The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 24, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 24, 1920
Page 2
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TOE DAILY FREE PBES3 THE DAILY FRE PRESS Established >0«lly 1983 Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co. MRS:-JOHN T. GALBRAITH!\ . Editor and Manager • •Telephone - - 218' TERMS ' .flntacrlptlon 15 cents a we«k. ' . fcdrertlsinK tills due:weekly. Job worK stricuy ,catn. ' JUjKTOAL, SpBSCBIPTIpN $7.80. "Bntered. at'.the post' Caibon- - fcto,-.- I!ll»olb, as second .class matter. •^Mca in the Free Press Bulldim, «Vi«t M»ln,Str«et.' SAYS M'DONOUGH District • Attorney,of ; jftri Cornay, Mich., Says Report is e .Big Hoax. LITTLE MAI| \% |H£ "JlOON t$OR": - £L —— THE HOPE (frilE* CHIN* e i -k _v» .--•'.'.. • i- • :^i . •.••',. , . • . i POSSE STARTS FOR SCENE Feb. *24,: 1920. . ANNOUNCEMENTS HIGHWAY COMMISSIONER. The Free.Eress is authorized tq an- -iTxouace GEORGE A; F.OBE as -a.candt -i*sjtB'S16r. 'Highway Commissioner :of • Garbondale • township, .subject to the s ISSftublfcan' Primary, .'March* 20. . ;. The;Free 'Press-"is."autn6rized"to "an- iDOunce :" JACOB' BTHERTON «a a candidate for' 'BBghwai' r Cdniriiissloner ,of 'fcaWondale ' t'owAship; ! -su.bje<!t ! to .-•the JR^u^Hca'h Primaiy'March- 20;'.' f «AS§I8TANT SUPERVISOR, '''' ''"" '"' .. . . .'. .:' Tie .Free ;Press . lr. authorized to :an, »oiBinCe- : :WM.' -3M: ; HOLLIDAY: asia -candidate • for ireelectioa, ; for /Assistant Su^errfeor. of j<CarboudaIe townshipj sebjebt" to -tKe < Republican- Primary AN ERROR .. St. Louis piano house has Baby Orand Piano and Player Piano Bench tasid-Stusic'iri Carbondale. Would 'dis- •.p'o'seMDf these instruments at a bargain •thereby saving expense of h'aving them --returned to St Louis. Write P. Wl JSfiuberf, 1111 Olire Street, St. Louis. • Through i error in the classified 'Column a $500.00 reward was offered •.fof-tn'e name of some one wHo would ' ;purchase either of the above pianos, in- -steaa : "6f J5.00. IS .WHISKY BEST REMEDY? Question for Kentucky Doctor's Proscribing It,. Says. State Health' Officer. ', toujsville, Ky.—Physiciims IB 'Keri- >tacky''who prescribe whisky for ailing •pitlents will have to prove to the :«tatis license board that no other medi- . jclne.-ls-.better, or their licenses-are lia- We-tp ; ;be. revoked, according to Dr.. A. T^SlcCormack, state health officer. A nieet'lng of pliysicinns trill be held In Ix-xlugton, he said, to form a drastic ruling on the" prohibition amendment In jia.far as tt applies .to the medical /profession of this state. . The. vA^erican Medical society, Dr ItcCortnack asserted, has gone on rec- \ <tfd,lui.hellevmg': whisky as 1 a medicine ' 4s not nece'ssiiry and wherever it'could tie used there Is some other remedy good or better. L.OSSS Pension for Bravery. ,Tolcyo, Japan.—The Japanese rick- stiauian who saved, the life of the former Emperor Nicholas of Russia, when .*o,(lt'tempt was ;made to kill him on tbls visit to Japan as czarevitch m 1891. VM«S -lost the pension which was paid iWtu' "tor many years for that service *o : the, Russian ruler. This is. the 're- «tdt of the death' of the former emperor Rnd the Russian revolution. Nicholas was ^attacked by a Japan««e policeman with a saber. Interfer- leoee/.by' the rlckshaman enabled him *» escape .with a slight wound. While ;f»celvlng his pension the rickshnman titreG In luxury, but now has returned «*» the work of hauling his rtc,ksha. /iLOBBY IS COUNTRY'S MENACE Thomas of Coibrado Declares Class Interest Is Running the Nation. / New York, Feb. 24.— Lobbying by • class interests at Washington more se- j-yiusly menaces the government ' thun foreign conaplicatious over the League - 'of Nations, Senator Thomas of Colo. rado declared in a Washington's birth- <lay address here. "We pour sei'vauts, are threatened. • cajoled, persuaded and warned of the fate tliat awaits us ii we dare exercise Vour own JuOgmeut on the rriilroatl measure," he snid.' "We'll be dnmned If we do, and we'll be damned if we •don't. , "The galleries of both houses of .Congress are constantly filled with rep• .-resentatives of various class interests. "•The su'riiender of some congressmen is .,. inhibited in' tie statutes' now., .on-, the "•llOflfcB," '••• • • ', . . '• .'. ' : . i --Jleferring to riurional proKnj'i'irion, he » declared: • ' '. '-Vfe voted wet until it seemed: the •-'antis' we^e in the ma jority.v ahen-;rwe; "daiiined them in the eloakrooni. v .aBd r for them oh the floor." " ' j Dajrympie, With Deputies and Troops, on. Way 'to Seize ilocal. Officers^— Proceeds Under Orders Directly From Washington. Iron Klver, Mich., Feb. 24.—"There liusn't beeu such a-hoax put over on the country' since, the .fake .armistice report .a's; this report of the ..-'rum.' rebellion'-in Iron'-couhty," said- District Attorney" Martin 1 ., MeDonough .in an ini- ftrvlewVContinuing^'ivrcDonpugli said: ".There is' no 'rebellion' in Iron coun ; ty. 1 "' It:is a clean 'county. . Prohibition is :being. enforced to the limit 'and my office is giving the federal agents every aid possible. • • "I iwlred.'.the governor and the attorney' general of the state and the attorney' gerisra'j of the federal government at; Washington demanding a -full and ebmpleiEe .•Investigation las -to: who. 1 started i; the : report, of this so-called cebel- -llon.'* ' •'"..." , •- ' . : • Dalrymple Posse Starts. ^Chicago,. JFeb.. 24.—Maj.. A. V. Dalrymple, • chief of,.the "'raiding s.q.aa'ds 1 ''. of the central, states, left Chicago, over the Chicago.. &:,Northwestern railroad at. .the head. of. an,,armecl posse j."of picked United States, revenue, ugenis ;fpr. the.mining district.of. Iron county, Michigan^ /open. ,revolt 'against'the.eighteenth, or prohjbjtlbn,' amendment tq .the federal Constl.tutipn has .been Reported. A troop', of,.itl'lchT-: gin,.constabulary will meet Major Dal- rymp.le .at,.Marquefte.. . Major Dairym'ple will proceed .under .orders-dlr ; ectly .from...Washington to. arrest the 'state's attorney .of the .county, two deputy, sheriffs,, the chief and captain of police and three Infliir entlal citizens. .The action of the county, known, as the "upper peninsula" district, is almost isolated from the remainder of the county at this time of year by the heavy snows, .and the federal agents expect to make a good part of their journey in sleds. "This is a showdown between the federal government and the violators of the federal amendment," said Major Dalrymple, "I am going to enforce prohibition. I do not want bloodshed, but if the state authorities stand in the way and they are backed by their political cohorts, I am going to shoot. I do not believe the rowdyism displayed by the state officials as reported to me, represents the'feeling of the people of the state of Michigan. These people showed by their vote some time before the amendment just what they thought of prohibition." U. S. Officer Withholds Warrant The arrests, will be made without warrants, according to instructions from Washington, for it is said that when federal officers here asked TJnlted States Commissioner Hatch of Marquette, MI cli., to prepare , the warrants for the arrest of the men It was learned .that the .tTnlted States district attorney at Grand Eapids, Myron H. Walker, had;instructed him to withhold the warrants. This move caused Assistant Prohibition Commissioner H. M. Gaylord to instruct Major Dal- rjafiple to proceed at once, under arras, » arrest the men and seek the warrants later, after the matter had been reported to.him. : Miracles m Money city skyscraper_seems•:' a /miracle in plaeMerid-tb end and one above another. •'.'•• '•• ••-•'. :- •'•:..,-:''J'-- •'.. •' .'. -:' ! " ' • • ?' • - V * .< :• Miracles in money are seeming miracles onlyi" ' ''%u/c^''-w6rfe^'miracleiijSn' your' "''" """ Saving Wins Success You" pan; have a big prosperdys farm, qwft a- car;, or travel wherever ypii. wish.. Men. who have, reaiix..sue-' , . ; ce'edea'Bpeirit'p-A^V-E: 'You can i: win 'thfc;same.success.: i - . ' -You.-, do'vnot-; need- a tot .of • '"'. to do it. You need no great education. -- ; - < :i';| "! <• ''• & '" •'•?•" ^d ^ • .•'-•• .' t ! Ginling College, at Nanking, Only GIHt'School In Five Province* With Popu- fatten of 110,0(»;DOO^Interchurclv WorldMovement to Aid Institution. ' " ' i The way to all. things -at Ginling" lies' through-the: moon '<dopr....Arid through the\ moon door, on the ;Wy to wisdom pass '.and--repass 'every^ day^-the. TO^Chif nese^maidens-, of; the '."gungrgw&ni" -' ' v'The moon :'idoor- :: at r QlnUixg/is 'round as 'th'e jfnll- moqri.-wh^ncek'it.-h^s^-fts- niun'e.'-.* Arid 'the?-.Chinese/maiden^, as- Sne^steps^oyer-itSihlgh: slliv mayr:spread ^^i^evAeif. arms-.and. "stiH- not*toncfa.'. !its- r!niV'T^:t^'tlieltips/.o>t.;h^.flrigers",..','. : - ; ,vr.: .. Sometimes, a cross the . courtyard .Is another jnpba .door,, and beybnd.ji^'UJce, a., smaller., cpn^entrlc" clrcle,',,,stlit', an- pther, JLeadlnij. on. thfough .that CUnese. puzzle of-a house, th!e "guiig-gwan," or. official residence at Nanking, China, •which is'now the home of'GInilug'Col- lege-for, Chinese girls—one of the thj;ee women's colleges in. all China. ' .'"'; The moon..door is but a single feature of the old place. Once inside the high stone walls that tnclose It, one'is lost In a maze of courts and galleries and covered passages and isolated rooms. . . ' The whole is China, old China and n,ew. 'The moon doors and the architecture as a whole lend-.the dignity and the greatness of old China. But the laboratories and .dormitories, libraries and studies made from the old rooms of state and ceremony are modern, just as "the spirit of the Chinese girls who. use them is modern; just-as the force of America is behind it all, represented by the five American missionary organizations and the American Smith College which maintain Ginling, IB modern. > One pushes ajar the halves of a moon. door.v .latticed .-over ...pjiper'?"Ji plnnr blossom and 'honeycomb 'deslgi arid .enters/a' chemical laboratory se' np Jn :acrpom with; 20i windows, reacl. franked In dragon ; tracery. "•. Arid iron the flags tones'of the laboratory >flooi oiteri' is- scraped fungi ind..mold ; 'fo .use-nnder the'microscope^ jv .';-•: ; j'These 'are 'typical contrasts of Oln'i ling: ..Gonege, ; revealed vithrtfnglvvili'f 'Hurvey 'of/^.tiie.':C^b3eJ9cr..fleid:^ixow. :: -bt Ing made by 'the interchurch".Wo'rii m0.vemept,' whlclii'seeks;to promote th, N cl'6ser •''cb-operation|'""•of --'.iPiriSirestan Cirurches'of;'America" in : attainmg"'tnel world-aims! • : ''' ; • :'. J-' ,' " Ginllng; College, the survey shown. I. at the-heart of five Chinese : province wlth.a .total -population .ot 3pLO,OfXI,Op(>- and is the only: woman's-college'In *J? B great ; area.'» Yet its capacity to receivi •ypnng .Chinese girls -is Umited by; tbi capacity : of'the old : S"gung-gwan," rent ed' since ;the'beginning of the institu tion, four years ago.-- 1 : " Fund o-f'$500,000. ';• Ginling owns, 3T'acres"of-'Jand: oj the hills beside the Inngtze-river. Ii the Interchurch AV.orld Movement sur ve'y of China, there Is a budget Iten of $500,000. It is there to show: thi Churches of America how they cai place.upon,:that land on the'.hill..tbi library, administration building, reel tatiou buildings, chapel—ail that an ueeded for a modern college. TJnlesi tho 'fund is- n avnilable"b5': 1921, iriah'i young women, of .China seektog 'col lege educations must be denied admis a(on to Qinling, because the old "gang is too small. : ' '.'. • You need only the determination to f start now and con- u_- .^tinue, -...; Let ushhelp you.. ;•;.': RESERVE BOARD TO FIX CREDITS Will Exert Power to Get Nation's Business Back to Pre-...V ; war Basis. ;HEART MISSED MANY BEATS Bullet Wound to Civil War Veteran of Pittsburgh Caused Abnormal ' " , Action. Pittsburgh.—Andrew C. Gibson, ser- euty-seven 'years .old,, a .member,,,of Company I, .Fourteenth Pennsylvania .cavalry, . during the CivU war,,.,who j died at Midway Sunday evening,. had.' the. distinction of having had 317,571,600 less heal* beats In '.. fifty-seven ; years of his KSa.than does the normal man. , Gibson was wounded during the Civil.' war at the age of. twenty. .The : bullet passed between two ribs and close to the heart, spreading an artery and vein. In some way it affected his heart to .such an extent that that organ missed one.beat in every four of a normal heart . According to calculations, Gibson's heart missed 1080 beats 'each hour; 15,120 beats every twenty-four hours; 5,G1S,SOO each year, and" 317,571,600 in • the fifty-seven years following his injury. NINETY WITNESSES ARE ILL N'ewberry Election Case in 'Michigan Is Delayed by the Influenza Epidemic. Grand Rapids, Mich., Feb. 24.—With 80 .government -witnesses either ill or held-up by iliness and business complications attributable to influenza, Frank C.:. Dailey,: Assistant attorney; general, who Is conducting the prosecution In tlie Newberry election con-[ spiracy trial, was in doubt whether he | copld finish the government's case tola • week without recourse to depositions ! la some instances. ' ' AMENDMENT IS RECOMMENDED Asks Congress for Permission to Es' t»bllsh Normal Maximum Lines of Credit Accommodation for Member Banks. - ' ' Washington, 'Feb. 24.—Determlna- tloa of the federal reserve 'boardito''ex- ert the full power of .the^ r'e8erve 1 'bank- mg system in : re)rulatlhg .anfl.c^ntrol- ling tie •credit situ^tibn-^a' course designed to aid commerce arid' Industry. in restoring 4iP.rewar.eQuillbrluni^-was disclosed.In the board's annual Report' made publicVhere. ..';'• With this"as its: jannpunced jjreace- 1 time policy the board was prepared to "test the ability of. the syste'ni to. check expansion and to'induce healthy liquidation.". The board explained it was aware of the implied power to rectify, the condition which confronts the country. This power necessarily followed the authority for and employment of an elastic system for reserve credit and note issue, it was added. Recommendations also were mnde to congress for amendment of the reserve act which would permit reserve banks with approval of the federal reserve board, to establish normal maximum lines of credit accommodation for member bunks. An ascending sc-ale of. rates would be provided in 'event, money was borrowed above the--maximum line. This; the board. believed would induce banks to hold their own' large, .borrowers in check . and - thus work to the end that credit expansion on a large scale \yD,uld be stopped. . • Warning was given that the country must guard against too rapid.deflation While., the ,board.,was.; sympathy with measures to, overcome this evil, it pointediout that,.remedies:employed -to correct inflation might-icre^ ate conditions worse than Inflation itself. . .;. .._. . . , . ' . Insensate Proceeding. Mfo~* . e r e !y tottlie sake Hatfon ana a spceqy return to "normal' — deflation mereJyvfor the sake-of/;re- iStoringrsecurlty values and commodity prices to their prewar levels without ; regard, for, other, conseqiiiences would be an. Insensate proceeding ~. in' the ei- . - g^ postiire of world affairs," the ,repbrt saldT--' '.' •'.':.'-• : '-' •>• -. -.'•••• "It must never be forgotten that productive industry- 'is-'profbuhaiy affected 'by scredit conditions:-: Modern '.buslriess is-donet on credit.. One of -its Hf e-givlig principles- is. credit. Therultimate test of a credit system must, be.ifo.und In what it does to promote and increase tho production.. of. goods.. True. in gen- .eriil, the ttnjthr of this ;obsert-atlon de- 's'erves td'he-'particuiarly ffln^h'as'ized in' the present deranged state. of >orld industry and trnaV when- production i's •the' crying need 'of the 'Hour "every" --•• ••- -- '- . -" " - '- '• • ' t .:••*;**** ; , -;-' - . ^ One for your dressing table— one 1 for your purse! MJRA Ro" Q'l .Face Powder^-closeJy clinging-^-softly blend- mgl 'The bit of rbse-bil holasvit on- and gives: it sweet Beauty .Box i^hii,pur« combins- tion. of LURA Powder and .Waterproof , Rouee^togetKer witK a dsinty puff and.mirrqr! .; • . •'" . ''-."'• '- •' - - B .•.-.- b f IDEAf. UBOWjOWES CO.. Face Powder Combination ^ srosm. OPERA HOUSB DRUO 8TOU. For Salt by 'HEWITT-S DRUO 8TOM. .... ...(. ilnrexplanntion ofJits 1 Increase in dis- - , had been the traditlcmal .method of supposes, normal ;cpridltions; 'and,, these, Itwas.p.birited'out, do not all exjlst at •this 'time: While a high reserve 'bank •rate was';shbwn"to a£fas-a; restraining; 'IniBuenee- 1 lipon ; T>orrbWihgsiyt niay -bp-^ 'erate as' well to> attract supplies of credit from! other .'.centers. ;:,Itijs' this .condition, .-among others,, that was 'said by 'the board''.to/ make 'imperative the; ,use,,of ItsMpower in! contrbllirig .credit' .and ; starting'deflation. ' •''.'' . •.'.'" ' In setting forces to work to check expansion the:'board', declared : much "depended upon eb-bperat'lon' of business -arid!the community generally." "Tlierei 1 'is; .'however, no need -for -drastic' or ( precipitate action 1 ," 'the report contin-.! ued. "There need be no. apprehension ns .to our ability to. affect the transi- ; | tion from wartime io. peacetime con-' ditions if reasonable '. safeguards, ag-ninst the abuse of credit are respected. Our economic aud financial position is, at the : l)ottom,-safe and sound:" '• Demand Keeps Prices Up. -.The granting o£ extensive credits, to foreign trade nud the resultant keen'' competition in oim own 'markets-- with • the-foreign buyer *ns charged by the' causes of high' prices." -It was shown:] that the demand for commodities from domestic, as . well as from,-. foreign sources was so-far in excess : of.;the .supply that the increased; cost of cred-i it can be and is absorbed:'in '.thei price. . Onlw a small quantity- of,stock left until 1 '...-• T. •* P •-'•;;,'-i.-i,. ^..-tfe-y,^ -.--•';-:.:.-.••.' ;". .->:> .'r-J.T ^; the n?w 1970 Spring Models are in. All advance, in price March,.j st. JYoti haVe.pnly 5 more days to save on your corset, purchase.. R F '* 11* U» CarboudaJe National Bank BJdg ;PUBLISH ADRIATIC:NOTES for Approval^ .. ,'^.ie • publication;, it • is understood,. > will, be -made .with the consent of the ' foreign, gov'ernnjents... . --It is expected that the notes will be given to the;; public as. soba:' as the : p-esidents /latest reply, the entente premiers is .delivered.- The completed .draft 'of.thls note, was to', be .sent to " ;Mi , Wilson by , the .state , . arent tor his flnallapproval. It will -be sent to Ambassador Davis at London, will deliver It to the premier* -

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