Independent from Long Beach, California on February 13, 1958 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1958
Page 2
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J»ag. A-2-- INDEPENDENT «*»- "' "" rviL4iUU£ii ji .iiaaii. ·* */*.***» ^-»»w-- ^ ~ ------v ·diggings for the past few days; it should not be forgotten that elsewhere there is some real winter going on."' And it seems that some prefer it that way. . , . COMES WORD that the people in Greenville, Maine which Is 'pretty consistently New England's coldest community, Wee it that way and the 1,800 souls hibernating there seek no pity. WEDNESDAY the mercury slumped to 23 below. And there -- been iled 'Is 42 inches of snow on the ground--· -np 10 or more feet high. "' * GREENVILLE folks are . it hasn t been piled hardy. They're used to rough - -UMJCjTjIXVJLJJl^i J.UAVO cm. *.-- -j. ---- .,-- miffnWl winters. They dress for the weather, and, as Mrs. Clifford "Sawyer said, "I guess we like it." ? - ~MRS. SAWYER and her 'sori, Hugh, send official reports to the U S. Weather Bureau.- In the 21 years they've been doing itiiiTwork, the record was 36 below. And they have measured ImowfaH up to 149-inches-- almost 12% feet-- in a winter. · " TOM SHOT7ID Greenville be so consistently cold? Town .Manager Archie D. Sanborn offered this explanation: the village Is Wgh-better than 1,000 feet above sea level. It's surrounded ·by-rcountains and lies at the foot of Moosehead Lake, which .runs north and south. ' · ' ,, --. THUS, PREVAILING winds get a clear sweep of 40 .miles -down the lake. The town's 22 miles of roads and streets are ,optn. No factory, shop or school had to close, and community 4if -hasn't been curtailed. Bright Scholar Russ WouldEnd Travel Bail WASHINGTON CSP)--The new Soviet ambassador. Mikhail By BELL SHELTON " ' Menshikov, talked about travel · Although it hasn't been-exactly summery in these Wednesday with 1 vice-president Aiuiyugii jb juuii · . j , , . ·miTM,,, .rid later oronounced LINCOLN DAY ADDRESSES Nixon and later pronounced himself* in favor of "removing all restrictions" -- including those on travel .by U.S. citizens in Russia.. The amiable 1 envoy told reporters he expressed to "Nixon a desire to visit the Vice-President's, home state of California, but he said Nixon did not specifically invite him. Nor, he added, .did he tender a formal invitation to Nixon to visit Rus- John Miller, 11, of CTint, Mich,, found a bright dollar-like disc in the.'.now a week ago. He has been carrying it around as a J5^rHE e BOY SHOWED it Tuesday at junior high school. On ;thVback of the disc was printed: "U.S. Radium Corp. 953 radio- Active poison. Destroy" by burying." '*" "-'SCHOOL AUTHORITIES rushed John to-a hospital where -tests showed he apparently was not harmed by-radioactivity. ·"~"· AT US. RADIUM CORP., in Morristown, N.J., it was -exnhdned the company had made a half million of the discs for : *tht.Navy to be worn by sailors in night operations for iden- 'tification purposes. The discs were described as harmless. "·'·· "-BACK IN SCHOOL'Wednesday, John Miller was some " " of a.hero to the rest of the boys as he assured them it touch him. · ' - » - · * · · * A stolen kiss, ruled the Communist Buda- r ^^ j, pest court, is a "violation of personal free- MonV'' punishable by three months .in prison. · -u^'-THE RULING was reported Wednesday--two days before 56ffihtine's Day-in the newspaper Esti Hirlap. The 27-year-old ?S*onnel officer of a Budapest factory was hauled into court Accused of stealing a kiss from "one of the pretty young women 'iro'm the wage circulation department," he paper said. *C,-:HE HAD SUMMONED the girl to his office, "locked the '-ijhof embraced and kissed her." The girl broke from the embrace '^·'Sounded with her fists on the door until. another worker ie to her rescue. THE PERSONNEL officer got fired, but the court suspended his three-month sentence. ·. -'"-' sia.. · · * » HOWEVER, Menshikov emphasized to newsmen that Soviet policy was to "establish personal contact" in- different lelds and also "among leading personalities" or the United Itates and Russia. Newsmen noted tnat Russia ,as certain areas barred to Americans and the United States likewise has .areas barred o Soviet citizens. They wanted o know if Russia would accept a U.S. proposal to wipe out hese geographical restrictions n both countries, Menshikov replied he had not yet studied the q u e s t i o n thoroughly. But, speaking for limself, he said in a loud voice: "I'm in favor of removing all kinds of restrictions, and in favor of better understanding and more contacts." » * * * WHEN MENSHIKOV visited the State Department, reporters noted with interest that the gray hat he threw with noncha- .ance on a chair in the. diplomatic reception room was not Russian-made. It did not comc from a people's democracy either. It was a Borsalino, one of the most expensive European hats made by the renowned Italian hat manufacturer. Khrushchev ordered some suits from a Rome, tailor last year. |l3»iie Buried Miner Saved LOGAN, W. Va, (Thursday) --One of six miners, trapped under a huge slate fall in the Lundale mine of Amherst Coal Co., was rescued today after being buried six hours. The body of one of the other five men was located. A company spokesman said! the other four "are presumed dead." A seventh man working with the group escaped injury when a huge section of the roof collapsed shortly .after 6:40 Wednesday night about 2Vt miles inside the mine. The rescued man, .Glen Burchett, was brought to the surface about 12:14 a. m. and taken to a hospital. A mine spokesman said Burchett suffered no serious injuries. INDEPENDENT ·Publlihed dally Sunday at ·Ixth St. and Pine Ave., Long Beach 12, Calif. Entend aa leeond claii *«r Mar. 27, 1943, at Long Baaeh -,.·!, 'Calif. Adjudicated by Superior .-Court, Loa.Angslei County, Oct. 6, AH41. D«cre» No. C-10280. ,'·· P«p Par i : Month Y«ar ;:{.Carrltr Delivery »2.00 »Z4.0C *.iBy Mall 2.00 24.00 .;; Singli Copy . 10e Weather High »nd low t«mp«r«tur«i M re porttd by th» Unlttd SUtti Weather Buruu: , H. U, · H. L Lona Baaeh 5» 47 Okl». City 25 li Loa Angalat 62 52 Om»h« 18 ·· Laa Vtgai 55 38 Photnlx tS 3 Bo.ton 3Z 14 Plttaburgh 1*' 4 Chicago 18 7 PortUnd 52 4. Cleveland 15 0 St. Loul» 21 i Dtnver 33 3 St. Paul, 20 4 D«l Molnet 19 -1 Salt Lak« '43 2 Detroit 17 2 San Fran. SO 55 Miami 67 58 S«»ttl« BO 4- MawOrleana 37 -30 Thermal 72 4i Ntw YorK 31 23 Waahlngton- 34 2: TIDES. High tld« today will bi B.3 fee at 5:18 *.m. and 3.« f«at at 7:12 p.m. and low tldi wlll-bt -0.3 Too at 12;42 p.m. High tldta Friday will b« 5.B f«' at 8:12 a.m. and 3.» feet at 7:41 p.m. and low tldea will b 12:04 a.m and -O.S foot at 1:25 p.m. Sunrlia: 6:40; tunaet: 5:35. Fish Meal Fire at,Van Camps' Los Angeles city firemen were called to extinguish a fire in the fish meal bins at the Van Camp's cannery, -7772 Tunr St., Terminal Island Wednesday night Firemen said the flames broke out near th'e top of the bins at 10:20 p.m. Although fires of this type are potentially »«;oo dangerous.^ firemen said, this blaze was" put out within 2( minutes with a minimum of damage. Centos Sell Nation Short Three Boys field as Vandals By' Aiiodattd' Fitit Republicans in Lincoln .Day speeches 'Wednesday launched! an attack oh whiit one speaker called a 'sell America short" GOP - orators also extolled tfce accomplishments and.aims of ithe Eisenhower Adminis_tra- jorrln 'the".'fields- of economics, defense, science, foreign policy, agriculture, foreign trade- and civil .rights. · · · ; . . ' Three cabinet officers were among ' t h e speakers who roamed · the hangup 'circuit in search of-votes to'elect a Re- jublican-controlled. Congress in November. ·'.· v" : of Salt Lake City to plug the administration's new (arm pro- train -of .lower price supports and less production control. ·· ··· He expressed concern over what he termed the "price-cost squeeze",still facing the' farm- ;r* and called, on business arid labor to refrain from actions that would raise farm production., costs-still further.'- · · - . . . Benson and others, referred to the rise in unemployment as a "temporary problem:-' ' .-· · · · » . * · Presldent Eisenhower." » · * * SECRETARY of Agriculture Benson went to his home town Baby-Killing Mother Taken off Critical List BELLFLOWER--A 24-year- old mother, who told sheriff's deputies she. shot' her,eight- week-old infant daughter and then fired a bullet into her own chest, was taken from the critical list Wednesday after the bullet was removed at .Los Angeles General Hospital. Mrs. Gloria Chamas, 10031 Center St., is "confined to the hospital's prison ward on suspicion of homicide in the shoot- SECRETARY of Commerce Weeks sounded the most,vehement battle cry in. a speech prepared for a party rally in Brooklyn. He. said the "Democratic gloom and. doom, brigade's whole program bolls down to three words: -Sell America Short'" , · ' ' : Weeks said Republicans are going to slug back and "nail every reckless charge--hit hard --but we'll fight clean." He ·aid launching of the Explorer satellite "confounded our crit- s." - "The people know," .Weeks tag of her said, "who in all the world is Tuesday at^the family s Bell- doing the most to wage total peace. Not the firebrands or the fear-mongers. They know it's flower home. "The father, Gust, 24, was at work as a truck driver at the time of the shooting. A son, Larry, 5, was at kindergarten. A third child, Laura, 18 months, was unharmed. FULLERTON--Three iiles who" became Intoxicated with.« stolen, bottle .of champagne wrecked the-Fern Drive ! i e m « n t a r y , School- here Wednesday night Police Sgt. Fred King, said all three are in custody and are 13, 12 and 9 years of, age He said the trio, first broke into a home and, took -a bottle- of champagne and after consuming t, apparently vented their, hate or school.'. The damage. listed as 14 windows' smashed, blackboards amaged' in many- class..- room! and two totally wrecked, tjiird grade class rooms. King de cribed the rooms as reseml n area hit by a tornado'.. The boys were apprehended n information supplied'by a Oryear-old neighborhood boy who- told officers he discovered the damage and didn't want ,to ie blamed-for it To Visit in Asia VIENNA (CEl--A Romanian government delegation headei y Premier' Chivu Stojca will pay official state .visits to India Burma, arid Ceylon in March Bucharest radio said Wednesday. Dollar Days at ZUKORS ,.,,.,,,. Long Itach · SM P«gt DDT ** PETBOMTO IF THE STATE establishes the tideland boundary very far north of the present line it will mean real,complications. The private companies may h»ye to pay to the city and st*.te millions of dollars of put oil proflti. · .' , · · · . . ! · ' · BUT THE CITY may. also have to pay the .state part of the we.have received from upland oils. , . * · · * Millions of dollar* of our bonded indebtednew wai p«M Senators Upset Briefly by Smoke 'WASHINGTON ttE -- Senators . thought . for awhile resembling Wednesday thitthey might in. for a. hot time. Blue smoke filtered through out the upper part of. the Sen ate wing'of the Capitol, causes some' temporary concern. A hurried search turned the trouble -- smoke from workman's acetylene torch hac gotten-'into the building's ven tilatlng system. There was no damage. with the*e upland oil * ·' » · WE PURCHASED park lands and have used the money Jbr many city-wide services and projects. » . · · » . .- · . If tbat money ha* to be repaid to the tideland fund* It can be a crushing tax cm taxpayer*. · · * * * IT IS JUST ONE MOKE of the complications, oil has brought to Long Beach. : · · ' » . · * · . · ' Many people feel our tideland* have been much inor* detrimental:than rood for n*. : MM the Life · *!I«T «t tl» HUNTIHQTON HOTEL ·* OF A BLOCK LONG (III t. OCIAHII.YD- LONG 1EACH Thli hoUl ruin tlmufh Irom tin boulevard to til* OCMH. two lobbtti. All rooms htv« prlvui bithi. brand now w»ll-to-w»n cmrp«unic. wrttinj dulti. tiltphont »nd dxlly mild Hrvlce. Lari* dlnlni room · lic«« Uii octan. Room and nualu -»t,SO wiek tach ptnon. Cholct ittaJii, primi rlbi at but. roait turlcey. baked Vlrtlnia ham aid iriryUimK rood to ««t.- No lutttr tood any- what. VhoD* HE «-«233. Our din- Inr room alio cateri to tht : outildc public. Club brttHfant I5c; nnular 3lnntr«-|2.US. 24-Hour $trv/et HE 2-2973 1761 imtricaii A e Ike's Throat Better WASHINGTON (HE) -- The White House reported Wednesday that President Eisenhower's hoarseness and sore throat were continuing to improve daily, but had not cleared up completely. Preview DOLL HOUSE ' ESTATES"' Moif "iMit/M Otllt '· f*« Yf»rlf Compl»t«ly n«w and dif- f«r»nt, l u x u r y l«atur« throughout. 3 btdrooms, 2 full lath*. F.H.A. 30-YEAR LOANS iQCfloo n\t* ONLY 03U DOWN Coils Orangiwood AT*., Juit «trit of Hwy, 39 (r»ar oi Ralain Marktt parking or«a) Op«n 10 A.M. to t PJM. Daily A Dtvtl«pffl*«f ly HCHRY C. COX Plien* TWinoakt 3-8162 . RELAX DE LUXE... ENJOY BOURBON deLUXE KENTUCKY'S BEST NOW COSTS LESS KENTUCKY'S BEST BOURBON CALIFORNIA'S BEST BUY NMH K IDE COWMT, LNmill, H., KlWia IT: UTUIUL UStUaS KODUCTS-CO.. mm mm mm »WEI. · nw the best of brakes in the car of Magnificent Change Bulok'* Award-Winning Alr-Cool*d Aluminum Br»k*«* "...conm«rvatlv»ly, «.1OOI lmprov«m«n* ·v*r conv»ntlon»l Detroit brmk*«." SPORT* CARS ILLUSTRATED, P«k. Aft«r making 22 Kn«rg«noy «rtop« from «X) MPH In «1»BB BulcKCBMTUHV, SCI t.lli rt» r»«d«r»: "Thl» w«« by f»r th« mo»t mmvtn t»»t w« »v»r h«v« ·ubmltt«d · ««d«n'. br«k»« to, but «ft«r It w«» ov«r th* Bulck'ii br«K«« f unctlontxl p^f«ctly." aWf M~,+»~j Met h SAFETY f UT£ GlHI Look at aU you can have in the B-58-no wonder it's Buick ? s year to cheer » j · . . ·· . » BJ8 DYN'ASXAR GRILLE-stunning highlight of the new face of fashion. *i MIGHTY B-12000 ENGINE-develops 12,000. pounds . of thrust behind each power stroke. SPECTACUlAR PLIGHT PITCH DYNAPLOW* --switches the pitch it million ways automatically -- prorides perfea power delivery. MIRACLE CHASSIS PLUS AIR RIDE* -- automatically . tdjusts itself to every road and load, cradles ;your ride on 4 columns of air. RUGGED X-BRACED CHASSIS WTTH FAMOUS BUICK ^ROTOFLOW TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE - gives you- the air ride «t its buoyant best DUAL VISTA-VISION HEAD LAMPS--have 50%, stronger "brights" -- 25 % stronger; "low" beam.. THE UNIQUE' OPEL --the imported ait made by General Motors, in · Germany--din nowbeccdered inSedftnandCurma. models through »utborizcd Buidc deikn. \ ·VELVET WALL" SOUND SILENCING - scientifically seals out road noises, heat and vibration. SAFETY PLATE GLASS ALL AROUND - protects you tnd your family-- gives distortion-free risibility. .SPARKLING NEW LUCTTE PAINTS-- ibxt retain their. beautiful luster far longer-optional at very little coit. WORLD'S FINEST POWER ACCESSORIES -Oet yon. your choice of power options for steering, braking, windows, seat adjustment, automatic head-lamp dimmer-- even;a power radio antenna. All engl« the bigbett tUtndords of *tUttt Piteb Dyiuftoa ami** on IJMrrro mi R0/DMAME* 75, ix*» cost o* othtr Sffio. Soiek *r rUf opthiut* **»' l 'Smu. Aimuinttm Front Brilui stmtdtri ·» M Ufoy Wet 117V.S1i««-"TI» Potric. Munnl Show," rtorrlng fofrk. MUM), «· ASC-TV and "Tote, of Wtflt Forjo," rtorrlng Dote **»**». «· S E E Y O U R A U T H O R I Z E D B U I C K D E A L E R

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