Independent from Long Beach, California on January 22, 1975 · Page 15
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 15

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1975
Page 15
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. w*, ».n, i . r --ig Beach City Council ac- inonsTuesday. * Heard an informational re- gort f r o m Peter Walker of j a s a k t . W a l k e r Associates,. Jrban planning consultants, on ·plans for development of the 50 ·Qfte aquatic park on the dow n town Pacific Terrace and ad,a cent areas in the area around · tpe convention center. '; Adopted a pojicy that organizations w h i c h w a n t to be jiotmed of vacancies occurring on city boaidi and commissions will, on their own initiative, so .jfiforra the.'mayor arid c i t y -.manager, and subsequently will be given criteria for qualifica- ' ; tjon for such positions arid will -1$ allowed,the opportunity of ·'Submitting, nominations; and "further that public notices will .bfe made by the city of such ^upcoming vacancies on boards .and commissions. .. V Referred ( to the 'city manager ,a communication f r o m R a y . mohd Rodriguez, representing - the Spanish-speaking community, asking when appointment of affirmative action officer · w i l l be m a d e and u r g i n g ."prompt action. '.' · Authorized the . loan to the ; City of Newport Beach of a four-wheel-drive beach trash- .cpllectipn t r u c k w h i l e t h a t city's similar "vehicle is under- 'going major repair. .. Adopted an amendment to . the salary ordinance to implement Title VI of the Comprc- - h c n s i v e E m p l o y m e n t and Training Act. - " · . \ · ·, Authorized E d i s o n Co. to ·make an electrical installation "at Rancho Los Alamitos Histor- ·^ical Site adjacent to Rancho ',Drjvc. · · ;.!·:· sked the city attorney to ^.prepare an amendment to the '..municipal code to provide an ·fftitomatic .traffic signal at the iStersection of Henry Ford Ave- .-»ijiie and Seaside Boulevard. »|; Asked the city attorney to ·"ly-eparc a resolution of intcn- ··".llpn to vacate a portion of Del ",M3r Avenue northerly of Ter- ".rj'lVnn Place. · ~:«Asked the, city attorney to ^prepare and the city manager ,.16 execute the following agreejmqnts: an amendment .to the .agreement with Architects As- .fs'pciated for design modifica- ,-tjons to plans for.Pacific Tcr- ' -face Center; w i t h Kennard, ·'·Ijelahousic and Gault for con- «\ultant services on preparation J9C sheriff's .. . . Revamping anOKd ACTION of the housing element oi the general plan, and with TRES Computer Systems, Inc., to implement a payroll-personnel subsystem of a computerized integrated finance and manage men! information system Approved an amendment to the contract w i t h Philip K Fife, arbitrator on Queen Maiy conversion c-iainisrio extend it through Jan. 14, 1976, with maximum payment of $10,000. Approved cooperative agree- · ments with the Board of Harbor- Commissioners-and-the state for modification of traffic sig- bal at Seventh Street, Pico Avenue and the off-ramp from Long Beach Freeway, and with the state for installation of a temporary traffic s i g n a l at Henry Ford Avenue and. Seaside Boulevard, plus modi M ·"·^Reorganization of the J)r£nge County Sheriff's ·ijeparlment won the for- ';fnal approval. of county ..supervisors. ·'j-Two weeks ago the [supervisors g a v e t h e i r tbtessing "in principle" to [J'He proposal, submitted ifj/the new sheriff, Brad- Jjfjf M. Gates. p^The plan is not only ^practical but will stream- 'line operations and save Jrrjpney, supervisors were : tpid Tuesday. ^pThe plan calls for elimi- ·.nilrting the office of under- .Csheriff, heretofore the '.'chief assistant for admin- vlstration arid operations. !.'-'In its p l a c e will be chiefs of operations, corrections and special services, each of whom will supervise,. 300 employes, administer a b o u t equal s h a r e s of the department's $6 million annual budget and report directly to Sheriff Gates. It marks the first major reorganization of the'sher- iff's office in more than 20 years. James A. Musick, who was sheriff for 27 y e a r s , retired Dec. 31 after having served longer than any predecessor. Cullen gets budget post Our State Bureau Assemblyman Mike Cullen, D-Long Beach, Tues- d a y w a s n a m e d v i c e chairman of the J o i n t 1 Legislative Budget Com, mittee. Sen." Donald W. Grunsky, R-Watsonville, t \vas renamed chairman. Sen-. J o s e p h M. Ken' nick, D-Long Beach,' was appointed to the commit- i tee by the Senate Rules 5 Committee. i r The Budget Committee | oversees the O f f i c e of I Legislative A n a l y s t A. \ Man Post, who serves at \ the pleasure of the com- -mittee. t. i · Household goods | lost in break-in i Household items- valued J at $.1,415 were taken from x the'home of Virgil Hill, ! $1 ;E. 68th Way, by burglars who forced a bed- toom window to gain intry, 'Long Beach police TCPfirtcd Tuesday. i told »iOurguu"i*7WiiV ''lOrCCd 3 !-Hftcbcn wmdbw at the ·'homo of Marion Dale, at ,'l8'61 Cola Ave,, took -'jewelry valued at$560, po- " lice said Tuesday. lion of Ihe «Jgaal »t Terminal Island F(««w«y and Seaside Boulevard. ·" ' ** , · ' Authoozed the following contracts: with, National Metal and Steel Corp, for demolition and removal of 11 structures and \ard piping at the Gas Department Plant No 1; With William F Cook Co i Tamilian Pipe and Supply Co and Kccnan Pipe ^nd Supply for pipe, fittings, \ahes and plumbing supplies, w i t h C u s h m a n Electronics. I n c , for a communication monitor; with Motorola C E, Inc , and Medical Life-Systems, I n c , for a p h y s i o l o g i c a l monitor-defibrillator and coronary observation radio; , with Masonry Constructors. Inc., for construction of a concrete-block wall and miscellaneous surface -improvements at Ihe southeast . entrance of Rancho Los Alamitos: with City Construction Co. for construction "of a sewer, line in the south s i d e of Ocean Boulevard between Golden Shore and Daisy Avenue: with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co.; for special police-vehicle pneU-' malic t i r e s and specialized' industrial tires, and with Glenn E., Thomas Co. for various cargo and'window vans. "·····:· Adopted specifications' and authorized advertising for bids' for demolition and removal of various buildings at 1001-15 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. and 1806-22 f!fllifnrnin Aviy: (nr an pncinn. '·. driven centrifugal pump, "and fbrfire hose. - - . Authorized an application to the Officc-of Crimin'al Justice Planning for second-year funding for the Long Beach Police Resource Planning Project. Authorized a contract with Eagle Signal, a systems division of Gulf . Western Industries,^ Inc.', for traffic-signal equipment and parts. Approved an agreement with, the State Manpower Services Council for sponsorship of a demonstration project of Mca- t l o n a l t r a i n i n g curriculum modularization and i subcontract with Long Beach City.Col- legc for program operations. Approved agreements with 22 organizations for jobs under · the federal Comprehensive Em- ployment'and Training A c t , / TitleVI..;.-- · .-.' "·· ·;'· Approved an agreement with the slate for purchase of state oropertv west 01 Long Beach "leeway, within the'proposed Weslside Redevelopment Project. ' . · · ' · · · . Asked the city clerk to post new schedules of adjustments in city gas rates under-provisions of city ordinance CM941. Adoplcd'a resolution approving loan of a four-whceMrive beach trash-collection truck to the City of Newport Beach. Proclaimed F e b r u a r y as American History Month, Feb. 2-8 as Clergy Week and Feb. 9- INDE!ENOENT (AM) 15 as Susan B. Anthony Week. Referred to the city manager the following communications: f r o m N o r t h L o n g Beach Women's Club concerning burglaries and vandalism at El Dorado. . N a t u r e Center and o.ther recreation facilities and offering support for actions to m a k e such, facilities secure: from Helen J. Salzman, G476 El Pasep St., concerning Dial-a-. Hide programs; from Lois J, Mattingly, 4218 E. 10th St., concerning taxi service and Dial-a- Ride; and f r o m Harriet M. Payne, 525 Roswell Ave.. concerning condition of t h e sidewalk in front of her home. Received and filed reports from the city manager and planning director concerning parking on c i t y streets and asked that the record show the city is not planning any ordi- n a n c e to prohibit overnight parking on city streets. Confirmed the appointment of Mrs. Robert Latimer, 4160 Linden Ave., to fill a vacancy on the Redevelopment Agency. Received and lited a notice from City Manager John R. Mansdl that he 'has appointed ' M r s . Bernadette Gavin. 3455 Elm Ave'.; to' the board of'the Long Beach Public Transportation Co. to fill a vacancy, , Referred to the city manager a report by' Ihe East Long Beacn Neighborhood Facilities Center,concerning the appoint- mentis to city boards and com. missions. :·./ i, ' GUARANTEED FOSTER FARMS Getfresh onthc telephone. For the market nearest you that carries Foster barms guaranteed fresh chickens, call this number. (213)598-8791 SCHOOL SUPPLIES by STUART HALL 5 OZ. GILLETTE RIGHT GUARD ANTI-PERSPIRANT 6.4 OZ. 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