Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 16
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PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM) im iwii. c.iii. im.. JM. n."» Earl Wilson Faime looking career NEW YORK - I do have my adventures: I was sitting at the Riverboat waiting to hear my old friend Jill Corey sing, when who should come to my table, fully dressed, and not even wiggling, but Fannc Foxe. I was impressed with MANN THEATRES j OPEN 7,30 101 ^ nmimi. ,,.-!.;£·,"£ r ,M\IENUMI s©.. I j LESLIE HOM OUVLArklLMLUMI*, GONE WITH THEW1NDT Fannc's lack of flamboy-" ance..Yes, she had seen W i l b u r Mills, just the night before, at his hospital. She had gone to see him and say good-bye as she started out to find a new career. "He's doing g r e a t and was very calm," she said. She hadn't known he was an alcoholic. "Many t i m e s he went for two or three months without having a drink," she said. "I want to get my career going but first 1 have to find what I'm "capable of," she said. Her many offers included one for a "strip-off," 'the w i n n e r being the one who gets naked fastest and shows the most. She's not interested. M a y b e she'll lecture, maybe she'll try acting, maybe she'll write a book. (Almost certainly she'll write a book.) One thing she certainly won't do is work again in a 42d St. burlesque. Down in A r g e n t i n a where she comes f r o m even the strippers don't do those things on the stage. Little Miss Corey, onetime girl friend of Eddie Fisher and Frank Siriatra, and married for 8 years to Don Hoak, former Pittsburgh third baseman, had a brilliant opening assisted by Stan Rubin's or- chestra. Jill was so in love with Eddie Fisher she walked- the street where he lived, hoping he'd come out and notice her. "What happened to Eddie?" I asked her. Jill replied, "I was going to ask you." Aristotle Onassis, pillar of the Geritol Generation, is serious about staying young and beautiful for Jackie 0. BARGAIN PRICE FANNE FOXE Not Even Wiggling OPEN .30 (R) GENE HACKMAN IN THE FRENCH CONNECTION /O Century-Fes COLOR BY DELUXE' ·16«-I070 -PLUS- 'THE SEVEN-UPS" ^·k M RATINGS AS og« odautted. HK ^TKte. fVwns \rdtf 17 one under 18 odmHted. NOTE: N f*o IEO^M hove different rtfl- ngi, fhe more rettrietirt ratmg prevoili. Pr On I-3I7-? Southland Movie Guide $ 1 5 0 I loth OPEN 6,45 P.M. limit 2 with coupon THE KLANSMAN -Black militants and the Klu Klux Klan are involved in a dramatic collision in a small Alabama town. W i t h Lee Marvin and Richard Burton. (R) GONE WITH THE WIND -- The again reissued classic of the Civil War era starring Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh and Olivia deHavilland. Winner of 10 Oscars. (G) UKISSIt) DISCOUNT COUPOII """""" "1 All Seats $1 'til 7:00 P.M. Man. thru Thur. I THE TRIAL OF BILLIE JACK - A three- hour-long sequel to Tom Laughlin's sleeper hit "Billie Jack." (R) THE FRENCH CONNECTION -- An exciting and life-like drama about two zealous detectives who smash an international heroin syndicate. Has an excellent auto chase. With Gene Hackman. (R) BANANAS - Woody Allen fans will find him often hilarious as a Manhattan misfit who bumbles into Latin American guerrilla warfare. (PG) DARK STAR -- A futuristic space age adventure. With Dan O'Bannon and Brian Narelle. (G) LAW AND DISORDER -- Comedy drama. Carroll O'Connor and Ernest Borgnine cope with the violence that surrounds their co-op in New York's lower east side. (R) THE TOWERING INFERNO -- A suspense- f u l drama about a massive blaze that has trapped persons high in a skyscraper. With Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden and Faye Dunaway. (PG) THE LONGEST YARD -- Burt Reynolds portrays an ex-pro quarterback in a fast-paced,' gag-filled action drama directed by Robert Aldrich. (R) GODFATHER II - A stunning sequel. Robert DeNiro (outstanding) as the hoarse-voiced young Sicilian who becomes the crime family Godfather in early 1900s New York, and Al Pacino a,s the dangerously troubled heir overlord. With Lee Strasberg and Robert Duvall. (H) . THE G A M B L E R -Critics choice for dynamic study of the species and a f i n e . p e r f o r m a n c e by James Caan as the leading character. (R) PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE -- Composer Paul Williams in an entertaining satire of the music industry with shades of "Phantom of the Opera" and Faust. (PG) AIRPORT '75 -- Inspired by "Airport," a suspense drama involving a crippled 747 airliner. With Charlton Heston, Karen Black, and Gloria Swanson. (PG) LAKEWOOD - CENTER WALK-IN LONG HACK TOWN! WALK-IN JULII ANDIW5 . OM«« SHAH' TAMARIND SEED (K) PIUS · MCK LEMMON APRIL FOOIS (M)| 0»H IMP !*·* "Corroll O'Connor . lor|nln. LAW AND DISORDER (· LORDS OF.FlATBUSHjwj in.-frl. Opon 4 · S** t Sun. ».w The.jnost magnificent picture ever! DAVID QSEtZNICKS «ODUCIW-JOF MARDARCI MITCHFUS GONE WITH THE WIND" Winm otTer, CLARK GABLE WIEN LEIGH . , LESLIE HOWARD 10LWIAdcMVILLAND ^y SltRIOPHOWSOlJliDttlRHMOB-MtM ROSSMOOR'S' Located at Ball Walker City of Cypress OPEN } (PGI TheTrial BillvJack GENE HACKMAN Starring In THE FRENCH DELORES TAYLOR TOM LAUGHLIN "THE TRIAL OF 3ELOftSTt,VLOR rcwLAUSHu'.' 1 AI 3,is-; ; » i : - Pius ! THE KLANSMAN CONNECTION BILLY JACKI 99 WOMEN "TEXAS ACROSS THE RIVER" OPEN SAT. SUN. 12:30 P.M. WKDYS. 6:45 P.M. SEVEN-UPS'' S IMPERIAL] THUNDER ALLEY ; G) PEN 6:5 (PG) TheTrial BillvJack AIRPORT CHARUON HESTON KAREN KENNEDY BLACK BAV Seal Beach COME SEE OUR NEW TWIN! "GONE WITH THE WIND"(e) La MlrarJa, Atondra, Firestone n\-lUt PACIFIC DRIVE -IN THEATRES FriJpen fcl5 pra. Sal, I Siin.-6 pm t Shims start 6:W | Children 6 Him II · Me t Children Under 6 foci LONG BEACH CIRCLE DRIVE-IN 101 Hiwiy and Lakewood Blvd 439.9513 DOUILI »UL SM»SH! OtNE H»CKM«N FRENCH CONNECTION no PLUS.SEVEN UPS w LONG BEACH. LAKEWOOD DRlVt-IN toNO BEACH: LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN Carson )t Cherry 4249931 (l.)KNDiRlOVINO'C»Km (2.) SERPICO («) |3.) Stacy ond Her Gong Blisters (« LONG BEACH LOSALTOS1 DRIVE-IN and Sellflowrr B'.d 4J5 7421 CillOLL O'CONNOI [INESr BOIGNINE , LAW and DISORDER m LORDS of FLATBUSHiro) LONG BEACH LOSALTOS2 DRIVC-IN Sin OiffiO ffwy jnrj 8*l!'lo«rr Blvd. 4 2 5 7 4 J 2 ALL TIME CUSSICI GONE WITH THE WIND Id PLUS · MJkllO THOMAS JENNY loi' LONG BEACH LOS ALTOS 3 DRIVE-IN IICHMD lUItON THE KLANSMAN w PLUS . SUTHERLAND (GOULD S»P»Y»S IPCI IANPEOKO SAN PEDRO L DRIVI-IN GaHey Street So.-of Anaheiir .831-3370 ALL TIME CLASSIC! GONE WITH THE WIND to, PLUS I M*«LO THOM»S JENNY is) ROSECRANS DRIVI-IN Lakewood Blvd. . at Roiecrant 634-4151 ONLY «»!» DIIVE-4N SHOWINO! ILL PACINO GODFATHER PART II ID NIGHTLY »V 6:4! ! 10:15 P.M. SOHT, NO MSSE5I COMPTON COMPTON DRIVI-IN Hostcrant -- |W»t of Allanllc 6388557 IICHMD tUITON /.) THE KLANSMAN t«i 2.) HONEY BABY PG| 3.1 S.P«Y«S IPOI CARDENA TWINVUE DRIVI-IN South Figuetoa altS2Slreel 324-5127 TENDER LOVING CARE mi STACY AND HER GANGBUSTERS m ONir AtU 0»VMN BUN BIOOEST C«5I EVEI . TOWERING INFERNO IKS) IEGEND Of HEU HOUSE IKI FOUNTAIN VALLEY DRIVE-IN BURT REYNOLDS THE LONGEST YARD w PIUS · PETER FONDA EASY RIDER im CAmOll O'CONNOI ERNEST eOIGNINE LAW AND DISORDER 01 LAST DETAll w DOUBl! BILL SMASH! GENEH*CKM*N FRENCH CONNECTION w PLUS. SEVEN UPS m. ONLY A«S* DIIVE-IN SHOWING] AL PACINO GODFATHER PART IIW · NIGHTLY AT 6:45 t 10:IS P.M. 50»»T, NO FASSE5I ·UENA MRK LINCOLN DRIVf-IN EARTHQUAKE (foi NIGHTLY AT 6:45 t 9:45 P.M. SOWT, NO PAISCSf Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Onl;y5Dj\vsleft to get your Season Tickets for The American Film Theatre. The series starts with The Maids on Jan. 27lh and 26th PG -followed by- THE MAX IX THE GLASS BOOTH (Feb. 2^, 25) PG f.ALILKO i'.'-.rcn 17. 18) \ JACQl'ES UKEL i IS ALI\'E AXD WELL I A N D I . I V I X G I X P A R I S ! (April 21.22) PC. IN C E L E B I i . V T l O X PG r.¥.¥¥¥i¥¥¥iY¥¥¥¥w¥i¥¥.¥,T,¥,¥JJ[ EMIT BIRD BARGAIN PRICE MOD, THRU IHOB..JU SEHTS SI.M TILL.1M P,H. TWO TREMENDOUS WILDLIFE SHOWS 'A MAN WHO BECAME A LEGEND" OPEN 6:15 DAILY 5,30 P.M. FBI. HAZA: SPRING AV; PALO VERDE 429-3012 "CHALLENGE TO BE FREE" w The famous KOZYKITTEB Adult Theatre alirayi 2 color 5 sound FULL FEATURE RLBS .mtw.^'! 08 OFF Open 7 days 10 a.m.-2 a.m. 17806 Bellflower Season Tickets ate still available at most AFT participating theatre box offices. Seats are unreserved, ho;vevor seating is guaranteed. Most major credit cards accepted. THE FILM THAT'S 10 HOT! NOTHING, CENSORED^ PRIVATE * LESSONS STARTS 6:45 P.M. ONLY LONG BEACH Son Diego Fwy. at Santa Fe Ave. DRIVE-IN SHOWING! 834-6435 FOURTH H I T ( X ) (4.)AROUND THE WORLD WITH FANNY HILL e*« Citase te Chase! The Trial of BillyJack Starring DELORES TAYLOR and TOM LAUGHLIN |PG| SHOWING NOW CEBRITOS TWIN CINEMAS . Opcn-OlHy IMS Phone «·!!!? or 924-10II il'^unlrli P.M. Eittpl Sundlr t KolidlTl' (A) WALT DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" ioi PLUS 2nd BIG HIT (B) "FRINCH CONNECTION" (I) "THI ttVIN UPt"fi| 0 WALT DISNEY'S j»Dcli R htfully I PHANTOM . ^ i. vfthe '··,,.--4JJ jj KARADISEw -- and -"THAT WILL BE THEDAY" W PLUS 2nd BIG HIT AMPLE PARKING i) JON VOIGHT IN ODESSA "DAY OF THE JACKAL". BIUTdS HULL CINEHWS ·!» until IP:M- . MAITINK Optri Dally 10:- 15 Phone 9J4-7724' ....«·»»'.«·»*»·* ·»«*·/··..-'. DAIU WESTMINSTER MALL CINEMAS ·!» until i P.M. Open Dally 10:15 Phone (714) 893-0544 "««H IvM-r * M.lid,,, "AN OUTRAGtOUS PARODY OF YISTERDAY'S SUPERHtROfS" --PLUS-"THE DAY OF THE JACKAL" IPO) --Plu»-- JANtFONDA SAT. SUN. KIDDIE MATINEE I "WILLIE mm i THE CHOCOLATE FUCTORf" -- PLUS -- Charles Branson "DEATH WISH" -- PLUS-LEGEND FRENCKY KING" m "THE OF TRIPLE WOODY ALLEN HITS "BANANAS" (TO) " " "EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX" m © BURT REYNOLDS THI IONOE5T YARD" --PLUS- WAITER MATTMAII AN OUTRAOIOU5 PARODY Of "THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN ·OS CUKITOS CENTH 105 f W Y . AT SOUTH JT LOS CIMITOt'CINTIR 605 milWAY AT SOUTH'JTT

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