Independent from Long Beach, California on March 19, 1976 · Page 26
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 26

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1976
Page 26
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PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) LOW B»cn, c.m., r,i. Mirth n, mt By Al Capp By Johnny Hart /-THEY ALL\/AH ACCEPS IMTH'WAME / . . . . I'VE cr A, OUTSIDE. YOU'RE ...uri ... FIVE EXAM'S DIED LAUGHING ? - y O' ALL- TH' L/'L PEOPLE YOU WIN] THE S; WHO CORMTRIBUTED To AWARD.'r; V__ ^ AH SUCCESS OTHER PAY".... WJNEY" By Mell Lazarus TUMBLEWEEDS By Tom K. Ryan /YW NAME IS JEFF. /VW STEAPV SlR"L, WHOM I e£ET EVERY WEEK FI7OM /YlONPAV THROUGH 5ATMKCW, ME LAKfZY, Tt-WT /ME*N ; ANIMAL CRACKERS OAH, WO VE BEEW ASKING ME WHERE All. THE PRETTY GIRLS ARE" H£KEA0OurS...WEI_L, MARK, I'M SUM GLAD TO KWOW YOU...I'VE KFAD A LOT OF VOUK S1OKIES.' THANKS, DAN... I HEACD VOU'RE GOfHG TO RAISE ARABJAUS AI WE'RE 6O1H6 TO TBV, AND I HOPE WE'RE SUCCESSFUL.' ' "DO WO THINK IS PCWDQ2 THOSE OUT TREPE, DODO F WE'P MTTER BE OR WFU EHO UP IM A CHARITY HOME/ Brad Anderson MENACE By Hank Ketchum MARMADUKE By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK ---- ^ ( hES SCAPED } TO DEATH / By Paul Sellers ALPEAPY OH , I'M SORRY, P6AR --YOU SHDULP HAVE A\E TIE A KWOT IN HANPKERCHIEF PU?/ WHZN fS. fOU GOINS THE IN MY You'll Irv anything for a handmit. won't youV SEEK A FIND' ITALIAN REPUBLIC m\z...4MY8oDy CCXJLO GET A FEATHER STUCK IN THEIR WHISKERS...THAT DOKT PftCVE NC5THIN By Sounders Overgard CROSSWORD PUZZLE RELAY, NOMAD/ WE 3H. M'6OSH.'--LOOK.\ KNOW A BUMP ON lyip^ |TOCCUR TO YOU I KEEP THINK1WS WHATX DEAR --THAT THE SHE SAID, S I L D A / - - - ) CAB DRIVEff JUST MKSHT HAVE SEEM CAPTAIhJ/-VOU iOTTA BEL I EVE W E / WHBM DROPPED 6IRL AT THE MOTEL SHE--- HE HEAD D1DNT DO ALL THAT ACROSS Lothalgas 7 Not young 25 Sofon's flarb 27 Entrance 29 Army chaplain 31 M.niijcol lorcos 32 Allirr^s 34 LiVcagull 36 Pitcher and 11 FotmaJ dofonsfl 12 models 13 Sirtfltilnr 19 Decisrvo dolcai 21 Log 26 Suffixes for enrynios 28 I confidents 23 By itself 30 Baflle 33 Winner's sign 35 Philippine naltvo 36 37 DMing number 39 Mado to order 39 41 44 Bolhof 46 Gfltc 47 Tuneful 43 Lcsjfaity 53 "I cannot THE CORONER SAYS SHE WAS WORKED OVER SYA REAL Instructions: HicJcion wordi below appear forward, back ward, up. down or diagonally. Find each and box it in Tiber Rome Lira Naples Milan Po Valley Mussolini Mercury Catholicism Brenner Pass Adriatic Sea Garibaldi By Dick Brooks JACKSON TWINS HWA. I T THE CEA1, :S THAT IQiAN 1 H3cm6 \SJTGNANY- M6*TE SURE THAT NOBODY HELPS J ONE QEAD O«CAv. A DEAJ- .' ITS I TH« TW1N- SCU3H BUT SWPCMPB3 iXL BUV rr TIU. ) THAT H* WAV tfSfH5 . NO kTOS'LL KHON } SPEUJNS. '·fJHKT H ES ^ WOrriNCJ. NO (5WAVAM? TOW TO ,, AN' NO MISS SAY... " (lodge Podge "UN" warre our OAWJC3N. " Forecast for Saturday i m p u l s e s and etnnjx'titive rivalry. You can't overtake c e r t a i n neighbors, anywav. Ixmk after small hcloneincs.' Vlrco (Au«. ZKSfpl. 22) : You have a lol coins lor you as yiMi make progress in (Tea- live activities. Personal con- sideralions are m o r e impor- ant than biisirrfss and Eormal restrictions Libra (Sept. U-Ocl. t1: iution le By Bob Montana I LOST TWO NICKELS. WEIL ,TH£H t .WE MAKE HEY- THIS PHO^E IS OUT I THOUGHT OU SA-D VOU DIDVT action. Make use of past contacts. Relricve money or ol- R f l s lhat are loaned or scattered. Find or give a party Scorpto [Ocl. 23-Nov. 21): By Morrie Turner FROM NOW ON, MY GIRLS' RIGHTS MCVE WENT WILL ANON-VIOt-ENT ONE/ 14 Think 15 Censure harshly 16 Tablm 17 Oahu OT · Maui 18 Wrhton introduction 20 Oulga/cs 22 (n tho rnan- ' no/ of ^3 Pro - (for , trio present) 24 PcuvislKKiss Yost DI day's 39 Pitalo's weapon 40 Holds lorth 41 TVcom[H- n u n l 42 Llmo tree 43 Hockey's Francis 45 Glrasol Pu/zlo Solved: DOWN 1 Graio bojrd 2 Stopped 3 Spicycokl cut 4 Dnnubo 5 N o t a t a ' l 6 Inlanlions 7 StfppVes 8 fioAti 9 Provo one's worth 10 Color Amo, amas, 55 "-- creature was,.." 56 Certain maich bt Spoil 58 £xiens ; on Your birthday today: This is 1h? oquiiwx, uslnv Inpiral new yenr's day. m moves imo Aries nl a in. KST. Th«so horn e.i iiro Piwenri. The l i m e of change varic. 1 : and miust ho rn!cuhlel enrh yonr. For n.i- livcs nl both si^n.s. it's n of rnpiri progress, much social rnnncuvcr and improvement in stains. Disciplino is urgent (or coherent ninfi. Today's Piscoaiis arc d r e a m e r s a h e a d of t h e i r times-. Ihe Anens .ire jealous, competitive. Billed in the arts. Aries (March 2l-Aprll 19): An early start is premature and nets you off and running eireumslanees make a unique without something yon neefl. arrangement feasible. Sell Your challenge (or the year is constnjctive ideas. Y o u r .in- (c) 1976 by Cttic.JCO Tntiunc N, Y. NCkVS Synd. Inc. Hcservcri to look at and listen lo what's ""Taurus (April 20-May Ml: You're overoplimlslic about important moves and m i n i - mne complicatini; (,ielors. Give friends' schemes Ihe slip and don't m a V e promises Sentimental journeys so well and bring mil romance. Gemlnt (May 21-Jur* X): You nuist have comp.iny. en- eoiiragement. advice and witnesses. Help |s available on a l l sides, beeinnini! wilh .is- sociales who need m o r e experience. rawer (June it-July 22): New is blended with old as K m switch from one line of inking to anolher \Vork and business delails require care. At home, it's mil so murh w h a l you do and say as lor what reasons you d; so l^« (July Il-Aux. 22): Sil tirthl on your hiiti;et. Resist p r o a e h is m o r e important (han det.iils arc riRhl now. Sagittarius N o v . 22-IVc. 211: Olhcrs don'l share your views. Mailers fall into line with just a little effort. Home and loved ones need protection and personal attention C»prlcorn (D«. 23-Jan. 14): Give a straight answer lo .1 direet question. Bring to .in end topics lhat cause tension. You m u s t look after your he.illh as well as the job Aquarius (Jan. 20-Tb. K: Kind some w a y or place where you can work without interruption. Cut short the discussions with Ihe inlrodurrmn of someone new or a symbolic P\scn Ifeb. l»-Mar-h 20): You're more impressionable t h a n usual and see others in stronger terms Ihsn are jusli- fied. Tlard divisions are easier to make late in (he day

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