Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 3, 1930 · Page 5
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1930
Page 5
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ONttOB * j^n 1 - Wnfiectlbn fcltfc the memorial l«Bte*« In oak ftldge cemetery b« st Jfrla'fty afternoon, Rabbi Eugerie •- flifestinian Of the Temple Beth ,tfrtuUt/<ftt6 of the speakers, had as ttifej&Jt, "Pe-ace Time Heroes;" said: MerttoHal day brings memories. tfnerff come ( to uii recollections of pa- trldtlo ftttdl Valiant deeds on red-dyed bftttlefleldOtKe period of Washing- ten, th« 6rft" ( 0f Lincoln, the years of MeKlnley/ahd the yesterday of Wil- fc4n rlrigf ml with works of bravery. They WW !Meit their children free', tttfey whri tfl«d 'that the 'Flag of Free- do'm and 'Union wave', they who remembered the Maine, they who 'made this wofld sAfe for democracy', all dl'ed the death of the glorious. ('la It • ludicrous then to remember tnW Who died in the Held of daily duty? The mother Who lies on the he'd <Jf death, the teacher who by use of; mind And fraying of nerves goea 6rl t*. her death, the miner who digs hi* own grave, the engineer who rides to his death, the fireman who climbs to his grave— are they any the leas glorious? Their tasks are commonplace and routine. Thus their nobility Is obscured. t'Yet.!t,ls they Who save your city, arid youf country, and your world. Let the mother cease bearing children, let the teacher- lay down her pen and book and remain silent, let the miner drop his pick and shovel, let thel engineer close the throttle of his leviathan, and the fireman pay no heed to the signal Of conflagration— also, what a " catastrophe to our civilization. They are only five of thousands who have been compelled to forsake duty by the stroke of death whose memory we ' attempt to Immortalize today. Their dally duties may have been humble,' but they were never trivial. "Recognizing the Importance of their task, We of Altoona are assembled ajt their resting place. It Is a solemn pledge that we who are sympathetic with the Ideal embodied here must take upon ourselves— a resolution that we will do all in our little power to honor the heroes of peace rtnd to do right by them. The Pennsylvania Federation of Labor in the annual convention here this week approved resolutions demanding justice for the .laboring man. Wo, too, must abide by that principle. "One 6f» our periodicals has Issued a series of articles Indicating that in spite of the safety-first movement, in reality there is a situation that Is tantamount to safety, last. Some of these heroes that we honor owe their deaths to such hypocrisy. Let not those Who serve us be forgotten while they live and work. Let us not be cool to the practicing of the justice •which is their right. Let them be glorified. , ''Therefore, we of a modern and more civilized era have come to realize the; nobility of faithful W9rk. We if bibod U the plflee of ill ytfufr .,. wealth Good God, we ha* paid in full | Oobd CJod, we ha 1 paid It in! Good U6d, we 1 ha' bought it fair.' "Vindictive words • thes^ W fair words. We of the warmer heart, we of the nobler mind grieve for your loss, and uplift you to new heights. Most of us who never knew you, yet honor you as members of the great group of loyal lives, labor. "There la a strange belief among a primitive people that the souls of women who die In childbirth take Up their dwelling In trees. You, O mother, who ha,ve expired on the bed of pain, do we uplift as it were to the topmost branches, to a position of nobility and ascendancy. "You, O teacher of redeeming knowledge, may the message of your teaching find a place In the minds and hearts of all your fellowmen, so that you too (may be redeemed in life and in death. , "Hail to the heroes of peace. Hail to them tlmt we honor simply, sincerely, honestly and with noble motives and unselfish Ideals, them who have been long forgotten, but Who are remembered today." REPORT BIO INCREASE IN STATE DAIRY HERDS HARRISBURO, June 3.—The number of dairy cows on farms in Pennsylvania Increased in every county excepting four 'during 102C, according to the estimates of tho federal state crop reporting service, Pennsylvania department of agriculture. The estimated number of milk cows and heifers 2 years old and over on farms Jan. 1, this year, was 889,000-'tho highest since 1925. The four counties In which decreases occurred during the year are Lycoming, McKean, Montgomery and Potter. The average value per head of the dairy cows was estimated at $112— the highest on record. With one exception, this figure exceeds the average value in all the leading dairy states. Dairy cows in Pennsylvania at the present'time represent an .Investment of almost $100000,000. Dairying provides the largest single source of farm revenue In the state. LTry Lucky Tiger for falling •halr-a pro via «etmlcide. A ..delightfully perfumed tulr drenlnf. America'! Utgut idler »t B»rbeti,Drugglit«. 'LUCKY TIGER D. S. MENCHEY DEPENDABLE PLUMBERS Call On U« We Are Dependable 857 17th St. Phono 2-8576 r a cat icr Wear FCCTWE4R The Mary, $6.95 In white calf, black and white, brown and white and tan and .smoked elk, with gristle solo and rubber heel. The Patsy, $5.00 White linen Regent pump, Dyed to match your free. dress The Rene, $6.00 An Imported fiandal In all I tn and tan and brown The Myria, $8.95 In auntan beige snake vamp and black or suntnn beige quarter. 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Cfh6 jbese gentleman stated loudly that h& had been robbed, that he had looked at Is watch about one minute before he noticed It had disappeared. No one md come near him in that time. While railroad sleuths loafed imppr- antly about, watches continued to disappear. In Chicago, famed Violinist Jaques Gordon, former concert'master ot the Jhicago Symphony orchestr.a, donned dark glasses, clothed himself in his old- ist raiment,- tied a cigar box around his neck, picked i up his $40,000 Stradivarius. Fiddler Gordon then betook himself to the streets, fiddled, collected $5.61 In One day. Earning thousands of dollars at theaters for his art, he wanted to find the love of good music nurtured by the average man. * > « At Ottawa university, Canada, students munched doubtfully at bread on which had been spread jam which excavators had found buried under the campus, where it had lain for twenty- seven years. In Chicago, Clarence D. Molyneux married Edna McCormlck. Immediately after the srevlces, Mrs. Edna McCormick told Bridegroom Mblyneux that she was hungry ( that she desired a ham sandwich. When he refused to buy her one, told her to wait till she got home, the couple disputed, separated, had their marriage annulled. * * * From Oklahoma City last week went a letter from Scott Stine, assistant state auditor, to a Pushmataha county resident, asking the latter to 1111 out an inclosed state income tax blank. Back to Scott Stlne came the blank by return mail, with the following note: "I already belong to several lodges, till s {* itni In firtipoHa, Kftn., Miss Mary Over- reet, aged tS, cut a. wisdom tooth. In Pittsburgh, tPatrolmaii Paul Moore fished a bound, gagged, 2-week-old girl from an aahe'an lying on the city dunip. Bidden, aetftldny, \3t. n , , . August Lfhgnef pirtected a device to demonstrate that a ten-ounce h«ftrt moves twenty tons of blood daim. 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