The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 22, 1978 · Page 16
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 16

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 22, 1978
Page 16
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l:u!y Nr.vio Fridav Mornina. September 22,1978 .. .i.i iy .v . , ^^•••1^ _^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^MMiMa^^^^» The Firms Listed Below Urge Your Support Of Ball High & O'Connell Football DENNIS MENCACCI DANNY GI11ASP1A TROY TAYLOR GINO MARCH! MATTHEW OLIVER PAUL MORGAN JAMES WILLIAMS CARLTURNER Ball High Tors Houston Bound For Meeting In Astrodome With Yates By DAVID McKENNA to I louston to face the Yates News Sports Writer Lions underneath the lights Ball High's Tors will be of the Astrodome at 7:30 seeking its first win of the p.m. year tonight, as thev travel For the third week in a FlANTOWSKYS EV£RVTHING FOR THE HOME GALVE5TON 2117 Church 7A3-4374 TEXASCITY 832 -5»h Ave. N. 943-4486 Bradshow's FLORISTS PHONE 762-8806 2623 BROADWAY GOOD LUCK TO BALL HIGH AND O'CONNELL ualitij n y c><^~~3 , % •*• Cleaners & Laundry I 5117 BROADWAY PHONE 762-9176 • rt 6 ALWAYS A LEADER SONY Aak anyone. music CEIUER 527-21sfST. PH: 763-2457 GAIVBTON COUNTY'S MOST COMPLETE MUSK STORf BEST WISHES TO O'CONNELL & BALL HIGH FROM G&G BAKERY 13th ST. AT AVE. L — PH. 765-9446 Aramco OUTSIDE BLINDS 5105 BROADWAY PHONE 762-9652 FOR BEST SELECTION OF tevi's 1310TREMONT COMPLETE FLORAL SERVICE CbRSAGES • PARTIES - v/£DDINGS - SPRAYS BASKETS XUiY GOODWIN OWNER PH. 763-5449 row, the Tors will be squaring off against a topflight team of equal, if not better, talent. Yates combines all the tools necessary lo win on the AAAA level. They have size, and plenty of it. speed and talent. There is little else a coach could ask for, except that he not have to play against them. The spark that ignites the Lions, according to Ball High coach Wilson Elliott, is fullback Ronnie James. Over his 6' 2" frame, James has spread 22,> pounds and couples that with 9.a speed to make him a terror any and every time he touches the ball. Last year he ran for 745- yards and through two games this year he has accounted for 235-yards on 30 carries for a 7.8 average. One of the big pluses in James' favor other than size and speed is his lost yardage percentage. This year he has lost no yardage rushing Ihe ball and last year he only lost 17-yards the entire season. Said Elliott, "James is the one to stop. They are probably a little more run oriented team with James in there because he gets 5, 6 or 7-yards everytime he touches the ball. We have got to stop him before he gets to the line of scrimmage." Even if the Tors manage to contain James, they still will have a handful to contend with. Yates has big play possibilities when they go to the airways and Elliott said he fully expected for the Tor secondary to gel a rough lest. Attacking the Yates' defense will present another small challenge to the Tor offense. That challenege may come in the form of tackle Garland Short, a 6* 3" 287-pound behemoth who can move. The Tors' plan of attack said Elliott would be simple, make them respect the run. "We have got lo get some yardage inside against them. If we can get some yadage up the middle, their linebackers will have to respect our fakes into the line and that will open up the play-action passes." "Basically," continued Elliott, "Yates will line up in a 4-3, but they will shift their line and secondary coverage quite a bit to confuse the offensive blocking scheme. And, if they are successful with a stunt, they'll keep coming until you stop it." The Tors, having scored three touchdowns this year and having had all three extra points blocked, have worked a great deal in practice on PAT protection. Elliott said he felt the blocking errors have been corrected and he's hoping for plenty of chances to try it out. Yates has not been particularly fancy in their first two games as far as offensive plays. They rely on James for most of their yardage and take the big play when they can get it. The ideal situation for the Tors, said Elliolt, would be to control the ball for long periods of lime, eating up the clock and keeping them away from the ball. On defense, the Tors must eliminate the long run and pass, while giving Yates nothing easy. Elliott concluded with this remark, "We pretty well have to play a perfect game. We can't afford a mistake that will hurt us and we need to see how long they can go without making a mistake of their own." "If we play well, it'll be a tight game. And if we don't, it's gonna be a long night." Ball High's startinglineup: OFFENSE: Quarterback-Scott Clements (175), Running Backs -Frank Avery (190) and Eric Jones (180), Tight End-Raphael Moore (190), Wide Receivers-Keith Myers (165) and Bucs Looking For Second Victory By DAVID McKENNA News Sports Writer The O'Connell Buccaneer will pack bag and baggage tonight and head for Van Vleck to tangle with the Van Vleck Leopards at 7::w p.m. O'Connell now stands at 1-1 on the year, after suffering a 14-0 loss last weekend to the Santa Fe Indians. This week's game will give the Bucs an opportunity to crack the win column again. Last week the Bucs could generate little offense in their game and during the past week numerous players have been sidelined with the flu. But, coach Willie Huggins plans to have his team in tact when they take the field tonight and he is looking for a tough game from the Leopards. Running out of a multiple offense, Van Vleck has racked up to victories to date. Quarterback Leslie Wyche seems to be the catalyst for Van Vleck with his running and scrambling antics that turn busted plays into long gainers. Said Huggins, "They (Van Vleck) like to run sprint outs, !ead and dive options with Wche doing most of the running. Wyche is the kind of a kid who turn a b.-oken play into six- points in no time." "We have got to contain Wyche. Their passing game is not their strong point and we'd like to force Wyche to pass. We want him to pass, not run." The O'Connell coach went on to describe the Van Vleck line as big. but not overly quick. An area where the Bucs' speed may prove to be a valuable asset. Running against the'Van Vleck 5-2 could be major problem for the Bucs. The Leopards line up with a 250- pound and a 22U-pound ends holding down the flanks, with a 180-pounder waiting in the middle. Controlling stunts along the line of scrimmage will be another headache for the O'Connell line, but to win, they must control the line and" run said Huggins. "We're gonna have to be able to run to take the heat off our passing game. We want to pass against them, but we have to make them respect our running game first." Van Vleck was victimized by a couple of long passes against Hitchcock last weekend (Vleck won 30-26) and with a respectable running game, the Bucs may be able to do same again tonight. "We need to control the ball on offense, prevent them from the long gain and have a good kicking game," summerized Huggins. "They have a good size, speed and talent, but 1 think if we get all our kids back, we'll be ready to play a good game." Ball control will be a key for O'Connell tonight, as Huggins pointed out. Every time the Leopards have the ball Wyche is a threat to break one, and giving up the quick six- pointer is a luxury the Bucs just can't afford at this juncture. The O'Connell Booster Club coaches of the week for tonight's game will be Mr. Robert Moody and Mr. LeoMencacci. O'Connell's starling lineup: OFFENSE: Quarterback-Bobby Eggleslon (160), Running Backs-Alfio Lofaro (135) and Jimmy Coughlin (140). Tight Ends-Mike Tramonte (155) and Shawi Popovich (165), Wide Receiver- Ernie McNeil! (H5). Tackles-Mark Larson (220) and Pete Hernandez (185). Guards-Gino Marchi (160) and Danny Gillaspia (175), Center-Bobby Hughes (170). DEFENSE: Ends-Mike Tramonte and Sieve Godinich (155) or Shawn ??opovich. Tackles-Mark Larson and Troy Taylor (185), Linebackers-Danny Gillaspia, Pete Hernandez and Bobby Hughes, ?M?onster-Russell Moody (155), Cornerbacks—Ernie McNeil! and Danny Heffernan (135), Safety-Jimmy Coughlin. Vincent Courville < 160), Tackles-Terry Pelteway (180) and Eddie Davis (210*. Guards-Gilbert Robinson (185) and James Williams (195), Cenler-Therman Biggers<175i. DEFENSE: Ends-Carl Turner U70j and Raphael Moore, Tackles-Mark Cummins (218) and Steve Rogers (200), Linebackers-Matthew Oliver (175), Albert Copeland (180) and Gilbert Robinson, Comerbacks-JoJo Dorsey (190) and Moody Hatcher (180), Safeties-Vincent Courville and Paul Morgan (170). The News 9 Grid Picks Of The Week Games Yates-Ball High O'Connell-Van Vleck Dickinson-Dobie Spring-Clear Creek Northbrook-La Marque Cleveland-Santa Fe Cypress Ck. -Friendswood Pasadena-Texas City Wyoming-Texas Rice-Oklahoma A&M-Boston College SMU-Penn State Baylor-Kentucky Utah-Houston TCU-Oregon Michigan-Notre Dame Okla. St. -Arkansas Arizona-Texas Tech USC-Alabama UCLA-Kansas MikeRindahl 28-121.700) Yates O'Connell Dobie Spring La Marque Santa Fe Firendswood Pasadena Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M Penn State Baylor Houston Oregon Michigan Arkansas Texas Tech Alabama UCLA Paul Amett 27-1 3 (.675) Yates Van Vleck Dobie Spring La Marque Santa Fe Friendswood Pasada Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M Penn State Kentucky Houston TCU Michigan Arkansas Texas Tech Alabama UCLA Vince Stiglich Jr. 26-14 (.650) Yates O'Connell Dobie Spring La Marque Cleveland Friendswood Pasadena Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M Penn State Kentucky Houston Oregon Notre Dame Arkansas Texas Tech Alabama UCLA David McKenna 25-15 (.625) Ball High Van Vleck Dobie Spring Northbrook Santa Fe Friendswood Pasadena Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M SMU Kentucky Houston TCU Notre Dame Arkansas Arizona Alabama Kansas A.C. Becker 25-15 (.625) Ball High Van Vleck Dobie Spring Northbrook Cleveland Friendswood Pasadena Texas Oklahoma Texas A&M Penn State Baylor Houston Oregon Notre Dame Arkansas Arizona Alabama UCLA 2118POSTOFFICE — 765-7749 ^^—^—^*B^^ ^»^^ ^^^^ ^«^^ •» • "^^ ~—^ — — ISLAND CITY IRON & SUPPLY INC. 7100POSTOFFICE — 744-3695 BEST OF LUCK TO BALL HIGH & O'CONNELL TEAM OUTFITTERS FOR GALVESTON COUNTY 6UTREMONT,GAIVE$TOM 767-8479 mSTEICHUCE UMUKHCAH 3533 PALMBHWT., THUS CITY 948-8399 BEST WISHES TO BALL HIGH AND O'CONNELL HIGH! PAUL SHEAN DECORATING CENTER B.L.P. MOBILE PAINTS • FLOOR COVERING DECORATING IDEAS 2121 -45th STREET 762-8673 MAINLAND FLORAL, inc. 7710 BROADWAY 765-4696 SALUTES • BALL HIGH TORNETTES, WHIRLETTES & BAND • O'CONNELL BUCCO BELLES &BAND PROFESSIONAL AUSTIN INSURANCE AGENCY LEWIS HARRIS, C.P.C.U. TOM PATRICK, C.P.C.U. Insurance 622 22nd Street CHALMERS 20O2 BROADWAY 762-9292 "We Sell The Amount You Need" OflH MONDAY THRU SATURDAY • BEFORE 8 A.M. to i P.M. We Cut Gloss, Chicken Wire, Hardware Cloth, Screen Wire, Electrical Wire, Choin, Copper Tubing and Cut ond Thread Pipe. AQUA-: GALVESTON COUKTY SCUBA ACADEMY 804 UNIVERSITY 763-0456 WET SUIT SPECIALS THIS MONTH LIVE BROADCAST UveTonite beginning at 6s30 TONITE ON COACHES TALK SHOW AT6:15 KGB6 1540 ON YOUR DIAL Pasadena vs Texas City King's Jewelers - Gene Hamon Ford Mainland Savings Delayed from O'Connell at Van Vleck College Football

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