Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 3
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End , (Continued From Page A-l) said the postal program was too '"iffy"' to .amount to very much. Edward D. Hollander, national director of Americans for Democratic Action, said "Eisenhower's statement "sounds like a quotation from Herbert Hoover' in the 1930s: aU v we need he seems'to say,-is patience while 'things get worse and confidence that they"will ' get better." push. the figures. higher than anticipated.' · . . . . Administration officials have cknowledged that ·unemploy- ment probably will Teach five million this month,. * .*- *'. * THE OBJECTIVE '· "His program for lend-leasing' post office buildings is a fraud as- an anti-recession measure,", Hollander, continued In ; 'a statement, issued, through ADA headquarters here. -Hollander said the program '.was.not designed to. relieve unemployment and falling.'income "but to protect^the almighty budget." / . "Compared to the need for schools, two billion dollars of post' offices is a gigantic boon- doggie," 'the ADA chief said. * * '* * SEVERAL New York economists also.took'a dimmer view of the situation than the'Presi- dent "I have the fear it isn't going to'be that easy," said Dr. Jules Bogen, of New York University "Our economy has been weak ened-by a very prolonged boom and by great increases in debt.' Retail economist'A. W. .Zel monek said he figures the low point in business will be reached within the next several months. "However, the upturn will not be as rapid as in 1954," he added.. "This will be especially true as regards employment" An economist for the Hanover Bank and New York University, ,Dr. Marcus Nadler, declared that "so far the government has been talking but not doing anything." 'He said he doubted that' manufacturing employment would · rise next month. 1 , ' At the Commerce Department, where the-February unemployment count is nowl under way, · some concern, was expressed that-recent bad weather would of the in- President's statement--to spire confidence' and avert any rend toward hysteria--was un : [erscored by-the fact -that he recorded his words on film for elevision- and. theater newsreels. ' ' '- . Eisenhower · said the .admin- stration's fight-against the recession" includes "action in re: cent months by the Federal Reserve System to with ..dramatic results already achieved in greater ..availabilitj of credit.and lower borrowing costs." ' · · ' · | "Steps have been taken, go ing back, to Mast August, t( stimulate- home-building," hi continued. ' ' "They (government anti-re cession,..moves) .-also includi stepped-up expenditures-'on th national highway building- pro gram, an Increase in activitj under .the urban renewal pro gram, · and,a 1 sharp increase ii the' first half of this year in 'the rate, at which defense pro curement contracts' will b placed with private industry. Ydigoras Voted to Presidency in Guatemala GUATEMALA tffl--Congres Wednesday, elected Gen. Miguc Ydigoras Fuentes, 62-year-o! conservative, p r e s i d e n t o Guatemala. · · . He received the most vote in the January election, but be cause he failed "to obtain a ma jority the final choice- wa thrown to Congress.- The vote was 40 for Ydigora and IS -for Col Jose Luis_Cru Sala'zar, a self-styled rniddl roader. who^cam'e in second;: ·PENDE in, iMih, C«'» ThMr ft*. !«»·]*·*· ''··· (Contlnued..From Page A-l) ever 'form of tax relief the White House'- decldei. i»" best, even :at the.-expense- of a considerable, drop .In federal rev- economisis, in enue, , . Virtually. ..all ^^wnwiAA*jw», ~* -- - · * .. and out of government .'agree reduction.; . that' a minimum, of $3-billion in tax relief would be;needed to produce lUbstantiaU results." '* Many ''economists.- think.' the best .way-to .pump-that tunpunt ··\A 'money -into the- econoniy.'.is ( '.- \ . _ ' .- · ' ' . , ' t . l~. ,,!«_· next critical weeks. Neither, party .is willing 1 to stand : aside-" in ' this.' 1 election year and let the.other'grab.the political credit. that would be an important by-product of tax on 'a''' short-term basis^--in yth'e form of i tax;*eWe'-f6r a-brief? . · . . V One.. official-;' ; said -. vthatto,' out .over a year 'would put-only a "piddling.suni"..back into' each wagearner'f "pay, envelope each week: · » * A f50 reduction for this year as Seen proposed by, some members of Congress, but f it 'buld give.everybody less.than DIXIE GETS TASTE OF WEATHER Mary Jane Seal, .24,' ducks snowball barrage of. Judy Balcao,. 20, durmg lunch hour .horseplay Jh Lafayette Square in.'New Orleans Wednesday as .the city, received its first'snow in 20 years.--(Associated Press.)... . v.. . crease. - · Should, 'Rebels' Demonstrate While CaUse Speaks (Continued From Page A-l) to replace Celise, was charged with trespassing at- the union lall in a citizen's arrest by a Calise backer. Ciolino will face trial at 2 p.m. today' in San Pedro Municipal Court. Crowds of shouting, gesticulating fishermen gathered outside the. hall .during Wednesday's meeting.' Any disposition toward violence, however, was discouraged by. harbor division police officers. secretary-treas union -backed and other officers of the local group. failed to follow regular .union procedure in'protesting actions of Calise and -the. union's executive board, he said. -. '.." Calise and James Monroe, attorney and spokesman for the onpqsing faction, gave varying versions of what .happened in the hall when a .motion 1 'was made for a vote of confidence in Calise:'' . .Monroe said he was told, that Calise. adjourned the"- meeting Torch Frees Frozen Puppy BERIiTARDSVILLE,- N.J. . --An 8-month-old-puppy belonging to- Mrs.. Shirley .Lounsberry tried to crawl. through a galvanized culvert at her driveway,entrance.. ' . .. ( His tail froze in water In the near zero temperatures. Police used a blow torch, to cut a hole in the pipe jus behind the dog's tail'. Then thej melted, the : ice with 'the' torch so : the puppy could get loose. dollar a week spendable, in- the ' administration esort to', tax reduction as -an anti-recession move, indications now are- that' a .-big.'enough ump sum ' would be recom mended to enable taxpayers to make substantial- purchases' ·-- or .down, payments on major consumer items. One! suggestion. said to ' be, under consideration is forgive- JOnn -fTltlvVA, aC^CUWXJ'-Ui1.l*kj ^buul. ««j*,~...--- » --. a urer of -Seafarers'.International hurriedly when members shout- Union, told newspapermen after -·- "·-' -'"»--· »-i'«*- TM- +^» e'd- for a' secret.ballot on the Union told newspapermen aiier ea-ior a BeucL-uauui. vu uut aKuuy j.u±-a» +m**-»*~fi the meeting that- the' parent motion. Calise, however, lapsed'. duringa: television.-re ..,,!._ -L--I.-J /7»i; r » =r,^ nthpr rBCTvindpH tnhLq.reauest for hearsal'.*Wednesday night f one responded'to his .request for a ballot 'committee, go he ad; r- · -- -- ./ faction journed the'meeting. Rochester Collapses HOLLYWOOD ,IS) -- Eddi Anderson, better, known to Jac Benny fans- as Ro'chester, col hearsaT, 'Wednesday night doctor · said. Anderson had suf fered 'a". stomach 'upset. THE DEMOCRATS.!who control Congress : are 'doing/'their own thinking -/about ;taxe's'. : .and he House. Ways;-.',and: Means Committee,: which';-.' Has -been ioldihg' hearings since; the^firs of the ..year,' could-hioye r ,:at'.i moment's;.notice:^v-ij-.: :· ^/·'·:^ '. One 'W.ays.-.'and^Means..Conj mitte'e.- Democrat ;disiclosed;';.tha ils !party may .act .when,it a{) pears-, that the-.unemplpymen figure, is- '.Tianging". for .more ihan a - ^nonth «t .the 5 million ligure. 'Many Democrats thin] the.,-total!of 45 million just,an nounced!for:Feb.'15 is an 1 under statement.and the'real-'-tbtal-is already at 5 niiHion.' ness for a few weeks of the :otal amount .withheld from income' taxes. -This -"would cost ie government about-the same in revenue as a ,J50 cut spread out over-a year and would have an immediate .and more powerful, effect . . ' - · But the government experts now studying the problem are not inclined to limit tax relief to individuals. - They believe.-a good case can be made for some form of corporate relief as well, and say they'll'make one if and when the time' comes. . - » - * * - * '· _ HEAVT .political 'overtones, meanwhile, already are gathering around the tax' talk. · Both parties in Congress wil be watching each other--anc the White House--during "the Midsummer iJptiirnSeen bvMitcliell ·/ · , 'NEW YORK .(ff)--Labor-Sec retary:. James .?:'",Mitchell Wednesday .night forecast, re duccd unemployment'-n.e'x month'and a-'substantial upturn in busiiess by 'midsummer. · TI_. *«U « *OR_a_*-ilo+ik T innK He told a:$25 : a-plate Linco' Day dinner of the National R pubHcan . Club .in a - . prepare speech:' ' . .-· . . -".i ·', "Now It ls;true that recen ly unemployment has'-increase and, as 'the, President said t day, 'All of us. are deeply con cerned -over the hardship th this" means.'! But "as ,.he. als said,. "We have had most bad news-.on 'the' unemplo ment front.' ..·. -.'", . , - ' · :.-. . L ; In March we. can expect see. a pickup in jobs and'.su stantial increase- -In "industri activity by · midsummer.^ EAS VEGAS «"--5pme SO .'archers, with Jeeps, ·h.orsM and searchlights combed ruggiyjr unrise Mountain Wednesday night for two boys missing for-...' .second n i g h t on the.chill esert. 1 - · *·-..'·' "..** '.Michael Joy, ;9, arid Dewey fhomason, 10, have been'goj«. fom their homes' on the castera dge-bf .'Las'V«gas stace about p.m; Tuesday;-. - - -^-i',;-'-- ·Uridersh'eriff "Lloyd : BeQ^iaid ie ; --'two had 'm e : n t i on e"d 'to: rieiids that they wanted -to vgo; o..'4,QQO-foot Sunrise'-Moun^Bn,. . vhiclj juts'up from the'desesf. ix'iniles east of th^cdtyi'Blood-' b'unds'tracked'thein to its.fobt, ; hen- lost- the- scent':' ;"·-*'~--'. · The 'boys -were- wearing, blue eans and shirts' and had-, 'no' ·amping. equipment,:Bell: raid. 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