The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on October 9, 1906 · Page 4
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 4

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 9, 1906
Page 4
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-v;nii,i,icUTHE CONSTITUTION OCT 9 1906 Need Not Bring Suffering andMisery This perfectly natural change in a woman's life !s too often accompanied by painful, distressing symptoms due to female troubles and slight irregularities in her delicate organism. The woman who passes this change without the development of tumors, cancers, or chronic invalid- Isrh enters a new field of happiness and usefulness in the domestic circle and fti .social activity. Her physical system should receive the necessary assistance at this critical period. lydiaLPinkftams Vegetable Compound Is exactly suited to woman's needs at this time. It strengthens and cures all derangements of the female organism, it overcomes the hot - flashes and dizzy fainting spells, and all other distressing symptoms. I Was in Bed for Three Weeks DEAR MRS. PIWKHAM :—I suffered a great deal during Change of Life. For •leven weeks 1 had hemorrhages and it made me so weak I was in bed for three weeks. I began taking Lydia E. Pinkharn's Vegetable Compound, although it was against ' my doctor's will and I had to hide it. I took it regularly until I had taken five bottles, _„ and ft brought me out all right, a perfectly strong, well woman. Any one can tell hoy healthy I am by looking at my picture, and any one can write to me or my daughter about our wonderful cures. MRS. F. M. MUSHRUSH, East Chicago, Ind. ,' The whole Secret of safety at this time of life is thorough preparation before the change begins. Fortify the system with a course of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This wonderful medicine has carried thousands of women through this danger period. No such helpful advice to women who are^ick can be had anywhere as will be received free by addressing Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass. Mrs. Pinkham is daughter-in- law of Lydia E. Pinkham, and for twenty-five years under her direction, and since her decease, she has been advising sick women free of charge. Lydia E PinHiam's Vegetable Compound Cures Where Others Fail I PERSONAL AND LOCAL Edward Thornburg of Wheeling 1 was a Tuesday business visitor in | the city. Charles S. Hudson of Hale is in the city the guest of friends and relatives. Rev. George Sturges and J. N. Alton are congned to their homes with illness. Mrs. Biegs will return tonight from a week's visit with her son, at Edina, Mo. John Campbell returned Monday night from a prospective tour through Nebraska. Mrd. Lizzi > Fanta and Mrs . Bevie Burgher of Coatsville, Mo.,aro. iu the city the guests of Meads. J. F. Murray of Unionvillo was SALE OF COOPER REMEDIES REACHES LARGE FIGURE QUICKLY MAS. fvlYER'S PLEA REFUSED. Jefferson City, Oct. 8 —Mrs. I Aggie Myers gets no appeal at the': I)ela y hands of the Missouri supremo court. The court this morning at chambers after a consultation do- | Do the right thing at tho right nied the application of Mrs Mycr's ' time - B - ien Dangerous in Chil- cothe STILL AT THE OLD STfiNB E. M. CRELLIN FITTING SPECTACLES II? CHILLICOTHE FOR 20 YEARS Dr. Arthur J. Simpson, SURGEON AND OCULIST Eye Ear Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Nose, Throat. Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and Throat. GLASSES FITTED Office in Herman Bldg. Nortli Side Sq.. Phones 8S and 212 attorneys ii. E> miiY «ud Judge Fowler, for a writ of t-rrox 1° a P peal tho case to the United States Supreme cc:urt. i'The only hope. DOW is for the attorneys to go to Washington and get an order from the United States Supreme court if possible to tajje the ease from the state court. Her attorneys, when they were here last, said they would do that if tbe writ was denied her. The attorneys are not here today and tho court decided to deny her appeal at a conference in the chamber of the presiding judge, G- B. Burgess, of Division No. 2 of the supreme court, which is the criminal division. Mrs. Myer's respite, granted by Governor Folk, will expire October 26. THE TEXAS WONDER Cures all Kidney, Bladder and Rheu-r.a'tic troubles. Sold by all druggists or two months' treat ment by mail for SI. Dr. E. W Hall. 2926 Olive street, St. Louis Mo. Send for Mo. testimonials. Act quickly in times of danger. Backache is kidnry danger. Doau's Kidney Pills act quick- iy. Cures all distressing, dangerous kidney ills. Plenty of this, evidence to prove in the city Monday evening transacting business and visiting friends. A. J. Ellettof Browning was a Monday business visitor in the city aud was visiting friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Al Roof and children returned Monday from a pleasure trip through Colorado aud other western states John McCuistiou loft Tuesday iifcernooa for Kansas City where he will spend several days with relatives aaei fr.ea is. Fortify the system against disease by purifying and enriching the blood—in other words, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. Mrs. J. E. Huff returned Tuc:- r lay morning from Laredo where she has been the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Roy Sisk. J. S. McNaily, who has been confined to his home for the past three weika with typhoid f«-ver, was reported better Tuesday'. Mr*. H. G. Hubbard returned Tuesday to her home in Moberly, after ;\ vi>-it with her parent?, Mr. and MM. J. H. Brownfleld of West Wi bstei street. Hsrry Ware of Blue Mound and Henry Beayer and Lee Ray cf Fain-Sow township were iu the city Monday evening en route to Kaiis'it City to attend the Stock show. Marriage licenses were issued late Monday evening to D. M. Babbitt and Cora Burnea of St. Augustine, III , and Addison C Ware of Chillicothe and Lillian A. Ingram of Bogard, Mo. Misses Kthel and Jessie Davis, who accompanied the remains of their mother, NMrs. Julia Oavi.-, which were interred in E.igowood cemetery returned to their home in Kansas City Tuesday. Lottie Blair Parker's most successful play, ' Under Southern Skies', is one of the > plays to be seen iu this ci'y in tho near lu ure. •'Way Down East" is the play Many Surprising Sta'tmants Made By Person Using- Remedies Bsar Out Claims. St. most Louis, October 8 —The interesting feature of tho enormous sale of the Cooper preparations, now going on in this city, is what the medicines are actually accomplishing among the poorle of St. Louis. At tho commencement of his visit here Mr. hooper prophesied that during the latter part of his stay l.e would receive hundreds of callers daily who came airnply to thank him for what the preparations had done. He also stated that stomach trouble is tbe foundation for a great many diseases, 'ind that his New Discovery, as it is called, would prove very effective in all cases of ^rheumatism, titnply by getting the stomach in working order. That this prophecy has been fulBlled cannot be doubted after a half hour apentatthe young man's headquarters, listening 1 to what 'his callers have to say. A reporter who watched to ascertain, if possible, some light on the reasons for the immensity of Cooper's success interviewed about twenty of his callers yesterday afternoon. The statements made by those seen indicate that physicians who claim that Cooper is merely a passing fal, have not looked into the facts, Some of these statements were as follows: Mrs. Anas B. Hampton, living at \-\22 Michigan Aye., upon being questioned said: 'I have been troubled with gen- thtt first brought this ceK-brated author prominently before thf public. Attractiveness and unique features in "Under Southern Skies" are tho Juck-o-lautern pumpkin dance and the TlHlln«vo'en tricks. Neither of which had been seen on the stage until Mrs. Parker Society and Cl\jbs Mrs. H. B. Hewitt entertained he Domestic Science club at her home on West Calhoun street Tuesday afternoon. After club lours tlaiuty refreshments were ;erved by the hosU s. —[IMITATE — JAS. CORNWELL Jim is only 1-5 years old, but he is drawing 1 $40 a month in J St. Joseph. Jim enrolled in M AUI'l X'S JQ0ijLEGlS. If you are not a chump you'll enroll too. Maupin's College "•EXPOSITION SCHOOL" *-— Chillicothe' Mo. . No sickly women or weak men will evor regret taking Holiister's Rocky Mountain Tea. It's brought happinees to thousands of homes. Tea or Tablets, 35 cents.—N. J. Swetiand Drug Co. Mrs. Mary M. Kinley, living ;it 1221 N. Locust street, Chillicothe, Mo., says: "My first experience with Doau's Kidney jPills was about two years ago. It was just after the excite- "!'.,- • iu" h> "- "u*" "<"" T""^' , , J , utilized them in her play. Luclla ment and work of entertaining friends that I was suddenly taken down. My kidneys acted almost incessantly and a terrible burning pain in. the passage. Across the small of my back and shoulders seemed to bo on fire, while the lower part of body felt cold. My sister,who had been cured of Dropsyjby Doan's Kidney Pilld, sent to the N. J. Swetiand Drug Co.'s store and got me a box. Af- :er taking a few doses, I com- nenced to feel easier and I grad- •jally got well. However, I kept on with the pills until I had taken several boxes. I always keep them on hand and recommend them to my friends whom I hear complaining about kidney trouble. I have neyer yet heard anyone say a ^harsh word about Doan's Kidney Pills." For salo by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Mill burn Co., Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Fellows arrived home from the Illinois State Fair held at Springfield. Mr. Fel. lo»s was with the J. I. Case Plow an i the Flint wagon and buggy exhibit. He says the fair was a grand success ami that his business was excellent. Mrs. J. P. Henderson, who haa been the guest of her parents, Mr and Mrs. J. W. Bolts, for the past two weeks,will return to her homo in Kansas City Wednesday. She WABASH RATES If you want to go to New York now is tbe time, the-rate is very i Jow, first class tickets and claes service. Homeseekers excursions, fare plus $2 for the round trip, tickets on sale first and third Tuesday of each month, limited for return 21 days from date of sale. W. E\ CREAMER, Agent. CHamber!aiu's Cougrn icemedy Acts on The mobt successful medicines, are those that aid nature. CHAMBERLAIN'S COUGH REMEDY acts on this plan. Take it when you have a ^ohl aa.d it will allay tbe cough, relievo the lungs, aid expectoration, open the secretions j and aid nature iu restoring the ; system .to a healthy condition, i Thousands, have testified to its ! superior excellence. It counteracts ;any tendency of a cold to result in J pneumonia. Price, 2o cents. Large ! size, 50 cents. For sale by tbe N. | J. .Swetiand Drug Co. Buffalo. Now York, sole agents for the United Status. Remettber the name Doau's and take no other. CLASSIFIED ADVERTiSEPflEHTS . Perhaps you need a bracer first: something tuat v,-ai yive you cner- { ' gy, life and ambition. A sugges- ° He i tion—try I. W. Hrrper whiskey. Sold by M. L. Higyins. FOB SALE buys a 5-room cottage near First ward school. Ground ICO feet square. Good neighborhood. Water and sink in kitchen. Inquire at this office, dtf For sale—Cottage in Gravesville, three lots, two wells, everything in good condition. Price §550, Will tike team and wagon or cow as part payment. William Misenhelter, at Connty Infirmary. For sale—A top, single, buggy almost new. Also set sipgl.; harness. Will sell 3t.a b.ig-.iri if taken tit oure. , J-S-'ltf Saunders-Turuer Luuib-r Co. will be accompanied by her mother, who will spend two weeks in the city. "The Earl and the Girl"the musical show with Eddie Foy, which has just terminated a successful run of over two hundred nights at the Casino theatre, New York City, will be seen in this city. This attraction was one of the big hits of the current season and should, no doubt, attract considerable attention when it is presented here tonight, Mr?. Lucy Hatcher received a letter from her son, Guy, who sailed from Boston Ijtt month en route to Burmah where he goes as a missionary from thtf Baptist Union. He stated that he spent Sunday in London and would leave that place soon for his dee- ,eral dfbility, woikaass, dizziness, headaches, sleeplessness and stomach trouble, for over three years. I had tried a number of medicines and visited several doctors but none helped me. I heard ou all sides of theseCooper Remedies and decided to try them. Any one who says that they are not wonderful medicines, does not know what they are talking about. After I used the first bottle, 1 noticed a decided improvement. I have taken three bottles of the New Discovery and I now feel as well as I ever have in my lifo. 1 rileep and eat as I have not done for years, aud I am happier than I have been for a long time. I huve come here to thankMr.Coop- er for what he has done for me." Tho statement of John F. Ehrn- dal, living at 927 N. llth st , was as follows: "I have suffered with stomach trouble and constipation for a year or so. When I ate I would have bloated spells, sour stomach, fermentation, bad taste in my mouth. In the morning I was as tired as when I wont to bed. I had a dull pain in the lower part of my back, and had to ge. up several times in the night. I have almost taken one bottle of the New Discovery and I am so wonderfully improved that I have come down here to thank Mr. Cooper iu person and obtain more of the medicine." Another statement was made by Miss Margaret Gordan, living at 210 Center street, who said: "I have been a sdfeeror with rheumatism for several years. I have tried many remedies, and have b;en treated by a number of physicians. Nothing helped me in any way and I despaired of finding relief. I was in a general rundown condition, also, and had some stomach trouble. I was told by friends of the Cooper remedies arid decided to try some of them. I purchased some of the New Disco-very medicine,although it took me three hours to do so, as the crowd was so dense. This was last Thursday. I was im- SEES TROUBLE IN FUTURE. California a Eegion of Earthquakes, Says Noted 'Writer in Harper's Weekly. There is uo better established fart in the history of earth than that California hi agf-s past has been the theater of some of the most tremendous displays of volcai.ic energy. There are square miles of lava beds in the north mmmtain.i composed entirely of stones: iiinuuierablu remnants of craters aud rones; miles of hills that Ibuk to this day like waves of arrested lava covered with a ihlii skin of soil, where no irce grows; to say nothing of the rale told in the layers of rock that may be seen on many a bare mountain side, writes \ Gertrude Athertun in Harper's Week- I ly ' • i We have in the north—and not to ! mention the hundreds of small and • nameless cones—three sreat peaks i Diablo, St. Helena and Shasta—Hint ' are believed to have \>enn active vol- j canoes in the unwritten period of • California's long and energetic story, j Regarding Shasta there, is no man- j ner of doubt, and during tho earth- I quake I wondered if slu.- were in ' eruption; for only a month before per- i sons in her neighborhood were much j alarmed at the phenomenon of snow j melting on one of her Hanks as quick- | ly as it fell. A year before the eruption of Polee, supposed to be extinct, and of the volcano on St. Vincent. 1 was in the I West Indies, and heard constant talk ! of the island of Monserrat, which !uid shaken for four months almost without pause. Last winter—within a brief period—there were i',Z distinct tremors in this part of Cal r'ornia— some 13 months before the strange convulsion of April 18. May it not be that our lava tides are rising again? Tho splitting asunder of the Santa Crux mountains and the Sobrante hills, as unusual an accompaniment as th>-> earthquake itself, may be a result of the bulge of the crawling monster in the chanmls beneath. Shasta is its natural destination.- Should this be EG. nnd this uneas? mass vomit, itself through through the volcano far in tho m.rtli. might it not mean the future pefice of 9an Francisco? True, she might have her old tremors, but they have not hurt her—not even the great earthquake of 1SOS, which was nearly twice as long as our last, and was followed by several weeks nf constant nnit considerable vibrations. If this last and most malefic convulsion in her known history were caused ,by returning volcanic forces. the opening lid of the northern pot would at least preserve her from i do not call .Vfinr attention solely to our low prices-any one can quote meaningless liquors. Ktither would \ve have vou be conscious of the incontrovertible fuel the clothes to which our low prices are attached represent the most noteworthy accomplishments of hi.u'h-prh-ed tailor skill. forme;l from models am", fashioned ul fabrics which are abrest with the hour or ever beyond it. 11'you have never experienced tlie lasting satisfaction Mich clothes c.infer, you will appreciate them even more than mir regular patrons. $10 00 to $27.50 UV.-el! t KI'.LOK \YiUm I tin celebrated Slr'F HAT. !ms.' Shirts. 5ESIGNED ScmxjssBaoa. FirvClothesMaXci Baltimore WEST SIDE SQUARE. another disastrous shaking up. Tit! os. "You must remember," said the heiress who was talking about her love affair, "that he is of noble lineage." "Yes," answered Miss Cayenne." but we should not select husbands as we do bocks, merely because we like the titles."—Washington Star. STATE PROHIBITION TICKET, j Jefiuiycn City, Get S—The aee- j rotary of t-tato John E. 8 \vanger, ' ha.-, received a petition with 5SS : names attacked, being one of the ; petitions for the filing of the stale; prohibition ticket for the coming*j election. [ For supreme judge, long term,j Jonathan P. Orr of Holden, a lawyer; for supreme judge, short term i Austin P. Butts of Springfield, a j lawyer; for state superintendent of j public schools. Roena E. Shaner j M lecturer, and for railroad com- j mijjsioner, Albert W. Wray of | Union Star, a farmer. What He Wanted. "Ah," said the fortune-teller, sigh- Ing deeply and getting a myntic expression into her eyes, "you wish to learn what the future will hold tor you?" "Not exactly." replied the patron, passing over his dollar, "I want to find out what the future will let go of for me."—Judge. Sttlithern Farm Values. It is computed that farm properties in the 11 states that once seceded from the union have risen in value more than $1,000,000.000 in two years. The average yield of these lands since this century began is $200(000,000 a year greater than it was in the preceding six years. Church Town. The town of Willis has 1S3 inhabitants, and 17G of them belong to the church. Four of the seven who do not belong are town loafers and the other three are infants, who will be taken In as soon the weather warms up and they can be baptized.—Kansas City Journal. If all dyspepsia sufferers knew what Or. Shoop's Restorative would do for them, Dyspepsia would practically be a disease of tho past. Dr. Shoop's Restorative! reaches ttomach troubles by its direct tonic action upon the inside nerves—tho true stomach nerves. •itomach distress or weakness, luiines*, bloating, belching. We recommend and seli Dr. .Shoop's Restorative. Tho N. J. Swetiand Drug Co. BITTEN BY DOG. Mrs. Mont Hrt,-lam: was bitten ;;n the left limb Monday evening about live o'clock by a dog which belonged to Hampto-i Arnold, i West Jackson streec. Mrs. Eng- j land had spent the afternoon with her narents and was returning to her home on Clay street. The dog attaciced h«r in front of the Braun home on We^t Jackson street without any warning. A large p!a; o ;>;i her left limb was badly bruised [ Tho dt g was killed Tuesday by | Arnold. | WAS A VERY SICK BOY OF PERFECTION Is what we claim to have reached in "OUR OWN" blend coffee. We buy this coffee green —have it roasted and do our own blending. OUR PRICE IS ONLY 25C. THE POUND. OUR GUARANTEE: You purchase one pound of "OUR OWN" blend Coffee and if you do not find it equal to any coffee sold at 35c the pound (you to be the judge)we will cheerfully refund your money. Does your grocer offer so liberal a proposition? WM. SUMMERVILIE'S SONS The grocers that sail good coffee tination. The trip lished without an Mr. Hatcher was long journey fine. was accoinp- accident and standing the For sale—4-room bouse, 4 blocks from Masonic temple: in first class condition. Inquire at this office. 2odtf Bcutthe put of , ISe Kir.ii Yoa fee Afe For good repair. 22sdtf FOB BENT Rent—7-rootn house in Seymour Wigely. Three light comfortably rooms for rent. Bank of cothe building. heated Chilli- dlw BOOM AND BOABD board for HOG MARKET DROPS) CONSTITUTION Special. Kausas City, Out. 9— The live stock market for today, as reported by Clay, liubiasoa & Co., was as follows: Cattle— Receipts 22,000; market best firm; others steady ;top 86.00. Hogs— Receipts 11,000; market 5 to 10c lower; bulk §6.30 to §635: top §6.40 Sheep— 55,000; steady. A Perfect Bowel Lixatiye for constipation, eallow complexion, hjadache, dizziness,sour stomach, coated tongue, biliousness. Lax- ets act promptly, without pain or griping. Pleasant to take—Lax- ets—only 5 cents. Sold by the N- For rent—Furnished room near J. Swetiand Drug Co. square. Apply at this office, o4d6t} *>•' J V Chicago, Oct. 9— Cattle— Receipts 8,000. jjogs — Receipts 18,000; market Good room and 400 South Elm. two. dlw . t3>~s=i x .A. . The Kiwi You' (fee Always Swga proved almost immediately." "I have continued to take this wonderful medicine and I am now without a sign 'of rheumatism. My general health is also greatly improved, and I have not felt so well for years. I would not have believed that there was a medicine on earth that would do what this has done for me. I am so much happierthat I am very grateful to the man that has made it possible for me to regain my health. He has the most wonderful medicine that I know anything about." Ocher statements taken from those who had previously used tho medicines seem to prove that Cooper's success throughout the country is genuine. The Toung Idea in Japan. No child goes to school in under six years of age. Two hours a week are set al;::rt to teach the child ethical knowledge and one hour for the study of etiquette — how to walk, hands bow, pour tea and fingers. and hold the Hush for Kubber. The Bombay Advocate of India says: "The glowing accounts from Ceylon of what rubber trees will do will result, we are convinced, in a rush to the Spicy Isle more sensational than that of ten years ago to the icy Klondike." Boastful. A Japanese, writing in the Paris L'lllustration, says: "Britain, even with her fleet, is but a transient guest In the far east." Municipal Bake-Off. Of every ?100 that a New Yorker pays In rent, it is estimated that ?12.25 goes into the ants." pockets of municipal "serv- \ Midway/ ^ Knicker—How do you feel? Bocker—Too tired for winter and not tired enough for spring.—N. Y. Sun. "--. Bat Cured bv Chamberlain's Colic, Cho era and Diarrhoea Remedy. "When .my boy was two years old he had a very severe attack of | bowel complaint, but by the use of CHAMBERLAIN'S" COLIC, CHOLERA a n d DIARRHOEA. REMEDY wo brought him out all j right," says Mu^gie Hickox, of Midland, Mich, This remedy can be depended upon in She most severe cases. Even cholera infantum is cured by it. Follow the plain printed directions and a cure is certain. For sale by the N. J. Swetiand Drug Co. CHICAGO AND RETURN October 13th and M the C. M.''& St. P. R. R. will sell tickets to Chicago at ono fare for the round! trip, limited to return Oct. 22ad. S. NICHOLAS, Agent. Not always the Cheapest, but always the - - Best, you will find the Photos at TEeWATTON STUDIO OCTOBER... THE GREAT SUCCESS Written by Lottie Blair Parker Author " 'Way Down East" id nun A Play That* Wfll Live Forever Children eat, sleep ac>d grow after taking Hollistor's Rocky Mountain] Tea. Brings rosy cheeks, laughing eves, good health and strength. A tonic for sickly children. Tea or tablets, 35 cents.—N. j PRICES: J. Swetiand Drug Co. The moat original, unhackneyed and <Hj verting piny of Southern life evsr written. [27 - REMARKABLE CAST-27 Massive Production Complete tn OVER TWO MilLION PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THIS PLAY 25,35,50,750, $1 Seat Sale Wednesday 9 n. m. -^ The laxative effect of CHAMBERLAIN'S STOMACH and LIVER TABLETS, is so agreeable and so natural you can hardly realu-.e that it is produced by a medicine. These tablets also cure indigestion and biliousness. Price, 25 tents. Samples free at the N. J. Swetiand Drue Store. Itch on human cored In 80 minutes bj- \VOOLVOKD-S SAKITAKT LOTION. This never lalU, Soldjbyf.b.9 J,',.y.l8weH«nd Druzdo NELLIE TUESDAY OCTOBER. SAM ®> LEE SHUBERT INC., Offer the Merry English Musical Whirl and the Girl WITH EDDIE OTHERS, Catchy Songs, Beautiful Costumes, Gorgeous Scenery, PrettTaces. PRICES Parquet, and Boxes..$1.50 Dress and Bal. Circle l.OO Balcony 75 Gallery 5O / Seat, Sate Monday, 9 A. M. Free List. Suspended

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