Independent from Long Beach, California on April 3, 1962 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
Page 31
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Pag. II 1MttfiS3JKL»l£\ W. Own«YourOwn Apt. 134 BRAND NEW V. THE CONIININIAL ,· »r CEOAK ;} OPEN 1 TO 5 ALtEUCtKIC KITCHEN · WTM.w. carpel L aVans. Aell. lift-rove* CardM pat*l *CHAS.'sHVRMAN*Ca* _Hg **"* *»*· C*!"*! ·evmrlon HI J.inti lie 11771 REXL HODGES CO. Duplexes IW So!* 135 -- DRIVE"BY -3739 3749 E I7f!i Sf. J Bedroom duoleies. Alt car. pate*. Newly decorated. Bvy gnj^kMjgstt. Shown Ma" ·MOORE """" GE 3-4746 -t m_Alt»rte. Qpen tvts SMALL DOWN--rCDr PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP It ttl« .ye-appeatlng J STORY. I. · R. TRIPLEX. Cacti with Its o»n iCfoRRIS HotMQUIST . Jill Pacific Rllr. HE Mill ·% LOOK SEE -ifi; TNs 1 vr. eld stucco tfuvei. E.GAN CA t-SVOf: CA 44171 REX L. HODGES CO. WRIGLEY DUPLEX Sharp, law I br. oVclei + 1 br. apt. w-w carpet, graces, seo. e^n rm. Lots of tile, closets, etc. Shown CY appt. only. Stanley. 1» w. Willow. GA 4 CSI ~~~V(E-Ve"OONE IT AGAIN r OPEN 4411 COLORADO Must sell -- Belmonl He sh's ' duo'ci. -Clean as a pn. GE M494I GE 1-4417 ' REX L HODGES CO. SHARP 1 BR. STUCCO Nr.- Wardtow Rd. hi sgnal M.II. Newty sandblasted and CA nted. U600 dn. Owner will l.nance. HuWard CA 7 Sill. HE 7 IB? REX L HODGES CO. IBR. EACH. 111X00 J.CAH. A'GE 4. INCOME IT. NET. NO vara · work. On Lincoln street. APSI. only. CA :ilM; CA 71714. 1 LARRY MILLER 4i» ORANGE M.| ZONE Wit. frontage on Lakewood Blvd. 111.000. Will'e Bkr. HA S-IB7; CC 1XB4 eves. 19 DUPLEXES I'M On. each 2 brs.. oars, F.P. 111.3SO each PAGE CUNNINGHAM GA4I1I1 DUPLEX-- Look, d3~not~"d itvrb~ltl East First St. I'SO) Hanaes II H. «. Earp Really Ph. HE 5C7I1 l-f.fa-So'o 134 ·i; SIGNAL HILL R-4 -:- SCiltl f»r hon* er Income. HOT e)-w»n. Balance eew tern-s. Ken Motfatt CA 7 S41I; GA JK!» REX L HODGES CO. C-2 kt, crw'fe ere* en AtUitie A*e. No. L.B. Oni* SUM tf^wn. RExViToDGESCO. LA HABRA HreVts 15 ecrts choice «*5wn slooo. Building s le w «-tt- t*xvi*r view. « »vtrt»dtj trees *' sortakllng srstrm. Country living e*My mtnytes to s* en'f. §«/ trwntr. JA 777*3 BUILOCRS ATTENTION 1 Will's * 23" *'ltv. Nr. new Heio GA M3S4. HE J 134!. Bkr 14 plus · IM. L B. Bivg let. fiv 1S.77S-- ^ ceih. Merrill. GA 4 7654 Atlantic. -SIVXI F.P. «5X 0, _B*rseil er_Singer Ph. U74114 Orange Co. II».s3o Tem-s**6on I wa-f. Cannon GA }t4la GE ICfl] tfVEL let, Miln~R2. CA 74SC7. 3177 W L Arlington. CHOl'CE lot, »Ct». by toner. Lkwd. Village. IIO.JOO HA MUI. CiTY.Vllw R4 SSilJD. alley, Giof torat.en. Rea'ter. HE S]4tl BY OWNER. An*. vali» let »·· 119. HA S-1W1 /TilSO U B. Blvd. Near We'tfc*. Priced rite. Morntl. GA 4 7404. CAST SIDE R-4 -- Jt.lM. Al'rr. 1 ll«ll» Bkr,_GE 17311. Ml~PARAMOUNT~S!)it30.~Gocd 'Ki Hutchison CA 34171; GA 14!lt Homes for Sale 139 $500 TOTAL DOWN · SBfdrm. * den. 1's t4*M. ti'-ln [ range 1 even. Disposal, t.repiacc. tnoer D.t. fence, ool. garage. Pv*nts 1 kf rent. Ca'l , . . Guiver.RichardsHA5.l25l LOTS OF ROOM i. } Bedrm. : baft, lairiiy m. l fireplace, R 1 lot. Any reasenaoe ! offer takes it. Key at ... RAPHAEL REALTY MIS E. Spring HA 1 SI17 , "SPARKLER" . 1 Bedrm, pewty decorated Car. . re'ing drapes, nr. churches 1 . school FHA 1 naming t LAHErVOOO HOUSING COBP. 1 m\ BELLFLOWEH BLVD. HA S71I4 J DON'T LOSE IT WE'LL BUY IT! Guiver.RichardsME3.BII2 i PENTHOUSE -- mso * Net an apt. but · lave'y 1 Rr. ' horna nr. L. B. Blvd. w.n 1 BR. ' UD. w. to w. carpet, draacs. Lots to see-- not much down. HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 4171 ATLANTIC AVE. CA 1447! GI'S-- NO DOWN~PYMT. IBedrm., Ibati hon-.. Has W-w carpets, drapes, bit.-m range a, even. bik. fence. 11 mins. to L.B. ATiciNSOM REALTY HA S7«4 Gl CAL-VET SPECIALISTS IN Gl LOANS Let. selection cf 2 3 br. homes. TRANSFERRED 111.30. Immtdlat. possess. IBr. W w carpel, fenced, lardscaoed. low dn. or leat. w/oot^n ta buy. WELLS RITy. CE 0«:i HE S4UI 3-BR.-- $'11,500 W w rpts. living rm. JL Mil, dbl. Paved st.'ca* M Alcofn?*HA 1 4);7! NEW LISTING -- 1I10S nO.'.N to S 1 ..^ loan. No ^K1. JBr., D bam. Bltln nook table. Real fj*ur. profits. Call now. GENE NEBEKCR Rllr. HA ]MI1 OPEN EVES -TIL 1:10 PM. ROOMING HOUSE-NIFTY . Clos. In. Clean. Furnished. 7 Barms. Inc. S14. BArga.n Call CE too: CE M1'9 REXL HODGES CO. LOOK-- $500 DOWN JBr. on good street, frets. _tj!» on. to GI^Bkr.. HA SI7S1. CLEAN, STUCCO COTTAGE Jmt S7,t$0 tor this cute, small 2B*drm. Hdwd. floors, til. k.tcn- en bam. LOW as S4QO dn. ATKINSON REALTY, HA S74fl NO DN. TO Gl Only s left-- } bdrm. 1 den er 3- bedrm. Costs 1 impounds only. EMRICH RLTY. HA 5-74H UNRESTRICTED Sml. dn. Sml. lot. Lee. ] Er. home Alaiander Rlty. GA 6-3303 lbr«. 1 den. new rfil. garage. R 4 lot. 4!illo Paved a"ey. ·I4.KO T«rms. rtion. . GE »HII or CE tTTtl 6 ROOMS -- $7500 NIC. family horn*. 117 E. I***. Arof. only. Rltr. HE 2 I'll; LOOK -- VACANT Bkr,_CE' 1 11)11 'cC l*lKi Eves. LUTE IBR. SPANISH STUCCO St.000 down. Tree-lined street. Near bus, starts, uwrthes. . NO OUALIFYINO-CI RCSALIS 1 1 4BR., 1 bath, L* OS. Bal. I'te rent Own's will trans, imnas _Haiers Rty. UN »7Ha. LA Illll 5"fl». 3~BtH. JSTflfiY HILLSIDE HOMC-ti^n fXT.VN GE 1 1714 3RR. i den. i^macula'et F P. · I7.SOO. Only UHO down Ltk-e1 with eitrts^fleaitor, HE }I*7I I'to OH N , ,^ f j nt ± )tr~l b bah. «kr. HA tllll. SAdfiFlCt^Triixei Jbedrocm. I lira DN, ho «thtr ust. )»«-, 3 ba. '» m(. C. «f H.Bkr. HA f-ltll CS»tSt»llCT(0 J. 1 ft. s-ucco. tac« · IWlViwN. 4ir, tivanx CB. fenr. A ---oil rew. tl/ r oc (ITa Home, f of Salt 139 BASHFUL BUDGET? 2-BR.AS-IS LOW DOWN PAYMENT LOW TOP PRICE II HURRY II ELLIS-SCHRADER ·ft EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -fr 3411 ·tlllantr HA f J»!t ENJOY this beautiful pat* with Its shes. fef.4 privacy, ttautitul ranch- Sfyl. tiom/has Btdms. »7lU fcetil. SMI.-ln klrchen, Urg. llvlnj fm. wltts flreplact. Suterwt lUoo ELLIS-SCHRADER ·fr EXCLUSIVE AGENTS tV 2»»1 Belllwwer HA t-iAt INSIDE OUT SuOi -Prloe at Ownership" In this 1 bedrm. home. Largt living rm. i spacious altchen. (Even has a dining rm ) SvcHMjeq- patia EmS-SCHRADER · -ir EXCLUSIVE AGENTS * Key at 21)1 Btilllower HA*i21 ) I FAMILY ROOM : IATHS Plus bulll In birch lltchen t forced heat. Smart modern home In fine area with carpet professional landscaptna. Just Sll~ 2SO. C»l HA 1 Iltl. Key at U41 Woodruff Avt. WALKER LEE ONLY | MODEL HOME LEFT BuMder tttrtfitiR? tttis Jbr^ 2 b«ms, iKHjsciPtti, fenced, titans, f rfo'-» crDts.i vnbelieveWv priced *t H 4,700. Low dn.. terms t,ke rent. 2 btks. north of Alr*» BtH sneoeinfl center. 77172 TAvtor Ave. Oren 11 ta 5 unM M!dl Th's hcus* h*s been FHA *por*:wd et tU.MO. Hvntmgton BeecD. Vt 7-41)1 0«VS V V COLORED AREA V 5 BRS., 2 BATHS AnylMna d^wn. Tr»dfT gVA«t Hewe YeuT MAKE AN OFFER YOU NAVE IT-WE HAVE IT iCMIVENII. RLIR. HE V34II RETIREMEiNf DREAM" Cotv 2 Bedrm. W-W tfrxt. loc. COV d PJfit), W«'k t9 ShOPS 4 bVS. PLUS ISO rer no rr-tt*f en rttw et t». R 2 let. Trv li ooo an.. U5 mo. Bcachwood GA 3-4097 BUILD A FUTURE! Trftde vour home on ot*e ef evr myttipie un'ts. li»e tree, let thm rtt'rt witt, nee Iricom*. METRIC REALTY CE4IC4 1149 E. ntl St. 1$ IN YOUR POCKET JJ No On. to Cl men Fun price-- us Per Mo. 3B*'nv. 2Ba-h. BH-'n Ra-i9t 1 Oven. Pool Sit. Lot. Quiet St. Eiplodlng Area. Call Dan HA 5:1:1 cc it;:: MOULD REALTY SO. Or 7TH ON GRAND Larre Jbdrm. FA fumKe. Dbl. C*r«2ff. Hf«r schools, COOd* »e', e'c. in ico. see Mr. AUrtr HE 7-t:H REX L HODGE? CO. PARK i COLORADO Th s fen-e Is eicenent. 2 Mrr-s. Msdern vou pccupv quickly. Its dear. Price Can Mr. Marty HE 7-I3SI REX L HOD6E3 CO. TRY $500 DOWN larnt llx. t vr. old. Hrtt lat. DISTINCTIVE BAY FRONT HOME Corner location on tpen water, rear Harbor entrance. 41 fi. p e' r-ead rents, ramo 41 ft. float Enclosed para. dl. ·ar'ot. ca 1 ! CHARLES 1 ANE CE · Kit CLIVE GRAHAM CO. KO E. Oitan. Realtors. HE 3»l CM BAY III3RC, CO'.'PLCTCt.Y FURNISHED. BUILT -13. WHITE REALTY GE 9-OISI A"|J\MITOS HEmifrs IX U" I IX l "CHARMING" 7 roows . . . J Bfdrms.. Cf^ »rt t rrol*t». StP. 0 nng rm.. tkfit, *'r« 12 Mrns.. liv. rm., d t. rm. 1 tta'l h4ive W-W t-aucwtnai. Cur. t» ns 1 drttc-tn. A p'raienti re* l M n Q°OR E 438-1 151 756 SANTIAGO BEST GUY-BEST AREA Celt course view. Vacant IBdrm. *fw D!t-tn kxitctwn. Good, RYCP^OM. HA7LET. JONES STOP LOOKING! Le.eif BR^ seo. d,n. rm.. w '«. pN'.o -f ir-c. from sp4KJtxis l-br. --1 o»r.-- m for trtr. or boit. CC *mi-- Oeti'or -- iltl E. t'n BEUIONT HEIGHTS PRICE SLASHED ffumf IBR I, f!^ htvu PLUS Ifitt re«r beda. Will rrjfce U'pe ·Pt. TcO E. 3rd St. t«. tJJ.SOO. A-l REALTr SERVICE CE 34C1 REALLY * units. g»r«o**. INCOWt= Vtcuid te ever I173Q mo! HE J4U7; Ht IMA^I ·OR RENT -- Ctrpetrd. drcprd. Imury 1-- ItxJrm. new lots, fcr oridovrt IV. HE 3«UT; HE 3«I* Incorre. Eitris.' CE 42047. 1-RR., T 11 ! bJ. »Dprc*. 1430 SO. tt. UELA10NT SHORE DLT-INS-- 3BR. O'sp. Nlct toe. Just tl cf 3nd 114 750 CE M430 BIXBY AUEA PREPARE! FOR YOUR FUTURE w*?t tvs 70*119 lot in a prlf-e *rt», H« e ! ro*rit 1 bedm StOv htt stucco * 2 aJrtments «iTti room fa pyild. Uc«n corrvrnitn*nt l«^ c«**t * below market price at JM.SOO. OcDortwriif/ is knexk- intj tcr »or"eore-- why net vouT T At MM- as JJ500 will Mrxre. ELLIS-SCHRADER -,V EXCLUSIVE AGENTS fr Ker al S1IS Lakewood //E lilll |X · |X | IX -- LOOK -!! VACANT !! } Bedim, t dan. built in llfcfian, rOOL. Mmrt M todayl Submit traJe. Love'r aria. Caj to seel M O O R E GE 3-1964 1 l FAMILY ROOM IICARTYMRUINQ COZYI re'ed. ctrares, awn'rffl. fherrno fur- rate. Sharp roomy kitchen. Co*. wcrk-sncp. 1I7.3SO' Terms arranged. "JOIliTw. REEbTREALTOR CA7rll 4:1 E. Maikel HA H413 OPCM DAILY P W. 4M2 Pasadena. 3 Br Firepf. Try 11500 !·. MASKRET CA 71414. TC 3-3973 CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS YOU ASKED FOR ITI · t Pr»«*ar cwa'ir/ JBt*. bon-t roorrs. W. tav* It en a small llers · 7ar ai'ev esrtot. You'll It*, tn. prlct and tr* Mlrassl Ort«. br. J7M KO'.t AVC. C V. JACKSOM. REALTOR !» E. Carson CA 7U47 SPANISH STUCCO I aro* liVdreon witn «.«« rotm t**»*'»it PII* LCiHf tVacf-M r^nVe HeaiiY priced r-8M at Mt ID WO. WALKER LEE 3623 FALCON cxive ir. ·.·sTt't. c* r«84 HomttfofSolt 13t COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES far'^- ££·£ ·v»a. W.US talV.*^ f ·**"· ·eaul. Ment. AAwsl M aetA. GENE NElHtEK Ulty. HA 14411 0»£N EVES TIL l:» P.A*. DOWNTOWN LARCe OLOEH. HOMfl Very dean. WilU kt. Oontr ·n.Ievs. Will nenloV any t^fer, SJATOH SELOVEkV Ht .-3177 oaur^ racrad. TC 3S447. EAST SIDE ILLNESS FORCES SALE . »t*,«« 'ijT'I'i ,,,,. an nlc«r furnished. 1st rate condition. Good rental arta. AMt terms. Call CKDAHL HE M3SII CE Jtlll REXL HODGES CO. 5 B R S ^ 2 BATHS ANYTHING DOWN. TRAOET WHAT-HAVE-YOU* MAKE AN OFFER ,YOU NAM£ IT-- WE HAVE ITI SCHWENN, RLTR. HE Hill FOR BIG JOLLY FAMILY or Mother-In Law charters. TNs JbOrm., 7ba. 1 kitchens. First class condition. CE f«404; CE Ufrt REX L HODGES CO. YOUR MISSING THE BOAT On fMs 4 bdrm., family rm. Loe. patio. IVi battt homft Lve. lot. Clost to Wi'son HI. tall CE 94404: CE 14417 REXL HODGES CO. WILSON HI AREA Jbr. Choke comer. SI3JOO. E.Z. terms. Call EKOAHL HE 7-121U CE H1I4 REX L. HODGES CO. ESTATE: 2 ON 1 J Bdrms.. 1H ba*s, w'«. Cleanl I bdrm. perm, renter US mo. HZ.fSO full price CE 1 3147 Lteaom. Rltr.. CE 4 1171 BUILDERS ATTENTION" O'der 3-Bedrm , IV* baths. On SOI1S3 R4 lot. Nr. Tr* A Oerrv. Try terms. BKR. HA 1'jlt. LAPGE. neat, clean 1 br 11) batn. Accept 1430 cVwn er will trade. F.P. 1/500. HIATT HE 7-JXJ; C.r t^OOl IIII STANLEY 3br. hom. * 4ri. br. aofs. Inc. 1?6). Esrh. 3br rf «ane area. To see call R:tr. HA » Sill Small Home Nr. Wilson 1 BR. with oaraoe. Cood buy. NELSON CE *-4Sn; CE · 5tn ! No Down Rent To Buy ! 3-Br. 2-Ba T Sl?.tOO Rlc Owen, orx L. HOOCES CO. HE Mill 1 BR. house at t» Eag!e. 14,500 full price. HE 34H5. r/OOERNlZEO Jbr. t J rentals, 4 ear. Cood terms^Rltr. CE4till t coe. Cl Ifne. B«r. CE 17173 LAKEWOOD AREA TWO BATH Gl NO DOWN! srd'rtfl class dr. to covered caflo from rear llyino rm. ar. ctwict features ef this smart l-BR, twme. B'rtn »'»c»~. ·-- 1 Ca'l H* nm --Key al X19 Woodruff A»e. WALKER LEE YOUR PARTNER FHA. win heio vou twy this eitra- reg^horrwod. OnPy J17J7 ttr nv». srnelt down parmtmt. WALKER LEE ll«y. 191 1 Anaheim CE 47414 ONLY 11700 DOWN Lovely, laret 8tdrm. with rear liyino rm^ bio kitchen, seo. fining rm. IIiJO Anneny POOL, eomp'e'ety decked yard. A real bargain at 111500 SWIFT REALTY S717 South St. WAbash S1177 NEAT AS A PINI ,14.200 FULL PRICE Itedreem btavt.fuiiv ca-peted riomt. Newly decora'ed Inside i out. Fruit trees. Aftany eitras. 11459 down. WALKER LEE 33SI Pal. Verde CE f 3114 "J- RED HOT LISTINGS IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Cnelc. location. Near .11 schools 1 shopping. Vacant 3- Bedrm., 4493 McNAB -- Easy terms. Best triced In area. Wcffcrd Rlty.. H\ 5-1761 NOT A HOUSE-- A HOME!! This l-Sedrm. 1 batn wlti f re- plact. 230 wiring, tioanded lltch- en, wMI giy. veu l*at *-Hemev" feeing you'll Ike. Only 111150- Key at ... RAPHAEL REALTY a41S E. Spring HA 1 5117 TRADE your 3 Bedrm. Lakewood bom. for beaut.M own-yevr«wn act. Nr. ocean, d.spesal, carpeted. Ige. Gufver.RieharrJs ME 3-81 12 SHARP LAKEWOOD ESTATES Rear liy. rm.. IV* ba*ht. slid ng ens doors to coy, patio. Will FHA er take over Cl nan. Wliniord. V.A 5-1 Ull CE alia REX L HODGES CO. STOP LOOKING IKMrni. in b»"ii. Hug. matter bedroom witfi adiom ng '4 bath. In the heart rf Lakewood. Tetal eric, only GulYer.RichardsHA5.l25l MUST SELL Lot 111 tl Tra:t 17TJ. In-trevtl witn }br. I, otn. Clost to Lake- HA 174H * Eves. TO 7-7C7I MOULD REALTY NR. LAKEWOOD HIGH Shara 3-Bedroom. CM. garage. Dining rm.. tktst. bar. carpets, drapes, loe. fenced vard. Full pric. sls^OO.-- Call . . . Quiver-Richards HA 5- 1251 · Gl NO DOWN # Ibdr. w/v/ cpt. Good landtc. 1 block walls. 2 to cnoost frem. rr 1 at Has In. Keys n HA iKIt Eves. HA StStl MOULD FEALTY 2-BR. -- VACANT Popular "U" modet. Redecorated lnsd«. Dbl. detached garaot. 11000 down should nand... Ca'l Ernie, HA 1-4(77 -- eei. HA M744 Toner Realty. REAR LIVING RM. Very clean IBedrm. cits, to schools t market. HIM will handle. Just listed, so fiurnrl Guiver-Richards HA 5-1251 Choice Lahewvod Gardens. 3 bdrms., firrof., stall srvower, rrl- "RExlLlHODGESCo!" LIV. RM. OVERLOOKS POOL Nlct area. 3- bdrm. norr«. Nr. bus. shopping, scrnol. BEST BUY. Call Boa at HA e-utt MOULD REALTY GA 3-tUI SHARP 2-BDRM. Nr. tchoots. shopp'nt). Thlt wonl l*it. Can Onon or apoointment. TO M;«*-Tcner Reaitf -- eves. ROOMY FAMILY RM. AOOEO ta met 3 Bedrm. home. see. d:n. rm., lae. lot on cviet strrr, V/a it la C*I Stare, Sl/.Ufr-FHA tms. CTNE NEBEKER HA 54411 PRICED TO SELL! IIIR. BCAUIY. Newly dtcort'td. CO fence. Ideal loca'ion. MILLY DECKER, REALTOR CA IIIU eves. CA 14IM WALK TO MAY CO. Htve 1 sh*n Jbdrm., wit) se'l FHA or trade far smaller hore. 5938 DUNROBIN-- Owner JBr. turn, nuplt. ·« nt, CM. gar. Patio. New screvs a, linoia. urn l.lch a, bam. 114. /H 10 4-1114 $750 TOTAL DOWN Sharp, vacanf 7Bf. nr. Ra'phs. Mary HOLLAND. Rltr. HA 1 till Eves. HA 1 Silt er WE 1-71U 41T4 rEfALUMA CKin 3 Mrm". Mndel f t pat'O. Gl «r fHA terms. Owier, HE 37117. fctClNTLV reOKOr. Ibdrm. wa't. ing ftsta-xt ts lakewagd Ctfftr. By eywner. UN S-7M7. TBK. Dc*f, Ibe"!, sWn r»vr. 'T~,«-_ 1H«0. »ltr. HE 1M1I. r§6t.M, LCE. LOT. OWNER. fBORJUL. pfl^r) prkttt, r* , wired no. e»apY tv^as. HA »4*i4 ·urt* wim 7M rasn wants J- be-, hnm.. HA s-1707. ftkr. OPEN 1 TO 4. Sill CA.D»IE NICE lilt. ALL, ELECTRIC. Ikr. HomtiferSoU 13* LAKEWOOD AREA 3-BR. VACANT 3-BR. OWNER VERT ANXIOUS ^Bedfm. cvniay. cayncuttlv ra. ·acwalad In 4 cutT Hear lyiM rt«c. I... kllct«a* Ik saw. eVung rm. AUVig ll4.JOO-S»*mlll iv»- "ELLIS-SCHRADER ·tr EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -ft Key tt J7I1 LUews«d tff till) MOVE RIGHT IN Sladrmt A satctfvlttSTi with oieo fencid kt witn Trees. 10% down. 30 vr. loan, by eywn«r« ng """"A -frfttrlt LISTING PREFERRED LOCATION M O O R E HA 1-8481 4IS1 E. Canon ore* Eves IS IS IS tS IS NEW LISTING 2-BDRM. "C" MODEL Tile Utctien t, bin. Clrtag. ols- posal. New floors, tug men t strvlct porcn, Newty Oecoraled In out. Priced, ta sell. M O O R E GA 3-5441 nn Soutti t. Ooen Eves ts is is is is Walk TO DOUGLAS 3 roomy twdroomt. li cccMe^l cwndJlion. Redecor. thryo«t. H*s w w eareeting, firtelact beautiful Mwd floors. M O O R E HA 1-8481 41 $1 E. Carson Ooen Eve*. NOTHING DOWN TO G.I. } Bdrm. "F" model with rear living rm.. dbl. gsngt. BIK. wall tenet. 111.41 per mo. -f taies. ELLIS-SCHRADER T EXCLUSIVE AGENTS £ Key at 371S Lakeweod ME 3-SlW PRICE REDUCED TO $15.950 Beautiful bedroom, picture wi»v oow iivino room, i.kmew carpet. Ina. patio, sprinklers, Insu.a'ed. 770 winns. cowpietei» redecora'ed In 4 out. Attractive terms are "WALKER LEE 7060 Be* If lower Blvd. CE 17m NEAR MILLIKAN 7 BBS-, carpeted, HrtvlKt. sfa'1 shower. Tree- lined street. Try BEAU.TFUL "D" Largt d ning rm rf cafirg area In fcitcn.; bik. fence: sep. cov. patio, wilt trade for smaller home. Keys at Mil Stearns. JOE WARREN GE 0-1 033 SWIMMING POOL $695 DOWN Jbr. home, w/w cot. on hwd. firs, inter cornm^ DDQ on comptetelv decked yard areund W*+vm*r sJiartd Dooi. Pits hone 1$ loaded wim features. · real bvy. REAoy REALTY, 14401 LakewCOd B(v3L /.'E 4X!5 w-fl h're e-e r^re tairsman. Open f am. ta 1 P-m. 3-BDRM, MATH BEAUTY HUGE. LOVELY YARD S'vti.tx, f-*t rear i.vina rm., fire Ji'/ffi" w - w ""*·· drm ATKINSON BEALTV HA $7*41 LAKEWOOD VILLAGE CHARM PERSONALITY D st'ittivety desi0red for traciovs 3 tedrooms ·*· den, OR 4-BR.. en · IWilOtt. lot. In trie most e«- elusive area et Ukewd. vnlasc. 2 patios ·*· p:e*itY ct room fcr pool cames. Aint terms) M O O R E HA 1-8481 THE PERFECT LOCATION CUSTOM-BLT. 3-BR, l'/j-«ATH Near .11 schools. S4il4S lot. on lovely street. Try S2IS9 down, or will trade. 44S9 CRCENUPIEB OPtH SAT. L SUN. P.M. Wotford Rlty., HA 5-1261 10% DOWN Owner savs make offer on this clean Jbdrm Village home. Laree UiiiS let. New colored bam M. lures. Cat) Toner Realty, 3-8R. TLUS FAMILY RM. ONLY IU.2SO Veal this torn, witti SIJOO down. Largt vard ntar City Callegt. HARMATZ ii KALE HAS-7414 NEW LISTING Beautiful ibr., i cam home. w w carpeting, drapes, Immac.. 11MU. Terms to sglt. HARMATZ t KALE HA 5-7414 VILLAGE :-BR. DOLL HOUSE Cintomited. Vacant -- mov. In. Reduced 11900 tor Quick sate REX L. HOOCES CO H* S-110' LOS ALTOS ONE TOO MANY Yes, owner r-as rurchated a*^ ether «t mvst sell tms sost- Iris 3tdrm^ 1*4 bath home. w-W carpets 1 drapes. Close to scTiOCls i khcs.n,,. Trice Uit reduced. Coed t.nanuna avail- ELLIS-SCHRADER ·fr EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -fr Key it SSB Atr.trton CE f fits ZTCDROOM HOME 21 19 Radnor Ave. Newly Decorated Thruout New W/W Carpeh New Linoleum Kit., Bath New Grb. Disp., Thermo. FOR SALE BY OWNER $13,950. Ph. GE 4-2888 IS IS iS iS IS TRY AGAIN!! Hart's Another "12" Plan Spacious 2.BR-, Dbl. Garage Ki) front Kitch, Rtar LR.I Hurry If Intimttdl ? ! M O O R E GE 4-3464 141! unmowrr -- Open eves. IS IS IS IS IS Frimt Locilion -- Spacious Firtotact, FA Hail, PiKa 2 B»thi. 3-BR, Fim. Rm. S22.tOO-f HA Terms or Trade M O O R E GE4-34M 3411 Beiiliewer -- open eves. 11 FIXER-UPPER 11 1 SUBMIT YOUR TERMS! on rMs Ibtdrm. witti covd, pafld «, BOO, carpeting 1 oraptt. Needs a l.ttlt work, bvt ftt prlct IS ngMII Stoller Realty Service 4111 E. Carson div-nlle HA · SKI 4-BfcL)KCJUM A truly lint tvy. li tami. crrt.. drps^ d.shwashtr, wired far 210. patio. SPrriklrSj beaut. landuattd. Eicel. cond. Cxitrg 4V1% loan. Wnn-l tail at III4U. DON CATOH RLTY. GE 4 »45» 7 H, den overlooking enchantlrs pool witn prof, lanosc. Dressing rm and ttt'h ty rooiside. All tn TOP corylt'en. Hurry. MOULD REALTY HA 5-7494 bV owntr. Havt Str, den er 4- lie^rm. Clost ta Sta*. college. tarns, fireplace. VACANT. Needs l:ni. p*nt to finisls. will tak. as trad. In 2t*drm, smtatit lor iTRATroRti Sa-jart, ever It acre. Cut dt-Sac. accets tor boat or nous, tra'ler. BeauMutly land- scpd. iprinkien. ipdmy. 3ba.. fret r-3. drakes, frplc. ff.any atras. 171.100. Owner. HA 1-1414 3 BRS, 2 BATHS Beaut. cerr*r lof, tipand toor plan. Cots, i, drps. SMrp JOHfJ READ RITY. HA's-Mli BV OANtR. 7 bdrm. w'w. drafts f retnare. patio, ev. gar. SI1.2S9 llir/UHrter. MA 1 Jfll Tyv«Ti"T"br.ti{ Ifr-! ;tr--- PRictD RiCMT 1 Custom Svbm.t Kttr. CE MIM NAPLES-MAHIVA AREA ULTRA DELUXE r^sHrteo"! futurt. 1 bdrm. lame? rm, r/l ., iViol. g»ra«tt. CE »1«04I 4»4)14 REX L HODGES CO. Homts for Salt 13f 1.0S CCRIUTOS AREA [ovtlVill. i ««s.'^\ kaiM. WIILHQIT, (aanor CA IIUI NAPLES-MARINA AREA NICE SHEET , larg. statHs, cjnger bfc.. tenet. l-«lr garagt. ).|EDXOOM ON IAY Frgnts on water w/toatkog 1 ,»"" rttnts, New UrcK. tlti. kltch. !)usl rtoex-d. · Cretngi tear garj m baths MUNT2 REALTY ce »TUl steallon SSU E. Ind NORTH LONG BEACII 2-IR~-"SIOOO DISCOUNT!" lIKt Jrm. itvcuT Under 11LCU). ,1200 DN^-SHARP 2-IR. frm. stucc«. New paint hs tut. 5 car. All fenced R J Ut, Hurry 1 "lUILDERSI" -- BIG LOT Butid vtur dream pemt en tn-s 4!m lot. Nr. Sin! I Orange. TRIPLEX DANDY -- AGE 7 I 1 BR. gets. 1 garages. Nr. Itll 1 Ume Ave. Hint Income lit; mo. NEAT 4 UNITS-- 11000 DM. NEAR MAY CO. Foue 1 BRS. Mrnlsfied Inc. U54. Sill orange Evenings CA JJtli tS \S \S V V DUPLEX 2 BEDROOMS EACH Living rm cf:nlng rm comtlna- tion. Hdwd floors, til. kitchen 1 UtK. Cartage disposal. CDI garage. ComfJetely fenced. Xlnt. cend. Clos. to transp. M O O R E GA 3-5441 IIJJ South St. Open tves. IMPORTANT NEWS!! TRY S7S9 DN. for · 4 BX.. ] bath. Flrepl. Set today II R FIXER°UPPER 7BR. 1, d.n. rm. 2-story stucco. R 1 lot. Paved alley. ONLY ll««l. D. VAN LIZZEN. REALTOR HIGH YIELD INVESTMENT! (5000 DN.-5 UNITS INCOV.E l»r. PR. 114.150 Near Elm A Market. S turn. 1 Br. apts. Cround floor. On JCitSO R 4 corner lot. with 1 garages. Payments. 1171 mo. Only needs paint. JOHN W REED. REALTOR GA intl 401 E. Market CA ] iia NEAR SUTT ER'SCHOOL $1200 DN. J 11.500 Newty nited Ibedreers trar-t with ranch stvtt rambling porch, ct nmg room * breakfast room. »iia lot. DMt. garage. Needs some repair, but a rare buy! JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA 11TII 491 E. Market CA IStCf NEAR ORANGE I HARDING 3-bedroom In front, 2bedroom rear ever c%i., garages 4- gvett room. LoS of closet soact, tut bams 1, kltctien. Call tor apct. today! SISOO on. lltJM. JOHN W. REED. REALTOR CA17HI 491 E. Market HAS44II 2 DEN en Ige. R 2 lot. FHA terms. Fenced Vard with fruit frees. Ideal for eitrl units. Sml'l down .rrangMU^a'l j7| ^ } ^ REX L HODGES CO. DUPLEX-- 2-BR. I-BR. Sfcaro cendtlon. Eat ino area In kitchen. OiusTwo l*er sar«9ts. let 49ill7. tatft «00 Income SIM Nf. Ha-wntew jr. h'B*». JOE HODGE. Realtor 3-BDRM. -f DEN ·tit) rutriDus rm. with l-reol. ^ ba. A real family home-- lias everyttiinj. Owner mevir-o, rnnt REX*L i "H J OD 5 6l3 3 CO. 2 ON 1-- 2-BR. I-BR. Tilt kitchen. Dlso. ra wiring. W. to w. carpet. Lot 43.117. Income tlU. Taies UCt. FP. lll.Sn JOE HODGE. REALTOR 5HOWPLACEII C»tra tnarp 3lw- IW-bafti home wim cvstonvbutrt POOU Carrtt- ed. Bit-ins. A p'easure to seel HOWARD IUTLER. RLTR. TRY J 1000 DOWN Varant. Redecorated L attractive 5BR. s*ucco. Ve-Y e'e»" Ne»r fade school. 43itlS lot. F.P. !!· fa. Can for delant. HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 4171 ATLANTIC AVE. GA S-4471 END THAT SEARCH Set trill 2 bdrm. Som'sh stucco. T bik. to shopo'ng, 2 blks. to schools. Only lino down ca.'l CA 2-lS7i CA U3I4 REX L HODGES CO. LONGWOOD ESTATES A lovely JBR.. 2 bam horn. ln L.B.I. Carpeted -- many extras -snows very well. 1IIJOO. Can now! HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. 1171 ATLANTIC AVE, CA 14411 · $1,000 DN. · 7bdr.. 1 ba. w/ss. ll» ia tt. Eicel. Insidt gut. Sprinklers front i rear. Snops 4 transp. MOULD REALTY HA S77II Eves. HA St») DON'T BE CROWDED!" Set this targ. 3-BR. home with IU24 living room. On 1X«1O II. kt. Nr. Brett Hart*. 1UU dn. J900 DOWN tBR. l en. Pyrnts IIS month. MUST SELL! YOU NAME IT-WE HAVE IT! SCHAENN, RLTR. HL Hill Good property In good restricted area. Rental US mo. * modern 2BR. tiorne. See compare! HOWARD BUTLER. RLTR. lt;t ATLANTIC AVE. CA 14471 JI500 DOWN Larg. IBR,. 45.I1J corner R-4 let. Double garage. NEAR SOUTH ATLANTIC C. T. BELL, RLTR. GA 2-MOO OPfN'l:M T O 4 M 1500 E 56TH IIOOO dn, 171 mo. IBR. Clean. JERRY'S REALTY 1301 Oranct Ave. CA 11417 A Hone/ for tht Money! Let. 1 den w/htated pool nr. Jordan) 1M.SOCI Also 4 BR. 1ILSOO. B. Kunltt Rllr. GA 3-0971 DUPLEX. 11 vears old. 1 Dr. ta. Dolt. ear. a5i|| corner. Near scnooll. transportation, shopping. XWt. buy » 114.1*0. SXOO down. LOOK $4950 LOOK Paramount. Smell home. Yard. fenced. CA 74111, C.A7C71I .USTOW (x«r, trs, \\i batt,. cam«tina s drapes* tutitins. d uv wajner. iwimrrvna ooo). evers'iM 2-BR. + INCOME, TOO1 iwrcAn'^vsa Br OWNER irOO SO- tf. Ifadrm, custom em, 2 b*. 1711 HarC-ng. PARK ESTATES RUSTIC BEAUTY Sraclein 1 8B. L den. 1: M . rear LR. wlrpl. laced secluded yaid. Bargain a 141.100-110 orn dn. PLAZA AHEA NR. MILLIKAN HIGH living rm.. 2 car detach, garage en ai'ry. Ideal far tra-ter er boat parking, fenced yard, widow must sell. Frid Rote Rltry.GE 4-0981 4-BR., 2-BA--- $ 18,750 Abovt 1MM On. Celach OH. gar Carpets, draoes, bik. tenet, fta- CKXM. Undscapea Qulcl posses See L byv. Sr.arp vv::i trad. VEL AAACK, HA 14111. 3 DEN -- DRPL Real SMrp. Only tll.tu Trait? Can ce l-ll/i; CF 4IU7 l ves REX L HODGES CO. RANCHO POOL 1 B*.. 1 ta. luest rm. w/w I dros Bitlns. lot. MtiA. trcalc Blan*s t.»l hut, '.need 4 prty. try gwr-er HA I-1794 (ve. I, weekends BeavtM 3br. w/flreeJac*. rr tvervthng Crab eh. phono. HARMATZ I KALE HA (.7414 N c.l^*4^iyisrttC!"- *" *1?iV »£!£ i Hl t f-atf%X!. Hemts for Salt 137; PLAZA AREA TRAVELING OWNER wautt to sell Ma iKar» 2 bedrm. iwn* wit" l^tjact. WW car- vets 4 aM. garate. Leatttf M pre'erret artl. E-Z ft buyl WfU awbitwt ygwr lerrns. ELLIS-SCHRADER ·fl EXCLUSIVE AGENTS ft My tl SSM A»e.h«s CE ·{(44 IS IS IS iS IS VACANT QUALIFY I MOVE IN W.W Carpers, Lots ol Til* Clgit tg Schools S Ptk TRY IWS DOWN M O O R E GE4-3464 2411 Beimov,er -- Open Eves. VACANT 4-BDRM. Owner trimsterred. Mint sell spa- CHMS* 4 Redrrrw fbatti home. $1*00 down. t» new FHA. inovtct hart- d'e. Otjkk possession. ELLIS-SCHRADER * EXCLUSIVE AGENTS -fr SIM ATHCR.TON CE f-ilM ONE BLOCK TO "SKYUNKS" po'f course from tft smartest 2- bedroom horn. M East L-B. Beautiful carpet, drapes new bam ""WALktRTLEE" NO DOWN Gl This aHrectlve Ibedroom home Is avauaue t» * «janr,ed veteran. Ptatr donj neita*c ta Inquire, certainfy no ebligation. WALKER LEE »U Belino»er Blvd. CC 1-7471 VACANT ·BEDROOM! Priced to sell ovickly. Redecorated 1 floors refmlshcd all ready tor vour furniture. See 1 submit. Can HA t im. Key at 3C19 Wood 'WALKER LEE RANCHO 3 DEN Largest' preferred RaneM -- 2 baths. tirroUce. New Quality car. retino. Loafed uvltti eitras. S29.3XX '"WALKER'S LEE T?iS Palo Verde GE » JIJ4 OWNER TRANSFERRED Vacant. Clean, spacious Jbr. Rancho with family room. 7 ba. Lot. kit. w w. eitras. Owner will f nance. Week's best buy. Ca'l HA t-St71: GE 14034 Eves. REX L. HODGES CO. Owner Says . . . "SELL IT!" Trimf erred, wants ouiek deal. 3 Btdrm., Jbaff. *T .tecutive " LAKEW003 HOUSING CORP. GA 3-7979 ins DEL AMO (al Oerrv) ROSSMOOR LOS ALAMITOS izccuiive Transferred Pcputar ihake net lovr-bedroeni ^Harvard" wodei. Profess wnaiivr landicaoed. stxinkters. e»tr» concrete work, planters attractive covered pefio. Bunt iti stovt 1 evn plus retrlofrator. You will be ptcetrd witn this herne as well as the price. WALKER LEE OUR BEST BUY BRITTANY GARDENS MODEL! Popular shoe roc* , Only tTt.JSO for this 4 bedroom, f»mii/ rwm i 2ba'n home, ino si ft. et tiviro SD*» A leaod witti eitras. Trv Vi/30 down ta rew FHA loan. WALKER LEE »M Belltlooer Blvd. CC Utl "CandleKgrit 4 Crystal" LIVING Is yours N frit beaut fut 1100 sa. tt. Virginian with w-W carpeting, rtTTif . 4 bunt ins. Lee. pat*. room far pool. tt*lk to snooping. DeBENEDICTIS REALTY GE 4-8401 "MAGAZINE PRETTY" Lew* !«/ J-Bfdrm^ family rm. tn tftoitt pro'css. lanese. let. wttn oetaJted oarage, ideal far POOL. riusn carpets 1 arapti t*iruevt. B9 covd patio .Block fence. irn co PA OE GRA RYERSOH. HA21ET, JONES CE 1-3111 -- CE fttCl MOST BEAUTIFUL words cannct descnta t*'s IBR. fc larniif room es'a?e. Ail e*(ra. far carefree famjy fyll price lutt tlv.too. Terms. Torer Ralf. HA 5-74*7 tves: TO 7U?0 fuN IN THE iuM J Bedrm . J Bath* ··Farmhovse'* moOet. Range 1 o»«*v dititw , ten cand.tien. lliM POOL. Beaut. Orel IPS. love'.* vam. Lee. lot. 17V tU Mutt te seen. CEf4E NCDEKtR Ritr. HA SUIt oprw eves TIL VM P.J.A/ ANXIOUS SELLER Take over Cl loai Varant IBR.. Iba. calio. Icrliv kiers. C B. fenc. Real sharp Ca.l H* SSI'I: GE l-tn r ves. REX L. HODGES CO. Provincial Showplaca Premium Corner Lot POOL IIU (THE \VOBKSII II lacks nstririg. Has Cwerkmingl WoKordRlty HA 5-1261 SUHSCT Maiatlr. fourd II Good-o will ttv-- 1M discriminating tuver will aporeclatefh. BEAUTY ta. 'rius Vb^L '"'"'* """ Call Don or B:t. HA S-7m MOULD REALTY DESPERATE-- 11,000 DN. Ot*n -til sold. III4I Davenport Remodeled ··Oeorgeiown.- Man» eitras. MAKE OfFtR. C. ROY CONN GE 14515 uaped. fenced, patio, w'vr crpt. Se. al IIII Quail Run ltd . Los Alamifos. CE »tnf. mv. carry. OWNER-- 4 tr., w'w crpt. POOU luuist sac. lajoo.jui fJmerTair STATE COLLEGE AHEA SPLIT-LEVEL BEAUTY 2)92 SO. FEET of luiury I»ctri7-- e'tnj*nt 4 BS., a tarns A famii/ room cut el this world-- W/W, draoes, blt.Mns -- vM* lurre it. this rtorr* has It. tu^iOQ dn. ta eiiti-risj loart-- or.ced ritx.ll WALKER LEE H*./. ICI t Anah. R d , CE 4 7«4 PROFESSOR'S HOME B fl corner Nxne. j l-vn.iy tued t«drms 4 1'i ban 4- Kiif cuv tx-Mifd fatn'ry rm. win trtl. · lott tedroom. A home cf pride* tor living fc r^t*rlinm*nt. Ill ROAANNfr lilt Pa'a Verdi" CE 1411* 4-Br. + Fam. Rm , 2 Bai. In pcouUr CoittM Park. Biroaml S77.XX) -- Laree lam-ty hxre. Ruiii in stove *V oven, dslrwasrer, 1 rtrt . FA r-ett. Redecr. f enced. Immej pcsitss. 1 r . 1130) en. Owner will r*'p finafwrt-x v/n $3000 DOWN will bwv a Uajyt.fut J Bedrm. )· Mm ntate rvor»e. C8 ttnct 1 beautifjt fcat vard. Guiver-Rlchardtlv1E3-8ll2 WEST SIDE JUS tan 4tr.. 1". ta~i imt Adnaf.c J br. Just 1 ste ZK «;»!i'5 ili r- . A 'i 1 3114 caa ... . 2br 4 ^as pool PACE ICUNNINdMAM CA4III lEHER GRAI THIS GOOD IOAH -- TRV 10V* OH Cut. 3 Bdrm, R) lot, wiln ktrg tvim In gsrag*. Nr. stares. RYERSON. HAZLH. JONES GC 9C7J9 -- CE YlSII OWNERS. ATTENTION LISTING! WANTFO V/llL AtJvFfttlSC UNTIL 4CIO ··GOOD JtBVlCE- (s cwr rner- CA **l*3 BH1OHAM G* 4 t l f Jl)}~ZAiN.O|. U-X/uiinf l»f»* ] r.H , fa«tte4 fiat-*, cement f e lar rew w w cartet r»r awar«vl 1 faces. U*'eirri(tiM Vea'M. 1)71 w. Wii'«w GA 4)1) 3545"EASY-- 3-BR. Varant. NewV l*t. 114 V» r P W. B. MAKTIN cc nm CA 444H P»MT» It* WOfTH. tlEAN. OOANtOWN OtALTT M« »'4i Igg. Mrm.. frecMarg. s*sv rt* CA 4.S« BltlCHAU CA 4 tin M. 1** » a«;c»rt.»*e. OA 7*4,4 HoRitt for Sot* 13t V.'EST SIDE 7,.115-K-J · riUi IIS MDRM. Rom Itr aVctei. svaidtiimKisl rrgi^ ver». yer» cl.a« Hk A« gutstanduit tvr far tlUOO. ·44strut .A gvi. svavmanf. OIAH REALTY M)7 S.,t. SI. HA S442I LIVE ON EASY AVE. Levety IB*. '* aletaclsed dan. Trgf d sv-w carpet, se«. ct'is rm. Very sue. cgnd. Terms Sg staL · ALSO lAarDjBlc. Iram.: Ideal for eew. pie. W W carrel, drapes. Mce yard, Frk. llLVn. Terms, luriley. IS W. Willow CA 44331 190 so. ft. custom-bit. Horn. 1 commtrclal toJdg-- 4r.g si«ig ««s contract tg Post Offlc*. amer |ld« laatad. GA MIDI GA l»s. REX L HODGES CO. LIVE RENT FREE TRADE YOUR HOME EQUITY on Ms dandv new Hjnll Plut · Bdrm. on. rear. Units I Barm, gacti. Good spendabl. cash. 3400 Gale Ave. Cor. Lol Jbdrm. c*/Dcte tatlni area tn Htchen, dt-t. oarage, plenty c( /ScComlckf cl-WiVSe M5II REX L HODGES CO. BEST IUYII IX? Cameron. I-BR. hot*. (rnH vd^ oar. worksfioo. Lott price. Cood terms. R. B. 5AFFLE. Realfor HE 743SI 414 E. Btf-vv. HAM 170 WANT LARGE ROCVS? $w mis toveiy iivinfl room ... t-miace* 3 etra tare* tedrooms. 3 bams, txa family kttchm. Many eitras. CA .V4S40 BR1CHAM GA 4 fin BR. stvcce. w-w carpet* double WRIGLEY 10 UNITS -- 2 BLDGS. Check fnese. Buy en. or bcftt. Jl J E. Wlllard. S units. 1--7 br. * a-- l-br. 4 gsrs. Bil.-in stove oven. Inc. lm. Try troog down or assurr.. 4% loan. JTt F. Witlard. Out ef temn owrer. MUST SELL. S units. S vrs. old. 1419 Inc. Submit castl or trade HuWanl. GA 7S4II, HE 7ISII. REX L HODGES CO. R-4 LOT wlfi cutg 1 BR. riorr. en rear. Front has room for ) units. Choice C MORRIS k HOLM9UIST 711} Pacific Rltr. HE 7-mi SEE'THIS'7 1 DEN Lge. Sitcn. w/bit-lns. Den w/flre- pl. Carpeted. Ask, lor Kev. CA VJKING RLTY. GA 4-0734 5 UNIT WRIGLEY 1 3 BDRM. TRADE FOR WRIGLEY 2 EDRM. CLEAR SOUTH OF WILLOW Ls. 2br rf srp. t:n. rm., fenced vard. Vacant. Cai ttnvtime. 50CKEWON RLTY. HE 2-«49 Ln. 2 tf. ten, nxrcvs m. Bit.-in bar, pat o. BBQ. 2 firepis. Careeted ttinxut. Xlnt. f.nancino. STOLP REALTY CA 4471} IVC for ltat 5UVJMCH SWIVt Try HOOO on. on mis : br X rumpus rm. Loe. patio, iwimmlra Sto'P lit W. WUlow CA 44M9 8 Geld Mcdallmn Units Two are 2 brs., 2 ba*M. ma* trade NELSON CC *-4Uf; CA } Wli C'rtn IBB. stvuo. Small let. Good foe. Close ta shew-fna bvt. MATTHEWS. Realtor CA 4 Oil/ 3S4I OtLTA-OPCH 3 L den, fireplace, w-w ».. UH ef extras. ttti«. dtt. gar. CA a-4U9 D RICH AM CA 4 tin SouthlandCIttesProp. 140 AUTESIA A-l ZONE-- HORSES! J Bedroom. room 4- $ervke poreft. Eatiivf converted l« J- rpedrm. rXrme. Laroe tmce4 lot, sttbfet. Foil rrice iiLt7S. l loan ttS per mo. 4%. Submit on down. CARSON ST. REALTY IJIJt r. Carson. Artesla DM 14444 4 UNITS-- J 1.995 DN. }B«. * VBK. hous. * ctjciei, I-BR, each. Fvm. Clean, modern. Carport, win. rut. Fenced. Fine lital on. «:» mo. Int »^ CSS r.f. EDITH DAY GERSH IIIS4 C. Carson. Artesla HA 5-7711 ral cab'nets. bit ins. Gues*nouse large garage. Ri lot, 121)4 C. }!4tn SI, Artesla. IN DOWN-- IBr. 2 pan. CB fence. Almost rew. Bkr. CE tvlng UELLFLOWER 20 NEW UNITS rome $27.743 vr. oroil. Tftlt shows · eood retvm at »m,tIO -- t:i«oo oown. Choice ctose in location. Rylce Cogburn, Rlfrs. Tt3t C. AriMia Beilflowcr TOrrnr iOTU CLOSE-IN'DOWNTOWN" J bedroom houses. S te choose rom. fahe vowr P'(k. With a fire* rHace. oyt.ioe patio, barteeve, fv*w^ nrvttt, tile, o*r»oi* |THT*- o ate ro»esiien. Priced til, wo to 11S.S06-4S lovr as 19**. Jown. HUMPHRIES REALTY TO ?-77g; fill E. Atondra fiivd. f 8e:ifiower BUSINESS CORNER The laroe well kfct 1 room ho^e cow'-J be u»ed for buiinets. 133 ft. trontaoe en cood bouiesjard, in part "far" * stores" 'of aots. " 1MOO oow^. mavte tesil J. a*. MUELLER, REALTOR SPACE-- PRIVACY! Citra laroe corner let »ini 7. rxm fc'e 1 bedroom r«me. All hinds cf Irtri, oarden. Space t« lew a tvorse, or build *notter hwrist for incorre fiice Beiil!os*»r location. lil,SOt-terrrs j; A. MUELLER. REALTOR TWO OH ONE t, room tl build en tnis JJ It. i 130 tt. lot. Try S23CO down. Ask- tor Mao'e Eves. ME 41114 MOULD REALTY GA.J-M4S S74 mo. TO ASI3I Bkr. MA «4)0; COMITON RtDUCED (oOO.OO JBR. Lg. comer lot Clos. Is Sears St. rti«i;o run. rattt atiactiad to }v gareg*. " A *" MOULD VtAlf? " C? LA MlltAUA COIF course. 4br., lu bsih. firrpf. NO en. Cl er trao Non vet. utl 1 1'« NOHWAI.K $200 DOWN Soactou* Jbdrm. c-n Uroe ferxed lot. Lo«da»d with trees 1 shrubs Caraoe. N» 2nd Trust Deed. CKtt/ »l 1.SOO tgll price. 1 4% loan nir UN 4 77 Jl. EXTRA SHARP N» down veterans; (450 dn. FHA 4 br, 2 battts, dtJe car^ cemen urivf. KTM pat-o, rew)/ decor »7K/ o V I - W.fl take trade. tlUE: CHIP Rlty. UN 3-4M7 NO DOWN Gl IBilrn.. w^r carpet, targo l^tad «ard. m On. FHA. N9 cum Gl. tt3.fM P.P. Sinvfon Realty Ilia Risecrans. UH43/51. J95 DOWN Ms csjalifrirg. 4 brs. \"t ba Taki over Cl ter*m 117 Mr en. Incl taies «. ms UnMataft'ell Pll NtCII BROHtRi UN »l)t rBCDVoO'A-- Attached gara?.. 171 down. I1I7S IT. /Igargl St^ her «a». Call Utl I-7UI. PARAMOUNT T R Y to taat )Bf I4»0 tliu m HJII Peaitr, TO 7 ell Orongc County Prop. M NEW 4-BEDROOM tit inn ta ve*s tin *HA. bens. treJc^ bt«k fenc,. garbs SIIKO Ml true. afllTV ks illl Fs«tair4XeM Ma, C»gres rrm-e Lee. at iDlrtt, .r a'te 7 gn. ce f till ANAHEIM FORECLOSURE PKk i« 1 back Mv w **ntf H fat ·rer ) B*. Ksa, 1 ball. Fe~ed. Mfw. Na«4i sMrk. PR: )«ttl. bnnvt eitras, PrKe4 htkow mar. let, Ull Ord. Anann Lt»W Orange Ceualy Prep 141 BALBOA BUENA PARK $13.900 Lavely 4Be«m. I garn. '«a~» ityl*- 7 lhonr« ws gjmel cleadend *r75 JUbnEr*o6wN Cl ·fr $200 DOWN -h BK. iv-sv crpting^ Firtfwg. firs. Ceverei} pattg. cinoar B fane.. OranmlVr Rltr UN )-lgM nil' LA 3 nil UOO DN. 1 BR. Cct^ OiTS^ CBF. Atev. In now. Bkr. UN 4 MIQ GARDEN GROVE Large Skylark tm» gVn^tg gilstlng C 1. loan. Insm.dl.t. eessesslon. Xlnt. rlannr] 1 Bgrm. horn, wllti Ige. family aatlnb area. No Qualifying needed. Herdwpoa floors. Irpf. Electric Bit-ins. Nice Area. . . rilis-Scftreder PR 4 Til) I4i; s. Euclid Anatieim 3-BDR. FAMILY RM. Onl» tlWM lor Ihis SHARP . begrm fc fans rm. 2 bam home. w-w carpets, draoes, fireplace. BiMn rang. even, Covd patio. Large fenced lard. NO n*.ONCr DOVVN Gil Racoael 1419 Katella $15.750 BeautlM fYovlnclal » Bedrm. 3 oam. fireoiace, bJt-ln ranse oven. W-W carpets, draDCS. Alum covo ca'i«. fmcH. HO MONEY DOWN Cl Rac*ael Riatt/ 1*10 Ka*ttU Ce 13011 -- TAvlor (UIS1 area. Buy 1 cr more at lAltW eacn. Sewer, curbs 1 street in 4* pa o for EVENINGS Jtr 4M17 POWER REALTY .7W? B_rnkhirrst._G_C. LC f 1111 -ARCE provincial style h«fd*ocd floor home on nearly \"t acre. 3 bdrm. L family rm.. J batrutxHU- In ra^ge !· d .tttwasher. Cianl catio L bar o-a under priced fcr tnn afea at tJU» Tic)*«li, JA 7-1 Ml HI} Katella, GG.ODen e«e. tW C.I. RESALE 4bdrmrtVi ba. home. Garden Park EI**»M Draces ctrfa. Owrer TvtJ4?ir IIUNTINGTON BEiVCH " ONLY 1 tV.OOCL HOVE LEFT Bunder saenticira tnii )Br rf 2 baths. lar»d»caped, fencd, bltJns. *t sH.TOO Low dn..* terms like reft. 2 b:ks rtarJ*. of Atpha B«ia thopp'ng crater. 7773 Tavior Ave * OEM*. 11 to i until soldi TFi'S hou*e has ben FHA appraised at SU sOO, VI 7-4111 DavS tUSO dJwn to lean, t battil. eraoes. trol, DH-ln RIO t e sh- waiher. SHARP. Vacant. Realty JA 7-7791 DR.. 2 bams. bultMns. tfishwavrvcf. I'lVjia "'c'-i" terms^lfcMI "Slri. Lane. HA 14411; VI 7-4il. LOS ALAMITOS 1RT Sl)9 OOi'iN 1BEORU.. 081. GARAGE B'g fenced yard, win ea'io t BCO. MfJwd. floors, only a vrs. e'd RTERSON, HAZLET. JONES CE i Ull -- CE »e?o» CARSON AVE. Ml. Ti't-ic. llliSI) 711 CKLLH -- 2 homes on 1 Kt. 4Ti«li;. 7o-e« R 4 . ID7S9 ORANGE XCruSiVE~horrTt wThill ef vour own, 0*tr an acre trccifAiisf pta itet) lat) hovse. Avocadcs. *..». \u,xa. BUI KUM w v-iitrw Rrt/. ora-B*. mone U« u:i; VALOS VERDES HILLS RAND View-- 4 DR., P* bath, t replace, FA heat, built-in electric ranee, evn l 0 shwasfvef. Nrw rnode's w"» same floor pun «n- Infl for tlt.000. Bvrv h« tfivel^ 5- vear^ld tor only SJJ-iOO with 19% cfrwn. Geneva Mcara, fieanor. DAvenport $-Htt, SEAL BEACII 4 BDRM-- 3 BATH Grandchildm cattif9. Owner re- t.nnf tl movino nort*i. Heo mi«e Item haopy. See lodavl TOP LOCATION sTi a^,^° r tc,.t3-h' RKT'ftoljGis 1 CO. OWNER TRANSF. Jbr. Hi battis. Bit In oventrnge. Dishwasher. W/W carpet. Orar«s. Covered patio Beautitultr land- ararwd. DD'e fireplare. Ca't Marge Svttor) CP l3114r GE »1/44 R?X L HODGES CO. OPEN 1.5 DAILY -im ocrAti- 3-BDRMS.. |J/ 4 EATHS Larce m*i'»r t*rtrex^i, 2 car FOR SALE BY OWNER Itr. Jba. Centeral r c o . wet bar. Completely fvrn. Orat^l carpet. Lantfscae ng. 2 yrs. old. frva'inTlill'''"'' ftltnn »WH I.SS4 DM.. 1X0 mo. IBR t fam. rm. w/wet bar. GE I4KS. SUNStTT BEACH 200 MILLION HARBOR STKMIJ tg toast cl tr.e Ceaill Com). Bktg en H«v. 1I4.JM. 1 Bdrm Duplex $27.000. AU for Itieian or samsrtfch PEX U HOOOEJCO. CE IJ514 ill TOTAL moves you in 1 Bdrm. H4wd. large tried Vd. Vacant. mi Ledm war. CE I4J1I Blr. South Boy Property 142 HAWTHORNE CADILLAC STREET Very larg. 3 br. eKiclei 4- Ige. farm sino4. Inc llVl J vrs. Oi4. 1r 'iMAX ti'VONI. RLTR. 1191 Atlantic fir 4 I7CI SAN I'LDKO SPECIAL CITUATION PRICE REDUCED 5 r»w, 1 Mrm. NaT ta. ho-^ei. at) drime features, bums* db'e. c^raoes. Ca. on Its own prlv. }um- kt, fenced landitnl. tar easy ma'ntenanre. ideal for tamihet wanting |« |i*e r*«t Axir ta ea. ott-ef. tlODU f*wa 1HJ mo. ea. loft'ed 1 bk. from lit A ttnteni. Vt.H consider trade. TE Mill Realtor. WILMINGTON tXQ DOWN-- Tnk* wer prmts. on 1 vr. old 3 B R * tit xt ranee 1 S UNITS. 1 units. riupteiM. nousct. firms. Owner. TE4I74I. 29 PALMS » PALMS. S U. + lot. utra an. iHjm f.r. owntr, HE ma. Ranches or Acreage 146 LUCERNE VALLCT 140 acres level, sand/ sail, wlnl wa'er COM tons, pear u.v Heel m.mrig cia'ms. gowJ lar farming, info SJUO On. win reduce crtr. fa Arrad'a fRIL BROCHURE. Land. Ian D'egg Cow'r. Cwf-tH'tf, Pi's. Cai Mountain and Desert 14 iron IALEI Commercial + Homo svo4 location. L«veh/ 1 Bdrm. 1 tarn, ured Cft=r busMss. Try J2000 Do.. 1) .listing loan .good for Beau ·r Barter tneo. Real Lsfa'e. e» tllis-fcriraaer P«41l _J417 I. luclKl An an»i · IG BtAH~1»uiT7cr~7ani Ir p'ace. rgg, l^cftci. 1190*** fit** Ing All year rtao. K't f* S4/SO flkr "If l-4Kt IN THE toomiiii .f tn. »". f"" S'i acres w'vew. rteft. swr »e«syTlnl wa'er area, tffll acr cash. Own«r. fACTiitf^Mllj. ^ 1 WILL. 0s*o\rf I1MO en ia »v C » t lat. CMica loi^t«. C g*fl; aft · · m. Bkr. JilT.' Isf. t ilMt. Monty to Loon IS taVt-4% an wrl s«cf e-1 L. § grgwtrf. (kr. C«i ;-««'. rloniy to Loon isl ' I?M B|AL IITtTI) 1 i «n INO TRUST DEEDS a.alU akl. en cj.atfl.d leans. Sampla Wg. favmls. *n tod's: $1000 $15 $1500 $22 $2000 __ $30 $2500 . .$37 (Less escrow 4 commission) NO BALLOON PAYMTS. Shop Compare!! Deal With a Local Co. THE GUIVER CO. Lender's Agent) HA 1-8261 SHI Del Amo -- Ufcewwd (Correr Beiificwer B'vd.) Private Money LOANS LO.V IN'TERCJTI N LOW COST MONTHLY PYMTS OM TOD1 AS LOW AS: J 1.000 t H.SO 1,500 :uo 1.500 , J5.00 } 500 _ 57.50 10.000 ... 150.00 WE ALSO ARRANGE 1ST TO LOANS »1.0»-IB,OC3 SAVE TIME-SAVE COST . WE BUY 1ST-- 7NO TRUST DEEDS CASH MOW-NO WAITING Hanbery's BRACKEN vlortgageCompany A Third Ganaralion Business Maximum 1st- 2nd Loans QUICK CASH LONG TERM-LOW PYMTS. Ill] Long Beach Blvd. HEmlock 2-7941 6.6% INT. 1ST LOAN - 54 YEASS S-YtAR 2NOS. NO BALLOO*! HOVL. APTS. LOIS, INO. ttE COMC TO YOUK HOME. TD'S LOANtD ON. ATLANTIC MTG. CO. }sra Atlantic. Rrn. ^4. CA 4 1714 L MAKE 7tlU TRUST DUO LOANS. BORfiOY/ OU YOUR M0«t. AS tO« AS IN INttO. 1ST ON INO TO.S AVAILABLE ON QUALIFYING LOANS, LYNN J. RAPHAEL -- HA till/ U)I E. SPRINT, 1ST-2NO-1RO R E LOANS CASH QUICK V.E COME TO YOUR HOME BANK MTG. LOAN CO. 1441 Atlantic CA »U2 CHLCK. OUR TERMS ON MO T D. REAL tSIAlU LOANS. PROMPT, COURUOUS. CONFIDENTIAL SC RVICE. Mary Holland HA 1-8231 Eves: HA t -I744 r AEI'I44 hE- have considerable prl«e'a rni^n. etf to loan en real estate. If. Air. Marly, HE 7-!!!l. REX. L HODGES CO. ECONO frmt d*rt toens. S vrs. ta p*f. r*romct otf.citl servire. b^t Stiitfi Co. TO J-im; JVC 44141 DCAt. m kieii e*ctcst»tiy. prorrct Action on ·'! #cpli«f on. H. R. tC *tMJ Trust Deeds 152 No Commission Chargo SPOT CASH rer 1st end 7n4 trust dretfi w- Dfe^i lie, QUICK ACTION. U **»rt In T.O. bwfleit In L B. th» ·trwunt l pi* 1 Is nt t» »e':»f HE 4 Ull *C) FIM BkJfl, 3.D Pf*« DON'T SELL YOUR T.D s CtT CASH QUICK WITH COILA.KRAL LOA» C*f tiled MotTst Loan. CA 4Qr*4 1 BUY T.D.s Too prices, tmmed *te *\n N» convnisvon -- H» rKrowi. f.\cflitt CA 4C,t4 litT.D. I0«o 40% Return inofl Term, dhoue Are*i. rrmc. Unir, A«*. Inc. (Uwntri tVA .VUil READY e»in lar nrri frutt ceees. i«ff!», Ritr^ 414 t. B(Lt-Y. HE: ftOOAAAM BUYS AC. LOAM FAST* 1/4S E. BROAD ft AY CEJCMO %E C*/ c*ih ton.t 4 J tDs'" ten price tin J*l*y hi- 3 Utl ·R,V. P4»rtv will tw .Ift-i of^.,f «% Or-F, Sim 2nJ T.O, 114 nft. 1%. due 3 vtari. Mt 4 3Ci* HiGHFST crl'fM p*d far TOs 4M rotes HC 77441, UN MJM CASH r-OR TDs Aoenl MCTRO PL ALT Y CA 7-CTI » »I?O-;ND TO., xx a ,c. M mt. · 1 du* 4*.^ vrs. Bkr. ME 4-3433 Money Wanted 153 WANT srao ut T.D. u«i on ewrf pccunied romm»r(i»i triij. ,5*rti It. II). Xlrt IXJI.on. ME V141I ·ttir · pjn. $7.000 first 7I/,'/.. O«on REX L^JfODCrS CO HC 7.1JSI "SSfLTSrerMJISF"- "gW-fiWlATrW /·"·· ·Unfit R wen's imj'l ir,-fi'sfs, TO 4-OiCl -- TO 4-7IM Boats and Outboards 160 \r GLASSPAR e*f*'r s«*t, 7 eter. stirtirtg )S hp. 1 * nr^e mctort 1 Irlr. X.r.t. torul t ;n · mtvty nrrts. CA I-O14 evrs. BY OWNCR 41* (Tesel limit* lnhtri tN«t. £L, 23-1. r Boston (Afi« tr, *ben. Liaa I4 1 Dntf^'es. S A^i'»' _M*rin* ner***- H-J». cr J4r:e tViNRUDC -- nw **·" (n*t»e'Cs". ' ftMtf el t'.\ i.rvn. U1IJ S P*r Cciil Mwv . 5ur* CE tC.?» STfT. t*t»n cn,.«r, sr»o tj irore^ ht*rj, OH'fv UM Pa'^.^Bf'ifK^sK r o ' Mtv*y e«"»s. ttW, rrv. P*r(v. W C 4 n a et»r J:M pw. jVOOtPM SLIPi.'v.AT£ff~A tLEfi- TH1CITY. 34 Ir. »9 U tt. Al*- r»i*oi B**. CC »JM1. Wu'rae. Csf. H*Y/]ce_Um" JJHP Were. '» motor, IJ" sf-*4 t««f Cover, contrail i SMS. l,n. TE I4UI. i?r etvjrter fry fl»* er treen. CC · im or CL MUL (ir CUSTOM n«se sre«J t**t. *·*-» f »-ier, fonJ m*t-tt»e t**M«.-d «w yf «Vf rtvyj tm. OP__! 3TA*. IT "CABIN cry;i*r, twi« enVkMS*. L0«d. flm. CE fCTT* ^cy Vi^ttTwif* 11 '' " 3 * ·r»-i»r C»'t Tr J*l* «*T J f f" .MOTORS JOHNSON MOTORS ITel MODELS, CLOSE OUr LEAdH'S 1211) C. CARSON. ARTtStA

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