wgn, 3 choict "60 Mercury '60 Dodge '60 Rambler COTTER'S Th. Bio, Lol Nwlh el HiU St. Mil. L ». H.J. GA T-355S '57 Ford V-8 Station Wagon Air conditioned. Automatic trans* mission. Special al $895 HENSLEY-ANDERSON FORD till Atondra TO '-I'M '60 PLYM _________ $1595 4 Door Station W*90«i. Economic*! ·VcvL enorn*. ·uiem«tto IWIttr. Ont owner. StvcUl LXKt. SEVERIN RAMBLER 1310 Long BtKft Blvd. HE .VWC7 ttt.seft.wr wtwi, V-4, automjtic tr*nvTM»»w.x r**o h*«t*f*. power steering fc brks. Wfu*cw*Hs. BeKrtiM FM whtf tintvh. tW». fft* I34«r trl*l ei- Ch.w.0* at DUFflEUX Contmetv t*, Wft-cut-Tf, Meteor. Comtttfr*^ er, 14JJ Long Be*th Blvd. HE 2*9*1. Open evening* 'M 19 *wl *vtfv Sunday. Seitti from ISO ·J7 DODGE 7-dr. Swtwrbm . V-i. ««to trans, pwr sir brki. radio ht«ter, tuton* paint. ·(· mojt new *-ptv tirev. Ofifl owner. N« dirs. Pnced to sni. !«:» S. Autos for Sale 176 MISCELLANEOUS 57 HILLMAH Muix Cc^v. w body, red top. tone cover. RIH, Xmt. coftd. LA* J-5W «»ff S. BU1CK M BUICK. 2toor Hardtop. V-I. *uton*nc* rada L r**ttr. Power ·reering. Sin. Yovr choice e o*er ISO ined cars. Any e*r DOT. cfttied cm M traded M many time* as you with until vow ve cntirefv »alisted. DuFntLD, Continental, Mercury, AHetror, tom« dealer, litt Long fleacft Blvd. HE 1-Wt. Open rves. 1 Sun. '59 LE BARON HTP. imperial 4dr. immtc csod. w/ every ·ccetsory tnc. factory ar cond. Local Calif, car. ADVANCE MOTORS t;*3 UB. BLVD. HE TMM _ _ _ ,---...,,- S^BuFcK Century harmeo. F«tty eouip. U1 down t «1 mo. Cal Mr. Carter tor tret twrrtt tn«L HE 3 mi, Dir, 11)7 BUICK Century con.ert. Blue, RiH, w.S.w., (^i_ps*er. I e«ner. Good condi_tton. Call H tSTI. _ l BUICK 2 Door Hardrop, A Crfam Beagty. Lew down, til month. NE HTI1 Dir. __ ·i* BUiCKTor. Hardtop. Pwr. Steering I, br«ket, RIH, factory ·ir-tond, CADILLAC BY OWNER ·a Cad. "*I- 4dr, Pwr. s»eer- Ing windows. Xlnt. running cond. Full financing. HE 74U4. S t t ' _ _ ^ _ . ·K'CAD. Sedan ot vnte. wittt re«t kitr. Full power and ar. Can Mr. Johns. HE 7-Otti. A«um« new car contract with til 11 pef^wic-jan. Dir. ^ * CADILLAC l*d*«, fwlty equip.. air cond. 127 13. Trans. Del. tj; rno, dn. Call AAr, Carter tor free homo _trtal, NC 17111, Dlr. '*0 CADILLAC CovtW Of VI He. Ful] power L air rondtiening Ca'l MR. BLACK. ME 7CKM. Atlur-f centract_with til H per »k. an. dtr. ·»o CADILLAC J4*r Hardtop. Can flttii, 4!/CSC7. Atiu/re pew car ·At CAD. Fieetwood wit*i ar power. Call MR. JONES. HE 7-0107. Aitum* contract wmStU3 per wh. an. Dtr. '51 CAD. Fieetwood Blark with «r full power. Call MR. TAN. HF 7-OKtt. Aiiunve contract win trtl per^wfc. an. qtf. 'i; CAD Fieetwood. Fvt| power. Air. ill oei. car pvmti.. ii; wk. Call Mr. _Beetf. LU_»S37?_D!r. 'IS CADILLAC CPe De Vine. Fvll P" r i*^f tood M ' kt e!tfr « Call HA I'Tm «r HE S-3TII. 'S7*CAOiLLAC*Cpe. Clean, low ml. P.X. P.B.. RIH. UN 3-IUi- Import Sport Cars 174 OLD CARS Love to Go to Long Beach Engine . vncromeVl. Dp pa ndsnld. wsnrs- Bucket stats. sienls. O'sTie brks. Rear Antes for Solo CADLUAC" 17* V V V V V V V Ridings CtdiOtc QiMty C«rs · Prictd 100% MECHANICAL WARRANTY U IM Mllcy al KWM Cadillac avs every let. mocM ·«·» »* ·». lered tar sale Its ertfer t* make possite. VMS cofwete asswanc. ler every to select enty retail sale IIM car erMrtanc. nty th. finest cart tee a*4 wMiesafe t»e rest. If You Want Th« Btst OFFERED NOW WITH 100% MECHANICAL WARRANTY 4-- IW Cadin.cs all aJr conditioned and furiy cowerecl SSSS9 M S4IOO 4-- lYtl Cadillacs Oe Vines and Sedans, tremendous valves _____ 14400 to sera 3-- U60 Cadillacs coin, and sedan He vine and sleek, conertitue _ saXO to S4200 5-1959 Cadillacs sedan te vines Fieetwood __ »M9 1--1962 Olds Statflr. SPORTS CAR win air ond:tion- Ing _ only 1X0 miles S44T RIDE with RIDINGS Your CADILLAC dealer 1501-25 long Beach Blvd. HE 7-2241 a o a * « * * V V V V V V V '57 Sedan da Villa $1995 Cadillac Hardtop. AIR CONDI TIONCD, Automatic, powtr ttetr Ing. radio. M«t»r and «H thf Kiiurtous Cadillac citras. A ono owntr, poeal low mil**.?* txautv. SEVERIN RAMBLER 1119 Long Beach Blvd. HE 41*7 Here's What We Do: 1 CatM Imml Crl. ».«lti »»«s ' It tun W IIMI I vit.ti l.iKt4 » A4«st Ticntl 7 Minst Cart*. It Cln«. «:ist 3«lleS4its · AS«it Ceniecl. "tor M it*. Uatinus 11 ri»-4 i-« IKS "·«« I C'x' if I'M ""It. lititti 4 »ni »i| Utter SoM liMi'lci * Itmifl » til Ilium NO MONEY DOWN · 24 MONTHS AIL WORK GUARANTEED IK WRITING TO PAY laneamerkare'; latenutMkal Ckario Aaer. CrM.1 M O T O R E X C H A N G E '£.£[ CHEV. Ill . *CA *i · m l'« 5159 UiUliel FORD MERC. ·«-'SJ ·i-t $159 Inutil DODGE PLYM. ·K.-JI n M59 UlU'W4 FORD MERC. S4«'S7 $199 Imta'iil rrkalacMtt laitaltjtlvt. llttitl. a-ltMUaar, O»r auttt 4t conaaraMr lair arklt. 1440 IONC IIACH IIVD., IONC IfACH, CAllf. Station Wagons 175 'T"W'Vr'VT( each A r Wagons Speak ^ . for tktmttlMt a| ·« CHCV. Partoeed 4.atl. 4 Vt, PC.. RMI. ileenne. e«. ~ ·2199 'U CADILLAC 440OT HtrdToD. Fwll feKtorv power. Sp^HtiM trtvh tav *id« out. SUn. 1«*v tree trttl tiOianoe, tn t*ct. vou cm trad* «s m*vty times *s vou wilt en ..nv vtcd c*r p-jf(t«td at DUFflELD, CentinenUl, Mercury. Meteor. Comet Oetter, 1123 Lem Beach Blvd. HE 14V4I. Ooen eventfigs 'til 1 *. Sunday. ft '14 CADILLAC 4*»r sedan. Krtl cower. 14147 per montti after small down. C*JI Mr. Ktrton at CE tMlZU tor tret hen* trial er visit vs at Hal* Yeung's Ford Uted Car D+Dt, 2*41 E. Ana- irCAD. EL DORADO SEVILLE LOADED INCL. FAC. AIR. LOCAL CAR. COST ston NEW. LEAVING. TAKE SUOX GA 4S441-CE »lia ·M CAD Fieetwood. tact, air cond.. Pert, ctirome. beaut^ finish. SIJfS. Orlo. owner. Lew local mlleaoe. CEf-0444 days, CE 4-1444 eves. 4. _ weekends, $tt drJ. Car pymti^ tt/U Wkl C*lt Mr. Bf«cti LU M-7T Dlf. CHEVROLET 'M CHEVROLET 4 doer. V-L »vto- rnatic. rad.o L Manr. rcwr teats power windows. Wff. 18-dJr Ire* trial «icn*n9*. Any tried car on cur lot can b* traded ·s man/ times as vou MMIH un'-l f cj an,' satuf ed. Dur. IE LD. Continental, wercvrv. Meteor, Comet dealer, till Long ^ l^ath_B^d. n HE T ?4t4j^Oeeji_*v_es. ·JS CHEV. Deirav Ml, C t. Block New Howard 2TS Cam. pew litters. Ntw crane rod betrrnw. r*ew motor mounts, alumn, fV wfteeti. 4 carts, a. manittid, n^w Corv*ti* Ignition. Caih* Set, car tn solid cor«d. New sorings. Cood interior. i4t5. CE l-itif, atter * TO r»01 ft ·» CHEVROLET Joocr, ttftry wim sman down. Call Mr. Klrton at CE f4ZM ter fre* hom* tnal er visit us at Haie YounTt Ford used Car Drat* 2M1 L Anahtim II CHEVROLET Imeai4 Hardioo. Black wim red Merwr, Fvfly f*c tonr equlDOtd. M* · montti with normal down. Call crtdt man. aaer, GA Mti7. WH/ PAY MORE-SEC IAVE MORE. J7U Cherry, across trom Harbor. ft 'S7 CHEVROLET Bt. A'r soort cove*. FuUf nuipptd. »m or Ufi; a montn witn small down pvmt. Can Mr. Klrton at CEfCIM tar trtt horn* tnal tr visit i/s at _ e p . , . nartim . . . « 'St CHEVROLET tmpalt hanttoo. tJJ delivers on aoo. credit. Payments as tmaJl as t41.27 · m*. Ca.l Mr. Kinon at GE f«34 for Ire* horn* trial or visit vs at Ha'« Youno'i Ford Uied Car L, B. t 'SI CHEVROLET BH Air 4^door. Fvitv tqmpced. W.2t per monin after small down. Catl Mr. KJrton at GE f«O4 for tre* horn* trial or viHt vs at Half Younf'i Ford Uted Car Dect.. 2MI E. Anahetm IT- L. B. .. CHEVROLET Be* Air Hartfteo Couce. sniff. Radio L heater. Futl price Pt9. win finance. Ca't cred t mar. CA 7 tfi7. WHY FAY ·MORE-SEE SAVE MC»E. 37*1 is trom Hartcr. _ _ - ·I-SPEED ·!) CHEVROLET 7 DR. Eicel- lent car Ino en0lnet. SI.700. ADVANCE MOTORS IW L.B. BLVO. HE 1UU CHEV. Impala narcnop. Take ever, sis delivers, if n. atrer it mo. £t " ·40 CHEVROLET Impala cpe. SIKH sum. ssi del. wim pymts. 114-2; vkly. Calt Mr. Short at SP 4 (J2IS, dir. ·41 CHEVROLET Convert.Me. Call MR. WHITE. HE 7«S07. Assume car contract wim SIN per wk. dn. Dlr. ·41 CHEW Jdr. Full factory eopt. Lew mlleaoe. lifce new. S79 tian- ·It CHEVROLET waton, late ever, S47 delivers. If no. ettier cash lust - ky in mo. and assume unpaid ·l._Call Mr. Long fA Mill dir. ·si~CHEVROLET. |el Mack, fully ecwp. Sir I SI trans, del. 117 mo. On. Call Mr. Carter tor lire home trial. HE 7 nil, oir, r St CHEV. 4 crl- autom^ lar^ new tires. Invnae. Forced to stll du. to Illness. 4J4J07I ·40 CHEV. ImoaJa *Dr. PS- 1 PB-. av^ortx. w't/w. RAH. tmied otais. _ 31.000 nujn. CE I-30C». 'if CHEV. Blsca sreed tram 11 CHEV^dLET~»DrrMeJTe.». Ruin good. K4V $SO Dn, St per «k. *-_*· Anderson^ U43_E. Anarietrfi itit CHEV. imcat* convert. RtH. full power. 2 ? n CHtrum. CE KIM *5* CHEV. Impala 4 dr. hdt0. R. H. P.B. ii P.S. DUO. CA4-I44Q. VCMEV. Corrv Powerptide. RtH. Owr«f. jlStt, CA33Mi--;.i3-ISl r W CHEV. Bel Air. Auto, trarts. Idr, A-l ccrct._im. CE_4al» ^7 CHEV. 4 Dr. Btl Air. RtH. Xlnt. cond.__$n5. HA »CS*0. r 3f IMPALA, JM'ho , 4 s*eed. EL eel rend. TO ?n;i. 'SI CHEV. 4 dr. cM«n. tUJ caVi. ; M CHEV~BliCAYNE7~ EXCEr- LET CON. SUM. 4U^CARFAK. ·M'CHEV. sedan. A, T.. R.. H. w" w. Clean 1 sharp. S»S. HC l-*«ff Autos for Sole 174 CHEVROLET ·y cnev reaV »al-- *ay tre* u*7car a* Mater. p«w*r ttttrinc. »im. 1»- «av frtt trial tftUKAt*. AM M*d car Mtwr tot can t« tradad M _Boacti BtX. Hg l**4l'. Ot*ntvt«! QiRYSLER ·S4 CHRYSLER NEW YOKKEP. Immac. conation. Fvll powtr * Ftrv olr. Appoar* to b« ono- owntr car. hut Mitt. sirs. MELODY MOTORS UP) LAKEWOOO Bird. TO HOT ·H CHRTSLER 44T. kardtoe. RIH. «l«00 or tot »H«f. FAJrlai HOST. ·57 CHRTSLER Imctrtal. AH towtr. 40,000 eno. ml. HA \-Srn alter S. CONTINENTAL '41 ~ CONTINENTAL, fiAttic . . power p*v» aJr c*ntfit.onft. Artie tertor. Uff down wim Ptrments to lit vour budget. Fre* Hd»f tnal eunarrB* *i DUFFIELO. Cont-ntntal. Mtroirv. Meteor. Comet dealer, 14X1 Lrrtt BeacA Bfvd. HE 24H1. Own evenangs til la and all day Sundays. 'il CONTINENT AC^Fvd factory power and air coMflttonins. full Ieam*r mtertor, Sim. l»«r tret trial excj»arri», In fact* any vted car en our tot can bt traded as many times as you wish until you ar* completely satisfied. DUFFIELD. Cont-fventat, Mercury. Meteor, Comet d*akr, 1413 Lona _Beacn j 81yd._H E I4HI. Open evet. 'il CONTINENTAL 4-door HanJtvo. whttt wim Mack kiffter. Fmi power * aJr. CaJI MR. WADE. HE 7«5C7. Assum* car centraci witn tIMl per wit, dn. plr. '» CONTINENTAL Harotoo, Full Itn air. U7 del. tit *k. CORVAIR '4t MONZA ere. Like new. Fvlly etat. Must self, sn dn. rtandiei on OIC cre£t. PVmts. as low at WI.J} mo. Call Mr. Black, ·TO 7.1731 Or. bal. Call Mr. Lona FA gi5H dir. ·U'M. -41 CORVAfRS I- I. 4doors. Poweroiide 4, stick tMlt. Low down. III monlti. NE 4-ITIt Dlr. ·41 CORVAIR Monia. Avto. RIH, S?7 delivers, car pvmts 117 «*k. Call Mr. Beeoi. LU tU^, air. ·41 MONZA. Forced to Mil. TMe over pvmts.S7.70 mo. TO 7 CORVETTE '40 CORVETTE Hanjtoo. 4fexed, POsJ traction, rad.o, helper, new tires. First clats and guaranteed) JAMESTOWN I ISO Long Beach Blvd. HE T7IH DODGE ·40 DODGE 24oor Hardtn. Deiert sand with tnatcMno Interior. UMI per month wim normal down. Any tised car pvrctiasfd can be traded as many times as vou wtin until you are entirely satisfied. DUFflELO, Continental. WefTvrv. A f e*«r. CMret eea'er. 141) Uno Beacti Blvd. HE I-4I4I. Open eyenjftos til 10 and Sundays. 54 DODGE. Fully factory eoulped. Transportation toectal. l:i wil finance. Call cred't mmtger. CA 7B17 WHY PAY MORE -SEE SAVE MORE. JJ(S CHerry Across from Harbor. a DODGE 1-door. take ever ui. delivers. It no ettier caili hnt pay Sit. mo. and assume uncad ial. Call Mr, Una fA 0,1511 tfr. '« DODGE 4«r. Rad.a. HO. ME »*K» FALCON '60 '61 FALCONS J dooir-- 4 doors-- Waoens to choose from-- Low as $1375 HENSLEY-ANDERSON FORD nil Alondra Bellllowtr TO 7im Open Eves, -tj t '41 FALCON Fvtvra. tuity eovipped. Tvrouoiso finish, wtulewatls. Im. macuiale 117 · month wim nor. mat down payment. Can credit meneaer, CA 74 MO«i-iEE SAV _CHERRY across f _ Ireni Hirttor. ft '40 FALCON 7 door. Full eav-o. 1UOI per monm after small dn. Can Mr. Klrton at CE «4C34 ter tre* Item* trial or visit vs at Ha* Younrt Ford Uied C*r ° W) tt_ jM IS· Anaheim SU L B. 'aa~FALCON. t.le over, 14} deov' *rt. it no tmer catn lust pay U4 mo. and assume unaad tal. Can Mr. Long f A »3lli gi r. '« FALCON I^~deti7r"iia*.». h*a*er. 127 del. ill *K. Can Mr. _Be*tfy LUjmy?. Dir ·41 FALCON 4 door. Rade. hea'tr, Standard. S1450. CE 4 Jut. FORD ft '$7 FORD Fairtan* 'SOD' COUDC. Fv*rV eowpped. Vn er tlM7 a montti witn small down. Call Mr. Klrton at CE t«234 tor tre* home thai er visit in at Hai* Yownrt Ford Used Car DeoU '*?I E. Anar,eim SU L. B. r U FORD Custom 'JOtr Idoer. VI. automatic, radio «. heater, sne; p*r monm after small down. Call Mr. Klrton at CE 99234 tor tree horn* trial or visJt vs at Hai* Young's Font Uied Car Drat* ^3aMl_E L AnahemLit., L. 8. u *U coao 4««r. Fwiiy eouiconi. ti 4.37 per rtontti after sman down. Call Mr. Klrton al CE VQ334 for tre* horn* trial or viM vs at Hal* Yeunri Ford Uied Car Deot^ 2441 E. Anaheim SU ft^'S* FO«D Caian* hardtop. Fvtfy eguDced. S4fU per mo«*fi afttr small down. Call Mr. Kiften at CE V-0234 for fret home trial or visit vs at Hal* Younfs Ford Used Car Deof. JMI E. Ana- _h*tm_St.. L,_B. "» «·**«** *i*'ilner. Fwl power. l»M per montti after small on. Can Mr. Wrton at CC »«34 tor tre* horn* trial er visit vi at Hai* Youno/i Ford Uied Car _fpt.. SKI E. Anaheim SU 1, B. '19 FORD Catan* hardtoe. tike ever. 141 oeiivenu if no ether catTi lint pay l?t mo. and anwr* 'II FORD Gal4i* Jdoor Htrdtop. C»f| MR. TAN, HE ?«»4. AlWme *47 FORD }loor hirtttop. Fully wuiP. M7 H. Trwt.. M; »-7 mo. dn. C*ir Mr. Carter for fret homtJrtW. NE M1«, Dlr. " ~ ~ 4 doer 4c»t. Fords, stick Ntw Mint. JMJ. S*« TCI at IU4 San Frarxisco. IWO FORO. AuTam«fc. fwll pwr. Air conation. JlfTt NEJtrtl Dtf. FORO 4 Dr. BtM. r*w tTrTT. ItSO FORD convert* as is. Cood eno'ne. Best aller. J31 t, 1411. _Aot. E. li£ 4.3434 40 FORO STARLINCR. OWtitR; ME 044U. St FORO ^ « FORD Itr. RtH. «» en.. 115 per weetMte F.f. Dir. TE 4}7Tt r 31 FORO Model A Roadster w' hvdrautie_bra»eS._S100._OA_J-4ir7 ·S4 FORO 2Dr. Hdta, Stick. Ba engine. Jke._ UN SM10 alter S ; S7 FORD, f icel. cond. sT4S. Call CE 4 41)4 aiier S »m. _ S4 FORO, oood nmnim. tin cavil I4!t W. Itm.. act. B. Prlv. pty. $ 2295. It re. wsnf te Mance wtt« rvntar « . W R pa i meat feer tC? ·aymeots wM e 'ml __ -- ·»·* Trts .avment toctades ail tares, li an. finance duete. netninf MM. MAKE US riOYt ITI MEL BURNS FORD 2000 long Btoeh Blvd. ot 20th St. GA 0-3311 GA 6-3315 IS! Antes for Sol* 176 FORO '58 Ford "500" Fl. 2-Dr. Htrdtop Automatic, rawer tteertnt. t«*», Cater, a.r caxltsom.. A tMal " '.' $1295 HENSLEY-ANDL150N FORD till Atoner* (ellflewer TO 7-704 Open .t.l 1 ^59 FortT'SOO" FL 2-Dr. Hardtop $1395 HENSLEY.ANOERSON FORD ttaj Alsndr. Bellflo»er TO 7-7734 Open E»es- 'til » fORO -0 COUNTRY SEDAN. Automatic, hammlssicei, ra*o. heeler. Mone. wMtreallt. SU MAMGER . CA 7-IM7. Why Pay Mote See- avt More. 174S Cherry Avc. across from Martyr. VFO'RD Custom 300 40oor. Stand, shltl with overdrive, radio, Kea'er. etc. Full prlto ««t. Oi*lW per month with normal down pay. menl. Frte t»day trial eichange. See this and many comparable valun at DUFFIELD. Conlmenlal. Mercvrv. Meteor, Comet deakr. u5TOM Beach Blvd-HE I4HI Open evenings 'HI 10 and Surdars '58 WAGON ________ T 9?5 Ford Ranch Wagon. lOoor, VI. rad«. heater, automatic shift. 1110 Long PtaKft Blvd. HE .V9CC? it '41 FORO Gaunt furtftop. V-I. Autom*tic r*Ji« ht«tcr. Power ttwtiTfl L powtr braivw. Cbonvr tri«ck fin.»h. Ou«l wot 1 1 int.. WtHlYwallx. DlKk wMtt match- In9 interior. Tpdavs tc*ti*J- tMtt. C«JI Mr. urton at Ct M2J4 for frtt twmt trUI rr vd-l u. at Matt Yoixto's Uted Car P«c^ S641 E. _SVU B. FORD F*Tlarv* -«0" Hardtob COUP*. Autemaric. rad · hea'er, power itetrpfo l brtHn. Air* oand.ttonna. OnlV W» Ml price. H ilt laiarK*. Cail credit mar.. CA nri. WHV PAY MQRC-SAV^. MORE. Acroit from Harter at 37*5 Cherry A»«. _ J.GEP '32 JEEP Station Wagon, twf drhft.hubt. *5fS. HA 1S4M LINCOLN '5» LINCOtN Prtmiet*. F«U tactor» power. SZTtt. IfdaW frtt tria* ··cnanot. YOU can tradt can ai m*nf ttmet as you wisA at DUFFIELD* Continental. Mercvr,'. Meteor, Comet dealer. Over ISO used cars tor your section at tiU Lonq Beach Blvd. Ht 2«t*i. ' BLACK Cwautf. '32 Uixeln Curl 2 Door Harcttoe. AU le*tt»er interior. 1X0, TE I-SUI 'il LINCOLN C«prt. 44)00 erlg. miles. I cwnatr car. mil Ceiv traiia Road, Artw·. 1VIERCURY DUFFIELD. ContmentaL Mercvnr. Mt'«r, Comet dealer. You can tradt car* ai many times «i you with until vouTt tatufiedl Over ISO uitd cars tar vow ttfection at our hug* lot at 1U) Lona Beacft Bl.a- HE 249*1. Open e.e- _ _ : PONtTAC 4door. ONLY $tf. Over 79 pood tranipertal.on tart trom Iff tor vour teletJ-on. DUFFIELD, Contknental, Mercury. Meteor, Comet dealer. You. can trade cars at many rmes 'as you with until you arc sattifTd. Select from 150 uted cars, t*U Lona Beach B'.d. HE 24MI. Ooen , _evemnosjt.MO *. aJl_day Sunday. ·li POrlTIAC~Vf. Stick". Radio 1 heater. vnM per moam alter small down. Call Mr. Klrton at CE *0234 tor fre« nomt trial or visit vs at Hal* Young's Ford Uied Car Dtot., :wi t. Anaheim 6l)~PONTIAC Bonnev il k ""Y-Vtoor Hardtop, f-utl power. Can MR. JONES. HF 7-OU7. Astume ren- tract_witn T 1H1 per wH. dn. ptr. 3?"PONTIAC"hardtoo. Fully eoAi*o. 127 1 »J trans, Del. 117 mo. en. Cat) Mr. Carter tor tre* hom« tfial._NE »-;m. Dir. ___ l PC NT I AC, Bonnevlll* 2-dr- full pwr- w'air. Forced to sell Ou* _to_lliness._4» : *42/. _ 37 PON II AC Starchet «dr. h«rd- tep. Power s»etf.n«, trikn and _ »*at«._Alr_cond._tIS. HE 2Cl?3. 39 POM T i AC Bonncylllr. Pwr-avto! RIH. ttt OH. Car prmh., tl| w-;. Can Mr. Betcn* LU »5OT Dlr. 31 BONfJEVIULE hdtp. Evert, cimd!. Bucket sears. Fwii pwr. list}, noi c. a-d. ct i;;i S* PONT I AC Power tterrmo *nd brakes. Prly. pfy. tSOO. ME fr-413. _ ^ . 3* MERCURY Parklar* HardTcp. Lovely coral tjtiin. Automatic. rad.o 1. heater. Tcwer tietnnj. Sun. 10-dav free trial. In (act, any med car you purtfme can te traded a. many timei ai vou w»ih at DUFFIELO. Centirtental. Mrr- cvry. .Meteor, Comet dealer. I*JJ L. fa. Btvtf. HE 24*«t. Open f^ riirijt 'til IO^.V Sunday ail^dJv. ·37 MERCURY TdoorHartftw. Automatic* rado «1 heater, t.'tf. Free lOday trial ciUtanM. Anv vnH car can tw traded as many tmci at vou with until vou art tatuf.ed at DUFFIELD, ContMrental. Mer* cury. Meteor, Comet dtver, Ul] Lent Beacn Blvd. HE ?«flt.0eef. rveninos 'M 10 JL Ml day Svnoav. _Choota Irtwi eytr__liO cart. _ 'IS MERCURY MontcU'r HarcT«o Ceuot. Sorclat 117f. HI * monn wm normal down, Ca'l credt manaoer, CA 7-tt?. YiHY PAY MOR.T SEE-SAVE MORE 27U CHERRY acrets trom Hartior. ·40 MERCURY hardtop. Miy owe, S17 1 ST. Trans. Oet. S77 mo. dn. Ca'l ttr. Carter tor trte home ·40~MERCURY, full ec»«r. Call MR. TAN. HE M»». Assume car contract with U11 per -«. .a^D", METROPOLITAN '55 METVO Mard*ea Nice Interior. Rad'O I heater. Needs minor work. S225. 3213 Senasac. HA s-aii NASH ® © o o · '58 Ambassador ....$1195 Super 4 door, automatic, power J teerina and fates, rada. hetter. tone blw». Eitellent cmtft'on. SEVERIN RAMBLER tnr Lena Beach Bird. HE tnci OL.DSMODILE ·41 OLDS. -Slarfire.- Full cwr. Slla delivers _ witn pymtv ·» OLDS «t I Dr. Mrdloc. Fu'l power. Factory air. x^t. cond. 111*1. Bedonas at E. Pac. Cst. Hwy. Dir. CE 12131. . II. Jl Enore. BtM, autom. trans., pwr. sirs brfcs. new tires, ono.. pant. real clean. ·is OLDSMOBILE ts tuiioay Cce. Full power. $4; del, witn pvrrts. ·1441 wkly. Call itt. Short at SP at?n. Olr^ _ it OLDSMO'BILE. tuii power, ui dot. wim pymls. til 03 wtly. Call Mr. Short at SP 4 OH. dr. ~ ~a OLDS 4«oor Jed. Elect, seal I. windows, spotless, bank tmancmg. NEJ-IJll Dlr. _ _ ___ ·14 OLDSMOBILE II JUT. Cictl. cona. Reas. CE »nx. _ OLDS.. 4«r., rwr. ttretiro t brakes, good cond._2iS Pomona HAS YOUR CREDIT BEEN TURNED DOWN? ft DUE TO BANKRUPTCY 0 REPOSSESSION IT WE CAN HELP YOU tur A CAR CAIL RALPH WILKINSON UN 3.4705 WELCOMES AIL IRANCHES OF ARMED SERVICE OLR. Autos for Solo Fog» j 17* OLDSMOBILE oCBSTSBt, Ah II neWTiTi Taltery. UaTUl Lee Altea. PLYMOUTH '54 PLYMOUTH _$495 sedan. Midrtve. ia»e. j i SEVERIN RAMBLER 1477 Lone BeacX Blvd. lie «MI ·Jl PLYMOUTH Sew !·_... VI. automatic, I-tone. wnjlewails. New tow 171 . montts after neona! *mti payment. Call credit nun. Her. CA 7-atS7. WHY PAY MORE -SEE SAVE MORE. j;,! Cherry ^across from Harbor. ·Jt PLYWoijTH station wagon, tat. »ver. S4| delivers. Jl_ m_ ether ·IS PLYMOUTH Sed- lake aver. Stl delivers, n no other cash hisf saYoy 4 Dr. S. HA 14751 a a . . ·M PuVMOUTlT" Autumn oo)«~tin- Ish. Rada« heater. Low clown 4 tta monm. NE a-IMI Dlr. ·S7 BtH. SOS. 57 PLYMOUTH 14T. Bety. stlct. CE ' PONTIAC ·58 PONTIAC $1195 Oiiettain 4-door harcHcv. Automatic, radio, heater, etc. Canary yeiicw tntMi. Low mileaot. SEVERIN RAMBLER 1427 Long Beach Blvd. HE *too. to PONT I AC. v-l, automafic. radio 1 hcattr. tit? tfown. IMar tre* trial eichance. In fact, any turd car can bt traded as many times as vou wish til vou art satttf'ed. S*ett from 110 cars at OUf- FlELD, Continental* Mercury, Meteor, Comet dealer, 1403 Lonq Beacn Blvd. HE 2-t*tl. Open f «Jt_day Sunday. _ RAMBLER 10 RAMBLER 4 doer, i cvlJMer automatic. This car rt*ltckl its I owner care. Pavmerts as tew ·t to* 4. win normal down. Any uted car on our lot can b» traced at many t.mes as vou With until VtXl K'f rtrf-tyf'* 1 * S*T'*'fd. DUfflELD. Contnenta*. Wwcurv. tVeteor. Cornel dealer at Jill _LOrq Beacti Bird HE J.t4l. '59 RAMBLER i cylinder, cvstom 4 dr. waoon. Radio, neater, overdrive. An eicet- le-it wagon in every respect. Priced way pe'ow market at only |139f OPtN SUNDAYS __ PCAIRS BROS. BU'CK _Jt7M BeiHlo»»er Blvd.. TO MK1 *O RAV8LCR sedan, fake oe^ U] delivers. If no ettwr cam Ivst pay S3f mo. and atiume u*w M d tal. Call Mr. Lone. FA OOJU _ _ _ ____ ___ II KAAABLER deui» *Dr. Stick. No down. Take »ver parmfi. _*M4IM between 4 pm. I pm. 31 RAMBLER American. s'ck snittT 111 del. witn pavmts. U.» weekly. -- SS'L** f - »**" at SP 4 en* oir. 10 RAWflLCH Catl WR~OHNf. HE 7-OJCi. Alkumt car contract *£!_*· " wr wk. dn. Olr. _ """ ·I THUNDERDIRD : '41 T-BIRD. Polar wtute wtri red leattier Interior. Automatic. rad a L theater. Power txehct. power strerirg. power windows L power seat. wn;tewai!s. II.OCO actual mnes. m day er 1400 rule guarantee. Sl.m full price. Can Mr. Klrton at GE IK34 for tic. nor*-e trial or visit vs at H4'e Young's Used Car Dent* :441 JC^_Anat-eim_St.._L._B. ·60 T.BIRD HIP. W.n tcecial WOO sllctng sunroof. 4 new t.res. Immac. Tnruout. B»"* ADVANCE MOTORS IreJ L B. BLVD. HE 7J414 * T BIRD Hardteo. Fully eomored. 7 lane pa.nt. whttewalls First time et'ered at IJM1. S57 a morm w,m normal down Call tred.t me*, aorr. GA 7ie7 WMY PAY MOC*E --StE SAVE MORE. 1745 Cherry across from Harbor. J» TBIRO. Full Lwr, witn a r. elect, sn's 1 wnovwi, wafer _ln»ener. ^C_4_tril__Dir- J» T-BIRD. Prl'n-e party. ImmaT- ?S4 T-BIRD. pwr. steerlnVa." brts. «oo« shape. SUSO. OAvenpert SS T-BfRO. RIH. eitras IIIWl J7CI E._Anarieni._Wilm.n0?on. 41 T.BIRD. Full pwr. tVcei. cond. Low ml. Iliti CA 47111 VALIANT RtH, 15.001* ml Ficrrtiena'itf eitji-i. firn prlft tU?i. CE HMO Ml G'tMora, af'tf « eg n BRAND NEW FORDS FALCONS T BIRDS LOWS? PACIFIC LEASING A Division of M*l Burnt Ford 2011 Long Beach Blvd. GA 0-3311 CLOSE-OUT! ON 1961 FORD 34 UFtoms TO CHOOSE FROM Fatrlanes, Galaiies, Convertibles, Thunderblrds, Falcons SAVE?o s 1500 Mel Burns Ford 2000 Long Beach Blvd. GA 6-3311 at 20th St. GA 6-3315

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